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A TFLN where Harry and (y/n) have been to 3 dates by now and they're texting in the middle of the night, flirting a little and maybe zoning out and telling each other about hopes and dreams, mentioning how they miss each other and that they should sleep in the same bed next time so they can cuddle one another. xx

Harry. Missus.

Can I tell you something?

Of course. x

I’m really glad we exchanged numbers.

Me too. x

Like, I haven’t been on a date in so long. And, you’ve made all three of ours so memorable.

I have, huh? x

You really have.

I’m not sure what it is about you though.

Maybe my very dashing good looks? ;)

Or, maybe it’s how charming I am? ;)

Or, maybe, and this is just a small maybe; you’re excited for sex now that we’ve hit the 3 date mark. ;) x

I mean, it could be all three, you know?

You are extremely handsome when you dress up on our dates and I’ve seen all those candid shots of you when you’re strolling the streets of London. You look very dashing.

You’re very charming, too. Swept me off my feet even though I ruined your shoes. You were very lovely, too. I was surprised when you didn’t bite my head off like some other celebrity douche would have done.

And, sex? Well, I would like to get in your pants one day, Harry.

Oi Oi. x

Seriously though, Harry.

You want to know a secret? x


I’m really glad you ruined my boots. x

You are?

It gave me a reason to talk to you. I was a nervous wreck when I saw you in that shop. x


You were nervous?

It happens to us celebrity folk. We are normal people, Love. ;) x

Oh, shush your pretty mouth.

I was so nervous. I wanted to start talking to you before you left the coffee house, but, I just didn’t want to be generic and say ‘hello’. x

Well, I suppose my clumsiness helped. 

It really did. x

But, why are you awake so late, hm? x

I can’t sleep.

I’m too busy thinking about stuff and then you came to mind and I just thought I’d shoot you a text to see if you were awake.

Thinking about what? x

Just, life and my dreams and what I want to do in the future. 

What do you want to do in the future? x

Wait, am I in your future? x

You may be. Harry.

But, that’s for me to think about. ;)

I want to go into journalism and something with English. 

Oh, yeah! 

You studied Journalism at college, didn’t you? x

I did, yeah.

I want to put that to some good use.

I have faith that you’ll do well in finding something. 

Heck, we may even be together and married then so I can have a primary watch as you fulfil that dream of yours. x

You think?

I’m determined to keep you around, yeah. x

How have you been single for so long?

You’re far too lovely and sweet.

Never found the right girl. x



Think I found her though. x

I think I found the right guy, too.

I’ve never, in my life, felt so happy and comfortable with someone.

I wish you were here. I miss you. x

I miss you, as well. xx

The next time we go on a date, I’m going to keep you in a tight hold so you’ll have to stay with me the whole night. x

You’ll get bored of me. xx

Don’t be silly. x

You’re definitely staying the next time we see one another. I want to cuddle with you when we sleep. x



I really like that idea. xx

Andrew & Emma vs Gwen & Peter ; High Line, NYC.

Hold the phone! Have we discussed this & I completely slept through it?? I’ve seen these candids so many times and swooned over them so many times but it only just hit me how those two are standing by the very same tree Gwen & Peter had their moment in the movie. And I would know it’s the same tree since I’m the only dork who has walked the high line in low 30s temps just so I could find that tree, stand there like a dummy and take a picture of said tree lol

All in all, it just shows how much of them made it into tasm2. They have crazy chemistry, but all those touches of ‘realness’ they added to the film make everything all the more incredible imo…this, the unscripted kiss at graduation, their goofy unbelievably adorable personal pics…*sigh* I just love them so lol