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Characters: Simon, Negan and (Y/N)

Warnings: swearing and mild abuse

Pairing: none

Word Count: 934

Summary: Negan and (Y/N), a member of the Alexandria community, get into an argument once again, though this time with different results.

“C’mon sweetheart, what do you have to lose?” Negan purrs, leaning against the doorway of the kitchen with his signature smirk. I don’t miss the way his lustful eyes roam over my body as I cook dinner for my friends.

Negan is quite the character. He’s murderous. he’s downright creepy, and somehow thinks he’s entitled to every woman he lays eyes on, including me. I remember the first time I met him, when he came to check out Alexandria, his eyes wouldn’t leave me. He didn’t even speak to me, he just kept me in his sights. Though over the past few weeks during his weekly visits, he’s been getting more and more vocal. And so have I, mostly rejecting his approaches as nicely as possible.

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Let Me Love You

Summary: Because of her bad past with relationships, reader has doubts about her and Carl.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,887

A/n: As I said in my update this will be the last fic I upload for the next two weeks bc I have exams coming up and I won’t have time to write. After that I will be writing a lot more so for now, enjoy this fic :)


You sat in the house you shared with Glenn and Maggie, arms hugging your knees to your chest as you stared out into the field protected by the wall of Alexandria. You were thinking about wether you should go talk to Carl, your best friend and partner, at least until now, about what happened.

You’d been avoiding him for two days, which was extremely hard since you only lived a few houses down from each other and were assigned most of the same jobs. But you couldn’t see him, at least not yet. Not after what you saw.

You asked Olivia to change your shift at the pantry and even went as far as to ask Maggie not to let Carl in if he came by. It felt wrong to do these things but you knew you couldn’t handle seeing him right now.

In fact, you were thinking about calling the whole thing off, since that’s what you do best. You had to admit, you hadn’t had a great experience with relationships before, so now with this great connection between you two, you didn’t want to let it go. But after the whole situation you thought maybe it was for the best. Maybe he deserved to chose his own path instead of being tied to only you, with him free he could do and kiss whoever he wanted.

You remember the incident that happened two days ago. You had just woken up and Carl wasn’t there beside you so you checked downstairs, still to find no sign of him. So you decided he probably just went to his shift early and got dressed to go meet him. Once you were ready, you headed outside to be shocked at the sight of them together across the street.

You watched as Enid grabbed his face and kissed him. But that’s not what hurt the most, it’s the fact that he didn’t pull away quick enough. The kiss lasted a few seconds before he removed her hands and stepped away. You could tell he was saying that what happened wasn’t right but that didn’t erase the fact that he wanted to kiss her.

And that’s why you’d been dodging him, you couldn’t come to terms with the possibility that he actually did want to kiss her. That he might actually want to be with her. You couldn’t get these thoughts out of your head which only led you to believe the situation was worse than it was. You’d go back and forth with yourself, saying it was just a kiss and it didn’t mean anything and then reverting back to thinking he wanted her instead of you. This war in your mind only made you more upset to the point where you didn’t even want to see his face. Maybe you didn’t want to be with him either.

You’d always found it easier to just leave when things got tough in relationships, even before. You thought it kept you from getting hurt and it was easier than staying only to have it end up in pieces anyway. However, a small part of you had a hunch that this time was different, that this time he actually wanted you to stay and not just leave things be, which is how it had been in the past. And you noticed throughout the time you two had been together he always seemed more attached than the others had been. He also told you often how much he cared for you which you weren’t at all used to. But still, you thought you should follow your gut and spare you and him the pain of moving past this.

You planned to go and talk to him but before you could even get up from your bed your door creaked open to reveal a worried Carl standing in the doorway. He sighed in relief when he saw you which made you wonder how long he’d been looking, and he probably thought you weren’t here since you told Maggie you were avoiding him. At least she did her job.

He walked over to where you were and sat next to you on the bed. “Where have you been?,” he asked curiously. “I haven’t seen you in two days.” You shrugged your shoulders, trying to show it wasn’t as big a deal as he was making it out to be.

“Here,” you replied blankly. He frowned, upset that you weren’t seeming into the conversation, which you weren’t as him actually being here proved to be more difficult for you to say what you wanted to say to him.

“Have you been avoiding me?,” he blurted, finally realizing what’s been going on.

“Um, I guess I have,” you laughed lightly, trying to lighten the mood a bit. He didn’t find it funny at all.

“What the hell, y/n. Why?,” he inquired, now growing a little frustrated. You would be too if the person you loved just disappeared for two days without a word, but you weren’t the one who kissed someone else.

“The fact that you don’t know why amazes me. It really does,” you scoffed. How could he really not know why you’d been acting this way? Did he really think even if you didn’t see, that you wouldn’t find out?

“Okay I honestly don’t have a clue what I did to piss you off so… you’re gonna have to tell me,” he explained nervously. If you couldn’t tell by his voice you knew it from how he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and started sweating more than he was when he walked in.

“You know what you did, Carl,” you sighed, also getting frustrated that he’d clearly forgotten about the entire kiss thing. It took him a few moments to fully understand what you were referring to but when it clicked in his mind you could tell by how his eyes darted to the ground and he said something under his breath.

“Oh shit,” he muttered.

“Oh shit is right. How could you do that to me?,” you asked, more to yourself than to him. The regret was plastered onto his face when he looked over at you, but it was soon replaced with confusion which you didn’t quite get until he spoke.

“Y/n, Enid kissed me. I didn’t want her to…I didn’t know she wa… I don’t feel that way about her, you gotta believe me,” he insisted.

“I saw you. You didn’t pull away or tell her to stop, you just let it happen…” you trailed off, now trying to fight back the tears.

“You’re right. I should’ve pulled away and I didn’t. But only because I was in shock that she would do that since she knew about you and I,” he tried. “But I did tell her that I didn’t like her that way and that I was with you. Only you,” he added.

“You know what, Carl? It’s fine. Just forget about it. But we need a break,” you demanded, trying not to let your voice show the tears you were holding back.

“Y/n, I…we can-,” he tried but you cut him off.

“We can what? Just move on? Pretend like it never happened? That’s not how it works, Carl,” you sighed. “It’s easier this way.”

“Why do you try to walk away when things suddenly get complicated?,” he blurted, now standing up.

“It’s just better this way,” you stated while choking back the pain in your throat from refraining from crying.

“Why do you talk like that? You run away the second something goes wrong even when you don’t want to. Why is that?,” he barked, moving closer to you.

“Because that way I don’t get hurt,” you implied, now standing up as well.

“No ones gonna hurt you anymore, y/n. Do you not understand that? You don’t have to run away from me,” he pleaded, slowly lifting a hand up to touch your cheek.

“Everyone I’ve ever let in has left me and I won’t be able to handle it from you. I just won’t,” you broke, letting the tears stream down your face while he swiftly wiped them away with his thumbs.

“I’m not gonna leave you. Not now, not ever. You don’t have to shit people out anymore. Just let me love you. Let me love you, y/n,” he spoke kindly as he cupped your cheeks and continued wiping your tears away. His eyes searched yours for any sign that you might have changed your mind. You watched his pupils move back and forth, anxiously awaiting your response.

You stared at him, wishing you could feel the slightest amount of regret for the decision you had made in your mind, but you were so in love you didn’t even care. You knew you had let yourself fall in too deep and there was no coming back from it, no way you could retract the love you felt for this boy, Carl Grimes. But even though you’d made up your mind you still found it incredibly hard to tell him as it would officially start you down the path that wouldn’t stop, you wouldn’t be able to just leave anymore. If you let him in there was no erasing it.

“Please say something, y/n,” he pleaded after moments of silence as a result of your lack of courage. You opened your mouth slightly to speak but nothing came out, and in response he dropped his hands from your cheeks and began to step away. He sighed when you still didn’t say anything and started increasing the space between you, giving you one last chance to do something, which you took.

Almost instantly, you rushed over to him and closed the distance he made by gripping his shirt in your fists and pulling his mouth down to yours, blushing when you felt him smile through the kiss.

You released your grip on his flannel, slowly unclenching your fists and letting them rest on his chest while he grabbed your hips and swung you into him.

Finally, he broke the kiss and moved his hands from your hips to your cheeks, guiding your eyes to look into his. “Y/n, I would never do anything to hurt you and I hope you know that you are the only person I want to kiss. There’s no one else and there’s never going to be anyone else because I love you,” he declared before gently kissing your forehead.

“I love you, Carl Grimes,” you requited, unable to keep the smile from forming on your lips.

You had finally found the one who wouldn’t trade you like the others from your past, the one who wouldn’t toss you aside when there was someone else to toy with. You loved him for it, for how kind and genuine he was. How he loved you for you and not just your body. He treated you better, right, how you should be treated. He didn’t take advantage of you even when he had plenty of opportunities to do so and you were grateful for that. That you had truly found someone who you didn’t have to walk away from, who you knew you could be with. All you had to do was let him love you.

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TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "Rock in the Road"

An imagine about the 9th episode of season 7
The reader has to go back to the Sanctuary with Negan once again…

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (for 7x02)
part 4 is about 7x03 “The Cell”
part 5 is about 7x04 “Service”
part 6 is about 7x05 “Go Getters”
(7x06 was left out because the timeframe between the episodes was too short)
part 7 is about 7x07 “Sing me a song”
part 8 is about the midseason finale

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You looked back at Alexandria, that still laid in a shocked silent before you while you still saw some of your friends from afar as you stepped huffing into the truck, knowing that you’d have to return to the place where your brother Daryl was held in a tiny cell and probably also Eugene soon.
You walked swallowing over to the bench in the back of the truck that came from the place you had come from with Carl and Negan just hours ago.
Before you saw Alexandria once again.
Before two more people had to die.
You let yourself fall onto the bench still pressing a tissue on the wound Arat had given to you. Before she had shot Olivia, she had chosen to kill you but her bullet had just brushed your arm leaving a small wound and Negan out of control. 
He had shown that kind of protectiveness also in other situations, you had seen him softer when he had seen Carl crying or when he sat with Judith in the rocking chair on Ricks porch while he was on the other side still that asshole who had murdered your friends in that one night.
And with killing two more people, he had just supported that image.
Negan let himself fall next to you while he looked from your face to your wound before he looked over to his men.
“Someone gotta get me some disinfection stuff and bandages”, he said looking at the man sitting before him before one of them got up and rushed out of the truck.
You glanced warily at him as he turned back to you with a big grin on his face.
“What Sweetheart? I’m just taking fucking care of you”, he said smirking at you while you huffed and the man came back into the truck with the stuff Negan had asked for.
He began dripping some liquid on a tissue as the motor of the truck started.
“Lets get fucking ready for it, Sweetheart! I’m gonna be fucking gentle I promise”, he said chuckling while he winked at you before he took your arm into one of his hands and began carefully cleaning the wound.
Negan hummed some song while you turned your head away from him and looked out of the window as the truck rushed past the trees.
You felt how he wrapped the bandage around your arm before he you looked over to him right as he finished
“Perfectly done, Sweetheart. Gonna get you to my doctor anyways”, he said smirking while he packed away the left bandages.
You turned away from him again while you felt how one of his arms wrapped around your waist.
You leaned against the window, looked outside while you thought about your friends in Alexandria and Eugene who had still sobbed uncontrollably when you had seen them loading him up.
The truck kept driving over the roads passing smaller groups of walkers once in a while, while you felt how you got more tired the longer you looked out of the window.
Your eyelids got heavier, the whole day from the beginning with Carl showing up to you ending up in one of Negans truck again had stressed you and made you extremely tired.
You tried your hardest to stay awake, you didnt want to fall asleep here, next to him and his men but at some point you couldn’t fight your tiredness anymore and finally dozed off.

The slight swinging of arms around you woke you up.
You felt warmth around you and almost wanted to cuddle closer to get more of it before you slowly opened your eyes and found yourself carried in Negans arms.
Your head was nuzzled into the curve of his neck, your hands rested on his chest while he held you closely to himself as he kept walking.
You almost jolted up as you realized what was happening but could stop yourself and instead raised your head carefully while Negan turned his face to you.
“Holy fucking hell, the Sleeping Beauty has awoken from her beauty sleep”, he said grinning at you while you scoffed still not really awake.
“Let me down”, you said huffing while Negan kept smirking at you.
“Thats some fucking service I only offer to you, you should think twice about it”,  Negan said chuckling.
“I have, could you please let me down now”, you said with a more urging tone in your voice.
“Alright”, Negan said sighing before he let you down and you could first see that you were not far from the trucks that had brought you back to the sanctuary.
You looked around trying to search for Eugene, but all you found were some Saviors that walked around.
You felt how Negan slung his arm around you as you saw how Simon walked towards you and Negan.
“Boss…we’ve got a problem”, he said scoffing while walked closer.
“And thats what, Simon?”, Negan asked raising his brows.
“Her dickhead brother”, Simon said pointing at you while you felt how your blood froze.
God, what had happened again?
What did they do to him?
And what did he do?
“That prick broke out and killed fat Joey on his way out”, said Simon while looking at Negan
”Fuck, really?”, asked Negan scoffing while he stroke over his jawline.
”Yeah, bashed his head with some iron bar”, Simon responded swallowing.
”Jesus, bet that prick run back to his sweet sweet home”, said Negan huffing.
”Probably, we can go searching for him”, responded Simon.
”No, no doesnt make sense to search in the fucking night. Don’t wanna risk to get more of my men killed in the darkness searching for that asshole…we’re gonna talk tomorrow more about that”, Negan said before Simon nodded and walked over to the other Saviors.
You saw how Negan turned sighing around and looked at you.
“Did you know about that? And don’t even think about fucking lying”, said Negan looking serious at you.
“No I didnt, I mean how should I even done that? You were with me the whole time”, you said looking back at him before he looked nodding at you.
“Yeah, yeah right”, he muttered stroking pondering through his hair.
He clenched his jaw swallowing before he looked back at you.
“Alright lets get inside”, he said before he began walking with you over to the door.

Negan lead you trough the hallways all the way to your room and walked chuckling with you inside.
You knew exactly what he planned for the rest of the night, but this time you couldnt.
The first two times you agreed had just been caused through the thought that you could maybe endanger the others a bit with not rejecting and maybe even provoking him.
But that wasnt the case.
And even though he had never forced you or anything, you had never really known if it would have consequences for the others if you rejected him, you hadn’t known how much truth was behind these words after all the cruel things he had done to your group, after everything he seemed to be capable of, but now you did.
It didn’t matter if you would sleep with him or not, you knew, that he would hurt them whenever he felt like they deserved it regardless of how many nights you would spend with him.
You couldn’t deny, as much as you hated it, that you had felt joy in these nights while you had known that everything that made you feel this way was wrong and you didnt want to feel those wrong feelings again.
And you didnt want to have him that close.
Especially not after all what had happened today.
All what was probably happening right now to Eugene.
You stopped walking before you felt how Negan wrapped his arms around you from behind and pulled you closer against his body.
You heard him chuckle as you felt his hot breath on your skin and moments after that his lips that placed themselves on your neck while you felt his body even closer and a shiver running down your back.
“Sweetheart, I guess a fucking eventful day deserves an eventful night”, you heard him whisper smirking in your ear.
“I’m not gonna do anything with you after all what happened”, you growled while you turned around and freed yourself with that out of his arms while he looked chuckling at you shaking his head slightly.
“Because of the two dead fucking people? Or what? I know you got your own mind and I’m not gonna fucking force you to anything but If I might remind you that we already fucked two times, Sweetheart?”, Negan said chuckling holding two fingers up while you felt how the anger in you builded up and Negan walked closer to you.
“And might I remind you that, both fucking times, you were a goddamn moaning mess beneath me?”, he said smirking at you while you had to control yourself to not slap him.
You hated him for that comment and you also had hated yourself for enjoying a single moment with him even though his statement had been pretty exaggerated in your eyes.
The reason you had slept with him had never been joy, it had always been the fear of not exactly knowing what he was all else capable of doing.
You breathed scoffing out and swallowed, before you calmly raised your voice that was tembling through anger.
“Why did I spend those nights with you? Why Negan? Absolutely not to have the damn murderer of my friends around me even more. You’re an asshole but you’re for sure not dumb, you’re probably everything else than that. You know why I did that”, you said into his eyes while you balled your fists trying to keep yourself under control.
You looked at Negan who remained silent for a few moments but still with that grin on his lips chuckling slightly.
“The only reason why I agreed was to protect the last ones you’ve left me. That’s it….I know you never forced or pushed me to anything, but how should I have known at that point, after you bashed two of my friends heads of what you are else capable of, what you would do to them if I’d reject you, how should I have known that?..and…I know what game you are playing by punishing others than the ones who made the mistake…I just never wanted to play that fucking game with you”, you said swallowing hard while you saw Negan turning more serious.
“I know, I fucking know Sweetheart. First, I wouldn’t ever fucking punish you for not fucking me or telling me fucking ‘no’. Second, that girl back in Alexandria didn’t seem to fucking understand anything. Similar thing with your fucking dickhead Brother. He could’ve have the best fucking life here, but he chose to fucking fuck it up more than once”, Negan said serious.
“He just chose to not be one of your brainwashed fucks”, you muttered growling.
Negan came closer again and stopped shortly before you.
“And now he fucking fled and killed one of my damn men. Bad decision, fucking bad decision even for a dumbass like him”, he said looking into your eyes.
You looked at Negan while he walked now chuckling towards you and took your chin into his hand while his glance intensified
”I really hope for your fucking friends that they fucking learned from their damn mistakes. But in case they haven’t and my men find your fucking brother in Alexandria…hell, they’re all dead and Daryl, fuck, I’m gonna get him back here and torture the living fucking shit outta him”, he said dangerously whispering while you felt how your breath stopped.
You felt how painful strokes shot through your whole body.
You saw their dead bodies in front of you, covered in blood and spread all over Alexandria.
Your brother being turtoured to death while you heard his screams crystal clear in your head.
You felt how the burden on your shoulders grew, how the pressure on you increased.
You hadnt have time to come to turns even about Glenn’s and Abraham’s deaths because the man who had murdered them had been around you the whole time and now you had to fear even more of the people you loved would be killed.
You shifted disgusted away from him, stepped away while you glared at him and clenched your jaw
”What? That’s how it works. They know the fucking rules and if they’re not playing by them…well, they gotta fucking pay for it”, he said chuckling while he stepped closer looking at you.
“Fuck you”, you muttered growling while you heard Negans chuckle.
“Well Sweetheart, you know, I better like you doing that”, he said provocative grinning as you scoffed and shook your head angrily at him.
“Times have fucking changed but your friends don’t seem to want to fucking get that. You know what that whole thing reminds me of? That I guessed that you all thought you’re gonna sit around a table at sundays dinner with a sweet little happy fucking ending. But those fucking happy endings are nothing for this world”, he said stepping closer again.
“Told that Rick already when he laid crying like a little ass baby on that RV…you know Sweetheart, I think you also hoped to get that happy ending, didnt you?”, Negan asked, his face shortly before yours, while you felt how the pain already crawled up in your body.
“Well Sweetheart I fucking hate to disappoint you but I guess your friends just turned that sundays dinner into a fucking slaughter”, he said as he chuckled as he backed away while his glance still laid on you. 
You felt the feelings washing over you how it hurt you to see that scene again before you.
Their screams that still sounded through the air, Alexandria turned into a bloodred hell and everyone and everything you loved gone forever.
That scenes before your eyes werent just any nightmare that kept you awake in sleepless nights, no, it was worse.
They could be reality.
They had already taken so much from you, close friends that had fought through this world had to die through his hand.
And now, if they would find him, they would take the very rest.
“Just go”, you said glaring at him feeling that you couldn’t take his presence anymore and just didn’t want to.
No matter if you had seen a slightly bit of a soft concerned side of him, that what seemed like somehow protectiveness over you, you were just disgusted by him right now and by what he did to your friends.
You felt how your eyes became slightly wet just because that burden that laid on you became even bigger.
You didn’t want him to see how hard that all hit you, confused you and came close to you, you didn’t want him to see you ever cry again as you did in the night he murdered Glenn and Abe.
“Just go”, you tried to growl while you heard Negan chuckle once again.
You looked up shortly before adding something as you saw how he suddenly went quiet and his glance changed into a softer concerned one.
He had seen the tears in your eyes.
He looked at you and swallowed before he raised his voice.
“Holy hell Sweetheart, fuck I’m…I’m sorry, I really am, shit…I didn’t…I never wanted to-”, he said not finishing but instead looking at you while he breathed stressed out.
Within one moment that man in front of you who had threatened to turn your home into a slaughterhouse got turned simply from seeing how much he had hurt you with that, to his softer side, to the man that looked at you as if he would actually regret telling you that.
But you didnt care right now.
You didnt care if he was that softer, concerned Negan again you just wanted him to leave.
You looked swallowing at him while he bit his lip before he swung his bat over his shoulder and you’re glance went away from him, outside the window until you heard his voice again
“Good Night Sweetheart”, you heard him say before the door shut, knowing that even when he had regretted telling you, he would still let all your friends get killed when your brother was in Alexandria or just close to it.
As soon as you heard the door being shut you couldn’t hold your tears back anymore, a loud sob escaped your mouth while your body turned into a trembling mess, while you felt incredibly helpless thinking about everything that could happen tomorrow.
You felt the hot tears stream down your face while your sobs suddenly stopped for a second as you heard how the handle of the door moved but was let go of  seconds later and finally followed by heavy steps that got quieter with every second.
He had stood there.
He had stood there for sure and had heard you crying.
And he seemed to have at least thought about coming back in to you.
You let yourself fall scoffing onto the bed, your feelings mixing between grief, sorrow and the anger you felt because he had heard you sobbing.
It had been enough that he got to see your glassy eyes, you didn’t want him to see you weak, even when he had apologized.
You curled up into your bed while your head began to pound through the tears that just wouldn’t stop.
You wanted to be strong and not cry but at that moment all the sorrow you had tried to suppress over all the time you were here bursted out though the storm Negan had provoked just with what stood behind his words.
You didnt know how long you laid there, but at some point you could finally doze off.

The bright sunlight that shone through the windows of your room woke you up.
It seemed still pretty early and you just wanted to sleep more but instead of that you laid awake there and as you realized that it would avail to nothing you decided to shower just to get wash all the dried tears from your face and body.
You let the water pour over your body and even when the thought of Negans words last night still let a shiver run down your back you felt a bit better now and just hoped that Daryl and the others knew what they were doing.
You got dressed, tried to get one of the fruits down your throat that laid in a little basket on a desk and sat down on the bed knowing that Negan would probably come soon.
And your feeling was proved right.
You heard the knock on the door before Negan came chuckling back in.
He eyed you and as he seemed to notice that you were mostly alright again his signature grin formed on his lips.
”Good fucking morning Sweetheart. Promised to get your wound treated and as you know, I’m a man of my fucking word”, he said smirking at you.
”Alright”, you said sighing before you got up and walked to Negan who ultimately placed his arm around your waist again as he lead you out of the room.
For a few minutes you walked with him through the hallways of the sanctuary while several Saviors kneeled as soon as they saw Negan.
Then you stood before a door Negan opened for you and guided you grinning in.
It wasn’t a room like the most ones in the sanctuary it was a doctors office. “Only the fucking best treatment for my Sweetheart”, Negan said grinning at you before he turned to the man in the white tunic.
“Doc, you gotta take a look on her wound”, said Negan as you walked completely inside the room.
The man nodded and lead you to the treatment table while Negan leaned the wall.
“What happened?”, he asked looking at you as he began to slowly loosen the provisory bandage.
“A bullet brushed me”, you muttered.
“Well then you had a lot luck, Miss”, said the man as he turned around to a cupboard and began to rummage around in it.
You nodded slightly as he turned back around and began to treat your wounds while you felt Negans intense glance on you.
After a few moments you looked carefully over to him and noticed how serious he was eying every move the doctor made until he saw you looking at him.
You looked back but could still catch how he grinned and winked at you before his glance fell back on the doctor.
”Doc, have you already heard of Fat Joeys fucking terrible fate?”, Negan asked suddenly.
”Yes, already yesterday night. Really sad”, responded the man while he kept going.
”Yeah, yeah it its, especially ‘cause that Fat Joey, Skinny Joey joke fucking died with him. No but seriously he was a good man”, Negan said before he chuckled slightly and took his walkie into his hands and raised his voice.
“Alright everyone. Listen. Fat Joey’s dead. For anyone out there who loved the obese bastard as much as I did, I just want to say a few words. Fat Joey was not the most badass son of bitch, but he was loyal. He had a great sense of humor. In fact, we were just joking about oral sex with Lucille the other day. Things will not be the same now that he’s dead. Without Fat Joey, Skinny Joey is just … Joey. So it’s a goddamn tragedy. So, let’s have a moment of silence”, Negan with a slight touch of consternation but mostly with his regular voice where you hadnt have to see him to know that he was grinning.
You looked at Negan who remained silent, dandling his head slightly from left to right as if he would count how many seconds he had to wait to talk again.
You looked back to the doctor in front of you who was spreading salve over your wound  as you heard Negans voice again.
”We got ourselves a red situation. I need a search party and see if Daryl ran home like the dumb animal that he is”, you heard Negan say while you swallowed thinking about last night.
It still made you want to vomit just thinking about what could happen if they found him there, or if they found him outside somewhere.
“On it. Be there in time for lunch”, you heard Simons cracking voice through the walkie.
“Turn that sleepy little burg upside down”, Negan said grinning before you looked swallowing back to the Doctor who kept treating your wound
“You are going to be fine really soon. It’s just a small wound, with the salve I put on it’s going to heal fast”, the doctor said as he began to wrap a new bandage around your arm.
“But I guess you already had worse wounds”, he added and kept going.
“Yeah”, you said nodding.
“Alright you are done”, said the man with a half smile before you hopped of the treatment table.
You walked over to Negan who already waited for you with one of his arms as always ready again to wrap around you.
”Thanks Doc”, Negan said before he walked out of the room with you.
You felt his glance on your body before his voice raised again.
”If he’s not as fucking dumb as he often acts they’re staying alive. Just hope for that, Sweetheart”, you heard him say before he kept on walking.

Minutes later you arrived in front of a door, but it wasnt yours, it was Negans.
You looked questioning at him while he began to chuckle.
“Got some shit to do and I guess you’d like to be up to date about whats happening at the wonderfully idyllic Alexandria”, he said while he opened the door and lead you grinning in.
There you were back again in his room, like the times you had spend here when Carl had been here.
Your glance wandered around in the room until it laid on his giant bed as you heard him chuckle.
“Taking a fucking liking in my bed, Sweetheart?”, Negan asked chuckling while you looked annoyed back at him.
“You can fucking believe me, you’re its most welcome guest”, Negan said grinning before he waved you over to the couch with him.
You sat down on it while Negan let himself fall next you, placed the walkie on the table and grabbed a small booklet.
He leaned back and began writing down something while he placed an arm on the backrest and stroke with his fingers over your shoulder creating a weird feeling inside you, you ultimately wanted to get rid of.
You looked out of the window, knowing that somewhere outside there was Alexandria and you had no idea what was going to happen there.
If your brother was there, if he was outside in the woods or maybe even in Hilltop.
In case he was in Alexandria, you could just hope that they would hide him extremely good and you didnt even wanted to think anymore about the alternative.
You couldnt do anything, you couldnt warn them, you couldnt help them, nothing.
You were completely helpless.
Your glance wandered more often than you wanted to the walkie that laid on the table until that one moment the crack sounded that made you jolt up.
“Alright Boss, we’re in Alexandria. Just sent the others out. By the way, Rick acted like an innocent sheep”, you heard Simons voice suddenly burst out of the walkie before Negan leaned towards the table and took it into his hands.
“Of fucking course, lets see if he’s the innocent bastard he pretends to be”, Negan said chuckling into the walkie while you swallowed knowing what the Saviors were doing right now.
“Wow, you really do not fucking seem like you’d trust a lot in your friends intelligence”, said Negan chuckling as he had seemed to notice your shocked face expression.
You looked scoffing over to him while he kept chuckling.
The next minutes seemed like an eternity.
You felt an unbearable pressure on your ribcage that didnt want to let you breath and while your thoughts circled around everything that could happen your body began to tremble and your breath speeded up.
You felt how Negan began to look at your trembling body that just didnt want to stop and your ribcage that went faster up and down than you wanted to.
You saw how Negans hand reached over to yours and took it carefully into his before he squeezed it soothing.
After a few moments you felt his thumb stroking over the back of your hand while he remained silent.
He didnt say anything, he didnt even chuckle.
He just sat there with you on the couch, your hand stayed buried in his big warm hand while it somehow calmed you down as bizarre as it was.
You didnt know if he did this because he felt guilty for last night or if he actually cared somehow about you.
Maybe even both.
You just didnt know.
That thing between you hadnt got any clearer it actually got even more muddled.  
Your thoughts would have stayed circling around that but the cracking of the walkie ripped you out of them.
”Boss, we went through everything, don’t know where that prick is but he’s definitely not here”, you heard Simon voice while you could finally catch a breath for the first time.
They didnt find him there, they were all alive.
No more dead people.
Daryl was somewhere out there, but doesnt matter if Rick and the others had contact to him or not, they would somehow find themselves and now that the Saviors didnt find him there, their situation was safer.
”Alright Simon”, you just heard Negan say into the walkie.
”Looks like your brother isn’t as fucking dumb as I thought”, you heard Negan say chuckling.
And while with that the silence was gone and the chuckle back at it again, his hand stayed to your surprise tightly around yours.

part 10 

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(request: hello, can you please make an imagine where the reader is very close to the group, they all have been together since the start, but then reader’s sister or brother (doesn’t matter) dies, so she goes nuts & kill literally everything that moves & the group tries to help her, but then they kinda kick her out? (can you also add a slight of Daryl and the reader, please :))

Note: Enjoy!

Warning: angst, death, blood

Originally posted by sail-not-drift

You stood with your back against the wall. You turned your head around the corner of the mall and you saw only a handful of walkers. You nodded your head to your brother Sam. He raised his knife and ran around the corner, taking out the first walkers stealthily. You saw Daryl hiding behind the bushes, his crossbow raised and ready to shoot at anyone who tried to go for your brother. You scanned your surroundings, looking out for anything unusual. Your eyes returned to your brother as he was drenching himself in walker blood and guts, making himself invisible from the other walkers. He looked behind and gave Daryl a quick nod before going inside the mall.

You had finally found somewhere safe to live after months of being on the road. Alexandria was a safe community and they had lots of resources, except one thing: batteries to get the electricity generator working. Before all this your brother Sam was an engineer, he knew what to look for in the mall, you and Daryl where just look outs.

It had been around 10 minutes and Sam wasn’t out yet. He said it would only take a couple of minutes, you were starting to worry. You decided to wait a little longer for him but the plans changed when you heart a single gunshot echo through the store. Your feet instinctively started running forward, Daryl swearing under his breath as he came up behind you. Your eyes scanned all the different stores and your heart was pounding.

“Over here!” Daryl shouted as he spotted the hardware store. You followed him as he ran in, weapon raised. Your eyes searched the area and you stopped, raising your gun when you saw a man standing over your brother. The man looked up at you with tears in his eyes, he dropped his gun and lifted his hands in surrender.

“I- I’m sorry, I thought he was one of them!” he pleaded, his bottom lip quivering from fear.

You weren’t listening to anything he was saying. He continued to ramble on but your eyes drifted down to your brother on the floor, blood oozing from the bullet hole in his head. You felt your world come crashing down on you suddenly. Sam was the only blood you had left, and he lay dead in front of you.

“(Y/n)?” Daryl looked over to you, his bow still raised. He saw something click in you but he wasn’t able to stop you in time. You ran forward, pushing the man to the ground. You straddled him and started to punch his face in, shouting with every hit. Adrenaline was coursing through your veins, blocking out the pain in your knuckles and the fact that you were beating a man close to death.

Daryl grabbed onto your arms, restricting you from punching the man’s face anymore. He dragged you off the man and tried to stand you up but your legs felt weak, there was no way they could hold you up. You collapsed back on Daryl’s chest, both of you sitting on the floor as the tears started to pour down your face. You stared at your brother’s dead body and cried out in pain, Daryl wrapped his arms around you, hugging you closer to him.

“Don’t look” he whispered, his voice low and filled with sorrow. He hated seeing you in pain, but this time it was different, you had never attacked a man like that out of pure rage. The only time you’d ever done that was to protect yourself, but this man was unarmed.

You squeezed your eyes shut but all you could see behind your lids was your brother. Memories of your past life flashed by in a second, and then it was gone. Darkness filled your sight and your mind went black.

“What happened?”

You slowly blinked your eyes open, your vision slightly blurry as you tried to make out the two men standing above you.

“I don’t know man. I think she just passed out from the trauma”

You jolted violently when you felt a hand on your head. Your hand grabbed whoever it was but your sight soon became clear and you saw it was Daryl. You slowly loosened your grip and you brought your hand back to you. You said nothing as you looked up to the ceiling, wondering what had happened.

You started to sit up from the mattress but Rick put his hand on your shoulder, pushing you back down. You lightly hit his hand away with yours, and looked at him in confusion.

“You need to rest, you’ve been through a lot” Rick said, his voice calm, as if not to frighten you.

“What are you talking about? Stop playing games Rick, I need to get on watch” you said, standing up but losing your balance a little.

Daryl quickly helped you stay still and you gave him a small smile before going outside, the two men following very close behind you. You turned around and furrowed your eyebrows.

“Would you get off my back?” you asked, wondering why they were watching over you.

“(Y/n)” Daryl started. “Do you know what happened yesterday?”

You sent him a questioning glance but answered the question anyway. “We went on a run, me you and Sam. We got the batteries and came back, that’s all” you said.

Daryl glanced at Rick who looked extremely concerned.

“(Y/n), Sam, he- he didn’t make it yesterday” Rick paused as he let the information all sink in. You were confused at first, your heart beating a little faster as you tried to wrap your head around his words.

“You beat a man to death, I mean look at your knuckles” Daryl piped up, lifting your bandaged hands for you to see. It was all coming back to you in a huge wave. Sam dying, the blood pouring from his head, the scared man and then your hands repeatedly connecting with his face over and over.

Everything was quiet, but when Daryl said your name you snapped. You swiftly took the knife from your holder and held it up to his neck. You stared in to his eyes, he didn’t look threatened but he looked sorry for you. He saw the broken look in your eye. People from Alexandria and your group had started to crowd around you. Daryl slowly raised his hand to yours, closing his fingers around the knife and slowly pushing it away from him. You let him, almost shocked with yourself for what you had done.

“No sudden movements” Rick said quietly, but loud enough for everyone to hear. You were like dynamite, one wrong move and you’d explode. Rick had seen this happen to people before, which is why he knew what to do. Daryl knew as well, which is why he moved with extreme caution as he slowly tried to pry the knife from your hand. Your eyes were searching his, both of you holding eye contact, but you were the first to break away when you saw Spencer walking up behind the group.

“What the hell is going on here?” he asked, walking closer.

“No!” Rick shouted as you grabbed the knife back from Daryl and lunged at spencer. You were convinced that he was going to attack you, just how your brother was. You wouldn’t let that happen again, not to you or anyone else. You had Spencer pinned to the floor, he was shouting for help and his voice was ringing in your ears, driving you to bring the blade down into his head. You continued to drive it down into him, grunting with every stab, his blood was splattering over your face.

Daryl had grabbed you back once again and you were struggling in his grip. You heard screams from the crowd but the others from your group stared at you in silence, wishing they could help you with your pain, but there was nothing they could do, you were dangerous. Rick pried the knife from your hands as Deanna came running to Spencer’s side. You saw her mourning her son and you couldn’t help but start crying as well. You were hurting, physically and mentally.

“Get her up” Rick said. Daryl helped you up but he kept your arms behind your back. You said nothing as you were being led to the front gates, the rest of the group following behind. You were standing outside now, Rick handed you a bag filled with supplies, and a gun with full ammo.

“I’m sorry, but you understand why we have to do this”

You looked up to Rick and the rest of the group who had tears in their eyes. Your eyes landed on Daryl and he looked distraught, his eyes wet from tears, but none of them falling down his face.

“I’ll see you all on the other side” you said, tears dropping from your eyes. You gave them one last smile before walking away. You didn’t know how you felt. Right now, you were numb, angry and broken. You weren’t happy or sad about leaving, you knew it was for the best but you would miss them. Maybe your paths would cross again, or maybe you’d pull the trigger and end your life.

Playing Chicken
Negan/Carl Grimes/Rick Grimes
Rating: T
Warnings: Language? I mean, it’s Negan…

Negan walked down and stood beside Simon and Dwight, watching from down the street as Jadis marched Rick over to them at gunpoint. Between him and two dozen of his guys was Carl, down on his knees staring at the grass in front of him. Rick needed a serious goddamn attitude adjustment and Negan knew just which buttons to push.

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Daryl Dixon Imagine ~ Shot

The reader gets accidentally shot by Daryl, who falsely assumed that she’s a walker.
After he takes her to Alexandria, he begins to take care of her… 


The request was:
“Imagine that the first time you meet Daryl he accidently shoots you in the leg or shoulder because he thought you were a walker or a deer. Since he feels guilty he takes care of you.” 

Originally posted by anjelia3

The bright sunlight dazzled your tired eyes as you stumbled through the forest.
Yesterday you drank your last drop of the water you carried in your bottle and
you couldnt even remember the last time you ate something.
Probably also because your head was pounding as if it was shortly before exploding and didn’t allow you to think a lot.
It wouldn’t have come this far if you hadnt met a group of other survivors a few days ago.
You were a fighter, of course you were and thats probably why you survived as they attacked you out of nowhere.
It could have ended worse, you could be dead but your supplies were lost through your fight and you ended up with multiple wounds on your body, one on your head that hurt so bad that you didn’t even want to know how bad it looked.
All you hoped was that you’d soon find a house or whatever where you could rest and hopefully find something to drink and eat.

You would have stayed stumbling like that, not really perceiving what was around you caused by your pounding head, but something or better, someone attracted your attention.
But before your hand could wander to the knife in your pocket, the only weapon you could save, you felt an unbearable pain shooting through your body, as a gasping scream left your mouth.
The last thing you felt before everything got black before your eyes was the dull feeling as your body hit the hard ground.

Slowly your eyes fluttered open.
Your head was still pounding but next to that you felt some feeling that had been unfamiliar to you over the last time.
The feeling of a soft and warm bed.
Immediately you jolted up as a sharp pain shot through your body letting you fall back gasping into the pillows.
Where were you?
And who brought you here?
You tried to remember everything your eyes had seen before everything went black, but the only thing you could remember was the figure that probably caused why you could add some more wounds to your collection.
Your eyes began to examine the room, that was cozy furnished, with big windows that were framed by soft looking curtains while your hands tried to find your knife that way usually stuck in your pants pockets.
But your hands didn’t find your knife, nor your pants, what you found instead was a bandage wrapped around your upper leg and a sleep shirt whoever had brought you here had put you in.
But that wasnt what interested you that much, you had to get your knife back or if not that something else you could oppose yourself with.
Just because this someone brought you here and did all this didn’t mean that he or she had good intentions.
People had changed, whatever someone did, you couldn’t be sure why.
But before you could search for more you heard voices coming from the outside of the room.
You pressed yourself into the pillows as you watched how the door opened a gap wide.
Your eyes met with other eyes before the door closed immediately again and you heard the voices again, now hearable.
“She’s awake”, muttered the male voice you sorted to the one that had opened the door.
“Alright, I had to change her bandages anyway”, said a female voice before the male voice began to rise again after a short pause.
“Mhm..I’m coming with you”, he answered before the door opened again and you eyed the two persons walking into the room warily.
The woman, wearing a blonde ponytail and glasses looked smiling at you before she told you her name was Denise and she would be the doctor of Alexandria, the Safe-Zone you were at.
Behind her you noticed the man, he had straggly brown hair that hung in his face but which didn’t keep his eyes from examining you.
“Who brought me here…and why?”, you asked trying to sound strong but your dry throat let your voice sound fragile and weak.
The blonde woman turned around to the man who still had his glance laying on you.
“Daryl, he brought you here, he accidentally shot you”, she said looking at him.
“Accidentally?”, you asked looking at him warily.
“Thought you were a walker”, he muttered breaking his silence.
“We are good people. Daryl brought you here to get your wounds treated. But before I keep doing that, you should reveal your name to us”, she said smiling.
“(Y/N)”, you answered after hesitating for a moment.
“Okay (Y/N), then, if you let me, I’ll look after your wounds, they need it”, she said, while Daryl stood still there like glued to the spot, his eyes not leaving your body.
“Alright”, you muttered before the blonde woman began to change your bandages.
“Would you tell me where you got the other wounds from? That would help me”, she asked.
“I was attacked by another group of people, I think they wounded me generally with knives, machetes I’m not really sure..but I couldnt treat them in any way”, you said while the woman nodded, surveying your face .
“Okay, Daryl would you get her some water?”, Denise asked before he went out of the room and returned shortly after that with a big glass of water.
Looking at him he held the water to you which you carefully grabbed.
“Slowly”, you heard Denise say as you finally felt how some life came back into your body while the water flowed down your throat.
“You’ll soon get something to eat, but we have to do it slowly so you won’t get any problems with that”, she said as she finished the bandages and stood up.
Denise told you to give yourself some more rest now and as they left you still saw Daryls glance.
You werent quite sure what to think about that, that he mistook you for a walker wasnt a surprise to you, probably you would have thought that too and that he brought you here spoke for him, he could have just left you there.

Within the next days you got better and every time Denise came to change your bandages or else, Daryl came with her even if he stood the most of the time just there eying you and your wounds.
He didn’t talk a much, here and there he muttered an answer when Denise asked him something, but the most of the time he remained silent.
He was mostly the one beside Denise who brought you some food and sometimes he even forced a small smile on his lips.
They were the only people that came to your room the first days, the first time you leaned a bit out of the bed you saw how some people walked through the village.
They seemed peaceful and happy.
Not something you had seen before you got here.
You heard between the lines that the one running this place was called Rick and you kept trying to listen as good as possible to find out more.

It had been four or five days after you woke up as Daryl entered your room with some food he gave to you.
“Thanks”, you muttered as he kept standing there, seeming like he didn’t really know how to behave.
You looked at him before he hesitantly sat down on a chair close to your bed.
“Wanted to apologize for shooting you”, he muttered looking at you.
“Its okay, you brought me here after that… I’m not taking that for granted”, you answered while you began to slowly eat.
”The least I could do”, he mumbled,
“Did you have a group?”, Daryl added after a while.
“A long time ago I had one, but they got murdered…since then I’m alone”, you said looking at him as he nodded slightly.
He sat there for a short while, silent, while you noticed how he awkwardly tried to not let you catch him as he eyed you again, then he left.
But different to the last times you heard his voice now again after a while next to another one.
“You know that I also do that because I can rely on your judgement, right?”, you heard the unfamiliar male voice say.
“You should come with me”, the voice added before the door hit open again.
A man entered the door, who directly looked at you at came towards you followed by Daryl.
The man with the three-day beard and the brown hair introduced himself as Rick and as the one in charge in Alexandria.
“I gotta ask you some questions”, Rick said as he sat down on the chair, Daryl had sat just a short while before.
“Alright”, you muttered eying him and waiting for his questions.
“First: How many walkers have you killed?”, he asked.
“A lot, I don’t know how many but a lot, I mean…you die if you don't”, you said waiting for his reaction.
He nodded slightly while you looked over to Daryl who stood next to Rick.
“How many people have you killed?”, Rick asked while you swallowed, you werent proud about that, even if the number might have been small next to others.
“8″, you said looking at him, swallowing hard.
“Why?”, he finally asked.
“When…I had to protect myself or the group I had,… I couldn’t save them anyway…but I only did it when I had to, really. I don’t like it”, you said hoping that he wouldn’t misunderstand you.
Rick looked over to Daryl who just nodded slightly while you felt the tense build up in your body, you didn’t know what consequences your answers would have.
Rick looked back to you and smiled slightly.
“Welcome to Alexandria, (Y/N).”

“Do you need some help?”, you asked Carl as he was cutting vegetables for lunch.
You were now a few weeks in Alexandria, your wounds had healed and you began to be a full member of the society here.
Of course you had been warily for the first time, but now you couldn’t be happier that you finally had a place you could somehow call home.
“Thanks but no…apropos Daryl’s searching for you”, Carl said as he looked up to you. “Alright…do you know where he is?”, you asked.
“Yeah he’s outside on the porch”, Carl answered with a half smile before turning back to the vegetables.
Not knowing what Daryl could want you walked out of the house.
You found him, like Carl said, standing on the porch, leaning against the railing while he fixed a damaged arrow.
“Carl said you searched for me?”, you said walking towards him.
He turned around to you, looking at you through his straggly hair like he did the first time you saw him shortly after you had woke up.
“Yeah, heard you wanna go with us on a run”, he muttered.
“Yes, I was a long time out there I think I can help…I want to help with what I learned over the while”, you answered as he bit his lip.
“Are there any problems with that?”, you asked looking confused at him.
He breathed heavily out and seemed to struggle with himself.
“Your wounds have finally healed, don’t want you to risk adding new ones just for some dumb run ”, he muttered. “Well…but Daryl, everybody’s helping somehow and I wanna help through going on a run”, you said smiling slightly at him.
But Daryl just stood there, looking at you and swallowing hard.
“You didnt understand”, he said looking sighing down to the arrow in his hands.
It began to dawn on you or at least there was something on your mind you werent sure if you should allow it to evolve.
Since the beginning you had noticed how often Daryl had visited while you were still curing your wounds, how often he brought you food and that he had noticed when you liked something more than something else and put more of it on the plate the next time.
You had pushed that on the bad conscience he seemed to have after shooting you down but when you thought about everything he did and said,..maybe he cared for you, maybe he felt like he had to take care of you especially because of the way you had met.
“We can make a deal”, you said swallowing.
“Hmm…go on”, he muttered looking up from the arrow.
“I come with you on that run, but if it soothes you I can stay next to you as long as we’re out there, so you’ll see that I won’t get hurt”, you said waiting for his response.
“Well…alright”, he said slowly nodding.
“Great”, you said while a small smile formed on your lips.

As it dawned the next day you found yourself sitting in a car together with Rick, Aaron and Daryl while it drove along the empty roads.
“Its not far anymore”, you heard Rick say as you drove past a small group of some pretty decomposed walkers that stretched their rotting arms out to you.
“Aaron you’re going with Daryl and I’ll go with (Y/N)”, Rick said as he stopped the car before some desolated houses.
While you stepped out of the car, you saw how Daryl went over to Rick and began talking to him, as you realized what his motivation might be.
“Okay everybody, we’ve got some change of plan”, Rick said.
“Aaron you come with me and (Y/N) goes with Daryl”, he added waving Aaron over to him.
You walked over to Daryl until you stood before him, a grin on your lips.
“Had to make sure our deal would work out”, he said as a small smile flashed over his lips.
“We’re checking these two and you the other one. Take care”, Rick said before he went over to one of the houses followed by Aaron.
You held your knife ready as Daryl knocked on the door, trying to check how many or if there were walker inside.
Daryl nodded over to you, his crossbow in his hands as he slowly opened the door.
Carefully you went through the house.
Even if the knocking hadnt attract walker they could still be anywhere here.

After you could persuade Daryl to search separated in the last rooms that were left over to save time you walked into the kitchen, while Daryl searched in the first floor for more.
You were going through the cupboards as the blood freezing sound of a clicking gun sounded behind you.
You felt your heartbeat increasing as you turned around looking into the aggressively glaring eyes of a man who pointed his pistol right at you.
“You better give me that stuff Princess, or watch me blowing up your pretty head”, he hissed while you stood there, glued to the spot, before you did something intuitive that could get you killed in less than a second.
But it was the only way to have the chance to survive without losing again all your supplies again, you had to take the risk.
And you did.
You hit the pistol out of the mans hand, using his astonishment to punch him in his face with your clenched fist.
The man fell to the ground but before you could do the next step you felt how a strong hand wrapped around your ankle that pulled your leg away.
You landed on the ground, kicking and preparing for a fight as the man showed up over you, pressing your shoulders and your upper arms forcefully down preventing that you could fight back.
“Careful princess, careful…what a shame…we could have both go out of this alive but you seem to have the urge to die ”, he said in a calm but aggressive tone pushing you harder to the ground while you tired to reach for the knife in your pocket without him noticing it.
“Get off me”, you hissed through gritted teeth glaring into the mans eyes.
“You wish…you think that I didnt notice that you’re trying to get your knife?”, he asked laughing as you felt your heart pumping against your chest your eyes widened.
Pictures shot through your head of the fight you head with the group of survivors as you felt this urge again in you.
Fight now or you’re dead.
As you saw how he raised one of his fists you used the opportunity of your freed arm, ripped yourself out of his grip, grabbed your knife and dug it into the mans chest.
You heard him scream and gasping for air as he sunk bleeding next to you.
You felt the adrenaline shooting through your body, your heart how it kept pumping fast against your chest as if it planned to break out of your body and your heavy breath that didnt seem to plan to calm down soon.
Just moments later you saw how Daryl appeared in the doorframe, looking shocked at you and the man who was loosing his fight against death in just this moments before Daryl stormed to you.
“Shit did he hurt you?”, Daryl asked as he pulled you on your feet next to him.
“No…but almost”, you stuttered, your voice trembling as heavy as your whole body as you saw how concerned Daryl looked at you before you felt how he pulled you into a hug.
You got to know Daryl over the time you were in Alexandria and you knew how rarely he showed his affection to somebody on that way.
And that was probably also a reason why it felt so good to know that he showed it to you now.
As he let go of your hug he looked head shaking down to the dead man.
“Son of a bitch”, Daryl muttered as he bowed down to your attacker before he dug his knife into his skull.
“Lets do the rest of the house together, don’t need more of these assholes attacking you…”, he muttered.
And thats what you did, you took the gun of the man with you and went through the house together while you always felt Daryls glance on you who seemed to make sure that nobody would attack you again.
He took care of you.

And thats what he continued to do, not just on the runs you did together, where he always had at least one eye on you, he also did that in Alexandria on this own special way he had.
And if he realized it or not, you did that too, you knew how to handle him, how to cheer him up, how to get a smile on his lips and how to get here and there a hug from him knowing that it was something special every time you felt his arms wrapping around you.