i could never tell if it was nuggets or tater tots


Eren tries to figure out why his daughter is skipping meals and he blames her new friends.

tw: implications of eating disorder

Parents don’t get to choose their children’s friends. Eren neverwould have picked Farlan Church of all people to be Isabel’s friend. Sure, he was smart and quiet, or at least reserved compared to his Izzy (the girl was a spitfire that’s for sure), but he was…not who Eren would have picked. And he definitely wouldn’t have picked Levi Ackerman. Chin length greasy hair and always wearing clothes that were 2-3 sizes too large for him, Eren didn’t want him around his Isabel. He wanted her with a good crowd. Girls who still dreamt about cartoon princess and had braces and—they were only thirteen damnit, why was she so interested in boys?

So when he got the call to come pick Isabel up from school, it was hard for him to not blame her new friends. He had prayed Isabel wouldn’t fall into a bad crowd like he had. This was karma for all the crap he put his own mother through, he knew it.

“Mr. Jaeger,” began the middle school principal Ms. Lenz. “We’re concerned about Isabel’s health. Her teachers in fifth and sixth period have said she seems sluggish and unfocused. Her grades are suffering. And then today in class she fainted—“

“Oh my god,” Eren leapt up looking for his daughter.

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