i could not find a better cap for season 1 and i just wanted to do this and get it done

16 Days of Outlander - Day #1 Sassenach

So excited to have an excuse to rewatch Season 1 all the way through (I realized that I’ve watched the first eight episodes way more times than the second eight, despite the fact that I only watched the first eight for the first time the day before the second half of Season 1 started airing). 

Fair warning: I’ve been trying my hand at screen caps to go with the posts for this 16 Days of Outlander. 

Anyway, onto my favorites for 01x01 Sassenach.

Favorite performance: Caitriona Balfe. From the beginning of the episode through the end, she has so much to do to carry and establish the story and not just for the episode, but for the series. What gets me every time is the scene below when she learns the war is over. Everyone else is celebrating and while I wouldn’t say she’s disappointed - she’s far too compassionate for that - she does immediately look lost. Having just come from that horrible leg injury, there’s clearly still work to be done but when her friend tells her “it’s over” I can’t help feeling that there’s a little bit of Claire that feels like her usefulness is already slipping away. To convey such depth right off the bat in the episode floors me every time. 

Favorite Claire and Frank Moment: Jumping on the bed. There are little glimpses of the marriage Claire and Frank used to have (few and far between, though they may be) but those glimpses show enough of what they’re both trying/hoping so hard to recapture - namely the levity they felt before five years of war - that I can’t help loving this little moment. It’s clearly going to take work if they are going to have any chance of succeeding - I mean, immediately after getting into their room, Frank just takes out a book and starts reading. It shows a little better the balance/dynamic they once had. Claire helping Frank not to be too serious all the time; Frank helping rein in some of Claire’s wilder tendencies. It isn’t as great a balance as she will have with Jamie but it probably worked better for Claire and Frank before the war changed them so much as individuals.

Favorite Location: Reverend Wakefield’s library/study. I mean just look at it! That fireplace, that window, how open and light it is. I would love to have a room like that to work and play in - it’s got plenty of room for both. Totally personal taste on my part but just… love it, want it, don’t care that we hardly spend any time there this episode (and can’t wait till we get another look at it later).

Favorite Minor Character: Mrs. Graham. In working on my Jamie through the stones fic, I’ve gotten very attached to Mrs. Graham as a character. I also love Claire’s surprise when she realizes that Mrs. Graham is one of the “druids” dancing at Craigh na Dun. She’s just one of those characters I really wish we could have more time with in the series as a whole. 

Favorite Scene, Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptation Moment: Frank’s encounter with Jamie’s ghost. One scene, two favorites. This is the scene I go back to and rewatch over and over and over. The lighting, the perspective, the sound mixing/editing… I just love everything about this scene. And it’s a scene I’ve enjoyed analyzing so much in the book. That you can see Frank watching Jamie watching Claire: Frank’s attention on Jamie and the fact that he is watching his [Frank’s] wife; Jamie’s complete absorption in watching Claire fighting with the curls he loves to much. The haunting way he just vanishes when Frank turns and the lightning illuminating Frank briefly before all the power in the square goes out just emphasizes the significance of that moment so subtly and so well.

Favorite Costume: Claire’s night gown. I’m not a huge fan of the 1940′s costumes - I find the 18th century costumes more impressive but we don’t see too many of them this episode. This costume is also one of the most “traditionally” feminine costumes Claire wears. A lot of her 1940′s dresses have sleek lines but this flows and billows. 

Favorite Music Moment: Claire gets shot at (Fallen Through Time on Volume 1 of the Outlander Soundtrack). I am addicted to television and film scores and the music for Outlander is definitely up there on my list of all time favorites (seriously, at least a third of my iPod is instrumentals from soundtracks - about 2 days worth of music). The transition in this scene as Claire stumbles around the woods trying to figure out what just happened to being shot at by the Red Coats is perfected by the shift in the music from quiet and innocuous to loud and raucous (courtesy of some amazing bagpipes and drums/bodhran). 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: Cocknammon Rock. It’s after they’ve been riding for a while - Claire has already fixed his shoulder which has earned her a few points with Jamie - and when she mentions the Red Coats’ preference for Cocknammon Rock as an ambush point, Jamie doesn’t hesitate to believe and trust her word. He alerts Dougal immediately and when Dougal basically asks, “are you sure?” Jamie takes one look and Claire and asserts, “yeah, he’s sure.” Then Dougal gives the order and Jamie promptly dumps Claire off the horse and breaks free of the belt she used to bind his arm to his side. 

Favorite Line, Favorite “This wasn’t in the book” Part: “On your horse soldier.” Another two-fer. I love this line that wasn’t in the book, so much so, it’s my favorite in the episode. Seeing Claire in action at the beginning of the episode when the war ended balances nicely with this line (and scene of her healing in action) at the end. They’re scenes when her mask/facade drops completely - no polite smiles or wary/guarded looks, just Claire at her most competent. The scene passes from Claire cursing at Jamie in frustration through the more somber and serious hint from Jamie about just how dangerous BJR is and ending it with this more light-hearted, mildly affectionate, but respectful note adds to the understanding that has begun to develop between Jamie and Claire. 

Favorite Performance Honorable Mention: Sam Heughan. Claire may not be consciously aware of Jamie’s feelings for her for a while but his falling for her occurs hard and fast - both on the page and on the screen. The ability to capture in that one glance what I tend to think of as Jamie’s enlightenment about his feelings, could not have been easy but there it is, broadcast for all to see. Jamie is entirely hers in that single moment by the roadside as she curses him for being too stubborn to admit he was hurt and needed help (basically, Jamie in a nutshell). 

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So... I watched yoi, then ended upon youtube binging on figure skating videos. Do you have advice on how to start following this amazing sport? Like, when are the first competitions coming up? Is there anything really important I should know (like, in a figure skating sub culture)?

Your timing couldn’t be more perfect! I have been thinking about doing an intro for new figure skating fans for a while… I know a ton of posts like this exist already, but one more doesn’t hurt, right?

Let’s do this! *rolls up sleeves*

(By the way, if any other skating fans spot any mistakes, please let me know so I can correct them.)

“Watching IRL Faceplants!!! on ICE” 101 for Yuri on Ice fans! (And any other newbies)

Originally posted by yoichiidesu

First of all, I advise you to follow the wonderful, sent-by-the-gods blog @soyouwanttowatchfs . As the name suggests, they share information on watching and following competitive figure skating, introductions to skating rules, schedules, streaming info, etc. I’m going to reference them a lot here!

The team is also super helpful and answer questions, though make sure that what you’re asking about isn’t already explained in their guides or FAQ. Right now, it’s smack in the middle of the competitive season and they tend to get a metric ton of asks.

There is also an affiliated blog, @soyouwanttolearnfs , for those looking to start skating yourselves — competitively or just for fun and exercise!

I’m not going to cover basic skating rules because YOI already does that, but if you’re curious about more details, there are always the handy intro guides linked above. I’m going to quickly talk about the other skating disciplines, the competitive season, how to watch competitions and how to dip your feet into the fandom. Also look out for the skaters in the funny gifs: they’re worth following closely!

Game Mode: Single-Player or Co-op?

There are four main competitive disciplines in figure skating:

  • Men’s singles: covered extensively in the anime.
  • Ladies’ singles: yes, ladies’, not women’s. Antiquated gender norms, I guess.
  • Pairs: two skaters (per ISU rules, specifically a man and a woman. Antiquated couple norms, I guess) performing together. Includes jumps in unison, lifts, throws, death spirals, and other elements that give me mini cardiac arrests.
  • Ice Dance: like pairs, but obligatorily dancing to the beat of the music and not the melody/words. Also does not include jumps, throws and death spirals (for which my heart is thankful).

There is also the always-forgotten synchronized skating. Think synchronized swimming, but the water is frozen and people wear knife-shoes. It’s not an Olympic discipline, but there are major ISU competitions for it.

*Awkward segue* …the much talked-about ISU is the International Skating Union, by the way. They make much of the rules. Expect to see a lot of people cursing them!

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(Right to left: Shoma Uno and Yuzuru Hanyu admiring the plastic Marseille GPF medals. If you look closely, you can catch a glimpse of the superhuman cryptid Nathan Chen.)

The McFreaking Competitive Season

Figure skating seasons take place around the northern hemisphere winter months (for obvious reasons), roughly from August to April. In terms of major competitions, the typical season looks like this (courtesy of this post​):

  • Oct/Nov: the YOI-famous Grand Prix series (GP series), consisting of Skate America, Skate Canada, Rostelecom Cup, Trophée de France, Cup of China, and the NHK Trophy. They are invitational.
  • Early Dec: the Grand Prix Final (GPF), which caps off the GP series (and the first half of the season) by pitting the top 6 skaters/pairs of each discipline against each other.
  • Late Dec/Jan: the national championships (Nats) of each country, which is one of the top factors that determines which skaters will represent the country in international competitions. The ones that get the most attention are Japan, Russia, US and Canada.
  • Late Jan: the European Championships (Euros), consisting unsurprisingly of European skaters (including Russians).
  • Feb: the Four Continents Championships (4CC), consisting of skaters from, well, the remaining four continents.
  • March/early April: the World Championship (Worlds). Pretty self-explanatory. Also marks the end of the season.

Now, despite YOI making such a big deal of the GPF, it’s only the third most prestigious competition. The second is Worlds, and once every four years, the Winter Olympic Games take place and a general bloodbath ensues.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a country that actually gets some low temperatures (unlike me *ugly sobbing*), search around to see if there are local skaters and competitions you can follow. If you’re lucky, they might appear on local/national TV, and if you’re extra extra lucky, you could nab tickets to watch them in person!

So, when I say you arrived just in time, I mean that nationals have just ended, the European Championships are about to begin (25-29 Jan) (click for schedule + streaming info) and 4CC is on the horizon! We’ll be having a lot of fun over the next few weeks!

[Information on how to actually watch this nightmare and engage with the skating fam fandom below the cut]

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Analyzing Link and Zelda's relationship

Analyzing Link and Zelda’s relationship throughout time and destroying ships in the fandom one by one. (Sorry) [[None of the images are mine, BUT they are images and gifs actually taken from the games or comics.  So none of it is fan art.]]

VRRRRY Beginning:

Going back to the very beginning.  For those of us who geeked out around the anniversary and bought the Hyrule Historia we got a special treat of the very first Hero and The Goddess Hylia.  Since we’re focusing more on their relationship rather than the story we’re going to miss a lot of spoilers, BUT there will probably be some unintentionally, so sorry.  

Basically Hylia (Zelda) loved the Hero.  Not in a romantic way seemingly, but in a deep caring way.  She adored his courageous heart.  Obviously she was sad that he gave his life to protect the people who had hurt him in the beginning of the book claiming that she had willed it to make him strong.  She felt connected with him since he loved the people and the land as much as she did. She wanted to remain by his side (Take that as you will.) But she vowed to be reborn alongside him each time the Hero was needed so that they may be together so they can protect Hyrule when it is in need.  (Again, that does NOT necessarily mean be with him romantically.)

SOOOO, following the Historia from the most popular games, we’re going to stay in Historical timeline order. BTW there are three time lines in the franchise, but we’ll get back to this later.

The very first time they are reborn together is in the Land of Skyloft.  (Though it was one of the most recently made games, chronologically, it is the first.)

My personal guess is that since this is Zelda’s first time being a human and not Goddess she is a bit, overwhelmed.  She begins the game with no memories of her previous life.  Not overwhelmed in a stressed out kind of way, but in a normal overactive teenage girl kind of way.  Caring, smart, and brave Zelda is the epitome of a spunky teenage girl. While Link (quiet as ever) seems to be a normal happy teenage boy.  He seems more confused than running off of normal teenage boy new testosterone though, unlike his “rival” Groose.  Zelda CLEARLY has a crush on Link, but she’s far too confident to just say it outright, and more so wants Link to confess to her first.  Unfortunately for her and all the Zelda x Link shippers he’s a little “late to the game”.  Testosterone hasn’t kicked in yet and he prefers catching bugs with his net rather than catching dates.  

ONE THING that IS clear though is the deep rooted friendship Link and Zelda have in this game.  There is no questioning it or trying to ignore it. They’re besties.  (If that’s not perfect spouse material I don’t know what is.) From the beginning to the end Link is dead set on saving his best friend.  As they both grow in the story and take their destinies seriously their bond becomes so strong even the stubborn rival Groose backs down.  (Of course Groose has his growing moments too.  He didn’t end up being the shallow character we all pegged him to be in the beginning.)  

At the very end though Zelda admits to Link that she wants to stay on the ground rather than return to the skies and protect the Triforce.  She asks Link if that’s what he’d like to do too, and being a man of few words he happily smiles at her and nods.  It’s “loosely implying” that Link and Zelda will stay on the ground and get together, but of course the Zelda Franchise was never one for cramming too much unnecessary romance down our throats. (Even Princess Ruto who had the crazy fish feels for Link when they were like 11 ended up growing into a badass lady who needed Link’s help, but she did not NEED no man for her own personal benefits. Same for Nabooru who had a teasing remark for Link when she ascended to be the Sage of Spirits.  It never really goes past that.  HENCE why we are analyzing the details.)

Between Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time (According to the Hyrule Historia) During the Chaos Era the Sacred Realm is sealed, and during the Era of Prosperity Hyrule Kingdom is Established, quickly followed by the game events of “The Minish Cap” and “Four Swords”.  Finally followed by the Hylian Civil War, which is when Link’s Mom leaves him in the care of the Deku Tree.

Oooookey dokey.  See this one’s a toughie because they also came out with a Manga that went deeper into the story.  Let’s just pretend the Manga didn’t occur and just focus on the game. In this game Zelda is VERY happy to meet Link, but not because she’s an 11 something year old who sees a “cute little gentleman”.  She sees the Hero from her dreams.  She is happy to see him and wants to immediately begin working with him but it seems only to protect her beloved Hyrule.  Link could have been an f-ing gold fish for all she cared, as long as he destroys the darkness.  Link only meets Zelda twice when they’re young.  The first meeting where she tells him about the Darkness and then sends him on his quest, and the second where she is seen escaping from the castle. Though she did leave him a message to go with his new Ocarina it didn’t really do much for their potential relationship other than establish unshakable trust.  (Which is important.)  

Though Link meets Zelda again in Adult hood he doesn’t realize it’s her, since she is gender bending as a Sheikah lad.  Once she reveals herself Links end of the bond grows deeper (non romantically) showing trust in his friend and gratitude.) Of course she’s taken away and when they get to each other again they work together as a team to escape the crumbling castle and destroy Ganon.  They’re relationship through the whole story is very ….”friend based” (Sorry shippers) BUT when she tells Link she can send him back to his original time so he can grow up normally she seems to resent the idea herself.  This means they probably won’t be able to see too much of each other since she is royalty, and no one will have remembered these events.  Since the Zelda that DOES know what happened will remain as an adult and continue on from there, but as for Child Zelda, even though they meet again at the end of the credits we are unsure on whether or not Zelda actually knows who he is.  Link of course chooses to go back (I use “choose” lightly) and Adult Link, The Hero, vanishes, and the people are left to wonder what became of him, while Sage Zelda remains alone.

Young Link who was brought back to his proper time, finds everything normal and no darkness.  He goes to meet the Young Princess Zelda who seems to be spying on something else, but we’re left to assume that she thinks he’s some hooligan who snuck in the castle.  Never getting full attention to what actually happened after the two were reunited.  BUT ADULT Zelda seemed to be sad that he was leaving her.  It could have been that she was just very grateful to him for all he had done, despite her mistakes, but from a Shippers point of view that was some intense hand holding.

Now here’s where the 3 time lines come in-

Timeline 1- Link fails in defeating Ganon: “A Link to the Past”, “Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons”, Link’s Awakening”, “The Legend of Zelda” and “The Adventure of Link”. (I am not going over any of these games.)

Timeline 2- Link is Triumphant and this is what occurs after being sent back in time: “Majora’s Mask”, “Twilight Princess”, and “Four Swords Adventures”. (We’ll come back to Majora’s Mask, and Twilight Princess.)

Timeline 3- Link is Triumphant and this is what happens after the Adult Link “vanished”: “The Wind Waker”, “Phantom Hourglass”, and “Spirit Tracks”.

(No one seems to know for sure or really care where “Hyrule Warriors” fits in to any of these timelines. It is official that the game IS canon to the rest of the Zelda Universe, and it was a good game don’t get me wrong. However, I think this was better left out of the timeline.  Cia and Lana could have been GREAT characters with an awesome backstory….you know if Lana didn’t look like she had just fallen out of Final Fantasy’s asshole.)

So let’s jump right into Wind Waker.

For me this was a great game on its own.  It fit well with the timeline and its original story, while also managing to be cute, new, and exploring great character development, all while make it “Toon-fun”

Though it had some dark undertones this was mostly a “kids-game” per say. More fun, colorful, and easier to follow.  As well as enjoyable antics from all the characters.  But any true Zelda fan can see why this game belongs where it is, instead of seeing it as a “Side-game”.

In the game you don’t meet Zelda at first.  You meet her reincarnated/descendant (what have you) named Tetra.  And this stone cold lady is a Pirate now.  

She plays off that Pirates are bad and tough, and in this kid friendly version they are, BUT Zelda….Tetra seems to have a kind soft spot in her heart for everyone she cares about. Namely her shipmates, and the newest edition to the Crew, Link.  Zelda has always been a girl for using her brains, but NOT much for being a good offense player when it came to actual fighting unless she was disguised as Sheik. However, Tetra, though she is quick to come up with an idea, she’s able to handle herself in tough situations that require brute strength.  Even Link seems intimidated by her, and if he weren’t so set on saving his sister he might not have got on the boat with Tetra.  They are separated and reunited many times through their journey, but sometimes Tetra would notice him stalking behind.  Though she did not want her crew to realize she was helping this “nobody” she would leave “not so subtle” hints for him that would go over her crewmates heads. This showed that Tetra was most curious about what he would do rather than having a romantic affection for Link. But she does seem to at least care about him a little bit.

When Tetra finally is revealed as Zelda, she seems spooked, and a bit dependent on Link.  I would be too.  Link seemed to have a good idea of what he was doing while all the information had just been thrown at her at once.

However, once Zelda/Tetra rejoins Link in the final battle she seems to be a bit more relaxed with the information and glides through the problem like it was practically nothing.   In the end she, her crew, and Link set out to find a new land and reestablish Hyrule. But yet again Zelda shippers are left with no hard evidence.

Soooooo let’s flip to the Triumphant Child timeline (#2) and head straight into my favorite game in the series, Majora’s Mask.

Now even though Ocarina left us in a weird place on whether child Zelda actually remembered him, Majora’s Mask kind of clears it up.  At the beginning of the game Link remembers talking to her and even though she’s helping him they give off the “pals” vibe.  Could be because they’re still really young and puberty hasn’t set in, but I’m gonna say that Zelda probably has no romantic intention for him and the same goes for Link.  (But at least we have closure on the fact that Child Zelda did in fact know who he was.)

Now you may be asking yourself, “Huh, why would someone who is analyzing the relationship status between Zelda and Link analyze their relationship in Majora’s Mask?  Zelda wasn’t even there!”

And you’d be right. She WASN’T there.
But I have a far fetched theory….so far off the scale that most people will say that I’m reaching into the darkness for something that just isn’t there, but here I go anyway:

Remember at the beginning of the game when you are heading through that strange place in Lost Woods because that rascally skull kid stole your f-ing horse from under your nose?  And then he turns you into a walking pile of wood? As you continue to follow him you run into a dead tree and Tatl, says something along the lines of “He looks so sad, and kind of looks like you right now.”

Well that dead stump is the Deku Butler’s (from later in the game) son who had left home some time ago. We’re left to assume that maybe skull kid killed him (probably for the same reasons he turned Link into a tree) Now, the Deku mask is the spirit of Deku Butler’s Son (let’s just call him Frank.)  Just like Frank, Darmani the 3rd,  and Mikau were dead and their spirits became masks that help Link transform.

If we are to believe that Skull Kid DID kill Frank he did it in the connecting place between Hyrule and Termina, the same place where he turned Link into Frank (more or less). In a sense, because Link was never able to return from Termina back to Hyrule (as far as fans are concerned), he grew up and died there.  In a sense (even though he had taken back his human form) he was Frank.  The Link in Hyrule since he’s missing, is presumed dead, just like Frank who is presumed missing is dead in his world.  Maybe Frank went to Hyrule.  I don’t know!  Anyways, where does this fit in with Zelda x Link?  If you read the Manga that was written to go along with the game The Deku Princess admits to being in love with Frank.  There is no Deku Princess (as far as we know) in Hyrule, so why shouldn’t she be Zelda’s counterpart?  And in turn why can’t Frank be Link’s counterpart?  They both seemed to have arrived in their opposite worlds?  Hmmmm? :]

I may have blown somebody’s mind tonight, but I’m sure I made 95% of you go, “Nuh, nuh, she’s thinking to hard.”

But whatever, it’s just a theory so do with it as you will, but for those of you desperately clinging to anything that could even possibly ship Zelda x Link, I say you accept this fan theory as unofficial canon.  

FINALLY, at the last of the analyzing, here we go.

Twilight Princess.  “Since nothing has come out in the time line since Twilight Princess, we’re left to assume that this may be the end of our hero’s journey, since he ultimately destroyed darkness and cut off its ties with Ganon.

Soooo, what happened between them?  Did they live happily ever after and die peacefully never to be reborn because Hyrule wouldn’t need them?


Let’s just say that Link and Zelda are on the same team from the moment they meet but Zelda is so stone faced.  She is a BORN dignitary and carries herself as such even in these horrible times. She has no time for her girlish heart to go a flutter, nor does Link really seem focused on that (not that he ever is.)  

The only time Zelda seems relatively happy is when she and Link are saying their goodbyes to Midna.

Now we KNOW that The Twilight Realm is literally just the other side of a coin.  Though it was meant as a prison originally, its inhabitants are merely now dark, but not necessarily bad.    Midna is Zelda’s counterpart in the Twilight World, and judging by her tearful goodbye with Link where she didn’t finish what she was saying, we’re left to assume that she fell in love with Link.  It could have been something else but it was heavily implied that she wanted to say that she loved him.  She was far more expressive than the Hyrule Zelda “opposite” in appearance, and personality, but not in heart.  (We can only hope.)

I’m sorry, but the evidence is clear, out of 18 games here are the results between Zelda x Link

Team Mates: 6/18

Princess Hero Relationship: 5/18

Friends: 5/18

Non-existent (Possibly): 2/18

Lovers: 0/18

It’s a cute passing fancy that Zelda and Link live happily ever after in the end, but truthfully I appreciate how…”realistic”…in a fantasy world their relationship can stay.  Zelda likes Link as a good friend, and clearly sees him as her Champion each time, but I just can’t see them ever actually getting together.  The closest they ever got was in Skyward Sword when the Zelda was NOT a Princess. But being raised a Princess no matter how kind and caring, why would she marry the Guard?  She’s gonna marry herself a fine as heck Prince.  ALSO since half the time Link and Zelda aren’t reincarnations of themselves, their actually descendants of the originals from Skyward Sword, just given the same name….so that would mean that half the time these two are actually from the same family deep within that family tree of…keeping…blood lines….pure….(I mean, it’s possible they’re reincarnations AND descendants all at the same time, but even still, they’re related…so it’d be kind weird…..awkward family reunion for everyone….)

SO all in all, Zelda X Link, not a thing.

Continue to ship it if you wish, but I’m jumping off this ship and heading for land.  Link’s a silent mystery man who will go on eluding women (and some men) for the rest of Nintendo time.


Hannibal Rewatch: 1x06

Season 1, Episode 6: “Entrée”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

“Entrée” is basically about as far as everything currently happening on Hannibal got before it turns on its axis in the next episode, the literal and figurative center of season 1 and, arguably, the entire series.

Yeah, we’re going bold here. I hope you are enjoying these Bold Proclamations.

The reasons for why I hinge PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING on Season 1, Episode 7 “Sorbet” will be explained in full on that rewatch, so for now let’s just talk about what we’re nearing the peak on here in ep. 6, some of which will continue at this level, some of which will crest here and never reach these heights again.

1. Will’s Horrifying Kill Reconstructions


I can hardly watch this sequence, not gonna lie. It’s far & away the darkest murder scene in this season, and I think a lot of it’s because every ounce of clinical remove Will usually tries to maintain in his narration is gone, for his entire narration is gone. There are no words, no “this is my design” no “I [murder action here],” he just does, and it’s deeeeply upsetting. Even later at his most Monster Husband-y, even just in his imagination, it doesn’t even approach how disturbing this scene is. The casual easy way he moves around the space, unhurried, because he knows exactly what he’s doing. Surety. Utter surety. So so so different from the Will Graham we are about to see, and what makes this SUCH A FUCKING PERFORMANCE by Hugh Dancy.

2. Will Destroyed By His Kill Reconstructions


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My FINAL Thoughts on Parse Part 1 - Why I Interpet Him As Emotionally Abusive

Ok, JESUS CHRIST. Am I getting tired of talking about this/explaining myself. This post is gonna be long, and I’m not gonna sugar coat anything either. Here is a link to my first post where I talk about why I don’t like Kent Parson for personal reasons. I’m gonna go more in depth here and if people have questions about this post feel free to ask me but until he actually comes back in the comic I’m done talking about him after this. This ridiculousness has literally made me consider deleting this blog and not interacting with CP fans on tumblr anymore. I am going to do two things. In this first post I am literally going to analyze the dialogue in Parse Part III for y’all because I’m tIRED of hearing about “Parse’s point of view” and I’ll explain why. Then I’m gonna make a second post which I will link here where I’m gonna be honest about some other reasons I’m annoyed with this fandom and Parse fans in particular and it ain’t gonna be pretty or nice so if you choose to unfollow me after this, fine. That’s your choice and I respect that.

I literally went through and transcribed the dialogue from Parse Part III and so here it is, copied in full from the comic. I am going to explain why this scene turned me off to Kent Parson as a character and why I think it shows emotionally abusive behavior based on personal experience and research about abuse. FIRST THING I’D LIKE TO SAY is that the fact that Kent may be emotionally manipulating or abusing Jack doesn’t negate him as a character. We need antagonists in stories, and this is a realistic story with a realistic antagonist doing realistic things. I’m gonna get more into “why I’m tired of hearing about him” later. But I’m not saying he shouldn’t exist so calm down (that post I reblogged about what if he didn’t exist was a joke, relax).

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So I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Wren and Cece being A. Thought I would do something different. This is an old theory of mine. I’m writing it up again here with more clues and evidence.

I believed that Melissa is Red Coat, working with/under A or is A herself. But recently I’m getting more and more convinced that she was the Red Coat who stole Mona’s game.

Season 1x22:  For Whom the Bell Tolls.

This was the first instance where I thought that Melissa was more involved than anyone else. Ian had found Spencer at the church and had planned on staging her death as a suicide. These are Ian’s lines from the scene, “You know, Melissa would want me to take care of this.”“It was an accident….she just hit her head and she never woke up.” and the final nail in the coffin, “I’m doing it (killing Spencer) because I love her”. This is what’s odd, why mention Melissa’s name at all? Ian was doing it to protect himself because he knew that Spencer and her friends would have eventually found a way to frame Alison’s murder on him. According to Alison, Ian was last seen at the kissing rock so how would he know exactly how “Ali” dies? We now know that Melissa buried Bethany alive thinking it was Ali and her account of ‘That Night’ matches with Ian’s story. Bethany had been injured in her head and she did never wake up. Ian must have thought that by killing Spencer he was ultimately protecting Melissa and if she were there, she would have done the same.

In 2x24:  If These Dolls Could Talk, the Liars were closing in on Melissa. They had found the video where Garrett, Ian, Jenna were in Alison’s room and Melissa barged in yelling,  “Where is she!?”. Spencer had warned her that they were going to turn the video in to the police to prove Melissa was there on the night of “Ali’s” murder. Melissa threatened that if Spencer did that, she would have to turn in her videos too, probably the ones with ‘The Jenna Thing’.  Hanna’s plan to uncover Melissa as “A” has Mona and Caleb make out in Mona’s car, just as Melissa walks out of a building. Hanna immediately gets an “A” text about it.

Isn’t it kind of odd that Mona was revealed as A in the next episode. Maybe Melissa had staged the entire thing and Mona wasn’t the Big A we thought to be. What if Red Coat and Mona alliance began shortly before this episode? “I did everything you asked me to”. What did “she” ask you to do, Mona?

2x25: UnmAsked: Spencer found out that through sketches A would be wearing the Black Swan dress and who is wearing the Black Swan costume?

Sometimes the simplest answer is usually correct.

In Season 3, we learn that A had supposedly blackmailed Melissa to dress up as Black Swan or else the truth about her fake pregnancy would be revealed. Someone blackmails her and she meekly follows? She is often considered to a smarter person than Spencer and she doesn’t seem curious about knowing her blackmailer at all. And remember that smirk she had given after telling this to Spencer and her mom? Like she had gotten away with something. That’s odd.

The fire at the lodge was also believed to have been caused by Melissa, Shana and Jenna, and not Wilden as stated by Melissa. Frankly it makes sense. She ensured that Mona would ask Toby to take Spencer away and kill her. Melissa would know that Toby would never do that and even if he tried I’m sure Shana/Jenna would have prevented that. Shana/Jenna must have hit Toby and dropped the lighter beside him for precisely that reason. In case, he actually wanted to hurt Spencer.

In Season 4, Episode 1, before Mona can reveal who the second Queen of Hearts was, the screen goes blank and all data is lost. How very telling! 

In 4x04: "Face Time", Spencer finds out that Melissa had once followed Alison to Hector’s shop for information on Ali. The price was her face for masks. Stalking Ali, sending anonymous messages to her, It seems like Melissa is the original A of Rosewood. Maybe she still is. Melissa yells at Spencer, saying that she has been protecting Spencer ever since before it started, not clarifying what the “it” was. Spencer also first hears Melissa actually considering the fact that Alison is alive. When she asks whether Melissa killed Wilden, she doesn;t answer and runs away. Why not just say no? 

In 5x06: “Run, Ali, Run”, we see Paige finding a dead rat in her locker after she spilled to Emily about all the people who attended Mona’s meeting. In 5x07: “The Silence of E. Lamb”, Melissa nonchalantly picks up a dead rat caught in a trap. Not a damning piece of evidence but why even show it?

In 5x08: “Scream for Me”, Emily walks into one of the stalls and Spencer recognizes one of the riding helmets on the wall. It belonged to Melissa. So it is possible that Melissa knew Bethany. 

5x10: “A Dark Ali”, Melissa is seen in Spencer’s footage talking to a man in a baseball cap outside the barn. What if it wasn’t Alison who found Cyrus but the other way around? Melissa could have planned the whole thing so that she would be without an alibi on the day of Mona’s murder. This is exactly the kind of planning that A would employ. Letting Ali think that she is in charge when actually she’s not and A is one step ahead of everyone.

5x12: “Taking This One to the Grave”, Mona tells Aria on the phone that Bethany was lured by Alison to Rosewood. How would she know that? Wasn’t Bethany dead by then and Alison claims not to know her which I believe. What if Melissa was writing on behalf of Alison and those fake letters were planted by Melissa in Alison’s house. Melissa was even in the meeting of Mona after Alison was discovered to be alive.

5x05: “Miss Me x 100”, the episode when A returns. We see Jenna, Sydney and Mona waiting for a fourth member of their group against Ali. And who hates Alison that much? Melissa. We already know Jenna and Shana were in cahoots with Melissa before so this Alliance is nothing out of the ordinary. And Jenna probably blames Alison for the death of Shana.

Melissa really hated Alison. In the season 2 finale, Melissa tells the Liars, “I know how Jenna Marshall went blind, and so did Garrett. If he killed Alison, it’s because he thought she deserved it”. That’s a really strong emotion to have for a dead person. And don’t forget that Mona mentioned her lipstick as Toffee Tango and the ice cream that Melissa was having was Toffee. Not a strong evidence but then again why mention it?

Melissa had her reasons for hating Alison. Ali was an younger, better version than herself and had an affair with Ian too. From what we’ve heard, Melissa knew that Alison is alive and I’m guessing she told Ian that too. Which is why he wasn’t so surprised to see Alison at the church. Ian must have played a part in Bethany’s death and Melissa married him for an alibi. Isn’t it suspicious how their love “blossomed” after Bethany’s body was found?

Obviously I haven’t figured it all out. But it seems so, so sketchy that Melissa is suspected of being A in every season yet the plot line is dropped every single time the Liars get too close. 

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