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You Could Have

As promised – not Kansas City OTRA, but very much inspired by it. I’ve had this as a WIP since April or so, so it’s nice to have it out. That said: I’M NERVOUS AS ALL GET OUT cause they kind of… are… there’s a crude topic in this. They’re just having a go at each other, though. ACK *flips tables* Enjoy, everybody, I’m gonna hide now. x

It’s the last song when security finds you and escorts you from your seat and through the crowd. You’re a little disappointed that you don’t get to see the show finish, but knots of excitement are twisting in your belly as you are herded past barricades where no one else is allowed to go. Music and fireworks, almost obnoxiously loud, are muffled backstage, and you hear voices, familiar by this point and one more so than the rest, saying earnest goodnights and wishes of love and safe returns home to the crowd that so worships them. Preparation to tear down and packup equipment has already started around you, and you pause in the wings, shaking your head when security tries to usher you to move.

He’ll be there. He’ll find you.

Sure enough, he’s all legs and hair when he appears at last, leaping over a thick wire before it can catch his boot and twist his ankle. He’s got a towel in his hand, but it’s useless on his long, wet, curly hair. He’s all but drenched from head to toe, with most of his grey t-shirt stained with sweat and clinging to his body, and while the heat is mainly to blame for that, the water he’d been spitting and throwing hadn’t helped (although, it had probably cooled him off).

He’s tanner than you remember him being last, but that’s what months of outdoor shows and sightseeing on off days will do to him. The muscles on his slick arms look just a little bigger and more defined, too, and even the most casual twist or bend of his heavily tattooed left arm makes ink practically jump every time.

His eyes, though, are most striking, and they’re only for you as he continues his beeline in your direction.

“You’re soaked, love,” he teases you through a cheeky grin and popping dimples with a voice like honey and sandpaper.

You won’t give him the satisfaction of acknowledging his double-entendre.

“Some twat kept spitting water at me the whole night,” you inform him, opening your arms for him.

Harry grins wider – a cocky, satisfied grin. “Yeah?” His hand slides possessively around your waist for the first time in ages and you fold your hands behing his neck. “Tell me his name an’ I’ll get him.”

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Reasons I think Lee is Harley

0. Well for starters her name is in the name Harley (Harley; Har-Lee)                   

1. Her and Jerome have met already (Four times or more if I’m correct)

2.When she and Jerome first met she comforted him (Held him) 

3.She was fascinated/excited by his whole case

(This was Jim leading her into the interrogation room)

4.His case was the first, and only case where she went into the interrogation room with Jim.

5.She said that “It was ugly, but it was also kind of thrilling.”

6.She was so fascinated with his case (Jerome) she couldn’t even focus on hers and Jim’s date. She couldn’t stop talking about it and she wanted to go see if they could find the weapon.

7.She’s a doctor (she’s studied truama but it’s not her area of focus)

8.She’s worked at Arkham (She could easily go back)

9.She’s corny

10.She’s very smart (she figured out the hidden meaning of Paul’s message.)

11.She’s tougher than she looks (she knows how to stick up for herself. She’s no damsel)

12.The writers themselves said that Lee was nuts (Since when has Lee ever been nuts?!)

13.She’s kissed Mario who was infected with the Alice virus, and his blood landed on her cheek (both are ways to get the virus) so she is more than likely gonna get it.

14.She’s becoming darker, more confident.

15.She’s changing right in front of our eyes. Sure in Season one she was a little sarcastic but for the most part she was corny, a little sarcastic (but in a playful manner), kind of sexual, innocent-ish? Season two she was still basically the same as season one, just maybe a little more confident, and maybe a little darker.. more mature I guess. And then season three she is definitely darker than she was.

Also season 3 (Queen has Sass! <3)

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

16.Lee and Jim finally had sex, but guess when they did it? After Jerome’s interrogation. They had been hinting at it for a bit but she would put it off because of work, and then because she got interested in the case.. While in the interrogation room you could tell that she was fascinated with Jerome and you could even see her smirk a little a few times. Then once the interrogation was done she talked about how it was ugly but thrilling, and then suggested for them to ‘go home.’ Then they, ya’ know. But all of this, after she watched Jerome.. makes you wonder if he turned her on.

17.Red and Black

18.She has a sister (Unnamed)

19.Out of everyone that Jerome came in contact with in Smile Like You Mean It’s episode, she’s the only one he didn’t kill.

20.She was the first person Jerome had a casual conversation with, since he was brought back to life.

21.He was sexual towards her (So he’s obviously attracted towards her)

22.He would not keep his hands off her

(Feel that strong bicep Lee, lmao) I ship them so hard! I’m really hoping she’s Harley.

23.She wasn’t even scared of him!

24.She was being blunt, sarcastic, and even a little flirty, and we all know he was being flirty.

25.He asked her about her and James (In my opinoion there was literally no point in that, unless he wanted to know for personal reasons)

26. I think I heard him call her dollface.. probably wrong. (I hope I’m not)

27.Harley doesn’t value life, death, or self injury.. Jerome was literally holding a gun to her and she couldn’t care less.

28.Lee was kind of playing along, kind of just putting up with him (Harley’s the only one who puts up with Jokers crap)

29.She’s met Selina

30.She tends to get overly entusiastic about things (Kind of like obsession; Harley is known to be passionate (obsessed) about things.)

31.That look..

(I’m so in love with this.. She’s trying to act all hard and bad ass, but when he grabs her you can literally see her soften. It looks like she’s slowly crumbling under his touch and is giving in. More than likely just me who thinks this lo

32. If they’re considering Barbara why wouldn’t they consider Lee?  

33. She’s the only one out of all the girls who could be Harley that’s seen the way Mary Lloyd does her makeup (The heart beside the eye thing)

34. Both Lee and Harley have ‘very intellegent’ listed as one of their abilities.

35. Harley’s personality by nature is a kind, sweet, gentle person. Lee’s character is sweet, kind, caring, selfless, and isn’t afraid of the dangers that come with Jim Gordan.

36. The writers said that they might have already introduced Harley, we just didn’t recognize her. (You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time.)

37. The person is somehow connected to the joker cult world… that brings me back to number one, and last night’s episode. Her and Jerome (Joker) met and when they first met she comforted him.. then he kidnapped her at the gala and used her as leverage for Jim (Breathe James, I haven’t touched a hair on your girlfriend’s pretty little head) then when he woke up and basically (I wouldn’t nescessarily call it kidnapped..) took her against her will and they had that casual, yet somewhat playful conversation.

38. She’s seen how his cult dresses as well.

39.She’s who people would least expect.

(Sorry this is so messy and unorganized, but I’m sick and my mind is really foggy. Point is I really think she’s Harley. Either her or Silver. I’m really hoping Barbara isn’t.. I love her.. but please no.)                         


nina‪: We started out as fetuses. Now we are women. The trips, adventures, and laughter I have shared with these beautiful souls makes me tear with joy. I love them more than I could ever explain or begin to put into words. Each of these photos is from season 1. We were all so young, and SO excited about the new and exciting show we had booked. And even more excited that we got to be a part of it together. It felt like we had this awesome little secret, no one had seen Vampire Diaries yet. But we couldn’t wait to spill the beans, for the pilot to air so people could see it. We hoped so much that people would like it. Prayed that it would be a success and continue for many years. We got our wish. 8 seasons later, some are engaged, some married and some have fetuses of their own. These are incredible women and forces to be reckoned with. I’m so proud of you all. #FlowerPower #TVDForever

Jason Todd: Family and Fiancé

Imagine having a family dinner with the Batfam and they’re more than surprised to find out you’re Jason’s fiancé.

Warnings: Swearing

Prompt: “Where Jason shows up to the manor for family dinner with a girl and it’s the batfams first time meeting her and it turns out she’s Jason’s fiancé and they’d been dating for years but no one knew”


Today was the day, the night that could potentially scar you for life according to Jason Todd. Meeting his family for dinner was definitely a nerve wracking situation that you’d both avoided for as long as possible but Jason had decided seeing them was inevitable, so fully equipped with exciting news the two of you found yourselves standing in front of the exquisite entrance to Wayne Manor.
Seconds later, the door was opened and you were greeted by none other than Alfred.
“Ah Master Jason, Miss (y/n) I’m glad you could make it. Please come in.” The butler politely welcomed with a smile.
“Is that Jaybird?” An unfamiliar voice echoed from behind the butler.

“Jaybird?” You repeated to Jason, who stood beside you and he easily detected the mischief in your tone.
“Uh yeah, a nickname of mine around here.”
“Oh I’m definitely remembering that one!” Came your upbeat voice, clearly pleased with your new discovery.
The stranger that soon came in view turned out to be a raven haired male, slightly shorter than Jason but he wore a charming smile.
“Woah, I’m Dick Grayson - and you’re (y/n) was it? Such a beautiful name.” The stranger addressed cheerfully, he was good looking -you’d give him that.
With that he gently kissed your left hand, expression faltering for a second. Before you could even react Jason had basically tackled him, a string of curse words leaving his lips based on his brother’s previous action - of course they were only messing around. You didn’t question when Jason went chasing after his brother since he could get a little hot headed sometimes, this left you with none other than Damian Wayne and Alfred, the former you’d recognised from the newspapers.

“Are you Jason’s significant other?” The boy asked, straight to the point just as Jason had described.
“That I am, and you’re Damian Wayne if I’m not mistaken. Pleased to meet you, my name is (y/n) (l/n).” Was your casual response, offering a hand as a greeting.
Damian had a surprisingly firm handshake but you expected nothing less from the son of Bruce Wayne who you had yet to meet.
“Well I respect you for being able to put up with Todd for so long (l/n). Would you like me to show you to the lounge to meet the others whilst Pennyworth prepares our meal?” Damian asked, of course making sure to insult his brother in the process.
“Please, that’d be great considering Jason had just disappeared on me.” You replied gratefully, allowing the boy to lead you through his home.
“That’s a common trait in our family, trust me.” Damian muttered, his tone as emotionless as ever.

Meanwhile, Dick had managed to get Jason wrapped up in a family discussion concerning the ring you wore on you left hand, a ring that suggested you were either married or engaged. The family had seemed bewildered once Dick told them after bursting into the room, Jason following with a bored expression that only morphed into a glare once Dick opened his mouth. Unfortunately he was unable to get a word in once the whole Batfam had insinuated you were cheating on your partner because the idea of Jason proposing never once crossed their minds - this was the first time they’d even met you, Jason would introduce his partner to them beforehand. Jason and yourself obviously knew different.

“Jason! She’s a married woman, she’s cheating on someone - that’s not a good thing.” Bruce sternly voiced, deciding against beating around the bush.
“Ok, first off she’s not married - (y/n) is engaged and secondly -” Jason tried, a feeble attempt at explaining your situation before he was interrupted.
“Right because being engaged makes it that much better? Jason how could you bring (y/n) along knowing about this?” Bruce groaned, fully aware of how irrational his son could be at times.
“Wow Bruce. As funny as this is, I’m gonna have to put a stop to it. I know (y/n) is engaged since we’ve been together for years and I brought her along because I love her and wanted you to meet her.” Your fiancé began for a second time.
Years?! Oh boy, that’s great but I bet (y/n) says ‘I love you’ to her fiancé every night and look where we are now.” Tim concluded, gesturing with hands to emphasise his point.
“They’re right, I do say that actually.” Came your calm tone as you made your presence to the minor dispute well known, you came to a stop beside Jason. Damian letting out a sigh due to his families antics.

“(Y/n)…” Cassandra mindfully acknowledged in the midst of the chaos, holding out her hand as a from of greeting, she’d yet to meet you so why not now.
“Are you two sure about this? I get that you’re happy but it’s not fair on her fiancé.” The eldest brother, Dick, continued after your attention was momentarily distracted.
“I’m pretty sure he’s ok with it to be honest.” You grinned, a hint of sarcasm laced your voice as you looked to Jason for reassurance.
“What?! You’re engaged and he’s alright with this?” Tim practically squeaked whilst frantically gesturing between yourself and Jason.
“For fucks sake! (Y/n) is engaged to me.”

The whole room fell silent as they took in the new information in an awestruck fashion, it would be an understatement to say they were shocked - Jason was the last person they’d expect to get engaged.
Dick was the first to break the silence as he broke out into sparkling grin to engulf you both in an enthusiastic hug.
“Congratulations! That’s great Jay, I’m so happy for you both and sorry for uh - you know - jumping to conclusions but it’s really nice to meet you (y/n), good job at keeping Jaybird here in check!” Dick praised, excitement ringing through his voice after the genuine apology whilst the others still remained in a state of confusion.
“How come we’ve never met (y/n) before, you could’ve at least introduced us Jason.” Tim complained as he shook your hand, giving you a brief smile before turning his attention back to his brother.
“Can you blame me? I didn’t want to scare (y/n) away, especially with Demon Spawn over there.” Jason muttered, sending a glare to the youngest who was basically analysing you at this point until he heard the unoriginal insult thrown at him.

With a light nudge from yourself, you’d gained your fiancé’s attention as well as that of his family, you were new and none of them knew you as a person yet making everything you did stand out in some way.
“Back off Jay, Damian has been nothing but polite this evening and besides they couldn’t scare me away after all the shit you and I have been through.” You defended the youngest of the family with ease, despite knowing exactly what he was capable of.
“(Y/n) whose side are you on? Remember who you’re marrying here.” Your fiancé cut in, his tone holding a hint of amusement, Damian simply smirked.
“Well Jaybird, according to your family it’s not you.” Your response was half hearted, receiving a laugh from Jason and a few of the other family members but of course they felt a pang of guilt zip through them.

Though you were joking, the rest of the family had realised their mistake and started to feel responsible, except Damian who had miraculously taken a liking to you in recent minutes.
“I would like to apologise for jumping to conclusions (y/n), it’d be best to start afresh so it’s nice to finally meet you. And congratulations of course.” Bruce started, offering you his hand, his statement was soon followed by a string of apologies from your future in-laws.
“Don’t worry about it, I suppose it’ll be a great story to tell the kids -” You cheerfully responded, before you were cut off that is.
“Oh my god! Don’t tell me you guys have children - that’s so cute! I’m basically an auntie!” Came the joyful voice of Stephanie, Bruce’s face significantly paling whilst Dicks in contrast completely lit up at the news.
No, we don’t have children, (y/n) is not pregnant - it was just a figure of speech, now please can we go and eat?!” Jason exasperatedly groaned, putting an end to his family’s assumptions.

Soon you were all seated at the dinner table, a delicious looking meal prepared by Alfred set in front of you, casual conversation filled the air with members of the family shooting questions at both you and Jason every so often regarding your relationship.
“How has your fiancé, Master Jason been treating you Miss (y/n)?” The butler kindly inquired whilst pouring you a beverage.
“Eh, he’s actually amazing Alfred, you clearly rubbed off on him.” You replied, earning a smile from the elderly man as the table suddenly became silent.

“Wait - you told Alfred and not us?” Dick stammered, realising that Alfred wasn’t in the room previously where this matter was discussed so would of been oblivious to the situation plus he knew you by name before you’d even introduced yourself.
Duh.” Jason smugly answered, relishing in the families astonishment and displeasure.

My Eyes Only - Part 1

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You want to surprise your boyfriend and the rest of Got7 when they come home from tour. Things take an interesting turn

Genre: Fluff, Smut

The day had finally come! You hadn’t seen your boyfriend in over a month while they promoted their new album in Japan but tonight he and the rest of Got7 would be coming home.

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I Can’t Love Her, She’s Not Mine to Love Anymore - Calum  Imagine

request; Could you do an imagine where Calums falling in love another band members girlfrend (or the girl who he wants back)?

sorry for the wait, anon. enjoy! :) oh and i also wrote it in his p.o.v. hope that’s okay. x

Tonight was the band’s last show of the year. We were all excited. The energy was out the roof. Everyone backstage was buzzing. I was sad that we were going to end the year already, but I was happy at the same time.

It was a few more minutes until we had to go on stage. The boys and I were getting ready, warming up a little before going on stage. I was more than excited. Nothing could make this night go wrong. At least that’s what I thought. That was before she came backstage to surprise Ashton, her boyfriend. Y/N didn’t just surprise Ashton, though. She surprised me as well.

“Y/N! Babe, what a great surprise!” Ashton says with such happiness as she walks to him.

“Hey! I thought I’d come surprise you on your guy’s last show.” Y/N explains. Then Ashton gives her a big hug.

After the hug they share a kiss. I couldn’t see them show that much affection so I turned around immediately. My happiness was slowly fading away.

“SHOW TIME BOYS!” One of the crew members yell with a big thumbs up.

Thank goodness it was time to play the show. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle seeing Y/N and Ashton together. I need my space from them. More from Y/N than anyone. What I’m feeling for her has to go away. The feelings that I feel once again should not be allowed. They aren’t allowed, but I feel something for her. She has a boyfriend now and it’s Ashton who is my best friend. I had to stop thinking about her. About my feelings. About the past. About everything. I have to admit that it is hard. This was a situation I didn’t want to be in. It’s horrible knowing that I’m in love with Y/N even if she’s dating Ash. What would happen to my friendship with him if he were to find out I was in love with his girlfriend? That’s terrifying to think about. I really need to stop thinking about all of this.

Tonight’s show was supposed to be the best night this year. This was our last concert of the year. The end of our tour. But I couldn’t enjoy it. My mind was on her. How could I ignore the thoughts of her if she was dancing and singing along to the songs we were playing in the front row. No matter how many times I looked away my eyes would wander back. I needed to stop looking her way. I needed to focus on playing instead. My mind needs to stay focused on playing and not on Y/N.

Half an hour later we end the last concert. The guys ran backstage still excited about the night. I, on the other hand, decided to walk as slowly as I could backstage for obvious reasons. Once I finally joined the rest of everybody I saw Ashton and Y/N together. They seemed so happy being together. The sight made me feel worse. I needed to get away so I walked passed everyone in the room and went out to the alley. As soon as I opened the door I let out a big sigh as I ran my fingers through my hair. How in the hell am I supposed to get over her? Why did I have to fall in love with her out of all the girls in the world, it had to be Y/N again. And now that she’s dating my best friend. This is just a disaster.

My phone was buzzing in my pants. I took it out to see what it was. There were messages from Luke, Michael, and Ashton asking where I had disappeared to. All I replied back with was ‘I’ll be there in a few minutes.’ I needed a few more minutes to clear m head even though I know that when I see her all the thoughts are going to rush back in.

“I thought I’d find you here.”

You know that phrase speaking of the devil? Well in my case it’s thinking if the devil.

“Hey.” Is the only thing I can think of saying.

“What are you doing back here?” Y/N asks walking closer to me.

I leaned against the rail and looked down, fumbling with my thumbs. It took me a while to answer her.

“I needed to clear my head. There’s a lot going on.”

I know she’s going to ask what it was that I had on my mind. But it was the truth. I felt like I could talk to her like we used to before. Even though everything running through my head involves her. She doesn’t know that though. And I hope she doesn’t find out.

“What could you possibly be thinking about to have you thinking so much on such a great night like tonight?”

She’s now standing next to me, but I keep my eyes down because I know that if I look into her eyes I might just tell her how I feel. That can’t happen. I had the chance to before and I didn’t take it. So now I’m fucked.

“A whole lot of things. I don’t know myself.”

“You’re lying to me, Hood. I know you know what you’re thinking about.” She pauses for a little then lowers her voice, “I saw you looking at me almost the entire concert..”

That got me to look at her. My eyes were wide. I didn’t know what to say. She caught me staring at her. This is bad.

There was a long pause between us. I was still nervous as fuck. Who knew what she was going to say.

“The way you were looking at me, it’s not okay.. You can’t loot at me like that anymore.”

I know I can’t look at her that way. I know that. But I can’t help myself from doing so. These feelings for Y/N are real. They always have been real. I was just stupid to let her go. That’s the stupidest thing I could have ever done yet I did it and now I’m here looking at her and regretting the day I let her go and didn’t tell her what I felt for her. What I still feel for her.

To be continued..?

What the signs mean when they say "I love you."
  • Aries: Every time I see you, I feel so much excitement.
  • Taurus: I feel important when I'm with you.
  • Gemini: You drive me wild.
  • Cancer: I feel at home with you, you make me feel safe.
  • Leo: I feel confident and happy with you.
  • Virgo: You make everything feel easy, you make me feel calm.
  • Libra: I am your world and you are mine.
  • Scorpio: You bring out the best in me, you show me how kind I really can be.
  • Sagittarius: With you I feel free, I feel like anything is possible.
  • Capricorn: I feel like we could take over the world together.
  • Aquarius: You changed my perspective on something and I was sure no one would ever be able to do that.
  • Pisces: You make me happy, you make laugh more then I ever thought I could.
Day 1 - Kerberos/Pre-Kerberos

Headcanons - Kerberos/Pre-Kerberos

- Baby!Shiro was absolutely obsessed with space ever since his Dad showed him some Star Trek.

- His room was covered in posters with planets and he nagged his parents for MONTHS until they agreed to stick glowy stars on his ceiling so that he could gaze at them before he went to sleep.

- His Mother studied books on stars for ages until she finally knew almost all of the constellations, so that she and Shiro could sit outside and name them all (they just end up making up the names for them anyway).

- He always knew that he wanted to go into space, and as soon as he heard about Galaxy Garrison, he made sure that he would get in.

- He was so excited when he was told that he would be going on the Kerberos mission that he actually picked Matt up and spun him around.

- Matt did not approve (he did really).

- Keith ended up knowing more about space that he ever wanted to because Shiro never shut up about it.

- On the way to Kerberos, Sam Holt had to tell him to go to sleep all the time because he wanted to gaze at the stars and planets all the time instead.

- He thought that space was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.


- His parents still sit on Shiro’s bed and stare up at the ceiling, cursing the day that they had shown him the stars.

- His father can’t watch Star Trek anymore.

- His mother no longer star gazes. She can’t bring herself to look at the things that took her son away.

- Shiro has realised that the most dangerous things are often beautiful. He doesn’t love space anymore.

- He wants to go home.

[NOTE: @bosstoaster inspired the one about Shiro wanting to look at the stars on the way to Kerberos instead of sleeping with her Day 1 fill. Go read it. Seriously. It’s awesome!]

Mercury And Work Style Correlation!

Here we see that no Aries mercury who participated chose 1 - I complete work with ample time left - as their work style. This could reflect the live-in-the-moment style of Aries. In mercury, this would appear as putting work off in order to do other more preferable things first. Over 60% of Aries mercury chose 2 - I leave work until the last minute - as their work style. This could also back that people with Aries mercury tend to push work to one side in order to do more fun or exciting things. 

Gemini mercury had the highest percentage choose 3 - I often forget to hand work in or hand it in late - with roughly 42%. Whilst Gemini is dominating by mercury, they tend to show this through being very good talkers and hosts, whilst Virgo - also ruled by mercury - takes on the hard working and studious side of mercury. This can also been seen in their results as roughly 48% of people with Virgo mercury chose 1 as their work style.

Other observations include:

  • Approximately 90% of people with Capricorn mercury chose 2 as their work style.
  • People with Cancer mercury are the most split between the 3 statements.
  • Capricorn mercury were the least likely to be/pick 3, with about 7%.
Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: I was planning on waiting until Sister Zoned was finished, but decided that Sammy’s birthday deserved something a little special. So, here’s part one! Next part, count on getting into Sam’s head a little more to explore why the reader makes him tick. Pretty excited about this series. Hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing. Eventual smut

@captain-princess-rose @bookishdorito

Word Count: 2653

“Could you get anymore annoying?”

“Sure.” You smirked. “I could be just like you.” That made Sam clench his jaw, and eyes flash. A reaction that showed just how much you were getting to him without even trying that day.

“Why do you keep her around?” Sam turned to his brother at the table, clearly pissed.

He’d been in a mood from the moment he walked into the bunker, according to Dean. He’d been fine before then. Probably because I was the first thing he’d spotted when he’d opened the door. You two had been verbally sparring ever since. Nothing new. In fact, things had gotten more difficult lately.

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Even though I’m like sixty percent sure Barbara is Harley (Part of me wants her to be Harley, and another, bigger part of me doesn’t want her to be), part of me still believes that Lee could still possibly be Harley. I mean if they’re considering Barbara why wouldn’t they consider Lee? And her nickname is literally the ending word of Harley (HarLee). She could easily change her name to Harleen, or Harley if she was to become her. The writers said that the person that is going to play Harley is connected to the ‘Joker Cult World’.. She’s met Jerome before.. (3 times if I’m correct.. maybe more) the first time they met she comforted him  (held him) when they found Lilah’s body. Then she got really excited about what Paul told her and Jim. The whole circus (Jerome) case fascinated her.. it fascinated her so much she couldn’t stop talking about it, and she wanted to be part of the whole case. Let’s not forget she was in the interrogation room with Jim when he was interrogating Jerome. I’ve watched all of Season 1 now, and I realize Jerome’s interrogation was the first, and only one that she was in the room. (The writers are in control of everything, they plan every single thing that happens on the show, so why would they pick Jerome’s case out of all the others, for her to be apart of? Not only was she apart of it.. she enjoyed it. She looked fascinated and if you watch closely it looks like she smiles, well smirks in a few scenes.. especially at the end when he’s laughing all crazy like (but you have to look very closely, because it’s hard to see). Also.. “I’m good.. truly. It was ugly but it was also kind of thrilling.” Was her words after the interrogation scene. Also she used to work at Arkham and she could easily go back if she wanted to. Also Lee was at the Circus with Jim and she was the only character we know (Out of the girls that could be Harley) that saw Mary Lloyd’s makeup. She could have liked the way she did it (you know, the heart beside her eye thing) and if she was to become Harley she could use it as an inspiration. Because we all know that Harley wears a heart beside her eye.. the same side as Mary. In the last episode of season one Barbara was saying how she would do therapy, but only if Lee was the one to do it (which we all know why).. I remember Lee saying she ‘has some trauma training, but it’s not her area of focus.’ Also I remember at the circus Mary and Gregg(? forgot his name..) talked to her about what was going on and Jim was impressed.. “People talk to doctors.” She’s also been called to help and talk to Bruce when Alfred thinks he needs someone to talk to. Another thing is, her and Harley are both attracted to extreme personalities. “I tend to get overly enthusiastic about things.” Another thing is she has experienced enough trauma to make her snap. Losing her baby, her husband being killed right in front of her and his blood landing on her cheek (If I’m correct, that blood was what made Mario go crazy, she kissed him and then the blood also landed on her cheek, so she is more than likely gonna get infected by the virus or whatever that makes you go crazy.) Yeah that alone is enough to make someone go crazy. The writers themselves confirmed she’s crazy or ‘nuts’.. since when has Lee been nuts? We all know Harley doesn’t go crazy until AFTER she meets the Joker.. So they would have the perfect opportunity to send her back to Arkham and Jerome seduce her. Or I think Jerome captures her when he comes back alive.. so maybe something will come from that. Jerome obviously has a thing for older women,. He flirted with Barbara, he called Lee pretty (though he was pestering Jim, I still think he meant it.) So we’re more than likely gonna get an older Harley. The writers done said that they’re not introducing anyone new as Harley.. and the person is someone we thought we knew for a long time and just didn’t recognize them as Harley (”You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time”) So that could only be Lee, Barbara, or possibly Silver. We didn’t know Silver that long though. Also Harley is corny, and believe it or not, Lee is kind of corny too. She can be serious, but she also cracks jokes here and there.. and she’s someone you really don’t see doing that. “Okay but I have to tell you something or you might get pissed.. There’s gonna be a magician.“ Also she has a sister (This is important because  Harley has a sister that she talks about, that keeps her’s and Joker’s daughter Lucy in her custody). Lee is also very intelligent, as is Harley (both have that listed as one of their abilities.) It is said that Harley’s personality by nature is she is a kind, sweet, gentle, person. Lee’s character is sweet, kind, caring, selfless, and isn’t afraid of the dangers that come with Jim Gordon. Harley is known not to value life, death, or personal injury. Though she has seemed a little afraid at times, for the most part she wasn’t afraid. For example.. When Selina was holding a gun towards her she was anything but scared. She was actually calm, seemed quite amused. And when Barbara and Jerome captured her she didn’t seem terrified, she seemed fine for the most part. She even held her ground and stuck up for herself when Barbara was messing with her. Okay this is really long and unorganized, but don’t count her out just yet. I could really see it. Also she would be the person everyone would least expect.

Tae Appreciation Post

I just wanted to show my love for Tae in this post! 
Enjoy  ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

He’s someone who doesn’t pretend to be “perfect” 24/7

He doesn’t care if others think he’s “weird” or “different”

I adore that he stays true to himself no matter what!

His smile is literally the best thing ever.

I could be feeling down or just being neutral and then I see this

And this…

And this!…

I think you get it. 

This angel right here.

This little bun (tall ass) right here!

Deserves all the love.

He’s talented and great at so many things.

An amazing actor, every emotion could be felt from him.

A great friend and brother to the rest of the members. 

Always thinking of the other members.

An excitable bundle of joy.

A lover of animals.

김태형 Kim Tae-hyung ❤

Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 57: Teachings

Tokyo Senbatsu? Is that the one where they gather the representatives from all school in Tokyo to play against American representatives? (Daiya no Ace Chapter 417)  

Or is it something else? If it is the one mentioned in Act I, then… we’re gonna see Miyuki-Narumiya battery??!! Whoa, that sounds awesome! o_O 

Oops, shouldn’t get my hopes up now… Back to the inter-squad match, the first-years are showing off their offense.

Yay, another excellent base runner! Seidou will not lose their trigger/start of their offense after Kuramochi. I’m getting excited to see Kuramochi and Seto face off with their speed and agility, more so Kuramochi and Seto learning from each other. The latter seems pretty likely, because Kuramochi is the only one who doesn’t seem surprised, he even compliments Seto. He could be seeing or expecting that coming, or he could be confident in his abilities not to feel threatened by Seto. But then again, Kuramochi is one of the few players in the first-string that has the skill and experience to be certain of his place in the team (I might be biased though).

I am cracking out loud at the burn from Kuramochi to Eijun. Never one to pull his punches, aren’t you Mochi? Pointing out Eijun’s lackluster baseball knowledge without mercy.

Damn… That is a sound teaching and solid advice, no wonder the expression Okumura makes is so conflicted. He must have wanted so badly to cut off all ties with that shitty coach and discard everything he taught him, but he has been their coach for the most important years, teaching the basics and building his and Seto’s foundation, and his teachings did bring them victory (as seen in the previous flashback). In this game alone, they manage to get a run off the second-third years, which is quite a feat. 

This might become an issue later more in Okumura than in Seto as it seems Okumura can hold quite a grudge and it might hinder his development if he doesn’t come to terms with it. Especially this unique style of playing by players actively thinking and making decisions on their own set them apart from others. In the current team, there aren’t many players who are capable of that, they tend to wait for the coach’s instruction. Okumura’s style of thinking the pitches coming during his turn in batting reminds me of Miyuki (again) when he was sixth batter. He seems to think less (or shown thinking less?) since he becomes the fourth batter. Is it just me or is it really that difficult not to see Miyuki in Okumura? ^^;

These two definitely catches the coaches’ attention. Seto, welcome to the second string! Next, is it Kagami? It looks like he is up to bat.

As the old boys pointed out, the parallel is there. Terujima-sensei even intentionally made Haruichi show up and in the panel next to Eijun. Both Okumura and Seto work together the way Eijun and Haruichi did with one doing all the getting on base and base running and the other getting the other home, though what Okumura and Seto are more complicated with more thinking on their part. Still, considering Eijun and Haruichi barely knew each other back then, what they did was no less amazing (and complicated plays will get way over Eijun’s head, Haruichi did make the attempt, if we recall). I wonder whether the same thing happen between Miyuki and Kuramochi, and whether it is that play that gets them to second-string too. (I’m a sucker for kuramiyu, sue me)

Best expression in this chapter:

Kuramochi’s burn, Eijun’s cat’s eyes, and Okumura’s pout. They are all adorable.

  • Someone: What is this over there?
  • Me: This...Is the Sherlock fandom.
  • Someone: Woah! It looks like a mess! What happened?
  • Me: Well it started with season 4 everyone was excited for. It looked promising and fans hoped to see what they wanted to see. But soon after the season ended, the madness slowly begin. Many people couldn't believe, that "The Final Problem" is real, because it was so silly and there was still so many questions unanswered. Soon more people thought that there could be a 4th episode. Theories were written, the Tinfoil Hat Club was founded, meanwhile other people are unsure if there will be more and are angry about other things about the show. And then the BBC made it even worse thanks to their shitty responses about fans complaints. I could explain it more accurate, but it would take to long...
  • Someone: ...Do you think that everything will be ok soon?
  • ...
  • ...
  • Me, putting my tin foil hat on: I have no fucking idea.

   You know what’s the worst? This was, by far, one of the best shows I have ever seen. I took a lot of affection for every single character there (except for Magnussen), and when I joined this awesome fandom, I was so excited for the things to come in the next season that my heart bumped in a not usual way; like I said, I was very excited, but far beyond that I could imagine. During this three weeks, I learned (because I’m new here) how basically the fandom works, and it was ASTONISHING!!! The theories, the logic, the passion… it was, and it is, like a permanent Christmas Day for me. I’m using frequently now my Tumblr because of this show, and as the days passed I was more and more filled with hope like I never had in any other of my fandoms… 

   Then the first season 4 episode came out. Not to bad, but it could have been better. Then the second one appeared. I could have watched it again over and over; it is one of my favourites. This second episode, particularly, gave me hope not just for my ship, but for the “obvious” amazing episode the third one promised to be. “TV History”, BBC claimed, Mofftiss claimed, many involved on the show claimed… And then Sunday 15th came. I literally made my family and I leave immediatly my grandma’s house, and get us to our home in less than 30 mins, because there was less than an hour before the episode started. We arrived ten minutes before, and I was running to this same computer where I’m writing this to turn it on and enter to the website where I watched the episode. The website, as cruel as it was, was stoping more frequently than never, and I was so nervous through all the episode because I was thinking “what if I miss something important through all this time? what if something that makes history happens?”. But at the end… I’m dissapointed as hell. If I have waited only weeks for this episode, then I can’t understand how the ones that have been waiting YEARS for it are feeling about it. This season, most important, THIS SAME EPISODE PROMISED TO BE THE ONE THAT WOULD MAKE TV HISTORY!!!! And where the hell is that tv history????? I’m feeling almost sick (maybe it’s because I’m hungry, idk) but God knows that I’ve been filled almost to the top with hope of something AMAZING, WONDERFUL, SURPRISING, ASTONISHING, FABULOUS, INCREDIBLE, SOMETHING THAT MADE TV HISTORY!!!!! And what did they gave to me? Something just related with Sherlock because of the characters that appeared there. They could have made something better, they could have made something that crashed the sky, but they decided to reduce an extraordinary show as Sherlock to unrecognizable pieces… well, at least for me.

   I don’t know what’s happening, I definitely don’t understand yet what Mofftiss and all the ones involved were thinking, and I definitely don’t know if this will be the last Sherlock episode EVER, but even if it’s not, right now for the first time since I watched the first episode, I don’t give a shit for it.

My theory isn’t strongly supported by much things. However, I am thinking Ciel isn’t the killer. First of all he wouldn’t dare to point a gun at somebody’s head, either way he would point to the leg of the enemy or hesitate. Not to mention, most of the times he leaves the dirty work for Sebastian. Secondly, Soma would have been more excited than what he showed. He said “ Oh, it’s you ” if it was Ciel, he would be far more excited than that, he would be hugging him and everything. I am thinking that, the killer could be Pit, the photographer. To be honest, I don’t have reasons as to why, but it could be a possibility. When he was seen in that photograph he was surrounded by evil noblemen kind of? So I wouldn’t be suprised at all. Not many know of Soma either, except for the servants, which none of them wear black gloves, also they are only out if their Master is with them. Green Witch and her butler, but she is probably not allowed out of the house and Wolfram wears white gloves. Undertaker too, although it’s not much of a possibility that he would dare to do that. Not to mention, we haven’t seen him in a while, so probably the photographer has a hand in this?

karuvapatta  asked:

Hey, do you have any thoughts/meta on what's up with Yuri's grandfather...?

I honestly don’t know! The reason he didn’t show up to see Yuri skate could be as simple as his back was hurting him - or it could be something a bit more prideful. (For all we know, one bad word about his pirozhkis, and he could blacklist you forever.) ;)

I hope he shows up to see Yuri P’s FS. If not, it’s going to be interesting to see both Yuri’s without Grandpa and Victor, who are the people they most want to be there. I’m excited about the coming Yuri vs Yuri dynamic of this episode.

Can I just say one of the things that I appreciate the writers/directors/producers decided to do in Voltron Legendary Defender was to NOT have the team from Voltron in every episode?

In the original series, and let’s face it in most giant robot series, they have the characters from the giant robot at least once per episode.  While I get that is the main point of the show, when they do this the novelty wears off fast and then you get into the trouble of having to keep it interesting with power ups, just being a monster of the week show,etc.

Not to mention that the time of having to do that takes away any potential character/story development they could be focussing on instead.

Not in VLD though.  Voltron appears I think at least 3 times in the first season, and when it’s formed it’s still exciting, and thrilling every time.  They choose to save forming Voltron when it’s it’s actually worthwhile/important, and as a result we get more character focus/plot development that could have been cut out.

The crew keeps the thrill and joy of seeing Voltron that I know I enjoyed as a kid, but as ad adult I know I would have gotten tired of it fast had they decided to have Voltron in EVERY episode.

So, anyway, kudos to the VLD show crew for taking the effort to do that.

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Where Did The Party Go?

preview of my house party!au

i’ve been working on this one since the start of november, and I’m really excited to show you this preview! this one’s gonna be a bit more mature-themed than the rest of my fics, but i hope you’ll enjoy nonetheless <3

rating: teen for sexual joking and alcohol consumption along with smoking

characters: natsu, lucy, gajeel, levy, gray, juvia, erza, jellal, and multiple other characters make appearances

“I’m having a party tonight and I want you to come,” Natsu said suddenly before Lucy could get out her sentence of asking him out for coffee.

“What?” Lucy asked incredulously, and Natsu laughed once more. She could get used to that sound. It was deep and melodious and infectious, and she loved the sound of people’s laughs. But she loved Natsu’s the most, she decided.

“Well, you seem like fun, and I’m inviting some people from my other part time job.” Natsu scratched the back of his head nervously, looking at his feet.

“I was just surprised you wanted to ask me out, Natsu. We’ve barely talked,” she pointed out.

Natsu’s expression turned to a slight sadness. “I guess you’re right. We don’t really know each other, so it makes sense. Another time then.”

He turned to walk away, but Lucy grabbed his arm. Natsu turned to look at her, and she smiled. “That doesn’t mean I’m not coming, weirdo!”

He grinned at her again, and it was Lucy’s turn to flush. His smile was genuine, and it was so adorable!

“Sweet! I’ll text you my address,” he told her, taking out a pen from his pocket and handing it to her.

“Write down your phone number so I can text you,” he told her, and she had to fight to keep her cool. He wanted her phone number!

“Sure!” she told him, and she jotted it down in what she hoped would be nice handwriting.

“Cool! I’ll text you after work.” Natsu waved his goodbyes and headed back to his desk.

I will probably have this up in the next couple weeks. I haven’t gotten to the part of the real party yet, so I want to prepare myself for that haha

stay tuned! <3