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Prompt: transboy!richie where its how every loser found out that richie was trans. It could be set whenever but modern au could be easier! It could be either richie telling some of them or some of them figuring it out themselves. Whatever you want. :)

i fucking LOVE THIS. i really hope i do this justice okay let’s go i went with the modern au

for those who asked to be tagged in all my work: @arielgirly@trashmouth-smashmouth@mzcescapie@somenates27, @reddiesballoons, @cawcawhawkeye, @richietoaster

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Shut Up and Kiss Me - Dean Ambrose

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Prompts: #5 “Just shut up and kiss me.” & #20 “I could punch you right now.”

Requested by @haylostar

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You and Dean Ambrose have had this thing going on for a few months now.

This thing meaning Dean would do everything he can to annoy the absolute shit out of you. Whether it be saying completely idiotic things that made no sense, trying to convince you that you were wrong about something, just to piss you off (when you were 100% sure that you were right), poke you or tickle you at the most inappropriate times (like when you were talking to Stephanie and Hunter and he just came out of nowhere to poke you in the side, causing you to freak out and him to go “What? Are you okay?” And play it off like he didn’t do anything at all), or doing the whole “I’m not touching you” shit when you were meant to be focusing on something really important (like prepping for a match).

If all of that annoying shit wasn’t enough, he started interfering with your backstage segments. He’d always find his way to wherever you were shooting. Sometimes he wouldn’t even say anything, he’d just stand there and wink before walking away.

Why was he doing these things you ask?

Because he’s a fucking lunatic. That’s why.

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Rhysand:The Grandpa that everyone Loves! Cuz he tells stories about his adventures of the great beyond and how much he loves his wife.

Feyre: The grandma that is SuuUper insperational and will make u run in 5k with her and go to feminist rallys to EliMiNatE Tamlins from the world.

Nesta: The Grandma that always yells at people to stay off her lawn and ALWAYS starts the sentence with “when i was your age”

Elain: The Grandma who gives u treats and goodies and tends to the garden and cooks food for u that could feed 10 people.But its all for u cuz she loves you ❤️

Cassian: The Grandpa who always tries to make really bad puns and tags u in memes so you’ll think he’s cool

Mor: The Grandma who helps u pick a dress for every event even when u don’t actually need her help and whose also married to..a Grandma?

Azriel: The Grandpa who observes you from a distance in silence until u find it really uncomfortable and sometimes you find him sitting on a table beside you when you’re on a date. Pretending to read the menu…again.

According To You (part 10)

Words: 1.6k

Summary: You and Misha talk about your recent engagement.

Warnings: Implied smut, language, RPF

A/N: For once I didn’t make y'all wait a year for an update. Go me!! This chapter feels pretty final, but I promise there’s more; much more.

Feedback motivates my writing muse, so an extra thank you to everyone that leaves some. If you’d like to be added to my tag list, just shoot me an ask or DM because Tumblr doesn’t always notify me of comments and reblogs.

Misha is single in this series and, as always, no hate or disrespect towards Vicki or their family


“I can explain.” You stated nervously. But how could you explain? You just confessed that you loved him and now you had to tell him you were engaged to someone else.

Misha frowned at your sudden nervousness
Upon seeing your reaction, it dawned on him that it wasn’t just a simple piece of jewelry. “Y/N, what’s going on? Are you..?”

He pulled away from you and sat up, trying to process everything that was racing through his mind. You winced at him reacting exactly the way you expected him to.

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Taking a bullet for Elena would include...

Requested by anon
Tags: @thehistorynut19 @geeky-girl-394

  • Going on a very dangerous mission with the rest of the team
  • Knowing damn well that any of you could die
  • But having faith that you would all make it out okay
  • Not worrying about Elena, your girlfriend
  • Because you know that her powers will always save her
  • “You’ve got this, Yo-Yo. And if you don’t, I’ve got you.”
  • Going up against an inhuman that can take other inhumans’ powers
  • None of you being prepared for this
  • Seeing one of your enemies preparing to shoot Elena
  • And knowing she won’t be able to speed away
  • Acting on instinct
  • “NO!”
  • Pushing Elena to the ground, and taking a bullet to the side
  • Elena and Coulson rushing you to the hospital
  • Elena holding your hand the whole way there
  • Elena realizing how much she truly loves you when she almost loses you
  • Coulson swearing that Elena’s smile after she found out you would be okay was “the purest thing he’s ever seen”
  • Elena sleeping by your bed holding your hand until you wake up after surgery
  • Her peppering you with kisses when you wake up
  • “You didn’t have to do that for me, Y/N.”
  • “If I didn’t, I would regret forever. I love you, Elena.”
  • “I love you too, Y/N.”

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Hi, I'm new to b.a.p, could you please tell me a bit about how the members are and stuff? If it's not too much trouble

First of all WELCOME! We’re so happy your’re here ^^ 

Second of all, YES! There are some very helpful guides floating around - I’m sorry this took so song but I was looking for a one or two more interesting options than me prattling on for days (which I SO COULD lol) so here you go: 

A Quick (not-so-quick) Intro: B.A.P ( by @anna-something )


A quick guide to B.A.P ( a video by @bangyongpin )


@therealjacksepticeye here’s some of my art from the #Antispoop event going on at twitter! Most of my art is dated so you could probably see the evolution of Anti lineworks in drawing.

If you spare a chance, Jack, you should check it out! There’s some quality Anti-specific art in that tag, too! And even more of my work! I just picked my favorites that were fun to do. 

(Also click on that middle colored one with the hand. It’s scarier when you click on it.)

So, somebody reposted my baby makes three art on twitter and tagged the actors with no credit to me. I find it very annoying when people do things like this. I don’t always tag Colin and Jen on art:

A) because I don’t want to annoy them with mentions even though I doubt they see it, who knows. They get tagged on enough random pics as it is.

B) because I think Colin might be uncomfortable with smoochy or intimate stuff. He was there, he knows what happened, and some of the stuff I make up could creep him out. And I don’t want him to think I’m creepy. Even though I am. :D

but also

C) If somebody reposts my art without credit and one of the actors likes it I would be super fucking pissed. Don’t do that. I’m pretty easy going with my stuff, it’s not generating revenue for me, I just do it for fun and share it because people seem to appreciate it but… it’s not yours to do with what you will and cut me out in the process. Ugh. I refuse to put watermarks all over my work, what will happen is, I won’t share it. Just credit the artist ffs and respect when they CHOOSE not to tag people.

But, it’s not the end of the world, I tweeted her and said ‘Hi, I’m glad you like my cs baby art, I’d appreciate credit tho. It’s always better to ask first or retweet instead. Thanks :)’

She just retweeted what I said lol, and followed me but didn’t fix the issue. I hate to get pissy with people, it seems like common sense, guess I need to be meaner. 


Anyway, I’m bitching here but not at y’all. 

Spook Me Tag! 🎃

TAGGED BY: @s1mplys1ms.

👻 Questions

  1. Are you a tricker or a treater?: Treater! I wish I could still get candy as an adult, but alas…I just go to Walgreens and buy half-price bags of candy the day of. I also feel really bad tricking people.
  2. What’s your inner demon?: HOO, BOY. AIN’T THAT THE QUESTION?
  3. What monster would you be?: Witches aren’t really monsters, but it is a common Halloween costume and I technically am one already.
  4. How would you be in a horror movie?: Dead or long gone.
  5. Are you easily scared?: Yep! Not only do I have a weak heart, but I’m also constantly paranoid and anxious. I look scary but I’m actually just a big baby. I can’t even play certain video games after dark or be in a dark room by myself.
  6. What are you afraid of?: The zombie apocalypse and death in general.
  7. Nurture or torture?: Nurture others, torture myself.
  8. What scared you when you were young?: ALIENS. I was paralyzingly scared of them or anything related to them.
  9. Any near death experiences?: Nope.
  10. Walk in mysterious liquid or mysterious forest?: Forest!
  11. What is the worst thing possible?: Death.
  12. You go with your heart or brain?: Usually my brain, but my heart always wins.
  13. You like your room dim or bright?: Bright. Turn ALL the lights on!
  14. Who would kill you, your mom or dad?: I LOVE HER VERY MUCH but probably my mom, haha.
  15. Evilest thing you ever done?: I don’t like to think about it.
  16. What did you dress up as last year?: Harley Quinn. Five years in a row!
  17. Anything bad happened to you lately?: Almost every day, but I’m trying to stay positive.
  18. What is your favorite candy or snack?: I can’t even pick.
  19. What villain would you date?: There are too many.
  20. What is your biggest flaw?: Probably my plethora of mental illnesses.
  21. Favorite scary movie/game?: I don’t watch scary movies or play scary games because, again, I’m a huge baby…but I did really like Oxenfree!
  22. What do you find sickening?: Most people.
  23. Are you a demon or an angel?: I can be your angle or your debil.
  24. Random thing about you?: I’ve always loved FX makeup but I took a stage makeup class in college that only made me love it more AND made me so much better at it.
  25. Describe one or some of your favorite bloggers as a monster: No, thanks!

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hey! if its easy for you, do you think you could tag all the "yes its a jewish holiday" a certain tag so its easier to go through *just* the holidays? this is really cool though, thank you!

We can try and do that in the future, but another way to do that is with the tumblr search feature: http://istodayajewishholiday.tumblr.com/search/yes

This gets most of them, but we don’t always explicitly say “yes,” so if you want to just look through the Jewish holidays I recommend browsing either HebCal or the Chabad Calendar



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Hey I really love your blog but for personal reasons could you please tag the stuff relating to hating kids?

Absolutely!  I generally try not to go off like that, but people who embrace their dislike of children as something admirable are incredibly irksome to me.

In the future, I’ll go ahead and place posts like that under the “child abuse for ts” or “child abuse cw” tag, for simplicity’s sake.  

Thank you for letting me know!  <3

Recent fandom events have made me think about the responsibility we all have to manage our own fandom experience, and to also be mindful of what we send out into fandom. 

Tumblr has tools like blacklisting tags, unfollowing or blocking blogs, to help us filter. I use all of those tools as I think they’re needed, and yet recently I saw a spoiler post in one of my fandoms that was very upsetting to me, that I wish I hadn’t seen. Now I’m going to spend the next few days in a state of perpetual anxiety (till the episode in question airs), wondering if the ‘anonymous source’ could actually be right and something awful is going to happen to one of my all-time favorite characters. 

The person who posted this spoiler says they did so b/c they felt the fandom had a right to know this info, so we can prepare ourselves. They would want the chance to prepare themselves. They feel better knowing the info ahead of time. That’s fine… for them. But if I’d been asked whether I want to know that something tragic will happen on a TV show this Friday, I’d have said no. 

Quite honestly, I’d rather spend this week in blissful ignorance, and then if the worst happens on Friday night, I have all weekend to cry, lick my wounds, commiserate with my fandom, and pull myself together before I return to work on Monday morning. That would be my choice. But I didn’t get to make it, because someone else made the choice for me. 

So I say…. do everything you can to control and filter the information you receive in fandom. But also, please, I’m begging you, think hard about the information you’re sending out into fandom. Just because you know something, doesn’t mean that info must be shared. You might want advance warning, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants it. Don’t take it upon yourself to make other fans’ choices for them. No one has that right. 

Soulmate AU??

So I was at the bus stop as usual, about to go home, when an idea slapped me across the face. This is what i hate about my brain. Anyways, what if you could only find your soulmate at a certain age during a dream? Like, you don’t even have to be asleep, but you’ll suddenly just pass out and a certain sentence will be repeated over and over until you wake up. The first person who says that sentence to you after you wake up is your soulmate.

Just Imagine though.

Normal bro-friends playing a sport in the park and then person b faints and then hears “Do you think animals are homophobic or can they be gay too?” In their head over and over. They wake up two hours later with Person a beside them on a bench and Person a worriedly asks if they’re fine. Then a day after they walk to school and a says the sentence.

Person A is a cashier and really wants the adorable everyday customer to be their soulmate but then they get their ‘dream-soulmate-sentence’ during their break and wakes up to find their bossy ex bf/gf and now boss frowning and spitting out: “get your fat ass off the chair” WHICH IS WHAT THEIR DREAM SENTENCE SAID.

Person B is lost in an NYC crowd and they’re foreign but then suddenly they faint and minutes later wake up on the sidewalk. They don’t hear the sentence until a year later, when the lost college freshman from their country asks “you are (their nationality) too, right? Can you teach better english to me?”

Person A is asleep after studying till 1 for college finals, and get their dream. The morning after at six, they’re too tired to cook so the order speed-delivery pizza, and the pizza girl/boy says the sentence!

A fangirl/fanboy in a concert cheering as usual but then they black out and hear song lyrics. A few months pass and they hear THEIR FREAKING BIAS SINGING THE SENTENCE IN A NEW SONG.

I’m so glad this idea hit me.


I hope people use this idea!

(But please don’t say they made it theirselves)


(Also can one of you amazing chanbaek authors write a fic like this for me??? 😅I’m sorry but i just love my otp so much and them being in a story that i basically inspired or used in a soulmate au i made would be so amazing for me!!)

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I hate what you've done to me. I was perfectly fine just living my life as normal. But now ... you've somehow created some sort of psychic connection between Obito and I. You don't even have to mention me in a post anymore, I just suddenly get the urge to go on Tumblr and - without fail - there'll be an Obito pic you reblogged with the tag #akimi's man. I am horrified. Absolutely horrified. My defenses are failing. I'm growing weak. It's not fair, Berry. It's just not fair.

Or it could be your guilty conscience trying to get you to give in and admit how much you love this little fallen Uchiha.

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could you recommend some satan and me blogs to follow? i'm not sure where to start tbh, but only if you want to! lots of love :*

Oh gosh, I have no idea. I don’t know of too many exclusively SaM related blogs, just of some people who sometimes post SaM content mixed in with other things on their blogs.

I’d definitely recommend going through the “Satan and Me” tag and see what’s there, or look at the thisiskindagross-fanwork blog which has individual tags you can sort through. But as far as SaM exclusive goes, I don’t feel confident enough to give any out off the top of my head, in case I am wrong about anything.

Bio-mom bought the kids Halloween costumes and asked if she could tag along for trick or treating.

On one hand I want to say yes because bonding, but also I wanna be selfish and say no. I just want to enjoy a night with my family and kids without having to navigate a potentially awkward situation. I’m not ditching my family to spend Halloween with just her/the kids, but I also don’t think my family can be nonjudgmental/supportive enough for the whole evening to go smoothly. Not that they would be outright mean, but they know of some her history and have seen the way her actions have affected the children. So there would definitely be an underlying tension.


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Once you get this, you have to say 5 things about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is c o o l!))

Just wondering whether these are meant to be positive things about me/my personality, but I’m just gonna say whatever comes to mind, which, considering it’s midnight, could be anything. Also going to try and come up with things that I probably haven’t mentioned in asks/tag games before.

1. I am a very passionate person. If I love something, I love it with all my being. I am also very emotional and empathetic, so I can cry very easily if someone is genuinely upset or an amazing actor/voice actor.

2. I like to cook and eating meals I’ve made. I actually love cooking for others because seeing their reactions is the best part.

3. I have an overactive imagination which is both a pain and blessing as it means I have loads of ideas for any prompts, but it makes me want to write/draw all the time when I can’t :(

4. Ummmmmmmm… I’m good at puzzles? I love anything from sudoku, to jigsaws (reluctant to do anything less than 1,000 pieces now), to wooden puzzle cubes. I actually just love all board games too.

5. I am the most indecisive person ever (i.e. I couldn’t decide what to put as my 5th one, hence this came to mind)

I’m just gonna tag followers (only do it if you want to, and if others want to, please go ahead and also tag me so I can get to know you more!):

@whoknowswheremylifeis @kingjuiliann @themonochromaticrainbow49 @bella0701 @joinmeinthishell @lulu422 @tentwoten @faedustdesign @bokulikescomics @viran10

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Hello! I dislike censoring tags because I may miss something interesting (specially in scientific and art blogs), so could you consider making a “18+” blog for for more “revealing” posts? Just asking. I like your blog a lot but random nudity can be annoying, at best. Thank you.

I switched to using the built in “mark as sensitive” feature that Tumblr added this year. ALL such posts I’ve put up are marked with that flag. 

This means all you need to do is go to your settings and turn on Safe Mode. It will block all content from explict only blogs, and hide any posts from blogs that flag the individual posts that way. Again, I flag ALL of my posts that would be considered NSFW with it, so turning on this setting will let you browse tumblr the way you want it.