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noticed (m)

pairings: taehyung x reader

word count: 2,174

genre: smut

a/n: this was terrible, i apologise omg but here it was based off this anon’s request.

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How you managed to get noticed by Kim Taehyung was completely beyond you. He was everything anyone could ever want. He was intelligent, funny and he had the looks that would alway make you question your sanity despite the amount of times you saw him.

He was always the talk of your school, at least once every week. Every girl would gush about him in the hallways, while the other males would try their best for him to join them. He was popular in the sense that people just wanted a slice of him. Nobody could miss the chance of becoming friends with someone like Taehyung.

Yet while everyone’s attention was on him. The only person he’d wish would notice him, was you.

It took an entire week for Taehyung to approach you, and another two weeks to ask you for a ‘mini-date’. At least, that’s what he liked to consider it. All it was to you was a movie night at his place with a couple of his friends. You had no idea why he’d invite you, since you only considered him as an acquaintance, but you agreed nonetheless (because. movies. ofc)

So you exchanged numbers and he gave you his address before the two of you parted ways for the evening. Little did you know, Taehyung had told you a lie and his friends weren’t actually coming over.

So when you arrived at the address he’d given you, you were surprised to see the driveway empty and no shoes scattered around the door. You walked in to find him standing in front of you with an apologetic look on his face. The truth spilled out of his lips, followed by multiple apologies, but you only laugh in reply and forgive him, because you’re glad that it’s just the two of you.

The night begins with the two of you ordering some nice pizza and beer, while watching some movies that you both loved in your youth years. Then after that… That’s when the fun started.

The moment his hand rested on your thigh should’ve been the moment you realised what his motive was. But at your drunken state, you were completely oblivious as you continued downing the bitter liquid.

Next was the way he rested his chin on your shoulder, letting out deep breath so the warm air that left his lips hit the skin on your neck. At this point you realised what he wanted, his actions that followed proved it. The lip bites and sultry looks from his hooded eyes made your stomach do multiple flips from excitement.

Once he’d gotten your attention- and you made no action to stop him- he leaned his head forward and trailed a line of butterfly kisses up your neck, releasing a bolt of electricity to run through your entire body.

“Taehyung.. What’re you doing?”

The breathless words and your relaxed expression showed that you knew what he was doing and that you didn’t want him to stop.

“I think you know, babe. Just stay quiet and let me take good care of you.” He whispers into your ear, latching your lobe in between his teeth before pulling it back slightly and releasing it.

You grin slightly to yourself as you open your and eyes and turn your head to face him, but he’s already one step ahead of you and crashes his lips onto yours. Your lips move against each other in a rhythmic pace and the way his lips mold perfectly with yours, makes you melt into the kiss.

“I realise how fast I’m going, just tell me when you want me to stop.” He whispers against your lips, your foreheads leaning against each other.

“You can’t say you want to stop now, Taehyung. Not when I’m already so wet for you.” You reply, your lips reaching for his to stop him from replying.

You feel his hand grab the bottle from your hand before placing his and yours on the table before the same hand reaches over to your hips. The position is nothing but awkward, so he lifts you up and places you on his lap before his hand cups your clit through the tight black leggings you were wearing and you make the move of grinding down on his hand.

Your juices had seeped through your panties and a small patch was growing around your crotch on your leggings. Taehyung’s hand didn’t stop it from growing as he pressed on your clit harder, making the friction more satisfying.

“You’re right, babe. You’re so wet for me, I can’t wait till I’m balls deep inside of you.” He growled as he pulled apart from the kiss to watch as your face contorted in pleasure at the feeling of his hand palming you.

“Tae- Taehyung, please.”

“What do you want, babe. Tell me what you want.” He asks as he moves his hands to your hips, pressing you down onto his hardened erection. You let out a series of soft moans at the feeling as you slowly roll your hips against him.

“I want… your cock inside of me. Please Tae-” You let out a small squeal as he flips your positions so that you were lying on the couch while he hovered above you, “If that’s what you want.” He whispered, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of your leggings and pulling them down your legs.

His eyes wandered up your legs, the sight of your smooth skin making his breath grow heavier with anticipation as he hurriedly stripped you out of your clothes, hoping to expose more of your glowing skin to him. “You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled under his breath as his hands travelled up the side of your legs, the curve on your stomach and eventually stopping on your chest.

He kneaded your breasts in your large hands as you watched in amusement the way his face fell from the lustful expression to a look of admiration. Absentmindedly, you lifted your arms to entangle your fingers between the strands of his hair. You pull his head down while you lean your chin up to meet his lips halfway. You moan gently against his lips as he applies more pressure to each squeeze on your breasts.

You release his hair, letting your hands travel down the front of his body before stopping at the bottom hem of his shirt. The light tugs on the fabric indicated that you wanted to remove the material from Taehyung’s body. He caught on quickly and pulled apart from the kiss to sit up and lift the shirt up his body and over his head before dropping it beside the couch, forgotten like the rest of your clothes.

He leaned back down on top of you and you immediately leaned forward to place small kisses along his collarbones, sucking and nipping lightly on his skin as his grunts and moans fuelled you.

“Your lips do some amazing things, babe. But let’s see what they look like around my cock.”

He sat up from his position and shimmied out of his sweats before moving in front of you. You propped yourself on your knees in front of him and placed a light kiss on his boxers, smirking to yourself once you hear a hiss escape his lips, “Y/N, please. Don’t tease.”

“What’s the fun in that?” You ask with a look of innocence on your face and before you could do anything else, he pulls his boxers down- letting his pulsing erection spring free- and gripping your neck and pulling you closer so the tip of his cock was touching your closed lips.

“Open up for daddy.” He growls and you happily oblige, opening your mouth before he pushed his length into your mouth. You responded immediately by wrapping your lips around him and swirling your tongue around his shaft while you bobbed your head in a rhythmic beat.

You hummed in approval as he let out a guttural moan while he rolled his hips into your face. “You’ve got no idea how pretty you look, babe. On your knees for me with you pretty pink lips wrapped around my cock.” He huffed out, while gripping the back of your head in his hands to push himself deeper into you.

You naturally gagged around him once you felt the tip of his dick hit the back of your throat, with tears pricking your eyes, you pulled back slightly to take a breather before leaning in once again but he stops you before you’re able to enclose your mouth around him.

“I can’t wait anymore, just let me fuck you.” He says, leaning down to place a rough kiss on your lips before running upstairs and coming seconds later with a foil packet in his hand.

He stops in front of you and hands you the object, “Can you? It just turns me on even more when I’m not the one rolling it on.” He says with a sheepish smile on his lips.

“Of course.”

You rip the foil off and place the condom on his tip before rolling it down his member. You feel him jump slightly in surprise at the feeling of your hands being wrapped around his length. You smirked to yourself as you squeezed your hands tighter around him before he quickly grabs your wrists and pins you against the couch, moving one of his legs over you so that he was straddling you.

“I told you not to tease me, babe. I need to give you what you deserve now.” He growls, leaning down to nuzzle his face into your before his teeth began biting and sucking onto your skin, leaving dark purple spots to appear.

“Tell me, Y/N. How do you like it? Tell me and I’ll give it to you.”

“Rough.” You barely managed to whisper as his lips continued their assault on your neck, “Give it to me rough, please.”

“As you wish, princess.” He says, sitting up and using his hands to push your legs apart. He takes one good look at your core dripping for him before aligning himself against and forcing himself in.

A few heartbeats later, he allows you to adjust before withdrawing his back and thrusting into you as hard as he can, “F-fuck Taehyung, right there.” You breath out, as he pounds into you.

“Yeah? Right here? Do you like it when I’m pounding into you like this, babe? Do you like it when I’m balls deep inside of you?” He asked as he lifted your hips up to his hips and grabbing one of your legs and throwing it over his shoulder as he continued thrusting into you.

“Yes, right there Tae. Oh god.” You cried out while arching your back off the cushion. You feel your walls naturally begin to clench around his length and the knot in your stomach begin to grow.

“Fuck, Y/N. You’re so tight, are you ready to cum? Cum for me like the good girl you are.” He encouraged, bringing his hand down to your sensitive bud and using his thumb to press against it.

You felt your hips jerk against his hand as he continued rubbing at your clot whil thrusting his hips deeper into you before you felt the knot in your stomach untangle while your climax washed over you. You let out a cry of pleasure as your hips instinctively flew up to meet with Taehyung’s powerful thrusts to help ride out your high until his orgasm washed over him and filled up the condom he had on.

He rolled his hims a few more times to ride out both of your climaxes before he pulled himself out and got up to discard the condom. You took a few seconds to rest before reaching over the couch to grab your shirt.

Once you felt the familiar fabric in your hands, you picked it up and slipped it over your head until it covered your entire body before resting against the soft cushions to regrain you ragged breathing. Taehyung came back seconds later to pick his sweats off the ground before pulling it up his legs and joining you on the couch.

But before he climbed on, he noticed the white shirt you were wearing was his and despite already having had his release seconds earlier, he felt a feeling stir in the pit of his stomach while a shiver of excitement ran through his member.

Ignoring the feeling, he crawled beside you and cradled you in his arms, “You look awfully sexy in my shirt, do you mind keeping it just for me, babe?” He whispered into your ear and watched in amusement as your eyes snapped open while you looked at him in embarrassment, muttering quick apologies under your breath as you reach down to grab the other white shirt from the ground, but he’s quick to stop you.

“I think you should keep my shirt on, you wouldn’t want me seeing you naked again, believe me.”

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I'm in too deep when the only motivation to pass my Physics class is fanfiction centripetal force ;) (;-; I love it so much, I could gush about it all day, you're fic is my daily motivation to not fail, honestly. Yuri on ice in general, and I'm so proud to be apart of a fandom and read something that can prove my friends wrong about anime not being important in life. I had a D in that class, OMG, BUT AFTER CATCHING UP I HAVE A C (IT MAY NOT SOUND GOOD, BUT IT'S GETTING THERE) I LOVE YOU)

EYYYYY I now feel like I’ve had an impact on the world somehow <3<3 I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!!! ^.^

I had a D in physics for like most of the year when I took that class so I feel your pain friend :( :( Plz imagine Yuuri tutoring you with every difficult physics topic! And Victor being very confused!

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I really like your fics Work of Art, CMWIF, Goodbye and Hello, Halcyon Days, and FLT.. Okay lets be honest I just love your writing in general. But I guess you could say those are the ones I'm most excited about? Also you're so freaking amazing? I can barely keep up with any of mine because of writers block! You are seriously a really wonderful writer and artist and I'm obsessed with everything you do from your artwork to your writing.. ~low key stalker of all your accounts~ ^^

Ahhh, I’m gushing! Thank you so much! ;///;
I’m really glad you enjoy the content I post! <3

So, imagine a pirate AU for Miraculous Ladybug. Sorry, I’ve been in the car for a good portion of the day and I just wanted to do something for my favorite movie, Pirates of the Caribbean.

-Adrien is the perfect child. Intelligent, a skilled swordsman, an idea by every rule, fastest sailor in the whole sea. Mayor Agreste takes every chance he can to gush about his precious son. He has everything one could ever dream of except a mother. Mrs. Agreste was lost to the sea 8 years ago, when her son was only 12.

-Marinette Dupain-Cheng is sure there is no one unluckier than her. She lost her parents 8 years ago, on the very same voyage as the Mayor’s wife. She was forced to work to live in a Tortuga pub, constantly getting hit on by drunken pirates. She lives in an actual barn. But one day, a ship comes into harbor for sale. Marinette simply can’t keep her eyes off it, but to avoid ineviteble capture whenever she docked and a black mark in the Dupain and Cheng names, she disguised herself as Ladybug, Dread of the Seven Seas, Captain of The Miraculous.

-One day, Ladybug pulls into harbor, blasting up the town before her and looting every home in sight. One of these unlucky houses is the Mayor’s. She sees a poor, pathetic boy who’s seaworthy and turns out, they’re short a sailor. Totally doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that she thinks he’s most attractive man as far as the eye can see! Pfft! That’d be ridiculous!

-Adrien, who’s read and dreamt about pirates his entire life, is simply ecstatic, despite being taught to never join a rogue ship. Gabriel takes the matter…differently. He’s blinded by a red, hot fury and sends every able man out to sea.

-Romance blossoms between Captain and crewmember, Marinette even revealing herself.

-All the while, Gabriel continues his search, but matters change when a new ship comes into play, The Akuma, pirated by Captain Hawkmoth, fresh from Davey Jones’s Locker.

-Epic 3-way battles ensue between the royal navy, Hawkmoth, and Ladybug.

-“That was simply Miraculous, Captain.”

-“I’ve got a jar of Ladybugs!”


Highlights from the 101 commentary

Because I haven’t posted like 10 posts on this already 

  • The band just being talkative and lovely all the way though
  • Dave getting ridiculously soppy and nostalgic about everything especially Alan
  • Fletch joking about paying the girl to faint
  • Dave gushing about how brilliant everything and everyone is
  • Martin’s tendency to understate things is always hilarious - and Dave’s impression of him reacting to Johnny Cash covering Personal Jesus
  • Fletch saying Dave is second only to him as a performer
  • Dave’s impression of Fletch saying he could have been a actor/footballer/etc
  • Mart and Fletch explaining about the dreaded prayer list 
  • Martin explaining how him and Alan had to perform Death’s Door as an encore when Dave had a mini heart attack during Devotional
  • Dave’ reaction to baby Jack
  • Dave saying how Martin had to be un-padlocked to go to the toilet
  • Dave realising how much he shakes his ass (but he likes doing it)
  • All of it basically

i think about how the Washington kids could have been online famous a lot like, in the way that most celebrities kids are

not to the same extent as actors and singers and stuff because bob washington was just a director but imagine them having some sort of fanbase online and people making edits and gushing about how hot they all are and they post snapchats and vines of them doing stupid shit together and everyone thinks theyre great

and then hannah and beth go missing and everything goes to hell

All the cute adorable awesome fanchildren for Sans and Toriel are making me extremely happy.

And y’know, they would both make amazing parents and love that child with everything they had. Toriel has already been a mom and lost children and she might be a tad overprotective, but she would make sure that child has everything they could possibly need and dote on them so much. I don’t think she would be super strict, but probably at least moreso than Sans.

But hey, Sans would also make an incredible dad. He’s got all the experience he needs already from taking care of his brother. And while he’d be ridiculous with dad jokes and other nonsense, he would also make sure that nothing ever hurt that child or made them cry. Bedtime stories would totally be a thing and he would probably be a little more lenient with the child than Toriel in terms of being easy-going and not the type of dad to stay mad. And he’d make sure that kid grew up having a lot of fun. Both of them would, really.

It just. Makes me. SO HAPPY. To think of them as parents together. That would be such a loving family, full of humor, and a safe and happy environment for the child to grow, because the parents wouldn’t settle for anything less. Two strong monsters aren’t going to let ANYONE mess with their kid.

Plus, that child also gains a sibling (Frisk), two awesome aunts, the most COOL skeleton uncle in the world, and a fluffy pushover not!dad (as I believe Toriel would at least be open to being somewhat friends with Asgore again in the future).

I have too many feelings about happy post-pacifist ending with lives continuing and no more resets. It’s the happy ending everyone deserves. I mean, I love some angst as much as the next person and there’s plenty of ways to work that in, too (like heaven forbid Frisk or that child get seriously ill as Toriel would probably have a breakdown). But there’s just so much potential. SO MUCH.