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I can't get enough of your art! I love it so much. But, I'm super depressed, from some bad news, concerning my fiancé's health... could I maybe get something super cute? Anything haikyuu, or even an oc you might have. Please and thanks a bunch

Ahhh, I hope everything will get better soon, anon! Meanwhile have some sappy older bokuros~

To all the kids who were forced into taking care of your younger siblings, to everyone who had to do the work of mothering far too young, to people who lost huge parts of your own childhood in order to see that the other kids could keep a bit of theirs –

You should never have been put in that position. You deserved a childhood too. And I am so proud of you for doing the best you could in a bad situation. The kids you looked after are lucky that someone in their life cared enough to try to parent them, and on a day where people are thanking their mothers you deserve recognition too.

Thank you for trying so hard and for loving those kids as best you knew how. What you did was incredibly difficult and important work that you should not have had to do. Thank you for trying to give them the childhood you didn’t get to have.

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Is there any specific reason your work features almost exclusively female characters? It was just something I noticed and was wondering if it was a statement or just had to do with inspiration. Thank you!

Who, me?! 

Well that’s easy! I paint women all the time because I love them. Women are majestic, beautiful creatures and if I could paint them all day every day I’d be totally okay with that. 

Much longer answer: 

I paint them because it’s what I’m drawn to. It’s not an active decision, it’s just what I want to draw whenever I pick up a pen. My art passions are so intrinsically tied with painting women that I could never separate the two. They are the center of my gravitational art universe, if you will.

It never started out as a statement. I still paint them now for all those exact same reasons, but there is definitely a feminist element to it now that I’m older. I still have so much to work on and I’m slowly pushing towards a much broader spectrum of the types of women I paint (more free time, please!) I love my childhood inspirations so much, but a lot of them only touched on a very narrow window of female representation.

I had a comment on one of my paintings once that has stuck with me ever since: “She’s given as much respect as a male character would be given. Thank you.” I could never bring myself to reply to this comment because a part of it just made me want to cry? I’m not articulate enough to really explain my thought process here but: I never start a painting with those kind of intentions. To me it should just be the norm that characters are given the same respect regardless of gender, but it’s not. We’re not there yet. 

I want to paint women with stories. With histories and regrets and triumphs and problems and passions. I paint beautiful characters, because women are beautiful, but I hope the fact that I’m always thinking about these things comes across at least. I’m all about women owning their sexuality as well, but I think you need only glance at my gallery to see I use it sparingly. And on the rare occasion when I do paint scantily clad women - it’s still not the focus? I like for it to fit, and to make sense, and to not just be there for the sake of it?!

I’m officially rambling now, but yes. There is a tiny cheerleader in my brain chanting ‘paint the ladies.’ 

September 1st, 2017

In honor of this day today, I just want to say…thank you, Harry Potter.

Thank you for all of the emotions you brought out in me – all of the intrigue, the excitement, the love, the hate, the sorrow, and the joy.

Thank you for all of the laughter you brought me – from the snappy one-liners of Ron to the wry side-notes of Dumbledore, from the jokes of Fred and George to the over-the-top ridiculousness of Hermione’s obsessive academia.

Thank you for all of the thinking you inspired in me – how you got me theorizing what might happen next, and how you even helped inspire me to write my own stories!

Thank you for introducing me to Ron Weasley – the best friend you could ever have, who would laugh with you, cry with you, and more importantly share his time, feelings, experiences, homework answers, family, and room with you.

Thank you for introducing me to Hermione Granger – the perfect example of a superbly flawed, but powerful female character who proves herself before the whole world as the most brilliant witch of her age.

Thank you for introducing me to Luna Lovegood – a young woman with the wisdom of a sage, the spirit of an angel, and all the social grace of a deer in the headlights.

Thank you for introducing me to Neville Longbottom – a boy terrified of his own shadow who grows into a man braver than his house’s mascot.

Thank you for introducing me to Remus Lupin – the teacher that reminded me of all of my best teachers, the ones who got me excited about learning, and that also revealed himself to be not just a teacher, but something akin to family.

Thank you for introducing me to Sirius Black – a man tarred as a crazed mass-murderer but who in truth both loves and hates with all of his heart and would die rather than betray his friends.

Thank you for introducing me to Minerva McGonagall – the most bad-ass teacher on the face of the earth. And yes, I will fight you on that. *snaps fingers*

Thank you for introducing me to Rubeus Hagrid – someone I would probably hate having as a teacher in real life, but who because I’ve seen him as gamekeeper and friend for so long I couldn’t help but forgive.

Thank you for introducing me to Draco Malfoy – the most obnoxious, arrogant, self-centered, mean-spirited, petty, immature bouncing ferret ever!

Thank you for introducing me to Regulus Black – a character who we barely get to know, and yet whose sacrifice is moving enough that it helps redeem Slytherin house itself.

Thank you for introducing me to Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy – a couple I loathed for so long, only to find shades of gray in them I could never have comprehended.

Thank you for introducing me to Albus Dumbledore – a man whom I respected for so long, only to find shades of gray in him I could never have comprehended.

Thank you for introducing me to Severus Snape – no one else could have better taught me the value in writing multi-faceted, complex, morally gray characters.

Thank you for introducing me to Cedric Diggory – a true Hufflepuff and a true hero, taken all too soon.

Thank you for introducing me to Fred and George Weasley – the truest mischief makers, and also some of the most brilliant.

Thank you for introducing me to Dudley Dursley – everything I loathe in humankind instilled into one person, only for him to redeem himself in one short, truly honest meeting of the minds between him and Harry.

Thank you for introducing me to Gilderoy Lockhart – how I laughed at this man, and yet how much I longed to slap him in the face!

Thank you for introducing me to Cornelius Fudge – a politician who seemed right at home in my own world, as I ventured into the world of politics.

Thank you for introducing me to Dolores Umbridge – a character the likes of which I will likely loathe more than any other fictional being in any universe.

Thank you for introducing me to Horace Slughorn – a teacher at Hogwarts I think I would’ve enjoyed knowing almost more than any other, if only to hear some of his amazing stories.

Thank you for introducing me to Arthur and Molly Weasley – a couple that made me laugh and made me hug myself to keep in all the “awwww”s.

Thank you for introducing me to Tom Marvolo Riddle – a boy with many talents and no love in his soul who grew up to terrorize the world.

And most of all…thank you for introducing me to Harry. Brave Harry. Rash Harry. Selfless Harry. Snarky Harry. Lonely, awkward, modest, athletic, sneaky, clever, thoughtful, angsty, hot-tempered, heroic, academically lazy Harry. Harry, who hides in the bushes under an open window to listen to the news. Harry, who starts chatting it up with a snake in a reptile house. Harry, who without skipping a beat chooses a poor boy offering nothing but honest friendship over a rich boy offering to help him elevate himself.

How many ways can I say “thank you”, Harry Potter? You have changed me in too many ways. You’ve changed the way I write, both in sentence structure and how I write plot and characters. You’ve changed the way I analyze stories. You’ve changed the way I define myself, by introducing Hogwarts houses!

I suppose all I can really say is…you’ll be with me. Until the end.


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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “OMG of I only could say how much I love your Jeff imagine, but I can’t find the right words. Saying that it is perfect isn’t enough. But I want you to know that I really love this one and, I have to ask, is to soon for asking for a part 2? About the morning after, maybe Clay finding they two lol Thank you for writing my request <3″

“hi, i loved ‘Sharing is Caring’ and i wondered if you could maybe do a part 2? maaaybe where they wake up and they’re cuddled up and when clay comes into the room to wake jeff he smiles and quietly calls his parents (he secretly shipped them because jeff never shuts up about her and he wants someone good for his sister). so when jeff and the reader wake up her whole family stands there and it gets a little awkward but it’s still cute? 😂”

“OMG please do a part 2“

Word Count: 2.063

Posted: 08th of May 2017

A/N: Here’s “Sharing Is Caring”’s second part, link is down below if you haven’t read it yet. I am sorry if I took so long to write this. I hope you like it, although it didn’t convince me so much. I think it has a lot of flaws. I really don’t know. It would be great if you send some feedbacks. Thank you so much! Enjoy.

- G. x

Link: Part 1

Warning: Light swearing

“Hmm…” You stretched your bones with your eyes closed as you felt fully rested, waking your still-sleeping soul slowly. Although you still had your eyes closed, the sunlight that penetrated your window pane blinded you.

You were so calm and thoughtless as you felt a strong arm around your waist and you quickly opened your eyes, rubbing them carefully to focalize your vision. You were facing your wall full of posters and Jeff was hugging you from behind, you were being the little spoon of your innocent cuddling session.

You were shocked and shy, of course, but it felt so nice to be cuddled up with your ultimate crush. You wanted to wake him up, but also to stay in that position at the same time. Because who wouldn’t love to cuddle with Jeff Atkins? We all know right.

His touch made you feel warm and relaxed, although you felt uncomfortable for his morning erection. Yes, the thought of his boner made you feel the heat in your cheeks and you knew how red you became at the same time.

“Jeff!” You murmured as you nudged him carefully, trying to wake him up. “Atkins.”

“Hmm?” He mumbled, you hinted that he was still sleeping and still had his eyes closed because of his response.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” You softly giggled as you drew small circles on his arm. You didn’t want for this moment to end, but you knew that your family would freak out if they ever saw you in that position with Jeff. “Hey, Atkins.”

You heard him yawning softly as he tightened his grip and your bodies touched even more. You felt his hot breath on your skin and it made you shiver.

“Good morning, (Y/N).” He whispered and his morning hoarse voice made you smile. You found it sexy and you surely wanted to sleep with him one more time.

“Did you sleep well?” You asked as you lingered the warmth of his body and the blankets. You loved cuddling and it was really a moment that you would always do with Jeff.

“I did.” He giggled softly, surely pointing out your position at that exact moment. “Did you?”

“I honestly did.” You smiled and there was a little bit of silence between the two of you. You were astonished, because it wasn’t one of those awkward silences. In the contrary! It was honestly comfortable and sweet.

You both continued cuddling and thinking of how amazing it was to sleep with each other. There was a dead silence in the room, but you didn’t mind it for the thoughts that kept running through your mind.

Yup, there was a dead silence in the room until you heard your brother Clay coughing like there was no tomorrow. He almost spat his lungs out, but you knew that he was doing it to have your attention.

“Good morning, cuddle buddies.” Clay happily exclaimed and, in a fast-swift movement, you and Jeff broke the hug and faced the door, revealing a Clay with a smirk on his face and your parents, Lainie and Matt, behind him. You sat on the other part of the bed to set some space between you and Jeff.

“What the fuck?” Your eyes were widely opened and you knew that you had a crimson red coloured face for the embarrassing moment.

“Words, (Y/N)!” Your mother pointed out and you rolled your eyes. It vexed you how those people stood there with a smirk on their faces, obviously teasing you.

“Did you sleep well?” Clay teased as he laughed hard, together with Matt. You despised your brother for telling your parents that you had a crush on Jeff.

“I personally did.” Jeff answered and you nodded in response. It was awkward to be busted by your parents in that way. C’mon!

“It seems like you don’t need my help anymore, Jeff!” Clay winked at his friend and you shot a glance to Jeff. He was blushing and shocked too. “You already confessed your feelings to your crush.”

“What!?” Your eyes grew wide for what your brother has told you. You saw Jeff face palming himself as your talkative brother revealed his secret. Your heart beat faster and you felt uncomfortable for that. You looked at your family and then at Jeff once again. You wanted to burry yourself alive for the embarrassment.

“Alright, breakfast downstairs.” Your father shouted as he killed the awkward silence in the room. “This is a little bit awkward.”

Clay flashed an apologetic smile to Jeff and they started to go downstairs. You looked at Jeff and he flashed you a shy smile, to which you smiled back.

“You can use the bathroom in Clay’s room.” Your words weren’t too understandable because you talked quickly, trying to avoid his presence now.

You ran through the bathroom and you did your daily morning routines. You took more than the usual time, since you wanted some time to think about the things. How did they even happen that fast?

You liked Jeff too, but it was awkward. Jeff was your brother’s best friend and you’ve never thought that he would like someone like you. You thought that he was more into cheerleaders, the popular girls.

“Clay!” You groaned as you combed your hair in front of the mirror. You bit your lip as your cuddling session came into your mind and you suddenly found yourself smiling widely.

You then changed your clothes and you quickly went out of the bathroom. The bed was already fixed and Jeff was nowhere to be seen.

You went downstairs and you noticed that the awkward silence before has already packed its baggage and left. Your family and Jeff was talking some stuffs about school and they were even laughing. What the hell happened?

“(Y/N), sit down here and have some breakfast.” Lainie called you as she patted your usual chair. You nodded silently as you took your place and got some food to eat.

“How did it go with Hannah?” Clay curiously asked. You rolled your eyes as he was trying to fix the things between you. You loved your brother, nevertheless he has always teased you. He was your best friend and he was your Superman, because he would always be there for you. He knew how to save the day and you loved him for that.

“We had to cancel the sleepover, because her parents fought.” You answered as you chewed your food quietly. “She felt uncomfortable.”

“Ow.” Jeff and Clay reacted and you nodded sadly. You felt sad for Hannah, because she was already going through something at home and those assholes at school kept on bullying her. Luckily, you always had the guts to stand up for her.

“Oh,” Your eyes widen as you remembered something. “why don’t you ask Hannah out?” You asked with a smirk on your face.

“I am asking him the same thing, believe it or not.” Jeff answered and you smiled at him. Clay got the looks from your parents and he became red, obviously embarrassed and shy.

“Mind your own love life, instead of minding mine.” You teased him and you laughed, together with Matt and Jeff. Lainie was so happy because you were close with your brother and you knew each other’s secrets. She really taught you well when you were both young.

“Shut up!” Clay rolled his eyes and you started to feel comfortable around Jeff. Your father teased Clay and your mother just laughed.

“Should I train you how to ask a girl out?” Your dad teased and you all laughed. Clay was hating you, but you got your revenge and you felt a little better.

“You maybe should, dad!” You giggled and winked at Clay. “Hannah’s a great girl, she’s beautiful and she deserves happiness.”

“I second this.” Jeff agreed and your dad kept on teasing Clay.

You spent the rest of your breakfast teasing your beloved brother. You and Jeff are always having the point and you loved the complicity that you had.

“Wait for me upstairs, I’m helping this freak to clean this mess.” Clay said to Jeff whilst looking at him. Your parents went to work as they were already running late.

“Hmm…” Jeff mumbled as if he was thinking. You started to clean the table as you pretended that you weren’t listening to them. “Let me do that, go upstairs.”

“Oh, alright.” Clay replied and you heard his footsteps vanishing. You then felt Jeff’s presence as you started to wash the dishes.

“Hey.” Jeff shyly greeted you as he helped you with the dishes. You looked at him and you noticed the nervousness in his eyes.

“Hey.” You smiled at him and stopped what you were doing, turning the faucet off. “I can do this alone, go to Clay.”

“Uhm,” He looked at you and grabbed your hands to stop you from what you were doing. “don’t you think we should talk about it?”

“About what?” You played fool and he just smiled at you. You aren’t feeling awkward around him anymore, luckily.

“Oh, shut up!” He laughed and you faced him as you decided to talk about everything. You couldn’t pretend that nothing has happened, mostly when you like him too.

You leant on the kitchen counter and you waited for him to start his explanations. You took the moment to admire Jeff’s flawless face and body. You admired his soft brown quiff and his blue mesmerizing eyes. His pierced ears made him look sexier and you wondered how toned his body was.

“Hmm…” He started as he fiddled with his hands, waking you up from your deep thoughts. “I know that it was a shame that you discovered my feelings for you because of your brother, but I want to tell you that I really really really like you.”

You felt the heat of your cheeks and you blushed, although you already knew it. It was surely different to hear it from him and you felt so satisfied and reassured.

“That’s plagiarism for Carly Rae Jepsen’s song.” You winked at him and he just laughed at you. “But I really really really like you too.” You confessed, taking the courage out and covering it with by singing the song. His gaze lightened and he let a alleviated laugh out.

“Really?” He asked because he wanted to be sure of what you were really feeling.

“What? Is it strange that someone liked Jeff Atkins?” You playfully asked him and he rolled his eyes. “Aren’t you one of the campus’ crushes?”

“Well, (Y/N) Jensen likes me. That’s an honour.” He winked at you and you punched his arm playfully.

“Flatterer!” You exclaimed as you shook your head. You couldn’t believe him that he was praising you. Well, he was Jeff Atkins.

“I was just telling the truth.” He smiled at you and you giggled softly. “Can I hug you?” He asked and you found him cute with that.

“You already hugged me the whole night, why do you have to ask?” You winked at him and his face became bright red. You threw your arms wide open and he ran to you to hug you tightly.

You relaxed as you felt his arms around you again. Even though you slept hugging each other, you still longed for his hugs. You felt safe and warm once again.

“Are we having a sleepover again?” He flirtatiously asked and you slapped his toned chest. “Hey, didn’t you say that sharing is caring?”

“Dork!” You shook your head as you smiled widely. You saw Clay smirking as he was standing behind the kitchen’s doorway. You rolled your eyes as he took some pictures of his favourite ship. Of course, he has always shipped you with Jeff, because he already knew everything since the very start. Was he or wasn’t he the most supportive brother ever?

You knew that it was a start of something new for you. It was one of your desires to have him by your side and you would treasure this moment forever. You would keep on longing for him, for his hugs, for the warmth of his body and he would always take care of you, no matter what.

He would do everything to let you feel that you were the most important girl in his life, nevertheless his uncountable admirers.

These new Steven Universe episodes have taken me back to something regarding Peridot...

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Remember this?

I always thought it was safe to assume that Peridot had suffered some sort of physical abuse on Homeworld - presumably from her senior - and that’s why she’s so visibly afraid of weapons, and seems to assume that people with weapons are going to hurt her in some way.

I refrained from posting about this a long time ago because I felt there wasn’t quite enough evidence to back it up.  I mean, how do we know that the superiors on Homeworld can be physically aggressive to their underlings, when we’ve never even seen them?  Could Peridot just be nervous by nature?


Thanks to Holly Blue Agate here, I think we might now have the answer.

I believe that the disdain Holly shows to the “lower” Gems here - and the physical and verbal abuse she subjects them to - is commonplace on Homeworld.  They’re visibly terrified of her, and it’s very easy to see why.

Homeworld very much operates on a caste system, as we know; and those who aren’t right at the top appear to be treated quite badly at times.  This is also somewhat exhibited by Peridot herself in Back To The Barn, when she’s extremely rude to Pearl and constantly talks down to her because she’s “just a Pearl”.

As well as Peridot’s blatant fear and flinching away from weaponry, there’s something else to consider - namely, this exchange in Message Received:

Yellow Diamond: “I will inform your manager of your incompetence”

Look at Peridot’s face here.  She’s really, really not happy that her manager  will be hearing of her failure - the thought of it seems to actually be terrifying her.  And if her manager is anything like Holly, then who can really blame her?

So… what sort of Gem could Peridot’s feared manager be, exactly?

Another Agate is of course a possibility, especially given how many different variations of Agate there are, but I actually have a different idea - Emerald.  

Real-life peridot is often referred to as “the poor man’s emerald”, so to me it makes perfect sense for the Peridots’ manager/superior to be an actual Emerald.

Before anything else, this is not my first ‘last letter’ to you and I don’t know if this will be the last— I hope, though.

When I think of you, I think of all things beautiful and magical. Like how the world seems so quiet from above. Or how the city lights seems to dance at night. I think of the lovely yellow lamp post on the street. Or how I see the chaotic traffic from your window. When I think of you, I hear those sentences you said. It was almost like a movie line and the whole time was a movie scene. I can’t spot anything ugly about what we had, except the fact that I don’t know if we really had something.

When I think of you, I think of your face in the morning. I think of how tight you held my hand when you thought I was asleep. I think of how you let me lean on your shoulder when the world got too much to handle. I think of your eyes and your smile or the way you frown on me everytime you think I’m annoying. I think of those horror films we failed to finish because you’re just too scared but you were acting like you’re not. It was a short time with you, but it was enough to give me memories I will remember for the rest of my life.

When I think of you, I think of the night you assured me that everything will be fine. When the stars showed up to entertain us but ending up being ashame on how you shine brighter than them. I think of those awkward elevator kisses and how you remove my eye glasses everytime I will accidentally fall asleep. God knows how I grieved for those moments when you decided to exclude me in your life completely. Like we never happened at all.

But never once I hated you for breaking my heart. How could I? You gave me the best memories I can keep in a short period of time. And for that, thank you. In another universe, or lifetime, I hope if we meet, I’ll finally be enough for you. But if not, I hope you’ll find someone that will satisfy you.

When I think of you, I think of that nice brilliant man that have the courage and dedication. I will think of how I knew you’ll go far in life.

This is my last letter to you—
Or maybe just another letter again.

Fragility {Part 3/3}

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, ???? x Reader

Genre: Photographer Yoongi AU, angst

Warnings: Minor character death

“I used to think I could never lose someone if I photographed them enough. In fact, my photographs show me how much I’ve lost.” - Nan Goldin

(Author’s Note- This is unedited so forgive any mistakes I may have made. Thank you :)

Part 1  | Part 2

You woke up in an unfamiliar bed, the bed sheets far too pristine and the frame far too grand for it to be your own.  The rising sun poured in from the large window and invaded your eyes, immediately causing you to blink rapidly until your pupils finally adjusted to the overwhelming brightness. In your sleepy haze you propped yourself up with the large pillow stared dreamily at the blue sky outside.

Even the sky in New York seemed alien and different to the one you were so used to seeing back home. Perhaps it was the hue of blue that was slightly more saturated or the clouds that appeared to be just a little whisper, whatever it was, you weren’t sure if you liked it.  No one liked change you supposed, even if it was only temporary. You couldn’t deny that you were starting to feel homesick. You hated feeling like an outsider and you longed for the familiar winding streets of your home city, the ones you could navigate with ease. Here you felt like a lost lamb, every step and every turn only brought you more confusion.

You looked over to the other side on the bed but saw that it was unoccupied, the side he’d slept on had even been made back up, the white linen sheets perfect and creaseless.

With a short sigh you dropped your head back down onto the mattress and longed for the feeling of his arms woven around your body. Yet when you’d given up all hope of your longing being fulfilled you heard the sound of the bathroom door swinging open and light footsteps making their way across the large hotel room. You smiled without even looking up.

“I was starting to think you’d never wake up, you’ve been sound asleep since about eleven last night,” the voice was calm, every syllable it spoke soothed you and you let out another sigh, this time one of contentment.

“Travelling is tiring,” you said softly, voice still laced with a drowsy quality as the final effects of sleep hadn’t worn off yet.

You heard him kneel down so that he was at eye level with the bed, his hand crept across the mattress until it found it’s way to your own hand. Finally, you turned to your side to face him.

Jimin was made of soft black hair and warm brown eyes, the kind of eyes that sparkled with a certain youthfulness, there was no bitterness in them, only love and gentleness. His smile was like the sun on a hot summer’s day, and yet you often felt you weren’t worthy of that pleasant warmth. Though you tried not to let those sorts of thoughts bother you anymore, they still nagged at you, demanding to be paid attention to.

He was wearing a white shirt and black trousers, the outfit was simple and modest yet he still managed to take your breath away, you couldn’t stop your eyes from scanning over every inch of his body.

“Do you have any plans for today?” he asked quietly, you. You paused to consider your answer for a few moments. You had bought a few travel guides in an attempt to be organised but typically, you’d left them at home.

“I think I’ll just wander around and see where I end up,” you concluded out loud. He bit his lip a little anxiously but eventually nodded.

“Just be careful okay? With your sense of direction, God knows where you could end up,” he teased, you laughed gently and shuffled so that you were closer to him, the duvet wrapping itself even more tightly around your body.

“Do you have to go?” you dared to ask after a few moments, breaking the period of blissful silence.

He squeezed your hand gently and smiled sorrowfully, “You know I have to, if I had it my way I wouldn’t have to work and I’d spend all my time with you but- it just didn’t work out like that. I’m sorry.”

A beam of sunlight illuminated his skin, it’s radiance now so dazzling you swore he was almost iridescent, he sparkled with the brilliance of every colour under the sun. Perhaps that was what often made you so anxious, he didn’t feel like reality sometimes. One day you might just blink and he will have vanished, you feared that soon he would see you for who you really are, he might see through the cracks of your happy facade. He’d leave if he had any sense. And just like that, he’d be gone. Just like that, the dream would be shattered.

“It’s not your fault,” you reassured him, he leaned down and pressed a light, airy kiss against the skin of your cheek, one that made you blush in a ridiculously childish way. You weren’t used to the way he treated you, there was no way to describe it other than he was just so nice to you. It scared you when people were nice to you, because one day you knew they’d stop. They always did.

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3 Things Normal People Don't Think are Beautiful but Harry Does. (If Only when Draco is Involved With Them)

Late late late but still happening omg school starts tomorrow

Yeah lmao not gonna go for le excuses just gonna write this sin k

Gonna make this shit angsty… lmao just kidding

For @perfectlyprongs
Well, Harry Potter is different. Not just because he’s the Git Who Lived and he defeated Volde-more-butterbeer-please, but… let’s just say he has weird taste.

He sees things in a different light, particularly when they involve Draco Malfoy. He finds things beautiful that others… well, they just don’t understand it. The first of which, being Draco himself.

Now, if you had suggested that Harry find Draco even remotely attractive during his first year, he would have steadfast denied it. I mean, Malfoy? Attractive? No way in hell. Sure, his hair was nice… he rather liked that bleach blonde, and it perfectly suited that pale, aristocratic skin. His eyes, cold and grey as stone, reflected candlelight and sparkled like smoky Quartz. He was the perfect height; just a bit taller than the lanky Harry himself, and his pointy features looked to be chiseled from stone.

Okay, fine. He was quite attractive, and Harry obviously wasn’t the only one to think so. Girls would blush as he walked past, particularly during third year when the Malfoy heir ditched the gel for letting his soft hair take a more natural shape. They would giggle and whisper, and he always had that damn Pansy Parkinson hanging off his arm… not that Harry noticed.

But when Harry talks about finding Malfoy beautiful when no one else does, he isn’t talking about looks.

The first time Harry actually falls in love with Draco’s personality is when he comes back for 8th year, and apologizes to him for everything he’d done.

He’d walked up to Harry in the Great Hall, and asked to speak to the Savior in private. Harry’d looked to his friends, who seemed worried, but decided to go anyway after seeing the pleading look on the other man’s face. He looked broken; his pale skin gaunt, eyes dulled, bruises on his face and neck, cuts on his hands. Yet, he still attempted to look put together.

“Harry…” He’d said, looking to the stone floor of the empty classroom they’d found themselves in. “I know you have no reason to forgive me. Hell, you have no reason to listen to me right now. But, I got you here, and I better not waste the time I have.” He took a deep breath and looked to Harry, who hadn’t moved, green eyes wide behind circular glasses.

And Draco told him everything. Everything. About his father, about the abuse, fear, scars. He showed Harry. Showed him the broken skin; the cuts, the gashes. Told him about the choices he had to make, and how he was so so so sorry but he didn’t know how to leave. Because once you’re a Death Eater, the only way out is to be killed.

And still, Harry said nothing.

“God, you fucking prat!” Draco’d yelled, tears filling his eyes, and hands pulling at his hair. Harry jumped, startled. “I’m trying to apologize! I’m- I’m basically professing that I’ve been in love with you since we were twelve and you have nothing to say?!? JUST FUCKING ANSWER ME!” He screamed, running for the door, tears streaming down his face because God, he thought he was so stupid. That it was such a horrible idea, and how else did he expect that to go?

And then Harry’s hand was around his wrist, pulling the blonde to his chest, which was heaving with his own sobs. The two of them collapsed to the floor, Draco in Harry’s arms. Soon enough, he’d sat up, wiping the tears from Harry’s cheek with his thumb.

“God, Potter. You’re such a sap.” He’d said with a smile, and kissed the black haired Wonder Boy. That’s when Harry found Draco’d personality to be just as beautiful as his looks.
Another thing Harry found beautiful was blood. Not aesthetic blood, but real blood.

Like, for example, blood running down Draco’s lip when he bit it too hard while the other man was pressed to the wall of the restricted section at two in the morning, invisibility cloak forgotten on the floor whilst their oil lantern cast dancing shadows over their intertwined bodies.

See, that’s not how the two had kissed up until that point. Their kisses were usually shy and playful, considering that Harry was just growing into his sexuality, and Draco came from a traditional pureblood family; where would he have learned how to kiss? They were in a newer relationship; if new was considered four months. It was January, and the “Gay Couple of Hogwarts” had decided to go for a midnight (two am; whatever) stroll through the castle. They somehow ended up in the restricted section, and one thing led to another.

“Fuck, Harry. Where did you learn to kiss like this?” Draco sighed against Harry’s lips, and felt them curl into a smile.

“No idea. Maybe-” He started kissing down Draco’s neck as his Adam’s apple bobbed. “from Ron and Hermione feeling the need to snog whenever I’m in the room”

“God, I’ve never been so thankful for Weasley.” Draco basically moaned the words; I mean how could he not, with Harry’s hot mouth biting the juncture of his neck and shoulder, robes pushed aside and velvety skin on display.

Soon enough, lips were on lips again, hands in hair… and on arse.

“Fuck!” The obscenity left Draco’s lips when Harry bit down on his lip in reaction to the Slytherin groping his ass. Harry’s eyes widened and he pulled back immediately, taking Draco’s porcelain face in his hand and seeing a small drop of blood drip down his lover’s swollen lip.

His eyes grew darker and darker with every millimeter it slipped, until he licked it from Draco’s chin. Both men sat still for a moment, before Harry broke the silence.

“You okay?”

“Just kiss me.” Harry of course complied. The tang of blood on his tongue was surprisingly pleasant… surprisingly Draco. He pulled back again, after accidentally opening the small abrasion again, watching the crimson paint its way across Draco’s white chin and pink lips. Breathtaking.

At least until he kissed it away.
The third thing he found absolutely gorgeous was a bit unconventional.

The two men were alone in the dorm room; Ron and Blaise, their other two roommates were away in Hogsmeade with their girlfriends, and Harry and Draco were definitely making use of the time.

Draco was sprawled across a bed; he didn’t much care who’s it was because Harry was on top of him, ravishing his lips and running his hands under the Slytherin’s white button up. His blonde locks were messier than they had been possibly ever, and his pale hands roamed Harry’s unclothed back, tracing the muscles.

“A-Ah!” He gasped when Harry rubbed up against his covered erection, the fabric giving him basically none of the friction he craved. Harry laughed breathily, peppering kisses on Draco’s neck and face. Draco opened his eyes and stared his boyfriend down. “Get this bloody shirt off of me or I swear to Merlin-”

Draco never got to finish that sentence, because Harry had already ripped the shirt over his head, buttons be damned, and latched his mouth over his hard nipple. Malfoy gasped and arched his back, burying his left hand in Harry’s mess of hair, leaving his right to grip the silky red and silver sheets.

Harry swirled his tongue slowly over the puckered skin, savoring the way Malfoy writhed beneath him, panting and begging for more.

“You want me to…” Harry said as he pulled away from Draco’s red marked chest, eyes flickering to the very obvious bulge in his trousers.

“Do I want you to what?” Draco asked, quirking an eyebrow and sitting up on the edge of the bed, pushing Harry off of him so the Gryffindor was kneeling on the floor, his cock straining against his muggle jeans. Harry rolled his eyes.

“I think you know what I mean-”

“I want you to say it.” Draco said seriously, grey eyes boring into green, causing Harry to blush, but not falter.

“Fine.” Draco once again raised an eyebrow as Harry let out an agitated (yet aroused) breath and palmed himself through his jeans, letting out a little moan at the pressure, and unbuttoning the jeans and pulling them down over his hips. “Draco, I want to suck your cock.” Harry moaned again, licking his lips. Draco sighed while he unbuckled his belt and tugged it off, unbuttoning his slacks and pushing them down so only his grey boxer-briefs were between his cock and open air.

“Do you now? I would never have known.” Harry laughed, reaching toward the blonde and grabbing his hip, teasing his thumb over the waistband of the underwear, poking it just under the elastic.

“God, how I love your cock. So long and thick-” Harry squeezed Draco’s bulge through the underwear, causing his lover to let out a sharp moan. “It doesn’t taste bad either. Tastes just like you.”

“I would hope so.” Draco grunted as Harry finally pulled off the offending article of clothing, causing his cock to spring out and land against his stomach, the bead of precum that had gathered at the tip splattering at the impact. Harry stared at it lustfully, appreciating the delicate curve of the organ, an the sparse trail of white blonde hairs that led from his naval to the base.

“Beautiful.” Harry whispered, carefully taking the flushed tip into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it, Draco throwing his head back and panting and Harry took it deeper and deeper.

“Y-You know, people don’t usually think of- Ah!” Draco moaned sharply as Harry lightly scraped his teeth up his hot shaft. “T-they don’t think of sucking cock as beautiful.” He panted and moaned louder as Harry moved faster and faster. Draco grabbed The Prat Who Lived’s head and viciously fucked his mouth until he came with a scream of “Harry”, sweaty and satisfied.

Harry sat back on his haunches, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and gently jerking himself beneath his underwear.

“I do.” He said with a smirk as Draco came down to join him, kissing him hard and replacing Harry’s hand with his own.

Naked and Alone (Dean Winchester)

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warning: sort of smutty, violence and some curse words.

I promised myself I wasn’t going to keep doing this to myself, but here I was once again letting him kiss down my body.

“Dean.” I moaned putting my hands in his hair.

Dean Winchester was like a drug I just couldn’t quit. It ate me up inside.

“fuck.” Dean moaned taking my shirt off.

He traced his fingers over my anti-possession tattoo that looked similar to his.

“Dean please.” I begged tired of his teasing already.

Dean Winchester was the closest thing to love I’ve ever felt. When you hunt supernatural creatures for a living, it’s very dangerous to fall in love. Nobody would know that better than Sam Winchester, Dean’s little brother. He lost his true love Jessica to a demon and he hasn’t been the same ever since. Dean changed after that too. He used to hunt with me and spend his time with me and Bobby, but now were just strangers who meet up to screw around. 

“Dean oh god.” I moaned as he kissed down my neck.  

Our late night meetings were getting more frequent and I was starting to feel more than just lust for the man. Dean pulled down my black jeans leaving me exposed to him. I reached up pulling off his shirt. If I didn’t know any better I could’ve sworn Dean was sculpted by a bunch of angels. I kissed his neck and down his chest. Dean gripped me by the back of the neck bringing my face back up to his. In one swift motion Dean’s sweats and boxers were on the floor, and so was my thong.

“Dean.” I moaned again letting him slip inside of me.

Dean Winchester was the only man who had this effect over me. His thrusts were slow at first but quickened with every sound that I made. His moans were mixed with mine in a euphoric bliss. It didn’t take long for either of us to finish. Dean rolled off of me sitting up on the bed. There was a awkward silence. I turned my back to him, knowing he’d leave soon, like he always did.

“are you okay?” Dean asked standing up putting on his clothes.

“I’m fine.” I snapped.

Dean sat back down patting my back. He wasn’t a comforting guy so this was at least something from him. He got up again walking towards the door.

“i’ll see you soon.” Dean said walking out.

I pulled my hair screaming. I needed to let him go. I knew that, but I couldn’t force myself to. I knew that the same thing would happen, we’d each go on a hunt, we’d win, he’d call, and then I’d be right back where I am now, in some cheap motel naked and alone. I got up sliding my thong and pants back on.

“hello?” A person said knocking on my door.

I quickly threw my bra and sweater on before peering out of the hole in the door. It wasn’t anybody I recognized. I grabbed a blade from under my pillow stuffing it in the waist of my pants. I opened the door looking at the woman standing there. She had blue eyes and short blonde hair.

“can I help you?” I said keeping my one hand on my hip close to the blade.

“yeah my car broke down and your room was the closest. Do you have a phone I could barrow?” She said sweetly.

She didn’t look to be dangerous so I turned around to go get my cell phone. When I turned back she was in the room and the door was shut. My hand instinctively reached for the blade in my pants.

“I wouldn’t if I were you.” She threatened her eyes turning black as coal.

“What do you want?” I asked backing away from the demon.

“Meg, the names Meg and what do I want? That’s a great question y/n.” She started.

I gave her a confused look. How could she know my name? I’d never seen her before in my life.

“yeah that’s right, I know who you are. You can thank Mr. Winchester for that. I want them, the Winchesters. You’re going to help me get them. ” She said coming close to me.

She reached her hand in the waist of my pants pulling out the serrated blade.

“how am I going to do that?” I asked swallowing the lump in my throat.

“You’re going to scream.” She whispered.

Before I could register what happened, Meg plunged the blade in my shoulder causing me to let out a shriek of pain.

“that’s not loud enough.” Meg said grabbing the knife out and plunging it in my thigh this time.

I bit my tongue trying not to scream. I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction that she wanted. I could taste blood as I continued to bite my tongue, blocking out the shooting pain from my shoulder and leg. I tried to fight her off but she was winning. She ripped my shirt off staring at my anti-possession tattoo. While she was distracted I kicked her off of me crawling over to my bag on the floor. 

“were not done playing.” Meg screamed getting up.

I was close to my bag now. I grabbed it, taking out the vile of holy water I kept in there. Meg grabbed my legs bringing me back to the center of the room. I turned around quickly splashing her with the holy water.

“you bitch!” She screamed.

I took the opportunity to grab the knife by her feet.

“now I’m just going to kill you.” She said coming closer.

In one swift motion I slit her throat with the knife. She put her hand up to stop the bleeding.

“this isn’t over.” She choked out before disappearing.

I took a moment to register what had just happened. Sam and Dean were in trouble. I had to warn them. My head fought against me telling me I should just leave and let them handle it but my heart won out. I got up to walk when a shooting pain in my leg knocked me over. I crawled over to my cell phone dialing Dean’s number.

“come on pick up.” I screamed as the phone kept ringing.

It rang a few more times before he picked up.

“y/n what’s wrong?” Dean asked.

“Dean.” I breathed out.


and here I was again, laying naked and alone in a cheap motel. I told Dean about Meg and he helped me patch up my shoulder and leg. He told me that Meg wanted the colt. I knew the colt existed but I didn’t know that the Winchesters had possession of it. One thing led to another and here we were. This time it was different though. Dean was right in the next room, sleeping soundly next to Sam. I ran my hands through my hair letting out a frustrated sigh. We, actually Dean, decided that we should stick together since Meg came after me.

“y/n?” A voice said from the other side of the door.

This time I knew who the voice belonged too.

“come in.” I said pulling the duvet up to cover my still naked body.

Dean opened the door stepping in slightly.

“you okay?” He asked coming over and sitting on the bed.

“I’m fine.” I said playing with the duvet.

“you know you’re one badass hunter, but a terrible liar."  Dean said finally looking at me.

I took a deep breath trying to blink back the oncoming tears.

"you caught me." I said my voice shaking a little bit.

"look Meg can’t get to you without getting through me first." Dean said grabbing my hand in his.

"It’s not Meg.” I said keeping my voice low.

“than what is it?” Dean questioned.

I looked at his stone cold features.

“It’s you Dean, you’re my problem.” I said firmly.

He got off the bed and stared down at the floor. It was as if I just delivered a sucker punch to his large ego. I tried to see his face to register what he was thinking but he stayed looking at the floor.

“I don’t understand.” Dean said scratching the back of his neck.

He finally looked up and his face was contorted with a hurt look. I thought of the best way to explain myself without telling him how I felt about him.

“Dean I just feel used.” I said now being the one to look at the floor.

“Used? I don’t use you.” He said getting awfully defensive.

I got a little angry myself now.

“Dean, its the same thing every time. You and I go take a case and then when were done you call asking where I am. You always end up in my bed and I being the stupid girl I am always let you. Then you just leave and I’m left laying naked and alone thinking about how I need to stop letting you play with my feelings.” I screamed getting out of bed.

The duvet fell leaving me exposed in front of Dean. Dean was quiet just eyeing my body.

“Get out Dean.” I said shoving him towards the door.

He grabbed my arms bringing me to his chest. I tried to wiggle my way away from him but he was stronger. He kept me pressed to his chest. I looked up at him but he was already staring at me. He leaned down pressing his soft lips against my own.

“do you really want me to leave?” Dean asked pulling away his voice laced with lust.

I grabbed the back of his neck bringing his lips back down to mine. He picked me up carrying me back to the bed not once breaking the kiss.

“Dean” I moaned breaking the kiss.

Dean pulled off his t-shirt and jeans before attaching his lips to my neck.

That’s when I knew. I loved Dean Winchester, even if he always left me naked and alone, I knew I should stop but I could tell I wasn’t going to, at least not anytime soon.

Finding good homes for them has by far been the most difficult challenge I’ve ever had, but I get to wake up to the purest form of love from the sweetest bunch I could have ever hoped for. I could never thank baby Jesus enough for this

All I can do is pray none of these puppies suffer from karma meant for me.

Thank You, Hoya.

As I type this, I am admittedly an ugly mess. I woke up from a nap this evening & I saw an article that came out a few minutes beforehand about Hoya’s contract renewal, saying that he did not go through with it. Groggily, I clicked on it, not thinking much.

I sat wide awake as I read the sentence once, twice, over and over and my mind couldn’t even properly process it. Leaving?? Actually leaving???

Let me back up, as in, a few months before all this unfolded. Infinite was supposed to come back in May, as announced in their third fan-meeting and everything.  Sunggyu was having health issues and the comeback naturally got pushed back. Their 7th Anniversary eventually came around, but I kinda felt like it was a quiet celebration. There were a few SNS posts, but no annual live broadcast, apparently due to issues with gathering all the members in one place. (When they said this, I thought to myself, ‘This is their SEVENTH anniversary, but they can’t even get together just for that???’ *sad but also equally confused face*). Their contracts came to an end, but there was no official word of their next steps for quite a while. In the middle, we got a little announcement that discussions were still going on and that they were all headed in a positive direction. Weeks trickled past. It was rumored that all re-signed except for one member, supposedly L, but that was just a false report. Three excruciating months later, it is revealed that everyone but Hoya renewed their contract with Woollim Ent. And then the next day, they announced his departure from the company, and the group completely.

I honestly did not see it coming. Throughout these three anxiety-filled months, I kept preparing myself for the worst, which was presumably an official disbandment. But never in the slightest could I imagine a falling apart. A break up?? The loss of a piece that makes them whole? Not hiatus, not disbandment, not separate ways, but the genuine departure of a member. An entire member. I just……….. of all groups to ever pull this off (and we all know that plenty of 2nd gen. groups have been through this, GG, Teen Top, Beast, 2NE1, Apink, Girls’ Day, etc.) INFINITE was one to follow this….. “trend”. This wretched trail of pain that way too many groups have crossed several times.

Before I go into how I feel overall, I just want to make it clear that of course, I will still support Infinite as 6 members, and Hoya in his personal endeavors unconditionally, no matter what. I’ve literally been following them for over 6 frking years now, how could I just abandon any of them like that? No, lol, I’m in way too deep, y’all. So yes, I will never ever ever everrrrrrrrrr bash or disrespect their decisions in any way. I will, of course, wholeheartedly accept this with open arms because that is what true fans do. And if anything, considering that this is what we’ve come to after THREE entire months, doesn’t that just further prove to us how hard this probably was for the members, and staff, and just everyone else collectively? Clearly, a lot of thought went into this. This wasn’t impulsive. This is for the better, and I will fully respect that.

HOWEVER, I am, after all, a fking diehard Inspirit and these boys have literally defined my years as I’ve matured into an adult. They’ve been with me through thick and thin, and as I like to say, my “part-time lifeline”. Even though I almost basically despise current kpop (I will say this several times, but 2nd gen. kpop is dead & gone and that’s something I will mourn for a while), Infinite has always been there. They are my Day 1′s, and as time went on, even when I got extremely busy w/ junior & senior year of high school, I still tried my best to keep up with them, support them, and just honestly, thank them. For being there. Because even as all these years passed before my eyes, they were still here, ALL 7 of them, still occasionally coming back with music for fans, still being Infinite. Just being Infinite. And I was (and still am) so eternally thankful for that. I watched groups lose members, go on hiatuses, or completely fall apart left and right, but Infinite promised us time and time again that they would be there no matter what. I can’t say this enough, but seriously, from the bottom of my heart, when I had time to just reflect on the years, I was just so so so so overwhelmingly thankful for them. 

And so 1 member leaving was just……. it broke me to pieces. I was utterly, completely devastated. Because it was simply a reality I never saw coming. One I never wanted to believe in. I wanted to keep believing that they would continue on as seven for as long their hearts could desire, just as they’ve been doing for all these years. That they’d surpass Shinhwa, and be the longest-lasting boy group to exist, unchanged since debut. That they are family, brothers for life, that they would never separate in such a way. Not to say that they aren’t family anymore. But that their bond of trust would transcend any notions of breaking apart.

But really. It’s okay. Nothing lasts forever, and I know that very well. All good things must come to an end. And that is what I’ve had the most trouble dealing with ever since I read that sentence. This is the end of an era for the boys. This marks a new journey where nothing will be the same as it was before, for better or for worse, who knows yet. But we all have to say goodbye to the Infinite that existed before today. And that’s what’s really hard for me. That’s what has got me looking like an ugly sobbing mess for a good 8 hours today LOL. Because it’s really hard for me to say farewell so suddenly. But the storm will pass, with time.

And with that, I want to once again, thank Infinite, thank Hoya, thank the world for letting these boys shine brightly for the past 7 years, and to hopefully continue to shine even brighter for years to come. Thank you so much Hoya, for being such a pillar (—holy fck hold up, I never thought I’d be typing these words and now im a mess again, great) within Infinite.

Thank you for being the iconic dancing machine within Infinite.

Thank you for not only rapping impressively, but singing stunningly as well.

Thank you for venturing into the acting scene & pulling off amazing characters like in Reply 1997, Mask, My Lovely Girl, Radiant Office, and more.

Thank you for being a complete bora-dori.

Thank you for constantly expressing your passion for hip hop (remember when he talked about when he was younger, he even wished he was black??? AHAHAH good times :’)), whether it was through Infinite H, self-composed raps/songs, or your personal Youtube channel.

Thank you for gifting us with your iconic bitch face. (This might honeslty be the biggest thing I miss LOL jk jk ily hoya adjakfjlkf i cant rn)

Thank you for being a dork/dick half the time and always roasting the members without shame.

Thank you for yes, ddabong to u too times 5805925 LOL

Thank you for developing from that awk, Busan boy into a resilient Seoul man HAHAHHA proud of u tho

Thank you for your brows because we all know they were ur focal point ;)

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Thank you for also unleashing ur inner hoaegi sometimes

Thank you for sincerely being one of the most passionate members ever. I think I can safely say that no one put more energy and fervor into a performance than you did.

and just…

Thank you for being a part of Infinite for these past 7 years. At this very moment, I cannot imagine an Infinite without you. I will miss everything you have given us, and more than anything, thank you for working so hard.

사랑해 ❤

robindaspoopy  asked:

Okay but I have an idea. What if Red had a Tumblr, and this one anon, every single day, would send him a 'good morning! ^-^' to wake up to and a daily compliment. On anon. Every single day. They never accidentally turn off anon, or give any hints as to who they are, just endless positivity and adorableness. (*coughcoughtotallynotreallyselfindulgentthoughtsCOUGHCOUGH*)

Underfell Sans 

He stares at the message and gives a quick, smiley face reply  like he does every day. Red was never the touchy feeling type, so to him, a simple, “Thanks’ and a smile is enough. He eventually, grows fond of this particular anon, and he looks forward to seeing their messgae every day, though he wished he knew who they are. Red won’t actively seek them out, though he could easily do so with Alphys’s help. 

Until one day, he wakes up with a headache from a particularly bad night, groaning from the pounding in his skull. Red rolls over to his side and checks his notifications, seeing their  message pop up. 

Good morning! I think you’re really great and I hope that you have  nice day! 

His smile stretch wide and he rereads the message over and over, his heart pounding. That’s it, he’s going to for it, he gives the standard smiley face, then asks them to come off anon to talk to him. He’d love to get to know this anon more. 

@kellbellsparkles, was it you who requested Daddy Klance first meeting Ally, many moons ago? I can’t find the ask anymore. 

Anyways, I decided to draw and write some Daddy Klance for Father’s Day and thought I would hit that prompt up:

First Father’s Day

“It’s a girl!” The doctor proclaimed as he practically tossed the squalling new born on Allura’s stomach and rubbed it down hard until it began to scream in protest. He handed Lance the scissors to cut the cord.

Flanked on her right, Keith squeezed Allura’s hand as he watched the nurses whisk the child away to be weighed and measured with a look that somehow spoke both relief and terror.

With tears in his eyes, Lance kissed Allura on the forehead and whispered, “Thank-you so much. She is beautiful,” into her skin. He tasted the salt of her brow on his lips.

Allura leaned back and closed her eyes. The labour was done, but she doubted the hardest part was over. She carried their child inside her for 39 weeks, knowing it wasn’t hers, but she grew to love it as much as her own children regardless. She probably always would.

A round and smiling nurse made her way around the doctor at the end of the bed, with the infant, still screaming, wrapped tight in a pink blanket and advanced towards Keith assertively in a way that caused him to back up until the back of his knees hit the chair behind him and he took a seat.

“Congratulations, Daddies. Happy Father’s Day,” She said with a grin from ear to ear as she handed the baby to Keith.

A tiny, uncertain “Uhhhh,” escaped from Keith’s lips as he took the child in his arms.

The infant quieted and opened her eyes as if to inspect him. Keith held his breath.

“Breathe,” Lance directed as he placed his hand on Keith’s shoulder.

Keith didn’t notice when Lance crossed the room but relaxed a little at his husband’s touch.

“She has your eyes,” Lance commented as he ran his other hand over his new daughter’s, surprisingly thick for a newborn’s, dark hair.

“You must have had a lot of heartburn, Allura,” The round nurse noted.

“Not as bad as I did with my daughter,” Allura reflected. Her heart ached for her babies and she was looking forward to getting home to them. Not that she could call a 5 and a 2 year old babies anymore. She hoped that she reminded them that they were getting a cousin and not a sister or brother enough to balance out the questions of strangers over the past few months. It was going to feel weird not taking this baby home.

“We’ll never be able to thank-you enough for this, Allura,” Lance repeated again.

“I’ll never be able to thank-you enough for everything you did for me, so consider us even,” Allura smiled fondly at the gift she gave two of her best friends.

Lance watched as Keith offered the child his finger and she gripped it tight.

“We made this,” Keith declared in awe.

“We did a fine job,” the doctor chuckled, which under normal circumstances might have sounded off but since he did his magic to turn Lance’s stem cells into eggs, it was appropriate.

Everyone in the room played a hand in bringing the child into the world.

“Is it weird that I want to hold her closer and smell her?” Keith asked.

Lance laughed, “I think that’s normal, Keith. She is ours. Hold her as tight and smell her as much as you want to.”

Lance watched as Keith brought the baby to his shoulder and laid her against his chest. Lance wasn’t used to seeing Keith look so overwhelmed and for a fleeting moment worried that he pressured Keith into this. He was relieved when Keith closed his eyes, inhaled and let himself melt into the moment, then laughed at himself when he suddenly felt overcome with love himself. He felt the lump in his throat grow and bit his lip to hold the tears in but resistance was futile. He smiled wide as he wiped them away with the back of his hand.

Keith looked at him fondly and smiled too.

The baby began to fuss and the nurse brought over a small bottle to feed her.

Keith and Lance traded places so Lance could have his turn holding their daughter.

Lanced kissed her forehead as the child took the bottle.

“What are you going to name her?” The nurse asked.

“Ally Katherine Mclain-Kogane. Ally for Allura and Altea and Katherine for Pidge, two of the strongest women we know,” Lance replied proudly.

Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d meet somebody as perfect as you. Everything about you makes my heart leap out of my chest. My heart had been shattered beyond repair but when I met you, I felt as if I was never broken to begin with. I didn’t think I would ever fall for somebody again, but I have and let me tell you, I fell hard and unbelievably fast. Ever since we met, thoughts of you have consumed my mind. I find myself wondering what you’re doing without even realising that my mind has yet again wandered to you. When I catch myself doing so, my heart begins to beat rapidly and I can feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach. You’re so enchanting and darling, I hope I’ll always be under your spell. You’ve made me feel things that I never dreamed I could feel. When I speak with you, warmth spreads through my heart and a wave of happiness resonates within me. I long to be in the security of your arms and knowing me, I’d want to stay in them forever. My feelings for you are undeniable and with every day that passes without you knowing how I truly feel, the more unbearable it gets. You’ve made me happier than my words can express and for that, I can never thank you enough. You bring out the best in me and that, my love, is what made me realise how crazy I am for you. I’ve even began to have this unexplainable craving to be yours and for you to be mine. I constantly picture us together and the mere thought of it brings such joy to my heart. Everything about you makes me feel like I’m living in a fantasy. Your heavenly smile, your melodic voice, your angelic eyes, all of it is so captivating. I cannot explain how much I want to lie on your chest and hear your heart beating in sync with mine, to wake up next to you knowing I’m the luckiest woman ever, to cuddle with you and stay like that forever. I want to that person whom you cannot stop thinking about, that person whom you brag about to your friends, that person whom you love so dearly. I might be dreaming way too high but when it comes to you, I just cannot stop. I know that you may not feel as I do but that matters not to me. The only I care about is being with you, whether it’s as friend or as partners in crime. I cannot imagine my life without you being somewhere in it, and I hope I will never have to. I only ask that you consider giving me a chance to show you what we could be, to give you everything that I have, to love you like there’s no tomorrow, to show you the world hand in hand
—  Letters you’ll never receive #4 // S.T.

Cosmere Ladies | Antagonists 

“People are not born heroes or villains; they’re created by the people around them.”

“You saved their life,” the protagonist said.  “Why?”

“I’ll crush anyone who tries to fight me.” The antagonist came to a stop behind them. “They weren’t trying to fight me.”

The protagonist kept their eyes fixed on their sibling’s hospital bed. Battered, but alive. Set to make a full recovery when it could have gone very differently. “The attacker-”

“-Nothing you can prove in court. I don’t believe there’s enough left of their teeth to get so much as dental identification of the body.”

They looked around, to find the antagonist’s gaze resting on them. Quiet, measured. 

“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me, it was never supposed to happen. This is between us. No civilians, no collateral. Perhaps you’ll remind your people of that as well?”

They held out a hand to make it a deal.

Thoughts into a Reality (A Langst AU Mashup Fic)

Part 1: Part 2:

Part 3:

“Alright everyone, I know that this is a very difficult time for us now that Lance is gone, but we need to figure out what to do now that he is away. We need to find a temporary replacement until we get him back somehow.” Allura instructed. It had been a solid week since Lance had left Voltron. Tension filled the castle constantly as everyone took their time to cope with the loss of a friend.

“Why don’t you just take over piloting Blue again? You have experience flying her, you have a bond with her, it’s the quickest solution” Keith’s voice cut through the air. Everyone seemed to agree since she obviously had chemistry with piloting the lion. Allura pondered for a moment before she made her choice.

“We will see what Blue will allow. She has kept her barrier up since Lance left so we will see if she opens up for anyone and if she does, that’s who will pilot her. I don’t know if she will allow me to pilot her again.” She responded, standing from her seat. Everyone stood from their chairs and followed her as she made her way to Blues hangar. No one spoke as they made their way through the castle, it was too quiet for comfort, without Lance present to break the tension with some stupid joke that would annoy everyone but secretly they all enjoyed his humor.

Now standing in front of Blues barrier Allura held her hand up to it, seeing if she would open up to her. Nothing happened, Coran and Matt stood to the side, they understood why it wouldn’t open for her. She had been one of the team who had hurt Lance all this time. Paladin after paladin attempted to open her barrier but to no avail. The Lion sat, silent, responding to no one’s attempts to gain her trust. This was until Coran and Matt were told to try. Coran shoved Matt to try before him.

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Fanfiction - Promise

It has been a long time, so forgive me for the rustiness. This wee ficlet was born from the amazing Ben Howard song, Promise (thank you anon!), as well as from @bonnie-wee-swordsman‘s suggestion, The Luckiest, which guided me to the movie About Time. Thank you sweets, for the inspiration - here and always. Now on to the angst fic.


A gift. A curse.

It was meant to be both.

My mother had said as much in her letter, the one she wrote hoping I’d never read. “Time is a delicate thing, my darling.” She had penned. “Don’t use your ability with the ones you love the most, or risk finding them gone in the end, everything changed. They will forget you, even if you’ll still remember every second of what could have been.”

When I was old enough – the letter dutifully delivered by my uncle on my eighteenth birthday – I realized she didn’t follow her own advice. Grief is blinding – I would learn that too, at great personal cost.

My father was hit by a runaway car while crossing the road next to our house. It was one of those meaningless accidents, that claim our lives with the surety and brevity of a tired smile. My mother, unhinged by loss and love (too much, too deep), went back to try and prevent it from happening.

I know this because us, the ones kissed – slapped, really – by the gift of bending time, cannot be touched by its alterations. Our lives become forked, and even as we cheerfully go on living in a pathway, we still recall the alternative, the before. We have the sorrow of things lost embedded in the joy of things gained. We live endless lives inside our damned minds.

So I recalled my mother crying, the very life of her streaming down her eyes – and then the scariest part, once she stopped crying and only looked through the window. Deciding.

“The gift of traveling back in time has been in our family for generations.” She wrote, her handwriting fluid and graceful. “Only women, woken when they come of age. If you possess it, my dear Claire, you will be faced with some of the toughest choices possible. You will see evil and crave change. You will be tempted to correct every wrong done to you. You will know despair and joy and hope. I pray that you find plenty of happiness, using it as seldom as possible. Help strangers and see the world become better by your touch.”

She kissed me before she went, pale but decided. Her hair smelt of rosemary, warm hugs and mother.

In this timeline in which I grew up, my mother stopped my father from dying that evening. Instead, they died together the next day – Death waiting for them at the bottom of a ravine, their car overturned by ice and old tires. I lost my father twice, my mother once – I brutally learned you can’t fool time, when it comes for you.

The first time I travelled, I was nineteen. I stopped a girl from college, a freckled and gentle-eyed brunette, from crossing the park at night and getting assaulted. I remembered all too well the alternative, the shell she would become if I did nothing. Only when I didn’t have a choice – I only did it when I couldn’t change it in any other way and the outcome would be too dire. I prevented accidents, crimes and a few heartbreaks. But I never used my gift – my curse – with Jamie.

I never used it to relive our first night together, when I thought I was shattered by happiness, and everybody would see the breaks and the sun pouring out, miles and miles away; I never used it to avoid an argument, even when he walked away and there was the risk that he might never come back to me; I never used it to take back the “No” I said to him, the first time he asked me to marry him – because I had yet to tell him of my ability and could not deceive him in such a manner. I felt everything my mother wished me to experience – I cherished it all, the good and the bad, the sweet coated with the sour, the life we humans are meant to live as we’re slowly breaking apart.

But time robbed me. And I grieved.

I woke up screaming in the middle of the night, as I so often did those days. Or at least I thought I did, as my mouth was open, every tendon and vessel on my neck tensed into the point of snapping, gasping for air that had vanished. My heart raced towards a destiny forever lost, trying to escape me - the withering host. I rolled in bed, searching with the tips of my fingers. The sheets beside me were empty and cold – that, too, occurred all too often those days. He was gone.

I knew where he was – countless times I had cowardly peeked through the living room’s door, only to see him staring into the flames, bewitched. Like he could see omens there, the crackling of the logs reminiscent of a laughter he would never hear, but loved so dearly. My reaction was always to retreat, to hide away from his pain, because I felt I couldn’t bear it when I already had my own.

I padded to the door and saw him there, his broad naked chest covered by a soft plaid quilt, cream and blue. I could wail just from the sight of it.

Guilt wrecked me, consuming me bit by bit until there was nothing left. And in that torment I finally found words to speak, a kind of courage that wasn’t bravery at all.

“Jamie.” I rasped out. He startled slightly and looked at me, his blue eyes hooded in the firelight. “What are you doing here?”

“Ye should go back to bed, lass.” He seemed concerned by whatever he saw on my face. “I dinna mean to disturb yer sleep.”

“I will.” I hesitated but at last fully entered the room, watching my shadow dance on the wall. “Jamie,” I gulped, decided to push on. “Do you need me to go?”

“Ye need yer rest, Sassenach.” Jamie smiled a little, but his eyes didn’t catch the light. “Go on and I’ll be with ye presently.”

“No.” I looked away, my voice already trembling. “I mean – do you want me gone?” He straightened his shoulders, his head tilting to absorb my words. “You can’t bear looking at me, can you?”

“Don’t say that!” He snapped, his voice harsher than it would have been, months ago. Broken. “Why would ye say such a thing, Claire?”

“Every other night I wake up and find you gone from my side.” I swallowed hard, moistening my chapped lips. “You spend the night here and I don’t know what to say to you.” My eyes welled up, tears starting to stream down my face. “We barely talk or touch…and I- I…”

Jamie looked at me – really looked, like only he could – and curled a bit on the armchair he had been sitting on, sighing deeply. Resigned.

“It’s my shift.” He said softly, almost inaudibly.

“What?” I blurted, impatiently wiping away tears, as I moved to sit on the couch across from him.

“We agreed that we’d alternate on parent duties at night, so you could rest a little.” He looked away from me, pain enough in his eyes to tear me apart in a clean cut. “It was my night to be with Faith. I know she is…” Jamie closed his eyes, gripping his fists. “Gone. But I couldna leave her alone, ye ken? I thought I’d keep her company, wherever she is.”

“Jamie…” I reached for his hand, entwining his fingers with mine. He was cold as a marble statue, beautiful as one. He examined my fingers and his, as if searching for something that was supposed to be there, hidden inside our joined hands.

“I don’t know what to do with my hands anymore, Claire.” He confessed in a broken voice. “I was supposed to be holding her and I don’t know what to do with myself if I’m not.”

“I could go.” I proposed tentatively, nervously rubbing his knuckles with my fingertips. “I could travel back and save her, Jamie, I know I could…Our girl. I could save her. I could bring her back to us.”

“No!” He said with such intensity and fierceness that he almost scared me. His hands – big, loving, reassuring – came to rest on the sides of my arms. Holding me together. “Ye told me yerself years ago, mo ghraidh. There’s no controlling what could happen – ye might die in childbirth this time around, Claire. Ye almost did. Or ye could go further back than ye intended and we might never find each other. I canna risk losing ye.”

“It would be alright.” I babbled, desperately trying to convince him – to convince myself – that I could, indeed, take away the terror that had been offered to us, such a cruel replacement for the joy we had been promised. Faith, our stillborn daughter. The only reason I truly wished to go back in time and could not.

“Ye are my life, Claire.” Jamie said ardently, sliding from the chair to kneel in front of me. “I grieve because the loss is so great. Aye, my heart is tormented and sometimes I canna sleep – I dread dreaming of her, our bonny lass, redheaded and whole and alive. Those are the dreams I fear the most, because I’ll never see her so.” He bent his head, his forehead pressing against my knuckles. “You asked me if I couldna bear looking at you –,” I felt his tears against my skin, fresh and tingling. “That is the only thing I can bear. Ye give me hope, Sassenach – even when it’s just a wee flame, barely there. I wouldna risk ye, ever.”

I was sobbing in earnest by then, all things so clumsily contained finally finding a crack to escape control. Guilt. Sorrow. Love, for them both.

“Why should I have this – this thing,” I almost spat, as he held me in his arms and rocked me back and forth, attempting to comfort me. “If I can’t even save my own daughter?”

“Ye are meant to save lives, Sassenach.” He assured me, his voice husky, his hands gentle on my back and cheek. “Just not that one. Not that one. We are meant to live and lose, Claire. And know it was worth it.”

We stood there, spilling our sorrow into each other for what seemed like hours, finding relief in being so earnest, so raw.

“Promise me ye won’t go, mo ghraidh.” Jamie eventually pleaded, his lips brushing my hair again and again. “For there is an entire life ahead that only has meaning with ye in it. I love ye.”

“Yes.” I whispered, as he slowly carried me in his arms towards our bedroom. “Promise me we’ll talk of her whenever we need to. That you will wake me up to come and watch over her with you. And when you don’t know what to do with your hands – perhaps… you could hold me?”

“Aye.” He kissed my lips, soft and tender.

We laid down, facing each other, our eyes refusing to let go – we wouldn’t risk drifting away that night, parted even by sleep. And in his eyes I saw the first light of dawn, balmy and golden and pure, seeming to have come earlier than all the nights before, when darkness lingered in the curtains of our bedroom.

And we promised.

Picture Perfect

Summary: You’re hired to kiss Spider-man for the Daily Bugle’s next Spidey-centric article. 

Warnings: Falling, literally and figuratively, bad writing ‘cause I’m super out of practice. Hopefully Peter’s in character D:

Word count: 1500

A/N: I finally watched Homecoming and I love Peter so much, also any and all feedback is appreciated!!! Sorry I’ve been away so long guys, I’ve been trying to find the motivation and inspiration to come back to writing, and I think I have it now? Maybe? At any rate, please let me know how you like this!!! 

Taglist: @forthefandomss @themidnight-train @wingedslothbaby @waitingfortherightpartner @officialcaptain-marvel @hijikira @rotisserierogers @buchananbarnestrash ((hit me up if you wanna be added/removed!)

“You want me to what?” As an intern at the Daily Bugle, you imagined that the requests your boss would have for you extended about as far as the local Starbucks, but after his latest assignment you thought that maybe you had underestimated his expectations.

“Kiss Spider-man. In front of a camera. It’ll make a great article that’ll raise our celebrity section’s popularity.”

“I can’t just kiss a stranger, what if he’s like, 40? What if he has some weird contagious disease that gave him his powers but when I get it it kills me?”

“Stop overreacting Y/N, we know he’s around your age, hell you probably go to the same high school! And at any rate, isn’t it the dream of every senior to have a little romance with an Avenger? If I asked you to kiss Captain America I bet you’d jump at the chance.”

“But that’s different! Captain America doesn’t wear a mask, I know who he is when he’s not carrying around a shield.”

“I’ll double your pay for the next two weeks if you do it.” That one made you pause, you could really use that money to help your dad pay the bills, or at least buy something for dinner that wasn’t mac and cheese or noodle cups. And it’s not like a kiss means anything, anyways. You wouldn’t be marrying the guy.

“Fine, fine. I’ll kiss Spider-man for your tabloid section, you’re lucky I’m broke.”

You couldn’t believe you got talked into being bait. As if kissing a total stranger wasn’t bad enough, Mr. Jameson had staged an “accident” to which Spider-man was expected to save you from.

So here you were, standing on the roof of a 13 floor building, waiting for something explicitly disastrous to risk your life. Every little gust of wind had you jumping, anxiety wasn’t a strong enough word for the way your palms sweat and your heart thudded.

What if Spider-man didn’t even come to your rescue? And, not that you were ungrateful for all the good he’s done, but he was prone to little slipups, what if he missed catching you, or his webshooter glitched, or-

“Hi there!” The young, cheery voice you’d come to recognize as Spider-man’s rang in your ear. Unfortunately, in your already jittery state, you leapt back in surprise. Even more unfortunately, you were already at the edge of the roof, and the foot you had put all of your weight on was now cutting through air, along with the rest of your body.

It took a couple seconds for your brain to comprehend that you were falling to your (probably) imminent death, you screamed when it had.

“Woah! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you! Are you okay?” Spider-man had swooped in and wrapped an arm around your waist, holding you tight as he swung you to safety. Your heart was doing somersaults in your chest, hyped up on adrenaline and fear even after your feet were supported by the sidewalk cement. You had wrapped your arms around his neck when he caught you, and you refused to let go until you felt like you could breathe again, head tucked safely in the spot between his shoulder and neck. He felt like safety, and it was weird to admit but it felt like his arm was made to wrap around your waist like that, thumb rubbing comforting circles into your side until you could bear to pull away just enough to see the hydraulic eyes of his suit. You wondered briefly what colour his eyes were under the white fabric.

And maybe it was damsel-in-distress syndrome or something like that, but you actually wanted to kiss him once you realized he’d saved your life.

“Yeah. Yeah, I think I’m okay. Thank you,” You stammered, stomach not only knotting because of your near-death experience but at the thought of being in Spider-man’s arms and how right it felt.

“So what was a pretty girl like you doing on a roof like that?” Your face heated up, was he flirting? Did he know that sounded flirty? Your brain was too scrambled to deal with this right now.

“Would you believe me if I said I was waiting for you?” You’d managed to sound somewhat flirty and confident, sliding your hands from the back of his neck to his shoulders, finding the seam for his mask and running your fingers over it cautiously.

“I- wait- really?” You thought that you could get used to making Spider-man nervous enough to stumble over his words. For someone who’s face you’d never seen, he was pretty cute.

“Do you mind if I lift your mask? Just up to your nose.” You slipped your fingers underneath the fabric but his hands shot up to hold them at the base of his neck.

“W-what for?” You smiled softly, feeling his heart racing just as fast as yours.

“So I can thank you properly, silly.” He didn’t seem entirely convinced yet, so you tried again. “Have a little faith Spidey. Sure, you scared me off a really high roof and made me fear for my life, but you also saved me. Besides, I’m not the only one you’ve saved, I think I should thank you on their behalf as well.”

“Okay,” He let go of your hands, letting you slip his mask up to his nose and quickly admire the shape of his jaw and appreciate his lips as he expressed his confusion; “I don’t know why you need my mask off to say thank you though, I mean you already said it and-” You cut him off with your lips, one of your hands cupping his cheek to bring him closer while the other rested on his chest where you could feel his heart skip a beat. He made a small sound of surprise, which you found adorable.

Spider-man’s hands moved to your waist, pulling you even closer before he craned his neck down to make kissing you easier. You wondered if it was normal for every part of you to tingle under his touch, having thought that the whole ‘fireworks when you kiss’ cliche was an exaggeration. Maybe Spider-man was just a really really good kisser, and it was only natural that you would want to run your hand through his hair (if he had hair, you still didn’t know) and keep kissing him until you suffocated.

His lips chased after you when you finally pulled away, not really wanting to separate in the first place.

“Jesus you’re good at that.” You comment breathlessly, biting on your lip to keep you from kissing him again. He grinned proudly, like he didn’t know just how good he was at taking your breath away.

“Really? Well that’s a relief,” He laughed nervously. You wanted to tell him to knock it off because he made it really hard for you to think when he did that, but you couldn’t find the words.

“Like you didn’t know that already, I’m sure everyone you’ve kissed has told you the same thing.”

“You’re right, all one of you.” He joked, but his face was flushed like it was embarrassing to be great at kissing on your first time.

“Are you telling me I’m your first kiss? I’m Spider-man’s very first kiss?” You asked disbelievingly, watching a deeper red crawl up his neck and onto his cheeks.

“W-well I mean there was this one time in grade 2…” He trailed off, looking away from you bashfully. You hadn’t meant to burst out laughing, but you did anyways. Something about the way he lightly laughed with you made you think that maybe he found your laugh as cute as you found his.

“I’m honoured, Spider-man. And I wouldn’t mind being your second kiss, if you ever want one.” You smiled, kissing the corner of his mouth lightly before tugging his mask back over his lips.

“I think I might have to take you up on that offer.” He laughed and you grin back, feeling your heart swell at the boy in front of you. You wished you could see his eyes, to see if he was looking down at you with the same growing adoration that you were looking at him with.

“Well, you have people to save, don’t you? Don’t let me stop you from being a hero.” Even as you said it you didn’t really want him to go; you couldn’t even manage to take your hands off him. Instead, they slipped from his shoulders, down his arms and caught his hands loosely.

“Catch you later?” He gave your hands a light squeeze and you just knew he was smiling from under his mask.

“You’d better.” You laughed, watching him let go of your hands and swing away. You already missed the feel of his fingers but the fuzzy, warm feeling in your chest stayed that way as you started walking home, a grin pulling hard on your lips. Maybe you were starting to really like this Spider-man guy, and maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea.

But then you saw your coworker holding a camera in one hand and giving you a thumbs up with the other, and suddenly all you felt was guilt, eating away at your previously boundless happiness.