i could honestly watch this movie at least once a day forever

so i’ve been thinking a lot about lance and his siblings

  • lance would drive his lil sister to and from school when their mama had to work. he’d wait outside the gates for her and they’d hold hands or he’d give her a piggy back to the car as he asked about her day
      •  sometimes she even made drawings for him to look at as they walked
  • the two (lance and his younger sis) go to the beach together A LOT
      • lance was actually the one who taught her to surf
      • they spend time building sandcastles, surfing and looking for shells they can take home
  • lance and his older sister are actually the ones who bicker the most, all of it playful teasing until lance gets too big for his boots and things get… interesting.
      • it normally ends with his sister getting him in a headlock and him tapping out though
  • lance is the only one his lil sister likes to comb her hair. she’s got real big curls and lance is the only one soft enough to be able to battle them. he’ll braid back her hair before they go swimming and it’s a job trying to get her to sit still
      • lance always has to guide her back down and he’s laughing as he’s all “woah, hey, you’re gonna mess up all my hard work!”
      • to which she giggles and settles for at least a minute
  • their whole family has movie nights where they just all pile in the living room and watch a couple movies. lance’s older siblings are all spread across the couch with his parents, while he and his younger sister are piled on the floor with pillows and blankets
      • it’s not too long before his older siblings get into an argument about the movie choice, to which lance and his lil sister just both respond “SHUT UPPPPPP” because they’re both so invested in the movie
      • lance gets a pillow thrown at the back of his head for that
  • lance is always trying to prove himself to his older siblings and that often leads to him getting himself into very sticky situations
      • he once got his head stuck in a metal fence because his brother dared him
      • one time he needed to go to the emergency room because he bet his siblings he could chug a bottle of hot sauce (he could not)
      • he tried backflipping off the trampoline once and ended up fracturing his ankles
      • he once got way too cocky while trying to get rid of a spider in the house and just straight up grabbed it in his hand. as you can imagine, his face was instant regret and he fainted
  • he and his older brother wrestle a lot too
      • they both commentate the fight as it’s happening
      • “and firstborn mcclain lands a fatal blow!! baby mcclain is down!! i don’t think he’s gonna get back up!!”
      • yes. lance is baby mcclain.
  • his siblings all tease lance for being a mamas boy, but it’s funny because they all love their mama so damn much. 
      • lance welcomes this title honestly
      • he stands there with a wide smile as he replies all “yeah. and what?”
      • mama is smiling in the background while his siblings smirk and mumble something along the lines of “kissass”

I keep thinking about a modern Animorphs AU and I’m so in love with it
It honestly has so much fun potential and I could go on forever about it, but here are just a few headcanons I have:


  • He just doesn’t Get social media
  • Marco’s always telling him to update his profiles more, but he never does
  • Only really goes on facebook and the occasional forum or chatroom
  • Most of his posts are Marco tagging him in things
  • Him and Tom would play video games a lot together, and Jake still tries to get him to play more
  • Jake usually just resorts to going to Marco’s house
  • Probably has a very dad-like phone case for his smartphone
  • Marco and Rachel make fun of him for it
  • Likes really outdated memes (Marco groans in the distance)
  • Someone please help this child


  • Gets in trouble for wearing crop tops at school
  • Has an aesthetic blog on tumblr
  • Lives on Instagram and pintrest
  • Her room looks like something straight off of pintrest
  • Watches so many beauty vloggers on youtube
  • Secretly wants to start her own beauty channel, but knows that she can’t being an animorph
  • Sends Cassie beauty and fashion hacks and tutorials all the time with the hope that she’ll get into it
  • It doesn’t, but she still does it


  • Spends a majority of his life online
  • Stays up until 3am on school nights going through reddit
  • The pirate KING
  • Has folders filled with illegally downloaded music and movies and anime
  • As a hawk, one of the animorphs brings him a tablet to use in the forest
  • He shows Ax anime
  • This was a bad idea
  • Everyone thinks he’s really tech savvy but mostly he’s just really good at googling things


  • He owns so many video games and different consoles oh my god
  • He always invites Jake over to play
  • Spends his nights trolling online
  • This boy is the absolute meme king (But let’s face it, that’s not even a headcanon. We all know this.)
  • He always sends Jake memes and funny posts he finds
  • Just take this moment to imagine Marco sending Jake cursed images or out of context gifs and saying “this is you”
  • Posts selfies c o n s t a n t l y
  • Literally all of his selfies have all these filters and he does all the stereotypical douche poses
  • Probably posts at least one selfie a day and brags when it gets liked
  • Jake always likes out of pity
  • Tries to grow his hair out for a man bun because the ladies will love it
  • Rachel tells him this is not the case. He ignores her


  • She’s had the same smartphone for the longest time
  • Honestly the only reason she has a smartphone is because Rachel finally convinced her to join modern life
  • The screen is incredibly cracked because she keeps dropping it while working with the animals
  • Like Jake, she doesn’t really get social media, either
  • She follows so many animal pages on facebook though
  • She just doesn’t get internet humor
  • Sometimes she thinks she gets it, but she never does
  • Rachel and Marco die a little bit on the inside every time Cassie brings up something she found online because it’s always old and outdated jokes and memes
  • Jake always laughs though
  • Accidentally liked an old picture of Jake once
  • She texted Rachel frantically asking her what to do
  • Rachel was dying
  • Honestly Jake probably didn’t even notice. He was just happy Cassie liked one of his pictures


  • Marco showed him a meme once. He had no idea what the point of it was, but now he won’t stop trying to reference memes. Marco regrets his decision. Tobias tries to help him understand memes more. It’s a lost cause. Ax now brings up memes at the worst possible times.
  • Remember how I said Tobias showed him anime. Ax loves anime.
  • He ends up getting into quite a few of them and sits in the forest draining the battery of their electronics
  • He doesn’t even need subtitles because of his translator chip
  • Tobias gets frustrated because every time a new episode of the anime they’re watching comes out, Ax watches it before him and is really bad with spoilers
  • Scoffs at touch screens (“You need to use a screen to touch? A hologram would be much easier.”)
  • Marco insists on setting up a facebook profile for Ax’s human morph because he thinks not having a facebook in modern day might make controllers suspect him
  • Now imagine Marco helping Ax take selfies for his new profile
  • Words cannot even begin to describe that shipwreck
  • The other animorphs cannot stop laughing at how ridiculous his pictures are

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could do solangelo? And nico is a hockey player, who doesn't really listen and gets in fight all the time, or something of the sort. And then Will could be a medic for the games, who always has to deal with nicos injuries, or he could be a new assistant coach, trying to deal with nico never listening? It would be lovely if you could. P.s. I love your blog.

Yaaay! Solangelo!!! 

Here’s the hockey-themed fic! Thanks anon!~ So I don’t know much hockey terms so I’m sorry if I got a thing or two wrong about hockey gameplay :3

Hope you like it anyway!

“Benefits of Being a Medic”

Solangelo HockeyAU!

Summary: Will was sure he signed up to be a medic, not a guidance counselor. Still, listening to the complaints of his most frequent clinic visitor, star hockey-player Nico Di Angelo, was all worth it.


Will was a hundred percent certain he’d signed up to be a medic, not a guidance counselor.

Another thing was he was supposed to be a medic for game-related injuries. He wasn’t really sure if getting hit with a hockey stick in the face right after a final match counted, but he was pretty sure it didn’t.

The medic listened, albeit a little half-heartedly, at the black haired and rather scrawny looking boy whose sprained wrist he was patching up.

Said boy, Nico Di Angelo, didn’t look to have the build or strength befitting that of a hockey player. But the seemingly sinewy limbs packed a lot more punch than expected. He was an exceptional player and a great benefit to the team—so much that even medics like Will knew that. And his extraordinary gameplay was probably the only thing keeping him from getting thrown off the team.

From all the gossip going around, Will gathered that Nico was rather anti-social and wouldn’t give a rat’s ass for any other teammate. Ever. His temper was a paper-thin floodgate trying to hold back an onslaught of rage at any given moment, and every other member made no show of trying to hide their displeasure for their teammate.

Will however, found him to be… different. He landed at the clinic often enough, Will even considered him to be a friend of sorts. His tendency to never listen and go his own way, as the coach put it, often landed him in trouble or injury—and this time was no exception.

“It’s that asshole’s fault, I’m telling you!” Nico huffed. He sat on the clinic table opposite Will, letting his wrist get wrapped in a bandage. “I was going to score that goal—I swear to you, I was!—but that jackass Valdez dove in at the wrong time. He wasn’t supposed to be in that position! Any other position and I would’ve scored but no, he had to be there!” Nico growled again, scratching at the pale skin surrounding the first strands of the bandage.

This had happened before. They would be playing a certain gameplay and Nico, never really caring to listen to debriefings, ended up going out of gameplay resorting in injury or losing a score. However, Will knew better than to point that out.

“So,” he started, wrapping another layer around the injury. “How exactly did you sprain your wrist?”

Nico glared darkly at said wrist. “Valdez deserved a hockey stick to the face. Just didn’t expect him to retaliate, though.” He let out a cold laugh, which quickly turned into something more humorous when Will smirked.

“I bet his face was bleeding all over.” The blond medic chuckled. His little quirk was rewarded with a sparkle in the other boy’s dark eyes.

“You tell me,” he said. “It was… Kayla, who patched him up, right?”

Will nodded. “Oh yeah. Man, you must’ve hit him hard enough to score a goal. I think he was even crying about his ‘beautiful nose being broken forever’.”

Nico cracked up again, and, for the millionth time since the hockey star’s first landing in Will’s clinic, the medic wondered how more people never got to know this side of him. Sure, he understood how Nico was unlikable at first, but a simple talk with him led to so much more.  

He could be funny, though his humor was mostly dark, but he had a pretty crappy family life to give it some validation. Even so, he often made jokes about a lot of things. He had an interest in an old board game, Mythomagic, which was not something one expected from an ‘emo-boy’ like him. Will found it to be cute. He also had a special love for McDonald’s happy meals.

Upon learning that, Will had bought a happy meal the very next day to give to the boy when he—sure enough—showed up to the clinic. He declined it at first, flustered and dumbfounded, but Will was persistent and they ended up sharing the happy meal together.

Ever since, Will would buy a happy meal for lunch and they’d share. On some occasions however, Nico would insist on buying when Will was perfectly fine with his self-taken duty. Their little argument went on for sometime until they’d decided to alternate on who’d buy lunch each week. This week was Will’s turn.  

“Looks like you’re good,” The medic declared, getting up from his stool. Nico followed suit.

Quickly shuffling through his bag, Will pulled out a happy meal and turned to present it to the other. “So how does lunch sound?” he asked, grinning ear-to-ear.

Nico rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sure.”  He tested his wrist, cringing visibly as he put a little too much pressure. He stopped however, when Will gave him a warning glare.

Now, glaring at Nico DiAngelo was something that was bound to land one in a clinic themselves, with the exception of the case in which you’re Will Solace. For reasons unknown to many, Will could get away with a lot of social interaction with the ill-tempered hockey player without getting punched in the face.

Will liked to think he’d earned Nico’s trust and became a rather good friend. Although constantly having to deal with the injuries was a pain, all the talks and interaction would make Will’s time worth it. He was drawn to the boy for… some reason. Maybe it was because he was different? Or because he saw something in him that not many other people did?

According to Nico himself, during one serious talk they’d had—which left Will awake past two in the morning thinking about it afterward—the only other person he’d ever considered a close friend was his late sister Bianca. Everything was already hell in his home, and when she died things became worse.

Will had hoped that ‘only other person’ meant he was that other ‘close friend’. He decided never to push his luck that much though.

Getting to be something like Nico’s friend, although never officially declared, was good enough—for now at least.

So he listened to Nico’s annoyed complaints about the turn of the previous game as they made their way through the halls. Once out the front door, Will basked in the glory of warm afternoon sunlight. For a moment, Nico watched him playfully from the side, then called for him to sit on one of the front lawn’s benches.

They would sometimes eat in the stands too, but Will often found it too cold. He wouldn’t say anything, but was thankful when Nico suggested to dine outside instead.

Now, they chewed their burgers and fries in silence.

No, it wasn’t an awkward or tense silence. It was comfortable, really. Almost a hundred-and-eighty-degree spin on Nico’s earlier mood. He liked to keep quiet during the first few moments of their lunches, savoring the meal and maybe even the company.

It took a good five minutes before Nico spoke up.

“So, Will,” he started through a partially filled mouth. “You’re off-duty on Saturday, Right?”

“Mhm,” Will nodded, sipping his coke. The two went back to watching the cars move past them on the street for another minute or so, then Nico spoke up again.

“Do you want to, maybe, catch a movie or something?”


Was he…?

Will stopped sipping his coke.

“Like… I think a new Avenger’s movie is coming up. I mean… you are into superhero movies, right? Or maybe… not into them, but like, you like them, right? Uh… I just thought maybe you’d wanna watch it together or something.”

Holy heck, he was.

“Um, l-like a date?” Oh wow. How smooth, Will.

He watched as Nico flushed. No chance of hiding anything with his pale skin.

“I mean, not exactly a date!” The boy hastily clarified. He looked back to the busy street as his blush only grew. Then a little more quietly, he added, “I mean… not if you don’t want it to be.”


Maybe Will did have a chance after all.

Clothing choices and breath mints were already running through his mind before he even had a chance to say yes. It took him maybe a solid three minutes and a disappointed huff from Nico to snap out of his trance.  

“O-of course!” He stammered, blushing a bit himself. He honestly never expected to get that lucky. “It’s a date then! Friday. I’ll pick you up at your place…?”

Nico looked up, his blush now hiding behind an amused and slightly wild smile. “Woah, hold on there, cowboy. You don’t even know where I live. Tell you what, I’ll meet you at the movie house at two o’clock, ‘kay?”

The two then shared a laugh, more from relief than anything, as they finished the last of their happy meal. Things settled back into a comfortable silence. Will was definitely looking forward to Saturday.

“You know,” he said, after a moment. “It’s not an Avenger’s movie. Civil War is a Captain America movie.”

Nico gave him a quizzical look, his blush not fully settling just yet. Will found it cute. “But… they were all in the trailer, right? I mean, Iron Man and Black Widow and a bunch of others were there…

“Yeah, but it isn’t an Avenger’s movie. I was pretty confused too.”

“Oh. Well, we’ll still watch it, right?” It was probably that little hitch of doubt in Nico’s voice that sent Will into a mild panic attack.

“Of course! It’s settled, I promise.”

And it was probably that little smile he flashed back that made Will feel that, even though he didn’t sign up to be Nico’s guidance counselor over gaming frustration, it was all pretty damn worth it.


Hope you liked it!

Rfa + Minor Trio with touch starved mc

Request #2 :

Hiya, Hiya, could you do rfa’s + minor trio reactions to an Mc who is touch starved? Thank you!❤


*She understands what’s going on subconsciously so she doesn’t even have to react really?

*Her aunt and uncle did love her but it wasn’t the same as if she had her own parents who would give her hugs or pat her shoulder when she did a great job on her test

*Jaehee doesn’t see herself as a super touchy feely person but it soon becomes a sort of an even thing between the two of you to find your hands grazing each other’s waists or when you find out you’ve been holding hands for an hour and didn’t really realize it that much?

*You’re both feeling sparks and butterflies

*It’s great but once either u or Jaehee think you’re being a little bit clingy the other will become 20x more loving and give at least 30 kisses within an hour


*okay boi here knows how things are supposed to be but it’s also lots of drama and over the top because he LOVES you

*Hands down will give you anything you need if you ask for it, if he’s busy or unable to do it he will find time for it later he never forgets about these sort of things

*BUT if you don’t tell him….. his beast will pick it up eventually and you will be at your wits end with how much love you will be getting from this man

*There is no running from homeboy’s love for you~


*He’s not gonna show that he wants you because he never really shows normal couple affection until ur like tear 3 of being in love

*So even if you think it’s a little bit awkward when you tell him about being touch starved his eyes get sort of dark and sad (inner Mc is like OH SHIT)

*Poor babe probs feels bad for not picking up on it or giving you what you want

*He’s gonna make up for it 400 times more than nessecary

*Before your convo even ends Jumin is holding your hands

*and guess what! Soon after that whenever it is possible he never lets go of you~


*Your his first s/o, so yeah there’s only a few kisses or accidental touches in the beginning

*You still loved them with all your heart it was just you sort of needed more to shush away the anxiety of how this could possibly be a dream

* So you when you talk to him about it he gets kind of  😫🤐😥😭

*Probably will always be surprised and blushing but he’s not gonna deny himself and once he gets what’s going down with you he doesn’t have it in him to NOT do kawaii PDA in public


*He is loving to you so the problem is…. kisses with Pringle lips aren’t what ur looking for let’s be honest

*He’s affectionate to you but it’s all very playful and quick

*Sooooooo once you’ve finally have had enough of his shit you come up with a plan

*Annnnd Seven somehow​ evades your whole plan together and MC’s inner demon is released

*Saeyoung wasn’t ready for it

*Mc tells him what’s up and takes what she wants

*Literally is blushing and stutering whenever Mc and Sevens relationship is brought up or PDA

*Mc always has a slightly evil/proud glint in their eyes due to this


*It’s like this

*He loves you and you feel the same way about him

*But sometimes love isn’t always enough

…… and you honestly don’t know which is worse having V flinch away from your touch or the small smiles he gets when his thoughts drift to her…..

*Sometimes you don’t really even consider yourself V’s girlfriend you may as well be another bump in the road and you really really don’t want to add another dent to his life

*So you kept your silly little dreams of a PDA and a extra loving relationship on the back burner to focus on him because he is important to you

*V eventually gets kind of curious at why you seem to always be beside him but not really touchable

*He asks you about it one night and you don’t want to have anything to hide from him so you tell him

*You may not see it but V is once again getting angsty from himself, he wishes that he could be a better person who looked out for your needs and desires since you’ve been so very helpful with his

*He is very quiet for a while and you begin to take it the wrong way and whisper a quick goodnight and start to make your way to the bedroom V pounces he brings your body on top of his and spends the whole night just kissing you and cuddling everything you’ve wanted is given to you and your just elated on cloud nine

*It doesn’t take long before he soon becomes happy and free of any guilt and it has nothing to due with Rika….. Jumin tells you that he has never seen his friend be this happy before (not even with Rika)

*You just smile and keep holding his hand not completely aware that he is looking and holding onto you like your the most important thing in this world


*You always understood Saeran needed time due to his past how could you give him a simple hug, when you knew it gave him bad memories of every time he’s been stabbed in the back?

*It didn’t matter if he needed a forever you loved him and would wait

*So as Saeran slowly but surely healed there was times when you were able to do coupley things like that but it was a rare occurrence….

*One day quite a few years later Saeran and you were watching a movie halfway through it he stopped paying attention and let his thoughts wander away (most likely towards you)

*He then realized that he could count the number of times you’ve been held etc by him on his hands and it didn’t go over ten

*You sat close to him but you were barely tangible, in your arms was a stuffed animal/pillow

*You had the sweetest look on your face peaceful and content, you looked over once you realised Saeran was staring at you

*Saeran blushes but keeps looking at you and can’t help but begin to blurt out these next few words “Do you like me Mc?”

*Your kind of shocked and wondering where this is going “Of course I like you Saeran I love you”

*”Then how come we don’t really look like we’re in love?”

*” It doesn’t matter how we look, how we feel is much more important and besides I thought you really wouldnt be into PDA and stuff yet”

*He soon realizes that the very same look in MC’s eyes is one he’s seen a hundred times before and it shows so much kindness, patience and love he mentally kicks himself for not really understanding it before

*Saeran is crying and holding Mc very gently and he can’t believe this is what it’s like to hold something so precious……. It’s nice


*I believe that they are literally the part of the meme “Damn it Sarah I can’t control the weather” but after being a skwank about it they give you their jacket🐆

*So all of your PDA and such will have mixed feelings and reactions

*So ur like do u want to kill me or are you blushing?

* Either way you sort of holdback on your starved urges for a bit

*But you can only take so much for so very long

*And when you tell them you are touched starved they won’t say anything but they will blush not really look into your eyes for a minute and then just sort of hug you and have a little breakdown at the same time

*This is most likely because they can handle getting literally shot more than the sparks that soar through their nerves everytime you touch

I Hate You Part 3

Originally posted by lullabyun

Request:Scenario where chanyeol find out that his girlfriend (he was going to propose) don’t want to have children. you choose if the end will be happy or sad. Thaaaaanks

Word Count: 4946

Note: It’s finally here! Thank you all for your patience! OML this took ages but I finally found the perfect ending. It’s been 3 months since I posted part 1, can you believe it! It feels like yesterday, well to me at least. Thank you for all supporting this blog even though I’ve been gone for a long time. I hope to be back writing again soon. Lot’s of love, and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Genre: This one’s a weird one, I made it quite lighthearted and funny at the beginning and the very end but there’s still a lot of angst. 

Part 1 

Part 2

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A Day in the Life

Pairing: Jin x Yoongi x You

Genre: Fluffy fluffiness 

It was too early to wake up, especially for what was supposed to be a lazy Sunday. The sun was just beginning to mark its path above the buildings; rays of light managing to stretch through the curtains and lay warm hands upon what it could reach. The exhaustion still coursing through your body made it feel heavy, and made you regret waking up earlier than when you wanted to.

You attempted to close your mind off again, succumb to the dark void patiently waiting behind closed eyes. However, you felt your mind deliberately wake, becoming slowly alert one anatomical section at a time. A loud crash and subsequent “shit” floated down the hall from the kitchen, and you fully woke up with a loud, unpleased groan. The food loving maniac was probably making breakfast for the lazy people still curled in bed - curse him, why did he have to do something so thoughtful so early in the morning?

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anonymous asked:

Have you done one where Harry proposes? If you have can you like it please?

The sun is setting low over the Pacific Ocean as you clean the dishes from dinner, Coldplay’s music pulsing in the background.  Harry reaches around from behind you to put the last of the dishes into the soapy water where your hands are covered in suds.  He lowers the dishes into the water, allowing his hands to tangle briefly with yours before sliding his wet hands up your forearms. Pressing a small kiss just behind your ear, Harry whispers, “That dinner was amazing, my love.  You should marry me.”

Pausing with your back to him, you close your eyes, leaning back into him.  If only he were serious.  After dating for nearly 23 months and living together for the last four of those, you know that he is the love of your life.  He’s the one with whom you belong forever and ever.  If only he would ask for real, you would say yes.  

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Can I Kiss You? (Trixya) - Tati

A/N: I’m sorry this isn’t chapter 5 of Our Deal! I’ve had this idea in mind for a while now and decided this should be a thing and have it out there for anyone to read. I love fics with trans Katya and noticed that I hadn’t come across one where Trixie was trans so I decided to give it a try and I hope I do it justice. I can’t take any credit for the idea as I saw this prompt post months ago and will def reblog it on my sideblog to give it credit. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I’d like to thank Alex for being my beta and encouraging me to write this.

Trigger Warning: Panic Attack

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Gruvia AU - Oneshot

Title: Movie Night

Rated: M

Nothing would ruin Gray’s good mood that friday. That must have been the first day of the whole week that did not turn into a complete disaster and, in addition, with the end of the college finals week, he could finally spend some time alone with his girlfriend.

At lunchtime he saw his friends in the cafeteria, already seated at one of the tables, and walked over there with a smile on his face. 

“Looks like someone’s in a good mood today.” Levy said when the dark haired boy seated next to her. 

“Yeah… What’s with that stupid face?” Natsu looked at his best friend as if he were from another planet, and Lucy laughed beside him.

“Honestly, I’m curious, too. Gray Fullbuster, happiness and morning classes do not match at all.” The blonde thought for a moment. “I’ll bet Juvia is involved in this.”

“Did you two kill classes for a quickie or what?” Cana looked at his friend with a big, malicious grin, and Gray just rolled his eyes.

“Loki is coming here, let’s just ask him.” The petite bluenette suggested.

They saw the orange-haired boy approaching their table - which took forever because he stopped several times to flirt with some girls - and as he sat down, all his friends were looking at him.

“What’s it?”

“Loki, do you know why Gray is like this?” Lucy asked as she pointed at the brunet.

“I’m normal!” He said.

“No, you’re not!”

“Oh, that’s easy.” Loki smirked. “Fridays movie night at home with Juvia.” The Fullbuster snorted, but without the usual frown on his face. “They go to her apartment to "watch” a movie and then Gray only comes back on Saturday night. Sometimes even on Sunday morning.“

"Thank you very much, Loki. You’re an idiot.” Gray glared at him, but Loki just shrugged.

“But he doesn’t get happy like this every week, does he?” Levy asked, confused. 

“Gray must have been deprived of sex during the finals season!” Cana laughed out loud.

“You guys suck, you know that?” The brunet mumbled, but as soon as thin arms circled his neck and hugged him from behind, the smile was back in his features. He looked up and saw his beautiful girlfriend with a shy smile looking at him with affection. “Hey.”

“Hi, Gray-sama.” Juvia gave him a quick kiss before looking at the rest of the group. “Hi, guys!”

“Mrs. Fullbuster has finally arrived.” Cana smiled at the blunette, making her blush deeply with her words.

“Did you come to lunch with us, Ju?” Lucy asked her with a big smile.

“Ah, Juvia can’t. She promised Meredy that we would talk at lunchtime.”

“Is everything okay?” Gray asked with a frown.

“Nothing to worry about. It’s just a girl thing.” She explained before stealing another kiss from her boyfriend. “Juvia just came to say a quick ‘hello’. She has to go now.”

“So.. Movie night?”

“Movie night! Sure.” She gave him an anxious smile before kissing him for a few seconds. The whistles from his friends almost made him roll his eyes, but kissing his bluenette was much more interesting. “See you later.”

“See ya.”

“You two are so cute!” Lucy and Levy spoke at the same time when Juvia left, and Gray just ignored them as he felt his face warm up a little. It was for this reason that he did not like being romantic in public.

“Why didn’t you ever call us to watch something with you?” Natsu suddenly asked in an offended tone, and everyone at the table stared at him blankly.

“Dear, they don’t-” Lucy tried to explain that Gray and Juvia did not do just that, but Loki, unfortunately, had been faster.

“Natsu, they do nothing but fuck all night.”

“We watched the movies.. At least the first three times.” Gray spoke with an amused smile.

“Beginning of dating?” The orange-haired boy tried to guess and gave a convinced smile when his friend nodded. “I knew it! Never rush things.”

“Never.” Gray nodded.


After school ended, Gray walked into the parking lot with Josh Wright - one of his classmates - at his side, both talking about a presentation they would have to make together soon.

“Fullbuster, you really are a lucky bastard.” The blond boy spoke suddenly, stopping in the middle of the parking lot and making Gray frown and look around in confusion.

That’s when the dark man understood what his colleague meant. Juvia was leaning casually on his motorcycle, waiting for him, and probably unaware of how tight her jeans, low-cut blouse, and jacket made her sexy.

“I know. "Gray shrugged and laughed as Josh narrowed his eyes at him. "We’ll talk later, Wright.”

“Shall I call you over the weekend?”

“I’ll probably be a little busy.” The brunete nodded in the direction of his motorcycle.

“I hope at least you’re going to be busy with the girl.” The blonde said before walking to his own car.

The Fullbuster finally walked up to his girl, and when she saw him, she grinned.

“I think they traded my girlfriend for a very hot motorbike rider.” He spoke when he was near her, making her laugh softly.

“Is Juvia looking like a bad girl?” She tried to make a threatening expression as she folded her arms.

“Yeah, you look badass.” Gray tried to hold back his laughter. Your girlfriend was so adorable. “All you need is dark sunglasses and then you’re going to be as scary as Gajeel.”

“Gajeel-kun is not scary. He’s a very sweet person inside.”

“So.. About the movie. Your house or mine?” He flashed his more flirtatious smile. Juvia blushed a little, but then hugged her boyfriend by the neck.

“Juvia’s. Gajeel-kun got tired of sleeping on the couch and decided to stay in Levy’s house while not moving to his new apartment.”

“So now you’re alone all the time?”

“All the time.” The bluenette smiled in a suggestive way. “Unless Gray-sama stays with her once in a while.” She pulled him down for a long kiss, which the dark haired boy corresponded with great enthusiasm on his part.

“GET A ROOM!” They heard Cana’s voice scream from somewhere.


Arriving at Juvia’s apartment, she immediately went to prepare the treats so they could eat during the movie.

“Do you need any help?” Gray asked leaning against the kitchen doorway to watch his girlfriend.

“Juvia has everything under control, but thank you.” She smiled at him. “Any special requests, Gray-sama?”

“Hmm.. What do we have so far?”

“Some snacks, soda, juice; and Juvia is making popcorn.”

“If I’m still hungry, can we order a pizza later?” He asked hopefully, making the bluenette look at him with amusement. “Or we can forget all this and just ask for the pizza.”

“How badly do you want this pizza, Gray-sama?”

“I could kill someone for one.” The brunet shrugged.

“Fine!” She laughed. “Gray-sama can have his precious pizza.”

“I knew I loved you for a reason.”


“Are you sure you don’t want it?” Gray asked for the tenth time, taking the second slice of pizza to his mouth.

“Yes, Gray-sama. Juvia is sure. You can eat as much as you want.” His girlfriend was focused on the TV; she was looking for a movie on Netflix. “What are we going to watch?”

“Anything but animation movies.”

“Aw, why?!” Juvia sounded so disappointed. 

“Next week we can do a Disney marathon if you want. But not today.” He spoke, irrefutable. Every time the woman chose a movie like that, she paid no attention to him. No kisses, not even a wandering hand here and there - and certainly no sex. “Deal?”

“Deal! Juvia will not forget that.” She seemed excited to sing all the songs she knew from every Disney movie.

“Believe me, I know you won’t.” He snorted.

“Juvia found one! What does Gray-sama think of 'Sharknado’?”


Gray was amazed by his girlfriend. She really seemed to be enjoying the Shark-something.

After nearly 30 minutes of movie, he put his hand on her knee and began to stroke her thigh over the jeans. His lips went to her neck and he felt her goose bumps as he nibbled the lobe of her right ear.

“Gray-sama never pays attention to the movies.” The bluenette whispered with her eyes closed, and almost gasped when the brunet took one of his hands under her shirt and began to caress her stomach with the tips of his fingers, softly.

“I’d rather focus all my attention on you.” He whispered back, cupped her chin, and turned her face toward him so he could put his lips on hers in a slow kiss.

When their tongues touched, Juvia put one knee on either side of his waist and straddled him, deepening the kiss and letting it become more and more hungry and desperate. She felt his big hands go up to her ass and squeezing it hard as they tried to pull her closer. Juvia brushed her sex into the bulk of the brunet’s pants, making him moan softly, and he thrusted his pelvis a few times in response to continue the delicious rubbing.

She stood up suddenly, and licked her swollen, red lips seductively as she took each piece of clothing very slowly.There were a few sharks flying on the television screen behind her, but still, watching her undress without any shyness and with that feline look that seemed to devour him with so much desire, it was one of the most erotic visions for him.

“Juvia needs help to take a shower.” Juvia took both of Gray’s hands and guided them to her breasts - and she moaned loudly as he squeezed them immediately. “Gray-sama needs to help Juvia here.” She took his hands to her ass. “Here.” And at last she took only one them to her sex, where he massaged her clit with his thumb and felt her wet folds with his middle finger. “Ah! And here.”

“Well..” He swallowed, feeling his pants get painfully tight as she moaned with his touch. “What are we waiting for?”

With that said, he put her over his shoulder and led her into the bathroom, locking the door next. The movie - which was still on TV - was long forgotten.

Hell yeah, fridays movie night at home were the best!



AN: Hiii guys! How u doing? Er… This oneshot turned out to be a little more naughty (?) than I expected LOL! I hope you all enjoyed. 
Kisses from bacomeloN!
Ps: Sorry about any mistake (I’m not a english expert, sorry D: )

Endearing - Jackson (Day 73/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To view the masterlist of drabbles for the challenge, click here

Prompt: Endearing
Member: Jackson x Reader

Word Count: 1872

“Oh my god, that’s adorable!” your friend squealed as you told her the story of how you and Jackson met. You shrugged it off like it was no big deal, but inside you were beaming.

“Yea, I pretty much have the best boyfriend,” you added, nonchalantly, picking up another piece of pizza and snuggling into the beanbag next to your friend.

For the first time in what seemed like forever, the two of you were having a sleepover. You used to have them all the time when you were younger, but as you grew up and university became more and more important, you hadn’t hung out as much. Thankfully, you had a free weekend and the whole night had been spent watching movies and eating greasy food

“Aw man, I wish I had a relationship like that!” your friend pouted as she stuck her spoon into the tub of ice cream. You reached over and patted her head lovingly.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get someone one day,” you giggled, smiling lightly.

“Wait, okay,” you friend said, straightening up and smiling at you. “So if that’s how you met and then he asked you out, how did he ask you to be his girlfriend?” she asked.

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anonymous asked:

It's so great to find another fan blog of BatB and Le Duo and Luke Evans! :) And I love Le Duo so much! Do you have some headcanons about these two and you would share them with us?

Hello Anon! Well, it’s impossible to not love them! Just look at them! :D

Originally posted by lovingtheshow

I absolutely have some headcanons!

- before the first time they met, both were REALLY nervous!, because they need a good chemistry - because Gaston and LeFou

- and Luke was already in the table read room and Josh walked into it, with Emma, and Luke saw him, but was too nervous to go to him so he watched him from the distance

- and Josh made everyone laugh!? Literally everyone!?

- and they started talking and after 10 minutes they just KNEW it - best friends forever

- they both have a great sense of humor, so during filming (sometimes) they try to make the other one laugh

- and josh has a hard time not to laugh when Luke is in character - because he plays Gaston so very well

- the mirror scene?! yeah, they had to shoot it SO MANY TIMES, because everytime LeFou has to talk to Gaston, Josh has to laugh

- and Luke has a hard time to keep a straight face everytime Josh is on a horse

- to put it in a nutshell: most of the bloppers are about these two laughing


- when Josh is arriving at set, early in the morning he’s singing “good morning” to Luke and Luke does the same

- which leads to a conversation, completly sung

- and they sing disney songs and musical numbers - ALL THE TIME

- “is there one song you two DON’T know?!” - they know all the songs

- and they talk for HOURS about disney

- “cinderella is such an amazing movie!” - “yes, but NO WAY is it better than snow white” - “are you crazy?! of course it is! bibidi babedi boo!” - “hei ho song!”

- Luke visited Josh and Ida numerours times (and vice versa) and at one point Josh and Luke had a Disney weekend

- which is basically 48 hours, these two infront of the TV, watching every disney movie…and singing

- Ida was away with the girls, but at some point she returned to check how her husband was and she found him with Luke on the living room floor, singing “Let it go”, together

- and Ida absolutely understands why Josh has a bromance-crush on Luke - because Luke is the nicest and sweetest human being ever!?!

- “i honestly think about making him a godfather or something, because if something happens to us, i want him to take care of our children” - “Ida, i was thinking the SAME THING!” - “…actually I was a bit joking…” - “oh…but can we discuss this?!”

- and Ida knows her husband (who is a cuddler) and so she’s very happy when she finds out, Luke is one too

- her whatsapp with Josh is at least 50% pictures of Josh and Luke cuddling somewhere

- and during night filming, Luke had a break, so he took a much needed nap somewhere

- and Josh saw it and saw, that Luke was freezing and he also needed a nap

- “Josh, you can’t cuddle with Luke when he’s aslee…” - “MY BOY IS FREEZING SO YES I CAN!”

- and a bit later Emma and Dan found them cuddled up, sleeping and Dan was like “Are we sure, they aren’t married?!”

- also: Josh is such a great masseur

- and yes, they shared a hotel room, everytime they traveled together

- and the PR-Disney team had a hard time because “Guys, you can’t share a room! We’ve booked seperate rooms. Would you please…”

- in the end one of them always ended up in the other ones room so at some point the PR team was like “Okay! Have a room together!”

- and if you were looking for one of them, there was a 99,99999999% chance the other one was there too

- besides Disney, the could and would talk about everything - no matter where and when

- and sharing a hotel room was maybe also a bad decision, because they would stay up really long and watch movies together or just talk for hours (because who needs sleep?!)

- and during production breaks they would talk with each other nearly every day

- and when Josh’s birthday came up, Luke got all excited

- and he planned that BIG suprise birthday party and orded the cake and made sure everyone is there and OF COURSE he would bring the cake inside the room and would start singing

- “hey guys, we thought you two should go together on the press tour. is that a problem?!” - “WE GO TOGETHER ON THE PRESS TOUR!”

- Josh is also an awesome wingman

- because there is this cute assisstent guy and Luke thinks he looks nice and he told Josh (Josh already saw Luke’s glances)

- and “You should talk to him.” - “Why should I?” - “Because you think, he’s cute.” - “I’m…not…” - “Oh come on! Talk to him!” - “I don’t even know if he’s gay.” - “He is.” - “How do you know?!” - “I just know! Talk to him!”

- but Luke is too shy so Josh makes sure he always needs something so the assisstent guy has to help him and “Hey, have you met my friend Luke?”

- unfortunately the guy already has a boyfriend, but he was flirting with Luke and went on one or two dates with him, so when Luke finds out he’s a bit heart-broken

- that’s the night he sends Josh so many text messages, because he really needs his best friend right now and when Josh sees all the messages, he rushes to Luke and “He doesn’t deserve you. He’s an asshole.”

- and at one Valentin’s Day, Josh sends Luke the biggest bouquet of roses he could find (because he’s such a cutie) with a very sweet message: “You’re the Lady to my Tramp, the Ariel to my Sebastian, the Peter to my Wendy, the Tigger to my Winnie Pooh, … . But most of all, you’re the Gaston to my LeFou, and I love you!”

- and Luke had to laugh so much and that’s one of the sweetest things ever

- these two also got drunk, at least once

- and the night ended with these two telling each other how much they love each other

- “Luke, I just love you.” - “No man. I love you more.” - “That’s not possible, because I love you the most.” - “No, no, no. I love you to the moon and back.” - “Maybe, but I love you to the sun and…”

- and the sentecne “You two are like an old married couple.” is one of the sentences they here the most and “yes, we are.”

- and “Luke, why the hell are you perfect?!” - “I’m not?!?” - “Yes, you are!” - because Josh is seriously amazed by the fact that everything about Luke Evans is perfect - EVERYTHING

- and he just can do anything?! LITERALLY ANYTHING?!?

Blissful Day With Yoongi

I wrote this for my lovely friend, Kansis. Also known as @minminyoongi
This is for her 20th birthday. She’s so beautiful, smart, kind. I love her so freaking much. Yoongi needs to come get her💜~

Hearing him laugh was your most favorite sound. He didn’t laugh too often, at least not in front of others. Most of his laughs would be soft chuckles, and the occasional giggle, but he never laughed with his whole being like he would when he was alone with you. The full belly laugh that made your heart swell because you knew that he’s genuinely happy.

It didn’t matter where you heard this laugh, your heart was always happy to hear it. It could be on the phone, or even during a late night FaceTime session, you didn’t care as long as you were able to hear his laugh. One time you even joked about having his laugh as your ringtone for when he calls, but decided against it when he said that he would never call you again if you did that.

Your relationship with Yoongi was full of love and happiness. He could never fail to make you feel beautiful. He’s always ready to give you compliments and tell you how important you’re to him. As you would do the same thing for him.

Usually the days started off with the sunlight kissing your skin, and promises to stay in bed just a little while longer. After he checks his phone and sees that he should’ve been out of bed 30 minutes ago, he decides that it’s best if he gets his day started. It’s one of the saddest moments of the day, you never want him to go and he never wants to leave you. You wanted to continue to hold his body against yours and let the soft cotton sheets touch the bare parts of your skin. But as he likes to tell you, as he kisses your lips gently,“I have to go, sweetie. I want to stay with you, you know this, but I have to go.”

You pout up at him, as you bury your head into his pillow. You can hear him laughing when he enters the bathroom. He’s used to this. He’s also used to being in the position that you’re in. There have been many days that he has had to look up at you with the same pout on his face, when you had to get out of bed.

Once he comes back into the room he goes straight for the closet. Pulling out different shirts that he might decide on wearing, and hanging some of the shirts back up with a quiet, “hmm” and a shake of his head. After finding the perfect outfit, he starts getting dressed. After he puts his watch on, he finally decides to turn around and look at you.

Your head was still on his pillow, but your eyes have been on him since he walked back into the room. The pout is no longer present on your face, in it’s place is pure awe and fascination of your beautiful boyfriend. The way he picks up every shirt with care when he hangs them back up. How his fingers moves over his wrist with skill as he puts his watch on. The little smile that comes onto his lips as he looks at the picture that you two took when you were on a vacation to Europe a few months back. He’s all yours and you can’t believe it

He smiles at you as he runs his fingers through his hair,“You know I could be cheesy and say that you should,‘take a picture, it’ll last longer’ but then I won’t have your beautiful eyes on me, and that would be a tragedy.”

You pulled the covers over your head so he couldn’t see the blush that was forming on your cheeks. You always blush so easily around him, cheeks always tinted with a dark pink color. But that’s always something that he’s loved about you. He loves how he can always get a reaction from you. Even saying the most simplest of things could make you become a bubbly mess. But eh, that’s love.

You peak your head from under the covers to glare at him,“I honestly don’t need anymore pictures of you, babe. I guess you haven’t seen my huge shrine of you,” his eyes grow bigger,“ There’s at least 700 pictures there alone. But I would much rather look at the real thing. Pictures can never do you justice anyway.”

He rolls his eyes at you, but you can still see the smile on his face,“What’re you doing making me blush so early in the morning? I’m supposed to be the charming one. Let me have my tittle back.”

This is your Yoongi. The Yoongi that comes out only for you. The one that likes to hide in front of others, but never in front of you. He’s always playful. Even when it’s this early in the fucking morning.

You sit up in bed with his pillow nestled in your lap, head tilted to the side,“ It’s your tittle forever babe. The way you make my heart flutter can’t be topped. You own that tittle, just like how you own my heart.” You put your hand on your chest, and flutter your eyes lashes

By this time he’s pretty much done getting dressed, the only thing missing is his shoes, which he prefers to put on right before he walks out the door. He looks at the clock, making sure that he has enough time, he still has 20 minutes before it’s his time to leave. So he climbs into the bed beside you, placing your hand onto his chest. The few extra minutes that you’re able to spend with him are always beautiful. Without those moments the days were boring, and they seemed to drag on and on. So you guys both agreed to try and spend at least 10 extra minutes together before leaving the house.

He kisses your lips, softly,“You’re definitely the cheesy one in this relationship,” he whispers against your lips,“ If only you could hear how loudly my heart pounds for you. Ever since I’ve met you, my heart has found a new rhythm. I guess it knows who it belongs to.”

The laugh that you let out would be embarrassing on most days, but you’re in love dammit, so being embarrassed is the last thing on your mind right now.

You smile up at him, hands finding there place under his chin,“You’re so romantic, you know that? A lot of people wouldn’t think that about you at first glance, but you’re a romantic at heart.

“I wasn’t this way until I met you,” he whispers softly against your lips, hands on your back,“You take responsibility. Just like how you need to take responsibility for me being late today, because it looks like I just might be late again.”

You grab his wrist to look at his watch, soft skin touching your fingertips, to in fact see that he was going to be at least 25 minutes late, and that’s if there’s no traffic. Were you sorry? Nope

“I would say I’m sorry, but do you really want to leave out of this warm bed to go push into that clock?”

His smile is cute, soft, and just so mesmerizing,“Not when I could push into something else,” That comment earns him a soft shove on his shoulder,“But in all seriousness, you know there’s no place I would rather be then in your arms. With that being said, I got to go. The sooner I leave means the sooner I get to be back with you.”

The last words were spoken softly, the look in eyes were just as genuine. Even though it pained you greatly, you had to let him leave. He was right after all. Once he leaves you’ll be counting down the seconds.

With one final kiss, he started to finally get out of the bed. He grabbed his phone and wallet, tucking them both away in his jean pockets. After one last mirror check -he tried and failed to fix that one piece of hair that wouldn’t go down- he was ready to leave. He pulled the covers around your shoulders, tucking them gently around your sides. He pecks your lips one last time, before he grabs his jacket and makes his exit.

Once he leaves, your day goes by quite fast. You’re constantly checking your phone to see if he called or texted you. You’ll see the occasional text here or there. Him telling you that he loves you and how boring his day is. Every now and then he sends the,‘please get me out of here, I’m dying. Why did you let me leave you?’

You knew that he was going to be making it home late. He texted you and told you not to wait up. You didn’t want to eat without him and you told him that, but after he promised you that he would eat too, you got some food from a restaurant down the street, and had a lonely dinner.

Two movies and a bowl of popcorn later, he finally showed up. You could tell by his posture that he was tired. He tried to put his jacket on the hook but he missed, and it ended up in the floor by the pile of shoes. His hair was sticking up in random places, you could tell he’s been pulling on it. His lips red from being chewed on so much(his nervous habit that he denies he has) and his eyes dull from tiredness. He crawls onto the couch with you, head on your legs. Apple jumped off of the couch, looking back at you both with anger in her cat eyes

Your hand instinctively goes into his hair, brushing the strands down and massaging his scalp in the process,“ Hard day, babe?” You ask softly, his eyes are closed, but you know he’s not asleep

“The worse,” he mumbles back. You can hear the pout in his voice,“I shouldn’t have went to work today. I had no creativity, so my creations were horrible.”

You leaned down to kiss his brow,“How about a hot bath to relax your mind? I’ll start it for you.”

You laid his head down gently on a pillow, as you stood up. When you made it to the bathroom you went straight for the cabinet where all of the bathbombs are stored. There’s a few baskets full of them because you both love bathbombs, and they’re great for days like these. Once you grabbed the perfect one-the light green one with gray swirls that had some magic relaxation powers- you were ready to start the bath. You made sure to use as much hot water as you could.

The bathbomb was placed into the water right before you shut the faucets off. The colors were magnificent, changing the clear water to a mystic green color with hints of gray. This was one of your favorite parts. Seeing how the water would change never failed to make you coo.

After the bathbomb was done at last, you left to go get Yoongi. He’s still on the couch, balled up, eyes planted on the screen. He looked up at you once you rounded the couch. You put your hands out for him to take,“Your bath is ready, love. Come on, it’ll help you relax, I promise.”

His hand goes into yours, as he sits himself up. Once you get him up, it’s a short trip to the bathroom. He strips out of his clothes, and gets into the tub, a quiet sigh leaving his lips once he gets completely in. You lean against the counter, just taking in the beauty of your boyfriend.

Apparently you were looking at him so hard that you didn’t hear him talking to you. After you hear your name leave his lips a little louder, you finally break out of your trance,“Yeah babe?”

He brushes the wet hair out of his eyes,“I was asking: Are you gonna just stand there, or are you going to join me?”

Your clothes came off just as quick as the words were out of his mouth. You climb in with him, sitting in between his legs, back to his chest. His hands goes for your shoulders, gently massaging the skin there. His lips start to trace a pattern on your neck, nipping gently around the places he knows are sensitive. Your head rolls back onto his chest, as his lips continue to leave soft kisses.

After a while you decided that maybe it would be best to stop before something got started,“Babe, let’s get out of here,” you turned your head to whisper in his ear,“You’re so tired, you probably couldn’t keep him up. Plus the water is starting to get cold.” Which was true, at this time the water had lost it’s hotness.

Once you both had dried off and did all of the end of the night rituals. You both finally made it into the bedroom, and started to get into a fresh change of clothes. After you were both dressed, he proclaimed that,‘he was ready to jump into bed face first’. You left him to do that, while you went around and turned off everything. Making sure Apple( she was named when you first picked her up from the pet store. Yoongi was eating a apple, so you both decided on that. And the rest is history), the cat, had food and water.

When you made it back to the room he was already tucked in bed, eyes trained on the ceiling. Once you climbed in with him, his arms went around your waist naturally. You snuggled against his chest. The city lights were shining through the curtains, making the room look magical.

He raised your chin up, and started to kiss you. Slowly, more slow then he usually likes to do. Soon the kissing started to turn more intense, but it still showed how tired he really was feeling. Not really finding a rhythm. Just kind of moving together lazily. After a while, he just decided to bury his head into your hair.

You snuggle deeper into his chest,“It’s good to be with you again, babe.” You say, as his hands start to run up and down your arms.

He laughs softly,“I missed you so much today. I missed this. Just holding you against me, listening to you breathe. I hate leaving you. I wish i could just stay with you forever.”

You look up at him, fondness in your eyes,“I love you so fucking much.” And you meant the words with all of your heart. You could feel them in your chest, the love with him being so big that it made you feel all warm inside.

He kisses your forehead,“I love you too, angel. I’m so damn happy I was able to meet you. I never thought that I would be with someone as amazing as you’re. You complete me, and I’m not afraid to say it. You’re the other part of me that I always knew was missing. I could never ask for anyone better to call mine.”

The last words were met with a soft kiss. He grabs your arm gently, looking at the new tattoo decorating your skin, you smile at him,“Do you really like it?” The tattoo was a new edition to your body, and you were always asking him how he felt about it, because you were nervous about having it. You were confident with your decision to get it, but Yoongi’s opinion meant a lot to you.

He runs his fingers over it a few times, gently because it was still fresh,“Of course I do. I love it. You want to know why?”

Your eyes meet his,“Why?” You mumble, eyes still focused on his fingers.

“Because it’s true. You seem happier with yourself. You’re happy with who you’re. And I’m proud of you. You’ve been through so damn much, and to know that you’re finally able to accept who you’re, makes me happy. This tattoo symbolizes something greater then most people can understand. I love it, and i love seeing it on your beautiful body.”

By the time he was done, you were tearing up. You grabbed him into a hug, arms around his neck, squeezing gently. He was always there to reassure you. Always.

You two held onto each other for a long time, before you felt your eyes get heavy with sleep. You kissed him again,“I love you. Thank you, baby.”

He wrapped his arms around your waist,“I love you, angel. Goodnight, sweet dreams.”

Before you could fully go into dream land, he poked your side gently,“What, babe?” You said as you opened your eyes to see him looking at you. His eyes full of love

“I’m happy with who you’ve become too,”

I’m proud of you, Kansis. Happy birthday. I love you💜

BokuAkaKuroTsukki go to Brazil

This is my submission to @not-haikyuu ‘s secret santa. I was @hidingfromthehotties ‘s secret santa. I hope you have fun reading this story, as much as I had writing it at least! Have a great 2017!!

BokuAkaKuroTsukki - Secret Santa

“How can I pack if you don’t tell me where we’re going?” Tsukishima asked Bokuto who waved his hand dismissively.

“Just pack like you would for any trip.” Kuroo said from the couch where he was snuggling with Akaashi.

“Have you two packed?” Akaashi asked as he flipped through channels on the TV.

“Pftt… Of course not. The trip is only tomorrow night. We’ll have plenty of time to pack tomorrow.” Bokuto replied and Tsukishima rolled his eyes before walking to their room where he could pack.

But of course they nearly missed the flight because Bokuto and Akaashi had taken forever to start packing. They ran through the airport looking like a bunch of dogs chasing a rabbit. Bokuto ran ahead and asked a guy about flight JJ 637. The guy gave Bokuto a paper and the latter turned to his boyfriends.

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Spring Break (M)| Part 1

Originally posted by minseokhoseok

Part One | Part Two

word count:3,953

genre: Smut, College AU, angst kind of?

Sneak Peak -  “Don’t worry I didn’t hear- I mean, see anything” you panicked as you watched him scramble to pull his underwear back up.

This wasn’t the first thing that came to your mind when you thought of how you’d be spending spring break, but then again it was better than anything else you’d plan. The college you had chosen to attend, crazily enough, was having a seven day away to college event which they had invited the local high school seniors to attend. For lack of better words, the purpose was to get them familiar with the college, the teachers, the courses, and the dorm life - hoping to encourage fewer dropouts. Luckily, your spring break coincided with the college’s event, and because of that, it made convincing your parents to agree on a hell of a lot easier. After all, it was an educational trip.

The thing was, your best friend Namjoon, attended this college, too. Having graduated early with his enviously high IQ, it wasn’t rocket science to know that you’d be stuck with him for the rest of your visit. And where Namjoon went, trouble always seemed to follow. Not only would you have the opportunity to scout your future college, but you were certain he’d get you into some of the cooler things on campus. What made it an even better choice of schools was that Namjoon would be moving off campus - so rather than pay to live in the dorms you would be rooming with him. At least, that was the plan.

After all, campus life wasn’t really your thing. People weren’t really your thing.

The first day had been spent touring the college, visiting each individual class with the entire group of attending applicants, which soon finished in the assembly hall where some of the teachers answered questions and described campus life and available courses in detail. One of the reasons you had chosen this college was because they had available majors in both Journalism and Creative Writing for Fiction. If you could get into either of those classes, even as a Minor, you’d be a happy girl.

Next to you sat Namjoon, having skipped out on his regular classes to lend you some moral support. He nudged your shoulder when one of the teachers introduced the Creative Writing program, “you’re practically drooling right now”.

You sent him a scolding look, “shut up,” you said before casually wiping the side of your lip with the back of your palm just in case.

He chuckled quietly to himself before smiling at you, “Can’t believe I missed bothering your ass in class”

It was difficult to stay mad at Namjoon. Since your childhood, you’d always find yourself arguing with him over the littlest things and in the next second laughing and joking about something else as if nothing happened. He knew how to get under your skin as you did his and yet you still hadn’t killed each other yet. And he was pretty darn handsome, which probably helped save his ass a few times. So when he nudged you again, you nudged him back, smiling happily to yourself as the teacher on the platform finished her presentation.

By the time you were allowed to leave the auditorium, it was well past 9:00 PM, but instead of sending you all to your assigned dorm rooms, they ushered you all into the atrium at the front of the school where dozens upon dozens of boxes of pizza had been set out for you guys to devour.

watching a hundred or more hungry teenagers scramble for food all at once is pretty terrifying. You broke away from the swarm of other teens and wandered towards your temporary dorm room that you shared with Namjoon. Typically, only the dorms were co-ed and not the individual rooms; but, since Namjoon’s roommate was out of town on a family emergency and you both practically knew each other since diapers, plus he was a ‘role model student’, they allowed you to take the extra bunk. It was like a weight lifted off your shoulders knowing that you didn’t have to spend the whole spring break with a bunch giggly, hormonal girls.

Not surprised to not that Namjoon  wasn’t back from the pizza fest yet,  you took advantage of the silence. Finally alone - and bored - you pulled out a book from your duffle bag and hopped onto the bed. Just as you landed, an angry “Ouch!” resounded from beneath you.

You screamed and leaped off of the bunk, holding your book out in front of you as your only source of protection as some random guy crawled out from underneath the bed frame.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” you asked - still holding out the book as though it were actually going to help you. “How the hell did you get in here and why were you under the bed?”

For a second, he looked confused, and then he smiled, “You’re Y/N, Namjoon’s friend, aren’t you?”

“How do you know that?”

Sitting down on the bed, he smiled, “I’m his roommate.”

Your eyes narrowed in suspicion, “Aren’t you supposed to be gone on -”

“On a family emergency,” he sighed. “Yeah. I am. But it wasn’t an emergency, so I came back.”

“But I thought your mom was pretty sick”

“So did I,” He snorted, “But imagine my surprise at finding my mom safe and sound at home and my dad and her packing for a cruise.” Then he smiled, “I’m Hoseok, by the way. Thanks for not replacing my bedsheets with something pink.”

You stubbornly crossed your arms, “That doesn’t make any sense. Why would someone tell you that your mother was sick if it isn’t true?”

Hoseok’s lips quirked into a wry grin, “Have you ever broken up with someone who refuses to acknowledge that it happened?”

“But why were you under the bed?”

He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck almost sheepishly, “I was hiding.”


“You use that word a lot,” he muttered. “The dorm staff just did room checks to make sure everybody had a place and wasn’t doubled up, and they don’t know I’m back. So… WelI, I panicked.”

The look on his face made you chuckle to yourself and you lowered your book. As you did, the cover caught his eye and he laughed.

“Holy crap - ‘The Darkest Part of the Forest’ by Holly Black. That’s such a good book.”

Your jaw dropped. “You’ve read it?”

“Hell, yes.” Hoseok leaned over the side of the bed and pulled out a cardboard box from underneath. When he sat back up, he was holding all the author’s books written. “I’ve read them all at least a hundred times and they still seem to wow me.”

It was rare you’d find someone with the same interest in books with paranormal standalone . Holly Black wasn’t just your average author and the fact that Hoseok knew anything about her brought a smile to your face. The silence seemed to wash over the both of you, but it wasn’t an awkward silence, instead you both were rather content in the fact that you both found something you had in common.

Nodding towards his collection, he asked, “You can borrow them if you want.”

You shrugged, suddenly feeling shy, “That’s okay”

Pretending like he hadn’t heard you, he picked up the books and handed them to you, “I see Namjoon every day. It’s not like I won’t know where they are.”

You gingerly placed them on top of your duffle bag, making sure that nothing could bend or dog-ear the pages. But you found you couldn’t quite look him in the eyes afterward, so you murmured a quiet, “Thanks”

Hoseok wasn’t at all what you were expecting. Namjoon had talked about him a hundred times or more, but you hadn’t actually pictured him to look so… normal. Namjoon always said Hoseok didn’t go out much. That he usually stayed in the dorm studying or reading. He didn’t stay out past midnight, he didn’t go out on the crazy frat parties; he got good grades, studied hard, and kept to himself. You honestly imagined some tall lanky guy with coke bottle bottom glasses and only button up shirts in his wardrobe. He was nothing like that.

He obviously worked out, but he didn’t have bulging pecs or biceps like the football players had. His hair wasn’t perfectly styled - more like he woke up and just ran his hands through it to get it out of the way. He didn’t have chiseled features like a movie star but he was undoubtedly handsome. For just a moment, you met his gaze and gave him a small smile.

At that moment, the door to the room burst open again and in strode Namjoon.

“There you are,” he huffed. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

“It’s my fault,” Hoseok shrugged. “I saw her reading a pretty good book and she couldn’t shut me up,” he smirked at you.

Namjoon rolled his eyes, “Oh, that’s right, I’m surrounded by…” then he paused, realization striking him all at once. “What are you doing here?”

“It’s a long story”

“Ah.” Setting his books down, Namjoon nodded towards his roommate. “So what are we going to do about the bed situation?”

Your eyes snapped up. you hadn’t thought of that. With Hoseok back, he’d probably be wanting his bed, which meant that you needed to find a different room. Which also meant that you’d need to socialize.

“I’ll camp out in Tae’s room. He’s actually on vacation.”

“What?” both Namjoon and you stared at the other man in confusion.

“But,” you stammered, “your bed - your stuff.”

He merely shrugged, smiling at you as he stood and shuffled to the door, “I’m right across the hall. I can get my stuff when I need it. It’s not like you’re moving in forever.” And with a casual wave to Namjoon, he left.

A few moments of silence passed before Namjoon turned to you and smirked, “You made some first impression. He’s not normally so accommodating.”

“He seems nice enough,” you shrugged, lowering your gaze to hide fire in your cheeks.

“I live with him, and he’s never so nice to me.”

“You’re not easy to be nice to.”

“Watch it. I know where you sleep,” he winked teasingly at you. Checking the clock, he asked, “You hungry?”

You had been, but for some strange reason, you wasn’t anymore. You shook your head and then Namjoon sighed in relief. “Thank God. That mess in the atrium is ridiculous. I’d forgotten how vicious guys are when you get between them and their pizza.” He reached for his shirt and began pulling it over his head

“Woah there hot shot, can’t you do that in a bathroom, a closet, or anytime I’m not in the damn room,” you panicked, throwing the closest thing near you, being a pillow, at his head.

He paused halfway and gave you another smirk, “Seriously, Y/N. Chill. This is college. And these are co-ed dorms. There’s no way in avoiding this. Trust me.” And he pulled his shirt off the rest of the way. Then he kicked off his jeans so that he was standing there in the middle of the room with nothing but his boxers on. “There’s no such thing as privacy here.”

“You don’t say”

He’d been working out. Namjoon had always been handsome and charming. In high school, he’d easily been one of the most popular guys. He was everything - ,social,smart, funny, even being the leader of many clubs. Everything every girl had ever wanted. Including yourself, as much as you refused to admit it.

He moved around the room, straightening up a few things, rifling through the books on his desk for the next day’s homework assignments, before eventually flopping down onto the bed to read one of his books. On top of the covers.

The room was quiet for a long time after that, save for the occasional sound of Namjoon’s book when he turned the page. you kept your eyes closed, pretending to sleep, even though you were wide awake. It was weird. This wouldn’t be the first time you had slept in the same room as him, but knowing that there were no parental supervision and him already stripped basically naked in only his briefs made your mind wander.

“I’m getting up at 3:30 tomorrow,” he murmured, flipping a page in his book. “I work before classes start. You want me to set my alarm for you?”

Clearing your throat, you answered, “Nah. I’ve got my phone.”

Eyes never leaving his book, he grunted an acknowledgment.

This is ridiculous… you heaved a frustrated sigh, staring dismally at the list of courses available to shadow. There were the basics, of course - math, science, and English - but nowhere did you see any of the creative writing classes or the journalism classes that had brought you there in the first place. Was there another list? Did you miss something?

You shuffled away from the sign-up board and headed towards the barista at the other end of the atrium. There was only one solution for disappointments like this: coffee.

Stepping in line, you scanned the menu for something you wanted, until a familiar voice caught your attention.

“Extra whip on that?”

“You know it,” the girl in front of you laughed. “I got Mr. Bergquist today.”

“Ouch… extra whip and a pump of chocolate it is.”


You impatiently waited for your turn, then stepped up to the counter with a shy wave. Hoseok smiled down at you.

“Hey, Y/N.”

“Hi.” you cleared your throat. “I didn’t know you were the barista, here.”

He shrugged, “One of many. It’s part of the work scholarship. What can I get you?”

“Caramel macchiato?”

“Comin’ right up.” He went to work, as you waited awkwardly - wanting so desperately to talk to him yet not knowing what in the world you should say. He glanced at you a few times, and then broke the silence himself, “I thought for sure you’d be in the English classes by now.”

Frowning, you answered, “I actually was more interested in shadowing the advanced classes - like journalism or creative writing. But I didn’t see them on the sign-up board.”

“Problem solved,” he chuckled, setting out his “closed” sign before turning back and adding the caramel and whip cream to the macchiato. “Turns out Creative Writing for fiction is my major, so you can just follow me this week.” Then he stammered, realizing what he had just offered, “I mean, that is, you don’t have to. If you want…”

Before he could go any further, you nodded, “Yes! I’d love to.”

Sitting next to him in class proved to be the most distracting thing you’d ever experienced. He looked good, he smelled good, and when he smiled at you, you thought your heart would beat right out of your chest. And every now and then, when he moved, his arm would brush yours and you couldn’t help but wonder if he’d done it on purpose.

When the Fiction writing class had ended, Hoseok pulled you aside. He brushed a hand nervously through his hair, clearing his throat before he asked, “I, um… was wondering if you wanted to… maybe skip the rest of class today.” Then he blushed, turning his face away, “I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time focusing.”

At first, you were sure you’d heard him correctly.  

“Yeah,” you managed to nod. “Sounds fun.”

The relief on his face made your heart skip a beat and he nodded for you to follow him out a side door. “There’s a fair going on just outside of town. If you wanted, we could go.”

“Sure!” you smiled up at him. “When do we leave?”

Hoseok and you had so much in common, beyond your love for books. The entire way to the fair, you had music blasting on the radio, the both of you singing along to every word. At the fair, you talked about everything and nothing - from your mutual love of certain authors and your favorite movies to things like the future, where you both saw yourselves in ten years, and what sort of things you dreamed of.

Back at the college, Hoseok pulled you into a dark corner just outside the dorms. His thumbs trailed gently across your knuckles as he gazed down at you. You could see a faint blush on his cheeks, even in the darkness as he fumbled for the right words.

“Tonight was great… I mean, I had a great time at the fair. With you.” Then he chuckled, shaking his head, “I’m sorry. I’m not good at this.”

You took a step closer. You both were almost touching, and your heart was beating wildly in your chest. “Thank you for today. This was amazing.”

“We should do this again.”

You bit your lip as you met his hopeful gaze. “I’d like that.”

Slowly, he leaned down, and you waited with bated breath as his lips neared your own. Instinctively, your eyes fluttered closed, and you leaned into his touch as his hands cupped your cheeks. Your lips met in a soft, almost tentative, kiss, and you found yourself leaning into him. His hands dropped from your cheeks to your waist as the kiss deepened, pulling you in closer until your  body was pressed against his.

It was over too soon, you couldn’t stop the sigh that escaped your lips when he pulled away. Something fierce burned in his gaze as he searched your eyes, and a moment later, he kissed you again. This time, you was ready. Your arms went around his neck and you clung to him while his hands roamed your body, sliding from your waist to your hips, pulling you tightly against him. you  gasped into his mouth at the feel of the hard bulge in his pants, pressing against your stomach.

While one hand anchored you against him, the other toyed with the hem of your t-shirt slipping inside to feel the soft skin beneath it. His hand was calloused but gentle, and ever so slowly moved upwards towards your breasts. His thumb flicked across your hardened nipple, sliding across the fabric of your bra, and you moaned into his kiss, gasping loudly when he rolled the nub between his two fingers.

Suddenly, your back was against the wall, both of his hands beneath your shirt and fondling your breasts. The heat was building between your legs, and pushed your hips into his body, against the solid bulge in his pants that was harder than ever. He grunted when your hips rubbed against his cock and he moved his passionate kisses in a line down your jaw to your neck.

He was getting rougher, but then so was you. Your teeth grazed his jaw, then moved to suck on his earlobe while his mouth attacked your throat and your collar. His hands slid behind you, fumbling with the clasps of your bra, growling in frustration between kisses at the complexity. As you reached to help him, he gave up, instead of lifting the bra above your breasts, and moving his mouth to suck your exposed nipple.

“Hoseok,” you gasped, feeling your knees grow weak.

Your  hand reached down to his pants and you let your fingers trail against his cock. He shuddered when you squeezed and sucked harder on a spot on your neck he had been working on while his hands moved down your stomach to the front of your jeans.

Deftly undoing the top button, he lowered the zipper and you whimpered at how achingly slow it seemed before it was open. And when his fingers trailed against the dripping wet slit you were undone. Without thinking, you cried out loudly in pleasure, slumping against the wall. Every fiber in your being was aching for more. But you had been too loud and a shout from across the road startled the both of you out of your fun.

“Shit,” Hoseok cursed. “I’ve got to go. I’ll distract them. Go ahead, get inside.” He turned to run, then thought the better of it, giving you one last kiss before darting across the lawn. Well, there goes your hook up right out the window genius.

You pulled your shirt into a somewhat decent position and then bolted up the stairs to your shared room with Namjoon. You had forgotten all about him and hadn’t told him you were going out. You were sure to hear a mouth full.

Small moans could be heard in the hallway as you neared your room and you didn’t think much of it other than the fact that that could be you but your loud ass couldn’t wait until you and Hoseok were behind closed doors first. You were salty. But as you closed in on your dorm door, it was clear that it was coming from inside.

“Fuck, Y/N” you heard faintly, but maybe you were imagining things

You, being curious George, thought nothing of it as you slightly opened the room door.  Shock washed over you as you eyes widen from the view in front of you.  Namjoon on full display as he sat on his bed with his raging hard-on standing full alert against his bare chest. His hand wrapped so viciously around his cock while his eyes were slammed shut.  His boxers hugged his ankles while his fist around his cock went to town, pumping away.

“Y/N” Namjoon moaned again this time loud and clear, his eyes still sealed shut, still clueless to you existence in the room.

You didn’t know what to do. Your best friend was getting off to you while you were only two yards away at most in the same room. You began backing away, hoping to get out of there to save you both the embarrassment until your elbow collided with the dresser standing to your left near the door.

You let out a painful ‘ouch’ before realizing what you had done. Namjoon’s eyes flung open as his neck snapped in your direction with complete alert, only to flush when you realized it was you standing there.

“Don’t worry I didn’t hear- I mean, see anything” you panicked as you watched him scramble to pull his underwear back up. It was clear that you were lying but what else were you supposed to do in a situation like this? Shit.

Namjoon stood, running both hands through his hair as he paced back in forth, “Y/N… shit I’m sorry I-”

You tried to keep your eyes on his waistband as his member fought desperately wanted to be freed, a wet spot forming on his briefs the outline was clear as day. Namjoon took a step towards you and you could help but advance back, your eyes still avoiding his.

“You know what, I’m gonna go check out the dining hall I’m starving. Do you want anything? Forget it I’ll just bring you back something” you began rambling as you flung the room door open. You had to get out of there.

As soon as you were out of the room you began fast pacing it down the hall, walking even faster when you thought you heard a pair of feet behind you. You were practically running and didn’t know where you were going but as long as you weren’t near Namjoon, you’d be fine.

You made it to a lounge area that you recognized from your first night  but hadn’t paid much mind to. Taking a seat, you began rubbing your temple, trying to erase your memory of your best friend. How the hell are you going to make it the rest of the week?

 A/N- Im not sure if ill make a part two although I should but we all know i love cliffhangers. one day you guys are going to throw me off a cliff  

Part Two


A Day in the Life

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

Pairing: Jin x Yoongi x You

Genre: Nothing but fluff!

It was too early to wake up, especially for what was supposed to be a lazy Sunday. The sun was just beginning to mark its path above the buildings; rays of light managing to stretch through the curtains and lay warm hands upon what it could reach. The exhaustion still coursing through your body made it feel heavy, and made you regret waking up earlier than when you wanted to.

You attempted to close your mind off again, succumb to the dark void patiently waiting behind closed eyes. However, you felt your mind deliberately wake, becoming slowly alert one anatomical section at a time. A loud crash and subsequent “shit” floated down the hall from the kitchen, and you fully woke up with a loud, unpleased groan. The food loving maniac was probably making breakfast for the lazy people still curled in bed - curse him, why did he have to do something so thoughtful so early in the morning?

You flopped your body around to face the other side of the bed and the other of your own personal space warmers. He was still peacefully in dream land, not yet disturbed from the noise just seconds before. A soft content sigh escaped the confines of your mouth, and you conceded to the weight of your eyes closing, wishing for a few more minutes of sleep to still your busy mind.

Only a few minutes it was; unfortunately nothing more was attainable. By the time your settled body curled down into the sheets, the noise that previously occupied the kitchen made the short journey into the shared bedroom. You buried your face ever so slightly into the pillow, hoping that the early morning noise maker would leave without disturbing the obvious peace.

“Rise and shine my lazy ones!”

Damn it. Did he not know Sundays were mandatory sleep in days? There was probably even a law about it somewhere. Just play dead and –

“I know you’re awake.”

Damn it times two. The precious Sunday morning sleep in was slowly slipping away, not to be returned to until much later in the day.  

“This is cruel and unusual punishment.”

“It’s 9 in the morning. What’s cruel or unusual about that?”

“9?!” Definitely a crime punishable by law: who wakes up, voluntarily, at nine on a Sunday? Everyone knows it should be at least eleven.

“Can everyone shut it? I’m trying to sleep here.” Finally the log occupying the space beside you spoke, just as you were beginning to wonder just when it was that he would rise from his slumber. Honestly though, the fact that he lasted this long despite the noise wasn’t really surprising.

“Come on you two, you can’t stay in bed forever.”

“If people didn’t want us to stay in bed, they shouldn’t have made it so heavenly and comfortable.”

“She’s right you know.”

“Ok, here’s the deal. If you two don’t get your butts out of bed in five minutes, I’m eating all the breakfast I made. And it’s all your favourites by the way.”

With the threat looming over your heads, the brown haired man left the room so the decision could be made – and it really wasn’t that difficult. Despite your undying and absolute love for sleep, a promise of your favourite food certainly was impossible to pass up.

You began to stretch your body, dissolving all stiffness that managed to settle into your muscles overnight.  With a parting light kiss to the forehead of the body once again unmoving at your side, you left for the bathroom to prepare for the day.

As you got yourself ready, your mind became occupied by thoughts of the two males in your life. They were vastly different from each other, proving to be polar opposites, yet the compatibility between all three of you was undeniable.  

Jin was an early riser to the day, always ready to start each morning with the songs of the birds. His cheerful and energetic nature always ensured happiness and warmth were felt by everyone around him, and he always cared about the wellbeing of others. At times he became childish; appearing as though he were the youngest of you three rather than the oldest, but it was this childlike energy that was an integral part of his charm. He also loved food – cooking it and eating it – and with his nurturing, no one ever needed to worry about starvation.

On the other side of the spectrum was Yoongi, the apparent lazy one just like you. He held an appreciation for slow days; taking things one step at a time, with many naps thrown in. Unlike Jin, he most often acted as the eldest; his tendencies to move at a slow pace making him appear more mellowed beyond his years.  However, despite his natural lazy state, Yoongi held a determination and ambition within him that could fill the world. His creative mind was always filling with new thoughts and ideas, with no way to pause or shut off. Together, Jin and Yoongi were complete opposites, but that was what made them work in perfect sync: Jin encouraged Yoongi’s enthusiasm to tackle the world, while Yoongi forced Jin to step back, slow down, and smell the roses once in a while.

Then there was you: the person in the middle ground that encompassed traits from both their personalities. Like Yoongi, you appreciated sleep and quiet peace, enjoying the finer details of what life had to offer. But similar to Jin, you embraced the day with childlike energy and curiosity – once you got up that was. Together, the three of you created the perfect harmonious relationship that you wouldn’t change for anything.

“Are you done yet? You’ve been in there for a while.” Yoongi’s knocking on the wooden barrier woke you up from your reverie, and you hastened to finish your morning routine.

“Sorry about that. You can use it now.”

“What were you doing in there? It’s been almost 20 minutes.”

20 minutes!? Jin swore only five minutes was allowed. The precious food was at stake!

“Jin I’m coming! Please don’t eat my food!” Swiftly darting around Yoongi you scurried down the hall to the kitchen, hoping that what was found in there was not a pile of empty plates. But true to Jin’s nature, he was sitting patiently at the kitchen table, gazing out towards the early morning skyline, a table full of home cooked food waiting to be devoured.

“I love you so much.” You gave Jin a quick good morning kiss before plopping yourself down beside him in your usual seat.

“You love my food.” The amusement floating in his eyes betrayed his seemingly serious and reprimanding tone. It wasn’t concerning though, as this bantering had become an expected part of the morning.

“I love that you make me food.”

“What would you two do without me?”

“Starve in bed probably.”

“Got that right.”

You both chuckled in enjoyment and adoration, appreciating the effortless flow you found yourselves in time and time again. If any of you said it was like this from the start, you would be lying – the easy flow only found after the awkwardness settled into the past. The initial idea of having three people in a relationship was new to all of you, and you were unsure how it could possibly work itself out. Yet over the year and half since the relationship had been formed, the natural chemistry was unquestionable, and you found yourself regretting that you ever doubted it.

“Good morning.”

Finally Yoongi made his way into the kitchen and gave you and Jin each your good morning hair ruffles. Yoongi wasn’t so keen on obvious and outwardly displays of affection, but Jin and you felt his love nonetheless.

Now with all three bodies present, and sort of awake, you gladly began filling your stomachs with Jin’s delectable food. You held some conversation, but mainly just enjoyed the comfort and warmth each felt around the others. Nothing anymore was awkward, and for that you were all grateful.

“So what’s the plan for today?” Jin had finished his portion first, and like always was ready to get life started.

“Stay home, nap, and maybe watch a movie or two.” And now Yoongi was being as predictable as ever. In situations similar to this, it was usually your job to find the compromise.

“Ok my wonderful boyfriends, how about this: we take the morning easy, maybe watch some television. Then we go have a picnic for lunch, spend the afternoon outside, then come home and watch movies for the rest of the night. Sound good?” You looked to both of them with hopeful eyes, eager that what was proposed would be satisfactory to them both. Though you knew they would both agree; there was hardly a time when either of them rejected any of your requests.

“Sounds like the perfect plan to me! What do you think Yoongi?”

You heard the dejected sigh that came from Yoongi, but he appeared to have a difficult time fighting back the smile that threatened to expose his true feelings.

“Yah, I guess that works for me too.”  Yoongi grumbled the words, but the smile stayed on his face, and the love remained in his eyes. He could certainly be classified as the type of person who acted cool and unaffected, but his true nature was one that was warm hearted and loving.

A few more minutes was all it took before all the crumbs had been greedily wiped off each plate; the dishes appeared sparkly once again, as though they weren’t even used in the first place, but of course a good scrub was still required. Since Jin generously made the breakfast, you were quick to volunteer yourself and Yoongi for dish washing duty, “Yoongi and I will do the dishes!”

“What? Why me?” Yoongi looked incredulous as he turned his gaze to you, not expecting to be dragged into doing tedious and boring chores.

“Don’t what me mister. Jin made the food so the least we can do is wash the dishes. Between the two of us, we’ll be done in no time!”

“Fine. Whatever.”

“And while you two do that, I’ll make some food for our picnic.”

With everyone given a specific job to attend to, you all set to work in your little cozy kitchen. You and Yoongi stood side by side at the sink: you promised Yoongi he would be able to dry the dishes seeing as he began to complain that wiping all the grease off would be too much of a pain. Jin was at your backs, on the other counter, making the food required for your little outing. At times he would turn to the fridge or cupboard, getting an ingredient he needed, and as he did so you didn’t miss the loving glance he passed over you and Yoongi. All was good in the kitchen – quiet and peaceful – but it didn’t take long before that tranquility was shattered and the usual silly antics made yet another appearance.

“Hey! The water belongs in the sink mister!”

“Well then wash those dishes faster so my hands are occupied and away from the water.”

“There are other ways to keep your hands occupied.” Jin quipped, and easily jumped into the conversation from where he was now cutting fruit for a snack. You turned around to reprimand Jin for his not so subtle innuendo, but stopped short when you noticed the sinful smirk plastered on his face as he also turned to gauge everyone’s reaction. Turning to Yoongi next, you realized he sported the same one. Clearly they were enjoying this turn in conversation a bit too much.

“Oh? And what would you suggest?”

“Use your imagination. Your brilliantly creative mind can come up with something, I’m sure.”

“Oh, it already has.”

“Care to share?”

“Maybe later.”

With each passing word flying into the air, a darker shade of red took over your cheeks, until it felt as though any second you would spontaneously combust. In no way were any of you shy with each other, but no matter how much time passed with these two, they always managed to get you flustered with their “playful” banter.

“Ok you two, minds out of the gutter. We are almost done here.” You were desperate for them to refocus their minds on some other topic, if for nothing else than to at least return your face to its normal colour.

“How would you know our minds were in the gutter? Yours would have to be there too then.” Leave it to Yoongi to drag you down with him.

“My mind doesn’t have to be in the gutter to know both of yours are down there 24/7.” You huffed out your insult, hoping that now maybe the conversation would lose steam and die down a bit. But if there was one thing the relationship thrived on, it was the mischievous teasing that you all threw at each other.

And now it was Jin’s turn, “Don’t lie sweetheart, you know you love it.”

“You love what we do to each other just as much as what we do to you.”

Was it getting hotter in here? The kitchen was small, but it felt as though a space heater was secretly in the walls, making everything over heat to new levels. Your embarrassment was also reaching new heights, and you were quick to scramble out of the small enclosure for a necessary breather. It wasn’t long after you left the vicinity of the kitchen, did you hear the two troublemakers crack up in hysterical laughter, finding it absolutely amusing how easy it was to get you flustered.

Locking yourself in the bedroom, you figured that while there you should at least get yourself ready for the upcoming outing. A beautiful summer day like the one you found yourself in called for a loose t-shirt and shorts; and easy and comfortable fit to the lazy Sunday afternoon. By the time you finished changing, a knock came from the other side of the wooden door.

“Come on out love, we’re ready to leave when you are.”

Jin came to retrieve you from hiding away in the bedroom, but he didn’t stay long enough for you to leave the room. You were glad they decided against watching TV, choosing instead to leave right away; you weren’t sure how well you would have been able to handle the close proximity of sitting on the couch and attempting to pay attention to some random Sunday morning show. After the little fiasco in the kitchen, you figured being out in public would encourage them to behave at least a little bit.

It was almost eleven by the time you all began the stroll outside. Not many people were on the streets, but for those who were, they seemed to be enjoying their time under the veil of the sun’s rays, just like you were. There was no need to rush at this time of day, and the warmth from the sun left nothing short of calm happiness on everyone’s faces. None of you talked as you walked along, allowing the natural sounds floating around to fill the peaceful silence.

At noon, the three of you found a secluded area in a local park, deeming it a necessary time to refill your emptied stomachs. Under the shade of a cluster of trees, Yoongi began preparing the site as he placed a blanket on the ground, the soft grass making it feel as though you were sitting on a pillow. Jin followed Yoongi’s lead and began placing the food in the middle of the blanket, with each body settling down around the edges. Once everything was out and placed, it looked as though before you were a meal fit for royalty.

“Jin you spoil us too much.” You were in awe of the food, knowing that Jin made it specifically for yourself and Yoongi.

“If I don’t spoil you two, then who would I spoil? I don’t mind though, you know that. Anything for my two favourite people in this world.”

Jin’s contagious smile found its way onto your face and Yoongi’s as well, and the feast began eagerly. The warmth of the sun didn’t falter for a second, and you appreciated the delicate breeze blowing over the land. A while later everything was done, and with Yoongi’s declaration of “it’s time to go,” everyone began packing and getting ready to leave. Your walk began once more, this time watching many additional people pass by. The day had gotten farther along, and with it more bodies were out and bustling around. As if the energy increased between the three of you as well, the conversation became animated too, and you felt livelier with each passing second.

You spent the entire afternoon in the great outdoors, and with the setting sun, decided to pick up some dinner and snacks before heading back the comfort of your apartment. The day was now turning into Yoongi’s favourite part: when you all would be cooped up nicely in the cozy living room, sharing body heat while watching a movie until tired eyes could no longer remain open.

“Ok: food, snacks, drinks, blankets, and pajamas. All we have to do now is pick a movie.” Jin sat down in the middle between Yoongi and yourself, placing the blanket meticulously over each of your legs.

“Let’s watch – “

“Oh no. It’s my turn to pick tonight.”

Once again Yoongi was attempting to get his choice of movie played for the umpteenth time, even though his turn was last week. If it wasn’t for the arrangement set prior, Yoongi would have his choice every single time a movie night occurred. It didn’t matter too much since you all had similar opinions on movies; however, you took your choice seriously and felt oddly powerful to be able to control what exactly was playing on the television.

Settling down with the food, you decided on the latest action movie that you all had been meaning to watch, but never got around to. Not one single break was taken, not until the movie was finished and you then took the chance to go to the washroom, or fill up on refreshments. Once the three of you settled down again, a second movie immediately started.

Nearing the end of the second movie, you felt inclined to look over to your left, noticing the positions of the two men beside you. Yoongi had begun to take on a slouched position, having been slowly sliding down the back of the sofa as the sleepiness began to take hold and weigh him down. Unlike Jin, who was humorously attempting to ward off the darkness behind his eyes, Yoongi had given up the fight and succumbed to the impending sleep. The sight itself was nothing short of amusing and you couldn’t hold back the little outburst of a laugh.

“What? I’m watching it.”

“Stop moving around, I’m trying to sleep.”

Your laughter once again filled the room with Yoongi’s and Jin’s own sleep induced outburst. Jin startled awake and woke the sleeping beast beside him; now they were both attempting to wipe their drool, fix their rumpled hair and find a comfortable position.

“How about we call it a night? We can always finish the movie tomorrow.”

You took pity on their half dazed states and encouraged both men to get to bed. Mumbled agreements were heard, and you ushered them down the hall for them to get themselves ready. With their promises of washing before face planting in the soft comforts of the mattress, you returned to the living room to clean up. The last thing you wanted was for Jin to wake early in the morning and be greeted with the mess of food and wrappers. No doubt he would clean it by himself, without complaint, but you figured cleaning was the least you could do in repayment for the love the both of them gave you.

Five minutes later, you were padding down the hall and into the shared bedroom to get yourself ready for a fulfilling night of sleep. Your earlier suspicions were confirmed, as you walked into the blackened room and witnessed two bodies already in belly down heaps on the bed, hidden from the world beneath layers of blankets.

As you walked past the bed, you couldn’t help the gentle smile that formed across your face, noticing the space your two boyfriends had left for you in the middle. Since the beginning, when you three started sharing a bed, you all agreed that the middle spot would be exclusively reserved for you – using something of an excuse that you get extremely cold during the night and are always in dire need of extra warmth.

Making quick work of your own nighttime routine, you softly made your way into the middle space, digging your own burrow into the blankets, and cocooning yourself between the two special men in your life.

“Goodnight love.”

“Sweet dreams.”

You figured they would have already entered dreamland, but were pleasantly surprised when you heard their whispered voices and felt their soft lips upon your head. Three bodies snuggled closer than before; your own separate burrows combining into one large fortress. The warm night grew warmer and you revelled in the knowledge of having another peaceful slumber after a wonderful day with your two favourite people – it was just another day in the life that you would treasure forever.


Hope you all enjoyed that! Remember to keep the requests coming - or just feel free to come say hi and chat with everyone!  

~ Admin Sky :) 

Cute Demon Crashers

I told myself that I wasn’t going to write reviews for games that I’ve played. But I just couldn’t not express how much Cute Demon Crashers means to me after my first, second, third, and subsequent playthroughs.

Cute Demon Crashers is an 18+ otome game created by sugarscript that stresses consent, communication, and trust.

The MC (Claire is the default name) is a college freshman spending spring break alone at home. Claire is sexually (and possibly socially) frustrated, which attracts a group of sex demons, three incubi and a succubus, who want to help alleviate some of that frustration.

In order left to right: Mirari is the bubbly succubus and the start of all the shenanigans. Akki, who is the youngest incubus, is extremely energetic, friendly, and very good-natured (they all are very good-natured). Kael, who takes on a more caretaker-like role with the other three, is extremely kind and caring, calm, and a bit of a clean freak. Orias is very reserved and quiet, but has some very sweet moments. 

Claire gets two days to decide who (if any) she wants to have sex with. Each of the demons has cute bonding scenes for each of the time intervals, which are basically day 1 morning and afternoon and day 2 morning. The interactions between the characters are genuine and wonderful. There’s more than a little encouragement to just be yourself. All of the demons are very honest with Claire and extremely endearing. 

Each of the four characters has a beautifully written, unique intimate scene. Before each new action, the demon asks Claire if she wants to keep going (or some variation). And there is even a little “STOP” button in the top right corner that can be pressed at pretty much any time during the intimate scenes. And the weirdest thing happens: THE DEMON STOPS! Not only that, but the chosen demon assures Claire that he or she isn’t disappointed and makes sure that Claire is okay.

I love this game. I love how much I learned from this game about what I deserve in a sexual experience. And I think that everyone over 18 should play through it at least once. You will love the characters. All five of them. You will love the interactions, the story, and the art. And you will learn something about the respect that you should have for yourself and your partner every single time you have sex.

Play this game. (Only if you’re 18 or older, of course)

Full review under the cut because I got extremely emotional over this game for personal reasons and not everyone wants to read that.

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One of These Nights (Part 4)

Summary: A hunt provides lots of close ‘family’ bonding time

Pairing: Benny x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: Language, a little angst

A/N: Only a few of you are interested in Benny, but I love him, so this is still going! Hope you like it kiddos. Also I have a final exam in 24 hours and have not accomplished anything. Oops.

This is a series! Read Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

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I Must Be Dreaming

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In most forms of media, there are stories depicting life-long relationships. There are movies, books, and television shows depicting people who meet their best friend or significant other at a young age. They end up growing old with them by their side and they live a happy life together. It all ends with a ‘happily ever after’.

Sadly, life doesn’t really work that way.

For the majority, relationships come and go. You meet someone, befriend them or enter into a romantic relationship with them, and sooner or later that relationship dissolves. The media bemoans the lack of permanence we all seem to have now. People criticize the lack of stable relationships we see. But it just seemed that happily ever after’s were made for the old days. Only the lucky ones got that now.

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BTS reaction to their best friend being bullied about her biggest insecurity

Anonymous Requested: BTS and Got7 Reaction to their best friend (and crush) being bullied about her biggest insecurity (aka. her weight). Thank you xx 

Suggested Song: Heaven’s Door - Eric Nam

This is just the Bts version i’ll get around to the got7 version eventually…

~Admin S

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When he first comforted you about your insecurity and the bullying, the situation was picture perfect. He gave the best hugs and always said just the right thing to make you feel better. The two of you spent all afternoon laying on the couch together, eventually falling asleep. 

You woke up around two hours later to the smell of meat cooking in the kitchen. Jin was making you a home cooked dinner to try and cheer you up. It was so sweet of him. It was so, so, so sweet and you would have thought him the sweetest best friend any other day, even today you still thought that. Only you were a mess after today, and food was the last thing you wanted to see at the moment.

You usually weren’t like this. You hardly ever cried, yet there you were sitting upright on the couch, silently sobbing. It wasn’t until you accidently let out a not-so-silent sob that Jin came rushing into the room to see what was wrong. 

You really were a mess. All you could think about was how you needed to diet. You even told Jin that, or at least attempted to through thick sobs and heavy breaths. The situation was kinda silly, but Jin, he always handled things so well. Once you had finally settled down he simply said ‘okay’. You were a bit confused at first until he continued on.

“If you want to go on a diet, okay, but we’re going to do it together.” You smiled softly and he wrapped you into another hug. “I mean if you think you need to go on a diet, I can’t imagine what you think of me. I better whip myself into shape so I can keep up with my beautiful best friend.”

Originally posted by sugagifs


You would never outwardly tell Yoongi about the situation. You would never outwardly say “I’m super insecure about my weight and I’m currently being bullied for that insecurity, haha, crazy, right?” You wouldn’t outwardly tell him, but somehow he would still find out and take care of the matter. He was very observant, sometimes eerily so, but with the type of friendship you two had, you both had to be observant of one another.

You guys didn’t do a whole lot of verbal communication. It was always more behind the scenes stuff and the little actions you guys did for each other that showed you cared about one another. It was just how you guys worked.

Anyways, you would never really know if he confronted them or not. All you knew was that one day they stopped teasing you, in fact they avoided you completely. They were no longer mean to you; they weren’t even really around anymore. 

You would never know if Yoongi said anything to them or not, but you did know that the day you came home from class with a smile just a bit brighter on your face due to them leaving you alone, his smile was just a bit brighter too.

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The two of you had been friends forever. Well it has actually only been around five years, but it feels like it’s been forever. Five years and somewhere down the line he fell hard for that vibrant smile of yours. God, he loved that smile so much. So much that it was as clear as day when you had started to feel down.

You didn’t tell him outright, at least not right away. Even after he found out on his own. He didn’t push you to tell him wanting you to do it on your own accord, but before you did tell him about, as soon as he found out the reason why you had been so down lately, he had began to comfort you.

Eventually you would tell him fully about the bullying situation and your insecurity and he would listen patiently as you talked. He wouldn’t force you to talk about the matter if you didn’t want to, but he would always listen if you did.

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Rap Monster 

It was an odd mix of emotions that appeared through Namjoon’s facial features when it slipped from your mouth. The angrer was clear, yet there was also a hint of awkwardness too, him not being entirely sure how to comfort you. He honestly wasn’t even sure why you had these insecurities in the first place. In his eyes you were near perfection, if not perfection itself. It just didn’t make sense to him

He would most likely wrap you into a light hug and gently stroke your hair. The two of you were only friends, so it was a bit awkward at first. The two of you didn’t really hug much or take part in much skinship other than the occasional cuddling on the couch during movie night. And even the two of you mostly did that to fall asleep, using each other as body pillows.

But the hug wouldn’t be awkward for long. Namjoon would crack a couple really lame jokes and puns that barely make you smile and you would probably end up hitting him. But those lame jokes and awkward hug were enough to make you feel a bit better, if just for a moment.

Originally posted by sugaglos


As soon as he heard you were feeling insecure, especially about your weight, his eyes darkened. As soon as he heard you were being bullied for that very insecurity, his fists clenched, turning white from how hard he squeezed. Immediately he wanted to start a fight. Jimin was such a ball of sunshine normally that this complete change emotion was almost frightening, if only he didn’t look like a puppy pretending to be a wolf.

Initially, he would act tough. He would demand you tell him who the ones bullying you were. He would bother you for about all of 20 seconds before he realized you didn’t want him to get involved. So instead of starting a fight, he simply ended up wrapping his arms around you in a bear hug, whispering in your ear how much he cared about and how you’ll get through the insecurities just like he did.

Originally posted by taetaebts

 He would be the type to distract you. He would try his best to make you smile. He would tell weird jokes, make funny faces, he would even take you on “dates” to obscure places. Although he would never outright call them dates, you were only friends no matter how much he craved for the two of you to be more. 

But that didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if you felt the same way about him as he felt about you. It only mattered that he could serve as a distraction, even if your smile only lit up for a brief amount of time, even if it was just for the evening.

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Ah, it killed him inside to watch the girl he loved slowly tear herself apart over an insecurity that she needn’t be insecure about. 

He couldn’t understand why someone so beautiful, so  flawless, so sexy…It baffled him how you couldn’t see it too. But he had never been around when the bullying took place. God, did he wish he was though he would have gave whoever said that to you a piece of his mind. But he couldn’t because you refused to let him get involved so .

So he simply told you how beautiful you were every day. And if he didn’t say it directly through words, he would do it through actions, cuddles, long hugs and plenty of kisses all over your face, maybe even accidentally kissing you on the lips one day.