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Stephanie tries to teach Robbie the bing bang dance!

Where To Watch LazyTown

So, as many of you might’ve heard, the YouTube channel Bad Innös, who had all 4 seasons of LazyTown in various languages, got copyrighted and took down all the videos. 

But fear not, I have found a place with (to my knowledge) that contains all 4 seasons of LazyTown. Granted, it has very shitty quality and no subtitles, but it’s the best I could find. I looked in many placed, oh I looked. 

So as to help those who might need it, here’s where you can watch it. 

If anybody finds a better site, PLEASE add it to this post, Thanx!


I also found another YouTube channel, it’s called Cartoon Channel. Their videos aren’t very HD, but it’s something. 

The Button Eyes: A Coraline AU, Part One

Hey! This is kind of the longest piece of fanfic I’ve ever published, so I hope you like it. Part Two is on its way! I hope you enjoy this, and Happy Halloween!

“I just wish I had a captain who didn’t hate my guts,” Bittle ranted to the camera. “He doesn’t like the way I play, he doesn’t like the way I bake, the next thing he’ll find a problem with is the way I breathe!” He complained for a few more minutes before settling in to edit the video. When he was done, he stuffed his backpack with tupperware containers of baking ingredients, only to discover the student kitchen was being used for a very poorly planned potluck. He rolled his eyes, thought, fuck it, and set out for the Haus. A shitty kitchen he could access was better than an okay kitchen he couldn’t use. Zimmermann could just deal with it.

He got to the Haus only to be greeted with a chirp.

“More pie, Bittle? Are you even taking any classes?” Jack asked before Bitty had a chance to close the door behind him.

“Let me live, and get a life of your own,” he muttered to himself as he walked into the kitchen. He dumped the contents of his backpack onto the table in the middle of the room. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. And realized he forgot to bring butter.

Cursing under his breath, he rummaged through the fridge, pushing beer and ketchup bottles out of his way. There had to be butter, they were gross college boys but they weren’t animals–

His hand brushed against something strange on the back wall of the fridge. He nearly jumped out of his skin at first, but after looking in to make sure it wasn’t covered in black mold or something he saw a plain metal doorknob sticking out of the back of the fridge, just above the bottom shelf.

“Shitty?” he called. “What’s with the doorknob in the fridge?” From the other room, Shitty yelled back, “I don’t know, man, Johnson keeps telling me that it’s not part of my character arc, whatever that means.”  Bitty frowned and turned it. A panel in the back slid to the side, and he was looking into another fridge. This fridge didn’t have any mustard that was older than he was. Everything inside was fresh and beautiful. And there, on the other side, was a full box of top-shelf European butter.

He reached out for it without thinking. As he reached, it started to imperceptibly inch away from him, until he was toppling through the fridge and landing on the other side.

At first he thought he’d knocked himself backwards. But no, this wasn’t the same kitchen. The appliances were all in the same places, but they were nicer, newer, better. Floral curtains hung in the windows. The peeling laminate of the countertops was replaced with smooth granite. Was he concussed? And Jack was in there, his back to Bitty. He was doing something with the ingredients– no. He wouldn’t be baking, not unless he was trying to pull a prank–

“I don’t know what you think you’re doing, Jack, but it isn’t funny and I’ve had enough. Just because I have a life besides hockey and you don’t, you think it’s okay to mess with me all the damn time. It isn’t!” Bitty scrambled up from the floor and grabbed the mixing bowl, yanking it away. Jack laughed and raised his hands in surrender. He should have been pissed, Bitty thought. He took a deep breath, ready to start apologizing, then looked at Jack’s face and screamed.

Jack’s light blue eyes were gone. In their place were two shiny black buttons. Thick black cord held them in place with two X’s.

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People kept tagging stuff like “HOWW??” and “wtf why not me??” in my last post on Tumblr, and… it’s really just practice.

So, here’s some old subway/metro sketches.These are from a few years ago actually lol
Keep a pen and sketchbook on you at all times, no eraser or pencil, and you’ll get better at freehand sketches. Force yourself to do it. Mess up? Sketch right beside it and try again. I bought the cheapest pen and sketchbook that I could find (dollar store stuff).Also, I’m that creepy girl staring at you and drawing on the subway. Lol
On the other hand, I’m going back to work tomorrow for the first time in about half a year so I might not post as much…but I dont post that frequently here anyways so…XD;;

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hey you guys. im dd, a 27 (soon 28) year old trans girl in olympia wa. I havent looked for assistance for a lil while now since im better employed and working full time. that being said I can still use some help this birthday (and i guess holiday) season. if you’re financially capable, could you find it in yourself to maybe, buy something off my wishlist?

most of whats on my wish list range from self care items that would help with transition junk (makeup clothes) or entertainment (video games). my birthday is the 15th but really i would appreciate gifts well beyond that day. if you’re unable to donate, signal boosting is always encouraged.



Christmas Medley arranged by me. List of songs in order :
- Petit Papa Noël
- Silent Night
- Christmas, Why Can't I Find You 
- Somewhere in My Memory
- We wish you a Merry Christmas

*<(*´-`)o∠※ 。・:*:・゚ Merry Christmas !!!! ゜・。・*:.※>o(・ω・`)>*

I wanted to offer a gift to thank all my sweet followers but especially my dear friends ♥ I know it’s not an amazing gift at all, but I really wanted to do something for you all, my year has been so much better thanks to you !!

So to all these wonderful persons :

mochiiron moostachah yorekichan newtongirl nyanko-miyuki princessteddie yumeyumey danderedreams kidokon-kontsu mako-no-haru catiacchi racyue kagomeofthewind crystal–jellyfish ninjalc sakuraconsoles unkonageki peribunny yannychigi penkipenguin pelucherria tishawish yoyodrawing gabbiegallery kawaii-haru-chan retrieversonlyswimfree milkayway pyareru homo-in-the-hole niedlichta arukoto deadpanchan soypopi ancoscorner enoa-l nunupapyrus tsunere

Thank you for everything, you’re the best and I love you all ! ♥

Long Distant Relationships. People say
• You’ve never even met them.
• They could be cheating on you right now.
• How can you love someone that you only see on skype or Facebook video call.
• You’re not really sleeping with them, you’re sleeping on the phone with them.
• “You’ll find someone better in your distance.”
Well I think it’s cute if people can maintain a distant relationship without giving up cause people say, “they’re cheating on you.” That’s how you know it’s a real relationship, especially cause there’s so much trust. To be honest, you don’t even have to see someone to love someone. If someone can make you laugh and feel butterflies through a camera, then it’s real love because that means that even through camera, phone, or i.ms, they could still love each other through all of that.


If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)

“We met at a fire place, in a lost farm two years ago, it was a happy encounter. And this time at Happy Valley our gathering would also be a meeting point of happiness and collaboration. In this area there are some spots to renovate, there are always some spots to remove and renovate. Remove, renovate, clean, build up. Come on this is Hong Kong, it’s a growing city following a golden goal.

Since I was a child I loved to find objects, to play and to mix with, turned them into new things. Cut and paste, I gave them life to jump around. But how come video and photo could cut and paste better than my hands, that’s the point. Owing to this, in this artist-in-residence project, Wai Kit Lam and I started the collaboration flow in both ways, we also tried to find any new possibility. This was not only limited in teamwork, it was also a new challenge for Wai Kit, she must confront some objects in her close reality, and found a personal way to film, to shoot and to fit those in her personal universe.

Residence influence, casual encounters, or maybe not. Our personal belongings messing up. We just find some treasures at the happy valley. A visual reward in a common yard.”

Marcos Vidal Font,
Happy Valley, Hong Kong, January 2017

視覺回報及珍貴成果。」-Marcos Vidal Font,香港快活⾕谷,2017年年1⽉月


I couldn’t find a better source, cause there are no source for this video anymore, all deleted.
So this a small trailer footage of a Vex ..coming to life?
This video is about 6 months old and I have two theories. Is a deleted scene from the very first Destiny when the Exo Stranger told us a bit from the Vex and what they are, or maybe is a leaked footage from a coming expansion some people call “Vex Void” … that could explain why all sources were deleted.

TOK Database

Last week I briefly introduced the idea of starting a TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Database for all IB students with this post (it also has some examples of articles/resources). I think it would really help for essays and presentations.

The database will be organized by WoKs (Ways of Knowing) and AoKs (Areas of Knowledge). The media can be anything from videos, articles, blog posts, podcasts, music, etc. Books could also be added, but the important thing is to keep the resources free and accessible for everyone. 

Currently I’m struggling with how to collect resources, but I think the best way to do so is for people to tag posts with the tag: TOK database. I’ll see it and then reblog it onto my blog with the full database organized by WoKs and AoKs. If anyone has any better suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

TOK database here (you can also find a link straight to the page on the top of my blog)









Sense Perception





Human Sciences

Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Natural Sciences

Religious Knowledge Systems

I hope to see a lot of contributions! lifeaftertheib seemed interested in the original post, so I’m tagging you here!

Another lyric video featuring Jacksepticeye! :D So, if you don’t know, this is where I try my best to match a clip to the lyric. I did another one ages ago, which you can find here. Obviously, it is not as good but I tried my best. This one was harder to do, unlike the Shake It Off one. I know this isn’t the greatest and could have been done better. But in the end, it was fun to do :) Hope you enjoyed

Song: Work This Body by Walk The Moon

So Nostalgia Critic pretty much just put a bounty on the head of somebody I know from the furry community, all to make a dumb joke… He better damn well not get bullied, because that artist is actually a really sweet guy. 

Seriously though, why the hell would NC use actually people’s fanart in his video? He could have just drawn his own picture parodying the type of stuff you find there. No, instead he wasn’t thinking and now people can easily look up the picture and find the guy and harrass him. Internet celebrities need to stop and fucking think about the influence they have.

I’ve already sent a message to the artist warning them, NC’s new video has only been up for a few hours, but I can just feel a storm coming…

Jack has changed my life SO much for the better. If I didn’t find Jack’s channel on YouTube I wouldn’t have all of the friends I have now. I wouldn’t smile or laugh as much as I do now. I wouldn’t know that I love video games or photography (long story) without Jack and his overwhelming positivity and joy. I would be extremely shy and not want to leave my “comfort zone” because of my fear of failure. I found his channel in my recommended feed and binged watch him whenever I could for weeks! I found people on different social media platforms and in real life that loved him and his videos and I couldn’t be happier to call them my best friends. I love and appreciate the work that Jack and Robin put into Antisepticeye because that is my favorite recent event on the channel (not saying that I don’t always appreciate their work). Jack, thank you so much for making me smile and laugh when I thought it was impossible. 💚💚