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So I have decided to post all the facts and hints about Connor Murphy’s past that are shown in the musical. It’s hard to make out considering people in the fandom usually focus on the lies Evan tells to figure out Connor’s personality.

To get this conclusion (which I will post in a second) I literally skipped all scenes concerning Evan’s lies and went directly to the Murphy family and what they say. None of these facts/hints involve what Evan said about Connor.

First of all, I’ll say now that I have put my own interpretation on each of these facts.

And so, I will put all FACTS in BOLD.
Anything out of bold is my own interpretation and how I see it to be. It’s up to you to agree with me or disagree.

First, I will post my conclusions on each family member, and then afterwards, I will post the reasons for each one.


Zoe was an emotional and verbal abuse victim. There is no evidence of physical abuse, although there were threats that could have potentially led to that. She has all the right to not grieve over Connor, in all honesty, she could have sent him to the police for what he did, but as an abuse victim, that is very hard to do. Connor was probably the cause of most of her insecurities and she hated him for that. The unhealthy habit of taking out his anger on the nearest person to him probably made him lash out at his sister whenever he had a panic attack. Judging by how he really did care enough to keep the creepy letter about his sister, written by Evan, in his pocket for 3 days before he committed suicide, it’s safe to say that he really regretted being mean to his sister and actually cared about her.

Connor’s mom, Cynthia

Connor’s mom was a woman obsessed with reputation. She’s known as the rich man’s wife, and wants more than anything to be a regular family. But because her son had mental illnesses, her perfect image was ruined. She acted as though she was there for him but when it came down to it, she did nothing. She pushed for therapy but after a while, her husband took him out of it because “it wasn’t worth the money,” and she basically went, “welp, I tried.” I will quote what I say later: Connor’s mom might not actually be sad that her son is gone, but rather, she’s ashamed that her family actually doesn’t care. It seems like Connor’s mom is filled with regret for not being there for her son, and she’s forcing her family to act like they regretted it too, because that’s what a real family should have been like. But this is only a personal theory.

Connor’s dad, Larry

Connor’s dad might be one of the main sources of his depression. It is very obvious to me that Connor’s dad believed him to be a disappointment. He didn’t grieve for his dead son and only played along to make his wife happy. He’s annoyed by the whole situation. It even seemed like he hated the fact that there was fake remnants of his son in Evan. Almost like he wished Connor wasn’t friends with Evan so he could just forget all about him and not need to deal with it. At some point he was a kind father. When they went to the orchard together for picnics, it seems like they were a happy family. Connor’s dad had played with their toy plane together and had some great memories. The whole family practically forgot about this, though. Connor’s dad didn’t cry at his own dead son’s funeral. I think that sums it up.

Connor Murphy

Connor was a complicated person. He had many different mental illnesses. I could research which ones he probably had, but there’s probably already a post somewhere on it already. One thing for sure, is that he was unstable. He might not have been like that his whole life, but at the time of knowing him, the time he was briefly alive in the show, he was incredibly unstable. Everything and anything could set him off, and he probably hated that about himself as well. Pushing away everyone near him that could possibly help and hating himself for doing so, spiraling himself into a closed minded world of self-hate and regret, which is something that many people can relate to, including me. He did a lot of horrible things to his sister and to his family. I don’t blame his family for not actually grieving him, he was a really bad person. The problem is, he could have been a good person as well. He had all the potential to get better. He talked to Evan, probably wishing to say sorry about pushing him earlier in the hall. He was trying, he wanted to try. He wanted to get better. He just gave up too soon.

This post is very long! I’m sorry. If you’d like to read more, I’m putting the reasons I’ve come to these conclusions under the cut.

Remember, ALL FACTS ARE IN BOLD. Anything else is my personal interpretation.

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Look what arrived literally 2 hours before I head off to Japan, aha.

But I’M SO HAPPY with how it printed!!! 

I was hoping this was going to come earlier so that I could have put it all up on the site;; there’s some small changes that need to be made but that’s pretty much a 5 minute job so nothing huge luckily!

Preorder Extras will include acrylic charms and stickers! 

Thank you so much guys for being so patient with me, I’ll be putting together a huge preorder post soon. I know some people are interested in ordering multiple copies so I’ll make it an option where you can get multiple copies discounted.

But yesss ldakjflajkfa I’m so over the moon with this book, all the artists worked so hard and their work has printed beautifully!!

- Magi

anonymous asked:

Dicta, I saw your great reblog about racism in fandom. I have a question that applies to white fic writers. There's this problem of white fans ignoring POC characters and failing to have good representation. At the same time, there's this issue of white people totally sucking when they try to do it. Saw a post recently like: "Non-Muslim people considering writing a Muslim character--just don't. Don't." Do you have any thoughts about dealing with this? Much love!

So many thoughts, anon. I’ve got a related ask that’s been hanging out a while and I’ve been waiting until I have enough time to sit down and properly answer, so I’ll have more and maybe more settled thoughts when I have a chance, hopefully soon. For now, these are sort of preliminary thoughts. Feedback is welcomed and valued and appreciated!

tl;dr: I think both of those arguments are right and it’s hard.

To be really candid, as a white fic writer, writing non-white characters makes me nervous, specifically because I really, really don’t want to fuck it up. But I don’t think my nervousness is an adequate end to the conversation; the experience of nervousness is nothing on the experience of constant erasure that I’ve experienced as a queer person within mainstream media, and I imagine that it’s nothing to the erasure that poc experience in fandom. So I think white people need to suck that one up, that  focusing on our nervousness as its own thing is not reason enough to stick with white guy slash.

The part abut there being real potential to fuck it up in harmful ways is the part we can’t gloss over, and I do think that’s worth being nervous about - but that nervousness needs to generate thoughtfulness and caution rather than inaction. There are two (and a half?) main questions I’ve had in my head about this. And again, I’m really open to pushback on all of this.

1) How useful is it to distinguish between writing about vs writing as? I’ve seen this distinction made elsewhere/seen it go around as a farely common piece of advice, between writing about marginalized characters but not pretending to write as a marginalized person - so, for instance, don’t write as a Muslim character, but do include well-researched and thoroughly considered Muslim characters in your story. That way you’re including marginalized characters without claiming that you know what it’s like to be marginalized. That’s something that makes me, like, hum consideringly in a not-bad way. But the research part feels really key. It’s not enough, imo, to write a character and then add a line about the color of their skin and call it a day. If your white POV character is dating or close friends with or in a close working relationship with a person of a different race, and especially if it’s their first time dealing with institutional racism in such an immediate and emotionally invested way, they’re going to need to deal with that. Even if it’s not the first time, that stuff is going to need to be in there if you want to avoid erasure. So if you’re going to write that you need to go read (and then give credit, in your author’s notes, to!) accounts of people who have lived with those experiences and who can point out dynamics you might not be aware of. For instance, someone sent me this article recently, about two friends trying to plan a vacation and the black woman having all her attempts to make an airbnb reservation declined, and then the white man getting his reservation accepted on the first try, and how that changed their dynamic and their trip. (See also: the classic on this.) So, say you’re writing a buddy cop au with a mixed race couple in a forced proximity/maybe bedsharing situation, how is your characters’ race (and location, and time period, and gender, etc.) going to change the process of getting that room? More generally, we need to not just say “this is Joe and by the way he’s [insert characteristic here]” - we need to consider how that would change their lives and where that would show up in our stories.

2) Does the way white fic writers approach writing characters of other races make a difference? I sometimes see people talking about writing diverse stories like it’s one of those tasks you do because you know you should, but you don’t really want to, and it sort of feels like a drag, and I can’t imagine that doesn’t come through? I mean, maybe not? But it definitely informs the sentiment around them and contributes to, I think, this sense that stories about people of color are somehow created with less joy and enthusiasm? And to be embarrassingly honest, there are times when it’s come really easily and felt really natural and obvious to me to have Kingsley or Lee in a certain role, and times (none of which have seen the light of ao3) when it’s felt forced, and then stilted as a result, when I’m doing it because I feel like I should. Otoh, I really really want to write fic for Moonlight. I had that instant fannish reaction when I saw it, like five story prompts in my head before we were out of the theatre, was on AO3 looking for fic in the car home, feel a deep soul-level need for 20k about the evolution of Kevin’s relationship with his hands, and another at least 10k about the last things Juan thought, and several dozen different stories that retell everything from Teresa’s point of view, and maybe a 70k slow burn bookmarked by Chiron’s reflections on the different ways Kevin touches him and the space in between the thing in the schoolyard and the thing in the apartment (I’m trying to be vague bc spoilers but thinking about it gives me serious feels). I don’t think that enthusiasm is enough on its own; does it make a different at all? I think it might - I think when they’re characters we love fannishly and want to understand, more people might be willing to do the research and put in the work to really understand what their lives are like, and that that could be a moment when fandom is pretty powerful.

2.5) So one thing we as white writers have to do, as this post from earlier said, is to “put in the effort to fall in love with POC characters.” That doesn’t mean forcing it, that doesn’t mean doing it with a sense of dread, but it does mean actively seeking out media that includes POC characters and it does mean thinking about and embracing them. This is partly an issue with canon creators, who often don’t give us much to work with, but that’s less and less true. There is stuff out there if we go look for it, and there are characters who will grab us by the heart if we give them the chance. If we have to go looking for that, that’s work we should be willing to do.

The common denominator here seems to be doing your research? That no matter what, that’s really really important. I think that’s a good takeaway. And the rest I float as thoughts more than suggestions because I think as a white person my perspective here is necessarily limited. Also this is a hard question! So again, thoughts and responses are welcome!

So… can the medical drama please end?

My primary care physician’s office has promised me four times including at my last office visit (post-hospital evaluation) that they would fax paperwork over so I could restart physical therapy. They have faxed over old paperwork and they have faxed allegedly new paperwork to the wrong office. When I called physical therapy this morning to see if they had received it yet, I was told that the physician’s office told them that because I had been in the hospital they would not issue paperwork until I had been reevaluated by home health. Even though I haven’t been a home health patient since March AND their office saw me earlier this month for this exact purpose. Because leaving stroke patients stranded with poor walking skills and no access to physical therapy for over a month is a fucking great idea.

In other news, I fired a physician this morning.


The Original Bob & Wireframes

While I have their individual versions buried deep within earlier Tumblr posts, I don’t think I ever put the entire crew side by side with their original bobbing animations.  

These were the first true animations I did with each of the characters, basically testing the boundaries of their front facing puppets, experimenting with secondary action, and seeing how far you could bob each character before you started to break it.

Additionally, if you wanted a basic idea of how the puppets themselves were constructed, I included a screenshot of the wireframes of the puppets, which shows you the boundaries of individual symbols.  

Oh Logic, Where Art Thou?

Apparently, @annashipper thinks that the UK is a country the size of Russia, where you have to drive 12 hours between towns.
Benedict was spotted on a ferry 2 days ago with his family. Now, I imagine it’s the ferry to the Isle of Wight where he has a house. It’s a 3 hour drive to London, including the ferry ride. And today, someone posted a picture of Ben in London. Which means, according to Annashitter, that Ben couldn’t possibly have been spotted somewhere 3 hours away within a 24/36 hours period. There’s also the fact that the picture could have been taken earlier, like when he was filming in Glasgow. But then again, logic was never really her thing.

Let’s face it, if the person who mentioned Ben on Twitter 2 days ago hadn’t talked about his kids, Anna wouldn’t have made another stupid, easily debunked lie. Oh, @annashipper, Karon doesn’t give a damn about your silly blog, neither does Sophie and Ben for this matter.

kvestori  asked:

I have a question about basic medical care in a post-apocalyptic / zombie apocalypse setting. What kind of things would be the most important to acquire? And what kind of substitutes could you use, like vodka for cleaning wounds. You said earlier that asthmatics would be hard hit, I assume other chronic illnesses too, diabetics to name one? (Thank you for the blog! It's so great.)

Hey there! Yeah, asthmatics are in trouble, as is anyone with significant allergies, including anaphylaxis. Type I diabetics will die very quickly after the event, within a few weeks if they don’t have their meds. Type II diabetics will survive a lot longer. For one, the apocalypse will probably require them to get a lot of physical exercise; for another, diet may or may not improve if they’re eating out of farms (after the supplies of carbs run out).

People with thyroid disorders and atrial fibrillation are in trouble too, the first because people may be unable to control their heart rates and metabolism, the second because they’re now going to be prone to throwing clots, which can cause strokes. HIV+ people might last a few months, though it might be less.

Generally, any event involving mass die-offs will weed out the young, the old, the sick and the weak.

As to what people would hoard? Individuals will generally hoard anything they or their family members will need. If I were raiding a hospital in the first few days, I would probably hit up stuff like analgesics (painkillers) of all types including over-the-counter stuff, antihistamines, adrenaline (for allergic reactions), and a good set of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Insulin; I personally don’t need it but it would be invaluable as a trade. Generally I would avoid anything that someone would need every day for years; realistically, the stock on hand won’t be enough to keep them alive forever.

If I had the carrying capacity, I would take a WHOLE LOT of IV fluids, start kits, needles, bandages, scalpels, iodine, a handheld ultrasound (if they’re there and I have reason to think I can get electricity)…. hmm. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but I’m sure there’s more; if I think of something I’ll reblog this with the additions.

Thanks for the ask! xoxo, Aunt Scripty.

Sleeping in a tiny house with a family...

There seems to be a lot of interested in the sleeping situation of a family in a tiny house.  So I will take a minute to talk about what our experience has been  I will first say that EVERY single decision in this particular tiny house was made as a group.  Equal vote for all three of us, this includes the sleeping arrangements.  

We first offered our Son (18) the loft so that he could have more space than us, but he didn’t like the feeling up there, so he preferred to have his bed on the first floor.   The next phase was, how wide of a bed would he be comfortable for him, so we began experimenting at our old townhouse with bed widths, etc.  If you go back to the earlier post we show lots of photos etc about that process.  Before he was sleeping on a twin bed, so in order to have the font door be in the center of the tiny house, it would need to be about 2″ less wide than he’s previous bed.  So we cut down is old latex mattress to that size, and he slept on it for months before we moved in.  He determined for himself that that size was perfect for him.  We offered to make that downstairs bed a fold out, double size or a queen and move the door over etc, but in the end he liked the modified twin.  So away we went.  He and I built it together, and tested it’s comfort all the way.  He has two giant storage compartments under his bed, one of which is filled with his books, games and misc items.  The other side is for the couch pillows and this sleeping linens.   The other unintended perk of him taking the downstairs, was he stays up way later than us, so it works out well that he can be in the main part of the house late into the night… and we can be asleep upstairs and not be disturbed.  

Lot’s of questions about what his bed is made of since it’s not a typical size. His bed is made of two 4″ pieces of natural rubber latex purchased from our favorite organic mattress store.  It works great, and we flip it over each day to keep both sides fairly even and no moisture build up

As far as the upstairs loft bed, we’ve always slept on a queen size and we just stuck with that, even though a full would have worked for sure.  As far as the privacy thing goes, well there is none when everyone is home.  I’ve thought about adding a curtain to the upstairs loft so that you could pull it closed when you wanted more darkness or privacy, but it hasn’t been an issue so far.  You defiantly have to tune into each family member and get the sense of when they need space, and then give it to them.  For me, when I don’t want to be in the middle of it, I go upstairs, and put on my headphones and chill.  My son like to mediate up there etc.  As far as more adult activities, as in every home, you take advantage of alone time when it comes.  If you think about it, most families are not all home, all the time.  There are lots of blocks of time, where one, two or all of you aren’t home.  So what I’ll say about that is, that works just like every other household.

I did post about our mattress brand with from Sudbury Organic Mattress, our specific brand was Eco-Slumber.  The natural latex topper was Naturepedic. We love it, and highly highly recommend them.  The linens: Nature Soft organic wool comforter with Nature Soft, duvet, sheets, and wool pillows.  That company has been terrific.  The more you wash the softer they get.  For realz.

Louis Selfies

Louis never really took solo selfies before Jan 20, 2016.  He started posting them semi-regularly after that and the thing that first caught my attention was how similar his pose and expression are in all of them.

I’ve talked about the theory that Louis is posting selfies as warnings before, so here are the selfies and the events that followed.  I’ll update as necessary.

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xanthas927  asked:

Do you think modifying tools and improvised weapons to make them actual weapons, a la Dying light is possible or practical?

Sort of. I can’t speak to Dying Light specifically. I’m not a huge fan of zombie focused video games, so I passed on Dying Light. If they kept up Dead Island’s habit of simply adding elemental effects to weapons by strapping batteries and cigarette lighters to them; not so much, no. (It’s also been about five years since I played Dead Island, I might not be correctly remembering exactly how its crafting system worked.)

When you’re looking at an apocalyptic situation, where there is no industrial production anymore. It doesn’t matter if this is nuclear, biological, supernatural Armageddon, or just a crippling economic downturn resulting in failed states and feral cities. You’re definition of practical is going to include things that someone in a pre-collapse environment would ignore.

At that point, yes, pulling the blade off a paper cutter, or grinding a chunk of rebar into a spear is a practical solution to needing a weapon and not having any other options. It’s not ideal, but it could be the best option available.

Something that came up with the hardware store post earlier, but I didn’t really spell it out at the time: Practical is a question of finding something you can use effectively for combat. The loaded term exists to distinguish weapons that are intended for combat from ones that are designed as display pieces, (or martial arts that are focused on combat, as opposed to ones with other priorities.)

When you’re in a hardware store, practical is just about filtering good options from bad ones. When you’re in a zombie apocalypse, it’s about identifying what you can turn into a functional weapon from what you can scavenge, not a hard rule set before the End of Days.

In that specific context, yes, converting items in your environment into weapons is a practical option. At that point, the concerns are more focused on finding objects that can be easily converted with available resources. Cutting and grinding a sword out of a vintage Buick’s bumper is only a practical option if you have a vintage Buick, the necessary skills with metalworking, access to the tools to do the work, and the time to use them. Failing any of those points, and it’s not a real option.

One minor bugbear for me, and I don’t know if Dying Light does this, but the entire idea of serrating a blade to increase its effectiveness. Technically, this has some basis in reality: serrated blades do more damage to soft tissue. But they are also aggravating to sharpen and hone. In a modern environment, it’s not a huge consideration, because most people honestly never bother sharpening their knives at all. But, when you’re actually maintaining weapons for combat, it’s a more significant consideration.


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Heyp! I was the anon who made the stupid monster rating suggestion. Just wanted to apologize! I made the suggestion with legit thr 1st thing that came to mind, which is no excise, which is why I thought it was so good that you said something because thats an impprtant part of learning to be more conscientious about stuff, so thanks!

No problem! up until about a year ago i included wendigo in my monster lineups bc they were becoming more and more mainstream and i was finally learning a bit about them. then i heard some important discussion from indigenous folks figured out it was kinda a skeevy/insidious form of erasure comparin parts of indigenous beliefs to spooky halloween monsters like vampires or frankenstein

it’s a learning process and im glad to have helped you out with it! im glad my terato shitpost could actually help someone learn about indigenous erasure bc this is a wild fuckin world aint it

this post that i reblogged earlier today is basically about this exact thing

anonymous asked:

could you post some earlier stuff/how you've improved over the years? i always think it's super cool to look at how an artist grows!

Looking back at my old art and having a good old laugh about it (preferrably over a glass of wine) is one of my favorite pastimes, when in person. Attendees of the MICA Upperclassman panel I was on in early April got treated to a whole selection of old art of mine (including items of fanart), to uproarious laughter I assure you! Unfortunately, I’m less keen on having my old arts swimming around again online, as I’ve learned from experience that the internet never forgets (and have gone to enough trouble purging my old work from the internet already). So this will be brief! 

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People were asking about this Niall/Jenni thing in my inbox so made a post to sum it all up in chronological(ish) order rather than answering question in my inbox. I’m making it a ‘read more’ because it’s a little long and I’m slightly embarrassed I even put this together for a post lmao. BUT here’s what I got for yaaaaaaa: 

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anonymous asked:

Tyrion IMO will live he is GRRM's favorite and it would allow the Lannister line to continue through the character the audience/readers love. Jaime/Cersei and their lot are totally dead and have been since the prophecy was revealed.

First off, I should specify since a bunch of people pointed out I was unclear. When I said “Lannister line” I meant Tywin Lannister’s line- the original one we were introduced to. I mean when Arya thinks poorly about the Lannisters, she’s not speaking of Martyn Lannister or whoever. 

Anyway, we were introduced to the Stark vs. Lannister dynamic that really was Ned Stark’s family vs. Tywin’s family. Most people wouldn’t have included Benjen for instance in the initial dynamic. I honestly think if all of Tywin’s line dies out, it’s the same message as if all of the Lannister line dies out from my earlier post because most people just don’t care about say Janei Lannister. (Although, I kind of think Lancel is a goner and that many of the Lannisters could die anyway because, well, a lot of people are going to die.)

As for your point about Tyrion, well, I disagree. One, I think you might be confused at how some authors view favorites. You don’t spare a character because they’re your favorite, at least not necessarily. Tyrion dying a hero’s death after flying on a dragon could very easily be viewed as the ultimate ending for Tyrion in GRRM’s mind. So I wouldn’t connect favorite with sure thing. I think it may up the chances of characters, but it’s certainly not a given. I mean look at the Starks!

Jen Louise says: Have you got a favorite House?

GRRM: Probably the Starks. After all, it all began with the Starks. [source]

His favorite house is the Starks… that sure helped Robb, Catelyn, and Ned a lot. Not to mention the hell the rest of them are going through. Rule of thumb is that the more you love a character, the more hell you put them through actually. 

Second, I’m just going to be blunt, Tyrion’s old. Compare him to the rest of the main POVs who are still alive (Bran, Arya, Sansa, Jon, Dany.) The older ones (Ned and Catelyn) died for a reason. In fantasy series’, there’s no character in more danger than the mentor, parent, guardian, adult. Not the position you want to be in definitely. Tyrion’s always been a standout as the only older POV left. He’s avoided the all dreaded mentor role for a while, but actually now he wants to advise Dany- bad sign to be honest. But really more than that, these types of stories belong to the kids. I won’t say that Tyrion’s story was done from the get-go the way that Catelyn and Ned’s were for the most part (meaning they’d already survived a war, fell in love, and all that jazz,) but he’s significantly older than the rest. He’s not growing up and discovering himself the way all the other main POVs left are. Their journeys had just begun in AGoT while Tyrion’s hadn’t. He already understood the ~game, hell, he’d already been married, he’d long been named an adult by his society, ect.

You may be thinking that this is inconsequential, and I won’t fight you on that, but in my experience this is the biggest sign of doom in some ways. I’ll just leave it at that, if you disagree that’s cool, like I said I won’t fight you, but it worries me for more reasons than I’ll give here.

Third, I actually do think that Tyrion’s ending should be something like a blaze of glory. The way he’s set up, as an under appreciated, constantly humiliated, considered worthless by his society and so on man, a hero’s ending would be the ultimate ending. And to be honest, the whole self-sacrifice aspect of hero’s mean they often die. That’s not to say that I view characters who I think will live (like Arya and Bran) any less heroic, but it’s different. Tyrion’s constantly in a battle to prove himself (very similar to Jon, reminiscent of Arya actually) and illustrate his potential.

I feel like any ending for Tyrion that is less than spectacular would not measure up to the arc he’s been given. This need to prove himself- this guy always deemed the “halfman”, never enough, never given the worth he has, never able to fulfill his societal expectations, not even worthy of his birthright in his father’s eyes- requires some ultimate ending. But what? Reigning as king? Not really his style if you ask me (can’t go into details here, it would take too long.) Advisor for life to the ruler? Hand of the King/Queen? Been there, done that actually.

What could be the fulfillment of his arc then? 

A favorite, a remarkable character, sometimes is greater than just living. Tyrion’s arc isn’t about survival the way that Arya, Bran, and Sansa’s are. It’s about his worth, the worth the world has never given him. I don’t believe surviving will mean he wins and succeeds. He’s always been great, he needs to reach that greatness. And if death is the ultimate result of that, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

But first GRRM will make sure no reader will ever forget Tyrion Lannister.

anonymous asked:

delly is a character easily replacable for someone who needs more development, AKA prim. besides pleasing you peeta fans, she's pretty useless. if you think eddy is useless and delly is important than you've missed the entire point of mockingjay. please don't turn the book into something about everlark, it's about a WAR. uh honey they've extended COIN, they've extended EFFIE, what you're saying makes no sense at all.

Sweetheart, you really want to do this?

First off, mockingjay is split into TWO movies, don’t tell me there was no way to add any of Delly’s scenes in them. Her character is not useless, she is Peeta’s childhood best friend, she was the closest thing to family Peeta had left and she was essential during the early stages of Peeta’s recovery. Plus, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, their friendship shows a good example of an actual healthy childhood platonic relationship between opposite sexes as opposed to Gale and Katniss’ toxic one. 

Eddy had one tiny part and is frankly just a plot device, Delly’s role is much more significant than his. If they could add his part, why not Delly’s? And how is that missing the entire point of Mockingjay? Is he the Rue in Mockingjay? No. We know what happens in District 8, if they can explain District 13 in Catching Fire while cutting Bonnie and Twill, and include the Mockingjay pin without Madge, I’m sure they also replace Eddy with another plot device if they wanted to.

And that’s just the thing, from Madge, Bonnie, Twill, Venia, Leevy, Lavinia, barely existent Portia, possibly Jackson, Posy*, Hazelle*, Fulvia, and Delly, all these female characters in the series are easily dismissed as useless. And to an extent I can understand the cuts, coz it’s still possible to tell the story without them. But what I can’t understand is they don’t have the same qualms and gave proper casting to male characters who have the same amount of scenes or role significance as the female characters they have cut. 

I understand that it borderlines nitpicking and we can’t have everything in the movies, but why are the female characters the first one to go yet they can afford to create new male characters, cast most of the male characters, give male characters much more significant development, and I’m supposed to be jumping for joy that they expanded two female roles (when they should be doing so anyway, since they have done the same for other male characters)?

Why is it that another female character that has to be sacrificed to give another female character more development? That logic doesn’t make sense to me.

And don’t ever EVER challenge me on missing the point of Mockingjay and not understanding its message as a war story just coz I’m a peeta stan and everlark shipper, I can school you for days on the war themes of Mockingjay. 

* tho it is rumored Gale’s family will be in MJ, in the first movie, it was only mentioned that Gale just had brothers, Hazelle wasn’t in CF also. 

Without goodbyes

Juvia had been wandering for a while now, looking all over for Gray. The last time she saw him was when they were working on re-building the guild and then they started fighting, Erza became the guild master and then Mest’s apperance, and his news on Makarov. But Gray was no where to find, how much she had even searched for him. Maybe she could take a break, and go to the others. Maybe he’d pop up sooner or later.

Now Juvia could spot Gajeel and Pantherlily standing there, not really doing much. There was also Mirajane doing her usual serving drinks and last but not least, Cana was like always drinking her booze like never before.

Maybe they knew where Gray was.

‘’Hey, guys’’ She said, and joined them. ‘’Have you seen Gray- sama? Juvia haven’t seen him since the whole Mest incident’’

‘’I drank him all up, along with my booze! Ahahaha’’ Cana joked. Or she was already drunk.

Juvia wasn’t really in the modd for jokes butt Juvia laughed anyway. Man, how she missed her. The guild. Her family.

‘’He actually went along with Natsu, Lucy and the others. Apparently they were tailing Erza and Mest’’ Mira answered Juvia’s question.

Juvia froze.

Why did she only hear Lucy in that sentense? She wasn’t… no. Lucy was her best friend, she wouldn’t possibly. But yet… she couldn’t help herself from letting her imagination get to her.

‘’Juvia, are you okay? You look pale’’

Juvia Mirajane was right. Juvia didn’t know for how long she’d spaced out. And she knew her skin is pale, but looking at it now, it was even paler than it should be. She started to feel hot and her whole body was shaking. What should she do?

‘’Juvia’s fine’’ she lied. ‘’Isn’t Juvia’s skin always pale though, Mira- san?’’ she lied again and added a laugh to make it sound real. She didn’t want anyone to worry about her.

Hadn’t the six months with Gray, made her more confident? Then what was wrong with her?

‘’Ladies’’ It was Gajeel’s time to speak. He put his arm over Juvia’s shoulders as a smirk appeared on his face. ‘’We’re reformin the B- team’’

‘’The B- team? What do you mean by that?’’ Cana and Mirajane asked him as they shared confused looks.

His smirk grew wider.

‘’We’re gonna go find that, Lightning bastard’’


‘’Gajeel what the hell? How do you know where Laxus-’’

‘’We’re leaving tomorrow morning. Don’t be late’’ He started walking away. ‘’Oh and one more thing…’’ he countinued. ‘‘Neither of you mustn’t tell anyone anyhing  about this.’’ and with that he left, Pantherlily following him behind.

‘’Well then, I better go home and get ready then’’ Cana said as she left.

‘’Me too. See you tomorrow, Juvia!’’ and with that Juvia was alone.

Juvia did not move an inch. Tears started forming in the corners her eyes, before streaming down her face. One tear by one. She could not control her emotions. She cried. She really cried.

She couldn’t stand. Her legs felt weak as they gave up.

Neither of you mustn’t tell anyone anything about this.


The next day, Team Natsu were on the train heading on their mission.

Gray thought it felt weird. To be with Team Natsu again. He was happy he was with his friends again, but at the same time it felt super weird compared to the past one year. Compared to the amazing first six months he spent with Juvia.


He didn’t see her today, which was odd. Juvia was never the one to leave somewhere just like that. The thought of Juvia leaving without letting him know, scared the crap out of him and it made him worried sick. She always told him to be careful, or to eat or drink properly before he went on missions without her. So why not this time?

‘’Damn it, Gray. Why are you sulking?’’ He could hear Natsu comment. From the other seat. He took that as Natsu finally got over his motion sickness. Otherwise, he wanted to avoid the question.

Gray looked out of the window, watching the rain pouring down the sky.

He blamed himself.

it’s currently 02:45am and oh my god I can’t actually belive I actually wrote and finished my first ever short gruvia ANGST fanfic ever?? right I can’t even belive it myself, even though it could have been even more engsty but i told you it included a little angst so. I wanted to write something like this ever since today when I read the recent chapter, as I told in an earlier post. plus, i got a little help from fatedsong ‘s gruvia headcanon post as well. I really hope this is an decent little fanfic and i’m sorry if it’s bad I put alot of effort into this one actually and I know I have alot to approve, but it takes practise right? i’m also sorry for any grammer erros etc. english isn’t my firt enlgish i just wanted to point that out. i hope you like it!! goodnight! kiss

LOL so as i was rewatching the episode i noticed little pouty minami xD im like awww is he pouty cause its not the yuuri he loves so dearly too cute 

what was even cuter though was that look his expression changed as yuris performance kept going 

he even started tearing up ; n ; yuris performance could move anyone to tears including me hehe yuri may have another fan/cheerleader now x3

hes just to precious and pure for this world ; u ; 

forthegothicheroine  asked:

Do you have any links to clothing tutorials that don't require a sewing machine? Either no-sew or with simple stuff that could be done by hand?

Other than the tulle skirt tutorial from Sassy that I posted earlier today, take a look at the DIY project list over at Antimony & Lace. There are a lot of good things over there, including a Basic Goth Sewing post. 

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