i could have loved you so much sooner


“You could have come in a bit sooner, though!
                                                                                        “Well, I was enjoying it too much.”


That’s my hc about how he got the idea for the tire bomb

I could have finished this sooner if I hadn’t procrastinated so much, i’m so sorry;;

BTS reaction to you telling him your a virgin right before you two have sex


“Really?! It is not a bad thing, I am just shocked. Don’t worry jagi…I’ll make sure your first time is comfortable and special..I love you!”

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“You say that like it’s a bad thing..I love you, so I will treat you well and I won’t pressure you or push you too far…Now let’s make love.”

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“Aw you are so precious! I am so honored to be your first, I will treat you like a princess, I love you so very much!”

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Rap Monster: 

“I wish you could have told me sooner, I would have prepared better…but I guess it’s good that you told me now so that I am aware…I love you and I am going to treat you well…let me know if anything hurts.”

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“Ah jagi, I will take care of you…I am not very knowledgeable either, so let’s take it slow ok? I love you so much!”

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Ok, we must keep open communication..Let me know if anything doesn’t feel right…I love you and I am so happy you trust me”

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“I love you and I am so happy you chose me, but also so nervous…I will do my best to make it a good experience!”

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How To Adult on a Budget: Kitchen Edition

I wish someone would have told me these things when I was younger to save me a lot of time, money, and frustrating mistakes so here you go kids:

- when you’re putting together your first kitchen on a tight budget, certain quality items are way more important. good basics will get you through most day-to-day cooking and last basically forever, whereas nice matching plates are cute but no less functional than mismatched stuff from goodwill. (also, overstock stores are a GREAT way to get good basics cheap because who gives a shit about damaged packaging or out of season colors when it comes to stuff like this? rich people maybe idk)

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Enough! Enough! I’m so tired of this crap. I’m gonna be a 30-something retiree soon. Hell of a lot sooner than I’d like. Love of my life is getting remarried, too. So, so much for a family. And you bickering idiots is all I have to show for it! Our manager’s in trouble, guys. He could get canned any day. This is the same guy who takes the blame when we lose, when it’s us who plays Hacky Sack with the baseball. Yeah, same guy who didn’t just convince Stubbs’ ex not to sell their honeymoon pictures to a tabloid. He bought ‘em! All to protect his own player. Is Ginny getting us more attention? Huh? (laughing) Yeah. Yeah, she is, man. Which sucks, 'cause we’re losing in front of sold-out crowds. I gave my life to this game! So I got a radical idea, mooks. Hear me out here. How about we start winning in front of sold-out crowds? How about we start winning for Al and his job? How about you start winning for your captain, too? We’re gonna shock the world. And yeah, we’re gonna do it with a pretty girl in the dugout. Yeah, pretty girl, who, by the way, works a hell of a lot harder than you lazy losers. So maybe… we all start working as hard as her. Maybe we start acting like a team instead of a bunch of spoiled brats. Then maybe I’ll feel lucky that you guys are all I have. Yeah, lucky to be a Padre. For every last flickering minute of my damn career.

So…I’m not okay because Yuri On Ice episode seven has honestly brought me back to life and has made everything so much brighter. 



I also just love how their relationship progressed and how they naturally became close to each other. There was no rush or no need to speed things up for the sake of fan service or romance. They could have added the kiss in sooner because we’ve all seen how much chemistry those two have together but it wasn’t done like that. Their relationship was actually allowed to grow over the course of many months before they kissed which is just so REAL, I’M SO HAPPY. 

I mean, there are going to be some difficulties along the way because it’s almost never this easy but hey, it’s a wonderful step. They also care about each other SO FREAKING MUCH AND THERE’S SO MUCH AFFECTIONATE AND COMFORT, I’M CRYING. 


I honestly can’t stop smiling like dreams are made out of this show. 



 I love this scene so much. Especially the line of Clarke saying “what if it was too dangerous and I sent him in there anyway?” People think Clarke realized Bellamy was in fact not worth the risk in 3x02 but she was feeling this way so much sooner. They could have written L to say literally anything but instead they have her say “You care about him.” This was very deliberate. We know L had romantic feelings for Clarke by then, and this comment she makes..it’s curiosity. You could even call it jealousy. 

Look at the way Clarke responds. It takes her a moment to formulate the response. There’s nothing automatic about it, she’s gotta think first. She turns to face L when she says “I care about all of them” as if to say ‘see I’m looking you in the eye as I say this, it’s true, believe me’  

L does the same as she turns to face Clarke, looks her in the eye, and says matter of factly “Yet you worry about him more.” It’s not a question. It’s a flat out statement. 

And Clarke doesn’t deny it. She gets angered actually. She tries to cover it up by saying “We need him” but soon after her guilt becomes apparent. That if something happens to him, she’ll have no one to blame but herself for telling him he was worth the risk. And she’s flat out pissed. She sent Bellamy in there because if love was weakness then she couldn’t let herself feel it. Not again, not after hearing Finn’s last breath in her ear. She’s pissed because it was L’s “Love is Weakness” motto that encouraged a still grieving and heartbroken Clarke to suddenly change her mind and tell Bellamy to go. 

L tries telling her this is what it means to be a leader, “we must look into the eyes of out warriors and tell them go die for me” and Clarke responds with “if only it were that easy.” Because Bellamy’s not her warrior. He’s not her “knight”. That’s the last thing she wants him to be. 

He became much more then that. And that’s proven just 4 episodes later in the 3x02 scene where we see her beg for his life. He did what he was suppose to do right? He fought for her like a good warrior would, he tried to protect her and save her like a good knight would. But when it came down to it, she’d give herself up before feeling that kind of worry again. 

And suddenly the finale scene, Clarke’s face upon hearing “Start with Bellamy Blake” makes even more sense. All this time she tried so hard not to let herself be weak, she tried so hard to push down, and bury, and build a wall around these feelings so that she’d never have to worry or see something happen to him because of her. And now ALIE knows her #1 weakness is him and she doesn’t even have the words to express the fear we saw in her eyes.

Hallo lovelies!! I am so sorry for the long absence. Great news is that I have a new full time job! Yay! Bad news, I don’t get as much free time to work on my own things. But I am determined to finish this guy before the holidays. You all have nnnooooooo idea how long I’ve wanted to do this. I have been having way too much fun! *laughs* Now I have to do one about Rohan, and Treebeard…and Galadriel…and Glorfindel…and Thorin’s company…I could do so many…

You shall see more updates sooner rather than later!

Close to an Estella

[Yay, onto the next request! This is for mysteriouscrystalnomad; of the request - could you write a spencer reid x reader where the reader is a naturally snarky person, but in a witty and charming way, and spencer is very obvious about his crush on the reader. well, the reader gently teases people, but one day takes it too far with him and deeply hurts his feelings, so they apologize and admit their feelings? thank you very much I’m excited to read more:))

I really hope you like it, I would have done it sooner, but I wasn’t sure how to actually achieve the right personality. I have no life experiences of being charming so I had to just read examples and yank it out the best I could. I also don’t think I did this right at all. For reference Beast and Vertigo are Marvel characters and Estella comes from Great Expectations where the one of the main female characters (Estella) is incapable of love.


“Hey, Y/N, whatcha up to?”

You looked over your shoulder to see Morgan propping himself on your chair. Looking back at your computer you shrugged.

“Digging for gold in the Grand Canyon, I guess.”

He snickered. “You’re such a smartass.”

“No, I’m not, I just don’t like blatantly obvious questions thrown at me, alrighty Mr. Eyebrows?”

Morgan shook his head, taking the chance of throwing your hair over into your face. “Dear God, kid, you need to get some caffeine in you to take the edge off that bitchiness.”

“I am not –“

“Hey, Y/N.”

You saw Reid approaching you, holding out a cup of coffee as he neared. “Oh, thank you, Reid.”

The corners of his mouth quirked, as he gently jerked his hand back from meeting your fingers.

“It’s no problem. I thought you could use a pick me up.”

“You have no idea.”

You gave a punch to Morgan’s arm before your eyes went back to Reid’s. You knew he liked you, hell, with everyone holding it over you it was impossible not to know. But what you didn’t know was why? Sure, you were curious about things and loved to read, but a good majority of the population did. But besides that common ground the two of you were virtual opposites. You had a much pragmatic view of the world which was given through your rough upbringing. You didn’t trust too many people, you didn’t really even like too many people.

But you like Reid.

You blushed. Yeah, you did. He was always smiling, and gracious. He was the all-around good guy. But Beast didn’t get along with Vertigo, now did they? Nope, they were enemies, and that’s probably what would happen if someone like Reid ever got too close. So you ignored what you felt and Reid’s obvious attempts at admiration. It was better to just leave things as they were.

“Guys, we have a briefing.”

You sighed in relief, glad to break the staring contest you were in.

“Thanks, my sweet jigglypuff, we’ll be there with bells on.”

You gave a quick smile as Garcia threw you a kiss and began gathering up your notes.


“Yeah, Reid?”


You flinched, feeling something graze your temple, and looked up from your notes, seeing that he must have plucked a coin from your ear. You gave a shy smile, tucking the strand that had fallen from the touch back in to place.

“What’s that movie you were talking about the other day? The one you said I would like?”

“It’s not really a movie, I mean, there is one – but the show I was talking about was Firefly. I thought since you liked Star Wars and all that maybe you’d like it. Plus it’s got way more humor than Star Wars.”

“Hmm. Hold out your hand.”

You did so cautiously, chancing a glance to make sure no one was waiting for the two of you to hustle. He put the coin into your palm, closing it tight, as he held it in his hand. He then leaned forward and blew a puff of air on your fist.

“You can open it now.”

Acting as if it would explode, you opened your hand to see a silver pendant replacing the coin.

“Oh! It’s Serenity. You know, you can be really sweet when your nose isn’t in a book. Does that mean you watched it?”

He shrugged. “Bits and pieces, I was hoping we could maybe watch it together. You know if you wanted?”

What the hell were you to say to that? Before you could make a total ass of yourself you heard someone behind you.

“Guys, the briefings started.”

You nodded, erratically gathering your things and brushing by Reid without looking at him.

“Oh, my God, we are going out after that.”

It had been three days, a considerably less amount of time than most cases, but yeah, a string of arsons around one area and the smoke and destruction had gotten to all of you.

“I’d rather just go home and sleep in my own bed, but thanks.”

“Oh, no honeybuns you are going. Someone has to keep Reid company.”

“Why do you guys do that? You act like the two of us are meant for each other, when, in this reality, guess what, we’re not. I’m sorry if that ruins matchmaking plans, but I’m just done with it for tonight, so please, lay off.”

You watched the grins fade off the girls’ faces. “Alright, God, lucky Reid wasn’t awake to hear that little declaration.”

“Maybe it wouldn’t have been a bad idea if he did. You guys treat him like a kid, there’s no point in keeping his hopes up about something –“

“Okay, Y/N, we get it, we’ll stop badgering about it, but don’t take it out on Reid.”

“I wasn’t planning on it, Prentiss, I was only saying you shelter him too much. He isn’t a child.”

The landing was in silence and you knew you had pissed them off, but you shrugged it away, if they didn’t like how you felt then fine. Maybe it was best they stay mad at you.

“Y/N. You coming?”

You looked up at JJ confused. “You still want me to go?”

“Look, we do understand, you’re right in some ways that the way we’ve been trying to hook the two of you up, and we get you weren’t trying to hurt any feelings on the plane. You were just being blunt. Let’s try to forget it and have a good time. Okay? Please?”

You looked at your phone, seeing the time. You really did want to go to bed.

“Okay, bygones?”

“There’s nothing to bygone for but okay.”

The bar was packed for a Wednesday and you huddled yourself down in a booth, sipping on whatever you were passed you allowed yourself to get lightheaded.

“This is just what the doctor ordered.”

You heard Morgan chuckle across from you. “Did you order up a drunk agent, pretty boy?”

It alarmed you a little bit that Reid stayed silent.

“I am not drunk, Morgan, see complete sentences.”

“Oh, but you’re on your way, Y/N.”

And you were taking shot after shot, until everything reached a beautiful watery haze.

“I just wanna say, I do like you guys, I just I don’t know how to ‘express’ that.”

Derek was laughing his ass off at you. “Showing some affection when you’re less intoxicated would help.”

“It would not. I’m used to being on my own little island and you guys keep coming on freakin’ barges, especially Reid. He – Hey, where is Reid?”

“I think he’s at the bar there Miss Lovey.”

“I’m going to go talk to him.”

“You sure you can walk.”

“Oh, I’ll do it.”

You could hear them laughing as you scanned the room for the familiar bob of hair. It took you two tries, one resulting into receiving a phone number before you found the genius.

“Hey, Reid.”

He eyed you warily, sipping his drink instead of answering.

“How come you’re not sitting with us?”

A shrug.

“How come you’re not talking you always talk?”

Another shrug.

“Come on say something, you wanna go to my house and watch Firefly? Hell, I’ll even watch Star Trek with you if you quit with the silent treatment.”

“Why, Y/N? What would be the point?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, nothing’s ever going to happen, it’s so impossible to care about someone least of all me. So why even try? There is no point.”

Your eyes drifted to the ground as you swayed. So he had heard you on the jet. Well, that just fucking sucked.

“I didn’t –“

“What? You didn’t mean it like that?”

“No, I didn’t –“

“Then how did you mean it, because it sounded pretty clear to me.”

“I don’t know how.”

Your statement paused him, a look of confusion replacing the anger. “What?”

“I’m not sure how to care. I know that sounds like bullshit, but I really don’t. I wasn’t taught to show affection when I was a kid. I didn’t really make heart to heart friends and all that. I just existed, for a very long time. I do like you, I can tell you I’d be hurt if something ever happened to you, or if you never spoke to me again. I can say I’d be jealous to see you happy with another girl, and angry if someone ever wronged you. But I don’t know how to be a girlfriend, Reid, especially the kind you deserve. And that’s why we can never happen.”

“I don’t believe that.”

You licked your lips, swallowing down a hiccup. “I figured you wouldn’t but – what can I do? I, are we not friends now?”

He took a step toward you and when you tried to step back lost your balance and fell into him. Daring a peek you saw him smiling at you.

“Oh, I think we’re going to be a little step above friends from now on. I’m going to stalk you until you’re happy every time we meet, that you can return a hug when I embrace you. You’re going to probably get sick of me by the end of it but I don’t really care.”

“Sounds like you really do want to be a creepy stalker.”

He blushed, sure you were rejecting him.

“But I don’t mind, Spencer.”


been a while since you’ve gotten any charyu so heh…

art by @shinydiamondblog


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now for real, this is super cute and nice!! I love it! <3 thank you so much friendo!! IT’S SUPER ADORABLE!!! :DDD I’LL BE SLEEPING WITH THAT PLUSHIE FROM NOW ON EXCUSE YOU

Lifting has changed my body so much.
Left pic–I was 21 years old, 2012–never lifted a weight (I thought I’d get bulky, like the magazines told you and I drank a lot of alcohol and ate a lot of pizza rolls)
2015 (now), I’m 25, my body feels and runs better than ever, and I learned so much self love along the way. And I love how “bulky and manly” I am now from the weights, lol.

If anything, I just really wish I had a role model when I was 18 to get my life into fitness sooner, because I didn’t have a good lifestyle then, or self-love. I could’ve found myself a lot earlier.

So that’s my goal here folks–I show you my journey, so maybe it’ll inspire someone else to find their own hobbies, learn to love themselves, create their own destiny, feel good inside and out.

Don’t give up, if you want something–go for it!!–
Even if it takes 3+ years–not everything is a quick fix!! But things that are worth it take time, be patient.

fashion3000-blog  asked:

What do you who are the 5 best good looking guys in black butler? BTW I really love your blog :)

Thank you so much. I’m sorry I haven’t replied sooner. Things have just been a bit crazy lately.

Okay, a bit of a disclaimer here. First, I’m lousy at ordering things, so the only one that’s really set absolutely in stone is number one. The others could shift around a bit. Secondly, when I think ‘good looking,’ I usually do take personality and my own personal opinions into account. In other words, I’m VERY bias. I doubt you’d find one person who’d agree with this list. LOL. Okay, on to the list:

1: William T. Spears

I doubt that comes as much of a surprise to anyone who knows me. In real life, William would be the kind of guy I am attracted to, so he’s at the top of my list.

2. Agni

I adore Agni, although I probably don’t post enough about him. He’s such a sweet guy with a pure heart. I just feel like he makes everyone so happy to be near him. He’s certainly not hard on the eyes either.

3. Lau

I miss Lau. :( With Lau, I like his mysterious nature. He acts so casual and easy going, but you know there’s more lurking just beneath the surface. You can’t trust the guy, but still like him. Personally, I find that mystery attractive.

4. Undertaker

It’s the eyes and those pretty lashes.

5. Sebastian

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t fallen for Sebastian’s charm just a bit. You know he’s no good, and he doesn’t even pretend to be otherwise, but he’s still a charmer. I’m not 100% sure where I’d place him on the list, so he’s probably higher up. He just can’t the number one spot.

First Time


hii, love your scenarios, could you write a smut with wonho (mx) and you have been together for a month and you are ready to do it, since you’re virgin and he’s not … thanks <3


Thank you so much Anon for the request and for loving our scenarios <3 It really means so much (: I do apologize for not getting to your request sooner as real life had gotten a bit hectic. Without further ado, I present to you your first time with Wonho. Enjoy! 


Genre: Smut | One Shot

This day dedicated to couples came once a year. It was the day where they could freely bask in the company of one another without judgemental eyes disapproving of their displays of affection. This day that should have been filled with nothing but happiness and excitement were unfortunately absent for you. To be more precise, they were microscopic compared to the feelings of your anxious and uneasy mind, leaving you with nothing but frantic thoughts and worries.

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Winchester brothers- Self esteem

Title: Self esteem

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader, Cas x reader

Word count:1156

Request:Hiya :D May you please create a one shot where the boys sister is just really doubtful of herself like bad self esteem issues and she always thinks ‘Oh somebody can do better than me’ but they don’t find out sooner because she’s quiet and her main buddy is Cas so she tells him instead and the brothers overhear and it’s love n stuff sorry if I described it too much lol XD

Request:Can i have an imagine (for Sister Sunday) where the reader is in love with Cas and Dean gets all protective over her? Thanks! :D

Request:Is there any way could you do a request where Dean and Sams little sister has a eating disorder? I’m going through a hard time atm and would love to read one please xx

‘’Actually…. I’m not hungry’’You mumbled, hand pushing away your plate. Your brothers frowned at you, you hadn’t been eating s much as you used to. It was always a different excuse everyday but luckily they never caught on. 

‘’I already ate’’

‘’I feel sick’’

‘’I’m just tired’’

However, there was one person catching on to everything. Castiel. As oblivious as the angel might seem, he was very observing and not to mention that huge crush (love) he harboured for you. 

He watched your every move, he knew when you were upset and when you were happy. Lately you had been upset a lot. He watched you throw away your meals whenever your brothers weren’t looking and he watched your cringe at yourself whenever you looked in the mirror. 

Even though he saw all this he didn’t know why you were doing all of this. He didn’t understand why humans would stop eating or why they would hurt themselves. 

Walking past your room he stopped when he heard the soft cries that belonged to you. Pushing the door open, you didn’t notice thee angel walk in a see you in just your underwear as you stared at yourself in the mirror, cheek stained with tears.

Cas noticed you were giving your self that look you gave to the things you hunted. That look that he hoped he never got. Hatred. Why would you hate yourself? All this confused the angel but he did know that you wouldn’t be so happy to find out he was spying on you, especially if you were in your underwear. 

Moving away he decided to talk to your brothers about it. 

‘’I think we need to talk’’Cas stated as he coughed awkwardly. Dean looked up from the bacon and egg sandwich he was eating and flashed his younger brother a amused look.

‘’You’re not breaking up with us are you Cas?’’Dean smirked as Sam laughed from over his laptop screen. Both stopped laughing when they noticed Cas had his narrowed eyes and jaw locked, which meant it was his serious face. 

‘’What’s up Cas?’’Sam asked as he shut down the lid of his laptop screen to give his full attention on the angel. 

‘’It’s about your sister (y/n)’’Cas explained. Both brothers looked at each other with the same look they always shared as they shuffled closer to Cas with a worried expression. 

‘’Well is she okay?’’Dean asked nervously. 

‘’I do not know’’Cas added. They frowned, brows drawing in as they one again glanced at each other. 

‘’Well… spit it out’’Dean snapped. 

‘’Spit what out?’’Cas frowned in confusion. Sam face palmed as he closed hsi eyes with a sign. 

‘’Never mind Cas, just tell us what’s wrong with (y/n)’’Sam said, bring his focus back on the original question. 

‘’It appears she has not been eating’’Cas said as he folded his hands together. ‘’I don’t know why but she had been throwing away her food whenever you are not looking and it seems she is always coming up with diversions to why she cannot eat’’.

Both brothers mouths fell open as guilt and shock mixed into one. Why hadn’t they noticed? Why hadn’t you told them? They couldn’t believe that they hadn’t spotted it and Cas had. They were your brother and they didn’t even know their sister hadn’t been eating. 

‘’That is not all’’Cas added. 

‘’There’s more?!!’’Sam yelped in fear. Cas nodded as he continued to tell them about how he saw you looking at yourself in the mirror and crying, about how you stared at yourself with hatred.

All three men sat in silence, trying to absorb in all they heard. 

‘’I can’t believe she didn’t tell us’’Sam whispered sadly. 

After deciding that they would talk to you about it tonight they all sat down, all silent and awkward when you walked in flashing them a fake smile. 

‘’Hey, I’m popping out to get some food, you want any?’’Dean asked as he grabbed his jacket. He looked at you with sad eyes, eyes that were pleading for you to say yes so he could prove Cas wrong. So he wouldn’t have to admit he had been a terrible brother who was oblivious to his sisters suffering. 

‘’No, I’m not hungry’’You said as you flashed him a smile. Sam and Dean both looked at each other before getting up and popping out. 

‘’I see we found another hunt’’Cas spoke up as he waited for your brothers to get back so they could talk to you. 

‘’Yeah’’You laughed softly at the angel. 

‘’You should be careful. I also heard that you are playing bait’’Cas said with narrowed eyes that showed he didn’t approve of the decision. You nodded, laughing as you shook your head. 

‘’Don’t worry, I’m not pretty enough for the vamp to actually fall for it’’You laughed but was really speaking the truth. Cas frowned as he got up, you watched his movements with confusion, cheeks flushing when he stepped only inches away from you, nose barely touching yours. 

‘’You’re the most beautiful, breath taking creature I have ever come across. Everything you do is flawless and even your flaws are perfect. I do not like when you criticise yourself’’He pointed out. 

Your mouth fell open and shut, lost for words. ‘’Y-you noticed’’You whispered, eyes tearing up in embarrassment that the man you love noticed all the horrible things you did to yourself. 

‘’Yes. I noticed you are restricting yourself of your need for food’’Cas added. You hands shot up to your face as you turned your back.

‘’Oh my god! I can’t believe you noticed!’’You whispered with a red face. Cas shuffled, hands prying your own away from your face as he used the rough pad of his thumb to wipe away the tears that fled down your cheeks. 

‘’Do not be embarrassed, (y/n). I do not know why you would think such horrible things about yourself but I will help you’’He nodded, proving his word. 

‘’Why?’’You whispered, tears falling freely as you stared at the blue eyed angel. ‘’Why would you help me?’’You repeated in pain. 

‘’Because I… I am in love with you’’He said. ‘’As the humans say’’He added. 

‘’Y-you are?’’You whispered shocked. He nodded before frowning. 

‘’I thought humans are supposed to return their love…’’He trailed off. You laughed, rolling your eyes. 

‘’I love you to Cas’’You laughed as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You leaned in, about to kiss him before the door flew open and a angry Dean marched in. 

‘’I don’t think so!’’he yelled. ‘’Cas! I’ll give you five seconds to get off my sister!’’Dean screamed. 

‘’1…5!’’Dean yelled, leaving out the rest as he stormed towards the angel. Cas’s eyes widened, hands dropping from around you waist as he nervously stepped back.   

‘’I shall see you after, if I survive your brother’’Cas yelped before fluttering away. 


anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your artstyle so much! It's so recognizable and cute! Your drawings are so full of expression and character I love it!

Thank you!! I’m happy that you like my art style! That’s very important when you draw cartoony stuff because you don’t have a lot details that can make it up for it.

(And sorry for not answering this sooner, it’s been in my inbox for weeks. But I just wanted to have it there so I could look on it when I’m down.)

I am in serious need of supportive!John headcanons.

  • John laughing when Sam and Dean walk so close together that they always bump into each other.
  • John buying Sam an ice cream when Dean is out for his first date and reassuring him that his big brother is not gonna leave him (Sam doesn’t calm down until Dean is back, anyway).
  • John knowing that his kids have always been too close and thinking that this is good, because with the life they have he could be dead soon and they would have nothing but each other.
  • John coming back from a hunt sooner that he predicted and finding them naked in bed.
  • Sam and Dean being terrorized and waiting for a serious talk against incest while John doesn’t even flinch and just tells them that the ghost is taken care of (while also grinning because they look so scared)
  • “I’m gonna go out for a beer, call me when you are done, boys”
  • John being happy about this because no girl is gonna love Sam as much as Dean does and no girl is gonna love Dean as much as Sam does.
  • supportive!John

legallypsychotic  asked:

Hi~ :D This is for the Valentine's letter. Could you write a letter where Rex sends it to is s/o after the Umbara fiasco, talking about how he was afraid/upset, and how thinking of them helped? You're awesome! <3

I know it’s late, you’re probably asleep right now, but I just thought I should update you on what has been happening. I wish I could have contacted you sooner, but so much has happened since coming to Umbara. I don’t even know where to start. Honestly, I don’t even want to remember it, but I have to take responsibility for what I let happen. 

I guess to sum it up, we were stuck with another Jedi named Krell, but he had been conspiring against us the whole time. Fives tried to warn me, but I couldn’t speak up, I was just trying to follow my orders. I was an idiot. So many brothers died, including Hardcase. Krell even tried to have Fives and Jesse executed. It was awful. It was when he turned us on each other did we finally decide that he’d gone too far. 

It was weird, for the first time in a long time, I was scared. I was having anxiety for the first time. We’re just soldiers, he was a Jedi, what chance did we have? Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to handle my feelings, I felt like I was going to explode, but I didn’t. Do you know why? It’s because of you. 

You always help keep my emotions balanced, and you keep me calm even when you’re not here. Anytime I’m upset or angry, I try to think of what you would tell me, and I can overcome it. You’ve always had that affect on me, and this time it really helped. Krell got what he deserved in the end, though I can’t get all this out of my head. 

I can’t wait to see you again, I’d rather talk about this in person. I want to see if what I thought you would say is correct or not. Besides, I’ve missed you a lot since coming to Umbara. I’m excited to hold you again. 

See you soon,


Exo reaction to finding their tomboyish girlfriend dancing sexually in the house.

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Warnings: Daddy moments and a lot of sexy Exo 


Does a double-take as he sees you humping the floor WHAT is she doing…and why do I like it so much?”

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As the music stops you notice him standing there. As you walk over standing in front of him asking if he is okay. He stairs at you for a couple of seconds, but a smile breaks out on his face “Can you do that later?”

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Joins you as straight as he sees your hands wander around your body, grinding against you “You should have told me sooner, so we could have done this more.”

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Thinking of what you said last night when he tried to get you to wear a dress to a club“Oh no I can’t wear that, that’s what those kind of girls wear. Well girls dance like that and here you are.” Pissed-of-Soo-mode activated.

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Just thinking about you two grinding dancing together, he began smiling like an idiot. He felt himself getting happier, in all the right places, “I knew. I knew she wasn’t as boyish as she said.”

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He couldn’t hide his happiness as he saw you move around the floor dancing sensually to the song. He tried not to make any noise, but had a lot of trouble when you spread your legs to the side. He simply lost it “Can you do that in bed tonight babe?” he said dying from laughter 0.2 seconds later.

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He watches for a good amount of time just observing you, but closes the door leaving as fast as possible not wanting to do something that might hurt you. But can’t stop thinking about you all day, so when he is practicing for a concert he has to rearrange some parts “My girl better be sLAYing me tonight.”

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Horny LuMan is horny “Damn it Y/N you can’t do this to me” he says startling you in the middle of the chorus taking your hand leading you to the bedroom to finish the dance practice.

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“Why haven’t you done this for me before? why Why WHY?!?!?” He would yell at you as you finished the dance, acting like a baby the rest of the day making you irritated.

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But later you would end up giving him a private show making him forget about earlier.

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As you were dancing in the living room facing the television where the song was playing, he walked soundlessly over to the couch, watching you expectantly. As the song ended and you turned around to get something to drink, you gasped as you saw Suho sitting there with his tie loose around his neck and a glass of liquor in his hand “Are you gonna be good for your daddy princess?”

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I’m sorry but i had to, Sudaddy is my weakness.


His clothes would be gone in seconds, and you would be against the wall, locked between his arms, him teasing you as he whispered, “Is this meant as good or bad surprise babydoll?”

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He would just go up beside you and ask you “Is this how you dance it?” shaking his entire body.

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LOL not even gonna pretend that that was true.

He would have you on top of him doing what you did seconds ago…without the clothes

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Stay sassy Mille

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Part two You, Joe Lynn Kay Gamble- Brown, are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love you so incredibly much. I want to spend my life with you, and our family, and travel like we plan. Most importantly, I want it with you. I don't think you understand that you're my dream girl, you are all I have ever wanted, and more than I asked for. I love every single part of you immensely, and so soon. But, I wish I could have met you sooner, so I could have loved you longer. 💚I love you❤

You have know Idea how much I want all that. I want that all especially with you. You are the most phenomenal girlfriend. I love you so so very much too❤💙🔒💚💜

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What are your favorite Hunger Games headcanons? *blows kisses* I love you.

Man, i have tons, so idk if these are favorites but some I can list on top of my head:

  • Katniss’ travel restrictions were lifted without fanfare, and much sooner than expected. But except for visiting her mom on occasion, she never had a desire to go anywhere. 
  • The Victor’s Village became the new town hub in District 12 after the war, with people turning the streets and front yards into market areas. After the district is rebuilt, it remains as one of centers of life in 12.
  • I don’t think Katniss would become the new healer in 12, but until they get a proper doctor, 12 returnees would come up to her for medical help and she tries her best to give them remedy. She’d often call her mom when she doesn’t know what to do. Peeta keeps calling her Dr. Everdeen whenever a ‘patient’ arrives at their door. Katniss scowls at him each time.
  • Plutarch makes Effie the new Ceasar Flickerman. But after five seasons hosting his singing competition show, Effie leaves the show due to ‘creative differences.’
  • Johanna Mason never stays in one place long enough and have lots of crazy adventures, but always return home to District 7. Katniss and Peeta are updated through the postcards she sends them. 
  • Annie remarries at some point. She sends Peeta and Katniss a photo of her wedding to add to their memory book.
  • Haymitch eventually stopped drinking, and lived to see toastbaby!girl turn 12. 
  • When Greasy Sae passes, Katniss and Peeta became her grandaughter’s legal guardians. 
  • Katniss and Peeta did speak one time in school when they were kids. It was in their math class and Peeta asked her what date it is. Katniss said it’s October 3rd. 
  • The reason Peeta placed second place in wrestling was coz he didn’t want his brother to be teased for losing against him.
  • Buttercup lives twice as long as an average cat and coz of that he is suspected to be half-mutt like a mockingjay is. Haymitch’s geese are scared of him.