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aaa this might be weird & ofc you don't have to do it but RFA learns that MC has almost no food during the bomb threat @_@ thank you, your writing is amazing!

First of all, thank you so much for the compliment! It’s nice to get some positive feedback and this honestly made me smile.
Anyways, here are the hcs (I included V as part of the RFA of course), I hope I interpreted your request correctly and I hope you enjoy reading these!
Also, I’m sorry this took so long, but school started and I had another request fo finish before this (which is this one https://y00sungshairpin.tumblr.com/post/165376199353/juminv-with-crying-v-after-a-flashback-pretty #spon) but now I’m back yayy!!

- he begs Seven to give him your address
- which he denies, obviously
- he is determined to find out where you live and cook for you every day
- of course if he entered the building the bomb might go off so he can’t actually come to save you
- but he still gets super mad at Seven, this boy
- all he can do is keep checking on you 24/7 on the messenger
- he calls you very often to ask you if you’ve had anything to eat today and how much food you have left
- whenever you tell him you only managed to have one meal for the whole day he goes insane
- he’s suffering for this more than you are
- sometimes he starts crying in the middle of phone calls because he’s so frustrated he can’t rescue you
- and after the bomb issue is finally fixed and he sees you at the party he feeds you the entire buffet and takes you out to dinner afterwards

- he is constantly reminding you how important it is for you to eat well
- so when he finds out you’re running out of food his protectiveness increases by like 300%
- he sends death threats to Seven to try and get your address
- he even manages to contact V but he still gets nothing out of it
- starts sending at least one selfie per hour
- “At least try and feed off of my beauty”
- keeps giving you tips on how to keep your body healthy by doing some exercise
- “But you should still rest very often since you can’t get much energy from the little food you have”
- so caring
- every time he calls you he goes on and on about how he wishes he could be with you right now to take care of you
- as soon as the bomb issue is solved he asks you to meet up with him at his house
- when you get there you see him standing by the door with two shopping bags in hand
- “This stuff is all for you, babe.”
- but not before a kiss… or two
- he probably made some stupid joke about eating his face beforehand

- when she finds out she doesn’t lose her composure
- instead, she tries to find a solution
- she does a lot of research and reports everything to you
- for example she tells you to use condiments like oil or salt to add some calories to your food
- which seems to actually work
- and of course she suggests you to drink coffee regularly
- which is one of the few things you still have
- doesn’t sleep because she’s too concerned and busy with research
- puts pressure on Seven to solve the bomb issue so that you can go out
- once the problem has been solved, she is extremely relieved
- she wishes she could come see you, but Jumin makes her life hell after she’s no longer doing research for your safety
- she has to catch up on all the work she left behind
- ut when you meet at the party she invites you over to her house to make you coffee and cookies
- from then on she makes sure to prepare something for you every day, just in case you get stuck somewhere with no food again

- boy wants to call the police
- or send bodyguards to your place at least
- he speaks to his nutritionist, his chef, his personal trainer, his doctor and everyone who could help with you situation
- asks Jaehee to make report after report
- gives you any advice he can find
- sends blurry pictures of food
- “So that you can at least see it”
- not really helpful
- you tell him
- he didn’t know it would make things worse
- (not so) poor (not so) innocent soul has never been hungry in his life
- when he can finally meet you he brings along his chef and nutritionist and makes sure you have a balanced and abundant meal
- and from that day on he keeps on checking on you regularly to make sure you have a balanced and rich diet

- does everything in his power to fix the bomb problem asap
- meanwhile he keeps watching you on the cctv feed and if he notices you’re having trouble sleeping or you’re not doing well because of lack of food he will call you
- no matter the time, as soon as he sees you rub your tummy or trip over stuff or sit on the floor because you can’t bear to walk he will call you
- he will ask about your day, although he already knows everything about it
- he tells you loads of jokes, stories about some of his crazy missions and won’t stop telling you how he will build a giant rocket and take you to the moon
- all that is aimed to distracting you from food but he highkey enjoys it
- he’s so upset that he knows where you are but he can’t help you
- and when he finally manages to come rescue you he brings hundreds of bags of honey buddha chips and other stuff
- it makes him really proud that he could be helpful to you

- comes to rescue you, the bomb goes off and everyone dies
- jk
- he’s tempted though
- he can’t sit still while his… while you are in great danger
- and moreover with no food!
- he even goes to Seven’s house to watch you through the cameras
- even though he can’t really see that much
- when you finally meet the RFA Seven will tell you how V kept pacing around the apartment, making puzzles and screaming into pillows in frustration
- he gets all blushy when you giggle at that
- cute little caring baby
- he’s the most concerned out of all the members
- “Are you sure you actually have no food? Or are you just not eating because you don’t want to? You should really get three meals per day, be healthy you know?”
- “V, I’m seriously almost out of food.”
- “Oh, alright. Just checking.”
-it’s normal that he would be overly protective considering his… past experiences
- “I wish I could give up my food and being it to you”
- he really doesn’t need to give up his food but he’s just constantly willing to sacrifice himself for others
- which is admirable of course but
- “V, you’re eating, right?”
- “Actually, since you weren’t eating I thought I would do the same to make you feel better.”
- you end up being the one forcing him to eat
- well actually it’s more you forcing Seven to force him to eat
- it still works