i could have given more artistic thoughts into that

Okay, but I wanted to say something important….

When you see fanart that isn’t that good, fanart that still needs improving or fanart that isn’t of really good quality, can you please take 1 second of your time to like their post and maybe if you are feeling generous leave a comment or reblog.The artists that are still starting are trying their best to improve. They like all other amazing and professional artists on any platform enjoy a series/anime/band/kpop group etc and are trying to share their love with all of the other fans and contribute to the fandom.But then it gets really frustrating to see that their art gets no recognition at all or very very little recognition after working for hours and hours on a piece of fanart that they thought would be really popular.Some of the art that gets little recognition isn’t even that bad, it just needs a little more work.

It breaks my heart to imagine how many people that could be amazing fan artists if they continued to work hard and improve have given up because they got discouraged after posting their art online.

It only takes you a couple of seconds to like a post, but I guarantee you that the artist will be extremely happy and motivated to keep working and improving until he/she becomes another brilliant fan artist.

There’s a lot to say about this piece. I normally try not to make such big captions when I upload my work but this one I will for the sake of the meaning behind it.

If you did not know my work from earlier this year, this was a piece I did back in March.

Late 2016-Early 2017 had become a big rough patch for me. I was off my meds for so long, I was having issues with my medical, Retail was physically and mentally hurting me and I would come home and cry every night. My grandmother passed away on July 8th, 2016. I try to repress the memories of those days, but grieving is a lot for me and quite frankly at the time of March 2016 - the sight of something like baby food while working would make me burst into tears, because that was one of the last things she could eat. My grandmother was dear to me, and I began wishing I could go back in time to the days of my youth when I would spend my summer days with her. I originally created the piece out of grievance for a better time. I was grieving my grandmother, I was grieving my childhood, my lost youth. My mothers alzheimers began to get worse as well once my grandmother passed. The feelings continued to boil up inside me. I had no money and I desperately wanted to do what I loved. I graduated school back in 2014, but I had not gone to college because of my mental health, my fear of money, and my fears that my at the time recent diagnosis of OCD had threw at me. Earlier this year my friend told me about a portfolio review going on at a newer school- I went with her and told them my story, my wishing to go to art college, and how even though I went to a magnet school for art, I was too depressed to ever pay attention and fell asleep in every class, so anything I did was mostly self taught. They were so impressed by my hard work and portfolio they gave me a scholarship to their school. I’m the first person they’ve ever given a scholarship to and I’m honored to be apart of the school and to grow with them as an artist.

Growth- that’s what this recreation is about. The sunflower I held in the original piece was me holding the youth I wanted to go back to. Now the flower’s stems are apart of me. I have grown more than I could have thought I would. January me, February me, March me, and so on and so forth never knew I’d be where I am now. Lately I’ve begun to feel doubt in my work, my depression and mental health has been eating at me- but I shouldn’t give up. Some days I still want to give up, but going to school and continuing to work as hard as I have I began to do things I thought I’d never do. I’ve tried new foods, I went places I always wanted to go, I drove to DC by myself for an expo - the farthest I’ve ever driven before, and I even tried bravely putting myself out there and giving people my business cards and trying to network - even though I was terrified.

I know I’m not exactly the person I want to be- I’m not the artist yet I want to be, but I’ll get there.

The sunflowers of yesterday that have died may be gone but, more sunflowers will grow next Summer -  and so will I.

Personal Thoughts on Once

Jennifer Morrison is the lead actress on Once Upon a Time…
Emma Swan is the ultimate protagonist, the main character in Once Upon a Time…
No matter how much ABC/Disney/A&E have or will try to pretend otherwise, these two statements will always remain true.

Next week’s finale episodes will mark the series finale, for me. I love Colin and will support him in any future projects, except for any attempt to continue in the Once universe. Killian Jones, the man who has repeatedly died for Emma Swan and loves her with his whole being, deserves a happy beginning and a long, happy life with her. Emma Swan deserves to be loved and not written off by some bizarre stroke of an author’s pen. Any universe where he has to live out his days without her by his side, especially after Zeus himself resurrected Killian so that he could finally, hopefully see that he is a hero worthy of the love and happiness of being Emma Swan’s True Love, would be a slap in the face to both of these characters and their fans. To watch him grieve, try to move on, and “live for Emma” by “raising her son” or any other such nonsense will simply be too painful–because, let’s be real here, Colin would act the hell out of it!–and would undermine the show’s message about hope and love being more powerful than any other force in the universe.

I have no illusions that my opinion actually matters, because ultimately ABC is in this to make money, but I would hope that they care enough about artistic integrity to know that the show has already run its course. The writing hasn’t been compelling for three seasons now… I pray that they decide to bow out gracefully before ripping the show to shreds altogether. As sad as Jennifer’s announcement could have made me, I honestly felt nothing but joy for her; because of the friends, the family she has made for herself with the cast, I imagine the thought of leaving them was devastating for her. But, given how horribly Emma’s story has been mangled of late, I was so proud of her for standing up for herself as an artist, demanding a better creative outlet than the one she has been handed by the showrunners. This just proves that Jennifer is one of the strongest, bravest women in Hollywood, and it makes me love her all the more. I cannot wait to see where she goes next!

Regardless of my disappointment with the show and its executive creative team, I will never stop loving Captain Swan and seeing them in alternate universes. I will never stop reading (and if my muse returns, never stop writing) different worlds in which they can continue to live and love.


Marie Claire July 2016 Issue - BEAST Interview

Not long ago, Junhyung posted on SNS a screen capture of the chat featuring the member’s hot response towards the new song. There’s even message of the members listening to the music 30 times.

JH: I sent the members a mail on the song I’ve written asking for feedback and the members likes it. I think the most important factor while producing song is the feelings of the singer. Listening to the feelings of the singer, people will see the music coolly and listen to it well. With confidence and confirmation can one brings out a spectacular performance. More than having any special changes, we hope to put out a song emerging from the time we (BEAST) spent together. There’s nothing we can do as we age, however, the feelings and atmosphere among us has changed through the years of being on stage, we have featured these changes in the songs.

YS: The colours of BEAST has been more affirmed. Honestly, BEAST’s music genre could not be determined by a word. However, thoughts like “Yes, BEAST has to do these type of music” will pop up. It will become the most BEAST-like music.

In the idol world, to debut for more than 7 years is consider a long period of time. Compared to the music you first did, there’s definitely differences right?

JH: At the start, we follow the direction of others and not ourselves. We have to follow suit even being swept along. As for now, compared to following the route pointed out by others, we’re working hard on grasping on the route the members and myself wish to take on. Rather than letting others seek for the answers while looking at us, we’re providing the answers.

GK: When we first debut, we were young therefore there were more things that I was unsure than sure. Being led by others was a norm. Now, gaining with age, we can slowly disclose the true colours of us. The members has gained experienced through helping each other along the way. We are slowly disclosing that part of us.

DW: Until 2 years back, we have always felt the burden when releasing any songs. We worry a lot on being able to attain 1st on music broadcast, will the public like it or not. Now, I don’t think about things befalling. It will be sufficient if we have fun practicing today right?

DJ: I, on the other hand, worries a lot. I’m afraid that as the choices increases as compared to before, our probability gets lower. When I was younger, there isn’t anything to be afraid of, thus the courage of trying anything out. As my route is more or less fixed, I will constantly think of choices that could keep things down. However, when I’m doing activities in the name of BEAST rather than Yoon Dujun, it seems like I gain more courage and look tougher.

YS: After debuting in the name of BEAST, the heart of wanting BEAST to do well gets greater and greater, thus I’m not afraid at all. The heart towards BEAST is uniform among us. However, as we take up different individual activities, it seems like we are slowly gaining more experience one by one. As I started on musical, I seek for success in being a musical actor. I sincerely hope that Dujunie, Gikwangie, Dongwoonie, Junhyungie will all do well in their own aspect.

What does BEAST mean to each of you?

GK: A resting area!

DJ: Isn’t it too easy (an answer)? (laughs)

GK: No, it’s not that. When having activities alone, we have to bear everything by ourselves, the burden is huge. We have to bear all responses, good or bad. We can share the load when we’re together, it puts my heart at ease.

YS: A construction site! BEAST is a building the 5 of us built together. It can’t be done if I’m alone.

DW: Give you a creative award.

DJ: If I were to add onto what Gikwang said – when I’m working alone, at times when I trouble over things, or have to make a choice between two, if I’m with the members, it seems like the choice that I missed out on would surface. Also, we go by majority. We were able to stick by the rule of going by consensus since debut. Sticking by the rule, we concede even if the consensus turns out different from our choice. Next answer is by Dongwoon. You may hold high hopes as he reads a lot. (laughs)

DW: We’re the roots that grasp onto the core. Because there’s BEAST as our core, we were able to outgrow ourselves.

JH: Ah, I was about to say it’s to the extent of a ‘home’. More than fixing a word to it, it’s a comfort zone I seek for during unpleasant happenings or when I fall into a slump. It’s a place where my heart will feel at ease upon seeking help. No matter how many unpleasant happenings, joking around with the boys allow me to overlook it. Without realizing, I’ve became dependent on them.

What’s the benchmark of a successful album? Does receiving 1st on music show makes it a success?

YS: It doesn’t seem solely receiving 1st on music broadcasts meant success. A few years back when ‘Gangnam Style’ was a hit worldwide, we was put to compete 1st. Clearly, ‘Gangnam Style’ was a greater hit song, but we received 1st instead, that made me a little embarrassed. It’ll be great if our songs can become a hit song heard all over the world. A song everyone could sing to together.

It’s not easy for idols to last together for a very long period of time, as time pass by, it seems like you’ll stress over the “end”.

DJ: 1-2 years back, I was troubled by such thoughts a lot. More than that, I wish to go on for a long long time with the fans who loved us. With the thinking of treating everyday as the final day, it seems like BEAST can last for a long period of time.
GK: At age 28, it’s an age where we get troubled a lot. We have yet to serve the country, popularity is transient and it’s tough to remain unchanged over time. If I’m alone, it seems like I’ll think a lot. Being with the members makes everything seems okay.

YS: What’s popularity?

DJ: It’s sea wave (laughs)

YS: I like things as it is now. Doing the music we like to do, there isn’t much burden.

JH: I choose to think that the most beautiful period of BEAST has yet to arrive. It seems like the most beautiful period will come when the album releases. With that, let’s grasp onto it and not let it slip by. I have good feelings for the songs I produced for this album. I like it not because I wrote it, there are some weird trash-like songs, I’ll totally delete it. I will definitely not keep it if it doesn’t feel right. However, I self-praised myself for the songs in the album this time round. It seems like a really great period will come by, if it doesn’t there’s nothing much I can do.

Have you imagined BEAST in the 30s? Or anything you wish to do before 20s passes by?

DJ: Of course. Because we’ve to serve the country, I’m curious what changes will there be after returning. I think the most magnificent period happens in our 20s, it seems like there’ll be more freedom when we’re in our 30s.

GK: It seems interesting and fun if either of us get married. I don’t have the instinct to who will get married first. It might be a while from now or an immediate romance surfacing, we won’t know. Before the end of my 20s, I hope to travel alone. Yoseob has went to Saipan Island alone. A while back, I went to film “The law of jungle”, but had to return alone due to schedules, I like it even if it’s for a short period. I transited twice, ate at the airport, I just like time spent like this with no particular reasons.

DJ: I want to travel together with the members as 5, a holiday with just us.

DW: To spend a month at home, not meeting anyone, not doing anything.

DJ: Shortly after you’ll contact us saying “Hyung, it’s so boring”.

If you’re born again, will you choose to live as an idol?

DJ: It seems like I have to think about it again.

DW: If it could be assured of the popularity we have now? (laughs)

DJ: Unconditioned like this? If I have to start from trainee days, I don’t think I can do it. The future is not bright, the competition is fierce. Although it is helpful to practice as a trainee, it seems like we learn more from mistakes made on stage than being a trainee.

Do the members talk about the past when gathered together?

YS: We do it a lot. In the past, we would easily have 20 trainees practicing in the same room. Now, the practice room has become a lot better.

JH: When we were still trainee, there are times where we practice at home, or sleep at the sauna rooms.

What type of life do you wish to lead in the future? The media industry is full of rumours, not knowing the future, and a place where a burning popularity dies down any time.

DW: To live life protecting things I have to protect. More than dying down shortly after rising, I hope we could quietly go down.

GK: I couldn’t remember the name, but recently there’s a pop singer that raised in level of popularity. Despite so, he/she still chose to remain in the small scene than to perform in big concerts. To stay rooted like this, he looks happy too. Even when I grow older, or has a lot of time passed by as compared to now, I hope to hold concert like this, to interact closely with fans, and live while working interestingly.

BEAST, are you happy with things as it is now?

YS: I am happy. Firstly, this dream job I wished for since trainee days has come true. As I’m taking on this job, there are times where I couldn’t sleep, there are tough times, and there are also things that made me displeased. However, I was able to live life while doing a job I’ve dreamt of. That reason itself, makes it a happy job.

GK: It’s the same for me. I just hope that my injured arm could recover soon.

DJ: I’m happy. “I want to be an artiste” is a vague dream I dreamt of. I didn’t went through any deep thoughts before choosing this road. However, if I’m given a chance to make the choice again, I’m not sure if I would have made the same choice. More than saying I came into this road with confidence, it’s more appropriate to say I was led into this road. Fortunately, I was able to get to where I am today with good luck.

DW: My family is happy; to be able to work together with the members, I’m happy; to have fans who awaits for our album, I’m happy too.

JH: My father always tell me “To be free from hunger, to do something I wish to do, is true happiness”. When I was young, I told myself, even if I have to undergo hunger, I will complete what I wish to do. Now, to be able to freely do what I want to do, to be able to live this way, I am happy. I am confident that I can continue doing my work without feeling sick of it in the future.

Scan of article credits to: FLYSOHIGH ; English translations credits to: @yndjnx | 2016.06.23 21:38 목록 크게
(may contain inaccuracies)

Woah, some actual meta. About Mycroft’s notebook.

Okay, so this is one of the first things that caught my attention in TAB and I thought I would share my thoughts on it.


There’s jottings all over this page, but the camera focuses deliberatley on the boxing of ‘Redbeard’. This is a notebook Mycroft keeps to an eye on Sherlock (hence why he placed the list in the notebook. Also, I’ve been wondering if the list and notebook are linked to when Mrs Hudon says “Your mother has a lot to answer for” and Sherlock replies “I know. I have a list. Mycroft has a file.”) so of course we’re told again about ‘Redbeard’. I’ve seen some really interesting theories about how Rebeard was actually a person (a childhood friend or 'the third brother’) but I’m going to talk about it in the context that Redbeard was his childhood dog. Young Sherlock obviously didn’t have any friends, so maybe Redbeard was his only friend and when the dog had to be put down (“They’re putting me down, too, now. No fun is it?” from HLV) he protested. Redbeard was his only friend, and everyone was trying to take his only friend away from him. Sherlock must have been old enough to know what was going on, but too young to understand. To him, his family- the vets- were just trying to kill his dog. Maybe he expected Mycroft to agree with him and refuse to let Redbeard be put down, but being older, he understood and knew it was better for the dog and he probably wasn’t as sentimental about it. This, predictably, would have contributed to the friction we see between the brothers now (I will do a more indepth analyses on Redbeard and the Holmes brothers and their relationship soon).


At first, I was inclined to think that it was actually 6/1/74, referencing ACD Sherlock’s Birthday, but the year is all wrong (he was born in 1854). It could be the Birthday of Modern!Sherlock, but in aSIP Sherlock is only 27 which would mean that his Birthday was actually 6/1/83 (if they kept the day and month the same as ACD canon). So, what could have happened 9 years before Sherlock was born? Also in ACD canon Mycroft is 7 years older so could this be a nudge to 'the third brother’ theory?

However, to completely disregard my argument, I’ve been looking at the /1/, and seen that they are all at the same angle, so the date theory might be completely wrong, though it might just be rushed or unclear to confuse us. I was also looking at the 1s on the 4x4 matrix to the right of the 611174 and they’re completely different. If anything, the 1s (if they are 1s) in the 611174 resemble his 'L’s where he writes 'roll’.

I’ll have to think some more on this one, has anyone got any other thoughts?


I’ve seen some analyses say that one of the character’s has Vernet’s syndrome, though I hope that isn’t the case because they’ve just given us the answer, haven’t they?

I’ve been doing some digging around on the internet when I came across this (you should read it, it’s pretty interesting) about a character Sherry Vernet. At first, all I could find was information on the French artist Vernet (which is admittedly relevant, as in ACD canon Holmes mentions that he grandmother is the sister of the artist Horace Vernet) until I came across 'A Study in Emerald’. If you read the article, you’ll find this line where 'the detective’ reveals his deductions of Sherry Vernet, these being that he is 'a seditionary 'restorationist’, an anarchist’. Let me remind you what happened in TAB:

Mycorft: “-These enemies are everywhere… undetected… and unstoppable.”
Dr. Watson: “Socialists?”
Mycroft: “Not socialists, Doctor, no.”
Dr. Watson: “Anarchists?”
Mycroft: “No.”
Dr. Watson: "The French?The suffragists?”

Could this be referencing that Sherry Vernet is to come? Either as the next person to step up to Moriarty’s role (if Moriarty really is dead), or a relative of Sherlock’s? Or possibly even both? Vernet is placed directly under 611174, so they have to be linked. A reinforcement to 'the third brother’ theory? Though there’s a question mark next to it. He’s sure about the number/ date, but he isn’t sure on the name.

Scarlet Roll Mo

This is the only other part of information highlighted. It’s important.

If you type into google Roll mo, the first thing that comes up is rollmops, which took me to this page and the first thing it says is:

'Rollmops are pickled herring fillets, rolled (hence the name) into a cylindrical shape, often around a savoury filling.’

Combined with the colour, they’ve literally given us a red herring.

Could this mean the whole page is a red herring? Or is it just a bluff? Or a double bluff? Or a triple bluff?

We’re back to aSiP, they’re Jeff the cabbie while we’re Sherlock.

4x4 matrix and the formulas underneath

I wish I could explain this myself, but it’s a little over my poor 14 year old head. It is genius though, absolute genius. I thoroughly suggest you read this though because it explains it better than I will ever be able to and presents numerous other theories and it’s just pure genius. I read it a couple of days ago and I still can’t get over it, some people are just real geniuses. Just wow.

It’s basically this:

I would love to hear your thoughts on my first bit of meta! And do any of you have any other ideas and theories on the notebook?