i could just gush about everything

Fuck, like…

If you ship Sokkla, I believe Azula would incredibly turned on just by Sokka looking at her. As in gazing at her. As in he’s already holding her and then just fucking admiring every part of her, like… wow!

“You have a nice… everything.”

“Is that your professional assumption?”

“Fuck yeah it is!”

Its so beautiful man, I could cry tears of pure gold. But its not in that sappy romantic way, like, they’re on a bed, he’s got his hands roaming every part of her, pinching her nipples, tongue deep into her mouth, and then he goes lower and he’s exploring down south of the border, if you know what I mean XD and she’s just fucking gushing!

And he just can’t stop fucking raving about how beautiful she is because he’s intoxicated or something. She’s so turned on by his praise of her, like, she wants him to talk dirty and call her all these horrible nasty things things, but he flip flops back and forth on it like…

Ah, its so beautiful.

anonymous asked:

I have a HC request! :) Yoosung or Seven or whoever you want honestly lol: MC and [RFA Member] are kids, about 10 years old. MC's reaction to finding out that [RFA Member] has a crush on her but she also has a crush on them. [RFA Member] may or may not have told MC themselves, she could have found out from somewhere else idk. Something cute, sweet, and innocent with the spark of love thanks to Valentine's Day xx

Doing headcanons for all of the members for Valentines Day ♡ 


✮ he had the biggest crush on you 
✮ he gushed about you to anyone who would listen 
✮ so it wasn’t really a surprise when you found out 
✮ you’d walked over to play on the playground with him when you heard him 
✮ “yeah, I just think MC is the prettiest girl in our school. we’re gonna get married when we’re older!” 
✮ and when he realises you’re there and heard everything he almost cries 
✮ but you say that you like him too 
✮ he constantly insists on playing games where you’re the princess and he’s your ~knight in shining armour~ 
✮ y’all walk around holding hands and all the adults think you’re the cutest 
✮ so pure 


✎ the friendship between the two of you was pretty normal 
✎ and she just thought ‘hey, she’s my best friend. obviously’ 
✎ but then jaehee began to notice how much more she wanted to hug you 
✎ and kISs yOur chEEk?! 
✎ she was 100% confused 
✎ and she felt weird asking her mum about it (bc she was young and her mum is still alive)
✎ so she kinda went up to you and she was super awkward
✎ and you were like ????? wot up
✎ ‘MC… can I hold your hand?’ and she was s o scared
✎ and you’re like ‘yeah of course!’
✎ so y’all walk around holding hands and being super cute
✎ and of course adults are like ‘aw look at those best friends. gal pals forever’  
✎ she just admires you so much 


✿ your friendship started because you didn’t treat him differently 
✿ because this was when his mum was really getting to him and he was insecure 
✿ and he felt like he could talk to you about everything and anything 
✿ and so obviously it grew into a fondness 
✿ he always bought you flowers and other things he thought were pretty 
✿ he just was so taken by you !! 
✿ he told his older brother who would just coo and told zen he had a cruuuuuush
✿ zen was in F U L L  D E N I A L
✿ this nugget actually asked you if he liked you 
✿ ???????
✿ ‘hyun… how am i supposed to know?’
✿ y’all think about this conundrum together for a little while
✿ eventually you’re like
✿ ‘well… do you think I’m a princess?’
✿ and instantly he’s like ‘yeESSSS OF COURSE’
✿ so you’re just like ‘cool. i’m the princess and you’re my knight’ 


₩ this little rich boy 
₩ he doesn’t get along with a lot of other kids because even from a young age other kids were made by their parents to befriend him to further their careers
₩ and then he comes across this angry little girl at one of his father’s parties
₩ you’re pouting in this cute little dress and he’s just very curious about you 
₩ he asks why you’re so grumpy 
₩ you tell him that you don’t like being around all the serious adults 
₩ he agrees 
₩ y’all run around in his backyard and then become best friends 
₩ you yell at the people who make fun of him for being a ‘robot’ 
₩ he talks to his dad about his weird admiration for you 
₩ realises he might…. LIKE you??!??!?!
₩ he collects some of the flowers from his garden and invites you out for a tea party (omg) 
₩ his face is so red as he shyly hands you the flowers 
₩ and he’s like “i think i really like you” 
₩ you just take it at face value and kiss him on the cheek
₩ everything’s basically the same except now you run around his garden while holding hands 


⌨  how would this work??
⌨  y’all met at church 
⌨  and he began to look forward to seeing you every sunday 
⌨  to the point where he told you about saeran 
⌨  and he obsesses about the fact that you care so much 
⌨  but unfortunately you can’t do anything to help 
⌨  so you hug him for as long as you can during mass 
⌨  he just really loves the attention 
⌨  he tells you that he’s gonna leave when he gets older 
⌨  and he hates it because you cry 
⌨  he tells you that he’s gonna find you and you’ll get to meet saeran and you’ll be their queen 
⌨  it’s just really pure and full of hugs and holding hands and being sad but supportive of each other 
⌨  even if you only get to see each other once a week 
⌨  you both treasure that one day 
⌨  it really was the Lord’s day 

I honestly had no idea how to do Saeyoung but I hope the other ones are alright! 

Happy Valentine’s Day ♡♡

three years ago I gushed with all the love I could muster
about how lucky
and cared for you were
to have a mother who would drop everything
just to protect her daughter from harm
I wish you had forgotten everything I said
but I know that it may well be burned into your thoughts
on the days when you say “all anyone ever sees is a happy family”
and each time you come
to explain in a shaky voice what name your mother has called you
this time
each fight it seems to be different
lazy, pathetic, weak, dramatic
a new word for each new day
a word to replace each diagnosis from the psychiatrist
because your mother likes her words
far better
“your mother would do anything to keep you safe”
my old words rattle in my skull when you repeat what she told you
earlier today
“I will do anything to keep you safe
and sometimes safe means keeping you here”
and you cry because after that she told you
no money of hers would go to college tuition unless you lived at home
and did not leave her
three years ago I told you how lucky you were
to have a mother like her
and I am so sorry for the words that must have stung
coming from a person you trusted
when you went home later that night and listened to your mother
scream until tears exploded down your cheeks
you were never lucky
or blessed
or cared for
but you were also never any of the names your mother called you
and the one name I did not call you until I understood how wrong I had been
is brave
you survived a battle I knew nothing about
until now
and no other word could give justice to what you have
—  Miriam K, you should never have had to be so brave
You are Beautiful (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hello! If your requests are still open, I would love to request something! Could I have a Jughead x Reader fic where the reader and jughead are dating and the reader is very insecure about herself and constantly questions why Jughead is with her? Maybe she talks to Archie about it and he reassures her that everything is fine? Could there be fluff at the end? Thank you so much! I love your writing!

Plus size reader x jughead

A/N: It took me a while to do this but I do hope you enjoy it! I added two requests together and changed it just a bit. Requests are Welcome!


You Are Beautiful (Jughead x Reader)

Looking down at the tight black dress hugging your figure, negative thoughts flood your mind.

It’s too tight. Turning in the mirror, you sigh in frustration. You could see fat everywhere.

Your chest tightens at the thought and you peel the dress off. Screw this, jeans and a sweatshirt it is. You change quickly and rush out the door. Hopefully the girls won’t be mad.

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I like me better | T.H

A/N: I picked out lyrics I liked from the song ‘I like me better’ by Lauv and made this, enjoy :)

Warnings: fluff, a bit of semi smut 

Note: Not all these moments are in order

To be young and in love in New York City                                                       To not know who I am but still know that I’m good long as you’re here with me

Ever since you were little, you’d imagined going to New York City. You’d imagined going with family, or with friends but you’d never imagined going with a boyfriend, as a child having a relationship wasn’t on your list of things to achieve but now that it was happening, it was beyond words.

Tom had gone above and beyond for your twenty first. Boarding you two on the first plane to New York City and booking a room at the cutest hotel he could find.

So far you had taken in the statue of liberty, gone to an extravagant art museum and now you were seated in a beautiful restaurant, surrounded by hanging lights and vintage décor.

“You didn’t have to do all this, I would’ve been happy with 2 minute noodles and a box marathon of Harry Potter” You giggled and took in the scenery, everything was just as you’d imagined over the years

“I know it’s a bit much but I wanted to do something that we’d both remember forever, something bold we can tell our kids about and gush over when we’re both old and grey”

“How’d you know New York of all places, I’ve wanted to come here since i was around 5” You said, while at the same time wondering how you became so lucky to get a guy like Tom.

“When we went to your parents last month, you were helping your mom clean up and your dad told me it was all you ever talked about” He stopped for a moment and grabbed your hand “He told me about how you’ve been dying to visit the art museums, see the Eiffel tower.

You smiled, but inside you were practically melting.

“I love you more than life itself Tom Holland”

Midnight into morning coffee                                                                     Burning through the hours talking

Time was forgotten, last you’d checked it was almost 11pm.

Your lips moved against Toms hungrily, as did his. You needed him as much as he needed you right now.  

He moved so that he was hovering above you, his curly locks hanging an inch from his eyes and his photo-ready smile sat resting on his face. Tom was truly breathtaking.

His mouth landed on your neck, sucking and licking at the exposed skin causing what you would soon regret by morning.

With one hand he managed to undo the zipper on your dress, with the other he snaked it up your dress ever so elegantly, his fingers sending chills right where you needed him most right now. He pulled down the black lingere you had been wearing and flung it onto the floor.

“Tom, Fuck- Let me touch you”

“Tonight’s all about you darling, i wanna make you feel good” He said sensually, you simply nodded and pulled Tom in for another heated kiss.

“Just relax and enjoy”

Stay awhile stay awhile                                                                                      Stay here with me

“Exactly 12 hours until I have to leave again” Tom said sadly and tightened his arm, which happened to be wrapped around you. He’d managed to get a 2 day break, he’d spent every moment with you, his love. (And Tessa of course!)

“Just stay with me tonight, stay here with me” You whispered sadly, not wanting to think about the fact that in 12 hours Tom would have to leave for filming again and you’d be left alone. You fully supported Tom with his acting career, but sometimes you missed him more than anything. It was all totally worth it when you got to see how happy he was in interviews and press conferences.

You pressed your head into his chest, smelling his signature cologne on his t-shirt, It was calming. Even when Tom wasn’t with you, you’d smell that cologne on his pillow or a sweatshirt and immediately miss his touch, his kisses, his smile.

“We finish filming in 5 months, after that I’ll be with you so often you’ll start to get sick of me” Tom tried to joke, it as an attempt to at least put a small smile on your face, which he somewhat succeeded at.

“I could never be sick of you Thomas Stanley Holland ” You felt Tom begin to run his fingers through your hair, it was something he’d always do when he knew you were stressed or upset about something.

“What’d you mean? I’m not Tom, I’m Spider-Man”

I knew from the first time, I’d stay for a long time cause                                  I like me better when                                                                                          like me better when I’m with you

“So, you and Y/N? You guys finally made it official” The interviewer spoke

Toms face lit up, a bright smile landed itself on his features and he felt that little burst of light in his chest grow 5 times bigger.

“Yeah, it was about time really” Tom replied with a small laugh, pure joy in his voice “She makes me really happy and it makes me so pleased that the fans are being so kind about it” he finished

You stood backstage, deciding to be Tom’s accomplice for this certain interview. A range of photos of you and Tom showed up on the screen behind them. One of the photos showed Tom placing a delicate kiss on your cheek after what you recalled to be your second date, another was a goofy photo of you two behind the scenes of Homecoming, Tom was in his Spider-Man suit and you were holding Cap’s shield.

“Why don’t you tell us more about Y/N? I’m sure the fans are dying to know more”

“Well, I should start by saying that she’s my #1 fan” Tom and you both laughed at that, it was a running joke between you two “She’s just super lovely, funny, gorgeous and so down to earth. She’s perfect for me” Tom could’ve gone on and on, but decided to stop there and continue later

“Y/N seems to be making you a happy man, especially from what i saw backstage” The interviewer was in awe of the both of you

“She makes me a better person”

Tom wouldn’t admit it to you, or himself just yet but he was totally, utterly in love.

noticed (m)

pairings: taehyung x reader

word count: 2,174

genre: smut

a/n: this was terrible, i apologise omg but here it was based off this anon’s request.

Originally posted by bwipsul

How you managed to get noticed by Kim Taehyung was completely beyond you. He was everything anyone could ever want. He was intelligent, funny and he had the looks that would alway make you question your sanity despite the amount of times you saw him.

He was always the talk of your school, at least once every week. Every girl would gush about him in the hallways, while the other males would try their best for him to join them. He was popular in the sense that people just wanted a slice of him. Nobody could miss the chance of becoming friends with someone like Taehyung.

Yet while everyone’s attention was on him. The only person he’d wish would notice him, was you.

It took an entire week for Taehyung to approach you, and another two weeks to ask you for a ‘mini-date’. At least, that’s what he liked to consider it. All it was to you was a movie night at his place with a couple of his friends. You had no idea why he’d invite you, since you only considered him as an acquaintance, but you agreed nonetheless (because. movies. ofc)

So you exchanged numbers and he gave you his address before the two of you parted ways for the evening. Little did you know, Taehyung had told you a lie and his friends weren’t actually coming over.

So when you arrived at the address he’d given you, you were surprised to see the driveway empty and no shoes scattered around the door. You walked in to find him standing in front of you with an apologetic look on his face. The truth spilled out of his lips, followed by multiple apologies, but you only laugh in reply and forgive him, because you’re glad that it’s just the two of you.

The night begins with the two of you ordering some nice pizza and beer, while watching some movies that you both loved in your youth years. Then after that… That’s when the fun started.

The moment his hand rested on your thigh should’ve been the moment you realised what his motive was. But at your drunken state, you were completely oblivious as you continued downing the bitter liquid.

Next was the way he rested his chin on your shoulder, letting out deep breath so the warm air that left his lips hit the skin on your neck. At this point you realised what he wanted, his actions that followed proved it. The lip bites and sultry looks from his hooded eyes made your stomach do multiple flips from excitement.

Once he’d gotten your attention- and you made no action to stop him- he leaned his head forward and trailed a line of butterfly kisses up your neck, releasing a bolt of electricity to run through your entire body.

“Taehyung.. What’re you doing?”

The breathless words and your relaxed expression showed that you knew what he was doing and that you didn’t want him to stop.

“I think you know, babe. Just stay quiet and let me take good care of you.” He whispers into your ear, latching your lobe in between his teeth before pulling it back slightly and releasing it.

You grin slightly to yourself as you open your and eyes and turn your head to face him, but he’s already one step ahead of you and crashes his lips onto yours. Your lips move against each other in a rhythmic pace and the way his lips mold perfectly with yours, makes you melt into the kiss.

“I realise how fast I’m going, just tell me when you want me to stop.” He whispers against your lips, your foreheads leaning against each other.

“You can’t say you want to stop now, Taehyung. Not when I’m already so wet for you.” You reply, your lips reaching for his to stop him from replying.

You feel his hand grab the bottle from your hand before placing his and yours on the table before the same hand reaches over to your hips. The position is nothing but awkward, so he lifts you up and places you on his lap before his hand cups your clit through the tight black leggings you were wearing and you make the move of grinding down on his hand.

Your juices had seeped through your panties and a small patch was growing around your crotch on your leggings. Taehyung’s hand didn’t stop it from growing as he pressed on your clit harder, making the friction more satisfying.

“You’re right, babe. You’re so wet for me, I can’t wait till I’m balls deep inside of you.” He growled as he pulled apart from the kiss to watch as your face contorted in pleasure at the feeling of his hand palming you.

“Tae- Taehyung, please.”

“What do you want, babe. Tell me what you want.” He asks as he moves his hands to your hips, pressing you down onto his hardened erection. You let out a series of soft moans at the feeling as you slowly roll your hips against him.

“I want… your cock inside of me. Please Tae-” You let out a small squeal as he flips your positions so that you were lying on the couch while he hovered above you, “If that’s what you want.” He whispered, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of your leggings and pulling them down your legs.

His eyes wandered up your legs, the sight of your smooth skin making his breath grow heavier with anticipation as he hurriedly stripped you out of your clothes, hoping to expose more of your glowing skin to him. “You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled under his breath as his hands travelled up the side of your legs, the curve on your stomach and eventually stopping on your chest.

He kneaded your breasts in your large hands as you watched in amusement the way his face fell from the lustful expression to a look of admiration. Absentmindedly, you lifted your arms to entangle your fingers between the strands of his hair. You pull his head down while you lean your chin up to meet his lips halfway. You moan gently against his lips as he applies more pressure to each squeeze on your breasts.

You release his hair, letting your hands travel down the front of his body before stopping at the bottom hem of his shirt. The light tugs on the fabric indicated that you wanted to remove the material from Taehyung’s body. He caught on quickly and pulled apart from the kiss to sit up and lift the shirt up his body and over his head before dropping it beside the couch, forgotten like the rest of your clothes.

He leaned back down on top of you and you immediately leaned forward to place small kisses along his collarbones, sucking and nipping lightly on his skin as his grunts and moans fuelled you.

“Your lips do some amazing things, babe. But let’s see what they look like around my cock.”

He sat up from his position and shimmied out of his sweats before moving in front of you. You propped yourself on your knees in front of him and placed a light kiss on his boxers, smirking to yourself once you hear a hiss escape his lips, “Y/N, please. Don’t tease.”

“What’s the fun in that?” You ask with a look of innocence on your face and before you could do anything else, he pulls his boxers down- letting his pulsing erection spring free- and gripping your neck and pulling you closer so the tip of his cock was touching your closed lips.

“Open up for daddy.” He growls and you happily oblige, opening your mouth before he pushed his length into your mouth. You responded immediately by wrapping your lips around him and swirling your tongue around his shaft while you bobbed your head in a rhythmic beat.

You hummed in approval as he let out a guttural moan while he rolled his hips into your face. “You’ve got no idea how pretty you look, babe. On your knees for me with you pretty pink lips wrapped around my cock.” He huffed out, while gripping the back of your head in his hands to push himself deeper into you.

You naturally gagged around him once you felt the tip of his dick hit the back of your throat, with tears pricking your eyes, you pulled back slightly to take a breather before leaning in once again but he stops you before you’re able to enclose your mouth around him.

“I can’t wait anymore, just let me fuck you.” He says, leaning down to place a rough kiss on your lips before running upstairs and coming seconds later with a foil packet in his hand.

He stops in front of you and hands you the object, “Can you? It just turns me on even more when I’m not the one rolling it on.” He says with a sheepish smile on his lips.

“Of course.”

You rip the foil off and place the condom on his tip before rolling it down his member. You feel him jump slightly in surprise at the feeling of your hands being wrapped around his length. You smirked to yourself as you squeezed your hands tighter around him before he quickly grabs your wrists and pins you against the couch, moving one of his legs over you so that he was straddling you.

“I told you not to tease me, babe. I need to give you what you deserve now.” He growls, leaning down to nuzzle his face into your before his teeth began biting and sucking onto your skin, leaving dark purple spots to appear.

“Tell me, Y/N. How do you like it? Tell me and I’ll give it to you.”

“Rough.” You barely managed to whisper as his lips continued their assault on your neck, “Give it to me rough, please.”

“As you wish, princess.” He says, sitting up and using his hands to push your legs apart. He takes one good look at your core dripping for him before aligning himself against and forcing himself in.

A few heartbeats later, he allows you to adjust before withdrawing his back and thrusting into you as hard as he can, “F-fuck Taehyung, right there.” You breath out, as he pounds into you.

“Yeah? Right here? Do you like it when I’m pounding into you like this, babe? Do you like it when I’m balls deep inside of you?” He asked as he lifted your hips up to his hips and grabbing one of your legs and throwing it over his shoulder as he continued thrusting into you.

“Yes, right there Tae. Oh god.” You cried out while arching your back off the cushion. You feel your walls naturally begin to clench around his length and the knot in your stomach begin to grow.

“Fuck, Y/N. You’re so tight, are you ready to cum? Cum for me like the good girl you are.” He encouraged, bringing his hand down to your sensitive bud and using his thumb to press against it.

You felt your hips jerk against his hand as he continued rubbing at your clot whil thrusting his hips deeper into you before you felt the knot in your stomach untangle while your climax washed over you. You let out a cry of pleasure as your hips instinctively flew up to meet with Taehyung’s powerful thrusts to help ride out your high until his orgasm washed over him and filled up the condom he had on.

He rolled his hims a few more times to ride out both of your climaxes before he pulled himself out and got up to discard the condom. You took a few seconds to rest before reaching over the couch to grab your shirt.

Once you felt the familiar fabric in your hands, you picked it up and slipped it over your head until it covered your entire body before resting against the soft cushions to regrain you ragged breathing. Taehyung came back seconds later to pick his sweats off the ground before pulling it up his legs and joining you on the couch.

But before he climbed on, he noticed the white shirt you were wearing was his and despite already having had his release seconds earlier, he felt a feeling stir in the pit of his stomach while a shiver of excitement ran through his member.

Ignoring the feeling, he crawled beside you and cradled you in his arms, “You look awfully sexy in my shirt, do you mind keeping it just for me, babe?” He whispered into your ear and watched in amusement as your eyes snapped open while you looked at him in embarrassment, muttering quick apologies under your breath as you reach down to grab the other white shirt from the ground, but he’s quick to stop you.

“I think you should keep my shirt on, you wouldn’t want me seeing you naked again, believe me.”

i honestly don’t know how i feel about this, i’ll open my request box again soon so if you want to request something, read the rules first.

Yes Sir Part 10

Part 10: Acceptance

Professor Winchester and his girl grown impatient with the wait to reveal their secret.

Series Masterlist 

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit smut including oral/69. The usual- cursing, dirty talk, alcohol. Lots of fluff. Angst. Jealousy. WC: 6340 On AO3

A/N: Damn you Jeffrey & your ig videos ;) I love writing this so damn much. Thanks for being here with me, the readers of this series are the greatest ever. You all make me want to write more. Thanks for all the love. Enjoy!

My grocery bags slumped against the mailbox bank in my apartment building’s lobby as I turned the small brass key and opened my mail slot. After shuffling through junk mail, a thick white envelope fell out of a grocery flyer. My eyes widened as I read the law school’s return address stamp at the top. I ripped the envelope open right there in the hall, squealing when I read the first few lines.

“Good news?” My neighbor asked as I tucked the envelope into my purse.

“Great news!” I replied, not bothering to take my purchases upstairs as I left the building, carrying my sweating bags back to the car.

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Habit || Jeonghan || Oneshot

Originally posted by dureowanni

Word Count: 1750

Genre: angst, oneshot

Summary: Habits were the hardest to get rid of. Once you’ve fallen into a routine, you want to keep continuing it. Jeonghan had a routine. He followed it closely for years but one day a part of it was broken. You were no longer there. Only then did Jeonghan realize how integrated you were into his life. Only then did he realize that calling out to you had become a habit. :

Jeonghan pushed the door open and let out a sigh as he kicked the shoes off of his feet. He dropped his keys on the table by the door and pulled his bag off, setting it on the ground beside the couch before he laid down, resting his head against the armrest of it and closing his eyes. He groaned and shifted slightly.

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BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.10

A/N: Sorry that this took so long you guys, but I deadass rewrote and deleted this three times. So, this is the fourth and final draft and I’m pretty satisfied with it. Yall finna hate me with this ending though, plus I mapped out what I want to happen all the way to chapter 20 ;). Well, you know 100 notes and feedback please. I hope you cutie pies enjoy

**WARNINGS**: Mentions of sexual acts

Parts: one,two, , three, four, five, six,seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

“Y/N,” Ashton began as he sighed through the phone,“Don’t freak out, but-”

“I know, fuck, I know.” She interrupted. “I fucked up.”

“No, it’s okay. They were bound to find out anyway and-”

“But I’ve could’ve prolonged it!” You shouted.“I wasn’t thinking when I left the house last night and-”

“Y/N, calm down. It’s okay.” He reassured,“Just get some rest.”

Once he hung up the phone you let out a loud groan as tossed yours to the side, mentally beating yourself up about what you had caused. Because of your carelessness, the whole world now knew that you were pregnant.

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the louvre

@doinganap the universe has delivered for u
word count: 1k
summary: (based off ‘the louvre’ by lorde) dnp r in paris for the summer, it’s their first day there, they kiss a lot !
a/n: this is my first. serious fic…. sorry in advance :/ maybe i only write well ab fidget spinners,,, also the pick up lines r inspired by this post which u all probs recognize. jas i hope this is what u imagined it like !! 

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Exchange Student -3- Jungkook

Originally posted by kookmint

Exchange Student - Jungkook

a/n; I love writing this story and I really hope you guys like the pace I’m using in this series. Let me know if you like the chapter, I’m always curious and love your reactions!

Parts; Masterlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 |

Pairing; Jungkook x reader

Genre; Fluff, Romance

Word count; 3.655

Synopsis; having an exchange student living in your house, shouldn’t be a problem unless this exchange student is Jungkook from BTS.

He left you standing there like a complete idiot. You shook your head and couldn’t help wondering if you somehow ended up in hell. Why was he like that? How could a person change so much? You thought he was the shy one of the group but apparently, you were wrong because this wasn’t shy behavior, this was just rude and this was just day one. You walked into your room and sat down on the bed, this was going to be pure torture and the fact that you let him see that you thought he was handsome. “Lord save me,” you mumbled as you let yourself fall back.

The next morning, you were slightly confused. You had been sleeping deep and you were startled when your mother shook you awake. “Oh my god, I’m late for school aren’t I?” you jumped out of bed and was already grabbing your clothes when you heard a male chuckle “Are you always like this in the morning?” You were just blinking at him, as he was speaking in Korean. It took you a few minutes to fully understand him. “Is she always like this?” he asked your mother who shook her head.

“Usually she’s already up, taking care of Dylan.” Jungkook moved closer and stopped when he was right in front of you. “Did you sleep well?” you looked him in the eyes and nodded and that’s when he smiled his bunny smile, which made you pinch yourself, this he noticed so now you were literally screwed. You were awake now, wide awake and you immediately remembered what had happened yesterday and as Jungkook grabbed your hand he started to pull you with him. “We made breakfast,” he said and he was still speaking in Korean and because you were just awake you had some trouble to understand him but you had to follow him as he pulled you along. You stepped into the kitchen and was surprised to see the table set and the smell that hung in the room made you mouth water. You ruffled Dylan’s hair and sat down when Jungkook moved the chair back. He sat down at the other side next to your mother and as everyone started to eat, you helped your brother like always, you could feel Jungkook’s eyes on you the entire time and you had never felt so uncomfortable but it wasn’t per se in a bad way.

“Jungkook? When we’re going to school, I need to warn you. The teacher insists on you speaking English and he won’t ever say your last name first. I hope you don’t mind that?” you asked him as you put a piece of toast in your mouth but he just smiled. “It’s okay. This way I will be treated like a normal kid right?” you nodded because that was totally the case. “Also I have you to help me out right?”

“Of course, I will always be here to help out except for when I’m playing a gig.”

“So those are your instruments in your room?” you cocked your head slightly and just stared at him. “Of course they’re mine.” you gave him a smile and suddenly you just felt more at ease. If he acted normal than you felt fine but whenever she switched to his “international playboy” side, it was just too much to handle and you were afraid how he was going to react to the girls at school. He better not flirts with any of them because he would get in trouble not only with his company but also with you. “What do you play?”

“I play Piano, guitar, and drums.” you were actually really proud of your musical skills. You could also compose and produce songs. “Really the drums?” you nodded after swallowing the food. “I told you I’m in a band right? Well I’m the drummer and sometimes I also sing.” you know your mother was sitting there quietly as she observed you to and you knew she was going to lecture you about the fact that you couldn’t date Jungkook. “I want to learn how to drum, I need to beat Yoongi Hyung, can you maybe teach me?”

“I probably can.” you were hesitating but you also didn’t want to be rude. You just had to explain it later to your mother before she was going to throw a fit. “Daebak.” he smiled and you couldn’t help but smile back. “Y/N, maybe you should get dressed now and show Jungkook the neighborhood.” This surprised you because you thought she was freaking out about the chemistry between Jungkook and you but looking at this she didn’t seem to have a problem. “I know what you’re thinking sweetheart but I’m not worried, just have fun.”  you nodded and got up excusing yourself.

“You opened your closet and stared at it not exactly knowing what you should wear, It wasn’t that warm so you decided on jeans and a sweater. You did your hair and put in a high ponytail, you put on your Puma’s and went downstairs where Jungkook was already waiting, he smiled when he spotted you coming down the stairs and as you stopped right in front of him, he put his hand on your waist, which you quickly shook off. “Mom we’re leaving.”

“Okay be careful,” she yelled after you. You decided on showing him the town, it was also the place where your friends would be and it was good for him to get to know them. You did text them in advance just in case and you told Sophie to stay calm and not freak out. “Where are we going?” Jungkook had finally looked up from his phone and looked a bit unsure. “I’m going to let you see where I hang out.”

“Like meeting your friends?”

“Yes, don’t worry, they are really friendly. There is even a big fan of yours amongst them.” you smiled trying to reassure him but you could tell he felt nervous. “One of them can speak Korean and they know you’re from Korea so they won’t bombard you with fast English and if they do I will just hit them.” You winked at him, which surprised him but he just smiled as he kept following you. “Are we also buying school supplies because I don’t have any.”

“We can do that later. Wal-Mart is open till late so that won’t be a problem.” He suddenly grabbed your hand and stopped you from walking. We were right in front of the cafe and your friends were watching you. “What if they don’t like me?”

“They will, you’re funny, just be yourself and try to speak English, you can do this.” you patted his hand and pulled him with you and the second you stepped into the cafe, your friends immediately bowed to him, whilst saying hello and it was such a funny scene that you couldn’t help but chuckle. Jungkook looked at you unsure and I just gestured to do the same, which he did and that was when the ice broke. One of your best friends threw his arm around his shoulder and asked him if he could play pool and that’s when everything went easy. You were just chatting with the girls who were gushing over his handsomeness and for some reason, you felt possessive about him and they immediately noticed, which made them giggle. “Do you already have a crush on him?” one of the girls asked and you just had to look at him one more time before you carefully nodded. “Yah, what’s this, you can’t like him, he’s my man.” Sophie teased you but that only made us laugh harder.

“Y/N, why don’t you guys play a song?” you looked at the stage and wasn’t surprised to see your instruments. The others shrugged and got up to take their places, You quickly took a seat behind the drums and started Fire, which was odd to hear as it was live but we nailed it. You looked at Jungkook and he was actually smiling and filming at the same time, which gave you the confidence you needed and as you continued to play, you started to sing along, the thing was that they had turned on the microphone, which you didn’t notice until at the end of the song but it was too late to stop it now. When the break started you went lost yourself in the music and finally started to play like you always did. The song was over and the entire cafe applauded you guys and that’s when you saw Jungkook press a button, which meant he had sent it.

“Daebak, that was amazing! You are amazing, the way you sang a long.” he was definitely shook and it made you proud because who would’ve thought that Jungkook would like the song and the funny part was that you didn’t even have a lot of time to practice it.  “Do you want to sing one of your covers?”

“Really? I don’t know.”

“Ah come on, blow us away. I can help you with the music.”

“Do you really want to?”

“Of course, just tell us which song you want to sing and in which key.” He quickly pulled up SoundCloud and showed us his purpose cover. The guys nodded and took their places and Jungkook hesitantly followed them. “You know we could make a video of this if you want to. I think your fans would really like that.”

“That’s awesome but I think I need to ask permission for that.”

“We can shoot it and then give it to you, so you can decide if you want to use it or not, we won’t post it without your permission.” You held up your pink and he smiled when you did that and after thinking for a few second he pinky promised you and he even sealed, which was really adorable as you never expected him doing something like that. You grabbed your camera and pressed record. “Okay ready when you are.” you stuck up your thumb and as he clapped the guys started to play and everyone was quiet whilst he was singing, now you knew from listening to their songs that he had a beautiful voice but hearing it live, was ten times better. The way he was breathing through his singing, god that was really attractive and soothing. When he was done, you stopped recording him and as you acted like a professional you could finally let out your excitement. “Yah, you’re really amazing, I love your voice!”

“I’m okay but I still need to improve.” you pulled up your eyebrow and just stared at him, he was kidding right, what was there to improve, he was already singing perfectly. “Stop doubting yourself. You sound amazing. I think you can sing anything you want.”  he wasn’t denying it and as the day went on, you became close friends, this day was actually really fun and as you grabbed dinner with everyone, Sophie took you into the hallway. “Do you like him?”

“I really am trying not to but you know that he is my ideal type.” She nodded “I know but just be careful, you know the rules.”

“I know but I wasn’t planning on trying anything. He will be going back to Korea in six months and there is no way I want a broken heart.” She put her arm around your waist and walked back inside. “What were you two doing?”

“We needed to discuss something.” you pushed Christian slightly and when he pulled you in for a hug, your eyes landed on Jungkook who was pushing his tongue against the inside of his cheek and when Sophie coughed you knew you had to ask her later what it meant. “Let’s eat!” You tried to sit next to your friends but Jungkook grabbed your wrist and pulled you onto the chair next to him. It was an obvious move but you just told yourself it was because he was still a bit nervous so you didn’t say a thing about it but the girls were already giggling, which made you blush like crazy.

“So when are you coming to school?”

“I think we will join you guys on Thursday. Tomorrow is the day we get his uniform and schedule. He will be placed in our class but he will also have private lessons. At least that’s what they told me.” you shrugged as you sipped your Cola. “That made me think, we have to visit Wal-mart, can one of you take us there?” You directed the question to the group but only Sophie answered. “I can come with you, I brought my dad’s car.” you nodded and thanked her as you stuffed your face with fries. Jungkook leaned into you and you immediately tensed up. “I love women who can eat like you do.” if you weren’t already red, this would just make it worse. You pushed him away and flicked him against his hand, which made him choke as he chuckled.

“Are you okay?” Christian asked and Jungkook nodded as you were slapping his back, just a bit harder than you usually did. That would teach him to be that cheesy. After dinner, you said bye to everyone and together with Jungkook and Sophie, you moved on to the Wal-mart to buy school supplies. The second you walked in, he stopped for a second just to look around. You didn’t know if Korea had stores like this but Wal-mart was pretty big. You grabbed him by his arm and pulled him towards the school supplies. “Just pick whatever you want.” you gave him a basket and pushed him towards the stuff. Sophie and you decided to just watch him as he went through everything. You made a picture of him shopping and looked at your addiction, which was pens. You loved pens and had quite the collection, it was weird but you just loved to write and you were looking for the perfect pen, which you hadn’t found yet.

“Y/N, do you think I will need this?” He held up some notebooks and you smiled “Yes you will need a few of them.”

“Can’t you just help me?” he was literally a lost puppy and it was really cute to witness but you did help him and as you were looking through everything, the basket filled really fast, you even bought a school bag and a music notebook so he could learn to write his own songs, which he could show his members when he returned to Korea. “Are you going to teach me?” you shrugged “If you want to.” you smiled knowing it wasn’t that easy because he still had to make the lyrics himself, that really wasn’t something you could help him with. When the basket was full, you had to look for Sophie and you weren’t surprised to see her at the snack corner.

“Do you want something?” But Jungkook was already putting snacks in his basket. You really like the cinnamon chips don’t you?” you asked as you took a glance in his basket, he had grabbed at least six bags. “Is it too much?”

“Of course not but you shouldn’t snack too much, what if you get sick?” you patted his shoulder and walked towards the cashier. “Let’s pay and go home.” after paying Sophie drove you home. “I will text you tomorrow okay?”

“Sure, oh and Y/N?” you came closer and as she suddenly grabbed you by your collar, you tried to hide the smile. “Remember the rules, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” that made you chuckle and you quickly kissed her on the cheek. “Just go.” When she drove off Jungkook put his arm around your shoulder and steered you towards the house. “Do you think Dylan is still awake?” you checked the time and you nodded. “He’s probably taking his bath right now. Why?”

“I wanted to try and read him a bedtime story in English.”

“Really?!” you couldn’t help but feel surprised by this but it also warmed your heart. He was really trying and as you had heard him speak English the entire day, made you proud. Yes, it wasn’t perfect and he threw in a lot of Korean words but at least he was really trying. “I think that’s a way to learn it faster right. I mean the words in those books are really big and easy.” you nodded because that was true, it was one of the easiest ways to learn English. “I think it’s a great idea.” You both walked to Dylan’s room where your mother was just putting his pajamas on. “Mom, can Jungkook read to Dylan?” she was a bit startled as she hadn’t heard you coming in.

“You’re already back,” she said in a high voice and you cocked your head wondering if she knew what the time was. “Mom, what time is it?” she hesitated a few seconds before grabbing her phone and that’s when her eyes grew bigger. “It’s already passed nine, what have you been doing the entire time?”

“We hung out in the cafe and then went shopping at Wal-mart,” you explained whilst Jungkook was picking out a book. “Ah really, did you guys have fun?” she directed the question at Jungkook who was holding a cute book and you had to smile when you saw it was about a bunny. It was suiting him and as Jungkook nodded she smiled. “Do you think you will have fun in those six months you’re here?”

“I think I will, your daughter has great friends and I like the pace this town has.”

“That’s good to hear.” she tucked Dylan in and put her hand on your shoulder, making it clear she wanted you to follow her so they could have their privacy. “I think we need to have a little talk don’t we?”

“I don’t know mom, do we?”

“I saw how you were looking at him sweetie.” she brushed away your hair from your forehead and smiled like only she could. “I’m not going to lie, mom, I think it will be really hard for me to resist him because he is exactly my type but I know the rules and I won’t break them.”

“That’s good to hear but sweetheart you never know what happens but if you decide to date, please let me know and keep it within these walls, okay?” you nodded and hugged her because she was really the best mom ever, only she could make you feel better. It was not like you were planning on dating him but now you at least knew that she wouldn’t stand in the way if you did. “Thank you mom.” she kissed the top of your head and took a step back. “I have to leave for work right now.” she quickly said and you felt a bit sad because she had been working none stop at night lately. She saw your expression and tried to assure you that she was fine. “I’m fine, don’t worry, I will get some time off when you go back to school again.” you sighed but still wished her good luck and to warned her to be careful.

The minute she was out of the door, you walked back upstairs and found Jungkook asleep with Dylan and it was really cute. You quickly grabbed your phone and took a picture not that you could post any of those pictures but you at least could give them to Jungkook when he went back home. For now, you decided to let him sleep so that you could take a quick shower and pull on some pajamas. You did really have a good day and was happy that everyone liked Jungkook, it was something you had been stressing about but he behaved and the fact that they all bowed when we entered was amazing because it literally broke the ice and you knew you were in deep already but you had to ignore it, which was probably going to difficult. But you could resist him, you were not weak. You looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled “Yeah you’re not weak, you can do this.” you told yourself and you immediately felt better but felt weird again after you high fived the mirror. You shook your head as you walked out of the bathroom because that was just really stupid. You had to wake Jungkook up because he couldn’t sleep with Dylan. You stood next to the bed and it was really too cute as Jungkook was sleeping with his mouth slightly open, it was the cutest thing ever and you felt horrible for waking him up. “Jungkook?” you whispered as you gently shook him and as he slowly opened his eyes, you just waited till his focus came back.

“What?” he asked sleepily and you smiled. “You have to sleep in your own bed.” you walked out of the room and waited for him to get into the hallway and as he joined you, you walked to his room. “Good night.” you bowed your head slightly and wanted to walk away when he pulled you back. You collided with his chest and just stood there waiting for him to let go of you but he just put his arms around you and hugged you. “Thank you for today.”

“It was nothing really,” you mumbled against his chest and for a few seconds, you two just stood there. He suddenly lowered his head till he was at ear level and as you felt his lips graze your ear you could feel goosebump over your entire body. “Sweet dreams,” he whispered and as he let you go he walked into his room and closed the door, leaving you standing there looking like a fool again.

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I think one of the best parts of Coraline is how anyone can take the place of Coraline, anyone can imagine themselves/their favourite character in her place, because even the happiest of people have something they would love to change about their lives and could fall for the trap of the other world. Even if you can’t relate to Coraline’s reasons for her unhappiness, you can relate to her desire for a better life where everything is perfect. You can put yourselves in her shoes and therefore, you can imagine yourself as her and honestly, that’s amazing

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any chance we could get a meta on dick/Kory in the newest teen titans movie? Pretty please

You know what nonny, why the heck not, I was filled with such utter delight at their interactions and scenes together that I got no trouble gushing about it for a few paragraphs.

Long-ass post and lotta screencaps, as per usual.

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😊Now or Never [Part 2] (Ethan x Reader)

Read Part 1

Summary:  Part 1: Meeting the boys at like a meet and greet or something and whispering “hi daddy” or something like that to ethan and him being shook and yeah, ethan’s daddy kink will be the death of me. Part 2: He reaches out to you and takes you out on an official date

Warnings: Mentions daddy

A/N: Requests are still Open :)

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It had been about a month since I met the boys and today I was getting ready to go hangout with Ethan. I tweeted the picture of us and he liked, followed, and dmed me and well we just started talking. He messaged me earlier asking if I wanted to meet at Starbucks with him and Gray. I agreed of course. I was wearing a maroon sweater with some black skinny jeans. It was still pretty chilly out so I threw on a black beanie. My sister and mom were cooking breakfast when I walked down.

“Where are you going Y/N?” My mom asked as she sliced some potatoes.

    “Ethan, Grayson and I are getting some Starbucks. Is that okay?” I asked knowing full well it should be okay.

“Yeah just bring us back something chocolatey.” My mom says not looking back at me.

“Just don’t be gone too long. I need you to babysit the boys tonight.” My sister says talking about her two baby boys. I rolled my eyes but I agreed and walked out of the door. I walked down the street listening to some Selena Gomez while humming the tune. The wind would breeze through my hair while the scent of fresh cut grass filled my nose. After walking for a bit I saw the boys truck outside. I picked up my pace towards the boy’s truck. Neither were inside so I went into Starbucks and I saw Ethan on his phone at a table all by himself.

“E!” I hollered which caught his attention. He stands to his feet and walks over to me wrapping me in his arms.

“Y/N I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you.” He says smiling at me. I looked around the shop and I couldn’t see Gray.

“Hey E? Where’s Grayson at?” Just then he looked down to his feet.

“Ethan!” The barista calls and he grabs two drinks. He walks back to the table and gestures me to sit down.

“Here’s our drinks. Grayson couldn’t make it he was feeling sick.” He says as he places his dark pink lips on the straw tasting his drink. “You like caramel with extra whip right?” He asks chewing on his straw.

“Yeah it’s my favorite! Hey I can’t stay too long. I have to get back and babysit my sister’s children.”  I saw he was chewing on his straw. “You’re lying to me about something aren’t you? Or at least hiding something.” I said and he cocked his head at me.

“What?” He asks as he continues chewing.

“Oral fixation. You’re chewing cause you’re hiding something from me. Psychology 101.” I said and he just leaned his back against the back of his chair. He sighs deeply.

“Okay so I may or may not have made up the part about Gray and I wanting to get coffee. It may or may not have been me trying to ask you on a date. I don’t know it’s a thing.” Ethan says fiddling with his thumbs. I start to blush at how dorky he was being. Gray was right he is awkward around girls, but it’s really cute. I gently slide my hand over on his and he looks up smiling.

“Ethan is this a date?” I asked and his eyes widen. I could feel him tense up but I squeeze his hand which causes him to relax. “Ethan.” I said soothingly.

“If it’s okay I would like this to be a date very much. There’s something about you Y/N. Like when we met I thought man this girl is cute but over this month I’ve learned we have a lot of things in common. You called me daddy when we first met so you stuck out like a sore thumb. Posted the photos on twitter tagging Gray and I which got us to follow you. Like I just love being around you. You’re positive, playful, independent, and just all around gorgeous.” I started to blush hard. He hasn’t said anything like this to me before. No guy has. He’s incredibly charming and overall an amazing person himself. And I was lucky enough to have him sitting across from me. I could see he was blushing and I most definitely was. I decided to be a little bit playful.

“This is the best date I’ve ever been on” I paused as a smile spreads across my face “daddy.” I could feel Ethan tense up under my hand. I pulled my hand away, but he grabs my wrist and holds my wrist gently. I look up at him as a smile peers across my face.

“I’m glad.” He says blushing. “You’re really cool Y/N.” He says and I flip my hair.

“You think I don’t know this?” I scoffed which made him roll his eyes with a smile. I even smiled myself. His hand was still holding my wrist. He must have noticed too because he looks down and he moves his grip back towards him and he gently rests his hand on my palm. He gives my hand a soft squeeze while looking up to my eyes. He was resting his hand on mine. I nod letting him know that it was okay for him to hold my hand. He then interlocks our fingers together and his thumb softly caresses the side of my hand. Ethan’s hand was so big that it looked like his hand has swallowed mine.

“What?” He chuckles.

“Your hand is just so big compared to mine is all. Nothing to worry about.” I said as his smile turns to a laugh.

“Well we all can’t be 5 foot Y/N.” He says and I do a playful frown. “Can I walk you back to your house?” I blushed at his request.

“But you drove.” He shrugs his shoulders.

“Yeah but you have to get home and if we walk we’ll spend more time talking then if I drove you.” He stands up and holds his hand out to me. “Shall we?” I gladly take his hand while jumping out of my chair. He doesn’t let go and neither do I. We leave Starbucks hand in hand. He locks his truck as we walk past. We don’t say anything for a little while in the walk. I think we were both still in shock that this was a thing. I don’t think Ethan ever saw himself with a fan. Especially one that called him daddy.

“Did you ever see this happening?” I asked him breaking the silence in our walk. He looked to me with a puzzled look. “This. Us. If us is a thing.” I said looking away blushing. I hear him laugh lightly.

“To be honest, no. I mean when we first met I thought you were attractive, but I didn’t plan this. You called me daddy and wow.” He says with a sigh. “That just made you perfect. Like when I went home all I did was talk to Gray about you. I told him that you called me daddy and that you were just amazing. I was constantly checking my social media waiting for you to post the photos of us so I could follow you. Gray was teasing me about us saying how there was an obvious connection and that we would be cute. Finally I found your twitter and here we are. Yeah I didn’t plan it at all, but I’m glad it happened.” He says while swinging our arms. To hear Ethan gush over us made me swoon. He was just so perfect and the fact he waited on me made everything better. “You’re just incredible Y/N.”

I give him a kiss on the cheek and hold myself there. I couldn’t control myself. He was just so amazing. I just wanted to hold him and kiss his neck until we fell asleep. I soon pull away and realized what I just did. “Ethan I’m–” Before he pressed his lips to mine softly. I sucked in a quick breath of shock through my nose before I gently kiss him back.

“Y/N!” I heard my mom holler before Ethan quickly pulled away from me. We both turned as we saw my mom walking our direction. Ethan hasn’t exactly met my mom yet so this should be fun.

“Hey there Mrs. Y/L/N.” Ethan introduces with his hand sticking out to shake my mom’s. She looks impressed and shakes his hand.

“I guess you must be Y/N friend Ethan? It’s nice to meet you.” She says and looks to me. “Come on Y/N the boys are waiting. Your sister and I have to go to the church or else we’ll have to plan the wedding for next year.” She says walking off. “Your friend Ethan can help you watch the boys too if you want him to.” My mom says and I look to Ethan. He looks back smiling.

“May I?” He asks and I nod.

“Of course. Be warned though, these kids are the devils.” I said and E just laughed.

“I’ve babysat before Y/N. Trust me. I’ve got this.” He says as he slides his hand through his hair and walks towards my house. I laughed at him as I ran to catch up to him. We both walk inside my house and I see my sister and my mom walking out of the door. I see Tommy was watching tv on the floor while Ben just watched him sleep. “How old are they?” Ethan asks me.

“Tommy is four and Ben just turned one. Tommy is Y/S/N fiance’s son and Ben is their kid.” I answered while I picked up Ben and sat down on the couch. I pat on the spot next to me and Ethan follows. He sits down and we watched Spongebob together with the boys.

We all decided we wanted to watch The Croods, but the boys wanted to build a fort. Of course Ethan helped Tommy grab pillows, blankets and chairs to help the fort stand up. I just sat on the couch while I held Ben in my arms. Ethan and I would laugh and when Tommy wasn’t paying attention he would give me sweet kisses.  Soon it was dinner time and Ethan helped me make macaroni and cheese for us and Tommy while he fed Ben a bottle. He looked so cute feeding Ben. Ben even fell asleep in his arms and Ethan felt so accomplished with himself. Ethan even changed Ben’s diaper and put Ben to bed in his crib while he hummed softly to help him stay asleep. Tommy then needed help in the bathroom which Ethan dealt with and even got him to brush his teeth. I helped change his clothes to pajamas while Ethan helped him into bed.

“I want a story.” Tommy says and Ethan and I look at each other.

“Tommy no it’s–”

“Y/N he wants a story.” Ethan walks over to his bookshelf and pulls off The Good Dinosaur and looks to me. “Go pick a movie for us to watch. I’ll read him to sleep.” He then pressed a kiss to my cheek before sitting on Tommy’s bed. I shake my head grinning and I walk down the stairs to the couch. I see the fort is still up and I shake my head laughing. I walk in the kitchen to clean up and about 10 minutes later I walk in the living room and start tearing the fort apart. “What do you think you’re doing?” I heard Ethan’s voice boom which makes me jump.

“I was going to clean the fort up.” I said looking at Ethan. He then walked up to me and looked me in the eyes. He pressed his hand against my cheek.”

“Don’t.” Was all he said before he pressed his lips against mine hard before everything went dark.

Part 3

Episode 1 Rambles

Since Sunshine season 2 is finally here, and I’ve decided to try and be a bit more active, I’ll be writing up my impressions on every episode along the way. Expect just general thoughts and overall I’m probably going to be pretty positive with all this. I find how I think about the previous episodes can color my expectation, so this’ll be mostly gushing about things I enjoyed with a few of my incoherent thoughts thrown in. Hopefully, I’ll get one of these done each week. Just don’t expect something all that polished because I wrote this as fresh off watching the episode as I could.

Don’t hesitate to message or ask me something if you think I missed something important, want me to expand on something I mentioned, or just want to talk about the show more.

Oh, and these might have a bit of a bias toward Chika. I’ll for sure discuss everything that happens because I love all of Aqours, but I tend to focus on Chika because I love her character. Figured I’d give that bit of warning.

All my season 2 stuff will be tagged with llss2, so if you want to avoid spoilers, that’d be the tag to look out for.

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I Can’t Help Who I Love

Summary: After Hannah Baker’s death, you’re life turned to shit. Your boyfriend broke up with you, your best friend is dead… Nothing could make your life worse. Well, maybe one thing… (I swear the actual story is better than the summary!)

Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader, Zach Dempsey x Reader (platonic), Hannah Baker x Reader (platonic)

Word Count: 5479

Warning(s): Mentions of suicide, mentions of teen pregnancy, A SHIT TON OF ANGST OMG, MeGa FeeLs (( I was listening to ‘River Flows in You’. I wAS SaD sO i sHAll CONdem YOu to BeiNG Sad As WeLL))

(A/N): As you can see, I threw my feelings up all over the fic. Someone needs to ban me from ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, Alex Standall, and angst because this is the result. Put those things together and I poop out this story. I AM SO SORRY! Also, this is my first 13RW imagine so I’d appreciate the feedback. I really, honestly hope you enjoy it, because I really enjoyed writing it. I’m actually really proud of this piece, it’s easily one of my favorites.

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Walking through the mall, you laughed with your friend, Adrianna, as she recapped her incredibly terrible first date the other night.

Then he walks back from the bathroom like he hadn’t been gone for a long period of time and looks at me like I kicked a puppy because I took one spoonful of ice cream without him. Like, I’m sorry? It’s MY ice cream. She laughed and the two of you continued to talk as you walked.

So I’m guessing that a second date would be a no-go? You asked as you sifted through sweaters.

Y/N. Adrianna said and you looked up to have her giving you the most unenthusiastic look that made you chuckle.

I’m sorry for even asking. You replied and continued to go through the clothes.

So tell me about your date night? How’s Mr. Wonderful? I still haven’t met the guy. She began to spout off, much to your dismay. At that moment, you wished you could hide in the clothes, but instead you looked at her.

He’s good. You said simply and went back to skimming the racks of brightly colored clothes.

Y/N! She exclaimed and you laughed again.

I’m not telling you any more than that. He’s nice, but we aren’t serious, so I just want to see where this goes before I start spouting it off to everyone. You said, which wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t necessarily true. The other half to why you weren’t telling her everything was that it was Jeon Jungkook and that was your best friend’s ultimate bias. She could go on for hours about him and you would just have to sit there, listening to your best friend gush about your boyfriend. You had initially met Jungkook by accident, the two of you had sparked up a conversation at a coffee shop when he asked for your number. Part of your New Year’s Resolution was to be more open to new experiences, so when you usually would have told him no, instead you gave him your number. It wasn’t until he had texted you that night that you realized that it was Jungkook. Since then, the two of you were forced to keep it pretty low key.

Most of the time, the two of you just spent date night at your apartment because of all of the cameras surrounding him. Jungkook had to continue to hide the relationship, even though he didn’t want to, and you were going to tell your best friend, but things came up. You could remember it like it was yesterday. Your friend burst into your apartment and sighed as she sat on the couch.

What’s up, boo? You asked as she huffed and threw her face dramatically into the pillow.

Jungkoo as m shmirlfend. She mumbled, muffled by the plushy pillow in her face.

What? Leaning closer to her, she lifted her head and sighed.

Jungkook has a girlfriend. Look! She exclaimed and showed you the phone. Right there was a picture of you and him standing by an ice cream shop, but due to the angle, your face was completely hidden. Look at how happy he is! Ugh, I hate her! Adrianna crossed her arms and pouted, like a five year old told she couldn’t have any candy, as you discreetly took out your phone to text Jungkook. He responded that BigHit was going to come out with a statement that you were just a fan that walked up to him, so it wouldn’t be a problem for him. But it was on that day that you realized just how difficult it would be to tell Adrianna of your relationship. Sighing, you rubbed her back as she continued to bash you without even knowing.

Like who the hell does she think she is?! She exclaimed before getting a notification. Oh! I guess she was just a fan that Jungkook took to get ice cream. UGH! She put the phone up to her chest. Isn’t he the sweetest? Adrianna asked as she looked back at her phone, you put on a fake smile and rolled your eyes.

Now as you skimmed the stores, you looked up at her, Adrianna was texting or tweeting, looking completely preoccupied. Her Jungkook phone case made your heart sink as your eyes glazed over with thought. Your phone buzzing took you out of your trance. Jungkook was calling, but you quickly ignored it so she wouldn’t see and continued to skim the racks. Then a text came in.

Wanna grab lunch? – JK

Who’s that? Adrianna asked behind you and you jumped with surprise, almost sending your phone straight into the air.

Oh my god, don’t do that! You exclaimed and put your phone back in your purse. Did you find something? You asked to get her off the subject and she smiled.

ISN’T THIS ADORABLE?! She held up a top and you nodded.

Go try it on, I’m still looking. You said as she skipped to the dressing room. Taking your phone out, you texted Jungkook.

Out with Adrianna, maybe next time. – Y/N

Before you could put your phone back, you got a response.

Bring her with! I got the guys with me, so we can make it a little meet and greet, she’s a fan right? – JK

The response made every pore on your body immediately begin to sweat as you tried to think of a way out of it.

Y/N! Isn’t this adorable on me? She questioned and you looked up to see her twirling around.

Very cute! You responded, your phone buzzed again.

You said you were going to the mall right? See ya soon, babe ;) – JK

The sweat then turned into goosebumps as you felt a cold shiver go down your spine.

Uhm, Adrianna, wanna grab lunch with some people? You asked as she nodded enthusiastically.

Awesome! I’ll go pay! She said and walked back into the dressing room. You face palmed yourself as you tried to think of an escape route, but nothing came to mind. Reality was about to bite you in the ass.

The Spider & The Snake (Cheryl/Jughead x Reader Request)

Request:Love triangle imagine with Cheryl and Jughead?’ - @jaib2-blog

Characters/Pairings: Cheryl x Reader, Jughead x Reader, Veronica, Betty.

Warnings: Kissing.

Word Count: 2140

Notes: Sorry this took so long, I’ve had illness, a birthday and holidays so I’ve not had much time to write. Requests should be opening up again soon.


Originally posted by cooperselizabeth

‘So y/n, you’ve got quite the dilemma.’

‘What are you going on about now, Ronnie?’ I asked genuinely confused as I sat down at our usual lunch table. Betty and Veronica sat opposite me. They looked at each other, rolling their eyes.

‘Erm, you do know that Jughead and Cheryl both have a major thing for you right?’ Betty questioned. I let out a small giggle.

‘I highly doubt that. Jughead is just a friend and well Cheryl and I barely hang out. Just when I tutor her.’

‘Funny how someone who used to get As, all of a sudden starts failing biology.’ Veronica quipped, before sipping her coffee.

‘Hey, she’s had a stressful year. Cut her some slack.’

‘Fair enough. But that doesn’t explain Jughead’s mild obsession with you.’ Betty added, then took a bite of her sandwich.

‘Okay, now you’re really being ridiculous.’ I sighed heavily, these allegations were completely out of the blue.

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dusty-jester  asked:

what are your thoughts on the 3 pre heisei era kamen rider films: Shin, J, ZO and would you recommend watching them?

Ooooo good question! After the hiatus Kamen Rider took in the early 1980s, the failure to launch a new series in 1984 with the Kamen Rider ZX special and the success of the two Kamen Rider Black series, the franchise when back into hibernation for a bit.  The only new entries were the three film you are asking about, which started in 1991 with a straight to video entry while the next two were parts of the Toei Hero Fair festival showings paired with film versions of their TV tokusatsu entries of the time.

Let’s start with Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue

This was the straight to video, V-Cinema release intended to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Kamen Rider franchise with an entirely new, re-imagined version of the character for a more adult audience.  I am not going to mince words and just say this one is the weakest of the three films.  A lot of the blame for this is reflected in the subtitle of the film itself: Prologue.  This was meant to be the origin story for a hero design to launch a series.  The fact that there was never a series speaks to the relative failure of this film.  That’s kind of sad because what we are shown in this film is intriguing, even if it takes a while to get there.

This version of Kamen Rider is the first to deal with genetic manipulation as the origin of the hero rather than cybernetics or other technological means of transforming.  Our hero, Shin, becomes infused with the genetics of a grasshopper.  Why a grasshopper?  Well, according to the scientist responsible, after the apocalypse….


Thanks to being genetically manipulated and not having a technological transformation, Shin’s is kind of painful looking and entirely biological.  It also leaves him looking the most like what we would expect to be a monster in any other Rider entry.

The tone of the film is very dark and going for mature and violent while holding back the big fight scene until the end and not really giving us any closure as it was intended to launch a new series that never happened.  What we did get though was some very out of place and random nudity:

plus a heaping helping of gore:

It didn’t really appeal to the intended market and the more mature content kept it out of the reach of kids who might have enjoyed it so it fell into a kind of limbo. It’s kind of a shame because these days, it might have worked on a streaming platform as is evidenced by the success of the similarly violent Amazon Prime Japan series Kamen Rider Amazons.

Skip ahead two years and a more family friendly but still VERY DARK Kamen Rider would grace the screens of Japanese theaters along with the Gosei Sentai Dairanger movie and the Tokusou Robo Janperson film as the 1993 Toei Hero Fair.  This one was directed and art designed by my favorite modern tokusatsu creator, Keita Amemiya and also the very first Kamen Rider media I ever got the chance to watch, Kamen Rider ZO.

Oh man, I could gush about this movie for ages and it always makes my list of favorite Kamen Rider properties as well as recommendations for starting points for people looking to get into the franchise.  It has just about everything I love about this particular tokusatsu hero; great monster designs, fantastic fight scenes, a compelling narrative and a likable hero.

Just look at these monsters:

The design work on this movie alone sold it for me and I still go back and watch it every now and then when I want a reminder of how good both mid-90s tokusatsu and Keita Amemiya’s early work was.  I could go on more but I’ll make this one simple, WATCH IT!

Finally, in 1994, Toei’s Hero Festival brought the world Kamen Rider J.

This was another product of Keita Amemiya and along with the previous film and the next year’s Mechanical Violator Hakaider formed his Toei Tokusatsu Trilogy. It brings the same awesome design sensibilities and action as the previous entry but also brought one other thing, Yūta Mochizuki who has previously played Geki in Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger as the new Kamen Rider, Koji.

Our villains this time are agents of the Space Mecha Beast Fog Mother who travels from planet to planet to devour all life on that world to spawn her children.  They have a pretty sweet base of operations, a giant moving castle with an interior that looks like it was decorated by H.R. Giger and Clive Barker.

It turns out this is actually Fog Mother’s second visit to Earth.  It came once before, 65 million years ago.  You can guess what happened then:

So, now they are back to do the same thing to humanity!  Fortunately, Koji gets found by representatives of the spirits of the Earth and turned into Kamen Rider J, who, along with his talking grasshopper companion are the only hope to stop Fog Mother and save all life on the planet!

Once again, the monster designs are pretty good.  Maybe not as memorable as the ones from Kamen Rider ZO, but still pretty great.

Eventually, J works his way through the monsters around him and has to battle Fog Mother itself, which turns out to be the giant castle!  That’s when J does what he is best known for, growing.  J is the only Kamen Rider capable of stealing Ultraman’s shtick and becoming a giant!

Ok, here’s the thing about Kamen Rider J.  It has a pretty unsubtle environmental message.  The hero is an environmental journalist, the movie makes a point to note all the climate changes causes natural disasters around the world and the young girl in the film is seen morning the deaths of birds and squirrels. Of course, all of this is pretty much blamed on Fog Mother but it still has all the subtlety of an episode of Captain Planet. It don’t mind a movie with a message but this one comes across as ham-fisted.

It also lacks much in the way of character development and just moves from one setpiece fight to another.  This is, of course, partially the blame of the short format these festival movies have to have but ZO seemed to use those limitations to tell a more compelling story.

One thing I just heard the other day regards the similarities in the looks between Kamen Rider ZO and Kamen Rider J themselves.  Just take a look and you can tell they were based on the same design.

Apparently, they were intended as sort of modern (for the mid-1990s) versions of Kamen Rider Ichigo and Kamen Rider Niigo, based on very similar designs and meant to meet and work together.  This only came about in the VERY short film Kamen Rider World which showed at special events and theme parks.

So, are they worth watching?  Shin Kamen Rider is a neat glimpse into an alternate take on the character, Kamen Rider ZO is essential viewing and Kamen Rider J is a fun romp with some great design work.  So, yes, they are all worth your time.

Thanks for the question!