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Build A Boyfriend - Oh Sehun

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Korea the city of lights. The city of night. The city of WiFi. The city of takeout. The city of kimchi. The city that you were now apart of. Seoul was beautiful in your opinion. The food, the culture, the people and of course the lifestyle. Seoul was known for many things but the busy nights were what kept it alive.

 It was also known for its schooling. Hours and hours of studying and exams took up your Wednesday night. Fortunately you didn’t have any classes until noon the following day. Unfortunately you’d been studying for way longer than you had anticipated. Glancing at the clock you had to do a double take.

“2:35 am?!? I could’ve sworn it was 12:30 when I last checked….” You muttered to yourself rubbing your temples. You had only planned to study for an hour or two, not an hour plus two.

“God, I should take a break.” You muttered shutting your book and pushing it to the side and grabbing your laptop. Logging into your Tumblr, you aimlessly scrolled through your feed. 

“Build a boyfriend? The hell is this?” You muttered staring at it. The ad was rectangular shaped and read ‘Need a hot boyfriend? No need to fear, build a boyfriend is here! Click on the ad to learn more information.’ You blinked at it in disbelief scanning the ad suspiciously. 

 "Eh I got nothing better to do!“ You shrugged clicking on the ad. It then linked you to a page with about 25 + questions. 


 25 questions later it’s 4:15 in the morning and your eyelids were dropping. You yawned. 'I should probably go to bed’ you thought and immediately fell asleep.

 A couple hours later you wake up and glance at your alarm clock and your eyes immediately widen leading to you to jump out of bed. 

"Omg I’m so late! God why didn’t I set an alarm?! Biff I’m so screwed! Gah!” You scrambled out of bed pulling on various clothing items looking a little bit presentable. Picking a random pair of shoes and pulling the door open and freezing on the spot.

“That’s right you’re my type.” You blinked once, twice, three times. 

 "I’m sorry who the hell are you again?“ You questioned staring at the blonde very very hot male staring down at you with a playful look in his eyes and to top it all off a bright red ribbon tied onto the top of his fluffy hair. 


 Your head only tilted more in confusion, unknowingly to you, Sehun thought you looked even more adorable with your pink oversized sweater, black pants and a pair of mismatched socks and shoes. 

 "Do you know me?” You questioned feeling slightly uncomfortable with how long he’s been staring at you. The only response was a slight look of awe on his face at how you could manage to look so beautiful in a mismatched outfit. 

“Look, Sehun. I’m sure your a nice guy, but I think you have the wrong house and I’m already running late for my classes so if you could move that’d be great." 

 "Wait! No don’t leave yet! You know me y/n! Remember? You built me!” He shouted in a panic blocking your way. That’s when it hit you. 

 "Wait that stupid ad was real? Like legitimately it worked?“ You asked in disbelief. 

 He rolled his eyes. "God y/n I already went over this! I’m Sehun the boyfriend you built, now love me! You can’t send me back!” He said playfully poking your side. You recoiled with a small Yelp. 

 "Yah! So on top of school work and a job, I have to take care of a extremely attractive man-child?!“

 ”…did you just call me attractive?“ A smirk crawled it’s way onto his lips.

 You groaned. "Seriously? I really don’t have time for this Sehun! What do I have to do for you to let me go to my class?" 

 He put his hand on his chin, as if he was thinking over something. And by the playful look in his eye, you knew you were in for something. His eyes snapped back to yours with a smirk playing at his lips. 

"Kiss me." 

"Come again?” You asked, not sure if you had heard him right.

“Give me a kiss, and I will let you leave.” He said smirking tapping his cheek. 

You eyes him wearily. "Just a kiss?“ 

 "Just a kiss.” He confirmed tapping his cheek. 

 You took a deep breath and leaned into kiss his cheek. As your lips neared his smooth cheek, he quickly turns his head making your lips land on his. 

 You pulled away blushing a bright red. You put your hands on your cheeks to hide the redness and cool them down.

 Sehun smiled at you wrapping his arms around your form making you blush even deeper.  

“Aish your so cute!" He sighed in content resting his chin on your head. You smiled and relaxed into Sehun with a soft smile, closing your eyes. 

 "Sehun, I really need to go to class now.” You whispered reluctant to pull away from his surprisingly warm and comforting embrace. Sehun sighed and eventually unwrapped his arms from around your form and turning you around.

 "Okay. I did make a promise. Have a good day at class jagi.“ He said kissing your nose softly and letting you go. You walked Down the hall waving at Sehun before disappearing around the corner onto the bus. 

 You sighed in content looking out the window. You couldn’t wait to get back home knowing that once you got home you had an extremely attractive boyfriend waiting to love and hug you.