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An Update

Hey everyone. Gonna throw in some real talk here.

For the last few months I had lost health insurance that had kept me medicated and stable over the years. Due to having to switch insurance in California, it took a lot longer than expected to get approved, get an appointment, and finally get said medication.

During this lapse, my life kinda fell apart. I lost the urge to do anything. I stopped talking to a lot of my close friends. Drawing or anything productive seemed completely out of my reach. I didn’t take care of myself well, and was procrastinating on commissions and obligations with friends.

It has been some of the worst months of my life, but I tried to hide it from my friends and followers to keep this blog from becoming too much of a personal one. For that, I apologize.

But, things have finally turned around today. I just started medicating again, and I feel better than I had felt since before I left. I feel motivated again. I could finally draw something without thinking it was a pointless endeavor. It was a bit emotional I guess. 

But to summarize: After months of struggling, I feel like myself again. And that means I finally can work on things I had put off for months on end. 

‘The End’ is back in development. Commissions are going to get done. And comics will be made. To everyone who has been patient with these long lapses in updates, and to friends who have been encouraging me to keep going, thank you.

I’ll see you all very soon.

EXO Mafia Reaction: Finding out the girl they fell for is a cop

||| Anon asked: Can I request a EXO mafia reaction? When the girl they fell for is actually a cop and they find out and when she tries to run, they chase her or something like that? |||

Park Chanyeol

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“Well this could be a problem. Now I have to convince her that I’m not the bad guy.”

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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“Better make sure she never finds out about my work.”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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He would find this hilarious.

“Could this get even more ironic.”

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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“This can’t be good but I don’t know if I will be able to stay away from her.”

Kris/Wu Yifan

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“Aish, now I have one more problem to deal with.”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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“This could get dangerous, I hope she won’t sell me out.”

Kai/Kim Jongin

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He would find this suspicious.

“Was me meeting her really an accident?”

Byun Baekhyun

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“Great. Just great. How am I supposed to talk to her now?”


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“That fact doesn’t change anything. I can’t let her leave that easily.”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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“This is exciting! I wonder what she will do when she finds out about me.”

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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“This is the perfect opportunity to play run & chase but she won’t be able to escape that quickly.”

Oh Sehun

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“Now that she knows who I am, I can’t risk her selling me out. I guess I will have to lock her up.”

Post 2x13, a post-coital conversation is had between Magnus and Alec.

It seemed rather rare nowadays to get these moments of quiet contentment. So Alec decided to savor it as best he could.

Magnus curled to his side, an arm wrapped around his middle and another lightly playing with his hair. The warm flickering of candles and the waxing gibbous moon and the night stars being the only things to light the room. Alec had always loved Magnus’s bedroom. The combination of elegance and masculinity and power. It seemed like a bedroom fit for a prince, or a king. And the bed was so much softer than Alec’s at the Institute, pulling him down under. Deeper and deeper. And the sheets were smooth and glided carefully over his skin as Alec readjusted himself on the bed to rest his head on Magnus’s chest.

It was the first time since Magnus and Valentine had switched bodies that Magnus looked this peaceful, his features soft and warm as he met Alec’s eyes. Maybe it was just the hazy feeling of peace that came after making love, but nonetheless it felt good to see Magnus like this again. Even though there was something that felt different in the hold of Magnus’s arms around him and the look in his eyes.

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Nothing Could Compare

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Note to self : Needs to be proofread again

A/N : Sorry guys! I know its been a while since I’ve posted but I was lying in bed and this idea just came to me. I thought it was a good prompt and rushed to write it out for you guys to read so here you go~! I hope you guys like it c: (Please excuse it if it absolutely horrible, I haven’t wrote for Newt in a while)

- Newt is stressed about finishing his book and has been ignoring Y/N by spending more time in his case and with his creatures rather than with her. Y/N was ok with it for a while but soon it becomes too much. -

It’s been a whole two weeks and you were starting to lose faith in your relationship with Newt. The stability you felt was crumbling from underneath your feet as you continued to avoid confronting him about it. 

You knew better than to do so though. You understood that it was no one’s fault other than your own. Communication was one of the most important factors in a relationship and if you were feeling like this way, it was up to you to speak up about it. 

You knew you had to do it but you just wanted to try to figure out why first.
You didn’t know what had happened for him to be acting like this. The only time you’d see him out of the case was to grab something then he’d rush back inside without a single glance or word. You had tried to start dozens of conversations with him either when you’d bring him something to eat or with a cup of his favorite tea but he’d just brush you off and walk in the other direction. 

You knew that you needed to voice your concerns and communicate instead of waiting for something to magically happen but you were scared of what he’d say to you. After pacing around the room for a few more minutes, you came to understand that one of the main reasons you were reluctant to say anything were to spare your feelings.

It hurt seeing your relationship become like this. Your heart basically cracked and crumbled under all the anxiety and stress this was causing you. With every cold shoulder and if you got lucky an emotionless reply, it felt like he was talking another step away from you and soon you’d be alone. 

The flat the two of you shared and started to call home after settling from your travels didn’t give you as much comfort as it was before. It had grown cold without Newt there, smiling and laughing. You tried to keep busy by cleaning up and running errands to keep Newt’s supplies up to stock but your mind would always drift back to him.

You missed him though. You missed seeing him smile, hearing him laugh, and curling your fingers through his soft auburn hair while the two of you lied down on the couch. 

The pacing stopped and you soon found yourself planted on to the floor. Searching through your mind, you looked for anything that may have caused him to act this way but as usual, nothing.

What happened? You seemed to have asked yourself that question dozens of times now. You had to be overlooking something… You continued to beat yourself up until something new popped into your mind. 

What if he lost interest in you? 

The sudden new thought nailed you to the floor. Maybe that was it and he didn’t know how to break it to you. Newt was never the one to express his thoughts or feelings about people if he knew that it would cause a problem or upset them. So perhaps that was why he was avoiding you, to give himself time to think of a way to break it you. 

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“Hey princess” part II - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request(s): -  I neeeeed more flirty Jeff imagines!!!! Maybe with a kiss at the end? The rest is completely up to you😘

-  Can you please please please do a part two to hey princess. 

-  do a fluffy Jeff but please don’t let him die

-  for the jeff atkins imagines can i get one for his and the readers first date. like they go to rosie’s or the movies. anything really as long as it’s super fluffy. thank youuuu

You saw Jeff waiting by your locker at the end of the day. 

“Finally” he said with a smile.

“Aw, poor Atkins. He thought I wasn’t coming” you mocked. Jeff laughed. Oh, God, that laugh…

“Actually, yes. I was afraid you could change your mind about this” you smiled, he was so cute. 

“Of course no. I’m ready, are we walking to Monet’s or…?” 

“My car. Follow me to the parking lot, princess” he said with a funny voice, making you laugh.

The journey to Monet’s was really nice. You discovered that he was a huge fan of Oasis, just like you and you learned that his favourite song was ‘Don’t look back in anger’. Then you two had a playful argument because he said Liam was better than Noel.

“C’mon, Jeff. Noel is the one who wrote most of the songs. He is a lyrical  genius” you said while exiting the car.

“Princess, I really like you but Liam Gallagher is God to me, so you have to stop or you are gonna break my heart” he said, opening the door for you.

“Oh, who knew that Jeff Atkins could be a gentleman? But if you think it’ll help, stop trying. Noel is the best one” Jeff let out a loud laugh.

“You are gonna be the death of me, Y/N”

You two found a place to sit in the corner. Monet’s was full of people from the school and you really didn’t want rumours about you and Jeff dating to spread. The corner was perfect.

“I’m gonna order. What do you want, princess?” he asked.

“Coffee and cake for me please” You said with a sweet smile. He smiled back at you and went to order. You were feeling relaxed in the car but now you were starting to feel nervous. Really fucking nervous.

You’re in a date with Jeff Atkins. Jeff, your crush since you were around ten years old. You never thought you’d ever have a chance with him but here you were. C’mon Y/N, do not screw this up. 

“What are you daydreaming about? Don’t tell me you’re already fantasising about me naked, Y/L/N?” you were so lost in your own thoughts that you didn’t sae him come back from the till.

“Stop dreaming, Atkins”

“You always say that. What do have against dreams, huh?” he joked.

“Actually, I’m always dreaming. My mum says I should be more realistic” you explained. You were always daydreaming, most of the time about Jeff.

“Reality is overvalued” he said. You agreed.

“What’s your dream? he took a long breathe.

“I want to be a professional baseball player. But I don’t know if I’m good enough”

“Dude, you’re awesome at baseball” you said “I’ve seen you play. You should apply to Vanderbilt. They have the best baseball program in the country”

“How do you know so much about Vanderbilt?” he looked impressed. 

“My dad loves baseball. We watch it together so I know a lot about it” you winked at him.

“Can we get married already?”  you laughed. 

The afternoon had passed quickly between jokes and laughs. You learned a lot about Jeff, he was really nice and he cared so much about his family and friends. 

As the clock struck 7, you both knew that it was time to go home. Jeff parked outside your house but you didn’t move from your seat.

“So… I had a good time” “I lied” you both spoke at the same time. You looked at him confused 

“When I told you that I only have one dream. I lied, I have two”

“Oh, okay. Well,  what’s your other dream?”

“ To kiss you” 

“Dreams should come true, don’t you think?” you smiled, getting closer to him. Jeff didn’t hesitate to lean it.

Kissing Jeff made you feel a mix of emotions. You felt something explode inside you, and its better than anything you could have ever imagine. 

“God” he says as you two broke away “you are amazing”

“I know” you tried to play it cool but your hands were shaking and as soon as he noticed it, he took your hands into his and smiled.

“So.. what do you think about a second date, princess?” 

“I say yes to that. And yes to the third and the fourth and…” he interrumped you with another kiss.

Oh, man. That boy was going to be the end of you.

Can you read my mind?

Prompt: What happens when a weirdo villain makes a thoughts shifter and you are with Damian? 

A/N :  Sorry for the lack of writing, I haven’t been mentally well to write stuff (to not make personal memories), but anyway I hope you like this one, and again sorry ||Grammar… yup.

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader ft. Damian  

Warnings:  Swearing, sexual innuendos, like super short smut or maybe just like two lines (LOL), fluff.

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“You are like the worst villain ever, why do you even bother in trying?” you brother asked the weird guy in front.

Yes, you brother was right, why on Earth this creepy guy wanted to do things so… bad, like really this dude got the worst of the ideas every fucking time. A fucking machine to make everyone think in cheese…what the fuck it’s his fucking problem?, you don’t know, but mostly his machines or weapons are based on human brains, so this evening was something more creative at least, but dumb.

“You are too dumb to understand! Our brains control everything! how are lives work, how we-”

“Yeah- yeah, you have gave us that chat before, we know. we’re taking you to Arkham…again” you told him as you placed a tape on his mouth.

He was still mumbling incoherent things as you waited for your family to arrive so they could bring with them the Gotham Police and take this weirdo out of your sight.

“What is he saying?” Damian asked you as you eyed the weird guy trying to speak.

“Like, you really want to know?” you asked him with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, we have plenty of time for ourselves, and there nothing we can do in here! it’s boring!” Damian said with despair.

“Well, maybe we can look around, this guy may have many toys” you smiled at your little brother.

He didn’t need anything more to go and search in the weird guy’s place. Apparently your ‘villain’ was tired enough to keep fighting against the restrains and the tape, so he was just quiet in the floor.

“Hey! look at this! I’m Brainy! Hands up, I’ll make you think about Super Boy!” Damian yelled at you as he pointed with a strange gun.

“Oh my god! Anything but that guy!” You acted like if you were losing the fight against your brother.

“I know you love him, so this must be a wish come true! ” Damian chuckled and then he placed the gun on the floor again.

“Sure thing, I love how he crush the life out of me when he hugs me, and even more, I love more his family, so cutie pies” you told him with a roll of your eyes.

“Come over here!” Damian said as he faced a really weird machine.

“What the heck is this?” you asked with a frown as your hands mocked the machine in front.

“Don’t know, but let me guess, this thing makes something with your brain” Damian told you with a chuckle.

“Hmm, it looks old, maybe it’s doesn’t even work anymore” you said as you analyzed the board in front.

“Well, we can try and turn it on” Damian said as he plugged the thing.

“Look, I could totally tell you that this is the worst idea ever” you told Damian with your arms crossed.

“You’re such a princess” Damian told you with a scoff as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“ 'Am not ”

“Yes you are”

“I am not a princess”

“Prove it then!”

And that easily you made what you thought to let the machine come to life once again and suddenly the machine made a strange noise and a blinding light came to life, Damian and you fell in the ground in matter of seconds.

“The heck was that!?” you asked more to yourself as you got up.

“I don’t know, but I have a headache now” Damian told you as he rubbed his face with his hands.

“Birds we arrived, where are you two?” you heard Jason’s voice into the comms.

“Heeeck, we’re going” you told Jason as you and Damian made your way back to the first place you were.

Hours after you were on your shared room with Jason, since your eyes crossed on the way back to the Manor you knew what he wanted and you were in the same page as you eyed him, so you will understand why literal, you ran upstair with Jason.

“Hell I’ve missed you so much” Jason said as he kissed your collarbone as his hands took away your bat-suit.

“You’re such a dork, we were apart just six hours” you tried to said without moaning when his hands took away most of the suit.

“Well, you can have an idea of how bad I want you” Jason smirked as he keep kissing those spots that drive you crazy for him.

“If you are just gonna suck my skin…it’s better that you move down” you grabbed Jason’s head so he could look at you, you were more than sure you eyes were like his, full of lust and desire.

“Ohhh, someone’s want to have control tonight?” Jason smirked as the grabbed you by your waist.

“Just do something! I want you right now!” You moaned again when his hand began going lower until it reached your panties.

“Don’t worry babe, we have all night long” it’s the last thing Jason said before going on down on his knees.

In the morning you woke up in the arms of Jason, you hummed softly as the memories of your dreams came to your brain. You frowned a little before you opened your eyes.

“Good morning, everything alright?” Jason said with his sexy morning voice as he looked down at you.

“Good morning” you said with a yawn as you buried you face closer to his chest “I have the weirdest dream of my entire life”

“What about it?” Jason asked you as he played with your hair.

“Well, first I wasn’t like myself you know? it was just weird, like I really don’t know how to describe it. I was in a garden full of dogs and bunnies, but then I was like inside of that Candy Crush game…”

“You better share those things you smoke, maybe I have sweet dreams like you” Jason said with a chuckle.

“I didn’t smoke or use drugs, Jay… and it’s better that you don’t use them either” you chuckled too.

You closed your eyes for some seconds and then you opened them again, you looked around the room and Jason looked at you confused.

“Are you alright?” Jason asked you as he sit in the bed next to you.

“I heard Damian… is he so loud in mornings?” you asked him as you frown again.

“Well, you have super hearing, I don’t listen anything” Jason told you as he began kissing your skin again.

“Oh… hold it back Jason, I’m starving” you told your boyfriend as you tried to make your way out of the bed.

“Mmm, you can eat something before you go down to the kitchen” Jason told you with a smirk as he tried to hug you.

“You are like a bunny Jason! Let me go” you laughed as your boyfriend tried to keep you on hold.

“But you love it” Jason said with a smirk as he let go of you.

“Yes I do, but I won’t be able to follow your steps with a lack of fuel” you said as you put some clothes (Jason’s shirt and pants) to go down.

“Those this means a fifth round?” Jason asked you with raised eyebrows.

“We’ll see” You said as you make your way out of the room.

You arrived to the kitchen as you hummed some song you heard on the radio. Alfred, Damian and breakfast were already there , but you usual cup with coffee wasn’t, so you search for it as you keep on thinking about that.

“Well, if you came down early maybe Bruce wouldn’t took it” Damian said with a scoff as you turned around to look at him.

“Did I said that out loud?” you asked him with a raised eyebrow

Alfred looked between Damian and you, he hadn’t heard anything, but somehow he was curious about the situation, but he said nothing.

“Yes, sister. Father took your cup, since you weren’t here an hour ago” Damian told you with a frown.

“So, you have been here for more than a hour…why?” you asked him as you crossed your arm in front of you.  

“None of your business”

“Oh! So you are grumpy today!”

“I’m not!”

“Yes you are!”

“I had a fucking nightmare!” Damian yelled as he couldn’t stand you anymore.

“Little Damian was afraid last night, was it about the Brainy guy?” you teased him as you looked for the juice.

“No… and Alfred put it in the freezer” Damian said with a frown as he returned to his cereal.

Alfred once again looked between the both of you with a raised eyebrow before he spoke.

“What were you looking for lady Y/N?”  Alfred asked with a frown as you turned around with wide eyes.

“I asked for the juice… how you know that?” you asked your brother as he eyed between you and Alfred again.

“You asked, I answered” he said as he keep on reading on the cereal box.

“Okay, well thank you… what was your nightmare about?” you asked Damian as you grabbed the juice from the freezer.

“Don’t tell father or Dick, but… I dreamed I was alone and you all were dead” he said without hesitation and without looking at you.

Alfred look at Damian confused and then at you, you had your eyes wide open, you didn’t realized that you have filled your glass.

“Lady Y/N!” you heard Alfred and you snapped again, you quickly cleaned your mess as Damian looked at you again.

“I didn’t know you had the same, sister” Damian told you confused.

“I didn’t told anyone Damian” you told him more confused.

'You really a lost case today, sister’

“And I’m not lost case Damian! I’m confused!” you told him with a scoff.. 

You looked down at you filled glass as you thought about how annoying your little brother was this morning.

“I’m annoying? Oh sorry sister I may shut my mouth then” Damian said with anger.

“Fine, it’s too early for this tea” Alfred said as he couldn’t actually comprehend the situation.

“Damian… I haven’t speak” you told your brother confused.

“I heard you” Damian said with a deep frown.

“Well I didn’t” you told him more confused.

You turned around giving Damian your back and Alfred and Damian looked at you more confused and then Damian yelled.

“Stop singing that song! You know I hated it!” Alfred looked at Damian with eyes wide open and then at you.

“Guess what?! I didn’t sing! How are you doing these?!” you yelled again as you turned around.

“I heard you sing that fucking song!” Damian yelled too.

“Okay, where is my iPod, just answer” you asked your brother.

'In my backpack’

“I don’t know” he said with a stern voice.

“So you don’t mind if I look in your backpack?” you asked him with a raised eyebrow.

Damian opened his eyes and looked at you with panic.

“Woah, you can feel the tension in here” Jason entered the kitchen, looking at a surprised Damian a confused Alfred and skeptical Y/N.

When you looked at Jason you couldn’t control your thoughts, Jason was without a shirt and his abs where just pure art, hell he was hotter than Firestorm.

“Oh god! We don’t need to know Y/N!” Damian yelled as he closed his eyes.

“Okay, what happening?” Jason asked confused.

“I think Damian and I… changed somehow thoughts” you told your boyfriend as he looked at both of you more confused.

“Yes, too early for this tea” Alfred said as he dropped all the tee in the sink.

Hours have passed and nothing hasn’t changed. You already talk with Bruce… but he wasn’t even amused, he look between you two and then he went out, HE LEFT.

So since that moment you and Damian had a internal fight, since he couldn’t shut his fucking mind so you began doing the same, but in your case was even better. If someone was going to win the freaking war of minds, it was you.

You looked at the person who will lead you to that success and then everything started. Damian was in his room thinking about things that he knew annoyed you the must, so you played the same game, being cheesy with Jason.

You eyed your boyfriend as he was doing some work out in the gym and you let your mind took you to your winning.

'Oh god Jason, look at you, that body, how the sweat runs down your spine’
'Papi chulo Jaybird, come here and flex me like that’
'Are you the sun Jason?, because I’m melting right here’

You didn’t make it so far when an angry Damian launched himself towards you.

“Stop! I don’t want more nightmares!” Damian said as he tried to stop your thoughts.

To be honest, you were laughing so hard because you keep on thinking about your boyfriend, which was smiling toward the both of you.

“Y/N! stop! I swear I will start thinking about Superboy” Damian said with anger

“Oh! What are you going to think about him? huh?”  you asked your brother with a smirk.

“Hey! Not fair! don’t talk about that shit ass with her!” Jason’s voice echoed.

“About that day” Damian smirked at you and then you heard him in your mind and your eyes snapped at him.

“Shut your mind Damian!“ you tackled Damian as you began tickled him so he stop.

"Not fair!” Damian yelled with laughter as his mind tried to keep the memory.

“Yes it is! Stop it” you said with a chuckled, Damian was going to piss his pants.

“Y/N! Stop! I’m going to piss!” Damian laughed harder.

“Are you going to stop?!” You asked your brother as a laugh came to your throat.

“NO!” Damian yelled as he focused once more in the memory of Superboy.

And then you heard Dick running toward the both of you.

“I heard Damian laughing! I have to record this!” Dick said as he make a zoom to Damian face.

“Grayson!” Damian tried to yell in anger but tears of joy were running down his cheeks.

“Sorry dude, but this is gold" you saw Dick’s grin all over his face.

“You both are going’ to be death when this is over!” Damian said once more in laughter.

“Who told you this has an end?” you smirked at your brother.

And then out of nowhere a tired Bruce entered the Gym, holding a gun towards you and Damian.

“Bruce?! What the fuck?!” you yelled as you leaved Damian’s shaking body.

“I’m putting and end to this” Bruce said  with a smirk and then a blinding light exploded in your vision.

Minutes later you opened your eyes again and you looked at your father who was smirking.

“Did you really enjoyed shooting us?” you asked him with a frown.

“More than I should have” Bruce told you with a smile… that was weird.

'How are you even Batman’

You smiled as you heard your own voice in your head, you looked at Damian who was sitting up as he rubbed his eyes.

“Dad” you looked towards Bruce who was looking at his new toy, he looked at you like a child. 

“Can you please stop stealing my coffee cups?” you asked him with a smile. 

“I don’t know what are you talking about Y/N” he told you a ‘Batman glare’

“Damian told me you grab them. At least tell me where are they” you told him as you began to stand up.

“Batman doesn’t steals coffee cups” he told you as he crossed his arms. 

“Yeah, and Batman doesn’t likes Rom-Com" you said with sass. 

“They’re on the Batcave” he told you with a stern voice. 

“Are you out of my mind?” you heard Damian’s voice and you looked towards him. 

“Yes you little shit, you can think about Superboy all you want” you told him as you help him get up. 

“Ugh, I will never see you two the same way, never” Damian told you as he pointed between you and Jason. 

“Don’t worry i just thought that to annoy you” you told Damian as you waved his hair, his frown disappeared when he felt this. 

“I think worst things” you told him with a chuckle and he made a disgusted face. 

“How are you even my sister” he asked you. 

“Ask the man playing with his new toy about that” you pointed towards your childish father.

“Is he okay?” Damian asked you in a whisper.

“Truth be told, he’s acting weird, but maybe it’s because he enjoy shooting at us” you told him with a chuckle.

“Dick! I swear if you don’t fucking stop with that song I will burn all your legos” you heard Jason yell.

“Guess we have another problem” you told your brother as you looked between Dick and Jason.

“Then clean your ears! I’m not singing!” Dick yelled at Jason.

“Bruce do you want to shoot at them?” you asked your father with a sigh.

“Believe I want, but this thing only charge once, I better fix up that” Bruce told you as he made his way out.

“What are we going to do with them?!” Damian yelled at his father.

“Just don’t let them kill each other!” Bruce yelled at the top of the stairs.

“We are doomed” Damian told you with a sigh.

You look at the scene in front of you and you sit on the floor.

“Sister, Bruce told us to keep them away from each other, not to sit and watch” Damian told you confused.

“I know Dami. But let’s make a bet, who will crack first?” you asked your brother with a smirk.

“What do you want to lose, sister?” Damian asked you with a raised eyebrow

“You gave back my iPod” you told him with a smile.

“Fine, you know I’m going to keep it forever then” Damian told you as he sit beside you.

“Damian, more than ever I wanted you to read my mind, so you know you are more than wrong” you told him with a chuckle.

“Shut up” he told you with a smile.

“Damian” you told him again, and he looked at you with a strange face.

“Are you really afraid you will lose me?” you asked him with a sad smile.

“What?” he asked you, his cheeks turned pink but you knew why.

“I saw it in your dream, you told me thousands of times there” you told him with a smile.

Damian didn’t said anything, he moved closer to you and he snuggled in your side.

“I’m surrounded by idiots, but you made it seams like it’s okay” he told you and you smiled at your little brother.

“Well, good that I’m not planning on leaving in a very long time” you told him as you caressed his hair and you felt him smile.

“Don’t tell anyone I dreamed that part” he told you and you chuckled.

“I can’t promise you that, but I’ll try” you told him and then you focused on your boyfriend and Dick.

“Jason! you better control your shit I want my iPod back!” you yelled at him, but it was a lose case, you already knew you will never see your iPod again.  

But once again, you love your weird life. 

Chapter 50 Eremin Meta/ Theory/Headcanon

So, first, I’ve got to say that I’m really, really, really busy. I’ve got a graduation thesis to finish until next week, so I really can’t do much over here. Btw, I’m so glad Eremin Month and Ex0’s comeback will be after I’m done with that damn thesis, but anyway, let’s get to the topic.

First, I’ve got to say that I didn’t watch the last three or four episodes of Season 2 (I really don’t remember where I stopped, that’s how crazy I am over everything I have to do). In any case, I knew that the chapter 50 episode would come out one of these weeks, and I checked the Eremin tag because, well, I wanted a sneak-peak of how bad it would be. Well, from what I’ve seen, it was bad indeed.

So, I grabbed my volume 12 and went to look again at the scene, just to soothe myself a little (or to scream over how baffling this whole thing is, whichever you prefer), and I noticed something.

Mika.sa starts talking and Ere.n looks at Armi.n, we all know it. But then, Mika.sa says the following:

Ere.n is looking at her, alright? Look how cute this Ere//Mika moment is. We can’t deny that it is touching, though I can’t look at it with shipper eyes. Anyway, then, in the next page, we have this:

I don’t think it’s too clear in this image, but in my printed version is it clear enough to me. I’ll point it out:

Mika.sa says she’s thankful for Eren being with her and she says “Thank you for teaching me how to live”, as you can see above. Then, Ere.n is looking at her, but in the last panel we have here, you can see that he tilts his body AND face towards Ar.min, while Mika.sa’s back is facing Ar.min, which means Ere,n isn’t looking at her. I’m not here to belittle Mika.sa’s and Ere;n’s relationship. What I wanted to say is: Ere.n hears what Mika.sa says and looks at Ar.min. My shipper goggles say it’s not coincidence. Let’s see why:

From what we’ve seen, Isa.yama has emphasized time and time again that it was Ar.min who has shown Ere.n a new perspective of life, and, from there, Ere.n has a goal in life, he’s not living meaninglessly. Ar.min was responsible for that, and it is explicitly said in the manga more than once. I’ll just throw here one of these moments, so people who don’t pay enough attention won’t say I’m delusional (and because I’m never tired of this scene):

So, what does this all mean? Well, after Mika.sa said that Ere.n taught her how to live, he looks at Ar.min. Coincidence? My shipper goggles say no. What I take from this is: Ere.n looks at Ar.min because, in his case, Ar.min is the one he’s thankful for teaching him how to live, and he doesn’t want to lose that. But this is just a theory to make me feel better about that damn anime, my headcanon. If anyone agrees, great; If not, it’s okay, but if you come to throw shit at me, well, I don’t have time to discuss, but if I had, I have an arsenal of receipts to throw at anyone who comes saying eremin isn’t all that.

Hope we can all overcome this and that Isa;yama proves us again, as he always does, how important they are to each other.

Creepypasta #1195: I Get Jealous Sometimes

Length: Medium

I get jealous some times. I mean, we all do, right? It’s part of the human condition or something. We want what we can’t have, and if somebody tries to take something of ours, well, they better watch out. Some people will die to protect what’s theirs.

That’s how I feel about Margie. She’s my world. I’ve loved her for as long as I could remember. If anybody tried to take away what I have with Margie, I would stop them by any means necessary. That’s what I had to do with Jake.

Jake started working at Margie’s office a couple of months ago. At first, Margie just mentioned him in passing while we had dinner. It didn’t seem like a big deal; he was just another cubicle dweller. But over time Margie talked about him more and more.

“Jake told me a really funny story over lunch today.”

“Jake really saved my skin today by helping me with a printing issue.”

“Jake told me we should go check out that new comedy. He said it was the funniest thing he seen in years.”

All this chatter about Jake. It was driving me up a wall. I think Margie caught on to how I felt about the situation because she stopped talking about him for a bit. But then it got worse.

Margie started running errands on the weekend and she wouldn’t let me come with her. She never forcefully said no, but she always spun it to make me not want to go.

“Oh, I’m just going to grab a couple of things from the store. You stay here and watch some TV or a movie.”

I couldn’t force myself into being part of these “errands” without letter her know I was suspicious. So one Sunday afternoon, I followed her. I know that makes me a bit scummy, but, like I said before: Jealousy makes us do weird things.

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We’ve Gone Way too Fast for Way too Long (Part Four) (Final)

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Pairing: Sister!Reader x Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

Words: 2,960

Based Off: This imagine

Forever Tag: @capandbuck @bummblebeeblue @sarbear429 @bea789 @xtina2191 @lovethefandomsuniverse @evyiione @trustnobodyshootfirst @motleymoose @thegoodhunterrr5 @bookaddictedhedgehog @gurlwitafro @ohmystars30 @aquabrie @fanboyswhereare-you @percussiongirl2017 @dionnemaria @sherlockslove112 @sesshomaru-lover @freaksforthewin @neishax-butler @hi-pixzza @cookee50 @captainidjit @imasunflower13 @clairedelalune @lovelife-tothefullest @dylcole @exploratiionist @dolliegirl16 @aworldwideapart @i-want-to-be-watered-by-roger @captainaudreystark@swimmer-sarcasm @almightunnie @winchesterswantmypie 

Warnings: Knives, blood, guns, drugs, someone getting knifed, some people get shot

Author’s Note: Here it is! The last and final part to my sister!reader x Jax Teller series! I’m glad you all loved it so much as I have. I would’ve loved to have a crossover between the two shows, but SOA has been over for a while (and it seems like supernatural won’t ever end). Now that this little series is over, I will be finishing up my Demon!Dean one and then finally finishing Standford!Sam. I hope you all have an amazing Sunday! The title is taken from Young and Menace by Fall Out Boy. – Haley xx

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

I gasped loudly as the sharp smack of a hand across my cheek woke me up. A hand snaked its way to the back of my head and pulled on my hair, making my head snap up. “Well, look who’s awake.” My eyes opened to see Romeo Parada crouching down to my eye level.  “Y/N Winchester, Prince Jax’s old lady. It’s an honor to have you in my den.”

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Bless you. Bless you for this.

Hanzo was easy to ruffle, despite the stoic image he tried to defensively maintain. It was something you loved about him, how quickly he could be driven to emotional response.

Although you’d definitely enjoy it a little more if you had an easier time being able to tell whether he was embarrassed or pissed off.

He tried valiantly to ignore the small parcel, bedecked in seasonal coloring, that you nudged ever closer to him on the table in the mess. His face slowly grew more red as you persisted with quiet little coos of his name, and he refused to meet your eye, even as more of the team slowly turned their attention toward the display. Embarrassed or angry?

When he’d had enough – and enough was apparently your head dropping onto his shoulder – he stood swiftly from the table and stormed out of the room, silent as ever. You nearly fell from your seat at the swiftness of his motions. Oh. Maybe both.

Hanzo was easy to ruffle, which meant it was just as easy to overstep boundaries with him, however unintentional. So you were fully prepared to suck it up, apologize, and attempt to talk it out, if he were feeling particularly cooperative. (Although you could eventually suss out what had gotten to him, whether or not he chose to open up about it.)

He wasn’t in any of his usual sulking haunts, which probably meant he was a tad more upset than standard, so determined, you took your gift to his quarters, and knocked timidly on the door.

“Hanzooo…” you almost whined, after several attempts to get him to let you in. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you didn’t like Valentine’s day or…” You shook your head, leaning to where it thunked against the door. “…I’m sorry. I’ll stop bothering you. I’ll , uh, leave your gift outside… if you still want it.”

You crouched to leave the package by his door, and just as you stood to leave, the door opened just a crack, and you could see a sliver of his face illuminated by the hallway lights. You gave a tentative smile and shy wave. He shut – not slammed – the door and you heard him move away on the other side. It was as much an invitation as any. You grabbed the gift and headed inside.

He stood across from you, stance screaming that he wanted to say something, but for whatever reason, he couldn’t. His posture was something you didn’t have much trouble with, but even that was an imperfect science. He cleared his throat, but when he opened his mouth, nothing came out. He looked away. You chose to fill the gap, to take some of the pressure off of him.

“You, ah, probably heard me loitering, but… I’m sorry. I really am. I shouldn’t have pushed you, or… embarrassed you or… tried so hard to force something on you that you didn’t want.”

You still weren’t certain what specific thing had caused him to retreat,  so better to apologize for multiple things than to grasp at nothing. His eyes darkened and you almost shrunk back. He sighed, shoulders drooping.

“You should not have to apologize for…” He searched for a word, gave up, and sighed again. “No. I should be the one apologizing. I… overreacted. I am unused to… to public affection. To… affection in general.”

You brightened in understanding. “So you’re not really big on PDA?”

You could tell the term didn’t click well with him at the way his nose briefly curled in distaste, and you bit back a laugh, knowing you might press a nerve again. You stepped forward to present him with your gift, which he took gingerly, like he’d carelessly destroy it with one wrong motion. He leaned forward to kiss you, and upon pulling back, his face had softened.

“I will never reject a gift from you. Know this.”

You laughed, kissing his thumb when he cupped your cheek. “Great, because I have at least six more to give you.”

His eyes widened in alarm – or surprise, if you were feeling optimistic – and you had to reassure him that you were only mostly joking.

You could always pile on the gifts next year.

Potter?- A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: Based off the song “She is Love” by Parachute. Sirius’ heart needs some mending and you are the only one that knows how. It is my first attempt at anything not fluffy, so let me know your opinion on it! Hope y’all enjoy!

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You may have seen this cool way to dye eggs using onion skins and flowers. First thing I thought was, would this work on a skull? I tried it with a friend today and…I think it didn’t work. The yellow skull on the bottom left is how it turned out. Even though we used red onion skins. I think the main problem is the fact that skulls are not smooth surfaces so we couldn’t wind the hose around around it very tightly, so maybe the flowers didn’t stay in place as well as they could have. Or maybe it has something to do with the difference between the makeup of an eggshell and a bone. I might try this again sometime if I find something that would stick to the skull better and not slip around, like a plant-shaped sticker. 
Anyway, if you were wondering if anyone has tried this technique on skulls, now I have. It’s hard and it didn’t really work.

27kra analysis frame by frame, turns out fake + turns out a footage taken from a horror movie - ???

Hello TJLC conspirators and all people still digging to find some explanation for all that season 4 mess. Although I checked out your blogs and read metas from a long time, I didn’t have my own account, and the reason I decided to start one is something I recently noticed, which may or may not give some clues about something, i don’t know. I may be right, I may be terribly wrong, whatever, but the whole conspiracy itself is already one big madness, so I might as well drop something which may seem crazy or irrelevant to me…

People probably already analyzed it a hundred times, but I’d like to come back to the subject of thelostspecial.com and the whole 27kra thing. It’s unknow whether it’s a real official site established to mess with our minds, or an incredibly well done and entertaining fan made, but I think there’s something weird going on and the site’s content is definitely worth checking out. When you type thelostspecial.com/27kra/ you get a rather spooky, The Lost Highway-ish kind of gif which consists mainly of VHS-type glitches. Since I’m a huge fan of VHS, super 8, analog formats and all those glitches and deformations related them, I decided to split the gif into frames and look at them closer. Here I’m going to analyze what is visible on those frames (or maybe, what I can see). I won’t go on with guessing 27kra name, I’ll concern strictly on the gif’s content. There’s something that I noticed that I didn’t see mentioned anywhere on Tumblr (though I may be wrong and it could have been written already, and then I’m sorry for making sensations over old news). Okay, here it goes.

I’m going to post the frames in order. I’m going to write what I see on those pictures, which of course doesnt mean it’s right or anything cause other ones might see it completely different, and of course we cannot be sure of anything at all.

First off, we see something that looks like an entrance, or an exit, and a chunk of the corridor behind the “door”. That’s the first thing that came to my mind. It somehow made me think of Sherrinford, all that simple architecture, corridors and portals, etc., probably because of those numbers visible on the top and the bottom of the footage, it all reminds me of some sort of CCTV footage.

Next frame is just glitches… or maybe something more? If you look closer it seems like some very blurry footage of some room. You can see the black doors in the right corner of the photo, and just next to doors (or maybe a window?) on the left you can see a dark rectangle which might be a tv screen. Then there’s something dark on the left side, and on the bottom there’s something like a… white bottle??? Or just a bottle-looking glitch, which seems more probable. I swear at first I considered it just a composion of glitches, but now I see it as a room.

Then there’s THIS WEIRD SHIT. It appears at least four times in different variations, so I’m going to discuss it later. To see description scroll this writing. Now I’ll pass onto the next frame.

Glitches… anyone can see something in there?

“TV room” comes back again.

What the hell is that. A table with some books/CDs/packages (with some metal holders?)? And with something round? And on the left side there’s something like a floor and the wall? It seems as if someone took a photo of table (or whatever it is) standing just by this table. Table. Why am I even calling it a table? What the fuck is that? SOmEBODY HELP

Beautiful colorful smear of I don’t know what. Althought some people claim to see something in there.

A more blurry version of the “table”. I know it’s not a table - I hope someone enlighten me wtf it is.


And then there’s something that probably everyone already noticed. An eye. Or THE eye. I’ve seen people writing it’s Moriarty, well, that’s also the the first thing that came to my mind. I tried to find some photo of Moriarty looking down (sort of) so I could compare those pictures - I admit you guys are better at finding needed photos/screencaps, here’s the best I could find:

I cut it just to have an eye in the center. Not exactly the same position, but it doesn’t matter. I think they didn’t show him with eyebrows cause it wouldn’t be easier to see the similarity (IF there are some THEY, IF it is who we think it is.) Containing Moriarty in the footage would be a real sign that something wicked this way comes.
But, I don’t know. Someone told me it might be John Watson’s eye, which would fit the shot-in-the-eye theory. What do you think about it?

Another (or the very same room). A kind of cluttered room…

This one seems like a look at the room from above, maybe another CCTV angle. I think it’s the more visible version of the previous.What the fuck is that? A sofa? A coffeetable? Why am I seeing tables everywhere? And what’s that purple thing?


Please let me paste the frame which I passed
Here’s what follows just after the CCTV-looking frame

I may be going mad but ISN’T IT A FUCKING FACE IN HERE?! I mean-

That’s how i see it. The face seems to be tilted back. If you look at the higher resolution screen you can see it seems nose-like and eye-like. The “hair” seem to be long and straight, so it’s a woman? Not a woman? Eurus? Not Eurus? Whoever? Or is it just glitches? But if you look at other frames by the end of the gif you can see “the face” sort of MOVES:

It’s tilted back a little bit more and turned in its left a little. Here’s the same thing in negative:

The things that follow:

BUT! I just now got this one idea… a crazy, fucked up idea, it definitely is insane and probably wrong, but…

Of course, of course I know it might me fake, something put together by some Sherlock fan, or whatever the fuck else. But something tells me it’s not. This COULD be the real thing, right? So, what does it tell us, fans/The Great Game players? At best: something’s coming, something’s happening, you’re on the right path. At worst: someone’s mocking us and though to me it’s highly enjoyable, it’s not Mofftis and we’re seeing things (IT’S JUST THAT THERE’S TOO MUCH OF THOSE SUPPOSEDLY NONEXISTENT THINGS TO SEE, COUGH COUGH). Either way, we’re being experimented on. I don’t know about you, but either way it’s awesome. For the first time from a long time i’m having real fun, and trust me, that’s a lot.
But, for real. If it’s just a fake and we’re all wrong, I would be highly disappointed. THIS ALL IS TOO GREAT, TO GENIUS, TOO ENJOYABLE TO RESULT IN NOTHING. And it means I’ve spent four hours on putting together a writing about something that doesn’t exist. To be honest, I’ve spent too much time on analyzing unreal things and searching for subliminal satanic messages in something very fucked up just to aknowledge it was all in vain. And now I’m just too mindfucked over this and other things that all of you post every day…
Maybe I got excited over something not relevant or already discussed, i don’t know, you decide. But i needed to throw it out somewhere. Please tell me what you think about it, and if you have something new to add about it or ask me about anything don’t be afraid to do it. I’m more than eager to discuss with you guys. Maybe I sound like a crazy person but it’s their fault, not ours, right?

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I’m new here but I decided to tag people that I followed before I even made and account and that I consider awesome meta writers - I’m not asking for attention, I just want to get in touch with people interested in investigating this difficult and mysterious™ case. So here it goes:

the-7-percent-solution   tjlc    jenna221b   inevitably-johnlocked     waitedforgarridebs       marcespot   marcelock

Congratulations and thanks to those who got through it and are still with me. Don’t judge me too hard, I’m shy and confused but yeah, here’s all of that, maybe someone finds it interesting.
- Bloody


UPDATE: Guys it’s solved. There’s nothing in there. It turned out that most of those glitches
can be easily found on Youtube as free samples of vhs glitches, except for the supposed
“Moriarty’s eye”. I apologize for raising hopes and making some of you excited about the concept, but it all turned out absolutely fake. I’m sorry. So sorry.

To somehow not to leave you irritated/disappointed entirely, here’s one last thing that still could be relevant…  There still could be some spark of hope because of the “Moriarty’s eye”. I couldn’t find it anywhere in premade popular glitches so it still could be a thing, maybe they just decided to do it easier way and paste one important frame between some easily-found shit from Youtube. Though i would except more from them. But… isn’t it all about spreading confusion? Maybe it’s MEANT to be that way… It does make me wonder why is it just like that, and well, the aim of all this investigating is to make us wonder, so… you never know. Sometimes it’s all about finding ONE IMPORTANT THING between irrelevant pieces and chaos, so if you want to believe this theory, we have this one important thing, we have Moriarty. I don’t know what to think of it all, right now I’m a little upset, so i can’t tell anything else.

That was my more positive take on all of this, at least i tried to find some proof it wasn’t entirely fake/irrelevant, maybe you have something wiser to add here. But personally i’m disappointed. I feel like an idiot now. Seems I’m as bad wannabe-detective as Anderson. Or even worse. I apologize again. :(




  Unfortunately yes, I’ve seen it there. Even more frames. People on YT were guessing

it might be one of those cheap old idiotically-colored porn videos. Hmm.


  asked if it isn’t actually Mary’s eye. Here’s my answer:

Damn you might be right. The main recently reoccuring “secret” not secret villain is Mary, not

Moriarty, or Eurus, or Culverton. They seem to be almost minor compared to this hell that’s

currently going on with Mary. You know, the Murderous Mary, cofusion about “happy-housewife-Sherlock’s-best-friend-who-cares-i-shot-him” image presented in S4. She’s actually a most hated

character in fandom (aside from Irene Adler, lol) and her so called “development” in S4 is one of these things that make no sense.

This is all the logical and thinking part behind it. Now let’s have a look at photos for some comparision and, well…

I added the same sample of noise from the eye frame. The still is from Miss Me video message.

Glitches are confirmed fake but eye case is still open. What do you think?


Guys there’s something completely fucked up about this gif. It started from @memrysapendragon pointing out she found a short clip including vhs glitch stuff on twitter, this particular clip: https://twitter.com/secretcinema/status/793098416444375040  Then i found most of those trames on Youtube by searching “vhs glitches” tag. The video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUoA-dKQhtc

It doesn’t contain Moriarty/Mary eye and I think it doesn’t contain a frame with a “sofa and tables” from the CCTV angle above the room, which i compared earlier to Baker Street. Now i read the comment section again and i noticed some people claimed the footage was stolen from a movie called V/H/S/2. I googled it and it appears to be some shitty horror/gore movie made from a few separate stories, and one of them included someone finding old vhs tapes with “scary shit”.

A really shitty movie, i can tell from screens i’ve seen in graphics, and what i read about it in general, so i don’t recommend it, don’t waste your time if you’re not actually a fan of things like that. Couldn’t bring myself to watch this shit, so i can’t confim it’s true but some people wrote it’s from V/H/S/2. I don’t know. Others however didn’t even know the source of the footage and this youtube short is widely considered to be just a collection of samples which people download for their purposes. Hell, it’s been used in some promo video on this Twitter account, while this whole “Secret Cinema” account has nothing to do with horror movies.

Does it mean thelostspecial.com is fake? Or there is some purpose behind this confusion? It’s getting weirder and weirder tbh

All Started With a Song Part 8 // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 2304

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n-(feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) ok so i hd to repost it bc i forgot to put part 8. im so sorry omg. but this will be last part for a few days. hope you enjoy.


“Oh. My. God.”

“LA is so beautiful, and we haven’t even left the airport!” Alice giggled.

“I am so excited,” you smiled, walking towards the luggage claim.

“What are we doing first?” Olivia asked.

“Checking in at the hotel, then we can find somewhere to have lunch. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect,” she stopped. “Thanks again Y/n/n. It means a lot that you chose me to come with you.”

“Of course Liv, you deserve the world and more. The least I can do is take you on a mini adventure with me,” you smiled.

She pulled you into a hug, muttering another ‘thank you’ into your shoulder.


You guys had some trouble checking in at the hotel.

“What do you mean we don’t have a room?” you sighed.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. There is no room reserved under Y/l/n.” he gave you an unapologetic smile.

You walked away from the counter and called Sabrina.

“Hey girl! How’s LA?”

“It’s nice, but the hotel is saying they don’t have a room for us,” you were trying your hardest not to cry.

“Really? That’s odd. You said my last name right?”

“What? It’s under your name?”

“Oh my gosh, did I not tell you? I’m so sorry!”

You chuckled, “Its okay.”

“To make it up you girls, I’ll take you out to lunch,” she said.

“Sounds good! Meet you in 20.”


You ended up going to In-N-Out, it was the greatest thing you’ve ever had.

“This is so good, why doesn’t London have this?” Olivia moaned into her burger.

“So what are your plans for today?” Sabrina asked, munching on a fry.

“Hmm, I don’t quite know. We were probably just gonna chill at the hotel.” Alice sipped on her drink.

“Well, I know that you two,” she said pointing at Alice and Olivia. “Probably don’t have plans tomorrow while Y/n is with Anth.”

“Not really. We weren’t going to explore LA until Sunday and Monday.”

“I may or may not have scheduled you guys’ spa appointments,” she smiled.

“Really?” Olivia asked.

“Yeah, but if you guys aren’t up for it, I can cancel.”

“Who would turn down a spa day??” Alice laughed.

After lunch you parted ways with Sabrina. The three of you went back to the hotel, had a swim, took lots of pictures, and just had a great time. The girls also helped you practice for tomorrow.

You were really nervous about tomorrow. The last time you went to sing a duet you were humiliated. So who knows how tomorrow will go.


You weren’t supposed to meet Anth until noon, but you were wake by 7. You just couldn’t sleep any longer. You had to get everything ready and make sure it was perfect. You couldn’t be late or early. Everything needed to be planned. You weren’t going to ruin this collab as well.

Though you didn’t exactly ruin the last one.

“Alice, Olivia, I’m going to shower. Please get up, I want breakfast soon.” You said as you grabbed your clothes and headed to the shower.

Throughout the showers, many tears were shed. This was the only time you allowed yourself to cry, about anything you needed to.

You were mainly crying because you hadn’t gotten any answers. It had been almost 2 weeks and he hadn’t even tried to apologize. You let the tears run down your face. What did you do to make him so angry? Why did he hurt you like that? Did he truly forget?

These questions ran through your brain every day. But you only acknowledged them at these times.

After a good 15 minutes of self-pity you got out of the shower. You were careful to make sure your face wasn’t red nor puffy when you left the bathroom.

“Almost ready?” you asked as you dropped the towel in your make-shift pile of dirty clothes.

“Yes, just a few more curls to go,” Olivia said, twirling her curling wand.

“I need to do my eyebrows, then we can go.” Alice said as she grabbed her eyebrow palette and took a seat in front of the mirror.

You three finished getting ready in silence, but it wasn’t weird.


After breakfast you three went back to the hotel. You had made an agreement before you got here that you weren’t going to explore until you had the entire day, cuz you all knew that you’d get sidetracked and be late.

“What time is it?” you asked.

“Ten past ten,” Alice said as she scrolled through Instagram.

“Where are you meeting him?” Olivia asked as she flipped through the channels on TV, stopping on The Notebook.

“In the hotel he’s staying at,” you answered.

“Ooooh his hotel room,” Alice wiggled her eyebrows.

“Ew stop!” you threw a pillow at her. “I don’t see him like that.”

“He’s definitely boyfriend material,” Olivia smirked.

“I don’t even know him!”

“You didn’t know Conor,” said Alice as you glared at her. “Sorry.”

“I just, I just don’t know what I did wrong! Did I say something or not say something. Was I a jerk? Was I too forward? Too clingy? I just don’t understand what I did!” you cried.

“Hey,” Olivia hugged you. “You did nothing wrong. Do you hear me? Nothing. This is not your fault. What happened was completely his fault. And I’m sorry he hasn’t given you answers, but don’t you dare blame yourself.”

“You’re right,” you sniffled. “He’s at fault here, not me.”

“You should post a picture on Instagram to show him what he’s missing.”

“I should.”

You posted a picture of you at the restaurant you went to this morning. Olivia had taken the picture. It was of you holding a cup of tea, you were looking at the camera smiling. You thought you looked amazing, because you did. Your eyes sparkled with joy and your smile was as bright as the sun.

You posted the picture with the caption that said:

the barista judged me for getting tea instead of coffee…

You decided to curl your hair for the video with Anth. So you were sat on the ground in front of the mirror as Alice and Olivia watched The Notebook.

“Oh my god.” Alice gasped.

“What?” you looked at her through the mirror.

“He liked your picture.”

“Who did?” you sat the curling wand down and turned to face your friends.

“Conor did.”


You went to reply when your phone rang.

“Hello?” you stood up and walked out into the hallway.

“Who’s she talking to?” Olivia asked Alice.

“No idea. But this is getting out of hand,” she sighed.

“Conor needs to stop playing her like this.”

“We have to do something.”

“I know, but what?”

“Hey guys,” you said, walking back in. “I’m gonna head out. I’ll see you tonight. Have fun at the spa and don’t do anything stupid!”

You walked out of the hotel and waited for your Uber. The ride there was actually nice.

“So where ya headed?” the older lady asked.

“A friend’s house, we’re going to film a cover for his YouTube channel,” you smiled.

“Exciting. How’s your week been?”

“Honestly? It could have been better, but I’m on vacation so I’m not complaining.”

“Do you want to take about it?”

“Really?” you asked.

“Sweetheart, I have a 14 year old. I’m used to talking them through their problems.”

“There’s this guy, and he was really nice but then he did something really rude and he’s been ignoring me since. All I want to know is what I did wrong,” you sighed.

“Have you tried approaching him?”

“Well, he’s kind of famous. So no.”

“Ah, I see. Well do you want my advice as a stranger or a mom?”


“Okay, well my advice as a stranger is to block him on everything and try to forget what happened. He’s not worth it.”

You chuckled, “And your advice as a mom?”

“Try to talk to him. Don’t ask for an apology, just an explanation. If it’s a dumb one then move on. If it’s reasonable then try to work through it.”

“Wow, thank you so much.”

She parked the car and turned around, “Anytime.”

“Here you go,” you gave her your money and exited the vehicle. Once you were on the side walk you turned around, “your child is one lucky kid.”


The walk to Anth’s room was quiet, which allowed you to think. This is the first time since he liked your picture that you’ve had time to think about it.

How fucking dare he do that?

He had no right.

He ignored you for almost 2 weeks then likes your photo.

You were pissed off. He was playing you, or at least trying to. You weren’t going to fall into his tricks anymore. He was a dick and he didn’t deserve you.

You finally arrived to Anth’s room and knocked.

“Hi, you must be Y/n!” he smiled, embracing you in a hug.

“That’s me,” you laughed.

“I have so many ideas,” he said, leading you into the main room of the loft.

“I’m all ears,” you said as you sat down.

“So since you have a higher voice than me I was thinking we could do a duet that was originally sung by a guy and a girl.”

“I agree, do you have any ideas?”

“I have one,” he opened his phone and a song began playing. It was ‘Secret Love Song’ by Little Mix.

“I love this song!” you stood up and began singing along as you danced around the living room.

“And I also wrote a rap for it,” he handed you his notes and you read over them.

“Anth, this is amazing!” you read the lyrics, you were in awe of this boy.

“Thanks,” he stood up. “Are you sure it’s not too scandalous?” he asked as he started to set up the lights.

You grabbed the second light and followed his movements, “Why would you think that?”

He gave you a look.

“Oh, that.”


“Did he tell you?”

“No, and you don’t have to.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to know?” you smirked. “It doesn’t bother me anymore.” That wasn’t a complete lie, it still hurt but not as bad.

“Oh thank god, I’ve been dying to know,” he laughed.

So you told the story once more. Explaining what happened, how you felt, how you assumed he felt all while setting up.

“So,” you started, sitting down in front of the camera. “What’s the key to making a cover amazing?”

“All the emotion you feel towards Conor, put it into your singing.”

“All of it?”

“All of it.”


The recording was amazing. Though you did have to do multiple takes due to laughing, getting distracted or crying uncontrollably.

The one thing you loved about Anth is that he didn’t judge you. The first time you cried while recording, he simply stopped the camera and gave you a tissue. He waited until you told him you were ready.

After finally getting all the footage needed you two ordered pizza.

“Would you mind if I invited my friends over?” you asked, as you took a drink of your water.

“I don’t mind, just make sure they don’t post the location.”

“Got it,” you chuckled as you sent Alice a text telling her they could come over.

“Okay,” you started.

“What’s up?” he asked, sitting next to you.

“You know my story, what’s yours?””

“Well, what do you want to know?”

“Honestly?” he nodded.

“Why do you think he did it?” you asked shyly.

“I have no clue. You’re an amazing girl and he lucked out.”

“Do you think I did something?”

“The thing with Conor is, he doesn’t know what to do when put into a situation. And half the time, he’ll pick the easy option.”

“That’s the thing though!” you threw your hands up. “I don’t know what situation he was put into.”

“Have you asked him?”

“I was going to, but he unadded me on everything. I took that as a sign to leave him alone.”

There was a knock at the door.

Anth put his hand on your thigh, “I don’t know why he did what he did. Just know, he’s the type of guy that will do anything, and I mean anything to make sure you know he’s sorry.” And with that he got up and answered the door, returning with your two closest friends.

The rest of the night was filled with lots of laughter and good music.

At first it was just videos of you four singing in your loudest voice possible but then it got serious. You got into teams and began battling against each other. So it was fair, Alice and you were on one team while Olivia and Anth on another.

It got super tense when Anth and you were up against each other.

He began rapping which honestly shouldn’t have caught you off guard, but it did. So then you started to sing You & I by One Direction, which caused him to smirk thinking he had won. But when you hit that high note everyone’s jaw dropped.

“Holy shit Y/n.” he gasped.

“Thanks,” you smiled. “Does that mean I win?”

“I’ll say you won if you agree to do another cover with me.”

“I don’t know,” you trailed off. “I’ll have to check my schedule.”

This caused all four of you to burst out laughing.

But then the door knocked.

“Who else did you invite?” Anth asked.

“No one.” You three said in unison.

“I’ll go check, just in case it’s a fan.” You said walking to the door.

When you opened the door you froze. You did not expect to see him of all people.

Conor Maynard was standing right in front of you.


anonymous asked:

Why do you think that as Robert lay dying that he called Aerys a better king? Do you think Ned ever thought that Robert was a good king? I remember at the Hand Tourney that Ned was silent when Robert tried to call himself a better king than Aerys?

Guilt. Well deserved guilt.

“More than once, I have dreamed of giving up the crown. […] You know what stops me? The thought of Joffrey on the throne, with Cersei standing behind him, whispering in his ear. My son. How could I have made a son like that, Ned?”


“It would not trouble me if the boy was wild, Ned. You don’t know him as I do.”

- Eddard VII, AGoT

Robert knows how terrible Joffrey is and how devastating Joffrey’s rule will be. What has he done to prevent this coming about? He’s kept breathing and stayed in Westeros. That doesn’t exactly deserve a gold star for effort.

I think Ned once thought that Robert had it in him to be a good king. I don’t think this was such a huge misread of character and ability as it might appear during AGoT. We see repeatedly that Robert knows the difference between right and wrong, and between the basics of good rule and ill rule for that matter - and unfortunately, just about every time Robert demonstrates that he knows the difference, we see him pick wrong through laziness, selfishness, or cowardice.

While Ned also knew that Robert had his flaws (they weren’t fighting about nothing at the end of the Rebellion), Ned only realised during AGoT itself that the moral cowardice and selfish wroth Robert displayed over Rhaenys and Aegon Targaryen’s corpses was not a one-off, but had become a lifelong habit.

“Do it yourself, then, Robert,” [Ned] said, voice cold and sharp as steel. “At least have the courage to do it yourself.”

Robert looked at Ned with flat, dead eyes and left without a word, his footsteps heavy as lead.

- Eddard III, AGoT

“All justice flows from the king,” [Ned] told [Catelyn]. “When I know the truth, I must go to Robert.” And pray he is the man I think he is, not the man I fear he has become.

- Eddard IV, AGoT

The rage was gone from [Robert] now; in his eyes Ned saw something sad and scared. “I should not have hit [Cersei]. That was not…that was not kingly.”

- Eddard X, AGoT

Ned was silent when Robert tried to call himself a good king. Robert proposed the compromise of calling him better than Aerys, which they could both agree upon. Several chapters later, Robert’s dying and he’s done nothing to even try to fix the problems he knew full well the kingdom was facing.

It’s a different type of moral responsibility to Aerys II, passive rather than active. Robert failed the kingdom over a period of years, knowing full well how and why he was failing the kingdom, having the power and ability to change course, and not doing so. Well he should feel guilty.

clevverblocker  asked:

THANK YOU!!! That Otayuri post for "Send me a ship lalala" was golden <3 Can I request another one, pleeeeaaaseee? KuroKen. YOU ARE AMAZING.

Hi! AAAAA I’m glad you liked it :D you can request as many as you like; writing this stuff is a good breather from the heavier WIPs I have :) and AWWW THANK YOU!! YOU’RE AMAZING TOO ^_^

Who said “I love you” first

Kuroo. This needs literally no explanation, but all one needs to know is that it happened right before they were both about to fall asleep, as they were spooning. 

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Both of them. Kenma tried to hide this fact as well as he could, but nothing escapes his boyfriend’s notice lmao.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Kuroo. He makes them so sweet that Kenma reports having rotten teeth sometimes. Kuroo responds with, “See, I knew you had a sense of humor somewhere in there, Kenma!”

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Kenma. Being more perceptive, he’s better at understanding Kuroo’s needs/wants, and always buys the best romantic/cute gifts (he does it sparingly because he doesn’t actively look for gifts, he just buys something if he spots it and it fits what he thinks Kuroo would like). It never fails to make Kuroo swoon (”You try to have that unapproachable look, but you’re such a fluffy sap, Kenma!” “Am not” “Are too”… and so on).

Who initiated the first kiss

Kenma did. It was after their third date, and Kuroo was fidgety all night. Kenma knew why, and he was thankful that Kuroo was trying to give Kenma time and space to become comfortable with their new relationship. But Kenma felt like the time was right, and he knew that at this rate Kuroo would never make a move, so he took the first step instead. 

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

It depends. Sometimes Kenma can’t sleep at night, or he wakes up really early, so he wakes Kuroo up with a kiss. Other days, Kuroo wakes up early to go work out and returns the favor.

Who starts tickle fights

Neither. Kuroo isn’t ticklish, and he knows it can genuinely upset Kenma (he remembers that one time Lev tried and was promptly scratched because Kenma couldn’t control his reflexes), so he doesn’t risk it.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Kuroo does sometimes, a teasing smirk on his face. But he knows how self-conscious Kenma is, so he never means it seriously. Kenma knows this is grateful for that. 

One time, however, Kenma was having a bad day, and he asked Kuroo to join him. Kuroo was surprised, no doubt, but he didn’t let it show and he didn’t tease Kenma about it, sensing the atmosphere and the weight of the request.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Well, when Kuroo had a part-time job in college, Kenma actually did this a couple of times. It always took his boyfriend’s breath away. When they both started working full-time after college, Kuroo tended to this more often (as it was ‘a pain’ for Kenma to go over LOL).

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Both of them, really, but Kuroo was much more obvious about it. He kept stumbling over his words and blushing each time he messed up a word. Kenma, the quieter one, didn’t have as many telltale signs and watching Kuroo be nervous actually made him calmer. Halfway through the date, when he could no longer deal with the nervous ball of energy that his boyfriend had become, he simply placed his hand on top of Kuroo’s and said, “Kuroo, relax. It’s just me. We’ve had dinner together for years now.” Kuroo tried to say “But everything is different now!” but Kenma continued, saying, “Just because our relationship has changed doesn’t mean we have to. You’re still you, and I’m still me.”

Things got progressively better after that.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

OMG DEFINITELY KUROO. Kenma will just sit in one place, pulling his legs up and not moving until Kuroo confirms that the spider is far away enough.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Neither. Kenma doesn’t drink, and Kuroo can hold his liquor really well. Plus, according to Kenma, Kuroo doesn’t need to be drunk to loudly proclaim their love, he does it all the time when he’s sober (Yaku thinks it’s so cute that it’s gross).

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Interview: Eldervine

Today we’re joined by Eldervine. Eldervine is a phenomenal visual artist who enjoys experimenting with different mediums and styles. She is mostly a realistic illustrator, but occasionally dabbles in impressionism and surrealism. Eldervine does both traditional and digital art. She does sculpture/3D modelling and is currently studying game art/design. She’s a passionate artist and obviously has a very bright future. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I’ve been drawing pretty much my entire life- I can’t remember when I started but (looking back) by the time I started school I was pretty well practiced for a 5/6 year old. Since then I’ve dabbled in almost every art form; painting (and then digital painting) was my staple for a long time but I’m pushing myself to sculpt more now.

In style I consider myself a realistic illustrator, even though I slide into impressionism and/or surrealism a bit.

What inspires you?

I’m an unashamed lover of beauty whether it’s found in pleasing shapes, rich colours or lush textures. Animals are the best source for me, particularly horses- they’re made of such beautiful shapes (loads of sine curves) and textures and I was totally that girl at school that always drew horses haha

My first degree ended up being in biological anthropology though (through a weird slide from the art school into the humanities, into the sciences), and that did get me interested in how humans work- that and working at my city art gallery made me more appreciative of human (and cultural) beauty. And it seems weird to me but playing The Sims 3 inspired an appreciation for architecture and landscape. The greatest artistic urge I get remains equine though, so I guess it’s true that old habits die hard.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

Phew, it’s a bit of a twisty ride!

My obsession with horses lead me into playing a ton of the online text-based horse sim games that abounded during the 90s/2000s; they were good because they were targeted just at people that like horses, unlike the modern ones which also have a clear intended age bracket. Those games all eventually died so I found myself joining a forum that used The Sims 3 (in modded form) as a horse game, with picture shows and breed registries etc. hosted on the forum. That then led me into the world of computer game modding, and I found I really enjoyed retexturing things and became interested in learning how to 3D model.

So starting from last year I’m studying game design/game art, and I think it’s the best career idea I’ve had so far! I previously didn’t think I could make a living doing art, but games is a growing industry with heaps of demand for artists. I’ve also found that games is a field that allows me to apply the biggest selection of my broad interests and skills (I’ve found my anthropology surprisingly relevant too), and offers specialist and generalist opportunities in equal amounts so I’ll be able to try a lot of different jobs and/or specialize in whatever I end up liking the most.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

I don’t know about a unique thing (apart from a signature obvs). I’m guilty of the ol’ scratchy sketching that my new teachers (all animators) hate and are trying to beat out of me haha, but I don’t like leaving much lineart in my coloured stuff anyway. I think I certainly have a style which is very different to what everyone else in my class does- mainly, I think, because my artistic influences come from fine art whereas most of them grew up on comics.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

Stop worrying about having a style, it will happen naturally over the course of your life and if you try and force it you’ll just end up limiting yourself as an artist.

Learn the fundamentals of colour, light and anatomy (yes, I mean realism) BEFORE you start stylizing. If you do it the other way around you’re locking yourself in to only being able to do that style, and often not as well. Anime/manga artists are prone to this; the good ones did heaps of life drawing before translating into the style, whereas you can tell the ones that started out in the style because they do some real janky stuff with anatomy and perspective, and it just doesn’t look as good even when considering style.

Also, be intelligent with your art; always ask yourself why you’re doing something or why something looks good to you. It helps you learn about yourself as well as your craft.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I knew I was asexual when I was 12, and I’m now 100% again, but there were bumpy bits at 22 and 25 where I thought I could be demisexual (thinking back and being brutally honest with myself, the first boyfriend I wasn’t interested in at all and the second one I thought I had found someone who I could be happy with, but they didn’t seem to get what I said about my sexuality and so I just tried my best to be into him sexually too. Spoilers: didn’t last long with either of them).

As far as the romantic scale is concerned, I have no idea. I do overwhelmingly connect better with women than (heterosexual) men, but I honestly don’t know what exactly the difference is between a close friendship and a platonic romantic one. Because I seem to be missing something, my current guess is that I’m aromantic as well. xD

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I’ve only mentioned asexuality to a few friends so far in the games field, so I’m going to answer from all the fields I’ve dabbled in.

I am conventionally attractive, and my body developed early- my breasts were already fully developed and large at 12. Both things I have had people try to use as evidence that I cannot possibly be asexual, despite my pointing out that what feelings they get from my body are the results of their sexuality. (That and breasts are not actually sexual organs, they’re just sexualized in many cultures).

Apart from that, whenever I do mention it (which isn’t often) people tend to go “uh” and then gloss over it, clearly not understanding/not believing but not wanting to make more of a deal out of it. Which is fine by me actually, except I’m pretty sure my parents still have their fingers in their ears (some crossed) and are looking the other way as well. (I’ve definitely heard the “you just haven’t found the right person yet” line).

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

Apart from the binary fission joke (which every asexual gets I think) and the one where people get their sexuality mixed up with yours, that asexuality is due to trauma.

I did actually have panic attacks – with my first boyfriend, the first week after we became official I couldn’t eat anything or I’d throw it up. Doctor gave me meds to calm the acid in my stomach and then I was fine. With the second boyfriend I woke up one day in abdominal agony, shaking and sweating (making it rain, but not in a good way!) but as soon as he called the paramedic hotline and I was talking and joking to the lady on the line I was better- when doctors later examined me they found absolutely nothing wrong. I had another exactly a week after (and I still feel awful about this one) where we had finished making out for a bit and he went to start on lunch (or something, can’t remember) and he came back to ask me something, and as he sat down next to me/leaned over me I suddenly felt so ill, had to bolt to the bathroom- didn’t quite make it- and was ridiculously, violently sick everywhere.

It was at this point that my mother helped me set up 6 months of therapy with a well-reputed sex therapist. xD Who was actually really lovely, and I enjoyed those sessions with her! It was really nice to have talks about sex that weren’t charged with expectations, with someone who was relaxed and had actually studied sexual health, critiques of sex ed, etc. She didn’t believe though that anyone with any hint of sexual need was asexual (and I did say that I was fine to have sex with myself occasionally) so I didn’t really get the benefit of that discussion. She also thought that my aversion to men (as she saw it- honestly I think guys being the only issue was because no lesbians ever hit on me haha) was due to my developing early and being sexualized by others before my mind was caught up. That boys would pretend to be friends with me because I had the big boobs, she said, lead to me linking sexual desire with dishonesty and so I distrusted it. Now, I still think it’s a really interesting idea and I do wonder if my sexuality would’ve expressed any differently if a)I got boobs later and b)if the world/how we raise boys was different. It’s been a long while now though and I’ve continued thinking about it and reflecting on myself, and while I do think I am put off a lot by how the world at large treats sex and sexuality (and women), I think 13 year old boys being self-centered pricks triggering asexuality for the rest of my life is giving them rather a lot of credit!

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

I used to get so stressed when I was a teenager because I was taking on everyone’s expectations about me and my future, and felt that a relationship and sex was just going to happen to me and I had no control over anything. Don’t stress- I can’t talk for everyone, everywhere in the world or in every situation, but at least in my case, the only thing that was keeping me from feeling secure and in control was me thinking that I wasn’t. Hopefully, this can serve as a reminder for someone else in a similar situation. You don’t have to do shit if you don’t want to. If you’re not in a similar situation, don’t be scared to go looking for help to get that control. It exists.

Having said that, don’t be scared to revisit what you think and try working yourself out all over again- you are what you are, and labels are tools that we can use to try and make more sense of ourselves, for us and for others, but remember that they are tools crafted from an imperfect world and they are clumsy.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

My Tumblr that I set up to share my game art/schoolwork is eldervine.tumblr.com (you can also find my Twitter through there, which I use to post arty stuff, game stuff, school stuff, news stuff and feminist rants haha)

If you’re interested in seeing the Sims 3 horse art I did when I was a part of Equus-Sims, you can have a look at eldervinefields.tumblr.com (it’s sadly not active anymore but all my stuff, including mods, is still there).

Thank you, Eldervine, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.


“Is he dead?”

Lucy Wieder’s shaky question snaps Scully back to herself, and she walks over to crouch by Peattie. She can feel a pulse, but it’s thready. Her shot may have missed his heart, but he still has a major chest wound, and all she has to work with is a basic first aid kit.

“He’s alive for now, but I don’t know if he’ll survive long enough to get him out of here. We’re at least 50 miles from the nearest hospital.”

“There’s an ambulance coming right behind me,” Mulder says quietly. “I had them send one just in case.”

She gives him a look that tries to convey Thank you and I love you and Way to plan ahead, you brilliant man all at once. The subtle, knowing smile he gives her back says he read her loud and clear.

“Okay then. I need to put pressure on this. Mulder, can you hand me that blanket? And Doctor Wieder? How about you, are you all right?”

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Dazed and Distracted, Can’t You Tell? (GastonxFemale!Reader fanfic)

If you’d like to be tagged in the next update, feel free to ask!

Dazed and Distracted, Can’t You Tell? Chapter 2

Word Count: 577

It was over a month before you heard from Gaston again, waiting with bated breath each week as the postman Albert came galloping in through town with his satchel of letters. There were never many, only a handful of people were truly literate in the town so it made sense that only a handful of letters ever arrived.

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