i could gif these two forever



Chasang /’Cha sahng’/

noun: 1. Hyuk always claims that he doesn’t like Hakyeon because he’s “too loving” 2. But Hyuk also believes Hakyeon being loving is a good trait 3. Hakyeon thinks Hyuk is turning more and more handsome every day 4. Mom and baby relationship really (oldest and youngest) 5. Both are part of the legendary group Big Byung 6. Hakyeon is crazy supportive of Hyuk and affectionate, Hyuk usually doesn’t reciprocate 7. Hyuk is envious of Hakyeon’s stage presence 8. Hyuk once called Hakyeon his annoying girlfriend to get good food 


- If you’re the best England’s got to offer, then God help you.
- I’m Welsh.