i could get lost in those dimples

The Bad, Good Boy - L.H.

I apologize for it being crappy and short…it started out as a good idea.



Luke Hemmings wasn’t necessarily a bad boy…but a bad, good boy because he was just bad at being good. He was just over six feet with a black lip piercing and these piercing ice blue eyes that you could get lost in. His blond hair had recently just been cut from it’s quiff and never had a style..it was more like he just rolled out of bed and his smile was to die for with those beautiful dimples that could warm your heart. From the neck up, he looked like a sweet, innocent boy with a slight baby face, minus the piercing and minor stubble, but from the chest down, was where y/n’s knees went weak. He sported two full on sleeves filled with randomness that she couldn’t describe unless she studied that boy’s body, and lord knows she would love to do that. Depending on which shirt he wore you could see the minor outlines of a chest tattoo. And we can’t forget about the band now, could we. That was just the icing on the cake called Luke Hemmings…him and his guitar was a sight to see. The boys played every Friday at the pavilion, a small hangout where most of the high school students went on weekends since it was their own hangout with food, good live music, and a hell of a good time.

But aside from that…and the drinking…and smoking, and the weekly detentions he faced for his smart mouth, Luke wasn’t a bad guy. He could hold an intellectual conversation with you and actually be nice and sweet, keeping your feelings in mind. He slept around, but the girls he had slept with had gotten around as well and weren’t denying they wanted him in bed. He was a B average student. That’s where he got the title of the bad, good boy because unlike his friend Michael Clifford, he had a heart and wasn’t just trying to bang anything that breathes with a vagina. Michael wasn’t so bad either, he was just constantly horny.

“Hey, Legs!” Y/n heard behind her causing her to roll her eyes but turn her head to face Calum Hood. That was her thing, being called legs. For whatever reason Luke and his boys loved calling her that and it may have to do with her being on the football team, one of the best defensive midfielders they’ve had in years.

“Yes, Calum?” she asked sweetly noting that Luke was walking towards them out of the corner of her eye holding onto his motorcycle helmet.

“You and Kaycee going to the P tonight?” he asked smirking letting his fingers play with the lighter in his hand. At this point, Luke was standing next to his friend leaning against the locker taking in y/n’s appearance. She had on high waisted jeans skinnies cuffed at the bottom with her toms covering her feet. She had on a white crop top and and black bomber jacket covering her torso with her hair done up in a high, messy bun with a few stray pieces accenting her face.

“Maybe. What’s it to you?” she asked back making sure her tone didn’t come off bitchy. She genuinely liked Calum. They spent most of their falls together growing up since she was the only girl on the men’s football team in the city leagues and being a captain for their high school team meant she needed to deal with the men’s captain, which happened to be Mr. Hood himself.

“We wanted to dedicate a song to such loyal fans.” He winked at her as Luke gave her a small smirk, the beanie on his head capturing his blonde locks for the moment. “So, we’ll see you ladies tonight?”

We’ll try to make an appearance,” she said back before continuing her walk to find her friend before they left for the day.

“God damn, those legs,” she heard Luke say to Calum causing him to laugh as she continued walking, her face flushed slightly from being mentally undressed by Luke Hemmings who didn’t bother to hide the fact he was eyeing her. It wasn’t the first time either.


The four boys sat at a bar table in the P twenty minutes before they were supposed to go on stage. They had already made sure the instruments were tuned and set to go as they laughed and enjoyed each others company, but Luke’s focus was more on the door than his mates. Y/n had yet to walk in yet and it was frustrating him.

“Seriously Luke? You do this every week, and then breathe a sigh of relief when she walks in…every time,” Ashton said to his friend before taking a sip of his water. “Why don’t you just ask legs on a proper date instead of beating yourself up twenty minutes before each show?” Ashton had graduated the year before and attended uni a half hour away, close enough to still be near his mates and keep their band going. Just after Ashton asked that question, y/n walked in with Kaycee, the striker a year Calum’s junior that he had been crushing on the past few months. She was an eleventh year that had transferred at the beginning of the year, but apparently her and y/n go way back.

“Fine,” Luke said watching them go to sit at their usual booth at the front right against the wall on the right of the stage. He got up from his position, Calum following behind him as the two girls talked oblivious to the boys making their way to them. “I swear it has to be a sin for you to look that damn good,” Luke said catching y/n’s attention as she took her bottom lip in between her teeth.

“So, why don’t you come meet me in hell?” She asked sweetly as he sat next to her resting his arms on the table.

“Oh, I’d be more than willing to do that, love.” He winked at her causing her to roll her eyes playfully as Kaycee giggled at the two of them. “So, what are the odds of me taking you out after this?” Y/n looked at him surprised at the blonde who had been shamelessly flirting with her for three years now, he being an eleventh year and her being a twelfth like Calum. She had no issues dating a younger guy, she just thought this was a game he liked to play with her and never thought he would seriously be asking her out…something Luke Hemmings never did.

“Luke Hemmings, the goody two-shoes, bad boy, wants to take me on a date? I never thought I’d be so lucky to gain the affections of Mr. bad boy himself,” she smirked to herself watching as Luke chuckled slightly looking down at his hands. “What’s in it for me if I decide to stay?”

“A wild ride, legs,” he said back winking before getting up not waiting for a response. He and Calum sauntered back to their table stopping for a moment before heading backstage with the rest of the band.

“Hemmings just asked you out…oh my god!” Kaycee squealed as her friend laughed slightly. She was still trying to wrap her mind around that fact just as the lights in the P dimmed and the four boys found themselves on stage. The place was packed, and if you didn’t get there early or, in y/n’s case, have a spot on the list to get yourself in, you wouldn’t make it. Their band was getting more and more popular by the week in their small town just outside of Sydney.

“Hello to everyone here in the P. We’re 5 Seconds of Summer and we hope you enjoy our set,” Luke said into the mic just before their first song started. They did a quick set list of eight which consisted of five originals they wrote and sang at previous sets or other gigs, two covers, and a new song. And, of course, Kaycee and y/n knew the words to each song, except the new one of course.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Kaycee asked her friend who hadn’t taken her eyes off the stage since the start.

“Hmm?” she questioned turning her head towards her friend just as the four boys exited the stage. “It’s nothing really.”

“Liar,” Kaycee giggled as a response. “Don’t look now, but Hemmings is on his way back over here.” They had a quick conversation about their plans for tomorrow just as Luke sat down next to y/n and Calum made his way next to Kaycee.

“So, did you decide if I was worthy enough for a date with you?” Luke asked cocking his head to the side while looking at y/n with a smug smirk while his eyes held hope.

“I think you may have convinced me, Hemmings,” she said back causing his face to light up as he moved out of the seat motioning for her to follow.

“Want to join us?” y/n heard Calum ask Kaycee, y/n knowing she would take the opportunity to hang with the Maori boy. They followed the boys out to where Ashton and Michael were waiting by three cars, much to y/n’s disappointment instead of the motorcycle.

“Hey, legs,” Ashton said flashing a cheeky smile as he and Michael got into the car full of equipment while the last four branched off into the two remaining cars.

“So where are we headed?”

“Well, usually after a show, we go make a small bonfire in Mikey’s backyard with some beers and just chill with some music in the background. But, we can always go out somewhere and grab something to eat if you’d like?” he asked as he started his car heading in the direction of, what she assumed, was to Michael’s house.

“Going to Mikey’s sounds fun.”


“You know, I was kind of hoping you brought the bike to the show tonight,” y/n said as they made their way up her front porch, Luke’s hands were in his pockets. They spent most of the night cuddled on the loveseat bench near the fire pit, a beer nestled in hand as the group of six chatted away discussing nothing and absolutely everything at the same time.

“I’ll keep that in mind next time,” he responded back with a dimpled smile on his face.

“So there’s going to be a next time?”

“God, I hope so, legs,” he muttered grabbing at her hip pulling her towards him, her chest against his as he lent in. “Now, is this where I give my goodnight kiss?”

“God, I hope so,” she mimicked in a low tone of voice causing him to smile slightly before pressing his lips against hers softly, which completely contrasted his figure and reputation when it came to females. He pulled back slightly resting his forehead against hers before pressing their lips together again for a quick peck.

“I’ll call you tomorrow?”

“Please do,” y/n responded causing a smile to appear on the blondes face as he backed away from her porch heading to his jeep. “Goodnight Hemmings.”

“Goodnight, legs.”

How Cliché

Hello, I'm sorry this is too long and not very well written but i hope you might enjoy it. If you do, please let me know if you think i should turn this into a chapter thing :) And thanks to all of my new followers. Remember to please send me requests/ suggestions 



It’s funny how cliché some moments in life can be… All the things that you believed only existed in movies and novels. Its so hard to believe that this kind of thing could happen to me. 

It all started at my best friends wedding; I was the brides maid and he was the best man… yeah, see what i mean by cliché?  We didn’t know each other, but as soon as we were introduced it was time to bring in the stomach butterflies and blushed cheeks. He was just so handsome. He was tall, suited up with his dark brown fringe sitting perfectly and his smile more prominent on the right side of his face as if he were trying to take attention away from the cute dimple on the left side. Oh, and did i mention his eyes? Those dark brown orbs that i was instantly lost in.  The entire wedding reception consisted of long lasting eye contact and wordless conversation. I mean, words weren’t really needed, we could tell we both felt the same thing simply through our body language.  Everyone was on the dance floor when i had decided to get a wine. I’m not at the legal drinking age just yet but it was a special occasion. As i sat back down at my allocated table i looked back to where the handsome young man had been sitting at, he wasn’t there anymore. Thats when i felt a warm touch on my shoulder, so i turned around and looked up to see him and his beautiful smile. “uh.. hi Y/N, I’m Dan. We met earlier” he had said shyly. “Yes i remember, hello Dan” i had replied with a warm smile on my face “so, I was just wondering if you would care to join me on the dance floor?” he had his hand out in my direction and the same dreamy smile on his face that seemed to be glued there. “um, I would love to… but i should warn you, I’m not much of a dancer” I had replied as I placed my hand in the one he had held out and began to stand up. “Don’t worry, neither am I” he had replied to me as he held my hand, pulling me into the middle of the dance floor.  There we remained for at least an hour, slowly swaying to the music, my arms around his shoulders and his around my waist, holding me as close as possible. This was the most comfortable i had ever been, a warm sensation filled my entire body and the swaying motion making me feel more and more relaxed.  In the end there was only two couples and he and I on the dance floor, the dj announced that this was the last song. Which was upsetting, the idea of having to let go of him in another few minutes.  As the song began to fade, showing it was the end, Dan took a step back, his eyes staring deeply into my own. He had lifted his hand and rested it on my cheek, his eyes now flicking between both my lips and eyes, and thats when the most amazing moment happened, we had both shut our eyes as he leant down, then gently placing his lips on mine. His soft, warm lips that connected so perfectly to mine. I’m not sure how long the kiss had lasted but no matter what, it wasn’t long enough. He pulled back looking straight into my eyes and smiling, making those butterflies return to my stomach.  “I don’t want this night to end” i bravely said, I’m normally quite shy but i felt so comfortable with him, even though we had only met tonight.  “It doesn’t have to… come back to my hotel and we can dance all night to the music on my phone” I gave him a teethy smile and simply replied with an “okay.” We had caught a taxi back to his hotel, and the entire time he held onto my hand never letting go.  once we were in his hotel room he took off his suit jacket, leaving his white dress top on, looking even more handsome. He placed his phone on the bedside table and pressed the play button. Beautiful piano music began to play as he pulled me back to him and we began to sway together again.  His chin resting atop my head, but then i felt his head slowly moving down, his warm breath traveling down by my ear and along my neck until he had his forehead against my own.  Our lips connect for the second time that night, and just as the first time, i could see the fire works that rested within my eye lids. The swaying of dance slowed to a stop as our kiss became more and more intense yet he still remained as gentle as physically possible.  His hands slid down my back until they reached the back of my thighs which he then lifted me up and carried me the few steps to his bed, laying me onto the mattress oh so softly. He then lowered himself over my body, the entire time his lips never left mine. After a while he began to roll his hips back and forth against mine, allowing my to feel his hardness. It was a little bit shocking, i didn’t know i could have that affect on anyone. Our breathes suddenly became very heavy as we both began to fall into ecstasy. He slowed to a stop and removed his lips from mine, pushing himself up with his arms and looking down onto my face. “Is this okay?” he asked as he looked deeply into my eyes. i couldn’t bring words to my mouth so i sweetly smiled and nodded.  He smiled at me and lowered down to connect our lips yet again. His lips then began to travel from my lips to my neck as his hand made its way the the zip on the back of my dress. He lifted me slightly to pull the dress off over my head. He sat back for a few seconds as his eyes scanned my body which i was already very self conscious off.  “So beautiful” he said quietly to himself before placing his lips back onto my neck. after a few moments i felt his large, warm hand sliding along the side of my body, right down to my thigh. His hand reached the elastic of my panties and he slowly moved it down, all of a sudden his fingers made a circular motion around my clitoris making my deeply inhale and dip my head deeper into the pillow. “Dan?” i tried to get his attention but he continued the circular motion. “Dan..” i had repeated “yes Y/N?” he stopped what he was doing and looked up into my eyes. “i…i’m a umm… a virgin” i told him, a little bit scared of how he would reacted. He smiled warmly at me and pecked my lips quickly “okay sweetheart” his kindness brought a surge of warmth through me again. “If your not ready that’s absolutely fine, i can wait for as long as you need” I smiled up at him, i could believe how amazing he was. he pecked my lips again and i pulled away after a few seconds.  “I’m ready, i just wanted you to know” “Are you sure beautiful?” i smiled and nodded, he then returned the smile and began to unbutton his white dress shirt. Once removed i ran my hands up his torso to his bare chest. he wasn’t fat in any way, nor was he skinny or muscular. But one thing for sure, he was perfect. He removed his belt that didn’t appear to be working anyway as he reconnected our lips. His hand went back down to my panties which he then pushed to the side and began to run a finger up and down my slit, making me shutter. His lips moved to my neck as he slowly pushed one of his skilful, long fingers into my wetness. i breathed in deeply, my eyes shutting as i pushed my head back into the pillow. “are you okay?” he whispered softly into my ear “yes.” I replied, still unable to open my eyes.  He then began to slowly pump his finger in and out of me. The feeling was nothing i had ever experienced before, after a while he sat up and slid off his slacks, allowing my to see his hard on through his grey boxers. Wow. He slipped his fingers around my panties as he began to slid the slowly down my legs. Once they were gone he bent down and placed a kiss over my clitoris earning a moan form myself.  He moved back over my body and kissed my lips lightly  “are you sure your ready?” he asked sweetly while looking into my eyes “positive” i replied with a smile. He reached over to the side table wear he removed a square silver packet from his wallet. He stood up and slid down his boxers, then undoing the packet and rolling a condom onto his hardness.  He climbed back over me, placing a soft kiss on my forehead in the process before looking into my eyes  “I’m going to go slow, tell me if it hurts too much okay?” “okay” He placed his lips onto mine as he slowly slid his tip into me, a mixture of pain and pleaser filled me. he moved his lips to my neck as he slowly slid the rest of himself into me. It hurt. A lot. But it was  good pain. He remained stationary for a while to allow me to adjust to his size before he slid out and back in again, as he did we both let out a moan.  As he picked up pace the room got filled with moans and both of our names being said by each other. His face was scrunched up as he moaned which turned me on even more. He picked up pace once again and i ran my nails along his back earning more moans from him. We both reached our highs together and he lay his body on mine a little more. the both of us completely out of breath.  After a few minutes i opened my eyes again only to find him looking over my face. I smiled at him as he lowered down to place another soft and perfect kiss on my lips before collapsing beside me and pulling me into his arms. Which brings us to this present moment. I’m laying with my head on Dan’s chest and his arms are wrapped tightly around me, our bare bodies warm beneath the duvet. I feel Dan kiss the top of my head, bringing a smile to my lips.  “hey, Y/N?…” “yes Dan?” “I think I’m already completely and utterly in love with you” “I think I’m completely in love with you too Dan”  How cliché…

Dare - Ashton Irwin Fanfic - Part 25

Part 24

Summary: You and your neighbour Ashton never really got along until he decided to change that, making you two the most unlikely set of best friends. Both of you are dancing on the edge of desire but the question is, who will slip first?

Word Count:4.2K

Me and Ashton were almost home from the hospital. This was the first time I’d really been away from dad since I got there and it felt strange. My life had been spent in that room for the past week or so and it was like I had completely forgotten about the outside world. I suddenly realised that everything just plods along as it always does, even if I’ve stopped. It was a little unsettling for me to be out of that bubble.

We had just picked up a few bits from the grocers and Ashton had ordered the take out to be delivered from the good place across town. As we walked past people I’d suddenly become acutely aware of how much TLC I was desperately needing. Walking around with three day old hair and a very questionable cardigan that I’d had on for longer than I’d like to admit was starting to play on me.

“Come on, move your butt. I really need a shower and a fresh pair of pyjamas on.”

I weaved ahead of him, quickening my pace when I could see the familiar building coming into view as we rounded the corner.

“Oh, so now you believe me about the stink?” He asked rhetorically.

“Just hurry your arse so I can start to feel human again, or I’ll not shower and I’ll sleep next to you with the thickest pyjamas I own on. Then you’ll know what smelly really is.”

“In that case…” he grabbed the only bag of groceries from my hand and placed the plastic bag between his teeth since his hands were full, before sprinting off in front of me. Idiot.

I shook my head and skipped after him. I’d missed him. He hadn’t went anywhere, he’s actually been by my side most of the time, apart from working and sleeping. I just felt like I hadn’t spent time with him I’m ages. I missed the simple comfort of him. I liked being around him because I liked me when I was around him. I liked the way he brought the best out in me, I was happier and more myself than I ever was alone.

“Ladies first” he held the door open for me and I nodded a thanks at him before taking the stairs two at a time. My grandparents had already went back home last week but I hadn’t moved my stuff back from Ashton’s yet obviously. I’ll be able to move it once Dad gets out the hospital but for the time being I guess we’re back to being roomies. I didn’t mind too much, he was the easiest and best roommate ever. He cooked and cleaned and he was always doing little thoughtful things for me, like folding my laundry and getting that cheese that I like. He was just a total sweetie that was too good for me. I got to the top of the stairs and puffed out a breath before something caught my eye. I tuned my head to see this beautiful arrangements of flowers in front of my door. They were in a quaint little garden tin pot. It was filled with colour, bright green and brilliant yellows making my eyes open a little more as I tried to take them all in. It was beautiful. I picked out the little card that was held in place with a clip amongst the flowers.

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She asked: Do you miss her?

He said: At times as I am laying down to sleep, a sudden silence envelopes me. My ears begin to ring and my chest beats hard. Thoughts flash back of her smile and the dimple that it causes. My heart jumps as I remember. Her eyes. Gosh her eyes. I could get lost staring at those dark intricate circles with their many layers. I lean over to my side clutching my duvet close to me and closing my eyes. Light radiated from her. Her face shone like a glowing orb. Lighting my darkness. Oh she was beautiful. Both inward and out. I sigh as my heart tries to recall more. Don’t. Why? Stop. Enough. Please. Before the rain pours heavily and sleep is gone from cascading thoughts of old. That’s enough.

Written In The Stars Part 6

Summary : Sometimes, life throws things at you that you never thought you could get through.
It was Christmas break, and you were on your way back home. Or so you thought.
There was a severe storm where you were, which delayed your flight. As you sat in the airport, waiting for time to pass, you run into someone who will forever change your life. AU

Characters : Sam Winchester x Reader

Word count : 1171

Warnings : cursing?

A/N : Let me know what you think??? 

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