i could never get this to look right

I wish I could tell you that you’ll get used to it, Tobias muttered in disgust as he watched the former couple out of the corner of his eye. He could feel Shane’s demeanor change as well so he knew he wasn’t the only one who’d noticed. I keep thinking it’ll fucking stop but it never seems to.

What do you mean? Shane asked, looking down at his fidgeting hands.

You know exactly what I mean. Don’t act so naive, Tobias grumbled. We’re both sitting right here & they show us absolutely no respect while clinging to each other like that.

What do you think they’re whispering about? Shane cleared his throat, cautiously looking over at the older man. 

Fuck if I know, Tobias snorted. I don’t care but I don’t fucking like it. I’m married to Archer. Levi needs to get the fuck over it or go the hell away for good.


Trust me, the man let out a low, humorless laugh. I keep Archer more than happy at home, kid.

RP starters: Concern.
  • “It’s midnight, where the hell were you?!”
  • “Stop keeping your phone in silent, you got me worried!”
  • “Blood? Are you bleeding?”
  • “I don’t like the idea of you walking down the streets all alone.”
  • “I thought I would never see you again…”
  • “We should get you to hospital.”
  • “Where did all those bruises came from?”
  • “I have the right to be worried!”
  • “Have you been drinking? You look terrible.”
  • “Sleep at my place tonight.”
  • “I don’t feel safe letting you be alone when you’re in that shape.”
  • “Please talk to me about it.”
  • “Let me take care of you.”
  • “You need to rest now. Don’t move.”
  • “How many times have I told you to not go there?”
  • “You could’ve died, you know…”
  • “I don’t care if you don’t want my help, I’ll do it anyways.”
  • “You really need to stop drinking. I’m serious.”
  • “This time you got yourself into a hospital. I think that’s a sign.”
  • “Are you sure you’re okay?”
  • “You need to stop doing stupid shit like that or you will get yourself killed.”
  • “I’m your friend, of course I care!”
  • “You know I’m always here for you, right?”
  • “You’re not okay.”
  • “I’m just trying to help you.”
  • “Let me clean your wounds…”
  • “Why did you do it? Tell me.”

i’m always a slut for a christmas au 

  • “i know we hate each other but it’s christmas eve and your flight was cancelled please come inside”
  • “i got you for secret santa so i got you this really expensive but sentimental gift that you’ve always wanted, hoping you’ll never find out it’s from me - and that i’ve been in love with you 1234567 years”
  • “hi we’re neighbours and omg are you alright i could smell cooking burning - whoaaa now that’s just embarrassing? step aside i’ll handle this”
  • person a seducing person b into taking a few steps back/backing them against the wall (”oh look, how did that mistletoe get right there????”)
  • “you’re in the hospital for the holidays so i came in while you were sleeping to decorate your room i love you merry christmas”
  • “i live below you and i was minding my own business watching the snowfall out the window WHEN I SAW A BODY FALL ARE YOU REALLY PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NOW”
  • “we’re strictly ‘platonic’ but we’re snowed in omg we’re gonna have to repopulate the earth”
  • “i slipped on ice outside your house and you ran out barefoot to help me quick let’s get inside under a blanket”
  • “’it’s a wonderful life’ aww it sounds so cute babe sure we can watch it! *30 mins later* “YOU MONSTER”
  • “we were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring… at each other…”
  • TREE DECORATING (bonus points if one of them is doing it completely wrong omg why am i in love with you) 
  • “we took our kids to santa’s workshop and they both wished we would get together”
    FRIENDS AU - “our christmas party turned into a tropical theme because the radiator is broken and it’s hotter than hell in here - damn you look good without a shirt i never noticed before asgdhfjgkhl” 
  • “we’re co workers who hate each other but you had too much to drink at the staff christmas party and admitted your love for me i don’t know how to act around you now” 
  • DRUNKEN CAROLLING (”that’s not a thing” “oh yes it is”) 
  • TEACH ME HOW TO SKI (lol jk i know how you’re just so fucking cute)
  • “there’s a storm and omg i’m losing signal are you okay?? hold on let me drive 489432 miles to get you the night before christmas” 
  • “i did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face”

You couldn’t look at me.

I was right there, and you couldn’t look at me.

Maybe it killed you to see that I could smile without you, that I could laugh with someone who wasn’t you. Maybe you finally realized that I could breathe and live, and that I didn’t need you after all.

Because at some point I got tired of chasing, chasing someone who was never going to come around. I was a fool, going back and forth playing your stupid, little game. The difference between you and I though, I tried to get through to your heart - I cared, I loved, and you didn’t. You could’ve let me in, you should’ve let me in, you needed to let me in.

But you made a decision, and your decision wasn’t me.

—  c.f. // “game over”
TalesFromRetail: 100 Minutes: Yes, One Hundred

Today was a first for me; I discovered after work that I’d locked my keys in my car! However, I have AAA and told my co-workers to go home as I’d be perfectly safe inside the business.

I opted to leave the lights off as there was plenty of light from the shopping center outside, so I could see out without being seen myself and didn’t even feel alone as there were hordes of shoppers passing by the entire time.

The tow company had warned me it would be close to two hours before they could come unlock my car, so I settled in comfortably to browse Reddit, of course. But you and I both know that a retail worker can never get too contented, right? Dun dun DUN!

I’d been there for one hour and forty minutes past closing–yes, a full 100 minutes–when IT happened. A seemingly normal man appeared, but little did I know that inside his common-looking head lurked the brain of an idiot.

He approached our front door with the large sign stating CLOSED in giant letters right before his face. The lights were off, and the business looked empty of any staff. But what did this lummox do? Reached forward anyway to yank on the locked door. And when it failed to Open Sesame him into paradise? Why, he pulled on it for a good ten seconds, rattling it violently! Finally he stepped back in defeat, staring in disgust and disbelief, shaking his dull head at the notion of our bidness being closed 100 minutes after the closing time that we’ve had since we opened in 2003.

Meanwhile I cowered in the dark, aquiver with shock and shame, my faith in retail humanity (alas, an oxymoron!) simply shattered.

By: MrsTurtlebones

dragon age starters

feel most free to change pronouns ,  etc .

❝ it doesn’t matter that they won’t remember me. what matters is i helped. ❞
❝ bad things should happen to bad people. ❞
❝ i’m here to set things right. also ? to look dashing. that part’s less difficult. ❞
❝ planning has never been my strong suit . now, killing…killing & love-making. those i am better at. ❞
❝ oh ! we could get matching outfits ! ❞
❝ i’m not saying i should be your first pick for a dance partner at the ball , but in the deep roads , i’m your man / woman. ❞
❝ draw your weapon & say that again ! ❞
❝ we’re here to kill them all, yes ? for sport ? ❞
❝ you tend to get up to interesting things. you meet interesting people & then you kill them. ❞
❝ i never worry, darling. a leash can be pulled from either end. ❞
❝ it’s like you need permission to be alive. ❞
❝ has anyone told you what marvelous eyes you possess, my dear ? ❞
❝ have you ever licked a lamp post in winter ? ❞
❝ i’ll try not to hit anyone. ❞
❝ there you are. everyone’s been looking for you. ❞
❝ the last man standing gets final say on who is right or wrong. ❞
❝ i like my hair the way it is, thank you. ❞
❝ do you think about how to kill everyone you meet ? ❞
❝ are you… sassing me, ____? ❞
❝ yes, but she/you seems more… “ooh, pretty colors !” than “muahaha ! i am princess stabbity ! stab, kill, kill ! ❞
❝ congratulations ! you have found a wastebin . ❞
❝ what are you going to do with that sword ? ❞
❝ not listening ! la la-la la la ! ❞
❝ i saw you looking at the girl/boy in town earlier . ❞
❝ anyone wishing to accuse me of weakness is welcome to try. ❞
❝ …did you cut your own hair ? ❞
❝ ”one by one they follow, drowning in the sea”. the rest of the poem is sad.. ❞
❝ you aren’t all stone, ____. there is a person inside of you. ❞
❝ we crush the heads of rude women when we feel like it. just so you know. ❞
❝ protect what matters with everything you have, or you’ll have nothing, and deserve it. ❞
❝ i want you to know that what we had was real. ❞
❝ in the end you are always alone with your actions. ❞
❝ somebody’s been drinking. ❞
❝ let’s show them our hearts, and then show them theirs.. ❞
❝ do you feel that ? my magic-sensing nose is tingling. ❞
❝ well, shit. ❞
❝ you worry me, you know that ? ❞
❝ i’m cold. & it’s indoors. this is so wrong. ❞
❝ i saw what you were doing back there. ❞
❝ we will never speak of this again. ❞
❝ you’re a big softie ! ❞ 
❝ i’ve got just the thing to cure that pout. ❞
❝ eight, nine, now you die. ❞
❝ daughters never grow up. they remain six years old with pigtails & skinned knees forever. ❞
❝ i don’t need my pants, anyway. ❞
❝ smiles. we must be careful how we present ourselves. ❞
❝ be careful what you wish for. power is treacherous. i have seen many people–great leaders–consumed by it. ❞
❝ don’t touch me ! stay away ! ❞
❝ i think of him/you/her as much as he/you/she thinks at all. ❞
❝ i knew nothing of friendship before we met. ❞
❝ you can approve or not approve as you wish, but this is one thing you cannot influence and mold to your liking. ❞
❝ there you go, breaking my heart. ❞ 
❝ does anyone else feel the verge to vomit? ❞
❝ i…love you. just… wanted to tell you that. ❞
❝ let those who would destroy us step into the light. ❞
❝ it’s dangerous when too many men in the same armor think they’re right. ❞
❝ if you love a character, you give them pain, ruin their lives, make them suffer. maybe even throw in a heroic death. ❞
❝ i do quite like watching you leave. ❞
❝ send him a fruit basket. everyone loves those. ❞
❝ did i stutter ? ❞
❝ are you kidding ? i’m surprised you didn’t kill anyone just coming over here. ❞
❝ the world may want my time, but you have my heart ❞
❝ have you ever heard the saying ‘let sleeping abominations lie’?  now would be the time to consider it. ❞
❝ that sounded much better in my head . ❞
❝ i have an excellent sense of dramatic timing. & good hair.  ❞
❝ the air hurts. i have to stop. ❞
❝ challenge someone to arm-wrestle me. ❞
❝ so, you’re not like a lot of other girls/boys. ❞
❝ not long ago this was impossible to imagine. you, the man i love, victory close at hand. ❞
❝ how do you do that ? make everything better with a smile ? ❞
❝ it gets no easier. your struggles have only just begun. ❞
❝ there comes a time when you must stop running, when you turn & face the tiger.  ❞
❝ it’s family, you protect. doesn’t matter who it is, blood or not. ❞
❝ perhaps we should carve our names into the giant tree ? ❞
❝ hey ! that’s mine ! ❞
❝ our mistakes make us who we are. ❞
❝ fear makes men more dangerous than magic ever could. ❞
❝ don’t let anyone tell you when to move on. take their hand & say, “my choice". ❞
❝ words are easy, like the wind; faithful friends are hard to find. ❞
❝ shitballs. fuck. shit. crap. ❞
❝ living a lie … it festers inside you, like poison. ❞

nbc better be fucking careful with snl on saturday. i want the show to directly call themselves out for letting trump host last year and making this election look like a joke when it never was. snl has been a racist institution for so fucking long and they showed that when they allowed that white supremacist monster into their studio, ignoring the poc and women who would be uncomfortable with that. enough with this “we don’t get political” bullshit from them. i want them to say how awful trump is and not have it be a joke.

kate mckinnon, a lesbian, should not have to play hillary clinton and give her usual amazing, cheerful performance when her rights as an lgbt person could be taken away. none of the people of color in the cast should have to act like everything is fine and dandy because it’s fucking not. i want colin jost and michael che to go on a complete anti trump rant on update. i want pete davidson to call trump a racist rapist like he did on instagram. i want leslie, sasheer, melissa and kenan to tell him to go fuck himself on live television. i want the women to write one of their a+ songs, but this time have it be empowering about how trump can’t break us.

people go to snl for laughs and the only thing that would make so many of us happy this week would to see them spitting in amerikka’s face

Tours are a really lonely place for me. My self-esteem was shot. I was depressed, anxious. I started to have panic attacks right before getting onstage, or right after leaving the stage. Basically I felt I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t capable. I felt I wasn’t giving my fans anything, and they could see it—which, I think, was a complete distortion. I was so used to performing for kids. At concerts I used to make the entire crowd raise up their pinkies and make a pinky promise never to allow anybody to make them feel that they weren’t good enough. Suddenly I have kids smoking and drinking at my shows, people in their 20s, 30s, and I’m looking into their eyes, and I don’t know what to say. I couldn’t say, ‘Everybody, let’s pinky-promise that you’re beautiful!’ It doesn’t work that way, and I know it because I’m dealing with the same shit they’re dealing with. What I wanted to say is that life is so stressful, and I get the desire to just escape it. But I wasn’t figuring my own stuff out, so I felt I had no wisdom to share. And so maybe I thought everybody out there was thinking, This is a waste of time.
—  Selena Gomez

*Ravenclaw and Slytherin are studying for a potions test together. The Slytherin is helping the Ravenclaw who is struggling*

Ravenclaw: dammit I just can’t get it right. I’m never going to pass this exam. *pouts and crosses arms*
Slytherin: *looking at her adoringly* sometimes I forget how adorable you are.
Ravenclaw: Rude I’m adorable 24/7 how could you possibly forget?

I’m the girl who tries to be nice to everyone then gets taken advantage of. I’m the girl who tries to look pretty and it’s never good enough. I’m the girl who acts like she’s happy then goes home and wishes to be gone. I’m the girl who takes harsh words, acts like they’re nothing, then goes home and cries. I’m the girl who tries to get her point across and could never find the right words. I’m the girl who has more depth to her than everyone thinks. I’m the girl who hides from harsh eyes. I’m the girl who wouldn’t care if you gave me a shitty gift as long as you thought of me. I’m the girl who prays that someone will finally understand. I’m the girl who gets happy over the little things. I’m the girl that people misinterpret.

Lady Gaga  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Don’t look at me like that.”
  • “You were a perfect illusion.”
  • “I’ve had a little bit too much.”
  • “I don’t wanna think anymore.”
  • “Could we fix you if you broke?”
  • “I’ll follow you until you love me.”
  • “Wanna talk to her, she’s hot as hell.”
  • “I’ve never seen one like that before.”
  • “Boy, now get your paws right off me.”
  • “Enough is enough of this horse shit!”
  • “I want your ugly. I want your disease.”
  • “Don’t be scared. I’ve done this before.”
  • “I’ll get him hot, show him what I’ve got.”
  • “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.”
  • “You and me could write a bad romance.”
  • “Sorry I cannot hear you, I’m kinda busy…”
  • “Open up your heart and your mind to me.”
  • “You’ve left me speechless, so speechless.”
  • “But, I just can’t be with you like this anymore.”
  • “I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.”
  • “There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are.”
  • “Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun.”
  • “You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go.”
  • “We don’t care what people say, we know the truth.”
  • “And, baby, when it’s love, if it’s not rough it isn’t fun.”
  • “I can’t help myself… I’m addicted to a life of material.”   
  • “You know that I want you. And you know that I need you.”
  • “Don’t hide yourself in regret. Just love yourself and you’re set.”
  • “You should’ve made some plans with me. You knew that I was free.”
—  not still hanging on // lily rain
How they would react to their s/o being depressed

~shower you with compliments everyday
~tell you not to give a damn about everyone else
~would beat the livingg daylights out of anyone that dares to hurt you
~remind you every day how lucky he is to have you and how important you are to him
~every time you say bad things about yourself he’ll be like “what are you talking about, all I see is perfection” or something like “I wish you could see what I see everyday cause if you did all you’d see is an angel”

~would be confused at first beacuse he would never thought that someone as beautiful as you would hate themselves
~would no will try and comfort you the best he can
~cuddle and make out
~give you compliments about yourself every chance he gets
~he’s be extra possessive towards you
~will never stop looking at you like he’s looking at a masterpiece
~tell you stuff like “you know that you’re beautiful to me right?” and even like “trust me when I say you’re amazing”

~like leo he’d be confused as to why you feel this way
~would probably give you a scientific explanation telling you how amazing you are and saying that you shouldn’t feel this way
~being the adorable dork he is he’d say “I love you” shyly to you
~remind you every freakin mili seconds just hoe much he loves you
~he would spend more time with you
~would tell you cheesy pick up lines to cheer you up
~say stuff like “well technically speaking you have no logical reason to feel this way”

~he would immediately tightly embrace you
~tell you words of comfort
~kiss your face like a million times
~he’d say “aww, angelcakes you don’t need to feel this way you’re so pretty and amazing”
~after a while of him panicing he’d say “just know that no matter what I love you ok babe”
~he would really be there for you no matter what the problem

Face to face Friday!! This picture on the left was right when I started eating “healthy” and working out 3 or so day a week. I was at my heaviest and finally decided to do something about it. So from mid April to the end of August I lost 20 pounds.

The picture on the right is now. 5.5 months into keto. I’m now down a total of 62 pounds and I honestly thought I could never do it.

I’m RUNNING on the treadmill now and those who know me know I don’t run. I feel good when I look in the mirror and see myself getting smaller. I have a ways to go, but I’m not stopping. Yes my weight loss stalls and yes it is frustrating. But I know eventually the weight will drop again as long as I continue to do what I’ve been doing.

People are asking ME for advice. That’s crazy. I had no idea all I had to do was stop eating sugar and carbs to see results. Anyways if you have the willpower, you can do it :) 👍🏼💪🏼

I wrote some more. Because they were alone in that elevator shaft for a WHILE. I’m on a roll right now. 

Season 2 Voltron spoilers ahead, under a cut for length. 

They stopped halfway up the elevator shaft, chests heaving and backs slicked with sweat, and Keith tightened his grip on Lance’s elbows ever so slightly. “Look…we’re never going to get out of here if we keep fighting.”

Lance slumped against him, breath ragged, and nodded. “I know.”

“Do you have a problem with me?”

It was out before Keith could stop it, his internal struggle with all things Galra vanishing in place of confusion. He back tracked quickly, shaking his head. “Never mind, sorry, we should just-”


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I keep thinking about the snow scene, specifically Wolfgang’s face right after Kala says he does want to change. I could write essays about that face, and Max plays it so perfectly. It’s almost this haunted look, mixed with so much love for this woman in front him. My shitty screencap won’t do it justice but here

He’s staring straight at his soulmate here and god does he does want to change, he’s never wanted it more. He wants to change the violence that surrounds him, he wants to be free from the burdens of his criminal family and his past. And ofc, he wants to be with Kala more than anything (it’s CANON!!). 

That face also shows that he still thinks he’s a monster. He thinks he needs to change himself, but Kala knows he’s a good person. It’s more about making changes in his life and changing the way he sees himself. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but the face that he made there for a split second made me emotional.

I’m thinking about you right now and I wish you were laying next to me. I wish your hand was lazily draped over my waist and I wish I could feel your steady in and exhales in my ear. and I also wish I could go back to the first ever day that I met you and I wish I would have known to look out for that smile, that smile that would change the way I’d see lips forever. I now know that look you get, when you see something you really want and I wish I could have seen that look when you first saw me because oh from what you’ve told me I can easily picture you’re eyes glowing and your heart beating wildly out of your chest; heaven knows mine did.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 20
“We Could Get Married” (Wonho Fluff)

Originally posted by dhjung

Title: We Could Get Married

Featuring: Wonho (Monsta X) x Reader

POV: First person

Rating: PG

Summary: You and Wonho are coupled together on We Got Married, and being a fictional couple feels almost too right.

Requested by anon! 

Getting coupled with Wonho on this show was about the best outcome that I could get from this arrangement. I’d never met him before, but I was aware of who he was. I’d seen that devious smile on TV once or twice, and realized I wouldn’t mind playing house with him, even for TV.

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The signs as things Josh Ramsay said at my concert

Aries: “if you’re the front man of a band your job is to fucking talk”
Taurus: “i don’t know many things about anything really”
Gemini: “if you need advice on wearing leather pants or guys wearing makeup, I’m your fucking guy”
Cancer: “I want some alone time with you guys, I get jealous with those other assholes”
Leo: “I can only have so many fucking hand drawn pictures of myself before I start to look like an asshole”
Virgo: “as a performer sometimes we do this thing called acting maybe you’ve heard of it”
Capricorn: “I have never been at a concert and been like man I could really use a fucking omelet right now”
Sagittarius: “I break hearts not laws honey”
Scorpio: “man I could use some fucking alcohol right now, please don’t buy me drinks”
Libra: “this Canadian to American translation must be off”
Aquarius: *messes up the verses* “man you guys know my songs better than me why don’t you be the fucking lead singer”
Pieces: “it’s hot in here so I’m just gonna take my shirt off because I’m a fucking slut”

Parent Teacher Conference

Reader: 15

“I hate these. Why couldn’t we just go with normal clothes?” Dean whined, Getting out of Baby.

“It’s a Parent Teacher Conference. We need to look presentable” Sam fixed his button up sweater.

“I feel like a wrapped present. I look a like those rich dads who live in condos and work all day with family problems.”

“Dean shut it.”

You had been getting in trouble at school, And what best way to see what you’ve been upto than going to a teacher conference?”

“I always hated these a kid. Dad would always show up even though I would never tell him the date of these kind of thing” Dean walked inside the school.

“Well lucky us that teacher had to personally call us so we could go” Sam sighed, Looking around for your class.

“Right here” He walked inside the classroom,  All eyes on them.

“Dean! Sam! You’re here!” You ran toward them, Starting to pull them away. “Thanks for coming! Now time to go-”

“I suppose you’re her guardian?” One teacher spoke up, Looking at your brothers.

“Yes we are.” Dean spoke, Looking at the teachers. Not even hot ones.

“Good. Have a sweat”

“-And then she punched the boy in the jaw, Leaving him unconscious.” The principal stared at your older brothers, Waiting for a reaction.

“Well did he deserve it?” Dean suddenly asks.

“Excuse me?” The principal is appalled by his question.

“Dean!” Sam stares at his brother.

“I asked if he deserved it”

“I’m sure not-

“He began to make fun of me, telling me how much of a creep I was. He threw first. I just followed”

Dean’s face was a smirk, And he stood up.

“I think we’ve heard enough. Thank you for your time” Sam and Dean stood up, Walking out; You close behind them.

“Nice outfit Dean” You laugh, Walking out of the school.

“Don’t even start” he groans, Getting inside baby.