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Under the Gloves

“Papa, what do you like about mom?” The lavender haired boy tagged along beside his father, both dripping with sweat as the doors to the gravity chamber closed behind them.

His father scoffed, eyes narrowing as he kept his stare straight ahead, “That’s an odd question.”

“Not really,” Trunks flexed his shoulders, wincing slightly. He was definitely going to be sore in the morning, “I mean, you guys are always arguing and stuff. Usually that means you don’t like each other.”

“You have a lot to learn about females.” Vegeta opened the door to the kitchen as Trunks practically ran him over; he could appreciate his sons ravenous appetite.

After the two of them raided the fridge, practically all of its contents laid out on the the kitchen island. Trunks through a large bite managed to say, “I mean, you guys never even hug in public. I’m not even sure you sleep in the same room all the time.”

With a roll of his eyes, Vegeta finally turned ever so slightly in his chair, “Your questions are irritating. Relationships aren’t always about mushy, useless displays of affection. If your mother and I didn’t want to be together, We wouldn’t-”

“You’ve got mustard on your glove.” Trunks interrupted, pointing with the chicken leg he was holding.

“Damnit,” Vegeta growled, dropping his steak to begin peeling off his gloves.

Trunks continued to gnaw on his lunch, mulling over his fathers words as he watched him carefully peel off the now stained gloves from his large hands. He’d always wondered about his parents relationship. Gotens parents at least seemed to like one another. His parents were like oil and water, flammable and volatile; but they’d been together awhile so there must be something to it…

The son of Vegeta nearly dropped his lunch when he saw the gold band on his fathers now exposed ring finger.

Vegeta tossed the gloves off to the side of the island and picked his fork back up. He finally noticed Trunks’s obvious stare and smirked, “I only wear it under my gloves. Don’t want to lose it. Sometimes relationships are the things you don’t see.” He finished quietly and went back to eating his steak, “And don’t tell your mother.”

Trunks smiled and happily picked up his chicken.

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Hi, so just wanted to preface this by saying I love your blog and you're doing such a kindness and I reallyyyyy appreciate all of you! And I was wondering if you could maybe add a tag for sensory deprivation? But not in the BDSM/ NFSW kink way. I'm thinking like the angsty/ torture kind of sensory deprivation- like white room torture. That kind of thing. Idk if you can find anything but thank you so much! <3

not the fun kind ):

Don’t Ever Let Me Go (I Can’t Breath Without You) by ooTheJokeroo (3/? | 5,829 | NR)

Derek Hale is kidnapped after he and Braeden go their separate ways. Derek is held for a couple days and asked no questions, only tortured. Then he learns the hunters kidnapped another pack member. A pack member that Scott and the rest of the pack apparently aren’t looking for. Who is it?

What You Can’t See by darkmagess (9/9 | 54,420 | PG13)

A new threat comes to Beacon Hills, putting all its supernatural inhabitants in danger. A true alpha and banshee are rare and valuable quarry, but Stiles and Derek are the easiest targets.

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I love your blog! You blog the best spirk and have totally gotten me readdicted. Want to share any favorite headcanons?

Omg?!  Thank you?!  I’m so happy I could drag you back into this black hole?!

Here are a few that I’ve written and there are more written by others in my headcanon tag :)

  • Jim always falls asleep reading with his glasses on and Spock carries him to bed and tucks him in
  • They accidentally put on each other’s shirts during red alerts/really early shirts
  • When they spar the entire crew shows up to watch (even a few who are on-duty… they get chastised later)
  • Spock tries convincing Jim that he shouldn’t go on away missions because it’s an unncessesary risk, but Spock just ends up tagging along… for security reasons
  • Spock finds out that Jim’s mom used to talk to him in French (or any language, French is just so pretty) when he was little and upset, and so he learns the language so he can make Jim feel better
  • The rest of the crew had a betting pool on when they would get together
  • They also refer to them as “mom and dad’
  • Spock is The Worst sick person in the world, luckily Jim is The Second Worst so he knows how to take care of him
  • Spock and Jim go on for hours about ancient mathematical and philosophical conundrums (which they eventually solve)
  • Jim and Spock were both quietly pining after each other, until Jim got hurt and Spock lost his shit (probably in front of the entire bridge crew, important diplomats, and a handful of admirals)
  • They cuddle after one of them has a nightmare, and the other one says awake until the one with the nightmare is sound asleep
  • Bones, Pike, and Uhura have a club whose main purpose is to complain about the two oblivious idiots, and come up with subtle (and not so subtle) plans to get them together

If we go down then we go down together
They’ll say you could do anything
They’ll say that I was clever
If we go down then we go down together…

If you were to assign a current song to the dynamic that is Reylo, what would it be? I’m choosing Paris by The Chainsmokers….for now @reylorobyn2011 @mixtapemasterjipc @boomdafunk get involved guys & tag anyone else I’ve missed

Fanwork Appreciation Day

So it’s apparently Fanwork Appreciation Day in big bold letters and I don’t know where to start omg. I could just link the entire Stormpilot/Jedistormpilot tag on ao3 since that would probably be easier. Like there’s so much good work out there, so many fics that I always think about and come back to. So I’m going to try and list my continuing fave authors (and an artist!) on here, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up forgetting somebody at some point.

I suppose the first one is obviously @animalasaysrauer or TuppingLiberty on ao3. Just about everything she touches turns into something incredible, but her Organa’s Organics series is so long and heartfelt and incredible. Idk how she got me with a farming au but she got me.

@beautifullights1 is honestly the best commenter you want on a fic, but anyway. The everyone has scars series keeps tricking me into rereading bits and pieces of it again and again. Like it accidentally became a permanent fixture in my ever growing Stormpilot library and I don’t know how it got there or when but it’s there now and it’s never leaving.

@nekosmuse is hard to forget because she showed up like in the middle of the year like a whirlwind just like “SHOW ME EVERYTHING” and then she started writing and Superluminal Motion ruined my life. I’ve been waiting for a really good “Finn gets reconditioned in the FO again” fic and WOW this is it this is everything omg.

@cha-llamala aka QianLan is a difficult mess because EVERYTHING is so good and she writes so so so so much and it’s all SO good like I’m here for every second of it. Okay here just go read Bound (handcuffed together) and Kill Shot (assassin turns bodyguard) and Magic (werecreature soulmate thing ????) and just get back to me when you can okay. I think about these ALL the time. Just. Okay.

@imaginarygolux … AHHHHHHHHHH okay there’s a lot. there’s a whole lot. it’s okay. I would be absolutely lying if I said I didn’t remember her solely as the author of the Fractured Fairy Tale AU’s which is exactly what it sounds like but there’s also Morning Glories about all sorts of morning sex and Life Debt about a life debt duh and The Emperor and his Consort omg and and Like Attracts Like where they can’t get too far from one another and and seriously, read everything.

@topographical-map-of-utah is another one of my fave authors that I accidentally found on tumblr one day (yay) but I don’t know where to start. Go read the Along Came Baby series which is a modern baby au and the first fic is so good honestly but anyway go read that to start off with and then read all the others and then we’ll talk. Oh oh and Catch of the Day about mer!Poe. It’s a wip but AHHHHHHHHHHHH etc.

There’s a lot of fanart out there but I love @saraduvall and her Witch AU so much that I ended up writing a fic about it and I’m seriously considering updating.

There are so many great works that are stand alones or by authors that I don’t know. It would take a few days for me to make a whole new rec list of amazing fics because there’s so many. What I listed here is from people that I know are on tumblr, people who are awesome and deserve all the love in the world. I know there’s a lot of people out there that I know on tumblr and ao3 but I don’t realize that they’re the same person or something???? that happens a lot. So if I had the time to do research and include everyone, I would. So thank you to all the authors and artists and folks out there who MAKE these incredible things FOR FREE just all the time and are absolutely great people. Also, equally important, a big thank you to all of the consumers of said fics and art and what not, to all the commenters and leavers of kudos, we love you.

AHHHHH I love you all okay I’m done.

Rules: Using only songs from one artist, answer these nine questions and tag 10 people.

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Artist: And One

What’s your gender?: “Nyctophiliac”
Describe yourself: “Don’t get me wrong”
How do you feel?: “Enjoy the unknown”
If you could go anywhere?: “Dancing in the factory”
Favorite mode of transportation?: “The Force”
Your best friend?: “Sternradio”
Favorite time of day?:  “Shining Star”
If your life was a tv show?: “The aim is in your head”
Relationship status?:  “Somebody’s song”
Your fear?: “Tote Tulpen”

I tag: @dancelikeandrewscott @smol-consulting-one @eislinn @damnmuse @raspberrymoriarty @husbandmurders @hellishvampiresquid

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Hi. I actually wanted to start looking into death magick, but I have no idea where to begin. I saw that you had listed it as a kind of magick in one of your posts while I was scrolling through the tags, and I was hoping you could please tell me more about it or at least point me in the right direction?

Hello! Although it’s something I have little experience with, death magick can incorporate things like spirit work, bone collecting, worshiping gods and goddesses associated with death, or even working with the planet Pluto. Where you start depends on what all you want to get out of it, so ask yourself why such a practice interests you so much and go from there.


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A. Age- 15
B. Biggest fear- don’t even get me started I could go all day
C. Current time- 20:07
D. Drink you last had- a cup of tea
E. Everyday starts with- checking my notifs
F. Favourite song- this is a v cruel question so I refuse to answer
G. Ghosts, are they real?- I mean tbh to me, it doesn’t matter if they exist, just as long as I’m left alone I don’t care
H. Home town- dewsbury, I’m from fukin moreside mates
J. Jealous of: anyone with mental illness
K. Killed someone- m8
L. Last time you cried- two days ago wow I think I’ve gone the longest time w out crying
M. Middle name- Zoe
N. Number of siblings- 2, a brother and sister
O. One wish: that I could be healthy and happy for the whole of my life
P. Person you last called/texted- my mum
Q. Question you’re always asked- “are you the new girl?” NO IM NOT FUKIN NEW IVE GONE TO THIS SCHOOL FOR 5 YEARS IVE HAD CONVERSATIONS W YOU (can you tell I’m bitter)
R. Reasons to smile- the gay avengers
S. Song last sang- undercover of darkness by the strokes
T. Time you woke up- a long time ago
U. Underwear colour- pastel pink M8s
V. Vacation destination- Iceland or Italy
W. Worst habit- biting my nails
X. X-rays you had- like four on my teeth for when I got braces
Y. Your favourite food- apple crumble and custard
Z.zodiac sign- Gemini and proud

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Alright, where do I begin? Yesterday has been such an amazing day against all odds, and the only way I can sum up everything is by quoting Ethan: well, that’s special.

I literally opened my eyes thinking to myself “here we go, another worthless, boring day ahead of me” but then a lot of things happened in the RE7 fandom and as soon as I checked out the Lucas Baker tag on tumblr I nearly had a heart attack and almost threw my phone on the floor for the excitement (thank god I didn’t, though), cause among all the situations that could possibly occur in my mind, “oh hey, tomorrow Baptiste Parisi is gonna join tumblr, like and reblog one of my posts and follow me back” wasn’t one of them. Yet here we are.

I know it’s been said to death already but honestly the RE7 tag and more specifically the Lucas Baker tag were the best thing, just seeing so many people genuinely happy and cheerful is totally heartwarming, all thanks to this wonderful man. And even though it might sound silly this really helped me get through another day, too. It really isn’t one of the best periods of my life - dare I say, perhaps the worst I’ve experienced in a long time - so the sheer fact that all of this actually happened put a huge smile on my dumb face. :)

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🔥Zoro !

Alright here we go. Look, I dunno what it is about beast/demon analogies that people find so hot when it comes to this guy, but imo people could really do with chilling the fuck out with that stuff. I’m so tired of Zoro being portrayed as this emotionally void douchecanoe who ~only comes alive during battle~ and seems to Hate or at least be constantly Annoyed by everyone around him. I’m tired of him being portrayed as rude and completely insensitive when he’s?? not??? and no, I don’t mean that in some hehe he’s just being all ~tsundere~ way, I mean he has literally been shown to be polite and kind without the Asshole Facade. I’m tired of people downplaying not only his kindness, but also his intelligence and insight. I’m also tired of people only focusing on his legendary sense of direction when they want to point out his dorky side, sometimes blowing it up to the point where it’s not even funny anymore.

And I don’t even want to talk about people’s sexual headcanons with this man, my opinions are so unpopular it’s hilarious.

hello there everyone at pensieve ! the time has come to begin posting your introductions and really get in depth with plotting !! i know we’ve all slipped into each other’s inboxes by now, and since we have FOURTEEN accounts we think it’s about time we set an opening date !! in order to allow a full day of plotting and memes, we’re going to open for interactions either tomorrow ( monday, 20 feb ) afternoon/evening, or tuesday morning, depending on everyone’s preferences ( reply to this post if you have any specific time you want us to open ). we just really want to give you all a chance to read this post and have time to get ready.

i have to say, this announcement is coming A LOT sooner than we ever could have imagined, so can we just take a moment to gush about how proud we are to have you all here ?

ANYWAY ! be sure to utilize the tag #pensieve.intro for your intro posts so everyone can find and track them !! this is completely optional, but may help with plotting, so we encourage it. an introduction post, for those who don’t know, is just a basic blurb about you as a mun ( if you want to share with us some details ! ) followed by information about your character that’ll help everyone get to know them. some people even add wanted connections and playlists !!

& if you haven’t already peeked at our blogroll, it’s located right here. have fun, reblog lots of memes, and get to know each other !!

we’ll be in touch soon. xxx

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Artist: Panic! at the Disco

What’s your gender?: “She’s A Handsome Woman”
Describe yourself: “Crazy=Genius”
How do you feel?: “Victorious”
If you could go anywhere?: “Behind The Sea”
Favorite mode of transportation?: “Pas De Cheval”
Your best friend?: “I Have Friends in Holy Spaces”
Favorite time of day?:  “Nine in the Afternoon”
If your life was a tv show?: “Bittersweet”
Relationship status?:  “It’s True Love”
Your fear?: “House of Memories”

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Guess who’s back

Rules: Using only songs from one artist, answer these nine questions and tag 10 people.

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Artist: Bowie

What’s your gender? Lady Stardust

Describe yourself: The Prettiest Star

How do you feel? Rebel Rebel

If you could go anywhere: Into The Labyrinth

Favourite Mode of Transportation: Station To Station

Your best friend: Suffragette City

Favourite time of the day: Thirteen O’Clock

If your life was a TV show: As The World Falls Down

Relationship Status: Fill Your Heart

Your fear: Ashes To Ashes

I tag @lapetitsyrene @monstermunch321 @novellaqueen @as–the–world–falls–down and anyone who’d like to do it bc it;s fun

Musical Moods

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Artist: dodie (Dodie Clark or doddleoddle) (I’m just using her original songs)

What’s your gender: Tell Me a Story (??? It’s about girls, I’m female???)

Describe yourself: Stuck the Way We Are

How do you feel: Life Lesson

If you could go anywhere: Freckles and Constellations

Favorite mode of transportation: A Permanent Hug from You

Best Friend: I Knew You Once (about my old best friend, who I still count as my best friend, sort of)

Favorite time of day: This Is For Me

If my life was a tv show: I’ve Been Busy

Relationship status: She OR Would You Be So Kind?

Your fear: 6/10

Cool tag! I don’t think I did it very well, but it’s very cool!

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Rules: Using only songs from one artist, answer these nine questions and tag 10 people.

Artist: P!nk

What’s your gender?: Nobody Knows? ;)
Describe yourself: F**kin’ Perfect? Just Like Fire? :’D No just kidding, Missundaztood maybe?
How do you feel?: Numb but I’m Not Dead ;)
If you could go anywhere?: Gone to California
Favorite mode of transportation?: Runaway or 18 Wheeler
Your best friend?: The One That Got Away
Favorite time of day?: Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self :’D
If your life was a tv show?: Who Knew
Relationship status?: Lonely Girl
Your fear?: Misery and Long Way To Happy

(The last three are so depressing omg why this O_o)

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Rules: Using only songs from one artist, answer these nine questions and tag 10 people.

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Artist: The Smiths

What’s your gender?: Shakespeare’s Sister
Describe yourself: Vicar in a Tutu
How do you feel?: Still Ill
If you could go anywhere?: London
Favorite mode of transportation?: Nowhere Fast
Your best friend?: Girlfriend in a Coma
Favorite time of day?: What Difference Does it Make?
If your life was a tv show?: Paint a Vulgar Picture
Relationship status?:  I Won’t Share You
Your fear?: Panic

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  • Last movie show I watched: homeo and i are currently catching up on the new season of ao no exorcist as i type this!
  • Last song I listened to: according to my ipod, it was UGH! by the 1975, but actually the last thing i listened to was the adventure zone
  • Last book I read: i just started a darker shade of magic last night!
  • Where would I want to time travel to: i wouldnt, tbh? i dk. maybe four years from now.
  • If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: weeeelllll i’d like to meet some of my internet friends, so maybe england? or italy

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