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any tips starting a sim Instagram account?x


first of all i’d suggest being honest with your followers, don’t ask them for shoutouts and say you’ll give something in return. Everyone started off with a cringey style and 0 followers, for example it took me 2 months to get 100.

Be original, people like original. They also like it when your positivity is spread through your captions/photos that you post.

Be patient!!! Sometimes it takes a while for an account to start up, just know that you will get there in the end!!!

I could go on and on but these are just tips so .. The last tip would be, if you aren’t enjoying it, stop. Have a break, tell your followers how you feel, how you can improve. Never force yourself to stay active, it will make you feel bad. Take time for yourself and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Originally this was just supposed to be a short response with a bunch of examples supporting @skania‘s original post, but as I was going through episodes and screaming with a friend, I realized it was going to be a longer post with some of my own theories thrown in so yea. Sorry if any of it is just stuff that’s already been said before haha.

So a quick brush up on the post. The child I’ve circled in red in the photo could possibly be Hisomu Yoshiharu due to their similar sitting positions.

As reference here’s Hisomu sitting in eps 4 and 7:

The mini ahoge is also pointed out to be similar between the two along with the happy smile on Hisomu’s face in the bus shot.

I think there’s a lot more interactions that have happened between Hisomu and Katsuhira to support the fact that Hisomu might have been a part of the original group of children used as Kiznaivers.

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hello. i am the person in question!! originally i didnt want to add onto this because my followers dont need this negativity, but when someone makes up lies about me im not going to stand for it. also i never wanted to make a public post, i was hoping i could keep this convo in pm, but unfortunately you blocked me and have left me with no choice. please know that i am not trying to attack you @raiseyourglasstofreedom, im just here to state the facts and refute your post.

1. i never insulted your intelligence due to your age. all i said was that i didnt realize you were 13 when i originally responded to your post (here) and i wouldve handled it with more gentleness had i have known.

2. what insult are you referring to? all i did was ask you to understand what whitewashing is.

3. this is the closest i came to calling you racist.

4. i said you supported whitewashing because that is exactly what you were doing.

5. mocking you? again, if youd like to use screenshots of me doing this id be happy to see them. i dont recall mocking you or trying to be excessively rude over anything. i was calmly and politely trying to get the point across that ideas are harmful to poc.

6. i didnt blame you for anything. i merely gave you the facts on how believing the roles of angelica schuyler or hercules mulligan cannot be played by a white person, because that would be whitewashing.

7. again, i never said that. here is what i said.

8. what? where did i say that? i think you are referring to the screenshot above, and as you can see i never stated either of those things.

9. i did not say this, what i said was this.

@linmilton-on-a-septic-box you can see that i had plenty of valid evidence while politely debating with your friend. i never raised my voice and i tried to be as civil as possible, i cited many sources including hamiltons very own casting call, here

where it cites NON WHITE actors for the roles of hamilton. i wasnt trying to attack or belittle raiseyourglasstofreedom at all. i was trying to educate, because white washing is a huge problem in theatre, and raiseyourglasstofreedom believed that she could be cast as angelica or mulligan simply due to vocal ranges.

please, if you want to debate me or talk to me about anything i said, unblock me and we can talk it out. otherwise dont make posts outrightly lying about me. thanks!

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If you ever see a fanart, and the original source is “obsessiveyaoipants”, please do not reblog it! It’s a repost. I’ve already seen some DMMD artists’ artwork on there, with no source, and I’ve tried talking to them, but they took down their ask. So, please, don’t reblog anything from that person. 


I just received the following submit from Janice (thanks, you are awesome!) but can’t post the original submission and add a photo using my phone, so I’m creating a new post.

“Did you see the new pic of Red in the finale? The one where he is standing in what looks like a sort of hospital facility? He doesn’t look happy. I swear someone is reflected in his glasses and looks like Liz. Maybe its just wishful thinking but it sure does look like her. I cant enlarge it enough to be sure though. Maybe someone more talented than me at more clear. thanks.”

I’m pretty sure Janice is referring to the photo originally posted by Peke, http://pekingese333.tumblr.com/post/144229466308/the-blacklist-alexander-kirk-14-conclusion

And when you zoom in, it does appear someone could be holding a baby. When I asked Peke, she sees two possible figures, one possibly holding a baby.

And this is what some shippers have come to. Lol. Desperation for Liz to be alive holding what we hope to be Red’s maybe baby. It shouldn’t be this hard.