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I have a question about basic medical care in a post-apocalyptic / zombie apocalypse setting. What kind of things would be the most important to acquire? And what kind of substitutes could you use, like vodka for cleaning wounds. You said earlier that asthmatics would be hard hit, I assume other chronic illnesses too, diabetics to name one? (Thank you for the blog! It's so great.)

Hey there! Yeah, asthmatics are in trouble, as is anyone with significant allergies, including anaphylaxis. Type I diabetics will die very quickly after the event, within a few weeks if they don’t have their meds. Type II diabetics will survive a lot longer. For one, the apocalypse will probably require them to get a lot of physical exercise; for another, diet may or may not improve if they’re eating out of farms (after the supplies of carbs run out).

People with thyroid disorders and atrial fibrillation are in trouble too, the first because people may be unable to control their heart rates and metabolism, the second because they’re now going to be prone to throwing clots, which can cause strokes. HIV+ people might last a few months, though it might be less.

Generally, any event involving mass die-offs will weed out the young, the old, the sick and the weak.

As to what people would hoard? Individuals will generally hoard anything they or their family members will need. If I were raiding a hospital in the first few days, I would probably hit up stuff like analgesics (painkillers) of all types including over-the-counter stuff, antihistamines, adrenaline (for allergic reactions), and a good set of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Insulin; I personally don’t need it but it would be invaluable as a trade. Generally I would avoid anything that someone would need every day for years; realistically, the stock on hand won’t be enough to keep them alive forever.

If I had the carrying capacity, I would take a WHOLE LOT of IV fluids, start kits, needles, bandages, scalpels, iodine, a handheld ultrasound (if they’re there and I have reason to think I can get electricity)…. hmm. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but I’m sure there’s more; if I think of something I’ll reblog this with the additions.

Thanks for the ask! xoxo, Aunt Scripty.

That earlier post by @prokopetz joked about having a riveting adaption of 2nd Corinthians which was very funny but all jokes aside?? Having a drama or series about early church politics?? I can see a lot of potential in that. Like you could explore the tensions between leadership of a group of people trying to reconcile their new idealistic faith with the Dominant Greco-Roman culture, showing the fights and differences between the various sects arising, including folks like the syncretics and gnostics, the debates between Paul and the Athenians, etc. Paul being distrustful of John Mark and criticizing Peter and traveling around getting arrested with Silas. You could show the female leadership (Phoebe, Thekla, Priscilla) in the early church, and the hostile responses to them by Paul and other male leaders. Basically it could be an interesting story that tells multiple viewpoints BESIDES what was just outlined in Paul’s epistles. First century Christianity was a huge discoursey mess that still trips us up today and I think a story that explores that messiness, showing humans struggling to reconcile strong and idealistic beliefs with worldly historical pettiness, would be really impactful. Also, it would be kind of cool to de-mystify Paul. Depending on the writer you could show him as being perceived as a more corrupt-prejudiced leader (reflecting much modern approaches to Paul today) or maybe someone who sincerely did have a vision and change of heart and made it his mission to spread the Good News, only to run into conflict when it comes to practically implementing that in the real world. The epistles and acts are kind of preachy by nature but I feel like a story about them….doesn’t have to be you know? Also. Shipwrecks. There can be shipwrecks.


I read a post earlier about homeworld not having any strategist gems, and that of COURSE immediately had me thinking of gem!robin… So here’s Taaffeite! A rare and very old type of gem created by homeworld in times past to organize bands, plan battles, and lead assaults. This particular Taaffeite is one of the last of his mint, and came to Earth following the failure of the previous homeworld gems- only to be met by the crystal gems. They probably end up fusing and smacking the shit out of him, damaging his gem in the process. When he reforms, he’s confused and has no idea what’s going on- the amount of damage done having wiped the majority of his memory. While the gems are wary of allowing a homeworld tactician to join them, Steven deems him harmless and takes pity on him, ultimately deciding to heal his cracked gem. Although it does restore him to his proper function, the damage to his memory is done.