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The Women of Arrow

The following is basically my attempt at analysing some of the female characters of Arrow. The reason for this is that I am a male, aspiring writer, and I have spent a lot of time trying to improve my understanding of female characters in fiction and ultimatively improve my own writing of them. So this is a sort of exercise in understanding how another work of fiction deals with female characters, for good or bad. I’m putting it out because getting some insightful remarks or critique on my analysis and understanding would probably be helpful; and well, if I am going to write all this, might as well share it.

In part 1 I will be trying to analyse the characters as characters; if I mention Oliver and their romantic past, it is solely due to how that past has influenced the character presently. In other words, part 1 is a shipper-free zone. In part 2, however, I will be letting the shipper in me set sail and consider that aspect of the show. That’s not really anything to do with me trying to understand writing or characters, that’s just me speculating. So if you find the idea of me analysing characters boring, but would like to read a little ship analysis, you can jump down to part 2. If shipping makes you gag, don’t go beyond the great seal part 1 (sorry, saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade some weeks ago).

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