i could have been a rockstar


I am so in love with all of these photos <3 <3 <3

In the weeks leading up to the con I was so nervous about them and generally about Jensen even coming to the con, because I thought it was likely the twins would be born soon …. damn, was I right ^-^  We read the news on his twitter during Misha’s panel on saturday (gotta rewatch that on youtube, because the second half I couldn’t concentrate very well - sorry Misha!!!) and I was so happy for him but also instantly worried he wouldn’t come, which would have been more than understandable. An hour later we got the news that Jensen called to say he’s coming and we were ecstatic! He was in such a good mood and you could see the happiness radiating off him the whole day, it was truly the best part for me just seeing him like that <3

I wanted the hand holding pose so much ever since I saw a similar photo my friend (who I shared the rockstar!Jensen one with) did at JIB7, but I was afraid I’d make the weirdest face or simply die on the spot if I had Jensen looking at me like that. Well, I didn’t die and I think I look sufficiently happy and enchanted and in love in the photos, but I gotta say I was shaking so damn hard after the last solo op with him, even my legs felt completely wobbly. I did the hug photo first - AND GOSH LOOK AT HIS BEAUTIFUL SMILE - AND HIS ARM!! <3  I thanked him after the photo and said a quick congrats to him and nearly melted on the spot when he smiled at me so full of joy, you can truly understand the sentiment “it’s like staring into the sun” :D

Then I got back in line with my friend for the other two. I asked her if I can do my other solo op with him first, in order to prevent me from being a complete idiot again like at the photo ops with Rob and running off after the shared one, so I walked up to Jensen and asked if we can hold hands. He smiled and a second later I had my hand in his and he was looking at me and I was so lost in the moment, I didn’t realise there’s a problem until Jensen suddenly tugged me lightly to his left and I tore my eyes away from his to look over at Chris who was motioning for us to take a step to the left. So I let Jensen guide me into the right spot, him never letting go of my hand all the while, and then we looked at each other once again and I think the small panicky voice inside my head went like “AGAIN? HOW AM I GONNA SURVIVE?!” but it was the most wonderful moment, which I’m never ever gonna forget, and I can only encourage everyone (looking at you @perfmishka​ ;D ) to do a pose like that where you can look him in the eyes, see them crinkle from his smile, and feel like there’s only the two of you for like 3 seconds. … I feel like this report will get mighty long because I can’t stop gushing about Jensen. Sorry, not sorry.

After that it was time for the rockstar pose. I had wanted a photo with Jensen singing to me for a long time as well, but I had already decided on the hug and hand holding pose, so I asked my friend if she wants to share a third Jensen solo op with me and told her about my idea and needless to say there wasn’t much convincing to do - none, actually ^-^  I brought one mic from singstar with me to the con and we didn’t even have to say anything, once we held out the mic to Jensen he knew exactly what we wanted. He went into the rockstar pose so quickly and naturally, we had to hurry and drop to the floor (I felt like doing that anyway by then lol) and I absolutely love the way this photo turned out. This one is going to be printed as a poster and stuck on my bedroom door for sure <3

The last photo here is actually cut out from our shared J2 photo op (which I’ll post in a bit) and like I already said to @perfmishka​ once when she told me how intimate it looks, I almost have to cover my eyes when I look at this too long because it looks so intimate and affectionate, but then I just get lost looking at it all the time anyway <3  True story: When we were still sightseeing in San Francisco after the con on monday, we went to grab a drink and sit down for a few minutes and I looked through my photos on my phone and got completely stuck and lost in this one until @perfackles​ noticed me having zoned out and she was like, “Melissa is doing something important on her phone…” because apparently I looked deeply focused and the second I snapped out of it at the mention of my name, she realised I had only been staring at the photo again and we all just burst out laughing :’D

I’m gonna stop right here and stare at the photos some more and start posting the others I have left.

If you want to use/edit anything, please let me know and credit me. Thank you!

J/C as Exes Part 8: You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything

Hello, my darlings. Here’s the next chapter of the Exes AU. Claire’s got a bit of making up to do after what happened in Chapter 7 (which you can find HERE). I have to say a HUGE thank you to my Chief Editor @akb723 and to my beautiful rockstar ‘twin’ @thescarlettpeacock for both of their amazing help getting this chapter together and polished. Hope you like it!

I combed my fingers through his damp hair, watching while he slept. His head was on my lap, body curled tightly around mine. Just watching him, I wanted to weep. Now that I studied him closely, I could suddenly see what had been lost.

He might be asleep, but he was far from being at peace. A frown deepened the lines on his face, making him look a decade older than he was. There was a thin scar that followed the line of his left eyebrow, something I’d never noticed before. A near-forgotten habit had me brushing the hair from his cheek. It got no response, not like he had before.

The fire in the hearth at Lallybroch burned low, casting a warm light over the room. Jamie’s head was on my chest, his mouth slightly open. I brushed the hair from his face, tucking it behind his ear, and his lips pulled into a sweet smile.

“He used to do that as a bairn,” Jenny said.

“Did he?”

“Aye. Mam and I would take turns to see who could make him do it while he slept in his cot.”

I tried it again and sure enough, he smiled in his sleep before nuzzling closer to my breast.

“What do you suppose it means?”

Jenny sighed.

“I think it means he’s happy.”

Was he happy now? Not at the moment, plagued as he was by his demons. Perhaps he was a little comforted,but it didn’t seem like much that I’d done for him; but maybe it was enough to start with.

The last several hours replayed in my mind, over and over as I lay silently beside him.

His hand slid into mine and he allowed me to help him to his feet. Surveying his bedroom, I began making a list in my mind of what needed to be done. It was too dark, I needed to let the sunshine in. And everything needed to be cleaned.

“Alright,” I said, coming to a conclusion. “First things first. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

He nodded slowly, like he understood me but was unsure how to follow through with it. I got the feeling he didn’t want to be touched again, so I kept my hands at my sides. I was still drastically underprepared to help him with this, but I’d be damned if I left him to deal with it alone.

“Come with me, darling,” I said as gently as I could. “That’s it, one foot at a time.”

I lead him to the shower with my voice, pleased by his progress.

“Now we need to get you in the shower. Could you take your underpants off?”

Almost mechanically, he stripped off his soiled garment and stood shivering while I let the water warm. Then, without thinking, I too removed my clothes and watch. He hardly noticed.

“Come on,” I said gently. “In you go.”

He stood beneath the water as it washed the stench away, his body trembling though the water was warm. I lathered his soap in my hands and reached out to help clean his body. My fingertip had barely touched his chest when he flinched back into the wall. His eyes, wild with terror, rolled around the enclosed space.

“Easy, Jamie. I’m right here. Everything’s going to be alright. Look at me, Jamie. Don’t see anything else. Just see me.”

Slowly, his eyes moved back to my face and locked in place. His body was still rigid with his reaction, but the pulse in his neck had begun to slow.

“I’m going to touch you now, alright? Just to clean you up. That’s all.”

He clenched his jaw a few times before he nodded. This time when I touched his chest, he only flinched rather than jump away. With the cleaning of his body done, I began to wash his hair. I worked the knots out of it and massaged his scalp, trying to help him relax. Thankfully he’d finally stopped shaking. I didn’t stop speaking to him while I cleaned his hair, since he could no longer keep me in sight. It seemed to help - or at least I hoped it did.

My heart shattered at the sight of him like this. In all the time I’d known him he had been so strong and sure of himself, like nothing could shake his foundation. But now that I had seen beneath the surface of that, I saw that foundation was cracked; not broken altogether, but neither was it whole.

“I’m here, Jamie,” I said as he leaned into my hands.

I held his face as I rinsed his hair.

“I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Now that he was clean, he looked a little better. I put both of my hands flat on my chest. Again, his body flinched, but a little less than the time before. His heart was racing, but his breathing was beginning to slow.

“Is there something I can do, Jamie?”

He shook his head. After a while, I turned the water off and helped him out of the shower. I wrapped myself in a towel first, then wrapped him. I nudged him to sit down on the toilet seat while I combed his hair and helped him dry off. His color still wasn’t quite right, but he seemed to relax a little more. Though I had precious little experience with veterans suffering from PTSD, the healer in me took this to be a good sign.

“I need to get you clean clothes,” I said softly. “Stay here. I’ll just be a minute or two.”

I waited until he gave me a weak nod before I dressed hastily and went to fetch his own clothes. I grabbed what I hoped would be comfortable for him and went back to where he waited.

“Here we are. Can you dress yourself, Jamie?”

“Mmhm,” he muttered.

That was the first verbal response I’d gotten from him since helping him out of his flashback. It wasn’t much, but it was something and it made me hopeful. Once he was dressed in fresh clothes, which had to feel a little better, I lead him out to the couch. He sank onto the it, exhausted. I moved with a speed I only experienced when I was in surgery and began to clean his flat.

“I’m going to fix you a strong cup of tea and clean up a bit, ok? But I’m not going anywhere. I’m still here, love.”

He nodded distractedly as I moved to the kitchen, filling and setting the kettle to boil. While it warmed, my mind began to wander aimlessly. It settled on nothing in particular, it just went sort of blank. The kettle went off and the sound ripped me from my empty thoughts. I got his tea ready with two lumps of sugar, knowing his body needed the energy after an ordeal like that. While it cooled a little, I began scrubbing down the counters and rinsing out the sink before taking it over to him. I’d set everything to rights earlier, but I thought everything being truly clean would help.

“Drink your tea, darling. I’m going to go and put your sheets in the wash, alright? I’ll be away five minutes.”


I stripped the bed down hastily and threw everything into the wash. The mess on the floor would take some work, but I cleaned up as much as I could before returning to him. I was afraid to leave him alone too long.

Back in the front room, I watched him sip the tea. It seemed to bring a little color back to his cheeks, giving me some comfort.

“Okay, darling,” I said, easing onto the couch beside him. “Everything’s all cleaned up. How are you doing?”

“Better,” he said, voice cracking.

“That’s good. Would you like some more tea?”

He shook his head, taking one last gulp before setting the cup on the floor.

“Are you hungry, love? Cold? Is there anything I can get for you?”

Jamie took a deep breath then, his shoulders sagging.

“Just… Tired. So verra tired.”

“I don’t think your mattress is sanitary at the moment. This pulls out into a bed, doesn’t it?”


“Get up for a moment, I’ll get us sorted.”

He did, slowly and I thought I heard him groan. It took a little maneuvering, but I got the bed unfolded and the sheets set to right. It didn’t look terribly comfortable, but it was better than nothing. I eased myself onto it and motioned for him to join me, a moment’s hesitation, he did.

He lay stiffly beside me, as though he’d been carved from marble. Moment by moment, he relaxed and put his head in my lap.

“Come lay your head, man,” I whispered, carefully running my fingers through his hair.

He exhaled deeply and finally relaxed for the first time since I’d arrived.

It was quiet for several minutes while I tried to figure out what to do next. Talking had seemed to help him a bit, so I poured through my memories to find something to talk about.

“Perhaps you and I go back to Loch Ness again, stay at that little bed and breakfast right on the loch. Balacalditch, wasn’t it?”

“Balachladaich” he corrected.

“You know, I saw a young boy on the street just the other day and he reminded me of that lad we met at the Loch. Do you remember? He came and said hello to us every single morning, always laughing. Do you remember that morning he asked if we were going to have a baby like his mum and dad? I’ve never seen you turn so pink in all my life…” I laughed a little at the memory of Jamie’s embarrassed face. “I thought your ears would catch fire, they had turned so red. We had to explain that the stork hadn’t left us one yet.”

I took a long breath.

“I remember when you took me to Lallybroch for the first time after that. We climbed the tower and watched that beautiful sunset right over the valley…”

I continued to speak for what felt like hours, talking of nothing and everything. He slept lightly, his features stiff with worry and pain, the opposite to the boy I’d found sleeping on his sister’s couch at Lallybroch, face angelic, soft and without care. He had lines now, around his eyes I’d never noticed before, making him look distinguished, mature. I didn’t want to think of the nights and worries that etched them into his skin. Looking down at his sleeping form, I realized once again just how much he had changed.

I hadn’t turned any of the lights off since we’d laid down, I didn’t think it would help banish the nightmares from his mind to remain in darkness.

I leaned against the back of the couch to give him as much room as I could. A pull out bed wasn’t really designed for a six-foot Scot, but we would make do. I’d pulled one of the small pillows onto my lap for him to rest his head on, keeping us both comfortable. He slept like a child, his legs pulled up tight against his chest, trying to be as small as possible. His arms were wrapped tight around my legs, his breathing had become heavy and even in his sleep.

I felt my own eyes falling heavy with sleep, but couldn’t tear myself away from watching over him. In an effort to wake myself, I messaged Ian.

I can’t say he’s okay, because he isn’t. But he’s sleeping and calm. You need to tell me about his other episodes, Ian. I can’t lose him again. Will update you more tomorrow. Claire x

As I pressed send, Jamie moved slightly and my heart leaped in fear at the thought of him falling into the abyss of another nightmare. Instead, he moved slightly and swiftly fell asleep once more.

I knew I should begin reading, trying to find out anything I could about PTSD based panic attacks. Message boards filled with soldiers home from war zones filled the pages, friends and family discussing methods and support options. Those that conquered their fear filled memories, and others that battled daily. This wasn’t an easy road, not for him and not for me. Ian had been right when he’d told me Jamie would depend on me if I stayed. I had become his pillar of strength, and I needed to be exactly that. No more running, no more fear. Randall had cast a darkness over his soul, leaving a shadow hanging over the man I had known so intimately before. We had brought light to one another before, I could do it again for us both. James Fraser was worth more to me than I could admit, and I had to prove it.

things to remember about muse when ur feeling down

•chris wolstenholme, who struggled with alcoholism in the early years of the band, is now completely sober with a truckload of kids!! he is also pure sunshine

•matt bellamy,, a child , had a son named bing whos favorite song is starlight.

•matt has 2 cats named kim and kanye, , what more could u ask for

•he also has tOns of sheep and doubles as a farmer as opposed to his usual rockstar persona

•they are all dorks and giggle through all of their interviews. kids, i tell ya

•dom howard went from a lil dork in showbiz era to a fucking hUnk in drones era. the biceps… the biceps

•they have all been bff s for most of their lives and have also been friends with tom kirk and consider him the fourth member of muse !!! so cute so cute

•speaking of tom kirk, he exists and trolls the muse fandom thru his twitter (#soon)

•morgan!! nicholls!!! exists!!! and is the Sun

•matt is so smol and his guitars r too big for him (eSPECially in showbiz era)

•they wrote a whole album based around science and energy use and it is so amazing

•matt is a conspir acy theorist omg

•one time muse was forced to mime so they all switched places and matt wad the drummer and dom was the lead singer/bassist and chris was the guitarist and none of the ppl noticed and if they did they were too scared to say anything

•also another time they had to mime matt just acted like a lil twat the entire time and waved his hands over the keyboard like a lil dork

•ok this list could b a mile long so im just gonna end it with the fact that muse exists.

•the edn

Still Running Back To You

inspired by listening to outerspace/carry on | a breakup!luke fic by me 

what meant to be a short little blurb turned into…this. i just let my mind write and see where it takes me. let me know what you think!

It had been two months since you had last spoken to Luke. Right before they left for tour, the unimaginable had happened: you got your heart broken by a rockstar. 

How could you have not have seen this coming? Of course your heart would be broken in the end. Luke is a rockstar; those relationships never work out in the movies or in the fanfiction. Just because your heart was broken, doesn’t mean you don’t look when you hear his name, or smile when you see him and his best friends performing on your TV screen. 

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Based off the au prompt “i’m a rockstar and you’re a fan who snuck in and do you maybe wanna help me ‘blow off some steam’ back stage because ur A) really hot and B) pretty obviously willing“ from this prompt list. Nessian smut, which means @accidental-rambler gets tagged.

The band had been attractive enough, Nesta supposed.

              She leaned against the wall and contemplated the concert she had just watched.  She hadn’t planned on coming – had it been Feyre who had asked, Nesta would have just shot it down.  But she could give credit where it was due, and rather than asking herself, Feyre had set Elain on her, knowing Nesta could never tell her middle sister no.

              So, when Feyre had claimed she could totally sneak them backstage… well, Elain had been so excited, and Nesta had gone along, even though all she really wanted was a cup of tea and her knitting needles.

              (Had Feyre known her thoughts, she would have pointed out that Nesta had never finished a cup of tea and always ended up throwing her knitting across the room in a rage)

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anonymous asked:

I was going through yr rec list and found the post regarding the classic fics for Drarry. I was wondering, do you ever think there might be a list for the 3rd Drarry bookshelf?

I don’t know, anon! There certainly could be, and it would be interesting to see what made the list!

The main reason there hasn’t been, afaik, is that the people who’ve done it in the past either have left fandom or have plates already overflowing with other fandom and rl commitments and don’t have time. Like, I know @vaysh11 was one of the co-organizers of The Second H/D Bookshelf, and vaysh mods at least three or four different fests and organizes the H/D calendar and writes fic and podfics and basically is a fandom rockstar, but then adding something else to that would be A Lot. And lots of other people who are active in fandom also have other commitments going on.

So, if you think it would be a cool thing to do (and I would agree!) then do it!! You might try getting in touch with people who have done it in the past for tips, and/or putting out feelers to people in the H/D community to find out what would make for a good survey (especially in this less lj-centric/more multi-platform moment), but if you’re interested, go for it!

passenger seat

word count: 9116


Briefly, because he knows they’ll only be in the car for another couple of minutes at absolute maximum, he watches Andrew for any break in the impassivity.

There’s the faintest twitch, which Neil assumes is Andrew registering his attention, but he’s not sure if it’s anger, embarrassment, annoyance- honestly, it could be anything. Then Andrew’s face settles. Neil doesn’t move, though, content to watch the way the passing lights change Andrew’s profile and colouring. If Neil were an artist, he thinks he’d want to paint this.

Tour Fight (Calum Imagine)

A/n: You wanted another tour fight, here ya go!! I was going to make this a happy ending but got emo last second 😅 Really hope you like it and feedback is encouraged! Tell me if you guys like it or not and keep on requesting! ❤️ 

TRIGGER: Swearing 

Pairing: Calum + Y/n 

I knew dating a rockstar wasn’t going to be easy. Calum was a unique one. I’ve never been in a serious relationship before and I know that this, what Calum and I have, definitely constitutes as serious. The moment I laid my eyes on him in that record shop, I knew I was a goner. I mean who can resist those chocolate brown eyes and those little curls that fell across his forehead and the way he could make you feel so safe just by his touch… 

Fuck. I’ve never been good at this whole “love” thing before. I mean he’s the first guy I’ve ever fallen for and in our 1 and a half years of dating, I know that he feels the same way but I just can’t help it. 

I’m scared. 

I don’t want to mess things up with Calum. He’s the only thing that I look forward to after a long day at school. He’s the only person I want to explore the world with. He’s the only one I want to touch, kiss, and cuddle with at night.

That’s my hopeless romantic side talking.

My logical, realistic side is telling me that happy endings don’t exist. That fairy tales are a bunch of lies and that love isn’t real. 

I want to be with Calum but I know that whatever we have is going to have to end soon because that’s just the way things go…right? 

So that’s why I’m sitting alone in this coffee shop just down the street of the arena the boys were performing in tonight. I took a week off work so that I could visit Calum and tell him what I’ve been feeling but it’s difficult when you can’t even articulate the words you want to say without breaking someone’s heart. 

I need to let go of him so that I won’t get hurt. I’ve suffered too much pain to go through it all again. I sound selfish I know. But I’m doing this for him too. When I’m gone, he can be with someone who knows and experiences his lifestyle too. Maybe meet another celebrity or a model. But this life I have with Calum is bound to dissipate and I can’t go through that pain. I can’t. 

He’s been ringing my phone and sending me texts along with the rest of the boys wondering where I am since I left in the morning and haven’t been heard of since. I need time to collect my thoughts before I see him. 

As the sun shone through the window painting a fluorescent white light against the faces of the civilians walking by, I saw him. I knew that face from a mile away. 

Dammit. I should have known he would come looking for me. Although he may seem like he’s an easygoing guy, I knew he worried a lot. About me specifically. Which just makes what I’m about to do even harder. 

As I met his eyes through the window, I could see the relief flood in as he made his way through the door and in front of me.

“Seriously?!” He all but yelled in the relatively quiet coffee shop. “Running away in a foreign city y/n! Are you crazy?!“ 

“Calum, calm down I-” But of course he wouldn’t let me finish. 

“I called you a dozen times at least along with the boys. Why didn’t you answer?” He softened his voice looking directly into my eyes. “I was so fuckin worried that something may have happened to you y/n. Why would you scare me like that?" 

I sighed playing with the rim of my coffee cup not daring to meet his eyes just yet. 

"Doll.” He gently spoke. “Please look at me.” He sat down in front of me grabbing my hand forcing me to look at him. 

“I’m sorry Cal I really am but I just needed to get away for a bit.” I muttered. Fuck me I hate this I absolutely hate this. 

“What happened?” He questioned, gently rubbing his thumb across my hand. “Is something wrong?”

I let go of his hand and I can’t deny the aching pain in my chest when I saw the hurt cross his eyes. I was always a hand holder with him. My cold hands meeting his always warm ones was a perfect contrast. I knew he pretended to act like he was annoyed with my constantly “cold blooded nature” but I could see the fondness in his eyes every time I held his hand, knowing that he could always warm me up just by his touch. 

“Baby.” He spoke snapping me out of my thoughts. “Hey lets go back to the arena okay? We can talk there.” He carefully spoke as if raising his voice would trigger and unleash a fury within me. 

But I wasn’t mad. Far from it actually. I knew we couldn’t have this conversation here so I nodded my head and got up, making my way out the door without so much of a glance back at Calum. 

The walk back was brutal. We were always touching each other. Whether it was his arm around my waist and hand in my back pocket, or my hands around his arm tracing his tattoos and clinging onto him like a koala bear. But I kept my distance. Touching him would only make what I’m about to do even more difficult. 

As we came near the arena I felt Calum’s hand grip mine tightly, interlacing our fingers together while pulling me away and into the tour bus that was parked just outside the exit. He led me in and sat me down on the couch making sure the boys weren’t there.

“Okay.” He started. “Tell me what’s going on please?” He pleaded taking a seat beside me but keeping his distance since I rejected his last attempt to touch me. 

“And I don’t want to hear any bullshit of how you’re fine or that it’s nothing okay? I know you better than anyone baby so just tell me the truth?” I looked over at him and saw his eyes, wide with concern and confusion. 

Well here goes nothing. 

“I love you, you know that right?” I raised my eyes up towards him meeting his gaze. He looked confused but still replied, “Yeah doll of course I know that. And I love you too. Why-" 

"Which is why I need to let you go.” I interrupted. His whole body tensed at that sentence. I almost didn’t see it as I looked down at my hands. 

“This was never going to work in the first place right? I mean you’re a fuckin rockstar and I’m just, well me. Hold on just listen to me for a second okay?” He was about to say something but I knew the comforting words that were about to come out of his mouth would make me stay in a heartbeat. And I had to leave. 

“You deserve better Calum. You’re the literal representation of perfection while I’m just a walking skeleton of stress and anxiety. I don’t want to get hurt Cal. I don’t think I would be able to handle it.” I mumbled, still not looking at him. But I could feel his eyes trained on me and watching my every movement. 

“So that’s why I booked a flight back home. My bags are already packed and waiting in a car.” I finally looked at him and the tears that were forming in his eyes shattered my heart completely. 

“I know you’ll be perfectly fine without me Cal. I know.” I smiled a little while I got up from the couch. He stood up too and quickly wrapped his arms around me, nestling his head in the crook of my neck. And I could feel his heart being ripped in half. 

I hugged back, squeezing him tight before I let go cupping his cheeks with my hands. “No.” He whispered. “I can’t just let you go y/n. Not after this long of being together. I know you’re scared baby but I would never hurt you okay? Fuck I can’t just go back to life without you because that life doesn’t exist for me anymore. I met you and my whole world changed for the better. Things are better if you stay. You’re the only constant thing I see in my future.” The first tear fell as he all but begged for me to listen to him. 

But I made up my mind. 

“Cal.” I croaked out, the lump in my throat clearly present. “Let me go okay? It’ll all be okay. I promise.” I brokenly spoke, my voice wavering at the emotional toll this was taking on us both. I finally mustered up the courage to let go and walk away from him. 

I walked out of the tour bus casting one last glance at the boy whose life I completely tore apart. He looked so lost and so vulnerable. But this was for the best. It had to be. And as I made my way to the car that was about to take me miles away from him, I couldn’t help but think of all the memories of us. I closed my eyes trying to stop the tears from falling out. 

Maybe he was my happy ending. 

Or maybe not.

Part 2

  • Lyanna Stark, after being crowned Queen of Love and Beauty: So...why is everybody stressing over this thing? I mean, it's just flowers. Could really just... *breaks it*
  • Robert Baratheon : *gasps in shock*
  • Lyanna Stark: Share it. A piece for Elia Martell, a partial Queen of Love and Beauty. A piece for Ashara Dayne.
  • Ned Stark: Seriously, most people just take the crown and go.
  • Lyanna Stark: And a piece for King Aerys. He hasn't had a manicure and a haircut since Aegon's Landing and he still looks like a rockstar. And some for everybody else. All right, have a good time, everyone thank you!

“We get attention for our relationship, but if we didn’t have bands, no one would care. I mean, the reason we’re doing this interview is girls have been trained to look up to rock star boys as these… objects. They grow up their whole lives with horses or rock stars on their walls. For me, I didn’t want to marry a rock star, I wanted to be one. I had a feminist hippie mom, and she told me I could do whatever I wanted to do. But a lot of girls think that to go out with somebody who’s cool or successful, they have to be pretty and submissive and quiet. They can’t be loud and obnoxious like me, and they can’t have their own thing.”

- Courtney in an interview in Sassy, by Christina Kelly (Kurt was there).

“We get attention for our relationship, but if we didn’t have bands, no one would care. I mean, the reason we’re doing this interview is girls have been trained to look up to rock star boys as these… objects. They grow up their whole lives with horses or rock stars on their walls. For me, I didn’t want to marry a rock star, I wanted to be one. I had a feminist hippie mom, and she told me I could do whatever I wanted to do. But a lot of girls think that to go out with somebody who’s cool or successful, they have to be pretty and submissive and quiet. They can’t be loud and obnoxious like me, and they can’t have their own thing.”

Courtney Love interview in Sassy, April ‘92, by Christina Kelly.

Throwing Rocks at the Sky // nottheonlyone

Pairing: Zayn Malik/Harry Styles

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Explicit language, sexual content, angst, enemies to lovers, age difference, kid fic (sort of), university student Zayn, Rockstar Harry

Word Count: 36, 286

Status: Complete

Zayn scoffs. “You’re trashed, dude.”

He can’t believe he’s arguing with a rockstar outside a small venue in Brooklyn. A rockstar he’s idolized for years. A rockstar he’s defended multiple times and praised countless times.

Harry Styles could fall onto the dirty pavement and hurt himself now for all he cares.

“You’re trash!”

Zayn shakes his head. He’s upset. He’s tired. And Harry fucking Styles has ruined what he’s sure would have been an amazing night. He needs to get out of there.

Zayn turns on his heel. He needs to get home. He’ll just slip in and let Louis and Niall know—

“Hey! Where are you going? I’m talking to you, Pretty Boy! Gonna go write shit about me, huh? Gonna go make shit up about me so you can cash in? Gonna get your fifteen minutes of fame like everyone else?”

He’s thrumming with anger and heat and disappointment when he quickly turns and shouts, “Fuck you, asshole!”

AU where Zayn runs a fairly successful and popular music blog and ends up writing a scathing review on indie rock sensation Harry Styles after a not so pleasant first encounter.


ive been playing with this au in my head… an au where priyanka maheswaran and greg universe (and thus connie and steven) swap places.

priyanka comes to beach city in the 80s, having just graduated med school and gotten a job at beach city hospital. she meets rose quartz one night at the beach, and the two fall in love, basically the same story happens that happened in canon here, and rose dies and becomes connie.

priyanka would never stand to be seperated from her daughter, so she moves in with the gems. i feel like there could be some interesting dynamics here, between priyanka and the gems. been thinking about making this a pearlyanka au and having them slowly fall in love…

at the time that “bubble buddies” happens in canon, greg universe rolls into town with his son steven. greg is still a rockstar in this au, and spends most of his time driving around the country touring. i haven’t decided the exact circumstances yet, but greg’s car breaks down while he’s in beach city and he falls in love with the town and decides to stay and open up a car wash. steven and connie become best friends.

the au would mostly be centric on priyanka and connie. im really liking it


I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how best to commemorate our time with each of the kids who come into our lives. To be more specific, I was looking for a way to commemorate it for me. Sebastian asked for framed photos of him with our placements. Paul hasn’t seemed to need any mementos. We have fingerpaint hand prints of our resident rockstar and Mr V Salt, and will soon of tiny Strega Nona. But I wanted something for me. Something I could touch. Preferably something I could wear, but not necessarily.

When I saw this scribble on the chalkboard, I knew. I knew exactly. And here it is. Finally! I’ve been on tenterhooks for weeks waiting for it to get here and it could not be more perfect. Mr V Salt’s scribble is now a beautiful pendant necklace. I didn’t get teary, but I felt this wonderful sense of elation and closure. It is so perfect.