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How come Jess gets a free pass for all his mistakes while Logan gets blacklisted for anything he’s done? Why is Jess’s behavior excused but Logan’s is simply unacceptable? Why does Logan, who was an excellent partner 95% of the time, gets the most hate but Jess, who was not a great partner, is on a pedestal? Why is Logan considered a dick but Jess is just misunderstood? Why is Logan growing as a character and getting his life together any less important than Jess doing the same? How is Logan’s intelligence, wit, bookishness, and ability to converse/debate with Rory inferior to Jess’s?

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maybe could you do a reverse of betty playing with jugheads hair/suspenders and do one where he plays with something on betty (not dirty hehe) and getting all flustered and defensive when he gets caught.

Sure! Thankyou! This is kind of my take on him being in love with her blush, like she was in love with his hair. ***

She was just so damn pretty, it wasn’t fair honestly. How someone that tiny could hold all of that pretty, was beyond him.

She was talking animatedly at the lunch table, hands flailing and lashes fluttering. He could watch her all day, he was content to just stare at Betty Cooper until his eyes hurt and even longer after that.

She was so excited about the new river vixens routine she could hardly stop talking about it, Veronica was equally as excited.
“And then Betty gets to do this sexy as hell booty pop, right B?”

I’m sorry? Booty pop? In front of the whole football team? In that tiny skirt? Well that didn’t sit too well with him. his fingers went to her knee under the table squeezing gently, she looked up and smiled softly before turning back to their group of friends
“It’s not that sexy, it’s just kind of a…bendy thing? Either way, no ones gonna be staring at my butt when they see you walk out Veronica. Especially when you do that split Cheryl’s teaching you.”
She smiled at Veronica raising a brow, that launched the raven haired beauty into a whole other story about lessons at Cheryl’s.

“Bendy thing?” Jughead whispered into Betty’s ear, his fingers tracing the stiff fabric of her cheerleading skirt, sending shivers through her spine
“It’s really nothing juggie. Trust me. Nothing to see here.” She blushed slightly fiddling with his fingers in her lap.

God he loved that blush. he loved the way when she was really flustered it traveled all the way down her chest. He loved the way it was always a light rosy pink when she was being modest and a deep flaming red when he whispered dirty words into her ear late at night. He loved the way it looked on her cheeks when he introduced her to his father as “His girlfriend.”

Reaching his hand up to cup her cheek, he ran a thumb along her rosy flushed cheeks, stroking so softly her eyes closed. “Trust me bets, there’s definitely something to see there.”
Her eyes shot open, her pupils dilated, the breathy noise she exhaled going instantly to his pants.

She reached up and placed her hand over his own covering her cheek. “No one but you Jughead. Only you.” She whispered.
She said those words more often than not, slowly mending his insecurities every time.
He rested his forehead on hers gently.
“I love you.” He said softly
“I love you more.” She replied

“Oww you two are seriously going to give me a cavity with how sweet you are.” Cheryl spoke from across the table, breaking them both out of their bubble. They were all watching the couple, everyone, except Archie, smiling with goofy looks on their faces.

“Must you always eavesdrop on our conversations?” Jughead grumbled, grabbing Betty’s hand and pulling her tighter into him swinging his arm around her, and dropping his head to nuzzle into her neck with a groan.
Betty just giggled, tugging on his hat a little to straighten it out.

“Well it’s not like you try and hide it, we are all single young adults, indulge us. You know we live vicariously through your relationship.” Kevin said popping a grape into his mouth with a grin.

“What about Joaquin?” Jughead asked.
The two boys had gotten extremely close and Kevin often confided in Jughead with things he couldn’t tell the girls.

“Ah, tale as old as time. Distance has not made the heart grow fonder.” Kevin said glumly.

“I’ll talk to him today, he should be at the basketball court in the trailer Park.” Jughead said definitely, leaving no room for argument.

As much as Jughead tried to hide it, he was a genuinely good person, he cared about others so much, Betty reached for her boyfriends face and brought her lips to his, placing a gentle kiss to his mouth.

Jughead pulled away smiling lazily “what was that for?” Betty just shrugged and cuddled into his side.

“No reason, I just love you is all.” She smiled up at him.

He matched her smile and dropped a kiss to her forehead, rolling his eyes playfully

“And I love you, more than the stars and the moon.”

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i love the 'my man' headcanon omg tell us more about it! when was the first time alec called magnus that? was it a slip of the tongue sort of thing or said on purpose? what was magnus' reaction to the first time it happened? does magnus ever say "as your man,..." with a tiny smirk on his face as he continues on? omg i swear to god if alec has magnus as "my man" on his phone, im gonna die what a sappy dork

ausdfjasdfa I could talk about this headcanon all fucking day. 

Okay, so the first first time Alec says it, Magnus doesn’t hear him. He’s talking to Izzy. 

“Magnus looks pretty good today,” Izzy said with a smirk while nudging his shoulder. She’s observing 

Alec scoffed, “my man always looks good.” 

And Izzy just raises an eyebrow and laughs at him while he blushes and looks away- but he doesn’t take it back. 

The first time he says it actually TO Magnus was a total slip of the tongue. He 100% saved Magnus in his phone as “My Man” because he’s a disaster romantic dork he just hasn’t really been given the chance to be up until very recently. Also- side note, I just think its super funny that Alec is definitely the more romantic of the two. Like, Magnus thinks he is but his idea of romance is a little bit quirky and Alec is the true traditional romantic. Ngl he 100% has also whispered poetry in Magnus’s ears under the stars on the roof of Magnus’s apartment. 

But the first time Magnus hears it is when Magnus is getting ready to go out. They have reservations at this really nice restaurant that Magnus loves and Alec is super excited to go with him. Anyway, Magnus is wearing this really well-tailored suit, with signature jewelry, and a perfectly tied Winston knot on his bright blue tie that matches the blue eyeliner he’s wearing. 

And Alec just runs his hands up and down the lapels of his jacket (jfc Alec has such a thing for lapels #confirmed). And sort of murmurs to himself, “by the Angel, look at my man.” 

And the second he says it he realizes what he said and he kind of freezes and blushes, but he also has that signature Alec Lightwood Defiant Glare™ just daring Magnus to say something about it. 

“Your man, huh?” Magnus asks. His tone is snarky but his eyes are soft- and one hand reaches to grab one of Alec’s which is still resting on his jacket. 

“Yeah,” Alec says with this super dopey smile and then he raises this challenging eyebrow, “got a problem with that?” 

“Of course not, darling,” Magnus replies. 

And Alec just pulls him in and kiss him, they just barely make their reservation.

Of course, Magnus also uses this against him. Alec is just so weak and soft whenever Magnus refers to himself as his man. Just falls apart, Magnus has one too many arguments by slipping that in. Cheeky bastard. 

Alec is trying to explain why they can’t make out in the Institute but Magnus is kissing down his deflection rune and Alec is this close to cracking. 

“As your man, don’t I get special privileges?” Magnus asks. 

And, as always, Alec always just melts, and is like “yeah- yeah, you do.” 

BUT ALSO! (wow someone please stop me) He also uses it hella to defend Magnus. 

“What the fuck did you just about  my man?” Alec said glaring at a Clave official. Magnus isn’t even here, they’re just making joking comments about the slutty, bisexual, biracial Warlock and Alec won’t have it. 

Normally, if Magnus is around, Alec lets him defend himself because he knows he can. But you’d have to be a damn fool to insult Magnus Bane in front of Alec Lightwood, especially behind that Warlock’s back. 

“I- I-” 

“Don’t you dare talk shit about Magnus again. No one gets away with insulting my man, understood?” 

And the Clave official just shakes in his boots and nods. 

…. Yeah… So this got away from me….. My point is, Alec is just so soft and wants cuddles, and wants to be around his man. And he’s just so super happy that he gets to declare that he’s with a man, a great man, his man, whenever he fucking can. 

if u ever feel bad just know that for about 9 of my 14 years of existence i was obsessed with sonic the hedgehog and when i was in kindergarten this kid named christian was like the sonic expert so we’d walk around the track holding hands while i pried juicy sonic details from him and we sat together at lunch talking about sonic and then one day he told me he liked me and all i said to him was “i’m only your friend because of sonic” and you could see the moment where his heart shattered that is the most i have ever hurt a human being in my entire life

tbh like half the reason why they have such a strong relationship is that there were so many subplots of mabel being like “HEY GRUNKLE STAN WHATS UP” and just tryin hard to spend him with him

like he loves both twins but dang they really cement this relationship as being important and positive

also theyre both funny and work really well against each other

remember that time she helped him get over his fear of heights and then later on when he was making up stories there was an entire plot involving helping mabel get over one of her fears

man i could talk about them all day but its 1 in the morning OH WAIT its saturday and ill probably talk about them anyway because surprisingly i havent

Cuddling With Astro

Note: this is all just my own opinion, i have no actual proof that they’d be like this

Myungjun (MJ):

Cuddling with Myungjun is absolute perfection. People would expect this time to be really energetic but (in my opinion) it’d be the one time of day where he could just calm down and relax. He loves spooning you, the feeling of having your right up against his chest would make him feel all warm and giddy. Holding hands is a must too, it makes him feel like he’s really connected with you. He’d probably like to talk with you about his day and about yours. In all, cuddling with Myungjun would be really relaxing and warm.

“Tell me about your day, jagi.”

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Jinwoo (Jinjin):

Cuddling with Jinwoo is just really cute. He’d rather be facing you, whether it be the two of you on your sides or you laying on top of him, he likes being able to be face to face [to admire your perfect self ;)]. His arm would definitely be around you, pulling you flush against his chest. Expect a few cheeky kisses here and there, but nothing too extreme. The two of you would probably talk about the most random things. Cuddling with this man boy would just be really soft and fluffy.

“Do you think cacti have feelings?”

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Dongmin (Eunwoo):

Good luck surviving cuddle sessions with Dongmin. You could literally be reading a book and he’ll suddenly come in and start hugging the shite out of you. His hands would be on your skin; even if you’re wearing pants and a long sleeve he will find warmth no matter what. He’d whisper random compliments about you, your hair, your eyes, etc. If you did the same to him, he’d definitely be a blushy baby. Random kisses on the eyes, nose, lips, etc. would be the norm when you’re cuddling. Basically he’d be worshiping you and if youre not worshiping him what are you doing hes lee dongmin

“You’re really attractive, did you know that?”

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Bin (Moonbin):

You know how he’s known as a puppycat? Yeah, he becomes an actual puppy during cuddling sessions. Spooning or hugging is a must. Tbh it’d probably be hella warm and comfortable, so it’d be normal for the two of you to fall asleep while cuddling. His voice omg kill me now would sound really slurred because cuddling makes him tired (in a good way ofc.) and your voice would probably be the same. He would really like hiding his face in your shoulder.

“[Y/N]… I lobe you…” *omg imagine his tired voice i–*

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Minhyuk (Rocky):

Cuddling with Minhyuk would either be really quiet or kind of loud, there’s no in between. If he’s tired or if you’re tired, you just enjoy to be in each other’s arms. He’d probably be tracing random shapes on your body or kissing your shoulders. On the other hand… If you’re not really that tired, cuddling with Minhyuk would be fun. He’d randomly tickle you without warning or attack you with kisses. The two of you would probably talk about the future or the past or about how idiotic the boys were being that day (he loves them tho.)

“Remember when you asked me out-” “[y/N] let mE LIVE”

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Oh my Gods cute shy babyy. Cuddling with Sanha would be awkward at first. You wouldn’t know what to do and he wouldn’t know what to do– it’d be a mess. Over time, it’d get more natural, but Sanha would probably still be a bit shy about cuddling. Unlike the others, you and Sanha would probably just lay side by side, holding hands. Your head would be on his shoulder though, but that’s about it. The two of you would talk about whatever came to mind and you’d let each other rant if either of you were feeling frustrated.

“Hey, [Y/N]? … I love you–” *intense blushing*

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I dont think you realize how weak this made me omff– this group is going to be the death of me

Be My First 


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Hi there I just love your blog! I was wondering if you could write an imagine where your scared to tell Theo that it’s your first time, so you talk to Lydia and Malia about it and Theo overhears you.

Side Note: Got this done earlier than expected, so yay for that ahaha.

Powering through the halls you had to find Lydia and Malia, it was an emergency. On top of trying to find your two best friends, you had to keep an eye out for Theo. Yes, you had been avoiding him all day and you were pretty sure he knew. But you couldn’t face him, not after the most embarrassing moment of your entire existence.


You were leaning against the mountain of pillows while Theo seemed to be comfortable lying on his back beside you. It was one of those quiet afternoons, the house was empty due to a surprise holiday your parents had suddenly gone on, not that you were complaining. As you flipped the page of the magazine in your hand, your right leg started to get pins and needles. Moving it about gently to shake it off, your foot kept brushing past Theo’s leg.

Being so absorbed in the current article you were reading, you didn’t notice Theo’s eyes focused on you. “Hey, I was actually enjoying that”. exclaiming to your boyfriend who didn’t seem to care that he had interrupted your reading. “Finish it later, babygirl”. He stated as his lips connected to your neck. Being so lost in his touch your brain was becoming fuzzy, his hands roamed and heat was rising.

As Theo started to move down that’s when things become more clear. You pulled away and he had this look of uncertainly, “What’s the matter?”, he asked. Gulping there was no way you had enough bravery to tell him. “Nothing, I’m actually quite hungry. Did you want take out?”. It was the only thing you could come up with under this intense situation. Theo arched his eyebrow along with a cocky grin, “I’m hunger for you”. You felt his tongue glide over your neck, and your eyes rolled back.

Pushing him off again, Theo lightly sighed. “I’m going to order pizza”. You particularly bolted out of the room. Once out of view, you leaned on the wall.

End Of Flashback

Spotting Lydia chatting away with Malia in a excluded part of the library, you rushed right on over. “Whoa Y/N, did you run a marathon or something?”. Malia spoke. Taking a minute to calm your breathing, you inspected that area to make sure no-one was going to listen in. “I need help, well advice and none of it can get back to Theo”.

This sure got their attention. Lydia put down the book she was reading and Malia leaned in closer. “Is this a supernatural SOS or a personal one?”, Lydia quizzed. “Personal, a very personal one”, replying back to her with a serious expression. Drumming your fingers together it was a difficult topic, one that you hadn’t talked about out loud. But this was Lydia and Malia, they would be nothing but understanding…at least that’s what you hoped.

“Come on, spit it out”. Malia requested.

“I haven’t told Theo that I’m a…virgin”, you whispered the last part on fear of anyone else knowing. “Why not?”, Malia answered first clearly not seeing how or why this was an issue. “I’m sure what Malia means is why are you so afraid of telling him? Theo will understand, I’m sure it won’t even matter to him”. Lydia replied, while shooting a side ways glance to Malia.

Fiddling with the pen that was most likely Lydia’s, you knew that it wouldn’t be a big deal to Theo. But it still wasn’t an easy thing to bring up. “What if his disappointed that I’m not experienced?”. It sounded silly, you knew that. And judging from both Lydia’s and Malia’s faces they also thought the same thing. “Or what if his flattered that he gets to be your first?”, Lydia challenged. She did have a point, Malia interjected with. “Just tell him Y/N, you can’t keep on avoiding it”.

You mumbled a quiet yeah and throughout the day you were trying to master enough courage to finally tell Theo after school. Sending a meet me at my house text once you got into your car, it was time to be completely honest with him.

Arriving home, you kept busying by cleaning. 6pm rolled around and the doorbell rang, leaving you with mixed emotions and a want for this to be over quick.
Inviting Theo in, he wondered through the long hallway and made himself comfortable on the couch. “Do you want a drink?”, he shook his head.

“Is there something you want to tell me?”. Panic set in, did he already know? How could that be…

“What are you-”.

Grasping your hand he shifted to the side to make room on the couch for you. “I was in the library this afternoon, and I might have overheard what you told Lydia and Malia”. Going red, this was so humiliating. Trying to hide your red cheeks, Theo wouldn’t allow it and laced his hand in yours. “Why didn’t you tell me babygirl? I don’t care if you haven’t had sex”.

“But I do! I hear stories from girls at school how they satisfied Theo Raeken, and I want to be the one who satisfies you. But I can’t do that if I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing”. You headed to the kitchen for a glass of water, moments later Theo joined leaning against the island while your back was facing him, you didn’t have the heart to look him directly in the eye. “Baby?”, he used a soft tone but you still had no desire to make eye contact. Theo’s arm sneaked around your waist pulling you into his chest, he rested his chin on your shoulder.

“It shouldn’t be a competition Y/N, you should have sex when you feel 100% ready. The fact that there’s a chance that I get to be your first, that’s such a turn on”. Your body begun to relax in his embrace. “Baby, I get to be the one that hears you moan for the first time, I get to find out what you like and what turns you on”. Thank god he couldn’t see your face, cheeks started to heat up again, but for a very different reason with every word. His breath ticked your skin, and Theo’s voice dropped to a very seductive whisper. “And do you know what the best part is? I get to hear you scream my name for the first time and you get to hear me scream yours”.

It was extraordinary, the way Theo was with words. The way he knew what to say and more importantly how to say it. Spinning around faster than he could blink, you smashed your lips onto his, not one shred of fear circling in your head. “I’m ready”. Theo gripped you close to him and that smirk sent you wild, in a different way than it usually did. “And I’m not just saying that, I mean it Theo. Be my first”.

Theo turned that smirk into a genuine smile. The two of you descended up the stairs, he opened the door to your bedroom and kicked it shut with his foot.

Protecting his angel

Pairing: Steve x reader

Plot: Steve x reader imagine where the reader is a Victoria’s Secret angel and Steve gets jealous when they’re in public together because guys openly flirt with his fiancé. On the night of the Victoria’s Secret fashion Steve almost gets into an altercation with a celebrity because he was talking about his fiancé in a sexual way. The reader reassures him that she only has eyes for him.

A/n we all know Chris is a sweetheart in real life but I had to make him an asshole in this just so he could get under Steve’s skin. We know he would never talk about a girl in that manner.

Today was going to be the most stressful yet exciting days of your life. Tonight you were waking in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and you were excited but also scared. You were scared because you didn’t want to fall in front of everyone in the room. You always had that fear when you walked in fashion shows but this was worse. This is the most anticipated show and falling could potentially ruin your chances of getting another job.

Steve decided to take you out for coffee to calm you down. The last thing he wanted to see was his fiancé having a panic attack before the the show. He took you to your favorite coffee shop and paid for the drinks before his whispered into your ear.

“I’ll be right back, I’m just going to go to the bathroom.” Steve kissed your cheek before he made his way towards the bathroom.

Steve was only gone for a minute when you heard a guy behind you make a crude comment.

“Damn you have a great ass. How much for the night? I’m willing to spend a million on an angel like yourself.” you heard someone behind you. Rolling your eyes you turned to tell the man off.

“I’m engaged.” You raised your left hand and showed him the engagement ring on your finger.

“I don’t care.” he replied as he shamelessly checked you out. The people in the room were giving him a disgusted look. One woman even shouted that he was a pig.

You were about to respond when you felt a hand around your waist. Looking up you notice an angry expression on Steve’s face. “Didn’t your mother teach you not to hit on a taken woman?”

“Yes but I don’t care. Here’s my number.” the guy pulled out a card and handed it to you. “Call me when you’re done with the Boy Scout”.

Steve looked like he was going into fight mode and you had to stop him.

“Steve don’t. He’s not worth it.” you physically had to hold Steve back as the guy walked out of the building with a smile on his face. Probably happy with himself because he just hit on Captain Americas super model fiancé.

“That kids mother must feel ashamed that her son turned out that way. He should show you some respect.” Steve tried to calm down. You rapped your arms around Steve’s neck and pulled in close until your foreheads touched.

“It’s ok Steve. Let’s go back to my place and spend a few hours together before I have to head off the venue for the show tonight.” you kissed his nose before pulling away.

“Alright” kissed your cheek again before the barista called out Steve’s name and handed him our drinks.

“Let’s get out of here” You held his hand as you walked out of the coffee shop and made your way back to your apartment.

*time skip Steve’s pov*

It took y/n an hour to calm me down after the incident at the coffee shop. I still can’t believe guys these days would treat a lady like that.

Before y/n left to get ready for the show she gave me the tickets to the show. Even though I told her not to get the rest of the team tickets she insisted that they should come. I honestly thought I was going to lose an arm when I showed the team the tickets.

Tony was the most excited about the tickets. Seeing as he was recently single he felt the need to rebound with one of y/n’s friends. “Thanks again for the tickets rogers. I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Now which one these models am I going to take home tonight.”

“Not y/-” I was interrupted by the loud music that started to play.

One by one the models made their way down the runway. They all looked great but they were nothing compared to my y/n. I had a smile on my face as she made her way down the runway. She was wearing a red and green little number that I wouldn’t mind her wearing when I spend my nights at her apartment.

Y/n looked my way and blew me a kiss before she reached the end of the runway and posed for the camera. I was so proud of her. She was making her way back when I heard someone mentioning y/n name.

“Did you see that ass? God y/n’s ass is making me weak.” Turning around I noticed it was the guy that portrays me on the big screen Chris Evans. I met him once before they started filming those movies and even then I didn’t like him.

“Ignored him.” I heard Wanda’s voice inside my head which caused me to turn back around and tried to ignore him.

After the show we were escorted into the after party. There were celebrities everywhere and they all wanted to talk to me but I just wanted to be by y/n’s side. I wanted to tell her she did an amazing job.

“You do know y/n’s engaged right?” I heard someone mentioning y/n’s name and I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation.

“I don’t care. She’s hot and since I look like her fiancé she’ll have no problem having sex with me.” That comment set me off.

“Excuse me I’d apparently if you didn’t talk about my fiancé that way. She’s more than just a pretty face.” I tapped the mans shoulder and internally groaned when I realized it was Chris Evans.

“I’m sorry man but your fiancé is hot. How’s she like in bed? I bet she’s a screamer.” Chris had a smug look on his face as he asked me that question. I could hear people gasping at his boldness given who I was.

“That is none of your business kid. Do not talk about y/n in that manner If you don’t want a punch in the face.” I got in his face.

*y/n pov*

Tonight was an absolute dream. It was your third time walking in the show but it still felt like the first time you walked.

You tried to find Steve earlier but you noticed he was being surrounded by celebrities asking him questions. Steve looked uncomfortable though, these types of parties weren’t his thing.

You ended up just chatting with your best friends about how amazing they looked walking in the show. Everything was going great until your heard Steve shouting something at someone.

“That is none of your business kid. Do not talk about y/n in that manner If you don’t want a punch in the face.” Steve shouted as he got closer to Chris.

“Um y/n I think your fiancé is about to get in a fight.” Kendall pointed behind me. Looking back I noticed Steve yelling at Chris Evans.

“Oh shit” you whispered to yourself. “I’m going to go before he starts throwing punches.”

“Bye y/n” you heard Kendall, Candice and Gigi as you made you’re way towards your boyfriend who was getting in Chris’s face.

“Steve stop it ! ! ! Let’s go back to my place. You’re making a scene.” you got in between the men and started to push Steve towards the door.

“NOOO HE NEEDS TO LEARN NOT TO TALK ABOUT A WOMAN THAT WAY. ESPECIALLY IF SHE’S ENGAGED.” Steve shouted before Clint stepped in and help you push Steve towards the exit.

Clint got you guys a cab while you tried to calm down Steve. The ride back to your apartment was quiet from your end. You were beyond pissed about what happened back at the party. Steve on the other hand was apologizing repeatedly. By the time you got inside your apartment you had calmed down over what happened. In fact you were kind of turned on as you played back the scene in your head. You’ve never seen Steve so mad and all up on someone’s face like he was tonight. Sure he got into arguments with men on the street for wolf whistling at you but it never got to the extent that it got tonight.

“I’m sorry for ruining your night. I understand if you want to break up, I would break up with myself if I was in your position.” Steve apologized as he engulfed you in a hug.

“I’m not going to breakup with you Steve. I’m just frustrated that you get that way all the time. I get it you want to defend my honor but sometimes you just have to ignore those assholes.” You started to unbutton Steve’s shirt.

“You need to ignore them because at the end of the day I’m with you.” once you finished unbuttoning his shirt Steve tossed his shirt to the side. Meanwhile you reached behind you and unzipped your dress. “You’re the only man that I’m in love with.”

“You’re wearing favorite look from show.” Steve’s breath hitched as he watched your dress hit the floor and noticed you were wearing the lingerie from the show.

“You’re the only man I want to be with. That’s why I said yes to your purposal last month.” you dropped to your knees and started to undo his pants. You pulled them down along with his underwear. He lifted one leg at a time so you could completely remove his pants before you tossed them where Steve tossed his shirt. “I love you Steven grant rogers.”

“I love you y/n y/l/n” You took him in your mouth and started to suck on his cock. Steve tangled his fingers in your hair as you started sucking him faster. You loved blowing Steve, mainly when he’s had a hard day and he needs to relax.

“Mmmm” You moaned when you felt Steve’s tip hitting back of your throat. Steve was starting to grip your hair tighter and tighter. That was his way of letting you know he was close to cumming so you prepared yourself to swallow his cum. Unfortunately he pulled his cock out of your mouth before you felt the tip twitch.

“I don’t want to cum yet. I want you to cum first.” Steve lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. You guys started to make your way towards your bedroom, stopping twice so he could press you against a wall to kiss you.

Once inside he gently laid you down on the bed before he closed the bedroom door. You were getting comfortable on the bed in the meantime and squealed when Steve joined you on the bed.

“Such beautiful thighs” Steve started to leave a trail of kisses up your thighs before he reached your covered pussy. “Seriously how did I get so lucky.”

One thing you loved about Steve was the fact that he was such a giving lover. He wanted to make sure your toes were curled when he went down on you. He wanted to make sure you were wet enough for him so he wouldn’t hurt you when you guys were having sex.

“God you’re so gorgeous.” he placed your legs over his shoulder before he moved your panties to the side and started to eat you out.

“Just like that Stevie. God you’ve come so far since you first went down on me.” you caressed his head as he added a finger inside you. You were pleasantly surprised with how far Steve has come when it comes to oral sex. He was completely clueless and hesitant when he first tried so you had to guid him through it. But now it’s like he lives between your legs.

“I know you want to cum y/n, do it.” Steve looked up at you briefly before his tongue was inside you again. He was right, you wanted to cum but you wanted to wait a little bit long. But now that he gave you the ok you let go and let your orgasm take over.

“STEVE !” you arched your back as you came on his face. His hands were on your thighs keeping them open as licked up your juices.

Once you finally calmed down Steve kissed his way up your body while his hands were behind you. He was trying to remove the top of the lingerie but couldn’t find the clip.

“How to I take this off?” Steve had a confused look on his face. You couldn’t help but laugh before you sat up.

“The clip for the top of this is right here.” you placed his hands behind your back and he unhooked it. “And to unhook the rest of the bra-”

“I know where that is” his hands slid down before they landed on the back of the bra and unhooked it.

Laying back down Steve started to remove your panties painfully slow. “Steve please.”

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would hear an angel beg” Steve finally removed the panties and threw them to the side as you spread your legs for him again. “Oh wait !”

Steve got up and got a condom from your nightstand. “That would of been a disaster ! !”.

“I know.” he started sucking on your neck as he slowly pushed himself inside you. “I’m going to make love to you.”

Your eyelids fluttered shut as Steve slowly started to fill you up. That’s another thing you loved about him, he likes to take his time when you guys are having sex. He loves to worship your body and makes sure your enjoying yourself before he came. No matter how many times you tell him he could finish before you he makes sure you cum before him.

“Seriously” he pulls out slightly before he thrusts back in. “I can’t believe you’re mine.”

With your arms around his back you started to match his pace. The only noise in the room were grunts, moans and I love being exchanges.

“I love you.” Steve ran his left thumb over your nipple as you lightly bit his earlobe.

“I love you too Stevie” you whimpered into his ear as he started to thrust harder but continued the slow pace. “Please Stevie. Let me be on top.” you pleaded.

“Ok hold on.” He snakes his arm around your waist and rolls you both over so you are on top of him now. “Oh I love this view.”

You slowly started to move. “You say that every time I’m on top.”

“It’s because it’s true.” he was rubbing your thighs as you continued to move at the pace he was going at earlier.

You felt s knot at the pit of your stomach again and you tried to suppress the coming orgasm. “How am I having another orgasm already? I don’t want to cum yet.”

“It’s alright y/n, you can cum. Please cum for me.” Steve encouraged you to cum, so you did.

“Yes YES oh STEVE ! ! ! !” you threw your head back and let out a loud moan. “Fuck baby ahhh”

Steve sat up and hugged your body before he rolled you guys over again so he was on top. He continued to move inside you as he was now trying to achieve his orgasm. You reached down to cupped his balls and gave them a light squeeze.

“Fuuuuuuck” Steve stuttered before he came inside the condom. He continued to move until he felt his orgasm wash away. Then he pulled out and threw the condom away before he joined you on your bed.

You guys stayed quiet for a few minutes, just enjoying the sound of the busy city. After a while you decided to break the silence.

“Do you want to move in with me. I mean you spend every other night here and most of your wardrobe his already in my drawers.” you asked as you ran your hands over his chest. Your actually shocked you haven’t asked him to move in with you sooner. Given you guys have been dating for four years.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to intrude on your private space.” Steve pulled you so you were laying on top of him.

“You wouldn’t though. I mean we’ve been together for four years and we’re going to hopefully be married within the year.” you rested your chin on his chest. “We can spend any time we have going over places we could move into once we get married. I mean I love my apartment but I don’t want to build our live here. When we have kids I want them to have a backyard so they can run around.”

“You’ve got a point there. Plus I’m getting sick of living with the rest of the team. They keep bugging me about wanting me to talk to you about you setting them up with your friends.” Steve began playing with your hair before he continued “ do you think we can look around Brooklyn? It’d be nice to go back there and raise our future kids there” Steve asked hopeful.

“Of course we can Stevie.” You placed a kiss on his lips. “We better get some sleep I actually have an appointment to go wedding dress shopping tomorrow. The girls actually set the appointment the day I told them the news.”

“Alright and I’ll talk to Tony about him giving me the phone number of his event planner. The sooner we plan the wedding the sooner we’ll get to be married and I get to call you Mrs. Rogers” he replied with excitement that you’ll soon be known as Mrs. Rogers. You were about to go back to your side of the bed but Steve held onto you tight. “Oh no, we’re sleeping like this tonight”

“I’m more than ok with that.” you laughed before you laid your head on his chest.“Goodnight my love”

“Goodnight my angel” he kissed the top of your head before drifting off to sleep.


Title: “Admiration”

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: K

Hello, hello! Currently in the midst of transferring my fics from my other account to this one, so my other account can be deleted. I hope you enjoy. :)

“Natsu Dragneel! Natsu Dragneel!”, the reporter from Sorcerer Weekly jogged up to the salmon-haired man.

He’d been following him quite literally ALL day long.

Natsu sighed and turned towards the scrawny man. He fiddled with the several bags of groceries he held in both hands. He just wanted to get back to Lucy’s apartment. He didn’t have time to dabble about and talk to random people, let alone a reporter. Those guys could go on forever and ever, it’s like they never shut up with the questions!, he frowned, groaning internally. Lucy was expecting him back with the groceries any minute, she’d be upset if he wasn’t there soon. Especially considering she was already pissed at him for raiding her fridge again.  “What’s up?”, he questioned, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible about this whole thing.

The man toyed with the pen and noteback he was holding, uneasy as can be talking to such a strong mage. “Um…Uh…sorry I’m a little nervous, this is my first time out in the field gathering information for articles.”, he cleared his throat timidly and adjusted the glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, “I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about some of your friends from Fairy Tail?”

“Uh…Sure why not? Shoot.”, Natsu shrugged indifferently and set the bags of groceries onto the ground next to him.

Hopefully Lucy doesn’t kick me too hard for being late, Natsu shuddered at the thought. 

The reporter cleared his throat once again, “Alright, my first question is from a fan. They want to know…Who in the guild do you want to fight the most?”

“Hm…”, the dragonslayer tapped his foot as he thought of his answer then started cackling loudly, hands crossed over his stomach as he doubled over from the laughter.

The reporter stared at him wide-eyed, confused by the sudden burst of laughter, “Um, sir, is everything alright?”

Natsu’s laughter had reduced to light chuckles as he wiped the tears away from the corners of his eyes, “Sorry, sorry! I just, when I was thinking about that I remembered about much I really wanted to kick Metal-mouth’s ass, but then I thought about it more. What if, and hear me out, what if I kicked Pervy Popsicle and the Iron Idiot’s asses at the same time!?”, his laughter increased in decibels again at the image.

He could just see it now, Gajeel and Gray begging for mercy as he gets ready for a Fire Dragon Ro- “Sir. I don’t really think that qualifies as an answer…the fan asked for one person…”, the scrawny man carefully attempted to persuade him into picking a different answer.

Natsu tsked and shook his head, standing up fully with a toothy grin, “Now I would disagree! Just imagine how hilarious it would be to see both of them running away after I shove their heads up their-“

SIR! Please, just choose one.”, the reporter begged as he rubbed a hand down his face in irritation.

The salmon-haired man mumbled a few obscenities and crossed his arms, “Fine.”, he stated with his upper lip out in a pout before smiling widely, “I’ll choose, Erza! I’m going to beat her in a fight one day, you know.”

The lanky reporter face-palmed at his answer, “Okay okay…next question…”, he sighed before he continued, “This one is from another fan, she wants to know who your best friends are.”

“Oh this one is super easy!”, Natsu exclaimed, “Happy and Lucy are my best friends!”

“Is that so?”, the reporter nodded appreciatively that Natsu had finally given him a straight answer as he scribbled down his responses on the notepad he held, “Well, then that should make answering this next question super easy for you. A fan wants to know what you think of Lucy Heartfilia?”

The fire mage burst out into laughter at the mention of his best friend, “Luce is such a weirdo! You know, she only sleeps on the left side of the bed? She says it’s because she likes to be right next to the window so she can look out at the stars, but I personally think she does it cause she’s strange.”, he stated as if he had just pointed out something completely legitimate.

The reporter leaned in a little, “Are you saying you sleep in the same bed as Lucy Heartfilia?”

“Yep!”, he answered casually and grinned widely, “Oh! Oh! You know what else she does that’s weird? She always writes these stories about princesses meeting their prince charmings and living “happily ever after”. Why would you want a prince charming anyways? They’re always so snobby and annoying. Plus, they smell bad. I’ll be damned if I let her end up with some rich bastard”, he made a disgusted face to emphasize his words.

Intriguing…, the report contemplated before asking his next question, “I see…Well who do you propose Miss Lucy finds to spend her “happily ever after” with?”

Natsu tapped his chin as he worded his response in his head before answering, face suddenly turning serious, “Luce…Luce deserves someone who appreciates her for who she is. She needs someone just as weird as her, a person who will accept her odd shower times. They have to be willing to fit in with her weird eating habits, and she has some weird eating habits. Let me tell you, she is only person I know who won’t eat the skin on her chicken, or she even won’t eat the crust on her sandwiches. I have to make sure the syrup is cold for our pancakes, otherwise she won’t eat it. Sure, it gets annoying sometimes, but being a fire mage kind’ve helps I guess.”, he chuckled to himself not realizing how off track he’d gotten.

“Sir, you went a little off topic. Do you mind starting where left off originally?”, the reporter asked politely, but inside he wanted to smack Natsu across the face and tell him to take this more seriously.

“Oh yeah! What were we talking about? Sorry about that…”, he rubbed the back of his head bashfully.

“You were telling me about the kind of person miss Lucy Heartfilia deserves…”

“OH! So anyways, like I was saying, Luce deserves someone who isn’t afraid to walk through fire for her, someone who would walk through hell and back to save her. She needs someone who is able to find something to do on their own for a while because she really needs those couple of hours to read to herself. That’s something I’m not very good at. She gets mad at me because I constantly beg her to do stuff when all she wants to do is sit in her room and read, but I guess I’m really lucky that she just brushes it off…”, he paused for a second as a blush began to form on his cheeks and spread up to the tips of his ears, “She really is an amazing person…I don’t deserve her friendship, let alone to spend the rest of my life with her…”

The reporter frowned at the end of his response, “Why would you say you don’t deserve her? I’ve heard of all of your valiant rescues, and from what you’ve told me, your relationship already sounds like what most married couples’ relationships sound like.”

Natsu frowned, “I don’t deserve her because I’m always in her personal space; reading her letters to her mom, reading her book, sleeping in her bed without her permission. I’m more of a pest than anything.”

“I would have to respectfully disagree with you, sir. Sure, the things you do may be annoying, but in every relationship there are going to be things the other person does that you just don’t like or agree with. It is very obvious how much you care for this woman, and I think it would be a shame if your love were left wasted.”, the reported finished with a nod.

Natsu beamed at the man, “You’re right! I need to show her how much I appreciate her! Starting with telling her it’s okay to to sleep on the left side of the bed, that I love her no matter how weird she gets as time goes on.”, he paused and thought of something for a second then broke out into a series of chuckles, “Can you imagine how many wrinkles she’s going to have when she’s an old lady? I’m totally gonna make fun of her for it, so will Happy! He’ll really let her have it!”

“Sir, with all due respect, don’t you think that’s a little harsh…?”, the reporter pointed out.

Natsu snickered, “Nah! Lucy’ll be the most beautiful, wrinkly old lady ever! I can’t wait to tell her every single day of our lives how gorgeous and amazing she really is!”, he grinned his megawatt smile and bent down to pick up the groceries he’d been carrying, “Thanks for the advice, Mr. Reporter-Guy! See ya!”

“Wait, Mr. Dragneel, I have a few more questions for you!”, the man shouted, but it was no use, Natsu was already halfway down the street.

The reporter smiled softly, “Good luck, Natsu Dragneel.”, he whispered and flipped his notebook closed, putting the pen in the rings before shoving his notebook back in his bag and briskly walking away. 

Natsu slammed open the door to a certain apartment on Strawberry street. “LUCYY!!!!”, he bellowed into the empty kitchen and set the grocery bags onto the big kitchen table.

“LUCY WHERE ARE YOU?????”, he tried again, a loud bang and a yelp sounded from Lucy’s bedroom.

He quickly ran through the kitchen and the living room, being careful not to run into anything. He reached the closed door to her bedroom and held up his fist to knock, but he hesitated and reached for the doorknob instead. “Lucy…? Is everything okay in there…?”, he questioned and turned the knob, opening the door slowly.

It was an absolute disaster. The floor was covered in crumpled up pieces of paper, glitter was quite literally everywhere, in every single nook and cranny. The room smelled of something weird as well, something he’d certainly smelled before, it was tangy but the kind of tangy he never wanted to smell again. Then he saw her, sprawled on the carpet covered in glue and rainbow glittered, and the realization hit him that she had been trying to make something. “It looks like a glitter monster just rampaged through your room and beat the shit out of you!”, he burst out into a fit of laughter, pointing at the obvious mess she was in.

A kick to the face had shut him up very quickly though, knocking him flat on the ground. With that, Lucy took her place back on the rug and gripped a piece of paper next to her. It appeared to have something written on it in bright red and orange glitter. She silently scooched herself forward and held the paper out to him. Natsu hesitantly grabbed the paper from her hands and held it to his face to read it.

I’m sorry.

He stared at her wide-eyed, confused by what she’d given him. “Why’re you sorry, Luce? And why did you just to apologize with glue and glitter? You never make crafts. You always say it’s too childish.”

She only blinked at him for a few seconds before launching herself into his arms, knocking him back once again, “I’m sorry I got so angry at you for eating my food again…I overreacted. I asked everybody from the guild what I should do to apologize…This was Erza and Happy’s idea. I objected at first, but Erza started to pull out her sword and I didn’t want to get sliced into a million pieces.”

There was another thing he admired about her, the way she was always able to forgive somebody even if they didn’t deserve it.

He chuckled at her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, “Nah, Luce, it’s fine. I understand why you were mad. I would be mad too if somebody stole my food!”

She giggled softly and gave him a knowing smile, “You would…”

Natsu cleared his throat and pushed her back ever so slightly to look into her deep chocolate eyes. “Hey, Luce…”

“Yes, Natsu…?”, she stared at him perplexed.

“I need to tell you something super important.”, Lucy began to speak, but he quickly silenced her, “Just sit there and listen. I just want to start off by saying that it’s okay that you are such a weirdo!”, Lucy nearly interjected, but he placed his palm over her mouth to keep her from interrupting, so she settled for an irritated face instead, “You can sleep on the left side of bed, eat cold syrup, shower at 3:30 in the morning, and kick my ass as much as you want! I will still love you, even when you have lots of wrinkles, you can’t hear me, and you can’t walk anymore! I’ll carry you everywhere if I have to!”

“Natsu…”, she started as tears began to prick the corners of her eyes.

“Shh…Let me finish!”, he chuckled, “You are such an amazing person, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know I’m not your prince charming, and I can’t give you that super fancy “Happily ever after” you keep talking about. I’m not very good at romance, I don’t take hints very well, and I am terrible at personal space. I certainly don’t deserve your love, but it is something I want. I understand if you don’t want to give me a chance, but I-“

“You idiot…Why would I want a Prince Charming when I can have my very own dragon?”, then her lips were on his before he could finish his thought.

He sat there in shock for a few moments before he relaxed into the kiss, closing his eyes. The Celestial Spirit King had blessed him with a goddess for sure. This was how he wanted to spend the rest of his life and the rest of eternity, in her arms, kissing her passionately. Then it was over almost as soon as it started. Lucy pulled back and rubbed a hand on his rosy cheek, “I would rather spend the rest of my life, going on adventures with a dragon than with a smelly prince charming. The only downside is I won’t get a crown.”, she spoke, putting on a fake pout at the last sentence.

Natsu smiled at her widely, “I’ll get you a crown, don’t you worry.”, he kissed her forehead, “For a princess always needs a crown, this way everyone knows how truly incredible she is. Even if she chooses the mighty dragon over the dumb Prince Charming.”

Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include:
  • Watching muggle films together
  • “You know, that could’ve been resolved if they’d used their wand”
  • “Sorry, love” 
  • A lot of nicknames
  • Jealousy
  • “I saw you talking to Potter yesterday, was he telling you about the time he almost died? Oh wait… that’s basically every day for him, right?”
  • Having detentions, all the time. 
  • “Mr Malfoy, stop distracting y/n from their work”
  • Late night messages
  • ‘Have you done the potions homework due in for tomorrow????’
  • Keep having to tell him to talk to you about his problems
  • Finding out Lucius and Narcissa are chill parents
  • Snarky comments
  • Hilarious running commentaries
  • Intimate eye contact across tables
  • “Is Draco Malfoy staring at you?”
  • “No absolutely not.”
  • Giving you love bites just to make you angry
  • Kissing in the Slytherin common room to make Pansy angry
  • Lots of whispering in your ear
  • Constantly telling you he loves you
Autson Matthews - I did it daddy, I did it!

Hey I love reading your stuff there amazing and your all great writers iI was wondering if you could do a Auston Matthews one where he lets your son shoot at the all stars and make it really cute it would be awesome if you could. 

Author’s Note: THANK YOU love!!! -Julianne 

There’s nothing more that Auston love then to show is son how to play hockey. Since Luke was born the only thing Auston could talk about was how he was going to be just like daddy one day and when you saw the spark in Luke’s eye when he saw the puck for the first time you knew that was true.

So when Auston made it to the All Stars you knew with out a doubt that him and Luke were going to have a ball.  

“Mommy, were are my skates?” The five year old asked. 

“Ummmm…I believe there in the bag under mommy and daddy’s bed, sweetheart.” You said trying to place your hoodie over your head. 

“Found them! Thank you mommy! I found them daddy!” You heard Luke say from across the hotel room. 

“Great! Go get your jacket buddy.” Auston walking over to were you were.  “I have to ask you something?” 

“Okay.” You said unsure of were this was going.

“Today there going to do a shootout thing and I wanted Luke to take my place as me. Is that okay? I haven’t told him yet though, I wanted to make sure you were okay with it first.” Auston smiled taking you in his arms. 

“I think its wonderful, he’ll love that.” You said making Auston’s smile 10 times bigger. 

“Good.” He said placing a deep but sweet kiss to your lips.

Once you guys got to the arena you took Luke towards the ice to wait for Auston to get ready. 

“Hey, Luke come down to the ice with me.” Auston said as he walked out of the locker room. 

Luke looked a you as to check if it was okay. You nodded to show the toddle that to go with his dad. Luke gave you a kiss before walking down to the ice with his dad. Knowing what was coming you took your phone out and pressed the video button. 

As you heard Auston’s name being called on the loud speaker you looked over at Auston who was pushing Luke out. 

“Can you go for daddy?” Auston asked his son.

“Are you sure I can do it?” Luke worried. 

“Of course, fake Pricey out. You got this bud your a Matthews.” Auston winked. 

Luke nodded at his father than looked over at you. You smiled and gave him a thumbs up. He nodded and began to skate. You swore he took after he dad when he skated. Luke did as his father said. He faked Price out and scored. The first thing he did was throw his arms up and yell 

“I did it daddy! I did it!” 

In that moment you knew Auston was the most proud father ever, even if Luke missed he still would have been proud just to see his son having fun was enough for him.


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On the one hand, I want to talk about Harry, laying on the couch with you curled into his side. Scratching your back, kissing your forehead. Maybe getting giggly and rolling over to lay on top of you and kiss your tummy. Scratching lightly at your sides and beaming when you squirm under his touch. Reminding you just how adorable you are. How much he loves you. Telling you, “Your tummy is warm. And y'smell good. Could kiss you all day.” Sweet, cuddly, warm. Giggles at nothing.

But on the other hand…..

I want to talk about Harry tying you up to the headboard. Laying on his tummy, down between your legs. One hand holding a vibrator mercilessly against your clit. How many times have you orgasmed? Two? Five? You’ve lost count. But ohhh, Harry hasn’t. The hand not holding the vibrator is propping him up, his chin in his palm. He’s mesmerized by you. By your moans, your sighs, your squirms. He’s blinking sleepily, a lazy smirk spreading across his face. You let out a cry when he moves the vibrator a bit. “Please,” you beg. “Please, I need a break.” And be coos. His smirk only deepening as he presses down just a little harder.

“Awww, baby. It’s sweet when you beg.”

Bitty’s words echo in Jack’s ear. He might be a bit of a clueless idiot when it comes to relationships, as past evidence would show, but he knows that “can we talk” is almost never a good thing.

“A-about what?” Jack asks. He wishes now he’d listened to Bitty’s message before he called him, but there were so many missed calls he couldn’t just ignore it. And besides, Bitty sounds a little like he’s, well, crying.

“I’m just – I guess I had a bad day,” Bitty admits. “All the boys are over, Shitty even came down from Boston so we could all watch your game together. And they started talking about the rumours people used to have, y’know the ones, about how whether you and Parse were just friends, and…and it just – it hurts.”

Jack feels a little numb. He wants to drive up to Samwell right that second, but he knows he can’t. He’s got practice in the morning and then a game in the evening and so he can’t just drive the forty minutes to see his boyfriend, who is obviously hurting. Jack wants to, so badly, though. But he can’t jeopardize his career like that.

“We aren’t even friends now, you know that, right?” Jack says. He doesn’t like that Bitty’s jealous of Parse, even though he said he wasn’t back in August, but…

“No, honey, it’s not that,” Bitty says, and he sniffs again. “It’s – it’s the sneaking, and the lying, and the not being able to tell anyone about the fact the most amazing guy I’ve ever had the pleasure to know is in love with me and I love him right back and we’re together and happy when we are, and I can’t tell anyone.”

To Jack, who has never been big on confiding in anyone, this is a foreign concept. But Bitty sounds like he’s in so much pain, and Jack just wants to…well practice isn’t until ten. If he leaves right now, he can get to Samwell and back in the morning with a reasonable amount of sleep. Right?

“Bits, I’m gonna come up, okay?” Jack says, grabbing his keys and jogging down the stairs to the garage. “Just – I’ll be there in half an hour. We can stay on the phone, okay?”

“No, sweetheart, you don’t have to–”

“You’re hurt,” Jack says. He doesn’t mean to put a captain’s bark into it, but it happens anyway. “I’d do the same thing if you’d taken a bad check.”

“Oh sugar,” Bitty says. For a moment Jack thinks he’s going to tell him not to, but he doesn’t. Instead he sighs. “I dropped a pie.”

Jack feels the pain like a physical vice. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, being with Bitty the way he wanted – needed – to be with Bitty, but he never meant for it to actually hurt. It was love, right? It wasn’t supposed to be painful.

“Oh Bits,” he hears himself breathe. Bitty just sniffs in response.

“Why don’t – how about while you drive you just tell me about your game,” Bitty suggests. “And we can talk more when you get here.”

Jack agrees, although he doesn’t really want to talk about his game, and sets the phone on speaker on the passenger seat. The traffic’s good and he gets to Samwell earlier than he thinks he was going to. He parks in front of the Haus and sees Shitty’s car.

“Are you still in your room?” Jack asks.

He hears Bitty shift, like he’s getting off his bed.

“Yeah, are you outside?” he asks. Jack agrees and hears Bitty come down the stairs. This is possibly the second most impulsive thing Jack has ever done, but he thinks he’ll regret it about as much as he did the first most impulsive thing – that is to say, not at all.

“Who’s in the living room?” Jack asks.

“Uh, Lardo, Shitty, Ransom, Holster, and Nursey,” Bitty says.

All people Jack trusts. Which is good. It’s very good.

“Okay,” Jack says. “I’ll see you in a few seconds.”

He hangs up and opens the front door of the Haus. Bitty is just inside, in plain view of the people in the den. Jack ignores all of their excited clamouring at his presence, their joy over his game, and pulls Bitty into a bone crushing hug. Bitty returns it a little too tentatively for Jack’s liking. Especially since Bitty’s got red eyes and keeps sniffing. Jack is well aware of the others streaming out of the living room when he cups Bitty’s face.

“Hi honey,” he says, and he kisses Bitty, right there in front of them. Because it’s the Samwell Men’s Hockey team, and he might have graduated, but they’ve still got his back.

Always Mine - Chapter 7


A/N: Here’s chapter 7! I hope you all like it and please feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think! Also, for all of you waiting for a smut scene, stay tuned for the next chapter ;)

“Ah! Home sweet fucking home!”

Katherine trailed behind Negan as they entered his room. They had just gotten back to The Sanctuary right when the sun was beginning to set. After the long day, all Katherine wanted to do was go to her room and go to sleep but Negan had other plans. He pulled her with him to his room so they could talk about her new position. Being his wife.

Katherine watched as Negan placed Lucille on the bed, followed by his leather gloves. He then turned and lent his head to the side, giving her a toothy grin.

“Come on in, Doll. Not like you haven’t fucking been in here before. Take a fucking seat.”

Katherine slowly walked over and sat on one of the leather couches while Negan walked over to the table where he kept his alcohol. He poured two glasses of whiskey before walking over to Katherine. Grinning, he held one of the glasses out to her. Katherine looked up at him.

“It’ll help calm your nerves, Kitty Kat.”

Swallowing, she took the glass from him and took a sip, scrunching her face up slightly from the burn.  Negan laughed and sat on the table in front of her, sipping from his own drink before setting it down on the table.

Katherine tried not to squirm from his intense gaze as his eyes moved up and down her body before focusing back on her face.

“There are some fucking rules we gotta go over, Kitty Kat. The first one being, you are mine and only fucking mine. You belong to me and only me. No other man is allowed to touch you.”

Katherine would be lying if she said she wasn’t expecting that one. Negan was a possessive man and liked to keep the things he claimed as his for only him. If someone even looked at them, Negan would get mad. Katherine knew this from experience.

That guy is pissing me off.”

Katherine sighed as Negan glared daggers at a man down the bar.

Negan please don’t start.”

Negan looked down at Katherine.

No. He’s been fucking eyeballing you since we got in here.” Katherine sighed again and stirred her straw around in her drink. She hated Negan’s possessive side. She wished it had never come out. But when she tried to break up with him after finding out he was married, it was like he became a whole new person. One that scared her.

Trying to break up the tension, Katherine stood up and grabbed his hand.

“Let’s just leave then and go somewhere else.” Negan looked down at her then back to the man who’s eyes were still flicking over to Katherine every now and then.When he caught the man looking again, he growled.

That’s it.” He walked over to the guy at the end of the bar.

We got a fucking problem here?” The guy looked up and shook his head. “No? Then why the fuck do I keep catching you looking at my fucking girl?” Katherine ran over and grabbed Negan’s arm.

Negan please.”

Look man, I was just looking. I didn’t know you were together. I mean, aren’t you a little old for her?”

Katherine’s eyes widened as Negan just laughed like a maniac before swinging and punching the man in the face. Katherine screamed as the guy fell to the ground and groaned in pain.

You wanna fucking say that again?”

The guy saw the threatning look in Negan’s eyes. Since he was younger and a lot smaller, he made a smart decision and shook his head no. Negan lent his head to the side and smirked. “That’s what I fucking thought. Let’s go.” He grabbed Katherine’s hand and pulled her out of the bar.

“Number two,” Negan said, pulling Katherine from her thoughts. “You’ll come when I call for you. Don’t keep me waiting either, you know how much I fucking hate that shit.” Katherine nodded, looking down at her glass. Of course she should have known better because not even a second later, Negan had her chin in his grip and was lifting her face up.

“Just so you know, I don’t force my wives to do anything that don’t wanna fucking do. Rape is not allowed here. Men around here don’t touch a female without her permission and that goes for me too.” He let her chin go in order to pick up his glass of whiskey and take a sip. Setting it back down, he cupped her cheeks this time.

“Let’s seal the fucking deal, Doll. Kiss me.”

Katherine hesitated for a minute but knowing there was no other option, she placed her lips on his. She could taste the whiskey on his lips as he quickly took control. His lips devoured hers while she did her best to try and kiss back.

Negan pulled away breathing harshly before chuckling.

“There’s the Kitty Kat I fucking know.” He tucked a piece of hair behind her ear while his other hand fell down to rest on her bare knee. Katherine’s breath hitched, making him laugh in her ear.

“Relax, Doll. I know you’re probably not up to me fucking your brains out tonight and that’s fine, I can fucking wait but we both know how impatient I get.” He kissed the shell of her ear before pulling back slightly and giving her his signature grin.

“Let’s go, I’ll show you your new room.” Katherine raised an eyebrow.

“New room?” Negan smirked.

“And here I thought we lost your fucking tongue back in Alexandria.” He laughed as Katherine just sat there. When he sobered up, he kept the grin on his face. “Yea new room. I keep all my wives in one spot. Easier to get to all of them.”

He took her glass from her and set it down on the coffee table next to his before pulling her to stand. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he grabbed Lucille and they headed out of his room. They walked just a few feet down the hall to another set of double wood doors. Once Negan opened them and they stepped in, Katherine saw five heads turn their way. She heard some murmurs asking who she was. Her eyes caught Sherry’s, who was looking at her shocked. She looked down at the ground as Negan spoke.

“Good evening ladies, let me fucking introduce you to my new wife, Katherine. I trust you all to fucking get along.” He bent down and whispered in Katherine’s ear. “If they give you and trouble, Doll, you come right fucking to me. Understand?”

Katherine nodded as he stood back to his full height. He looked around the room and smirked at Sherry.

“Could you come here, dear wife?”

Sherry bit the inside of her cheek as she walked over to the pair.

“I’m trusting you with my Kitty Kat. Show her her room and then take her to get some food.” Sherry just nodded stepping over towards Katherine.

“Come with me,” she said softly. Katherine looked up at her and gave a slight nod.

Negan grinned as Katherine followed Sherry through the room.

“That’s my fucking girls! Now,” he clapped his hands, “which one you lucky lady’s is gonna accompany me for the night?”

Katherine felt her stomach churn and was happy she didn’t stick around to hear anymore. Sherry led her to an empty room. Stepping in, she saw it was about the same size as her other one. Sighing, she sat on the bed, taking note her bags with her clothes were already in here. She heard Sherry clear her throat.

“I thought you didn’t want to be a wife.”

“I didn’t.” Sherry nodded.

“What happened?”

Katherine looked down at the comforter below her.

“We um, we went to my community today. Negan ended up taking all their guns after my little brother threatened to kill one of his men. Two guns ended up being missing and Negan was threatning to kill another person. I-I couldn’t let him do that. Those people are my family and friends. W-what are they gonna think when they find out?” Her throat tightened as tears stung her eyes. Sherry walked over and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

The tears started falling this time. Sherry sighed and rubbed her back as the young girl cried. She understood why she did what she did. Hell, a lot of the woman out in the other room agreed to marry Negan for the same reasons Katherine did. To keep the ones they love safe.

“I’m sure your family will understand. You did it to save someone. And if you play your cards right, you could probably save even more.”

Katherine sniffled and nodded.

“D-did Dwight understand?”

Sherry stiffened and Katherine noticed. “S-sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I just heard Negan telling Daryl the story.”

Sherry looked at her and shook her head.

“It’s okay. Dwight knew why I did what I did. He knew I did it to keep him alive. He’s not necessarily happy but he understands. And so will your people.”

Katherine nodded and wiped her eyes.

“Thanks.” Sherry nodded.

“You’re welcome.”

It had been a few days since Katherine had become one of Negan’s wives. She had spent most of the days in her room, reading some of the books she found around the room. She only saw Negan when he would come pick a wife to take back to his room with him. But he always made it a point to stop by her room to see her. Other than that, nothing has happened, which she was happy for.

She had made friends with all the other woman. She was closest to Sherry and a blonde named Amber. She had quickly learned most of the woman became Negan’s wife for the same reason she did. She was pretty sure there was only one that was there because she actually wanted to be but Katherine was not going to judge. She would be the first to admit, Negan was attractive. But looks aren’t everything and Negan proved to be crazier than she thought.

Katherine was currently in her room, sitting on her bed and reading a book when a knock sounded on her door.

“Come in.”

The door opened as Sherry walked in, a pile of clothes and heels in her hands.

“Hey Sherry.” Sherry gave a tight smile.

“Hey Kat. Reading?” Katherine looked down at the book and nodded.

“Yea but it’s a little boring. Did you need something?”

Sherry nodded and pushed a lock of hair behind her ear.

“Negan was just here. He told me to tell you he wants to have dinner tonight and you have to wear this.” She handed Katherine the pile of clothes. Unfolding them, she saw it was a plain back dress that would surely show off her curves as well as a black lace bra and matching panties.

She felt her heart drop.

“W-why does he want to have dinner?” Sherry shrugged.

“I don’t know but I wouldn’t keep him waiting. He hates it.” With that, Sherry left the room, shutting the door behind her. Katherine looked at the clothes in her hand. She didn’t want to wear them but knew she had to.

Taking a deep breath, she closed her book and stood up. Stripping out of her clothes, she pulled on the ones given to her. She was right when she guessed it would cling to her. It was almost like a second skin.

“Perv,” she mumbled, trying to pull the end of the dress down to cover more but that only succeded in pulling the top down and showing more cleavage. Sighing, she fixed the dress and pulled the heels on. Running a brush through her hair, she took a deep breath and headed out of her room and down to Negan’s.

Her heart was pounding as she raised her fist to knock on the door.

“And who the fuck could that be?” She swallowed hard as the door opened and Negan stepped forwards, a smirk on his face. “Well look at that, it’s my fucking Kitty Kat. Right on fucking time.” His eyes ran over her making a shiver run down her spine while he let out a groan.

“I definitely made the right fucking choice. Come the fuck in, Kitty Kat. Dinner’s ready.” Katherine shakily stepped in as Negan shut the door behind her. She walked over and sat on one side of the table that had been set up. Negan smirked and sat across from her.

He saw her eyeing the food and laughed. Pulling the napkin off the table, he tucked it into the collar of his shirt.

“Go ahead and dig in, Kitty Kat. I had them make your fucking favorite.”

Katherine hadn’t even noticed. Looking down again, she saw it was her favorite. Chicken with mashed potatoes.

“Where did you find all of this?” Negan smirked as he dug in.

“Some of the other communties that work for me were very fucking generous. Eat.” He ordered. Katherine picked up her fork and knife, hesitantly cutting into the chicken before stabbing a piece with her fork and putting it in her mouth. Negan laughed and shook his head, eating his own food.

They ate in an awkward silence. Katherine felt Negan’s eyes burning holes into her while she just kept hers on her plate.

After they were done, Negan groaned and sat back in his chair, patting his stomach.

“Now that was fucking good. Wasn’t that fucking good, Doll?”

Katherine looked at him and saw the look on his face. It was the same look he had given her father back in Alexandria when he was expecting a thank you. She slowly nodded her head.

“It was. T-thank you Negan.” Her answer seemed to please him as he grinned.

“Are you kidding? Thank you for fucking having dinner with me, Doll. It was just like old fucking times. I’ve missed it.”

Katherine just nodded.

“S-should I be going now?” Negan smirked and poked his tongue out between his teeth.

“Not so fucking fast, Kitty Kat. We’ve gotta talk.”

Katherine swallowed hard.

“About what?”

Negan sat forward and folded his hands together on top of the table.



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First threesome and sharing experience!

So this is how our first threesome went, and how my fiancé really got into the idea of sharing me. I’m not entirely sure how it came up, but it was his idea to try a threesome. He said he was kind of nervous about whether I should have sex with the other guy as well, or what, but I said we could just go with the flow. I was craving some new action and it was his idea in the first place, so I said sure! We both agreed It should be someone we trust, so he let me pick one of his friends who we knew would be down for it. He was tall and muscular, very hot. It kind of got me excited just thinking about him. So my fiancé talked to him about it and we set up a date. Well the day arrived and when his friend showed up, we all had a couple drinks and talked for a while to break the ice. After a while, we decided it was time. We went into the bedroom and they both sat on the bed. I sat in my fiances lap and started to kiss him, making out as I rubbed him through his jeans. We stopped kissing and I locked eyes with him, a sort of silent “go ahead” from him. I turned towards his friend and I started to kiss him too, his hand held my cheek. I started to rub up his thigh and found his cock through the jeans, I could feel he was half hard but still quite large. I started to rub them both as I alternated kissing them, I could feel already his friend was gonna be bigger than him. It really turned me on. I told them each to stand and I got on my knees between them. I unzipped my fiances jeans and pulled them down, then pulled his boxers down, his hard cock sticking straight at me. He’s about 6" when he’s hard, and not very thick, but not pencil thin either. Just sort of average. I rubbed his cock with my hand for a second and then took it into my mouth, deep throating him entirely to the base. I looked up at him as I did this, saw he was enjoying it. Then I took him out of my mouth. I turned now and looked up at his friend. I’m not sure if he could see in my eyes how excited I was, but I was extremely excited. I did the same for him, unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. His cock was pushing against his boxers and when I pulled them down, I think my jaw dropped a little. He was so big, he was only about 80% hard and it was bigger than my fiances. Thick and long. I immediately wrapped my hand around it and stroked it for a moment before holding it up and licking up his shaft, then taking the head into my mouth. I reached behind me and took my fiancé in my hand, rubbing him as I sucked more and more of his friends big cock. He was still rock hard in my hand so I knew he was enjoying it. I tried to deep throat his friends cock but couldn’t take it all in like I could with him, it actually hurt my jaw a little just to fit it in there in the first place. Then I switched and sucked my fiances cock again, and rubbed his friend. I alternated back and forth like this for 5 or 10 minutes, my pussy now quite wet from being so turned on. I stood and they removed my shirt, then my bra. My fiancé kissed me while his friend was feeling my tits, pinching my nipples which made me moan into my fiances mouth. My fiancé stopped and started to undo my belt as his friend kissed my neck, then kissed down to my boobs and started sucking on my nipples. I grabbed his head and held it there as my fiancé pushed my pants down, then my panties. I was already pretty wet but my fiancé wanted to eat me out first, so I laid on the bed. He started to lick my pussy, so I was sucking his friends cock again, massaging his balls as I did. Then my fiancé told me to get on my hands and knees so I did. I kept sucking his friend while he got behind me and slipped his bare cock into me. (I was on good birth control now so we ditched condoms). My fiancé grabbed my hips and started fucking me, the motion pushing his friends cock further into my mouth each time. His friend grabbed my hair in one hand and my head in the other hand and started pushing my mouth further onto his dick. Now, my fiancé has never lasted long in bed, and this was no exception. He fucked me for about 3 or so minutes, before I felt him pull out quickly and shoot his load onto my back, just 2 little strings of cum or so. I looked back at him as he finished and he let out a sigh of satisfaction. He got off the bed, clearly done and his friend and I sort of just looked at him. I said “baby I know you weren’t sure if you’d be able to let him fuck me, but…can i? We didn’t cum yet..” my fiancé looked back at me and said “yeah, it’s okay.” I instantly smiled and turned back towards his friend, sucking him deep again. I noticed my fiancé watching intently, his cock actually getting hard again, and I knew he thought it was hot. After another minute, his friend looked at him and said “Ya know, I’m gonna fuck her how I fuck every girl, I’m not gonna take it easy.” My eyes shot open because I thought it would piss off my fiancé, but he just stood there, not saying anything and nodded. Then his friend picked me up easily into his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist. We made out, sucking on each others tongues and biting lips as my fiancé watched. Then he got onto the bed and laid me down on my back. He grabbed my tits again, then situated himself between my legs. He laid his big cock against my stomach so his balls were by my pussy. “See how deep it’s gonna be?” He asked me, then looked at my fiancé as if he was asking him too. His tip was just under my belly button. I bit my lip and pinched my nipples, my eyes closing as he pulled back. He began rubbing my clit with his tip, then rubbed it between my pussy lips, teasing me and getting his tip wet. I kept my eyes closed as I felt him push one of my legs up to my chest, and the head of his cock found the entrance to my pussy. His head rested comfortably inside me as he started to push his weight into me. I felt his cock pushing it’s way inside me, he pushed in firmly until he was balls deep. My eyes shot open with pleasure, I felt so filled. His cock filled me so much better than my fiances. “Fuck you’re tight!” He exclaimed as he held himself there. Then he put my feet up over his shoulders, put his hands on the bed by my shoulders, leaning down into me as he started to thrust. I looked over at my fiancé and was shocked to see him rubbing his cock to me getting fucked! We exchanged eye contact, until his friend started fucking me faster, making my eyes roll back into my head. I wrapped my arms around him, my nails digging into his back. I screamed out that I was going to cum and I heard my fiancé say “cum baby, cum on his cock”. It was so sexy, and his friend was so big inside me I instantly exploded into an orgasm, my nails digging into his back more and my jaw dropping. His friend said “oohhh I can feel her clenching around me” and he was right, the waves of my orgasm were making my pussy squeeze around him and then loosen, over and over until I started to come back down. He grunted and fucked me for another minute before pulling out, picking me up and flipping me onto my hands and knees. He slapped my ass really hard, then again. I could feel the mark his hand left. Then he squeezed my ass hard and stuffed himself back inside me. My eyes rolled back again as I was quickly filled back up. He grabbed my hair in his hand and pulled back on it to pull me against him as he continued fucking me. I watched my fiancé from this position as he was still slowly rubbing his cock to me being fucked. I moved my arms out from under me so my face and shoulders were against the bed, ass up in the air. I reached between my legs to rub my clit, and after another minute I was cumming again. I slapped my hand over my mouth and closed my eyes as I came. “Fuck, I love that!” I heard his friend exclaim before spanking me again, long deep, slow strokes as I came so he could really feel me. My fiancé sat on the bed beside me and said “does that feel good baby? Does he fuck you good?” I knew he wasn’t being self conscious, I knew he actually really loved this, so I answered honestly. “Fuck baby, he fucks me so good, he’s so big, I feel so full of cock.” My fiancé bit his lip to my response, still rubbing his cock. He looked to his friend and said “Ya know, she rides really well”. His friend said “Oh yeah? Why don’t you show me?” And spanked me again. He pulled out and I moaned as I felt empty. I got on my knees and kissed his friend, then pushed him down onto his back. I straddled his waist and grabbed his cock, it felt all slimy from fucking me so long. I put the tip in me and placed my hands in his chest for balance. I noticed my fiancé watching his cock in my pussy, so I started riding up and down, just the first half of his cock at first, teasing his tip and not giving the whole thing. Then I sat down hard, his cock disappearing into me as both him and I let out a satisfied moan. He squeezed my ass and started bouncing me up and down, sliding up then letting gravity pull me back down hard. He started thrusting upwards as I came down, pushing it in even harder. My fiancé stood beside the bed now, leaned over to kiss me for a second as I kept riding. He kissed me and went back to playing with himself so I looked back at his friend and we locked eyes as I continued riding. He liked his thumb and started rubbing my clit with it and it made me weak, I collapsed down onto his chest. He wrapped his muscular arms around my body and held me there as he thrusted up into me. I felt my body begin to shake as I started cumming a third time. He fucked me until I finished cumming, then when I regained my breath he let go and I started riding again. He grabbed my boobs and squeezed them as I kept riding. He started to grunt and he said that he was getting close to cumming. I started riding up and down faster, then sat down completely and moved my hips around in circles, pushing his cock into every corner of my pussy. I saw he loved it so I alternated between circling a few times then bouncing a few times, then back to circles. He grabbed onto my hips and I felt his grip getting stronger. I looked at my fiancé and he was rubbing himself really quickly now, so I just let his friend use me how he wanted. His friend said “fuck…fuck..clench your pussy like when you cum!” And slammed me down onto him and held my body there. Once he did that, I started to clench my muscles around him like he asked me to. I did it once and felt his already big cock tense up deep inside me. I tightened my muscles again and I felt him release. I clenched my pussy around him, as if milking him into me. I timed it to the pulsing of his cock, tightening up as his cock tensed, then loosening to feel another shot of cum enter me. I could feel his cum shooting deep into me. He must have really liked me squeezing around him because he came for at least 15 seconds or so, shooting rope after rope of cum into my pussy. He groaned loudly as he finished and I climbed off him. To my surprise, my fiancé immediately told me to lay on my back and I did. He spread my legs to find some of his friends cum dripping out of me. Then, he grabbed his cock and pushed his friends cum back into me! I almost laughed because I felt so stretched after fucking a big cock for so long, that my fiances cock felt tiny inside me. But he loved it. He must have been close already because he thrusted wildly for about 20 seconds and then he too came inside me, albeit a much smaller amount. He emptied his load into me, mixing with his friends. And so that’s about it, I hope you enjoyed the story of our first threesome and sharing experience, more to come :)

Sometimes I think about, and then cry about, Sirius sitting in his room with the mirror next to him all day just waiting for Harry to pick it up to talk to him because he’s so lonely. Like he told Harry he was giving him the mirror in case he had any problems w/ Snape but really it was just so that he could have someone that he knows loves him to talk to bc being in Grimmauld just brings back all the memories of his horrible family and he’s just so alone wtf

Happy Haunted Holidays!

((Took too long to post. Sorry bout that.))


“This evening has been…It’s been…um…”


 “Yes, hectic…it’s been…oh…” The animated ragdoll tried to hide her nervous chuckle with a half-honest smile. Her cheeks had gone red from this smile. She’d been using it all night, despite the fact that it was he who came to her. Having him notice her, let alone feel the same way, was something she was unprepared for, and Sally could never keep herself together when she was unprepared.

“It’s a good kind of hectic, though,” Jack added. Seeing Sally tremble just trying to talk to him tickled his bones with delight and sympathy. “In a way, you could say I was right about my Christmas all along!”

“I suppose. I don’t know if I’d call a day where I was shot out of the sky a ‘good kind’ of anything.”

“You and Sandy were almost eaten. You didn’t catch goosebumps from that?!”

Sally went back to smiling her usual way: content, with a hint of malice in her stitches. “I would have gotten away. How was I supposed to know those three…children, could sew so fast?”

 “If you didn’t know that, how are you so sure you would have escaped?”

 “I don’t always know things. I just think about them. That’s all.”

“Fascinating philosophy. In fact it’s just giving me an idea for next Halloween. I’ll have to write it down before the Mayor makes me forget-” Jack began to go off on one of his rambling tirades before realizing Sally wasn’t following him to the gate.

“Aren’t you coming?”


“Yes you!” Jack said as he took her by the hand. “You’re like a kitchen mouse without its head.”

Sally blushed and rocked back and forth on her heel as her king waited out another nervous smile. “I just didn’t think you’d want to spend the day with me.”

“Day?” That word seemed to float in midair for minute. Suddenly, Zero’s apparition appeared out of his grave and yipped for his master’s attention. “Its daybreak already?”

“We haven’t left the graveyard all night, rememb-”

“It’s Christmas!”

Jack let out a piercing scream. He grabbed Sally by her wrist, this time pulling her towards the gate.

“Where are w-?”

“It’s my first ever Christmas! Come on Sally, we have to make something of it!”


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Stressed Shawn

Note: I’m currently doing an honesty hour + drop by and tell me about your day/night or anything else you’d like to share anonymously or not, up to you. I’d love to talk to you all so don’t be afraid to message me :) 

Requested: Could you do an imagine where Shawn is feeling really stressed and vulnerable but you are there to comfort him?


You’re sitting at Shawn’s kitchen counter working on a paper when you hear the door from the garage slam shut. You know it is Shawn just arriving home, and a few seconds later, your thought is confirmed when he emerges from the hallway. “You’re here,” He says, a smile spreading across his face. You usually aren’t at his place on Thursday nights, because you have an apartment on your University’s campus that you live at. But since your Friday class got cancelled, you figured you come out and spend the night with Shawn.

You have a history of showing up unannounced at his place quite a bit, so he’s not really surprised to see you. But he is happy to come home to you. However, tonight, even though he’s smiling at you, you can just tell from his demeanor that he’s stressed. He comes over to where you’re sitting and wraps his arms around you. You untangle yourself from his arms and hop off the stool, turning around to hug him properly. “What’s up?” You ask him, reaching up and running your fingers through his hair. You know that something is going on or that he’s dealing with something.

“Just work stuff.” He replies.

You rest your head against his chest, just taking in the feeling of being close to him. “Want to talk about it?” You ask.

“I just want to hold you.” He replies. “You make me feel better.”

“Okay,” You say. If that’s what he needs right now, you aren’t complaining. After a few more minutes, you move away from him slightly, causing him to let you go. You grab his hand and lead him to the couch. He takes a seat, and you sit on his lap, letting him resume his hold on you. “When you’re ready to talk, I’m here.” You say after a few more minutes of comfortable silence.

“There’s just so much pressure right now.” He finally speaks. “I just feel so stressed out, babe. And it isn’t even one thing. It’s like everything all together. I’m trying to perfect my performance, but no matter how I try, I still feel like it isn’t good enough. And I need to make time to be in the studio, but I just don’t have the time, and I feel like I’m not in the creative mood so my time in the studio or trying to write is kind of a waste since I’m not getting anything done. And I know I have a lot to do, but that just makes me even more stressed because I feel like I don’t have the time to waste.”

You can practically feel the stress radiating off of him. “Baby,” You say softly, and he looks down at you. “Relax. It’s going to be okay. I promise you. Everything is going to work out and you’re going to get everything done.”

He tightens his grip around you, “This is just what I needed, just some time with you.” He responds, and you feel like he seems at least a little less stressed than he did when he walked in the door, which is a good thing.

“Is there anything I can do?” You ask.

“No, just being here is making everything better.” He responds. And then he suddenly seems to realize that it’s a Thursday night. “Do you need to leave? Don’t you have class tomorrow?” He asks.

“It got cancelled.”

“Good,” He replies, “Because I wasn’t actually planning to let you go.”

You just laugh at him. “I love you Shawn, don’t stress, okay baby?”

“I’ll try, I love you too.” He replies, kissing your forehead.

lbarrett17  asked:

Hello hello!! Could i get an hc of tyler and the reader falling asleep on the phone together and when tyler sleep talks he confesses his feelings for the reader?

Hello!! Of course, please enjoy 😊😊💕💕


- Talking all day everyday cause 👌🏽

- Never wanting to hang up

- But always being tired when you wake up

- It’s late but who cares you love talking

- Both half asleep but you fall asleep before him

- He falls asleep soon after you and begins to talk in his sleep

- Saying how much you mean to him and how much he cares about you

- You wake up just as he was finishing

- Seeing him the next day and mentioning it

- Blushing big boy and nodding

- You replaying the feelings and the two of you going on a date


“The oddest part of dealing with him was for six weeks, I was with him eight to ten hours a day. I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with him. I’d bring the paper in every day. He’d get letters from women with pictures, that said they loved him and wanted to marry him. We’d talk about all this shit. When we weren’t talking about his deeds, just talking about regular things, I saw a regular guy. A product of upper middle class, someone who had been given all the resources and benefits that anybody could want in this country. A guy who had a strong command of the English language, who knew how to talk to authority figures. He could be charming. Overall, you could say he was tolerant and not racist at all. The people in the neighborhood he lived all thought he was a pretty decent white guy. You could see he had real love for his mom and dad and grandpa and brother. The night that I interrogated him, it took me about three and half hours before he started to crack, and when he started crying and saying, “How will I explain this to my family? What will they think about me?” you could see he had a lot of really normal emotions that any normal person would have. When you would look at Jeffrey Dahmer, into his blue eyes, you didn’t see the fucking devil, you know what I’m saying? You saw - at least I saw - a pathetic human being who was so hedonistically selfish that all he could think about was the pursuit of his own sexual pleasures.” -Detective Pat Kennedy on his meetings with Jeffrey Dahmer