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The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 14)

Bucky x Reader Drabble Series

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – Violence, death, blood

Word Count – 997

Notes – We’re finally here!  This is the part I’ve had in mind since I began this series!!!   I’m leaving this on a pretty vicious cliffhanger, so you’ll just have to wait until next week to see how the Reader handles the opportunity she’s been given!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  

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You could feel Tony’s eyes boring into you as he tried to decide if you were lying to him.  A feeling of despair fell over you as you realized that your life had been reduced to a series of lies, both the ones you were telling and the ones that were being told to you.  A part of you wanted to share your suspicions with Tony, if only to have someone to talk to, but you knew his loyalties had shifted. You had to keep up your façade of indifference and acceptance if you were going to accomplish your objective. Once your personal vendetta was over, you’d probably never see the Avengers again.  It was better to distance yourself now, it would save you from more heartache in the future.

You feigned a headache and retreated to your room, pulling out your parents’ file. Spreading it out on the bed before you, you poured over the information for the hundredth time, looking for something, anything that might clue you in to why the Soldier was lying about their deaths.


You spent the next few weeks trying to decide how to push the Soldier into telling you about your parents.  He had begun to avoid you and you could never find an opportunity to talk to him alone again. Rogers was absolutely no help, constantly trying to get you involved with the team.  He’d even gone so far as to create a training schedule to keep everyone mission ready.  It was a welcome distraction, although you noted that he never scheduled you and the Soldier together.  The two of you sparred with everyone else, and you could only assume that the Soldier had requested that he not be paired off against you.  You weren’t sure if it was because he didn’t want to be around you, or if it was because he didn’t trust you.

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I don’t realize how poor I am until I hang out at other peoples houses. Like, your fridge broke and you just… called someone to fix it? And you just had the money? You didn’t have to wait until your next paycheck or anything? One time my fridge broke and we had to ship all our food to my grandma’s house and eat there for three weeks until we could afford the down payment on a new one from rent-a-center


Requested by anonymous

You woke up, heart pounding and eyes wide as you took in your actual surroundings. You were safe at the Xavier Institute, not lost in the worst part of your past. Still, you were awake now and would like someone to talk to so you wouldn’t dwell on your nightmare.

“You up?” you texted one of your closest friends, Alex Summers.

As you waited for a reply, if one would even come, you scrolled through your contacts, looking for someone else you could message. However, before you found someone, a reply came.

“Yes. Can’t sleep?” the reply came.

“No, nightmare,” you texted back.

There was a pause until the next reply. “Wait one moment. Make sure you’re clothed.”

“Wait, are you coming over? You don’t have t-” you started, not finishing the text before he got there, not even knocking before coming in.

“You’re lucky I wear pajamas,” you stated.

“I was afraid knocking would wake someone up,” Alex replied, closing the door behind himself. “You alright? Nightmares can get pretty intense.”

“I’m fine,” you said as Alex walked over, sliding into the bed with you. “What are you doing?”

“Making myself comfortable,” Alex said. “It’s easier to be a source of comfort when I’m comfortable myself.”

“You should sleep. You didn’t have to come over.”

“I wanted to. I care about you, Y/N, and I’d like to protect you from what I can. Even if it’s just nightmares,” Alex stated, looking over at you.

“Wow, and here I thought your brother was the sappy one of the family,” you teased.

“Summers family trait I guess,” Alex said. “And you know what else is a Summers family trait?”

“A thing for telepaths?” you guessed. You had suspected Alex had a crush on Psylocke.

“Not unless you have some telepathic abilities I am unaware of,” Alex said, surprising you. “I meant to say a good taste in women and an inability to spit it out when it comes to our feelings.”

Your jaw dropped as you searched for something to say.

“You can kick me out now if you want,” Alex said.

“No, no, I- I like you too,” you admitted.

“Great!” Alex said, leaning in for a kiss. You kissed back, closing your eyes, but you pulled away after a moment.

“Wait, why tell me now?” you asked.

“Well, I figured that either way you could answer, it would take your mind off your nightmare,” Alex stated.

“Mission accomplished,” you stated, snuggling into Alex as he wrapped his arms around you.

Geh submitted:Bonney you could do a one shot on juvia figuring out that gray would use the ice shild?

Already have a plot planned, but I’ll wait until the chapter is out to actually write. Besides, I just got home from a work trip and tomorrow my day, hopefully, will be about writing the next “I Put A Spell On You”. :3

Snowed In

Summary: Your university closes down for the snow storm headed your way but you find yourself alone, or so you thought, on campus.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Slight panic attack, cursing

Word Count: 1,199

A/N: Prompt #2 | Thank you all for requesting away! This is the first out of four right now. Bear with me because this week is a busy week, so I’ll try and get one more up this week and the other’s will have to wait until next week. P.S. I’ve never seen snow or been a snow storm, so I hope I did it justice.

It was late January and emails were being sent out urging students to head back home or evacuate the city center because a massive winter blizzard was approaching. You wished you could go home but couldn’t because your parents couldn’t afford another round trip to California, so they sent you good luck and you had to fend for yourself and survive your first winter storm. 

You were probably the only soul left on campus the day before the blizzard was supposed to hit. You took the opportunity to go outside and create a snowman by yourself. This was your first time seeing such an abundance of snow. It was eerie knowing you were the only there. It was a ghost town, you could hear your breathing, the shuffling of the snow beneath your feet and the faint whistle of the wind. You laid down on the ground when you finished your lumpy snowman and started creating snow angels. Despite how scary things were going to get tomorrow, you closed your eyes and felt at peace for the first time in a while. You embraced the situation instead of panicking as that was in your nature. 

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Vanoo & Minicat. 8532 words.

Prompt: “it´s my [insert family relation here]´s wedding and seeing all these happy couples is killing me and all i can think about is how this was almost us” AU 

A/N: For the anon that wanted some vanoo, and the other anon that wanted vanoo with the prompt ‘broken’. This may not be what you had in mind, but it’s what came out of my head anyway. Sorry for the wait but I hope you enjoy <3


The champagne was nice, he supposed. Evan would have preferred something much stronger, but he could live with the champagne until they got to the reception, and was just glad that the limo had any alcohol at all.

He felt bad that he was craving hard liquor at his best friends’ wedding, but he couldn’t help it. When he was standing next to Tyler at the alter, watching as Craig was led down the aisle, the couple staring at each other as if there was no one else in the room, all Evan could picture was him and Brock in their shoes. All he could imagine was Brock smiling at him the way Craig was smiling at Tyler with a grin that could split cheeks and melt hearts, and the wedding ring he was keeping safe for the groom was burning a hole in his pocket, and he couldn’t help but wish he had bought one for Brock when he had the chance.

Once the thought had struck him, it was difficult to shake off, and now he was desperately wanting some kind of alcohol in his hand that would burn his throat and numb everything else so he wouldn’t have to feel this heart break anymore.

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Early Morning Wake Up.

My mouth knew no limits.

It could be one in the morning and I could be chatting away on the phone with as much energy as if I had just woken up an hour ago especially when it was my best friend calling. Leading different lives may have had us living in separate cities but there was always one thing to keep us together, as if we still lived right next to each other and that was our daily phone conversations.

“Ahh, I cannot wait until the bachelorette party! I’ve been planning like crazy. I even bought a little journal to record my ideas in.”

It was only 7 in the morning so I was still in bed, my back against the headboard and the bottom half of my body still covered by the comforters and Roman’s lifeless hand draped over my waist as he snored into his pillow next to me.

That was often how I woke up. We may have went to sleep not touching each other at all and separated into our own sides of the bed but by the time I woke up, my husband was clenching on to me in some form or fashion whether it was draping his arm over me, cuddling me close to his chest or resting his head on my chest or stomach.

Roman liked to complain that the left side of the bed was his even though it was the spot I claimed so maybe that was why he spent so much time encroaching on my side.

With him still clinging to me, I managed to reach over to my nightstand without disturbing his sleep, grabbing for the small leather journal I had been using to plot down my ideas for my best friend’s celebration.

“First idea: strippers. I’m thinking they should come in these like elaborate costumes. Probably not policemen because that’s so expected. What about if they wore kits? I mean…considering your husband-to-be is a player.”

“No way,” she giggled. “He would kill me if one, he found out I had strippers at my party and two, if he found out I used them to imitate him. Nuh uh. And I’m sure he’s not going to have half-naked women at his little shindig wearing blazers and pencil skirts to look like me.”

“You never know. The office look is hot to men. Not that I would know personally,” I added though smirking to myself silently.

I actually knew firsthand considering how many times Roman had spoken a dirty compliment into my ear when I got off work wearing exactly that. Needless to say those clothes didn’t stay on too long after that.

I could hear the sound of my friend imitating a puke on the other line before saying, “Okay. Gross. Please do not lead me that deeply into your love life. I don’t want to envision Ro…okay, nevermind. New subject but while we’re on that subject, I found the perfect lingerie set to wear for my honeymoon. It’s black, it’s sexy, it’s me. He’s going to love it.”

“Ahhh!! I need pictures. Did you buy it?”

It seemed my burst of enthusiasm was too much as my husband began to stir next to me, raising his head from his pillow to give a dirty glare in my direction and though he said nothing I knew exactly what the look meant.

“Sorry,” I mouthed back. “Won’t happen again.”

He didn’t respond with a thank you but rather buried his face back into the pillow and turned his head in the opposite direction though his arm still remained over me.

“Okay. I’m back,” I whispered into the phone. “Now did you buy it?”

“Of course I did. I tucked it somewhere deep in my closet and warned him not to go snooping.”

“That guy is way too curious to not go looking for it.”

She laughed. “Well if he does he just won’t be surprised on our honeymoon. I do want to get a few more though. That’s a lot of days in Hawaii which means a lot of sex and…”

“Okay. Mental image, remember?”

Soon the image of my best friend’s fiancé came to mind and all I could picture was his dorky smile, a dorky smile she had fell in love with but all it did was make me burst into laughter.

Loud laughter.

Roman gave me that look again though this time parting his lips to warn me, “It is 7 in the morning. Most normal people are sleep right now and you two are on the phone giggling like children. I just need two more hours of sleep. Please.”

“I—“ My statement was broken by him grabbing for the phone in my hand and making the decision for me. “She will call you back later. When the rest of the world is awake.”

I couldn’t hear what was said on the other line but Roman chuckled before uttering a goodbye and hanging up the device for me, putting it on the stand next to his side of the bed rather than where I could easily reach it.

“Now…” He pulled me down to lay next to him, wrapping his arms around me tightly to restrict me from moving anywhere or getting up. “I think it’s time you enjoy a nice two hour nap with me, hm?”

“You don’t think two hours is a bit long? We’re laying here wasting the day away,” I joked.

“No. In fact it’s really short.”

I didn’t have a chance to respond as he placed a finger to my lips. “Bedtime.”

I could only shake my head and smile to myself before resting against him, feeling the comfort of his warm body next to me and knowing that in this position I would knock out in five minutes at the most even if I wasn’t all that tired.

We didn’t get much time to enjoy that silence or the warmth of each other’s bodies as the familiar sound of baby cries rang out. Roman groaned in my ear before releasing his hold on me and throwing the covers off of his body. “I’ll get him.”

“Are you sure?”

He nodded, not bothering to cover his shirtless top as he began to make his way to our son’s bedroom next to ours. “You owe me two hours of sleep.”

“I love you!” I shouted after him. He only responded with, “You owe me two hours of sleep,” before disappearing out of the room.

“Gosh, I love that man,” I sighed aloud to myself.

So I am way late on this bandwagon I think, but I recently found this Undertale fic being written by @spacegate called “Trust” (thanks @abadtime for that fic recommendation post, btw) and ended up binge reading it last night into the wee hours of the morning.  It’s a wonderfully engaging piece of writing centered around the !babyblasters AU where Sans and Papyrus are kids and Grillby takes them in and slowly discovers what they’re running from.  And could also shape-shift into gasterblasters at will, which I will admit, I’m a sucker for shape-shifters. 

There was this one part where there’s a bit of a stand off between Grillby trying to coax them indoors and Sans having none of that, and this is the image that just would not leave me alone until I drew it.  So thank you @spacegate for your lovely fic, and I can’t wait for the next chapter :D

can u imagine a mass effect/pacrim crossover tho!!!!!

i haven’t thought about whether they’d be fighting reapers or kaiju.. but i imagine different species have their own jaegers and their own pilots, and cross-species drifting would be considered extremely dangerous or impossible even until surprise surprise shepard and garrus come along and there’s a jaeger built by turians and humans with new modern technology that could theoretically support turian/human drifting or possibly any other combo of species for that matter and

can u imagine kaiju/reapers attacking, possibly a double event, and shepard and garrus are the only pilots with only that one jaeger at their shatterdome and it’s a huge risk but it would take too long to wait for the next available jaeger or pilot so they have no choice but to take that plunge and pilot together

and i know joker is a ship pilot in ME but i feel like he would be their technician in this au!! and he’s mad skeptical about shepard stepping into this jaeger with this turian but he’s powerless to stop them, so he sucks it up and handles their neural handshake from his end

and how would it even go?? i can’t imagine it would go very smoothly tbh like i know shepard and garrus would of course be drift compatible and ultimately pretty much unstoppable but i def imagine it would be a very rocky start.. with the memories both would go through i imagine one of them would chase the rabbit?? idk who.. uhh…i haven’t gotten this far in this au but.. im drawing it


So a couple of weeks ago (at tatinof Chicago) I met people that I have loved since 2011 and it was so overwhelming. Basically they stood in front of this sheet so the entire VIP room could see there silhouettes while waiting to meet them which was gRate. When I was next in line there manager person left so no one was there to tell me to go or not so I kind of stood there awkwardly until both Dan and Drake made eye contact with me and then did little nod things to signal I could go. When I walked up, Dan said “Hi it’s so nice to meet you!” and his dimples were so fucking deep it was not ok. Then I hugged Phil who said “Hi” and gave my back a little rub while hugging me so my heart started beating really fast and it was not ok. I don’t remember much but they were both really warm and they smelled good but not overwhelmingly like cologne like other people have said. When I stepped back from the hug Dan was like “What’s your name?” and I was like “…nicole” really quietly and then they both introduced themselves (as if I didn’t know who they were). Then Dan asked, “Do you want us to sign anything?” and I was like “whoops yeah sorry” and gave him my book. While he was signing phil asked how my day was and I said it was good and when I asked him how his was he said good too and then I was like “tired?” and he thought about it for a second and then he was like “uhhhhhh no I don’t think so we’ve done a lot it’s been fun” and I internally squealed because we were having a real conversation. When Dan gave Phil the book to sign he asked if I wanted him to take a photo with his weirdly long arms and I just kind of nodded while giggling and handed him my phone. When they both signed it Dan grabbed my book and said it was so I didn’t have to hold it in the picture and I said thank you and then we all got in position for the picture and phil put his hand on my back and it was time. Basically Dan did a burst where it takes a bunch of pictures so right before he started posing, he made fun of phil for what he wrote in the book and said “of coarse you said that, obviously!” and phil started laughing and then I started blushing cause idk I was experiencing bants between my heroes and Dan noticed and said  “I know how domestic right?” and I started laughing and then he posed so in these pictures Dan’s basically taking a selfie while me and phil are peeing our pants in the background. After we took a selfie (i look like actual shit in it so i’m showing the candids instead cause I like them better) and I was like “okay bye” and Dan said “it was nice meeting you bye!” and phil was like “bye nicole!” and as I walked away he gave me a shoulder pat thing and then once I walked away I turned around and waved and they both smiled and waved and yeah. 

On missing you.

Sometimes it’s hard to sleep knowing that when I wake up, I’ll be alone in a bed with way too much space for me. Space that only you could fill. I don’t want to close my eyes again until I know that the next thing I’ll be opening them to is you. But I have to. And while I’m getting closer to seeing you every day, every day feels like a longer wait. I miss you.

But missing you, even though it hurts, feels kind of good. I’m happy that I have you to miss. I’d rather miss you for a thousand days than go one hour without having you at all.


LOVE ME RIGHT- CHANYEOL~ The Cheshire Cat Part 1

Well you asked and so you shall get! And I can’t even wait till tomorrow because my mind is literally coming up with every word now. A certain muffin asked for Chanyeol’s next and I was already planning this so


You hated this. Your sister was getting married, and of course you had to be one of the brides maids. It could be worst, at least you weren’t the maid of honor. Nope she was on her way having just landed in South Korea.

But your sister, the bride, made you get all dressed up when though the wedding wasn’t until a couple weeks still. So here you were sitting on an uncomfortable stool looking out the window. Your sister had received a phone call and left the room leaving you alone. You observed the attire you were wearing. The dress, a light blue coming down to about your knees. Underneath the dress were white stockings. For some reason you had to wear these, apparently it was themed to a certain fairytale that you had neglected to remember the name of.

As you say in silence something white caught your eye out in the dark green grass of the garden. Upon further observation you found it to be a white rabbit. Curious about it you quickly slipped out of the room and outside. You had left those uncomfortable shoes inside, which you would get yelled at for later being that you would get the stockings grass stained. Although you didn’t care.

You looked around desperately for the rabbit and out of the corner of your eye spotted a small fluffy white tail disappearing behind a hedge. You ran after it but behind the hedge there was no life insight. There was however two paths and a big old tree. You took a look down the paths and thought about which one to take to go after the rabbit and you were about to go down the path to the left you heard a deep voice behind you.

“Oh he didn’t go that way”, you nearly jumped out of your skin as you turned around to see a boy sitting on the lower branch of the tree. He looked about your age, he had disheveled white hair and a big grin. He was wearing a black and white striped suit.

“Oh really then? Which way did he go?”, you asked curiously, “And who are you?”

“He went down the rabbit hole of course”, the boy pointed towards the bottom of the tree revealing a hole. “And I’m Chanyeol. What’s your name sweet heart?”

“…._____”, you said hesitantly, blushing lightly.

“Ah a beautiful name for a beautiful girl”, Chanyeol smirked.

You giggled, “That’s so cheesy!”

His smirk quickly turned back into a wide grin, “I know.”
He hopped down from the tree and walked in front of you.
“Well don’t you have a rabbit to catch?”

You looked at him pointedly, “I thought you said he went down the hole.”

“I did.”

“Then how am I possibly going to catch him now?”, you asked frustratingly confused.

“Well that’s the problem isn’t it? You could always follow him”, he chuckled when you gave him a look, “That would be quite the adventure wouldn’t it? Well I suppose you have to make a choice then.”

“It obvious that I wouldn’t follow him. It’s a rabbit hole for goodness sake! I wouldn’t fit. Are you mad?”, you accused.

“Naturally. But we’re all mad here, aren’t we?”, Chanyeol asked grinning.

“…I guess so-”

“I know so. I know you know so too!”, he chided happily.

“Why are you so…giddy?”, starting to worry, you were beginning to think he was indeed crazy.

“Why shouldn’t I be? Tell me ____ why are you so boring?”

“I… How dare you?! I’m not boring! What kind of question is that?”, you yelled.

“But you are! That’s why you didn’t follow the rabbit down the hole, because you’re boring. And you’ll just go to that boring wedding, and then live your boring life. And one day you’ll be the boring bride at the boring wedding getting married to a boring guy. And you’ll have boring kids and then die a boring death.”

“Okay okay I get it’ll be boring! But all because I didn’t go down a rabbit hole? Thanks but I’d rather be boring than daft”, you argued, then fell silent, “Hang on how did YOU know about the wedding?”

“Oh everyone knows! Gosh did you think gossip doesn’t spread around wonderland too?”, Chanyeol laughed.

“Wonderland? What’s that-”

“_____!”, you were cut off by your name being called. It was your sister.

“Well it was certainly nice meeting you. I promise I’ll be seeing you again, and look I’ll even seal my promise.”

Suddenly he was in front of you and you felt a pair of lips on yours. You almost flinched away in surprise but you closed your eyes. And when you opened them. There was no one in sight.

Just then your sister ducked through the hedge to find you standing awestruck. “There you are! I was worried about you. You’ll never guess, my maid of honor’s car broke down. She’s staying at this strange old cafe that Chen said he knew”, Chen was her fiancé and you quickly rolled your eyes.

She gasped, “____! Your stockings! They’re all grass stained and look you’ve got a hole in them! What am I going to do with you? Come on now back to the house!” She ducked back through the hedge and you followed her, sighing.

But when you were ducking through the hedge you swore you heard a deep chuckle.


Well then as you know these are all to be continued. And I hope you like this one.

I’m sorry you have to wait until June – I’m really really sorry. I wish we could show you the next episode right now. We’re so excited about it. All the girls came in early this year to talk about it because they’re so excited about this finale and where the story is going. I’m sorry that we have to wait; I really am because I can’t wait for these next 10 episodes to unfold. The finale and the next 10 episodes answer every single one of those questions [revolving A, Black Widow, Red Coat]. All throughout season 6, every episode of season 6 shores up what we learn about in this finale.

Marlene King


#storytime…..I remember when I first ever started working out. There was this woman who was the same size as me doing lat pull downs in the corner of the gym. I was watching her and it seemed pretty straight forward at the time …so when she got up, I got on.
I held the bar in both hands, pulled down ..and the bar didn’t move an inch. I could have sworn the machine was broken. I waited until no one was watching and hung off the bar to see if my entire body weight would pull the bar down… and it didn’t. I walked away and waited until the girl came back and sure enough, she pulled that bar down with ease.
I felt so weak.
BUT. Instead of giving up, I tried again, this time on a lighter weight. The next time I did it a little heavy.. then a bit more and a little bit more each and every time.
I’ll never forget this lady’s face. 1 year later and she got on straight after me. I remember her reaching forward to adjust the weight and it was one above what she normally did. She looked confused but pulled down anyway. She did one rep, turn her around, looked and me and smiled as if to say “well done”. I smiled back and kept working out.
I was so proud of myself for not giving up and I was even happier that my hard work didn’t go unnoticed.
It may have taken 1 whole year but I got there.
Slow progress is still progress.
Keep trying and never give up because you never know who you might be inspiring.

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Tonight’s Steven Universe highlights:

Blue Diamond, we know that she was one Earth during the rebellion. Can’t wait for the fan art of her to start coming out.

Blue Diamond’s personal Pearl servant that reminds me of a sheepdog because of her hair.

Mega Ruby, same Gem fusion is kinda boring honestly. Probably why Homeworld sticks to it, they know exactly what they’re going to get out of it.

Cotton Candy Proto-Garnet, Ruby and Sapphire must have worked to streamline that appearance down the line into the Garnet we know and love.

Lapis Lazuli, it might even be the one we know along with what could be some others scattered around  judging by the shape of their gem shapes and blue colors. Maybe Lapis Lazuli’s were made to help take Earth because of all the water on the planet.

Blue Diamond’s Spider-Car Thing. I just think it’s awesome.

Steven Bomb 4 is off to a great start. I can’t wait until I start crying on the floor in the fetal position from the feels the next episodes are going end up causing. Bring it on Rebecca Sugar!

"Swim with me to prom?" - Nate Maloley

highjack-jack thanks for requesting enjoy. ❤️❤️

It was two weeks until prom and my boyfriend Nate hadn’t asked me yet, I was getting irritated because He always tells me or asks me about things last minute so I never have time to prepare for it. Nate could tell I was pretty annoyed with him because the jacks and sammy had asked their dates but nate was the last one to ask. Was he going to ask? Does he even want to go? I guess I’ll just have to wait it out. I was in last period and Nate was in the classroom next to me. He always got out before me so I never got the chance to leave by myself, especially when I was annoyed or mad at him. The bell rang and of course nate was out before I was. “Hey babe” “Hi nate.” “woah what’s with the first name basis?” He asked surprised “uhm I don’t know just thought I’d call you by your name?” “geez sorry for asking sassy pants, but do you want to go to dinner tonight” “sure pick me up at 8.” “kay see you then babe” he kissed you then went to his car.

you went home right after and noticed that there was a Victoria’s Secret bag on your from porch with a note. You quickly grabbed the bag and went up to your room.

“y/n you’re probably wondering what’s in the bag, well it’s a dress & some sprays and panties, put the dress on your choice of panties and spray and I’ll see you at 8 lil mama - Nate”

He was such a cheesy kid when it came to stuff like this but it was super cute.

It was now 7:55 and you heard Nates car pull up. He came to the door and rang the doorbell. “Hi babe” he said kissing you “Hi baby” “you look beautiful” “thank you, you look quite handsome yourself”

you guys kissed again then headed out. He opened the car door for you and you got in and then he got in and drove off. He put his hand on your thigh while driving and you placed your hand over his. “Nate where are we going?” “Don’t worry baby you’ll see, I can’t ruin the surprise” you were driving quite a distance but noticed nate was taking you to the beach.

“Nate.. the beach? .. in November?” “babe just trust me on this” “mmm alright”

you guys pulled in and got out of the car, he walked you over to an area that was lit for a dinner, “Nate this dinner is so beautiful” “Yeah but you missed one little thing when you walked in”

you turned around and you saw a banner that said ; “There are plenty of fish in the sea, but I choose you to swim with me…. Prom?” you looked back at Nate “I’d love nothing more than to swim with you to prom.” He picked you up and spun you around and kissed you. “I love you y/n, im going to make prom feel like you’re Cinderella at the ball.” you guys kissed and enjoyed your dinner, & lets just say when you got home Nate got a special gift for asking you to prom. ;)

Hope you enjoyed, i love you stay beautiful. ❤️❤️

Recap update

When I realized I would have a six-week span when Outlander and Arrow would air the same week, I immediately thought I should give up one of the shows so I could keep up with the other, but I do love them both so much. I don’t get shows in advance, so I wait until they air and then set up a schedule that has me writing pretty much all week except for Wednesday nights, and kept me on schedule putting every recap out before the next show aired…

Except it didn’t take into account work, or my family, or my bum arm, or my health, so now that I’m getting sick and my wrist is killing me, I’ve decided it’s time to pull back a bit.

I will finish both shows this season, but I can’t promise that it will be on any kind of regular timetable. I’ll likely end up at least a week behind. I’m sorry to disappoint, but the good news is there will be something to read over summer hiatus.

Now I’m gonna take some ibuprofen and go to bed early. Much love.

Talk to Me, Chapter 7

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“I think I’m in love, Chat.”

The words twisted in his heart. He could feel the open wound burst from his chest, his life force pulsing from the serrated flesh. His chest felt tight, and he was short of breath. “O-Oh?” He wanted to slam his head into the wall for stuttering. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“I don’t even know!” Ladybug was giddy. “I only met him the other day and I didn’t even get his name but oh my god, Chat, he was so handsome and kind and…!” He could imagine her pacing in her room, maybe gesturing wildly at nothing as she relayed her innermost emotions.

And he was happy for her. Really, he was. Ladybug deserved a decent guy in her life. Adrien would never know the woes of a public school student, but she was a wonderful person who deserved a guy who would cherish her. A part of Adrien wished it was him that she was gushing over, but the probability was near impossible. Even though the girl he’d met for coffee had dark hair and blue eyes, her personality didn’t line up with the image of Ladybug in his head.

It didn’t make his heart ache any less.

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>what she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> who did Negan kill? I don't want to wait until next season. Negan said right before his first swing to cut out the one eyed boy's other eye and make him cry, which would be Carl. Did he kill Carl, or could it have been Rick, his father, whom he loves dearly? Would the writers take away such an important character? Maybe it was the person right next to him, which was Sasha. But if we go back to the comics, we know that Glenn gets killed by Negan. But the show doesn't follow everything that the comic does. Could it have been Daryl? He wasn't even in the comics. We know nothing about his wellbeing. What about Michonne, Abraham, Aaron, Maggie, and Eugene? Would he pick them? Maybe I should look back and say eenie meenie miny mo and follow along with him and see where I land. Would that be accurate?<p/></p><p/></p>