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Batman headcanon that the members of the batfam use heroes, villains, police officers, random citizens to communicate with each other over the city. They have radios, but they have much more fun passing messages through middle men.

Red Hood creeps up behind Bullock. “Tell Red Robin that he needs to pick up more ice cream. Me, Batgirl and the Demon finished it all during our last Dead Robin Meeting.” Bullock is so confused? Why does he care? Why would he even see Red Robin?? But somehow he does run into kid, and he reluctantly passes on the message. And is forced to watch the vigilante rage over the fact that he’d been saving that ice cream.

Harley is handcuffed on the way to the station when Nightwing jumps onto the roof of the car, he leans down so he’s looking at her through the back window with a dark, serious face. “Tell the Bat I am not speaking to him, I will never work with him or even look at his face again if he doesn’t apologize.” And then he’s gone. Batman is there to see that Harley is placed in her cell and is rubbing at his temples are Harley relays the ultimatum. All this because he made an off-hand comment about his Discowing costume?

A college student is walking home from class and sees Robin kneeling over a box in the street. Curiously, he approaches and sees it’s full of sad wet kittens. Robin looks up at him. “If you see the others, tell them we need 4 bags of cat food, some cat beds, and more blankets." He then disappears with the box. The student flags down one of the Batgirls. At 3am they are awakened by a shout across the city "I said no more cats!”

Superman is sipping coffee up in the Watchtower, it is very peaceful when all of a sudden. He hears his name being shouted in Gotham. His heart clenches and he flies there so fast, is someone hurt? Are they in trouble? He arrives to find Tim sitting on his bed with a bored expression. “Hey Mr. Kent, could you tell Conner that while I enjoyed that meme he sent me, he used it incorrectly.” Superman blinks. “Thanks, my phone is charging downstairs and I didn’t feel like getting it.” He looks up and smiles, “hey is that coffee?”

Two-Face has been apprehended by Black Bat. As she handcuffes him and waits for the police, she taps his shoulder and mimes out a few things, with a word or two every now and again. He has no idea what’s happening. When Batgirl and Robin come to haul him away, Two-Face grudgingly admits that Black Bat had something to tell them. He wiggles his shoulders and makes the hand motions he’d seen the young girl do before. Batgirl suddenly screams and run away. “I knew I was forgetting something! I forgot to put a timer on my cake! Call the cave before the house starts on fire!" 


2016 bones challenge → day 1: why you love and appreciate bones
Bones is my absolute favourite show because…. well, because of everything really. The show’s beguiling blend of compelling cases, intelligent humour, interesting science, thrilling drama, enthralling love stories, teamwork, and most importantly, the fascinating characters, and their relationships with each other, all together, in my opinion, combine to make this crime drama/procedural/dramedy the unique and very special show that it is. It’s no secret that Bones has been a trendsetter from the very beginning, with a highly diverse, multiracial cast, showcasing awesome ladies in empowering careers, and being one of the few shows out there with an excellent crew/TPTB who are not afraid to write not just one, but two amazing love stories, without having the constant need to showcase unnecessary drama that would otherwise result in a break-up/divorce, to name a few. It constantly defies stereotypes (hello, Moonlighting curse), and even after 11 seasons, is still one of the few shows out there that has, in my view, not at all gotten stale. The Bones cast are so amazing too, and the love and gratitude that I have for each and every one of them has no bounds. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I LOVE BONES, and I will forever be grateful for all the happiness, joy and excitement (and squeals!!) that this wonderful show, characters, cast and crew have brought me for the past 6 years (and counting!).

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* opens trenchcoat, whispers* pssssst...hey buddy.. need some broadway shows? including several versions of wicked? stagedork(.)com is going to save your soul, like it did with mine. is it technically a bootleg? shush now, we don't need to talk about that. one broke young adult to another- it's a really good site, not too many ads, well curated and, well, it has all the broadway you could hope for

oh my god you literally just changed my life forever I love you so much aaaaaaah

ok I feel the need to make a Wicked reference here

🎶  becaaause I knew you, I have been chaaaannnged for goooooooood 🎶

i can’t stop thinking about you. we talked like we knew we had forever. i sang to the melody you played and i saw you smiling and i kept singing so that you wouldn’t stop. you had your hand on mine for a second and i kept hoping you wouldn’t let go. that this could be it from now on. our hands and your melodies and this forever. i can’t stop thinking about you. and i bet i hardly enter your mind.
—  this forever // r.e.s
On animation mediums

I understand digital animation is not everyone’s cup of tea. I understand that many people prefer the hand drawn quality of the cartoons they grew up with and still admire. I understand that people wish to pursue this hand drawn quality as a career. Thats fine - im for people having their own opinions and lord knows 2d is one of my fav things ever -

But what is becoming a particular pet peeve of mine is people expecting digital animation to hold the same feel as traditional and when it doesn’t, saying it diminishes its value or the talent it takes to create it.

Its comparing apples to oranges.

Both are fruit , both have different flavors , both have different textures. There are people who prefer one over the other and some who enjoy both equally. Sometimes if you have too much of one , you get tired of it after awhile and need a break.


I’m fine with people observing, learning, discussing - but just because digital animation is not THE SAME as traditional animation doesn’t mean its lazy, cheap, or some sort of indicator of where your talent lies ( oh they do digital , they must not be good at 2d/drawing/ect ). There is good and bad examples of each because they are both MEDIUMS of animation.


Does PETA hate women?

Hm, how about… yes. Very much so. Using women as sexual objects, making light of battered women and saying that the character who was beaten and bruised in this ad enjoyed it and wanted more is sick as all get-out.

Look, there are plenty of women who enjoy rough sex but this ad isn’t talking about that. Because the last time I checked, they all drew the line well before anyone was stumbling down the street in a fucking neck brace.

This isn’t funny. It isn’t edgy. It’s sickening. PETA’s goal is supposed to be to protect animals, not alienate, objectify, and degrade women.

The ice along the frozen wood floor creeks if you step to hard, like it could shatter without warning. My socks begin sticking to thground and I can’t move. No matter how hard you try, you can’t move. It feels like a blizzard beneath me. I wish it would shatter because I’m not strong enough to stay stuck like this forever. I should’ve been free by now but it’s the thoughts that haunt me. The longer I think the longer I stay. But my mind doesn’t stop. You’re my floor and I just can’t let go
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #213
the signs as 1d lyrics from tmh
  • aries: it's now or never, don't overthink, just let it go
  • taurus: no one in the world could stop me from not moving on, baby, even if i wanted to
  • gemini: she's addicted to the feeling of letting go
  • cancer: i remember all the times and all the words we said, yeah, i can't get it out of my head
  • leo: the music is so loud, i wanna be yours now
  • virgo: heartache doesn't last forever, i'll say i'm fine
  • libra: you'll never know how to make it on your own and you'll never show weakness for letting go
  • scorpio: baby i, i wanna know what you think when you're alone
  • sagittarius: you say to everybody that you hate me, couldn't blame you 'cause i know i left you all alone
  • capricorn: might not mean that much to you, but to me it's everything
  • aquarius: there's no music on but we dance along
  • pisces: reality ruined my life
i can’t stop thinking about you. we talked like we knew we had forever. i sang to the melody you played and i saw you smiling and i kept singing so that you wouldn’t stop. you had your hand on mine for a second and i kept hoping you wouldn’t let go. that this could be it from now on. our hands and your melodies and this forever. i can’t stop thinking about you. and i bet i hardly enter your mind.
—  forever

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Last night, i almost killed myself. I was telling everyone i hurt that i was sorry. And that i was commiting. Nobody even cared.. Nobody tried talking me out of it. I was so hurt. I couldnt stop crying. But tonight is defiantly the night. I think im going to do it. I just have to say goodbye to that one person, who doesnt even give a shit about me anymore, and then. I'll be set free. Forever.

no, please don’t. Nothing is over. I can’t understand how this people could react like this.. There is still hope. You can’t give it all up now. push yourself up, go to a hospital and ask for help. They need to help you. they can’t send you home again. There is so much to live for.. Please fight. Peopel care. Stay strong. Don’t leave.