i could have been a rockstar

things to remember about muse when ur feeling down

•chris wolstenholme, who struggled with alcoholism in the early years of the band, is now completely sober with a truckload of kids!! he is also pure sunshine

•matt bellamy,, a child , had a son named bing whos favorite song is starlight.

•matt has 2 cats named kim and kanye, , what more could u ask for

•he also has tOns of sheep and doubles as a farmer as opposed to his usual rockstar persona

•they are all dorks and giggle through all of their interviews. kids, i tell ya

•dom howard went from a lil dork in showbiz era to a fucking hUnk in drones era. the biceps… the biceps

•they have all been bff s for most of their lives and have also been friends with tom kirk and consider him the fourth member of muse !!! so cute so cute

•speaking of tom kirk, he exists and trolls the muse fandom thru his twitter (#soon)

•morgan!! nicholls!!! exists!!! and is the Sun

•matt is so smol and his guitars r too big for him (eSPECially in showbiz era)

•they wrote a whole album based around science and energy use and it is so amazing

•matt is a conspir acy theorist omg

•one time muse was forced to mime so they all switched places and matt wad the drummer and dom was the lead singer/bassist and chris was the guitarist and none of the ppl noticed and if they did they were too scared to say anything

•also another time they had to mime matt just acted like a lil twat the entire time and waved his hands over the keyboard like a lil dork

•ok this list could b a mile long so im just gonna end it with the fact that muse exists.

•the edn


“I’m angry. At myself. At everyone.

“Today the internet is awash with pleas for people to speak up if they’re suffering; to break the stigma of depression, to talk about poor mental health. And rightly so.

“But Chester Bennington did just that. We just weren’t listening.

“On March 30, Chester and Mike Shinoda held a launch party of sorts, for Linkin Park’s new record, One More Light. This involved them playing a couple of songs, stripped back to piano and voice, in the foyer of their record label, Warners. Cards on the table: I merely appreciated Linkin Park. I wasn’t the biggest fan, but I never questioned their importance in the scheme of rock. I respected them. But the way they performed the songs they did that day, stripped-back to their bones, skeletal, delicate, chilling; they were beautiful. I came away touched.

“But before they performed, they conducted a Q&A session.

“In the session, Chester told the audience - an audience that included myself and essentially every other UK music journalist of note, as well as a host of other industry people - that he had recently contemplated suicide.

Not years ago. Recently.

“Chester wasn’t suffering in silence. He told us. He told us directly. He told his bandmate. Fucking hell, he told his employers.

“I feel angry. And I feel shame.

“I’m asking myself what I could have done. I met Chester for 10 minutes once, years ago. He wasn’t a rockstar I had the phone number of. There are people I could call up and say, ‘Hey, I’m here if you want to talk.’ But he wasn’t one of them.

“But a man told an audience I was in, that he had been thinking of killing himself, and less than four months later, he killed himself.

“Lately, but for too long now, I can’t shake the feeling thet the world is broken. It’s moving too fast. Communication is too dissipated. Humanity is off its hinges, the wheel is flapping around off the axis. Caring has become so uncool. A hero of mine, Chris Cornell, died barely two months ago. It might make me sound like a fucking dick, but it feels like a year ago, so much has happened since.

“Chris Cornell’s passing should have made us stop. It should have made us slow down. We should have learned something from that. Did we? How can we? How can you stop a speeding bullet, the relentless spin of existence?

If you’re suffering, you must speak up. You must. But if people are speaking up, we must listen. We must. We must. We must.


Sam Winchester was at school when agent Morgan come to see him. The man was tall, well build, and friendly, but it was clear that his first motivation wasn’t forward Sam.

“We’ve been looking for you for a long time now, but apparently, you’re moving a lot” He smiles to Sam, giving him a cup of coffee

“Yes, I do” Sam replies with a smile, knowing well to good what was happening

“You live with your brother, Dean, right?”

There it is. The one and only subject.

“Yes, I do”

Agent Morgan nods, apparently pleases with what he just hears. Of course he was. Dean have been on the FBI radar since they left the orphanage five years ago. Robberies, identity theft, kidnapping, torture, murder, and so much more crime which ended with a national arrest warrant against him. Dean had laughed, telling Sam that he was some kind of Rockstar, ignoring the fact that he was wanted by the police in every state.

“I saw your grades. You’re a really good student. Could probably go whatever you want to, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, they would all fight for you”

Sam sighs. It was getting boring.

“What do you want agent?”

The man face changed as soon as Sam said the words. No more friendly smile, he was here with a mission, and his job just started.

“I want your brother” He says, voice full of determination

“Yeah well, so do all the others polices. But you can’t catch him can you?” Sam replies, a little smile on his face

“I can’t. I don’t know where he is, and even if I did, he will go to trial, and we both know that there isn’t enough proof against him.”

“So what are you excepting me to do? Give you some proof, telling you where my brother is so you can catch him?”

“Something like that yes” Morgan face was soft again, and he was looking at Sam with sad eyes “You will be the proof, Sam”

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lat479  asked:

I've recently discovered there are quite a few types of soulmate au out there. My question is what are the mods favorite type of the au.

we have a pretty extensive soulmates au tag :D

for new-ish soulmates fics i really liked:

in the eye of the beholder by ironic_boner

In a world where whatever your soulmate draws on their skin shows up on yours too, things get complicated when your soulmate is a tiny lil fucker, or when you’re missing an arm.

Or: Five times someone insults Bucky’s soulmate’s art, and one time Steve starts to believe the haters and Bucky has to fix that.

The Man Who Ate Brooklyn by Kelly (WIP)

In a world oversaturated with propaganda to find your soulmate, Steve isn’t interested in feeding into the hype. He resigns himself to a quiet, solo existence as an artist barely making it in Brooklyn. When his art lands him in the midst of an up and coming rockstar, he’ll be pushed to new places and new feelings that he never could have prepared for.

you got hell to pay but you already sold your soul by Tator

“I, uh, I had a mate–a soulmate,” he muttered quietly, and suddenly the room fell silent. No one seemed to even take an inhale after his little confession. “It’s obviously been a long time since then. It was back before the- back then.” He felt a burning behind his fifth rib, and tried not to remember the loving feeling of fire that came with it. (He could still remember how to drown. But the burning from the ice was never quite the same.)

or the one where Steve had a soulmate and then didn’t but kinda always did

mere colors by brostucky (clawstoagunfight)

That’s when Bucky takes a deep breath and shoves his way through the crowd.

And, really, it’s that moment that shit starts to hit the fan.


A fic about: Van’s changing behaviour being v. worrying for everyone. 

Note: Shoutout to @kanyezbest for the inspirational conversation. 

The vibration of your phone didn’t wake you. As it fell off the mattress and hit the bed frame on the way down, it was the noise that startled you from your dreams and propelled into the land of the living. Clawing around for it in the early morning light, you picked up without looking at the screen. 

“Hello?” you croaked out. There was hesitation on the other end. Whoever it was only just realised calling this early could wake you. For a second you thought of Van. 

“Hi, Y/N. It’s Bernie. Woke you, didn’t I?" 

So, not Van. Close to though. You sat up, turned the lamp on and looked at the clock. It was almost seven in the morning. Really, not that early. 

"It’s fine. Um. Hi. Is everything okay? Has something happened?" 

Why else would your exboyfriend’s father be calling? 

"No, nothing’s happened. Mary and me… We were just wondering if you’d spoken to Van in a while?" 

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I’ve seen a post shading my sweet Suhaila re: SM interaction/promo—I just have to say NO Sam and Cait aren’t responsible for promotion, but they DO play a major role in it. It’s their show too. It’s not too much to ask them to have more enthusiasm or drop a couple BTS pics or overheard on sets every now and then. They can sprinkle in some show-related tweets with their charity tweets. 

Today was awesome! It is quite possible to be excited as well as annoyed that they don’t do this stuff more often. Those two things are not mutually exclusive. Just because the tenor of this post may at first seem annoyed, I enjoyed and was excited about today. I loved getting to see Sam and Caitriona in costume with all of the cuteness and the other cast members who just infuse this ho-hum production with some energy. The wigs are different story (this show’s hairstyling is TRAGIC). Also, I’m afraid Turtle Soup is going to be the new Honeypot. Let’s tread lightly there, folks.

But it’s like whenever we get the tiniest of crumbs people forget the months of radio silence and side-fuckery and think they’re so generous and magnanimous, when for lots of other shows this is pretty basic and normal stuff. I’m not asking for a video everyday. Or anything everyday. But you’ve been filming since last August, can I get something that isn’t of a sunset, especially with an underlying tone of MBR’s martyring/patronization? Something other than a pic of a ship or of Table Mountain? Maybe a selfie? Cesar and Lauren posted some fun stuff. They showed some genuine enthusiasm. See? It’s not hard. Because of that, I’m actually excited to see them on the show and have them around. I’m sad they’re gone because Sam and Cait will probably wrap the season with no great fanfare at all. It’s probably going to be quiet until SDCC. And then after that two weeks before the premiere. Sigh.

I’ve seen people lament how Tumblr’s been dead when it comes to Outlander. Well, that could quite possibly have something to do with the fact that other than today, there’s been nothing new. But do go find and thank all of the fan fiction writers, because to me they’re the real rockstars of this fandom.

Please NOTE: I only bitch about this stuff because I care about the show and want it to succeed. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t spend my time posting about it.

From the Dining Table - Pink Series pt. 8

Hi guys! I’m so so so sorry this series is taking forever, but school is wildly busy. But here’s part 8! I hope you like it! 

Word Count: ~3k

Enjoy! .xx - M

When Harry finally wakes up for real this time, it’s 8am and the sun is streaming through his window. He’s only vaguely aware of the naked body beside him as he wrestles with the feeling of having had a particularly emotionally intense and confusing dream the night before, but not quite sure how to put the few vivid images he has in his brain together into something cohesive.

“Hey, I’ve got to get going, Y/N- I mean, ummm, fuck,” he says, at first attempting to shake your, well her, sleeping body gently to alertness, but now abandoning that and lying on his back, the dream from last night coming back to him, as well as his pre-dream activities.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” he mutters under his breath, scanning the room for his underwear and this mystery woman’s clothing.

Woke up the girl who looked just like you,

I almost said your name.

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your hair was long when we first met (Pidge/Lance)

Summary: Pidge’s hair grows with the seasons. So do Lance’s feelings.
A/N: this has been sitting in the back of my head for a while now and finally I was just like welp, let’s give it a go. It’s a little bit different stylistically from my latest plance fics, but take a peek if you’re interested? ;) 

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

[Read and review over on Ao3] or continue under the cut.



The barbecue smells heavenly.

Lance holds his beer bottle loosely between thumb and forefinger, raising it to his lips as he surveys the yard.  Cheesy tiki torches jut from the grass, to be lit up later.  Over by the fence, Sara, their sales manager (his superior) oversees the grill, auburn hair tied in a messy bun.  The company party is in full swing, porch door squeaking open and closed behind him as his coworkers flip flop between enjoying the muggy summer air outside or the cool respite indoors.

It’s not where he thought he’d be, three years after returning.  “Sales rep” is quite a ways off from “paladin of Voltron.”  But Lance has always been good at talking himself up; after jetting across half the universe convincing foreign species to join up in the Alliance, getting some wary investors to buy into the latest tech product is a walk in the park.  He’s back on Earth and on his feet.  That’s what counts.

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a little above the surface (chapter 2)

Genre and warnings: angst, romance
Rating: T (for this chapter)
Pairing: rockstar!Namjoon x ex-violinist!reader
Series summary: As far as you were concerned, ex-violinists and highly-acclaimed rock stars weren’t supposed to mix, especially when a certain purple-haired rock star was supposed to just remain in your past.
Word Count: 7.1k
a/n: partly inspired by Uncontrollably Fond

Chapter 1 (M) Chapter 3 (M)

It started when Namjoon was ten.

He was always fond of writing poems, using words that he realized grown-ups used whenever they were discussing about serious things. He would take note of these words, writing them down on his notebook until he would be able to use them for the poems he wrote for school.

However, one day, a teacher asked him how he wrote the poems he made during class. And so, Namjoon decided to tell her about what he did and how he would discover new words everyday just by observing (and listening) what the grown-ups did.

For some reason, he was then ushered into an office where he was made to take a test. Later on, they would discover that his IQ level was at 148. Something that he would be known for the rest of his life.

It was in his second year in middle school when he started to bop along the songs on the radio. But, for some reason, he felt like the poems he would write could acquire a different kind of existence by becoming songs that would change people.

Two days later, he wrote a song that he shared with his classmates. Because their classmates appreciated the songs he made, it became apparent that his music teacher would hear his songs. Said music teacher would then urge him to write more songs, simply to bring out his talent. He would teach the then fourteen-year-old Namjoon how to play the piano and more instruments. Still, the songs Namjoon could write at that time were songs that were suitable for people his age.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Could i have a #1 with GD for the drabble prompt? Thank you <3

I hope you like it. :D

1. “Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful.” 

You had been sitting on the bed for half an hour, ready to go, before Jiyong finally made his way out of the bathroom. The two of you were going to a party, and you had put on your dress and done your makeup early, because you knew how long your boyfriend would use in the bathroom. He was such a perfectionist. 

The door opened, and Jiyong sashayed out, in true Rockstar fashion. The man really knew how to make an entrance, even if it was just into his own bedroom. What he was wearing could only be described as a weird haute couture mess. The shirt and jacket by themselves would look out there and cool, but the trousers he had paired them with were some of your least favourite trousers you had ever seen him in.

You sighed, he knew you hated those trousers. He looked at you, and cocked his eyebrow in a challenge to you. “Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful.” Then he winked at you, and you rolled your eyes. He did a slow sensual spin in front of you, and you couldn’t deny that you liked the way he moved. It was then you saw it.

 “Sweetie, unless you want to be extra controversial tonight, I suggest you change your outfit,” you smirked, after taking it all in.

 He looked at you dubiously, “what do you mean?”  

 “Well,” you walked up behind him, pretending to be judging his outfit. “For one,” you slipped your hand through the gaping hole in the back of his trousers to give his sexy little butt a good squeeze, making him jump a little. “There’s this giant hole in the back,” you finished, a Cheshire-cat smile adorning your face.

 “What?” he yelped, “but I just got them!”

 You shrugged, before crawling back into bed, ready to wait for him to choose a new outfit. Jiyong’s cat jumped up on your lap the second you sat down.

 Jiyong squirmed around a little, trying to get a look at the hole in his trousers. “How could this be? It’s the newest collection from my favourite designer!”

 The size and shape of the hole made it blatantly obvious what, or who had happened to the trousers. “I think I know what happened to them,” you tried to hold back a giggle, while gently stroking the head of the perpetrator, who just happened to lie on your lap.

 Being unable to be angry with the cat, Jiyong just huffed, and turned to grab some different trousers from the wardrobe before stomping into the bathroom to change and check out his new outfit.

 You leaned down to gently kiss the cat on the head, “did I ever tell you that you are my favourite?” the cat just purred happily back at you.

#106 - For hermosadecadencia, thesambuca, & placidus

Filling the prompts “van being in love with this girl while meeting the reader and they become friends and all but she breaks up with him and van is a fucking mess like drunk everyday and all that and the reader just stays with him and they slowly fall in love” from @hermosadecadencia and “a relationship … built on music” from @thesambuca and  "van dating a guy when you meet / before you get together ? because van mcpann is a blessing" from @placidus

With a record in each hand, a decision had to be made. Bowie. Joy Division. Technically, both could have been bought. It would just mean you’d be eating more two minute noodles that week. You quickly surveyed the room to see if there was anyone around that could help. There was a girl at the counter, but she was a) on her phone and looked busy with that, and b) was so pretty you felt nervous at the thought of even asking her opinion. There was a group of girls over in the ‘just in’ section frothing about The 1975. A guy with a mohawk that reached high into the air appeared to be also agonising over a decision; his was between Cannibal Corpse and The Doors. You hoped he picked Jim. The only other person in the store was a normal looking guy. He was flicking through the film soundtracks. 

Approaching him slowly, he turned to you. His smile was an invitation for conversation, and you held the two records up. “Please help,” you said. He laughed and took them from you.

“Well, both are staples in your collection, yeah? So you can’t go wrong. But, would 'ave Joy Division done so well if Curtis hadn’t… you know?” the guy said. 

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Chapter One

The girls all thought that Julian Devorak was a loonie, but also that he was really handsome. That was the exact word; not hot, dreamy or sexy: handsome. He appeared to have the strongest bad boy charm, with his leather boots and auburn hair, and –apparently- a smile so sweet you would have sold your mama to buy him smokes. Despite his glamour, tho, I never met a girl who actually had any first-hand experience of the boy: he was too much, they said, with his coat that looked like a cloak and that pirate eyepatch. The kid tried too hard. And he was a junkie, everybody knew that.

I knew for a fact that he wasn’t, because my best friend was his sister Portia and thanks to her I had a much less romanticized image of him: it’s hard to find intriguing someone when you hear him constantly being referred to as “Dummy” and “Banana boy”. Quite surprisingly, though, I had never seen him. I wasn’t a “going out” girl (we lived too far from the city center) and he was bigger than us, went to med school and wasn’t simply around the time that I was. When I met him, anyway, he managed to make the whole thing unforgettable.

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Still Running Back To You

inspired by listening to outerspace/carry on | a breakup!luke fic by me 

what meant to be a short little blurb turned into…this. i just let my mind write and see where it takes me. let me know what you think!

It had been two months since you had last spoken to Luke. Right before they left for tour, the unimaginable had happened: you got your heart broken by a rockstar. 

How could you have not have seen this coming? Of course your heart would be broken in the end. Luke is a rockstar; those relationships never work out in the movies or in the fanfiction. Just because your heart was broken, doesn’t mean you don’t look when you hear his name, or smile when you see him and his best friends performing on your TV screen. 

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  • Lyanna Stark, after being crowned Queen of Love and Beauty: So...why is everybody stressing over this thing? I mean, it's just flowers. Could really just... *breaks it*
  • Robert Baratheon : *gasps in shock*
  • Lyanna Stark: Share it. A piece for Elia Martell, a partial Queen of Love and Beauty. A piece for Ashara Dayne.
  • Ned Stark: Seriously, most people just take the crown and go.
  • Lyanna Stark: And a piece for King Aerys. He hasn't had a manicure and a haircut since Aegon's Landing and he still looks like a rockstar. And some for everybody else. All right, have a good time, everyone thank you!

So, I know there are probably hq’s of this shit everywhere, I obviously haven’t even checked, and I’m about to sleep for a very long time. I just wanted to say this moment was something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. That and hearing Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart out of his very mouth—his song—how it always should have been sung. We always wanted that and you gave it with your entire soul. Harry fucking Styles, you have outdone yourself. Best night ever, thank you. I was having such a hard time physically, and my blood sugar was all over the place, and I felt like I was seeing triple. But you came out on that stage and it was like my broken pieces left my body entirely so that I could see you and perceive you as I normally would. You magical rockstar, you.