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The Arrangement (Part 14)

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Summary: Dean tries to cope with your breakup, and then gets a surprise visit from Crowley. Your friends take you out to try and cheer you up, but eventually you head home alone, only to find someone waiting for you.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: Language, alcohol consumption (like a lot) (this is not how to cope with feelings, friends), heartbreak, sadness, loneliness, desperation, suspense, cliff-hanger

A/N: Reminder… I love you guys a lot. Like so much. Don’t hate me, it’ll be okay!

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Eternal Love: Chapter 1

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Bts, Vampire AU!/Prince AU! Smut in upcoming Chapters. DOM Bts! Sub Reader! Daddy/Prince Kink! Overall Sexy!!! 

Being sold into an arranged marriage was the norm in every kingdom known to man. It was never meant for a man to simply love his wife. A “relationship” was merely a source to increase the population. A ridiculous agreement made centuries ago in order to keep a kingdom stronger than others.

Except… you never expected not only to be sold off to the most powerful household in the kingdom, but sold off to marry not one man… but seven. Whom also just so happen to be vampires.



“ (Y/N)… sweetheart” You heard your mother quietly sob as she moved a strand of your hair away from your face. “Sweetheart, I need you to wake up, we are going somewhere”.
You turned to look up at her, still half asleep, “Where are we going mother” you asked groggily.

 She just smiled, and squeezed your delicate hand, “ Just trust me puddin… it’s a lovely place “, she said before shoving a rag onto your airway. You looked at her with wide eyes, full of fear and sadness, you knew exactly what was happening. Only you wished it wasn’t happening .“ I’m so sorry” she said, giving you one last kiss to your forehead as you drifted off to sleep once more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Five Days Later) 

“Princess, Princess (Y/N)” a sweet voice whispered as the person lightly shook you to wake you up.

“Just five more minutes”, you whined turning to your side, earning a giggle from the lady trying to wake you up.

“ Princess, you’ve been asleep for five days, if you don’t wake up you might die from starvation” she urged on, lightly touching your shoulder.

Princess? Did she just call me princess? You opened your eyes slowly, looking to the side of a room you had not been familiar with. You sat up slowly, a slight headache approaching. 

“ How long have I been asleep?” You asked, rubbing your eyes.

” About five days princess” the woman replied in which you chuckled. “ Princess…” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “ Wait what?!?” You said as you fully opened your eyes.

 A stunning room shown before you. It was absolutely beautiful, a room build for a queen you thought. A room covered in gold: the ceiling had the most breathtaking scenery you’ve ever seen. A pattern of dark red with gold en-laced in the velvet color. The bed you rested on was practically the biggest bed you’ve ever seen, surrounded by see through drapes that mimicked the velvet/gold ceiling. Across from you was a large living room of some sort, where a table full of food and drinks awaited you. You looked at everything in awe.

“This must be my new home”, you whispered , a saddened yet excited tone in your voice. Completely forgetting about the stranger who was trying to wake you up.

“ Yes, this is your new home princess” she smiled, waiting for you to spare a glance over to her.

You then looked over at the woman who has been sitting by your side the entire time. She was absolutely beautiful, her blonde hair glistened due to the bright sun shining through the windows, her bright smile and blue eyes left you mesmerized, as it did to everyone else. You only gawked at her, envying her beauty.  In which she only giggled.

“ It’s very nice to meet you princess, I am Annabelle, your lady- in -waiting. I will assist you in your everyday activities and make sure everything is met to your needs”, she smiled brightly once again as she stood up and bowed.

You reacted right away, “ No no no no no, please there’s no need to bow”,you pleaded and giggled. 

She looked at you in confusion, in which you then responded, “ i’m actually quite scared with this whole situation” you admitted.

 She raised her eyebrow as if to say “ You don’t say”;  she could smell your fear the second your mother applied the ether to your face.

 “ It’s not every day an ordinary farm girl gets sold into a … royal family?” You asked more than stated. Annabelle nodding her head as if answering your question.

 “ It would really put me at ease if we just acted as close friends, being that I will probably be here for the rest of my life.” You looked at her with pleading eyes and a gentle smile. “ Please call me  (Y/N)… no princess or majesty.. Whatever you people call it.” You giggled uneasily.

She looked at you a bit longer, trying to figure out what was so special about an ordinary peasant such as yourself. As she examined you closer, without making you feel uneasy, you grasped a hold of her had, a small gasp leaving Annabel’s lips as an electric shock traveled through her body as she looked into your eyes. “ She’s the one” Annabelle thought to herself, a smile covering her face as a shiver traveled down her spine.

“ As you wish prin… (Y/N)” she said, receiving a hopeful smile from you.

As the two of you smiled at each other a loud rumble sounded from your stomach, causing Annabelle to slightly jump in surprise due to her intense vampire hearing.

“Oh my , you must be starving” she said, looking at you with a worried expression.

“Well sleeping for five days straight does make a girl parched”, you joked, earning a slight giggle from the two of you.

“Well come this way, the staff and I prepared all kinds of food for you to enjoy, after all, your gonna need all the strength you can get when you meet the prince’s”. she said slightly pulling you out of bed.

“Prince’s? There are more than one?” you asked more nervous than you already were to meet the prince… now prince’s.

“Don’t worry princ..(Y/N), you wont meet them all at once, that would be intense”, she giggled as you two reached the table, sitting you down in front of the table of food. “Enjoy the food”. she smiled waiting by the side of your chair. 

“Please, sit down and eat with me. After all, you did help make all of this and I would love to get to know you better through the power of food” you said, pulling a chair next to you. 

Being that vampires were able to also eat human food she smiled and sat next to you.

“ Are you sure (Y/N), I want you to eat as much as you want”. she said looking into your eyes for reassurance.

“Annabelle, there’s enough food here to feed the entire kingdom, please be my guest“ You said as you handed her a chicken leg along with your own.

She took the offering with a smile .

“To friendship” you said holding up your chicken leg. She looked at you and giggled, “To friendship”, she said as you two touched chicken legs.

“ She definitely is extraordinary… treat this one well brothers, she’s a prize to be won”, Annabelle thought to herself loud enough for her seven brothers to hear.

And hear they did


“ Our queen has awoken brothers”, Namjoon stated with a cheeky smirk as he looked outside his window.  The rest of his brothers looking his way.

“Hyung”, Jungkook spoke up, “ Do you feel that” he said gripping his chair, almost snapping the arm rest.

“Is that her?” , Jimin almost moaned at the feeling you ignited throughout the castle.

Namjoon turned to face his brothers, “ She’s the one “. Unwillingly revealing his fangs alongside his hyungs.

“ What is this feeling…?” Seokjin asked. The rest of the hyungs looking at namjoon for a response.

“It’s what father felt for mother… eternal love” he smirked as he licked his fangs.

( At The End Of Each Chapter I Will Upload Pictures Of The Clothes, Scenes, And Actions The Characters Display To Help Spark The Reader’s Imagination) :)

Authors Note! : Please let me know what you all think! I’m extremely excited to carry out this story and I would like to know what ideas you all have to make this story better! Please keep in mind that any and every suggestions made by you guys will appear throughout the story so keep an eye out :)


–  Planet Earth. This is where I was born. And this is where I died. For the first nineteen years of my life nothing happened. Nothing at all. Not ever. And then I met a man called The Doctor. A man who could change his face. And he took me away from home in his magical machine. He showed me the whole of time and space. I thought it would never end.

–  Because the thing is, it’s like my friend Vicky. She lived with this bloke – student housing, five of them all packed in. And this bloke was called Sean. And she loved him. She did. She completely adored him. Spent all day long talking about him ‘Cause he never looked at her twice. I mean he liked her. That was it. And she wasted years pining after him. Years of her life. ‘Cause while he was around she never looked at anyone else. And I told her, I always said to her, time and time again, I said, “Get out.” So this is me, getting out.

–  I just want you know there are worlds out there safe in the sky because of her. And there are people living in the light and singing songs of Donna Noble a thousand million light years away. They will never forget her. While she can never remember. But for one moment, one shining moment, she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe.

Invisible, Chapter Thirteen

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~1780

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*whispers* wayhaught pirates with the rest of the earp crew. also, nicole doesn't have to be pirate. she could be a naval officer who ends up falling for waverly. Happy ending though.

Nicole walked into the tavern growing more uneasy with every step. She had barely made it to shore before her body gave out. When she woke up, the sun was shining on her and she was on her back, warm, but in hostile territory. She took off her officer uniform and filled it with rocks, throwing it was deeply into the sea as she could.

Then she knocked out a drunken sailor that she figured she could share clothes with. She stripped him to his underwear and left him with his half empty bottle of rum in front of fire. Then she rinsed off his stink in the ocean and dressed in the wet clothes.

His gun was heavy strapped to her hip, but the sword felt right, about the same weight at her old one. She could see the bustle of a pirate town from her hiding spot near the small fire the naked pirate had built for himself. When she put her hand in his pocket she found a few reales she could use to get some information and maybe a drink or two.

So as most sailors did, Nicole headed to the tavern. Most taverns were home to the most information to be found anywhere. She settled on a small table near a window so she could keep a look outside. Her ship had gone down in a storm and she knew the chances of anyone surviving it were almost nothing. She may had used up all the ship’s luck making it to shore.

“Good morning,” an angelic voice pulled her attention back into the tavern.

“’Morning,” Nicole turned her head to see the barmaid standing at her table. She wanted to start asking questions, but she found her mouth wasn’t working anymore.

“Can I get you a drink?” the barmaid smiled at her. “You look like you need one.” She touched Nicole’s shoulder, then took her hand away. “You’re soaked.”

“My ship sank,” Nicole found her words. “I’m just her to find a way back home.”

“Oh,” Waverly put the mug she had been carrying down on an adjacent table. She sat down across from Nicole. “You poor thing.” She took Nicole’s hand and for a moment Nicole felt like she might faint.

She needed to eat. “Is there anywhere to get something to eat around here? I only have a few reales.”

The barmaid smiled again and Nicole felt her heart flutter. “I’ll get you something. You keep your gold.” She stood from the table and started to walk off.

“What’s your name?” Nicole asked.

The barmaid turned around with a quizzical look on her face. “Most people don’t ask that.”

Nicole smirked, finding herself again. “I’m not most people.”

Waverly smiled widely. She looked away from Nicole bashfully, then looked back. “Waverly.”

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and we meet again.

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genre: royal!au, romance, implied smut

word count: 2.8k

I believed that I had a led quite a normal life, you know, besides being a ‘princess’ but that was besides the point. My parents had hidden me from the spotlight; they saw how my brother suffered and didn’t want me to have to experience the same thing. People would throw themselves at him, left, right and centre; it looked ever so uncomfortable, he never leaves his home now, too scared to make a move and one move could be the end of his image.

I on the other hand lived as normally as possible, of course, once every now and then I had to dress up and act like the role I was assigned at birth but most days I was just me, a uni student, nothing special and I liked it that way. It was comfortable and safe.

“Hey, ___. Jimin’s throwing a party tomorrow, wanna come?” Hazel asked me as she threw off her unnecessarily big coat. “Yeah, I’ll come, if you don’t appear with that thing.” “What’s wrong with it?” she asked me, disbelief in her eyes, as if I had just killed her whole family. “It’s the middle of summer and you look like you’re ready to hibernate. Wear something a little less warm tomorrow, will you?” I joked as I hung the big coat up. “I will, I just wanted to feel fancy and royal on campus, you know like you on the weekend.” “Dude, I’m not royal on the weekend.” I laughed at her ridiculous comment, of course she know that I was royal, the two of us had grown up together, so she knew all of my secrets. She was shocked when I told her I was going to live with her in uni; she made this whole fuss, it was quite funny to watch her.

“Okay, sorry, your Highness.” she sarcastically called from the kitchen. “Make me a sandwich as well, will you?” “Your wish is my command, your Highness.” “Fuck you!” I said as I entered the kitchen to pour Hazel and myself some ice tea. “So, who’s going to the party?” I asked Hazel as she spread butter on the slice of bread. “Apparently, Jimin’s invited everyone and there’s someone he wants us to meet, I forgot his name but he’s quite chill apparently. A bit strange at times but a nice guy. That’s what I’ve heard anyway.” she told me as she put her finishing touches on the sandwiches. “I can’t wait to see who this mysterious guy is.” I joked as I took the cups into the living room and placed them on the coffee table. “If he’s hot, would you date him?” she asked as she placed my sandwich plate in front of me.

“You know I’m not looking to date.” I told her, before I took a bite out of her sandwich. “But what about a fling? You’ve had those, right?” she asked me. “I’ve not touched a soul.” I laughed as I switched the TV on. “You haven’t done anything, with anyone? Not even kiss? I thought you would have had some secret fling that you were keeping from me but you’re so honest with me that I know nothing’s happened.” she pouted as she flipped through the channels. “If he’s nice I guess I’d give him a shot, but not long term. You know what my parents are planning, I’ve agreed to it already.” I said as I rolled my eyes at the thought of marrying someone I didn’t know. “You trust them, right? They’ll hook you up with someone who’s good for you, he’ll treat you well and if he does lay a finger on you, he’ll catch these fists.” she joked as she pulled me into her body for an embrace.

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The Perfect Shot

Part Five

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Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: violence, swearing, angst

Summary: the reader has a bad time and it gets progressively worse ngl

A/N: I’m bad at summaries I apologise

Part One

It was not supposed to end like this: tied up in an abandoned building, dust stinging my eyes and something most definitely crawling up my leg. Wait, what’s that I see flushing itself down the toilet? Oh yeah, that would me my hopes and dreams for the future. Pretty sure they don’t accept corpses to college. A scholarship is no good to my dead ass. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to them. I knew Jughead Jones would do nothing but get me into trouble.

Yet here I am, wrists bound behind my back, about to be murdered by a biker gang.

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Birthday Blues

Hey babes! This is my contribution to the Harry birthday one shots. It’s going to be a little different to other birthday one shot’s you may have read, with plenty of angst, but of course with a VERY fluffy ending! PSA: this is not a part of my one shot series, and does include some explicit language! xxx

Y/N’s P.O.V.
The fighting started weeks ago. God knows why, it just did. At first, it was just bickering. I understood Harry was tired from work, and I’d been studying for exams a lot so the both of us were constantly exhausted. But to make matters worse, the two of us being so tired meant no sex, which meant no stress relief. So we kept bickering, going to bed without good night kisses and leaving in the morning without so much as a “good bye.” Until the real fights started. One day I got home late because I forgot to tell Harry I was working late, and when I came home at nearly 11 PM, he lost it. Then everything came out, and we haven’t gone more than a few days without a fight since. It exhausted me, but today was his birthday. I was going to make it so special for him, and put the past few weeks behind us. I woke up without Harry next to me, so I grabbed his present (a new journal) and wandered down stairs to find him fully dressed, looking like he was about to leave. “Going somewhere, birthday boy?” He looked up, startled. “Oh, hi. I’ve got meetings all morning then I’m going to lunch with Gem, so I won’t be home until later. Then the boys and I are going out for drinks tonight.” My stomach dropped as the cold tone of his voice washed over me. “Oh, okay. Well, here’s your present. Enjoy lunch with Gem. Happy birthday.” I tried to control the shaking of my voice, and walked back upstairs so he wouldn’t see me cry. An hour later, I woke up again and wandered downstairs to see his present completely untouched.

Harry’s P.O.V.
I wasn’t really going to lunch with Gemma. I was going with Kendall. I felt bad for lying to Y/N, I really did. But Kendall offered for my birthday and I knew Y/N would be mad at me, so I lied. As long as no one told her, I’d be fine. The morning dragged, and guilt started to set in. Y/N was supposed to be the love of my life and I was going behind her back. The meetings finally finished, and I hesitantly went to lunch with Kendall. All went smoothly, with no paparazzi, but I was anxious to get home to Y/N. I needed to put everything behind us. I pulled up to the house, and made my way inside. “You home, baby?” I called out, but the house was quiet. I walked around looking for her until I saw her outside, a cigarette in her hand, and her face all puffy like she’d been crying. I opened the back door and she glared at me. “How’s Kendall, Harry?” My stomach dropped. “W-who told you?” She took a drag of her cigarette. “Niall. Thought I should know you were going behind my back. Why’d you lie, Harry? You know I wouldn’t have minded if you had told me the truth.” Her voice was calmed, which scared me. “I just wasn’t sure how you’d react, given the past few weeks. I know I shouldn’t have lied. I’m so sorry.” “I was ready to forgive you, Harry. Forgive you for treating me like shit lately, but then you go and pull this shit! How fucking dare you!” She was yelling now, her voice dripping with venom. I was mad now, too. “Are you fucking kidding me, Y/N?! You’re the one who’s been moping around for weeks!” “Is Kendall going to be there tonight, Harry?! You gonna spend the night balls deep in her fucking pussy?!” I was raging now, and approached her, yelling in her face. “Maybe I fucking will, considering you haven’t given it up in weeks!” As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I fucked up. Bad. Y/N was shaking and tears were running down her cheeks. “No, no baby. Don’t cry. I’m so sorry, sweetheart.” I reached up to wipe her face, but she hit my hand away. “Get away from me, Harry. Get out. Now.” I nodded, not wanting to cause any further arguments, and left.

Y/N’s P.O.V.
I spent hours just crying and smoking. I only ever smoked cigarette’s when I was under a lot of stress, and now they at least soothed the pain. It was dark, and late so I made my way upstairs to shower and try to get some sleep. After tossing and turning for hours, I finally started dozing until my phone started ringing. Niall’s name came up on the screen and I answered, nerves starting to build in my stomach. “Niall? What’s going on?” “Y/N, you need to get down here and get Harry. He’s not in a good shape.” I sighed, rubbing my eyes. “Niall, I don’t care. I’m not ready to face him.” “He’s sobbing for you, Y/N. He needs you.” I sat up, getting out of bed. “Okay, I’ll be there soon. Make sure he doesn’t drink anymore.” “Thank you, Y/N. We’ll be outside.” With that I hung up, got dressed and made my way to the local pub. I pulled up to see Harry and Niall, standing outside, my 6ft tall boyfriend a sobbing mess. I got out the car, and Harry stumbled over to me, wrapping me in a huge bear hug. “Oh, my baby. I’m so fucking sorry I’m such a piece of shit. I would never cheat on you. I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry.” I rubbed his back. “Baby, we can talk about it in the morning, okay? We need to get you home.” He nodded and sniffled, letting me help him into the car. I waved goodbye and called out “thank you” to Niall, and drove home. Harry was still a mess, but I managed to get him upstairs and into bed, where he fell asleep almost instantly. I curled up beside him, and quickly fell asleep, too.

I woke up, my head pounding and stomach churning. I got up and ran into the bathroom, vomiting into the toilet. After a while, I groaned and stumbled downstairs to find Y/N pottering in the kitchen. The sight of her wearing only a pair of knickers and one of my t-shirts with her hair in a floppy bun warmed my heart. She turned around, a small smile on her face. “Morning. I made some peppermint tea to help your tummy.” I picked up the tea and sipped on it. “Thanks, love. Now, about last night.” She shook her head at me. “Drink your tea. Then we can talk about it.” I nodded and sat down beside her at the table. “Did you sleep okay last night?” She rubbed my shoulder gently and whispered, her voice cracking. “Only after you got home.” I put my tea down and took Y/N into my arms. “Oh, my sweet girl. I’m so, so sorry.” She sobbed hard into my chest. “You can’t say stuff like that to me, Harry. You almost killed me.” I held her tighter. “Sweetheart, stop cryin’, please. You’re breakin’ my heart.  I know I’m a terrible boyfriend, and you deserve so much better, especially with how I’ve been treatin’ ya lately. But you mean the world to me, and I don’t think I could function without you.” I cupped her face so she’d look at me. “You’re the love of my life baby, and I am going to marry you one day.” Tears were still running down her face, but she smiled at me. “Really? You wanna get married?” I kissed her lips gently. “There’s no one else I want to spend my life with.”

After I showered, Y/N made the two of us breakfast and we spent the whole day watching movies. After we finished watching If I Stay, Y/N stood up and walked to the counter and picked up my present I’d left there yesterday morning and brought over to me. “I know it’s not much but-” I cut her off with a kiss. “Sweetheart, stop. Whatever it is, is perfect.” I unwrapped the paper, carefully, revealing the journal. My breath caught in my throat. Y/N never failed to amaze me. It was a beautiful, leather bound journal with thick paper. “Baby, I love it. I truly love it. Thank you so much.” She leaned in and kissed me sweetly. “You’re welcome.”

Even though my hang over was terrible, Y/N and I had sweet, lazy, intimate sex and were laying in bed. All was quiet until Y/N whispered “Harry?” I kissed the top of her head. “Yes, my sweet girl?” She looked up at me, her big eyes full of love. “Happy birthday, baby.”

Happy 23rd birthday to the love of my life. Happy reading, honeys. Please reblog! xxx

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Honestly my reaction to this prompt was pretty much as follows:
*Reads prompt*
*Deep inhale*

That being said I don’t think any Bumbleby proposal could be better writing than the one in The Downward Spiral by @studiogible2016


Blake watched as Yang stood, clearing her throat and unfolding the crumpled piece of paper in her hands. “So I’ve never been one for speeches,” she began, “I almost improvised this, but my wonderful girlfriend convinced me to come prepared.” She paused to shoot a wink at Blake, who did her very best not to blush. “Anyways,” Yang took a deep breath. Blake couldn’t help but notice that her hands were shaking.

But when Yang spoke again, her voice was clear and strong.“We’ve all been through a lot. Everyone here has lost so much. We have had so many reasons to break down and give up. I…very nearly did.” At this, her metal hand curled into a fist and her eyes went dull. Then she shook her head and turned to look at Ruby, and her whole face lit up. “But Ruby–my beautiful, amazing baby sister–you didn’t! You fought, and you kept fighting even when nobody else would. You have always been the light of my life. I know if mom were here, she’d be proud.” Both sisters were crying now, and Blake realized that she was too. Yang looked positively radiant as she spoke, and with each word Blake found herself falling a little more in love. “And now you have someone else to share that light of yours with, and I could not be happier. I’m so glad you found Weiss and she found you. I hope… I hope you guys are happy. You deserve it. I love you, Rubes.” With a small sob, Ruby leapt from her chair to wrap Yang in a tight embrace. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

They eventually broke apart, and Yang made her way back to her seat by Blake, wiping at her red, puffy eyes.

Blake beamed, reaching out to take her hand. “Yang, that was beautiful.”

“R-really? I thought it might have been too sappy or something. Like I said–speeches aren’t really my thing.”

“No way.” Blake leaned in to plant a kiss on Yang’s forehead. “It was wonderful. You were wonderful.”

Yang smiled, looking over her shoulder at Ruby and Weiss, who were looking at one another like nobody else in the room was there. “Thanks. I just-look at them. They’re so grown-up and happy. I can’t– I think–” Yang’s voice broke and she let out a frustrated huff. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to get so emotional.”

Blake reached up to wipe the tears off of Yang’s face. “It’s okay. Do you need some air?”

Yang nodded. “That would be nice.”

The two of them stood and slipped quietly out the doors and into the garden outside. Blake spotted a bench and led Yang over to it. For a while they sat in silence while Yang composed herself.

Even in the state she was in, Yang was the most beautiful thing Blake had ever laid eyes on. But it wasn’t her hair, or her stunning lilac eyes, or the golden dress that suited her perfectly that Blake saw. It was…it was Yang. Yang, who loved her sister more than anything in the world, Yang who took care of everyone before herself. Just…Yang.

“Will you marry me?” The words were out of Blake’s mouth before she knew what she was saying.

Yang stiffened, turning to stare at Blake. Blake stared back. What should she say? Should she take it back? Apologize? Wait?

“You–you want to get married?” Yang asked at last. Blake couldn’t read her expression, didn’t know if Yang wanted her answer to be yes or no.

And what did she want for herself? Marriage hadn’t been something she’d thought about or planned but… “Yes.” What she wanted was Yang, now and forever.

There was a long pause, and Blake thought the tension was going to kill her before Yang exclaimed “Yes! Oum, Yes, Blake I’ll marry you!”

Blake gave a cry of delight and pulled Yang into a deep, long kiss.

“Dammit, Blake.” Yang sniffed as they finally pulled apart. “You made me cry again.”

Blake just grinned. “I love you Yang.”
I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

Jeff Atkins #2

So this is an imagine I wanted to write ever since I found the song “I want you here” by Plumb.
This is a really sad one and I cried while writing it.

Italic: Past
Normal. Present
Black: Songtext

An ache
So deep
That I
Can hardly breathe
This pain
Can’t be imagined
Will it ever heal?

It’s been one week since the accident that shook up my whole word.
One week since I wasn’t able to get out my bed, let alone talk.
One week since the love of my life died because he went on a beer run for a stupid party.

But today I have to get up because it’s his funeral.
It still sounds surreal that I am about to go to the funeral of my boyfriend.
It still FEELS surreal to think about him being dead.
Every day ever since I wake up, hoping he would have texted me like he used to.

People around me tried to be there for me but I just pushed them away.
What kind of sense does it make now anyway?
Jeff is dead.

Your hand
So small
Held a strand of my hair
So strong
All I could do
Was keep believing
Was that enough?

It was a normal wednesday afternoon Jeff and I spend together.
We were both busy with homework.
Me, reading a paper for communication class and him, writing a paper for english history.

Both of our legs were tangled and I couldn’t help but smile.
It was perfect.
“What are you thinking about?”, he suddenly looks over to me and I look up from my paper while turning my head.

Nothing, really. It’s silly.”
“Come on princess, tell me.”, he said with a soft smile and wiped some hair out of my face.
“I just..I love you. So much it hurts sometimes.”, I sigh and his smile gets brighter before he leans over to me and places a soft kiss on my lips.
“I love you too. I do. More than you know.”

Is anyone there?

As were a standing in front of his grave I can see almost the whole school gathering around it.
It doesn’t really surprise me, Jeff was one of the most popular kids at school.
Kind. Happy. And always looking out for his friends.
But he was so much more than that for me.
He was the most amazing guy I have ever met and thinking about the fact that I’ll never see him again makes my heart break again.
No one seems to notice but I can feel my eyes filling with tears all over again.

I wanna scream
Is this a dream?
How could this happen
Happen to me?
This isn’t fair
This nightmare
This kind of torture
I just can’t bear
I want you here
I want you here

One hour later almost everyone is gone, except for me.
Jeff’s and my parents decided to give me some time alone with him and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Tears stream down my face as I sit down in front of it and look at all the flowers and condolences written on it.
The thought of everyone missing him made me smile a bit because it means he had an impact on their lifes.
They cared about him.
But still, for me this a living nightmare.
“I don’t know what to say, Jeff. Everyone’s trying to be supportive but I just can’t stand seeing them. Every day I wake up and hope for you to be there.”, I sob and wipe away the tears from my face.

“I have no idea if heaven really exists but I just want you to know that I will love you forever. I promise.”

I waited so long
For you to come
Then you were here
And now you’re gone
I was not prepared
For you to leave me
Oh this is misery

The first time I’ve met Jeff Atkins he had no idea who I was nor that he was about to fall for me within a week.

I was on a quick run to Rosies to get a milkshake when I bumped into someone and spilled my shake all over him.
“Holy shit, I am so sorry.”, I started apologizing before I looked up and into the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.
They were pure and honest and I fell for them immediately.

“It’s okay. Really. I’m Jeff, by the way.”, he laughed and I nod while wiping some hair out of my face.
“Y/N. And once again, I am very sorry.”, you smiled but he shook his head before he pointed at one of the free tables.
“One more milkshake without spilling this time?”, he grins and I nod before he orders two more milkshakes.
As we sit down he looks over to me and his smile grows brighter.

Nothing, you’re just nice to look at.”

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Missed//Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Reader.


Originally posted by zeynep1905

Your throat felt as if it would explode from the pressure. You wanted nothing more than to claw it open, to do something to help you breathe. Your nose burned, it reminded of you of the summers with Stiles. The ones where you stayed at the town pool open to close. You felt like every part of your body had filled with water. That’s when you gave up.

You died. It was that simple. Stiles begged Scott to bite you, in hopes that it wasn’t too late. He hoped you could pull through with whatever strength a bite could give you. He was right to ask Scott because here you lie in a hospital bed. You’ve been stuck in a coma for about a week and a half. There’s been no positive improvement. That was, of course, until you woke up.

The bright lights hit you as your eyes slowly opened. You winced and squeezed them shut. You open one eye, trying to see where you are. You spot Stiles asleep in the chair beside your bed.

“Stiles?” You rub your eyes before sitting up.

“Stiles?” You reach over and nudge him.

He sits up and looks at you, half-asleep still.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” His eyes jolt open, “Y/N? I’m going to go get a doctor. Stay here, okay?”

“I don’t know where else I’d go, but okay.”

He jogs down the hallway and you look around the sanitized room. Bits and pieces flooded your head as you slowly remembered the night you died. You’re just about to go crazy from curiosity when Stiles returns with a nurse.

They do a full work-up before deciding to keep you overnight. Stiles stays by your side the whole time.

“You were in a coma.” He simply states.

“Um…what?” You look over at him, “For how long?”

He looks at the date on his phone. “A week and a half? Almost two.”

“Jesus…what’d I miss?”

He purses his lips, “Nothing. A couple good memes but that’s about it.”

You grin, “I was in a coma and all you can tell me is that I missed good memes?”

He shrugs, a goofy smile on his face. “I don’t know what else you expect from me.”

You laugh, “Honestly, me either.” You turn into your side and look at him. “Why didn’t I die? I know I was supposed to.”

He leans forward, like the question pained him. “I…don’t be mad at me. I told Scott you bite you, so you might be a werewolf?”

“What? Stiles!”

“Y/N, you were dead! You had no pulse.”

You sigh, “Okay fine, I’ll worry about that later.”

“We were supposed to meet at the lake. We were going to hang out. I got there a bit late but your car wasn’t there. I called and texted you, but..” He stopped talking, his eyes flicked up to yours and he had tears swelling. “I saw you floating. You were face down…Y/N, when I tell you this…don’t be weirded out. But, my heart broke. I thought I’d lost you forever, and to be totally honest with you, I don’t think I’d ever even look at another girl if I’d lost you. You’re mine, I know we aren’t dating or anything, but you’re mine. I just..” He sighs and turns out the window.

You reach over and touch his hand, “Stiles, I’m okay. I’m okay thanks to you.”

“Yeah, you’re okay now..I thought I’d lost the love of my life. I was numb. I’ve slept here every night, but it was painful to see you.”

“The love of your life?” You smile.

He groans softly, “I just said that, didn’t I?”

You smile in response, his cheeks tinted rose. You pat the bed and he gets up and lies beside you. He wraps his arms around you and you turn to face him.

“Y/N, you died.”

You look up into his eyes, “I know. I know I did.”

He pushed your hair from your face, “Y/N?”

“What, Stiles?”

“You are the love of my life. I know that it’s a lot right now, considering the whole dead thing…but you are. I hope that we can talk about that after you’re discharged.”

“I…what about Lydia?”

“What about her?”

“I thought she was the love of your life.”

“She’s…great, y'know. She’s a good friend. I had a crush, that was it. I never really felt like it could go anywhere. I was never in love with her.”

“And you’re in love with me?” You smile.

“Yeah. I’m in love with you.”

“Sorry, I just wanted to hear it again.”

He chuckles, “So…sorry if that’s weird.”

“Nope. Not weird. What’s weird is that I kinda love you too?”

He smiles, “Kinda?”

“Well, see, it was a gradual thing. I didn’t really realize it until I had come to the conclusion that the reason that I hated Lydia was because I was in love with you.”

“You hated Lydia?” He raises an eyebrow.

“For like a week.” You shrug.

“You’re best friends.”

“Yeah, now.”

“So, why wasn’t this discussed a long time ago?”

“Because when it comes to things like this we’re both extremely non-confrontational. I didn’t want to say anything because of Lydia.”

He smiles, gazing into your eyes, “I didn’t want to lose you, but when I thought about the fact that I could lose you anyway…I mean, who cares right?”



You lean up and kiss him, the shock on his face making you laugh.

“Let’s retry that one.” Stiles says lowly and you smile as he leans in. He kisses you gently, like this is something he’s been waiting to do. He knew what he was doing, it felt right. You knew this was a good thing, and this was just the start.

Us, Plus Two

BTS; Yoongi/Suga

Genre: Fluffyfluffflufffff | Barely smut | Parent! Yoongi

Word count: 1.7k

Description: You and Yoongi sharing a moment, relishing in the glow of your growing family when your daughter has a nightmare, and Yoongi has to take care of those pesky monsters.

A/N: I was having major parent Yoongi feels today so I wrote this little drabble to get them out. I like crying over Yoongi as a father. I hope you do too.

Originally posted by yoongijae

Yoongi plopped down on the bed next to you and sighed. He had just gotten home from work, earlier than normal, but still kind of late.

“So how’s my momma and little Jiwoon?” he smiled widely before kissing your forehead then rubbing his hand over your seven month pregnant belly. You blushed at his light touches then grasped his neck and pulled him down to your lips to which he gladly returned a kiss.

“A little tired today daddy, but we are fine,” you smiled warmly at him as he stared lovingly down at you and ran his thumb gently over your stomach. He kissed your nose then got up to go to the adjacent bathroom to wash up for bed.

He came back in his basketball shorts and a t-shirt, climbing into bed with you and pulling the comforter up over him before snuggling into the soft mattress with you as he lay his arm just above the bump on your middle.

“How was my princess today? I hate not being able to see her before she goes to bed,” he pouted out his lower lip slightly. He always wanted you to keep her up if he wasn’t home before her bedtime, but you just looked at him sternly and he knew it was better that she slept.

“She was good today. I think we are finally past that terrible threes age,” you sighed in relief. “Her birthday is coming up in a month.”

“I know,” he looked over at you with a smug look on his face. “How could I forget my little girl’s birthday?”

“I was just reminding you, Yoongi. I know how busy you get at work and sometimes you forget—“

“I would never forget the best day of my life, baby,” he cut you off before pulling himself closer to you and kissing your temple and you felt butterflies fill your stomach— that wasn’t the growing baby— and your heart thump a little faster in your chest. “I just can’t believe it has been four years since she was born. It seems like just yesterday I was giving her, her first bath—she screamed the whole time—and hearing her first word—appa—”

“Well, in two months or less you will be able to do it all again,” you smiled over at him and ran your fingers lightly over his jaw. “I can’t believe it really. This pregnancy has just gone by so fast.”

“I know, it feels like we were just finding out that we were adding this little future rap-god to our family,” you chuckled and slapped his chest lightly. He laughed with you, his smile stretching up to his eyes.

“You do realize that Eungi talks faster than you now, right? I think she is gonna be our little rap-god,” you rolled over to face him and he wrapped his arm around your shoulder to pull you into his chest as he felt your swollen belly barely touch him before he placed his large hand flat on the skin under your shirt. “I think she gets more of your sass everyday. If she is anything more like you, we are gonna have our hands full, you know that?”

“You’re right, and this little guy is gonna be our star basketball player,” Yoongi chuckled lowly in his throat as he thought about it. “I love you so much. I’m so glad we are completing our little family with this little guy here,” his thumb swiped over your soft skin and your hand reached up to cup his face and his eyes flicked up to yours before moving forward to capture your lips with his. His lips moved gently over yours as his hand slid to your lower back and pulled you as close to him as he could before your belly was flush against his.

You whispered against his lips, “I love you too,” you pushed your lips back against his and threaded your fingers through his hair, squeezing tightly to the locks as he kissed you with passion laced intentions. He finally pulled away with a few light pecks to your lips, leaving you wanting more and both of your heavy breaths fanned each others faces as you both smiled with swollen lips at one another. Yoongi moved so he was propped up on his elbow and slid his thigh between yours and you whimpered as it brushed your core.

“Yoongi,” his name barely left your lips as he leaned over you again and pressed his finger to your lips before cupping your face and pecking your lips and down your jaw as his leg moved slightly and you bit down on your bottom lip to try and keep your sounds at bay. He moved down and sucked on your neck as his thigh grinded against your sensitive core, pressing harder with each movement.

“Oh god…” You whimpered as you felt his hot breaths against the wetness of your skin where his mouth was and his erection getting harder against your thigh. Your leg moved up so you could brush against him and he groaned lowly in his throat.

Yoongi suddenly stopped his movements and looked over his shoulder quickly.

“Eomma… Appa…”

Oh shit,’ You thought as you still held Yoongi’s shirt, and he had moved slightly to face more toward the bedroom door to see the sniffling little girl in the doorway, her pale skin shining under the moonlight, just like Yoongi’s as she held the arm of the white bunny she never let go of—that Jungkook gave her for her second birthday.

“Oh baby, what happened?” you cooed at the toddler as Yoongi moved to sit up next to you, then slid achingly off the bed, making his way over to the door.

“I had a bad dream,” the child whined as a tear fell down her delicate cheekbones that resembled yours and her bottom lip quivered that was most definitely his. Yoongi made it over to her just in time to crouch down and catch the tear with his finger before scooping her up in his arms. “Appa, there’s monsters in my room.”

“There are?” Yoongi questioned dramatically as he peaked over his shoulder to see you moving to get out of bed before he protested by shaking his hand in the air. “Daddy is gonna make sure all those monsters are gone so you can sleep, princess.” He turned to you, “I’ll be right back babe.”

You nodded your head and slid back to your spot on the bed as the two disappeared into the dark hallway.

Yoongi’s feet padded along the hardwood floors down to the little yellow room just three doors down from the master bedroom. He passed the threshold into the room and stepped over toys that were scattered over the floor before setting Eungi on the bed and tucking her under the comforter.

“Where are those monsters at?” he folded his arms over his chest and stared down at the little girl, a smile plastered on his face. She pulled on his shirt and pointed to under her bed with a clearly terrified look in her eyes. Yoongi knelt down to the ground and pointed toward the underneath of the bed and the girl confirmed with a small nod of her head while brushing her soft dark hair from her face. He looked down at the ground and laughed under his breath a little before pulling back the bed skirt yelling and making growling sounds while swiping his arm under the bed over and over until she was giggling above him. He came back up and sat back on the floor, breathing heavily and clutching his chest.

“Those were some scary monsters Eungi, but I think your daddy is scarier!” he jumped up and lightly tackled the child’s giggling form to the bed, tickling her until she was uncontrollably in a fit of laughter. He stopped his attack then kissed her cheek, “the only monster you need to be afraid of is the tickle monster!” He held his hand up and wiggled his fingers at her and she smiled all the way up to her eyes and it looked almost identical like his. He stood up off the bed and tucked her into the blankets again before kissing her forehead. “Can you sleep now that appa scared all the monsters off?”

Her tiny face went skeptical for a moment and that’s the only answer Yoongi needed before he climbed into the tiny bed with her. “You want me to stay with you until you fall asleep princess?” Her head nodded as her lip pouted out a little bit.

“Appa make sure no monsters come up and get me while I’m sleeping, okay?”

“Okay Eungi,” his arms scooped her up and held her into his chest as he kissed the top of her head. “You sleep now baby.” She nodded and closed her eyes as she held the stuffed rabbit into her chest.

You had drifted off to sleep, but woke up suddenly and reached over to find his side of the bed still cold. You looked over at the clock and saw that you had slept for over an hour and it was nearing midnight. You groggily made your way out of the bed and made your way wearily down the hall to Eungi’s room and pushed the door open slowly then crossed your arms and shook your head at the sight in front of you.

The two loves of your life curled up in a tiny bed, Yoongi’s feet hanging off the end of it despite his crunched up position. He still held her tiny form in his arms, although a little looser than it had started off. Eungi’s little finger curled around his blonde hair as she held her bunbun in her other hand. Their mouths both parted slightly in the same way made your heart flutter at the adorable sight. How they were so much alike in so many ways that he didn’t even catch onto, but of course you did.

You sighed softly to yourself as you cracked the door and made your way back to bed, the sweet images in your head to lull you back to sleep as you stroked your stomach and thought about how much you loved your little family that the wonderful man helped you start.

mini blurb submission

(this is extremely fluffy so be prepared) (it’s also my first so it’s probably shit-feedback would be nice though ♥)

Dans P.O.V

♥ When I first saw her, she absolutely took my breath away. I did a double-take when we walked past each other, and I swear my heart stopped for a split second when she returned her gaze and actually smiled at me.

♥ I chuckle quietly thinking about what Phil said to me when he noticed I wasn’t paying attention anymore to our conversation; turning my attention to the goddess behind us. “Dan?” “Oh, uh, Y-yeah?” “Go talk to her.” He laughed at me and lightly shoved me in the direction she was walking.

♥ I blush in embarrassment when I remember the absolute wreck I was trying to speak to her.

♥ I tapped her shoulder slightly, trying to get her attention in the least awkward and creepy way possible. “Ermm…h-hey” I fucking stuttered. I never stutter. And looking at her up-close-and-personal only heightened my heart rate. She was even more beautiful face-to-face; dear lord.

♥ She smiled at me, her brown eyes twinkling brightly in the sunlight. “Hello!” “H-hey, I um…noticed you walking by and I just wanted to say that you’re very pretty.” She blushed brightly at the compliment; her cheeks turning a rosy pink which I thought was absolutely adorable. It suited her.

♥ she looked at me softly, turning her gaze down afterwards almost sheepish when she responded; “same to you.” She said. Then she looked back up at me with her eyes wide and stuttered, “I-I mean, not pretty! Cause you’re a guy! But y-you know, ahh, you’re…handsome”

♥ I laughed at her awkwardness, before asking if she’d like to join me for lunch; completely ditching Phil, but I knew he’d understand. We walked together to a little café, a completely cliché place to go for a first-time hang out/date (I totally didn’t think about it like that pffff), but we didn’t mind; I just opened the door for her to walk in, thinking to myself that I really hoped she’d like me as much as I already knew I liked her.

♥ Fast-forwarding a couple months later, I start to think about our first official date. Bowling. Now look, I’m completely shit at it, but I knew how excited about it she was and decided, ‘whatever, as long as I get to see that smile of hers.’

♥ We were there for hours, playing game after game, her laughing at how bad I was and me laughing with her. I noticed all the differences between her and I; how small she was compared to me; her petite frame completely perfect compared to my awkward lanky one, how her laugh was soft and pure compared to my hyena type laugh, how bright her personality was compared to my usual depressing mood.

♥ We fitted perfectly.

♥ About two years later, with Phil’s help (and jesus, there was a lot of it), I mustered up the courage I didn’t know I had, and asked her the big question; “Y/n, will you give me the honor of being my wife?”

♥ My heart was beating a mile a minute, I looked at her face for a reaction, any reaction, and saw her face turn into a grin. She smiled so big, I thought it might take up her whole face. Tears were brimming her eyes, and before I could fully stand up, she launched towards me, both of us falling back on the couch, her face full of tears and whispered the one word that would change my life forever;

♥ “Yes.”

♥ As I lay here in my bed, our bed, smiling like a complete idiot, I turn on my side and look at her; admiring that beautiful face that I look at everyday.

♥ She shuffled slightly, moving a bit towards my body and sighing in her sleep. I smiled softly at her, lifting a strand of hair that had fallen on her face, and kept my hand there rubbing her soft cheek.

♥ She scrunched up her face in tiredness, opening her eyes slowly, and looked back at me with those bright eyes. “Good morning.” She whispered with that soft voice. “Good morning beautiful.” I smiled back at her.

♥ She turned back around, facing the opposite way and scooted back towards my chest. “I just wanna cuddle today.” She said. I laughed and wrapped my arm around her body, resting it on her growing baby-bump, and rubbed my thumb back and forth soothingly.

♥ I nuzzled my head in the back of her neck, humming in agreement to her request. I smiled wide, thinking about how goddamn lucky I was to have her, have this new family, and hugged her tight.

♥ This is true happiness.


Thanks for this awesome submission.


Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 1 835
summary : Kai and Reader are best friends , but both of them are keeping something from the other.
* not my gif


Y/N and Kai sat on the top row at the mostly empty movie salon. She had no idea how he had convinced her go see this movie with him. Her life was scary enough with all the vampires , witches , hybrids , travellers and … the devil himself , she didn’t need more fright in her life yet he somehow always managed to get her to do what he wanted.
“Hold these.” Y/N said , passing him the large popcorn while she got their coca cola’s. “What’s the movie about again ?”
Kai looked amused at her , as she tried to walk , carry the drinks and check the seating on their tickets at the same time. He reached for one of the cups , taking it from her hand , before answering.
“It’s about some ghost from World War II that comes back to haunt relatives of the survivours from the war in gruesome ways… OH and we are sitting at the top row , sweetheart. It’s the best place to sit at the movies.”
“Right … ”
They walked into the movie salon and climbed up to the top row , Kai walking a step behind her watching her sway her hips. She was his best friend , the only one who had stood up for him since day one convicing everyone to give him a chance. Defending him after every screw up and putting herself in danger sometimes just to save his ass. He didn’t know when or how exactly but he felt drawn to her in a ‘more than friends’ way.
Y/N reached the top row , sitting on the left side tossing her bag on the seat next to her. Kai sat on the other side passing her the popcorn , their hands touching for a second. She pulled her phone out of her pocket , turning the volume down , stopping for a moment , thinking.
“So , when do I see this ‘super secret’ photography project you are working on?” he asked curious , pinching playfully her cheek with a smile on his face. “You never say anything about it or what it is from or anything about it really.”
“It’s top secret , thats why. ” she winked at him. “You’ll see it very soon.” she said smiling , taking a picture of him before he has had time to realise what’s happening. “OH I love this one.” she said, going into settings to change her phone wallpaper.
Kai glanced at the screen seeing a picture of himself all smiley and happy with that longing look Damon said he always has around Y/N, and snatched her phone from her hands.
“No! Don’t delete it , please.” she said suddenly scared. When Kai didn’t like the picture he’d delete it straight away no matter on who’s phone it was. Instead he leaned in towards her , saying ‘Smile.’ before snapping a selfie of them together changing her phone settings so the picture he had taken was now her wallpaper.
“I like this one better.” he said smiling , just as the lights started to go dim in the salon. “It has you in it..”
Y/N looked at her screen , the picture he had taken absolutely perfect , and she smiled. They looked cute together , pain hitting her in the heart at the thought they could only ever be friends.
Kai put his arm around her shoulder pulling her towards him a little.
“You know , you can hold my hand if you get scared.. I’ll protect you, always.” he whispered to her as the movie started. Y/N turned her head towards him , placing a gentle kiss on his cheek.
“I know , but it’s just a movie. I’ll be fine.”
He sighed , a look of disappointment on his face and started to move his hand from her shoulder but she stopped him.
“I didn’t say I didn’t like that.”
“Could you two shut up?” the guy from two rows in front of them called out. “I’m here for the movie not to listen to you two love birds.”
Y/N pressed her lips together trying not to laugh at the tone the guy said it with. Kai however tensed and nearly jumped off his seat and she had to put her hand on his chest to stop him. A few minutes later Kai had calmed down , or so he thought. Her hand was resting on his lap , creating a distraction like no other for him. Thoughts he had been pushing away returned into his mind , stronger than ever. Kai turned towards her , her gaze locked on the screen. He placed a gentle kiss on her head , seeing the corners of her mouth twitch. He didn’t move her hand and neither did she try to move it either.
Y/N tried to focus hard on the movie and not think about Kai’s arm around her , how right it feels for it to be there. She tried not to turn around and kiss him in a surprise attack. In moments like these it was harder than ever for her to push away her feelings towards him.
The movie went on and on , not as scary as Kai had hoped , at least until the point where the ghost suddenly jumped up out of nowhere interrupting an very calm scene and Y/N screamed grabbing at his shirt , hiding her face in his chest , while their popcorn went flying in the air and spilling onto the floor. Kai could hear her heart racing from the fright attack and he tried not to smile. He took her hand in his holding onto it.
“Oh-kay …” she whispered , taking a peek at the screen a few minutes later thinking it would be all OK this time , but there it was again. Y/N jumped up in her seat squeezing his hand a bit tighter. Kai pulled her closer to him , his excuse for them to watch a scary movie working out just the way he had wanted. He could hug her any time he wanted , but never like that and for this long. The next time she screamed , instead of burring her face into his chest she nearly jumped onto his lap.
“I’ve had my parents walk in on me making out with a guy , seen the Devil and spent an entire week tortured by Katherine but … this movie is by far the scarriest of all.” she whispered to him as he snacked his arms around her.
“If it’s too scary we can go..” he trailed off.
Y/N shook her head. She didn’t want to go because it would mean Kai letting go of her and that’s the last thing she wanted.
“Why would I want to go when I have you to protect me ?” she turned her head towards his , finding his face closer than she had expected. A small smile spread across his face as she intertwined their fingers together. Kai leaned in and for a split moment she thought he might kiss her . Her cheeks flushed and her heart beat was off the radar , so fast it was a miracle her heart hadn’t burst. Then he turned away , clearing his throat for a moment.
The rest of the movie passed too slow. Y/N she wasn’t paying any attention to what was happening on the screen at all anymore. All she could think about was Kai’s arms around her , his plump lips and his eyes piercing into hers every time she turned towards him. He appeared to have the same problem because Y/N could feel his eyes on her the entire time. Her feelings were on over drive and suddenly the movie salon seemed too hot with all the walls closing in on them. Y/N jumped up with no warning , taking her bag running down the stairs and out of the salon , stopping the moment she was outside, resting her back against the wall next to the door.
Kai was behind her , with 3 seconds delay. He opened the door looking around for her with a worried expression on his face.
“There you are.” he sighed , taking a step towards her. “What happened ? Are you OK ? ”
Y/N couldn’t meet his eyes , she didn’t know how or what to tell him.
Kai lifted her chin up , making her look at him.
“Maybe the movie was too scary after all…” he trailed off , his fingers stroking her hair trying to find a way to calm her down. Kai pulled her into a hug , fearing she’d get mad at him for making her this scared. A few minutes passed in silence , Y/N felt electricity every time Kai touched her. Y/N pulled away meeting his eyes which were bluer than usual and she found herself getting lost in them.
“It wasn’t the movie.” she said suddenly. “I … I …um…”
Y/N shifted nervously on her feet , trying to find the words except somehow they had all vanished , so instead she kissed him in a surprise attack , pullying away fast surprised by her own actions. What if she loses him completely after this ? Kai was her best friend. Before he had shown up , Y/N had closed herself to pretty much everything and everyone and then - there was him , knocking down the boundaries build around her heart as if they were made of glass instead of stones.
“I’m sorry .. I don’t ..” she said , starting to run away. Kai grabbed her wrist pulling her back towards him , his lips smashing against hers as he backed her against the wall nearby. Butterflies were flapping their wings in her stomach and she felt like flying , the whole world disappearing around her. All she could see , taste or feel was Kai - his hands on her cheeks , his body pressing against hers. He pulled away , a smile on his face.
“If only I had known … I would’ve done this weeks ago.” said Kai smiling , looking at her puzzled expression. “I like you Y/N. As more than a friend. Don’t know how or when it happened , but it did and I … I never want to be without you in my life.”
Y/N was trying to remember how to breath - it was a simple process but somehow she had forgotten all about it. It wasn’t just the kiss , it was his words after the kiss. She smiled her eyes darting all over his face - his eyes , his lips - as she processed his words. Everything seemed to be happening too slow and too fast at the same time.
“You … like me ?” she asked a hint of surprise , relief and pure happiness in her voice , Kai nodded. “W-why didn’t you say something before ?”
“Because … because I .. I was afraid I’d lose you, and I never want that to happen.” he said suddenly serious.
“You will never lose me , Kai. Never.” Y/N smiled lifting herself on her toes to kiss him briefly.
“C'mon , I’ll walk you home.” he said , his fingers stroking cheek for a moment before his hand snaked around her waist pulling her close to him. “The long way around …”


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


Return To Me.

Can be found on AO3 and FF.net, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time?

Authors Note: As always thank you everyone for the support and if you have any questions or queries, or even just wanna chat about this story all you have to do is message me. Now continuing from that, this chapter is not an easy one, it will hurt, and may shock, I am prepared for whatever reactions follow (I’ll just post and run away for awhile :P) but no seriously, I apologise wholeheartedly if I cause any distress, things do get a little smutty too, but nothing not within the rating. So I wont say I hope you enjoy, but I hope you understand, and hold on tight for the inevitable angst and pain that will be here.

Chapter 6: Mistakes.

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Introducing Vasha

Today has not been a particularly good day, and I felt the need for some Souyo and cats. Just one of the many ways Vasha could have ended up with them.


As Yosuke looked down at the small, shivering bundle tucked into his half-zipped jacket, he realised that he was in trouble. Not because his shirt was absolutely soaked and Souji had just done laundry the night before, and not because she (at least, he thought she was, well, a she) had snagged his uniform pants with a claw when he was pulling her out of the gutter, and he was going to have to hope that it didn’t turn into a hole. Nor was it because he’d forgotten to pick up the miso and paper towels his boyfriend had reminded him via text - twice - to bring home.

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The Immortals- Part 26- Henry Stinson

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

I really hope you like this!! Please, let me know!

Please, remember that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there and also, I HATE poetry, FYI ;)

Words: 1895

Enjoy :)

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In Your Head- Part 14

Jughead Jones x Reader


Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 2,546

Summary: You are 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback, sexual abuse and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered.

taglist: @sgarrett49  @lovatoarchives

So this is the last part for this series. There is a small flashback as well as a flash forward to give it a real ending. I am starting a new Jughead x Reader series so hopefully you guys will like it. Thanks for the kind words and for reading!

Jughead’s POV

I woke up and she wasn’t next to me. For a split second I panicked. I looked at the clock in her room, 7am.

I put my shirt back on and slowly crept down the stairs. Betty, Veronica and Kevin were still all asleep. I looked in her backyard and there she was sitting, smoking.

I closed the door behind me quietly. “Hey”.

“Hey, I didn’t wake you did I?”, she took one last puff before discarding the cigarette.

“No. You okay?”, I looked down at her hands as they were slightly shaking.

“Yeah, I couldn’t sleep that well and just needed to…”

“Escape?”, one of our first real conversations came back to me. And then I realized something. She could tell the my wheels were turning.

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Con El Niño~ Usnavi X Reader

*Your POV*

I knew it was coming…. I knew he was leaving.. Why am I so hurt now that we only have one more day together? Just thought made me want to get sick… Again.

“Y/N.” Nina, my best friend sighed pushing me into the bed when I tried to get up, “You’ve been throwing up every hour for the past three days. And still somehow managed to eat half the fridge.”

I raised my eyebrows and groaned, “Usnavi…”

“Is right here.” A voice said causing me to jump, but then I smiled seeing my boyfriend of a year standing beside me, kneeling by my bedside. He went to grab my hand but I pulled it away, slightly scared that he get sick but he raised his eyebrows and instead got on the bed and wrapped his arms around my waist before nodding to Nina to leave. “And a doctor will be here too.”

I sighed and turned to him sadly, “What about Sunny, running the shop all alone? And you can’t lie here and get sick, you have a flight! You cant afford a-”

“Stop this.” He sighed, kissing my nose, “ I want to be with you. While I can. In sickness and in health.” He smirked and I chuckled, rolling my eyes at his comment and moving as he sat in the bed beside me, Nina making a gross before leaving and I groaned.

“Usnavi…” I groaned, carefully turning so I could look him in the eye as he wrapped an arm around my waist, “Don’t spend your money on me. You are going to need it for your move.. And for the phone that you’ll have from calling and texting of course.” I laughed and he rubbed my back, “Will you truly be gone for good’ snavi?” 


“Please tell me.”

He sighed gently and grabbed my hand, stroking my finger tips, “I will come back to you mis amor.”

“You promise?”

“Of course…” He smiled gently and smiled, rubbing my back, “You look so tired.” Making a responsive noise in agreence, “Sleep. You need it, I’ll fill you in later.”

“Will you sing to me?” He nodded and chuckled, closing my eyes with his fingers and pulled me in even tighter and began his song:

Quietly hush now to sleep
On the wings of a butterfly
Let all your cares drift away
For now is the end of the day If you close your eyes and count to ten
You’ll hear your dream are calling again
Just follow the moon, for all to soon
A new day will appear You’ll have nothing to fear
For wherever you are
And forever
I’ll be here

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Usnavi’s POV)

 “Well… She’s pregnant.”

“Hahaha. Very funny.” I laughed and the doctor raised her eyebrows, “Shoot are you serious?” She nodded and I clutched my head, “I am moving in the morning.”

“Well, sir, I think you should probably talk to your girlfriend about this. She is pretty far along too. Two months. Maybe three.” She sighed, placing a hand on my shoulder, “Consider it on the house. Best of luck to you.” I nodded and she left Y/n’s apartment.

I then began pacing…

What am I going to do? What would… What would abuela want? My parents… How do I tell her? What will we do? 

Slowly, I made my way back into Y/N’s room where she sat anxiously and exhausted against the bed frame and I shot her a small and weak smile. “Oh no. How bad is it?”

I quickly shook my head no and looked down, “No it’s not bad at all.”

“Then why do you look so panicked?” I didn’t respond, gathering my thoughts, and she stood running towards me only to tumble. I went to her and helped her to her feet, attempting to get her to lie back down but she refused. “Usnavi what’s wrong?”

Just spit it out…

“Y/N, we’re pregnant.”

I could see the shock fill her face and she looked down allowing silence to fill the air.

“Do you want me to get rid of-”

“No.” I quickly cut her off, grabbing her right hand and stroking her cheek, “Y/N, mis amor, love of my life. I want to stay.”

She backed away and looked away panicked. “No. No. No you can’t.”

“You’ve worked your whole life to get out of here. I cant let you be stuck.”

“I want to stay.”

“You can’t.”


“YOU CANT YOU CANT YOU CANT.” She fell to her knees and sobbed gently.

“I am staying.” I finished, taking her into my arms and squeezing her gently and sighing, “And we will be okay.

Prompt: Please

Word Count: 2,123

They won’t let him see her. It’s because she’s dangerous, a threat to humanity. He thinks – no, he knows – that they’re lying. She’s encased herself in her own crystal prison. That’s not something someone dangerous would do, it’s a complete act of desperation from someone who has nowhere else to run to. Mikasa says that he’s better off never seeing Annie again. Good riddance. But she wasn’t the one who had to look at Annie right before she hid herself from the world. She didn’t see Annie crying. She’d never understand.

He thinks Armin might. Armin knows, after all, that Annie isn’t a bad person. He’s sure that Armin would at least consider sneaking past the guards to see Annie but Armin gets flustered, trying to find an excuse to not see her. “I don’t think that’d be a good idea, Eren,” Armin mumbles. “She’s being put under surveillance for a reason. And if anyone knows that you went to see her… well, I’ve known you my whole life. Other people might not be so trusting of you if they find out about you making your way to another shifter.”

Eren tries to shrug it off as if he understands. Truthfully, he’s so angry he could throw a punch at his friend. There is logic to what Armin says but all Eren has to do is look at his friend’s face and know that there’s more reason as to why Armin won’t help him see Annie. Armin knows Eren had purposely let Annie get away, lock herself up in her own crystal chrysalis. Knowing how impulsive his friend is, there’s no knowing what could happen when Eren finally sees Annie after everything had happened.

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