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HEYO STAR WARS FAM! it’s me, calling from the other side. Lmao, I am so funny, rip. ANYWAY, there has been a LOT of negativity in the fandom lately and meanwhile, I am more than HAPPY that I do not have any part in it, I do see some of it on my dash. It makes me SAD &&. makes me think about how we used to be ( wow, cheesy ) when I joined, the fandom wasn’t like THIS but well, time never stops ( *fight the urge to athlete student meme this —* ). So, I know, I know - this post won’t change ANYTHING but I just wanted to do something to maybe cheer us all up a little. Negativity should not take over a fandom and should not be the reason people neglect their blogs. Have your Clique, have your faves as long as YOU feel comfortable because THAT is all that matters. And now, something bright &&. nice so yes, under the cut are some Positive Callouts!! happy reading and spread the positive vibes! 

xoxo Antonia

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*taps mic* OkaY so a few days ago I reached 500 followers and I still have no clue whY or how this happened but I am not going to start questioning that and instead I’m just going to go with the flow and do my very first follow forever to show you all just how much I appreciate you all and I do. I love each and everyone of my followers, you guys are all my children, I am actually your mother and I care about you more than anything and I’m here to help you with anything you need help with! Especially if what you need is a friend because I literally only have one friend and I’m really desperate for friends. 

✿◠‿◠ my bitchass ♥‿♥ 

mythrps‘sup bitch how is life?  okay so for the past half a year, almost a year I know you actually you became one of my closest friends, yeah you hurt me real bad with all our ships, especially ashiel, which makes me hate you but then you make me laugh and you are always there when I need you and ofc it makes me love you. so thank you for being there, jenna, my little bitchass, thank you for being my friend ily a lot. 

✿◠‿◠ my rp partners ♥‿♥ 

You  guys are the best out there. Literally. You are the best writers out there and you give me the best and worst feels, you guys are the best rp partners a girl could ask for. Thank you so much for agreeing to rping with me even if I suck and it takes me ages to reply, I love you all so so much!
tommoassists jauregayrps killarps maliarp arizona1x1 lukestyles1x1 savanahrps falaheewrites moretzofrps adrians1x1 exhalewrites 

✿◠‿◠ i worship you ♥‿♥ 

you guys light up my dash every single day, like you guys have no idea, i definitely made the right choice when i hit that follow button on the right side of your blog because your blogs are the absolute best and i stalk all of you and admire you guys so much, i wish i’d be as amazing as all of you are tbh, i wish i could be friend with every single one of you.
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✿◠‿◠ special thanks ♥‿♥ 

to peterickofrps for making this gorgeous graphic you are so amazing and talented! to sipsrpt for being my 500th follower! to violetprotectors-rpg and to each and every member in that rp. and to all of you that I did not mention which there are probably so many seeing as i follow 374 blogs and i couldn’t have mentioned you all but that does not mean you matter any less because you matter so much and you are all so important to me!

hi, it’s harold again and i just wanna be like ayo bitches thank you. i love all of you so much and i just want to thank you for being there for me and loving me or just my blog whatevs, my blog is basically me. anyway, here’s a thing i haven’t done for like ten years. and yes i worked really hard on that edit thing up there. 

nsfwpayne – hi, i love you so much. you’re fucking incredible and adorable and hilarious and you honestly make me smile so much. you’re genuinely someone i look forward to talking to and every damn time we do i feel honored. you’re literally a fucking angel so don’t forget that please. thank you. bye.

froyostyles – pebs, you’re literally one of my favorite pals ever. you’re fucking hilarious and i love our little snapchat things. like that one time with the chat… or FUCKING WHEN LOUIS WAS IN THE SKY IMS CREAMING,. sorry okay anyway, i love you pebs. you’re my lil baby even though you could probably step on me. bye.

harrietrash – oh my little organic corn on the cob, i love you lil shit. you’re so funny and so cute and ugh i love you tons okay? thank you for being my favorite grandchild and my only so far.. it’s pretty nice being a grandfather. please stop eating non-organic poptarts, you’ll die. anyway, tell your dad i said hi.

nohomolarry – sha. fuck you. no not really but yeah, thanks for being a pal and stuff. we’ve had quite a fun time and what not. you’re honestly my best friend and i really hope that you get everything positive in the world, you deserve it and then like so fucking much more. i love you to the moon and back an infinite amount of times. x

louietrash – milkbag, oh milkbag, thank you for being so great. like honestly your very inappropriate submissions make my life 10000000x better. also you’re literally a milkbag, what else could i ask for…. #stopmilkbags2k15. oops. i love you bye. 

louiisharry – yo yo denise , you’re the cutest lil button ever okay? i think you’re honestly great. tbh i miss our skype calls and what not it was hella fun tbh. ANYWAY, i hope you have a wonderful day, i love you. x

okay, so these are other 100% quality great pals and i love all of you so much. thank you for being around and being so nice and i love you i love you i love you. xxxxxx

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