i could have bought a ps4


Summary: Reader is Raphael’s right hand woman. She befriends Simon and accepts his choices, she makes him feel welcome at Hotel Dumort.

Characters: Reader, Raphael Santiago, Simon Lewis, Clary Fairchild, Lightwood Duo, Luke Garroway, mention of Jace Wayland

Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV)

Word Count: 784

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Sic Parvis Magna

** Spoilers for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

About 10 years ago, before I was into Supernatural and going to cons, and when I hadn’t touched a camera since high school, I was isolated at home. I was going to uni to finish my degree, but what should have taken three years took me seven. I had lost touch with all my friends. I was, and still am, chronically, medically depressed. 

I had a PS3 and an XBox360, and I was a pretty hardcore gamer. Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, and Bioshock were all my jam. They still are my jam. But Uncharted was always my favourite. I got a Platinum (got every trophy) on Uncharted 1, 2, and 3. When Uncharted 2 came out with a multiplayer, I levelled up to over 40, and almost did the same in Uncharted 3. For me though, Uncharted was about the characters. I fell in love with Nate, I wanted to be Elena, and I wanted a best friend like Sully. 

Then SPN came along, and with it conventions. I picked up a camera again. Suddenly the world opened up and I was traveling to other countries by myself, making friends all over the world, capturing it all with my camera. When the PS4 console came out, I didn’t have the money to buy it. I was working, but everything was going to travel and photography equipment and cons. I was sad, because Uncharted 4 was going to be one of the first games to come out and I knew it was the last in the series. I was slightly freaking out that it was called “A Thief’s End”, thinking that they might kill off Nate, or Elena, or Sully. I watched while other people got the game, and my friend Schmelke got it and told me it was really good. I didn’t tell him why I was asking him so much. I was happy with where I was, I didn’t regret that I didn’t have the money to spend right then. I still don’t; photography is my world now. 

Fast forward to this year. This is the longest I will be going without going to a convention. I could feel myself backsliding slightly, so I thought, “Okay. You deserve it. Save up and buy a PS4.” So I did. I bought Uncharted 4, and in between work and editing photos I started playing it. 

I just finished the story last night. I sat there when the black credits scene came over, suddenly the room getting dark and I cried. I knew I would be sad; I even joked that I would cry. But I didn’t realise I actually would. I cried so much. 

(These screenshots were all taken in-game while I was playing - PS4 has a share feature, that lets you take screencaps. It was kind of like doing photography during the game, so win-win for me!) 

I don’t really know why I’m writing this, I think it’s to try to make sense of it myself. I’m not one of those people who thinks you need to apologise for loving something, or feeling passionate about something. I think it was because it felt like these characters that had come into my life when I was so vulnerable were getting their happy ending, and for me that felt like hope. It felt cathartic, like saying goodbye not only to these characters but to a part of myself that was still there deep inside me. It’s hard to say goodbye though. Really hard. To say I got a look at what it will feel like for many people when SPN ends isn’t a stretch. 

I keep coming back to that feeling of hope though. The girl in me that was so lost was still there, but she was winning more than she was losing. In the game and in life. 

P.S. “en garde, dickhead” has to be one of my favourite lines of anything ever. 

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CynicalSergal posted yet another emergency journal, asking for funds for medical stuff (needing a couple grand this time). How come they don't sell their suits from those really well known makers?? Those heads would EASILY be able to meet their goals...

i might regret this but

in cyn’s defense, i wouldn’t wanna sell shit i bought for a lot of money either. especially not stuff i cared about, like, say, fursuits of my own characters…

i mean i was in a real bind recently and i didn’t sell my PS4. i could have sold it and gotten at least a hundred bucks for it, if not more with the fuckin terabyte of storage the previous owner installed in the damn thing, but i didn’t. i like my PS4. i like my games for it. they make me happy. and i (or rather, my boyfriend) spent a decent amount of money on it. you put your hard-earned cash into something that you genuinely care about, and you don’t really wanna let it go. you feel?

now, if cyn was on the verge of homelessness and/or death? yeah, i’d advise that they consider selling a suit or two. but if they can get the money another way, i mean, go for it? as long as they manage to get their medical expenses taken care of. do emergency commissions on the side, maybe ask their parents for help… i dunno. i don’t know cyn’s situation.

my point is that they’re not obligated to sell their expensive luxury items when they need money. they’re allowed to keep the stuff they spent their cash on, and enjoy it, and be happy to have it, while also asking for financial help.

-Jackal Mod

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I literally only bought a 3ds for pokemon, if I knew this was gonna happen I probably would have just gotten a console and had a wider range of games I could play.

I’d have an easier time getting a PS4 and GTA 5 than a fucking Switch, cause there’s places where I live that sell PS4s for a cheap price.

Confession: Real talk though? I bought the Origins Edition for both PC & PS4 solely to get the Slipstream skin for Tracer. I couldn't help myself, it looks so badass! The aviator shades, the scarf, it all just screams “badass," and Lena rocks that look so well, unf. I just had to have it! Now, if I could just play her well (lol XP).

- Submitted by erikhowlett.

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Bite size? 🌸

Bite size: A small story that makes you happy

this girl i met via a facebook group but wasn’t rly friendly with just picked up video games for the first time last week. she took her boyfriends ps4 and started playing overwatch and now she’s super into it and we play together almost every day. i went to my parents house for 2 days and she kept asking me when i’m coming back so we could play together. in those 2 days i was gone, she bought a headset and d.va stickers and advanced like 20 levels 😂 i’m happy i have friends to play with and that she discovered that she likes games. i think she and her boyfriend now also have a new thing to connect on which is cute.