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Hating Half of Him 

Two confessions, one screw up and Marinette leaving the country was all it took for Adrien to figure out she was secretly Ladybug all along. Not that he could do much about it now. One year and multiple reveals later, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Nathaniel and Chloé have got this superhero best friends thing down. That is until Ladybug returns to Paris and they have to decide just how they are going to tell her the truth about what they know. The problem? Her identity is one secret that Marinette refuses to let go.


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In your ml witch AU tikki is a high council witch but also the broom? Can you elaborate? I'm a bit confused.....

of course! so the story goes, each of the high council (aka the kwamis) choose an apprentice who they think is strong in magic to train. magic, however, isn’t something know to the public, which leads to tikki having to disguise/ hide herself. she normally goes for the broom form, especially when mari is going on witch quests, her and mari’s combined magic leads to simple travel through the air (and tikki likes the cliche broom-flight trope the humans made up, she thinks it’s cute)

however tikki can’t always be a broom, because it would be a bit strange if mari was seen carrying a broom around with her everywhere, so when going out, she can transform into something small and simple like a brooch or even a little ladybug, of course. there are a few setbacks of this, one- magic is limited. even though tikki is extremely old and powerful, she has her breaking points. she can’t stay transformed for more than 13 hours at a time, and is her normal self as much as she can be when her and mari are alone. two- she has to really concentrate on what she wishes to become, the broom is easy for her by now but if you ask her to become something on the spot it can lead to some…weird circumstances 

honestly i don’t know how they haven’t been busted yet, haha! it can be confusing, i didn’t get to put much backstory and lore (especially about the council!) in the first post, i hope this clears things up a bit! thank you so much for the ask!

Even Charmers Fall

This grew into a fuckin 1k+ word monstrosity, it deserves a title and a “Keep reading” thing

I had the idea to write this even before Signas’s request and I had nothing against doing both. I wanted to make Dark the one in need of comfort for once since I don’t really see people do that.

Prompt: “I needed to hear your voice.”

Characters: Anti, Dark, Signe

Word count: 1.6k

Warnings: none. Anti and Dark are dating.

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Ughh hey ok so I just discovered that Roald Dahl was a blatant anti Semite and um I was wondering if u could make a list/ link to some info about more people I basically need to avoid for the rest of my life

Oh god I wish I could but to be completely honest… lots of your faves are probably antisemetic. More of them than I could conceivably call out have probably said at least 1 antisemetic thing. It sucks but tbh its just , I guess, the reality of being a Jew. But don’t give up hope - there are some amazing Jewish role models to look up to as well! :-/ sorry antisemitism is a thing. It has ruined a bunch of ‘heroes’ for me in the past. However, Dahl is particularly nasty in his antisemetic diatribe(s)

Edit: in my antisemitism tag u can find some people to block or avoid

Yesterday I went to see the 5th (and last?!) edition of the Sailor Moon musical revival. 

Last year’s musical, based on SuperS, I remember being a bit goofy and artsy. This year, based on Stars, was more serious. It was’t bad, but I found myself wishing the funny scenes of the girls and the Starlights in school had been a bit longer. Instead they were already fighting Galaxia before intermission. Oh well. The girl playing ChibiChibi (or one of them rather, as it was a double cast) was brilliant! She could not have been older than 4 but she had a lot of adult lines to lecture Sailor Moon on the choice she has to make. It was also awesome to see how much taller the actress playing Chibiusa has gotten, having grown up with these musicals. She really looked like she wanted to be there and was enjoying herself.

Even though Tuxedo Mask is largely absent in Stars, they found different ways to fit him/her in since Yamato Yuga is so popular they cannot not haha.

Anyway, I have a spoiler-y question for folks who have seen this musical, click below?

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Drew this while waiting for laundry to finish so that this blog could finally have a decent looking theme to it.

Definitely liable to change though when I have time to mess around with coding a bit and paint some more sidebar images. uvu;;

edit: Wow what’s up with tumblr?? It messed with the colors on this and made it a lot more saturated than it is?


Yo so I’ve been forced to Be An Adult these past few days and got really behind on Yatori week because of it, but I still wanna do it because *tantrum*! So I’ll be posting two things today and two things tomorrow and then I’ll be all caught up. Sorry for taking liberties with the schedule. >.>


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Yatori Week Day 1: “Firsts”

Hiyori Iki was running, gasping, her lungs burning. Heedless, she plunged onward, the rain mingling with her tears and soaking her hair. She was deaf to all but the sound of her footfalls on the slick pavement and the thundering of her thoughts.

“You must really love Yaboku.”

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