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Asking you to move in with him was no doubt one of the best decisions Harry had ever made. He got to wake up to have you snuggled up to him while letting out soft snores, he got to make breakfast for you, and not to mention, being in the privacy of your guys’ own home meant you could be as loud as you wanted when.. You know. Besides the whole privacy thing, something else that Harry absolutely adored was being able to come home being greeted by the sound of your twinkling voice. 

“Y/N, I’m-” 

“In the kitchen!” Harry looked towards the kitchen door as he was interrupted, a small smile playing at his face at the sound of music echoing around the house. 

“Hello, you.” Harry let a full blown grin appear on his face as he saw you bopping around the kitchen, using a wooden spoon as a makeshift guitar. He couldn’t help but laugh as you pranced around him, singing (or, screaming) the lyrics out loud before accidentally knocking into the fridge. You had always been terribly clumsy, but that was something Harry found so very endearing about you.

“Nearly knocked myself out there.” You breathed out, holding a hand to your chest as you panted lightly. You got a bit out of control when it came to lip-syncing to one of your favourite songs. Lately, you had been playing Just Hold On on repeat - Even Louis was getting a little sick of it whenever he came over to hear his song blasting out from the speakers. 

“Wouldn’t want tha’ t’ happen. C’mere and gimme a kiss.” Harry cooed, walking over to yank the spatula out of your hand before placing it on the counter. His arms slinked around your waist, Harry leaning down to give you a sweet kiss. “How was your day, love?” 

“Oh, you know. Woke up. Made breakfast.” You shrugged, turning back to glance at the boiling pot of soup on the stove. “Watched Netflix - Apparently season 2 of Stranger Things isn’t comin’ out until Halloween! I can’t wait that long!” You whined lightly, giggling as Harry nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck. “Missed you all day.” You hummed, your fingers looping around some smaller curls at the back of his head. 

“Missed you to-” 

Wish that you could build a time machine..” You immediately pulled away when Just Hold On began playing, a grin growing on your face before you tugged Harry to the middle of the kitchen floor. 

“Dance with me!” You laughed, Harry twirling you around in a circle before you began hopping up and down while singing along. 

Harry really hit the jackpot with you, didn’t he? 


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A DiNozzo Story

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Title: A DiNozzo Story

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

Word Count: 1,009

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: This was requested by @tillielynn16! I hope you all enjoy this one! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

Working for NCIS was tough.  DiNozzo hadn’t had a day off in such a long time.  He missed seeing your face.  He would go to the diner you worked at whenever he could just to see your face.  It was getting closer to Christmas day; he was getting antsy.  He had to see you again.  He even started to plan the perfect date to take you on.  The date was something he knew would knock your socks off.  All he had to do was get a day off to take you.

Tony walked into the squad room, marching for the bullpen.  There wasn’t a case today and Tony was going to take advantage of that.  He made his way to Gibbs’ desk, opening his mouth to talk.

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Till the End of Time: 12 Days of Christmas, Day 7 - Not so merry night

2nd Person - Words 2.1k

Prompt: Hi! I love your writing! Can you please write something where Harry and the missus are having a big fight on Christmas and it’s all chaotic because they’re hosting Christmas dinner. But they of course make up again just before the family comes? x thank you

This is one of my favorites thanks anon its going to have a follow up with day 8


22nd December 2021

Breathing out a deep sigh you bend down to pick up your kids toys that are scattered across your living room. You had just dealt with a screaming Spencer who refused to be put to bed and kicked and screamed the entire time you had tried. The last thing you wanted to do was clean up the living area you used as they’re play room.

When your foot lands on one of Spencer’s toys cars you let out a cry of pain the toy basket falling form your hands the toys spreading across the mat again. Feeling your eyes start to sting you look down at the new mess that had been created around your feet. Squeezing them shut tightly you fall down on the coffee table your hands sliding up into your hair as you rest your weight on your knees.

Footsteps echo down the steps and Harry enters your line of sight. “What happened are you alright?” His voice was deep as he swung his long legs over the security gate.

“I would feel a lot better if you actually helped me,” Your voice venomous as your hands slide down your face to pinch the bridge of your nose.

You didn’t mean to sound so angry but it just came out that way. You’d spent all day getting ready for Christmas at your house in a couple of days and Harry had spent the day with the boys. This left you to look after your two toddlers while you tried to clean what you could and get started on the food.

“Baby?” he questioned his voice growing softer as he sensed your anger.

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Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Newcomer
Requested: Nope
Masterlist: x

You had once heard about the two new twins, Pietro and Wanda but you had only caught glimpses of them as they were still in training, the rules were simple here, if you are in training, you don’t meet with the other until you were done, they remove everything that could be a distraction, well those were the rules anyway however they were more like vague guidelines to you.

Stepping into Stark’s lab to deliver a couple files he had been asking for for the past hour, you were never good at timekeeping and you had gotten a little distracted. Instead of being met with Stark you instead saw the twins, you being unaware of the names, you just gave them both a small awkward smile.

“Hi, er y/n, right? I’m Pietro and that’s Wanda, nice to meet you, Stark will be back in a second” He smiled at you subtly looking you up and down, before glancing over at the slightly stained files in your hand, a large CONFIDENTIAL file stamped onto the front of each.

“Wanda, you need to come through here” Stark’s familiar voice called through from the room next door, making you sigh knowing you were going to be here a while.

“Is that for Stark?” Wanda questioned, examining the file in your hand as you nodded, her sleek fingers gently removing the file from your own hands into hers. “ I can take it in for you” she smiled before turning and walking into the room, making sure the door was closed tight behind her.

“Wait” Pietro spoke grabbing your hand gently before letting go, realising what he had just done. “Sorry, I just don’t want you to leave me here, I just had my interview and it takes ages, I don’t wanna be here alone” he chuckled looking down at you, he realised he was not probably making the best impression but he didn’t care.

“I’ve seen you around” he said once again not so subtly glancing at your legs that were looking rather great today. The silver sokovian didn’t look like the type to go around and get turned down by many girls so this would be a shock to him.

“Yeah i’ve seen you a bit too, although most times you seem t be staring at my body rather than my face” you smirked knocking him off his game for just a few moments. Pietro looked at you for a seconds and reciprocated your smirk before retorting.

“Yeah well, you’re body is beautiful however it is only now that I realise your face is even more stunning, I mean I could stare into your beautiful eyes all day.” His words were now heavy with lust and flirtation but you knew this was a game to him, and you were very competitive.

“Pietro You know you shouldn’t be flirting with me, you shouldn’t really even be talking to me yet, they have rules here. Stark could come back any minute to see us in this predicament.” you giggled slightly. The gap between you and Pietro was long gone, he was almost fully pressed up against you, you could feel his hot breath hitting your face. His eyes were full of lust and desire as he stared into yours, his hands moving towards your hips, them securing themselves there with a not so subtle squeeze.

“Well firstly my printsessa, you are the one flirting with me” his hands slid up your waist a little before dropping down to your ass, again squeezing quite roughly.

“And secondly, We have a while before Stark comes back in here” he smirked, guiding you backwards towards the nearest wall so he could trap you against it, you couldn’t retort with a snappy comment or made a crude remark instead you felt your mind empty completely, only fill with thoughts of the man in front of you, the gorgeous man in front of you. 

No words were escaping either of your mouth as you stared lustfully into each others eyes. The moment felt slow, it didn’t feel rushed or desperate or needy, it felt slow and gentle but at the same time the moment was full of tension. Pietro’s hands were still in place on your ass but this time your hands met behind his neck pulling him closer. The gaze between you didn’t last long a sound of the air conditioning stopping and restarting once again made you break it, you both falling out of the spell like bind you were under, you using this opportunity to slip out from where you were towards the door.

“Wait!” Pietro exclaimed for the second time since you had first walked in, him rushing over to you not wanting you to leave him all alone in here, he wanted you near him, in fact he rather liked where the conversation had been heading. 

”You haven’t finished training, Pietro, we don’t talk to the trainees, it’s against the orders. This“ you gestured motioning between the two of you “Is not okay, whatever that was cannot happen” You took this as a chance to leave knowing fine well if you stayed any longer you would end up doing something you would regret. 

“Pietro just….” you paused for a few moments struggling terribly with the words. 

“Just go back to your training”