i could have made the easier choice but no

Serious Question for my trans/nb/genderfluid/agender followers:

If you could have had a specific resource (like a list of something, or a worksheet of some sort) when you were starting to come out or transitioning, what would it have been?


  • A worksheet for calling a doctor’s office about transitioning
  • A worksheet for choosing a name (like, brainstorming choices and working through them)
  • A checklist of how to change your documents in your state
  • A discussion worksheet for talking to your family (things I want to tell you but can’t say out loud, etc.)

What am I missing? What resource like that would have made (or would make) your life easier if someone said ‘hey here’s a list, here are some scripts, did you think about asking this?’ 

Thank you!

i am LOVING vacation but i also can’t wait to get back into my normal routine of work, working out and eating decently well.

this trip was kind of eye opening to me. it showed me that i love having fun with my friends, drinking and having a great time. but i also enjoy working out and trying to be healthy. it’s so hard for me to lose weight and this past week did not make it any easier. could i have made better choices, yes. but it’s okay.

i’m glad i was able to eat amazing food and have an amazing time with my friends. the hard work starts when i get back to ohio tomorrow.

anonymous asked:

I have a cancer moon with the moon as my dominant planet. According to astrology I should be empathetic (right?) but ig people in my friend group don't consider me to be an empathetic person haha. Why could this be? My moon is in the 1st if that helps.

Check your 11th House if it’s specifically your friends who don’t think you’re empathetic. Also, regardless of your placements, being empathetic is a choice which can be made easier by some placements, but it’s still a choice at the end of the day.