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Okay, I'm struggling a lot with Spanish grammar. And I was wondering if you knew of any websites or videos that explained it a bit better-particularly in relation to verbs and infinitive/subjunctive forms. Or if you have any posts that you could possibly link me to?

In my experience, you’re more likely to find people explaining the subjunctive forms and how it works rather than what it is or why.

The infinitive is just the default verb form left unconjugated like ir, ser, dar, ver, venir, caber, decir… they aren’t conjugated forms, so I call them “dictionary forms” since if you saw bailar “to dance” you’d see that it’s a verb and different from el baile “a dance” as a noun.

With subjunctive, it helps to know that English subjunctive doesn’t really exist as far as separate conjugations which is why it’s difficult for us to spot it. The only real subjunctive that exists for us in English is the imperfect subjunctive, but even then not always.

Subjunctive mood in its core is about wishes, desire, uncertainty, hypothetical situations, assumptions, or contrary to fact statements.

The most clear-cut subjunctive deals with specific verbs and an imposition of will. With these, it’s two separate subjects and two separate verbs; one will acting on another. This would be the difference between quiero poner la mesa “I want to set the table” vs. quiero que pongas la mesa “I want you to set the table”

In this sense, the que works to break up two conjugated verbs [which in a lot of cases for Spanish contain the subject tacitly; quiero only exists for yo so a yo is understood even when not stated]

These simpler subjunctive phrases can also include emotional or value judgements of an event, or sometimes doubt. This would be like… me alegro que vaya bien “I’m glad that it’s going well”, or es necesario que lo hagas “it’s necessary that you do it” [instead of necesitas hacerlo], or no creo que sea posible “I don’t think that’s possible”

(Side Note: pensar que and creer que are indicative… pienso que es buena idea while no pensar que and no creer que are subjunctive… no pienso que sea buena idea)

There are subjunctive clauses like antes que “before (something happens)”, hasta que “until (something happens)”, con tal de que “provided that (something happens)”, para que “in order for (something to happen) / so that (something happens)”, or others where they don’t always include a different verb. They do show up with things like es necesario que, es probable que but these shorter ones are more about cause and effect.

The more confusing present subjunctive deals with implied doubt or uncertainty because in a lot of cases it can be ambiguous when you’re dealing with words like si, aunque, and cuando

Cuando tienes tiempo. = When you have time.

Cuando tengas tiempo. = Whenever you have time.

It tends to deal with how much doubt you’re implying, or whether something is contrary to fact.

Aunque es de noche… = However, it is nighttime… / Although it is nighttime…

Aunque sea de noche… = Even if it is nighttime…

For aunque when it’s with indicative it shows up more as certain and it’s a “however” or “although”… for uncertainty or possible contrary to fact statements, it’s “even if” or “even though”.

*Note: That only applies to present tense, aunque in past tense is normally indicative; aunque era de noche “even though it was nighttime”… saying “even if it is” for present tense is possibly contrary to fact, or hypothetical

But for si and cuando the subjunctive is used for deference and politeness.

Most expressions that have an -ever in English would qualify as subjunctive in Spanish.

Haz lo que quieras. = Do whatever you want.

Lo que sea. = Whatever (it is).

como quieres = how you want
como quieras = however you like / as you wish

A quien corresponda… = To whom it concerns… / To whomsoever it concenrs…

Quien lea esto… = Whoever reads this…

Dondequiera que estés… = Wherever you are…

Adondequiera que vayas… = Wherever you go…

*Note: adondequiera “(to) wherever” vs. a dónde quiera(s) “(to) wherever you (would/might) want” are technically different.

Imperfect subjunctive deals with subjunctive in the past and now the future. In the past, it’s normally subjunctive phrases that happened in the past like me dijeron que pusiera la mesa “they told me to set the table” or querían que hiciera los deberes “they wanted me to do chores/homework”

Imperfect subjunctive in the future talks about hypothetical situations and contrary to fact, and is formally used with conditional tense.

This is the part that could look like English.

For Spanish, si fuera/fuese could be translated as “if I was” or “if I were”

Although there is technically a difference where “was” is past and “were” is future subjunctive, they’re the same difference in English translation:

Si fuera presidente/presidenta… = If I was president…
Si fuera presidente/presidenta… = If I were president…

*Note: Latin America prefers the endings in -ara/-iera, while Spain prefers the -ase/-iese endings for imperfect subjunctive. Latin America would use fuera while Spain would say fuese

Overall, there are three moods in Spanish: indicative, subjunctive, and imperative.

Subjunctive deals with uncertainty, desire, imposition of wills, hypotheticals, deferential ways of speaking, doubt, more polite commands… Subjunctive exists in present and imperfect subjunctive. There was a future subjunctive but it’s now obsolete, so that’s why imperfect subjunctive can be future or hypothetical futures as well

And imperative are the basic affirmative and negative commands.

Indicative is just… everything else, so most things are indicative: present, imperfect, preterite, future, conditional

The perfect tenses using haber can be indicative or subjunctive depending on how you conjugate haberhe hecho vs. haya hecho and había hecho vs. hubiera hecho

And as far as verb forms, there’s…

infinitive - the dictionary form, “to (do something)” which can be used as a basic non-conjugated verb, or to describe “the act/result of doing something”… hablar, comer, vivir, ser, ir, ver

progressive - the -ing form of a verb, usually conjugated with estar or a verb of motion to describe something happening at that moment… hablando, comiendo, viviendo, siendo, yendo, viendo

past participle - the adjectival form of a verb, often used with haber to mean “to have (done something)”, though they can exist by themselves as regular adjectives. It would be the difference between something like “to be” and “been” or “to eat” and “eaten”… hablado, comido, vivido, sido, ido, visto

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Hi, I've seen RFA reacting to mc listening to kpop. So how about MC finding RFA+Saeran+V listening to kpop? I know since theyre Korean, it's regular music. But it's funny to see which groups they listen to:3 thank you so much for everything. ahaha sae-yoongi-buns x'D

LOL, that’s so true…hope you enjoy these hcs! Sorry it took forever~


  • You were out doing a quick grocery run
  • But ended up coming home earlier than you thought
  • When you open the door, Zen was cleaning and vacuuming
  • Me Gustas Tu by Gfriend was blasting on his speakers
  • He was doing the dance moves and everything
  • So you just watch and purposely accidentally takes a video
  • When Zen spins around and sees you, he’s tripping over everything trying to turn it off
  • “It’s for a show,” he tries to explain.
  • “Uh-Huh, Sure.”
  • For the next week, you use the video for blackmail
  • “Aww, babe, I don’t wanna take out the garbage again!”
  • The video begins to play and he’s out the door like lightning
  • After awhile, you find yourself humming along
  • It’s not long before you’re jamming together


  • You had come to visit him since he had been locking himself up to study lately
  • He left his window open and you can hear Bad by Infinite coming through
  • You giggle and ring the doorbell
  • He thinks it’s just the mailman, so he leaves the music on
  • When he opens the door and sees you standing there, his eyes go wide
  • He didn’t expect you..and the music was still going
  • “O-oh! Haha…the music…it’s just on some weird shuffle. Must’ve added this by accident.”
  • You almost believe him until the next song comes on
  • The Eye by Infinite blasts from him room
  • He’s so embarrassed, he can’t look you in the eye for half an hour
  • You feel bad, so you just say, “I bet your bias is Sungjong.”
  • He looks very offended
  • “I’ll have you know…It’s Sunggyu.”


  • She brought home some extra paperwork
  • So, you didn’t want to bother her
  • She put in her headphones and set to work
  • After a few hours, you brought her a cup of coffee
  • Your presence startled her and she jerked awkwardly, making her headphones unplug from her phone
  • Beautiful by Monsta X blasted into the open air
  • You two stare at each other for a few long moments
  • Jaehee just quietly says, “There’s a reason I have headphones on.”
  • Finally pulling yourself together, you manage, “Jaehee, what are you listening to?!”
  • She gathers her headphones off the ground
  • “Beautiful melodies….Stan Monsta X, MC. Stan talent.”


  • He asked you to help test out a new stereo system he bought for his place
  • He says to play something off his phone
  • You find a playlist named, “Jammin’ Han”
  • You don’t know what to think so you just click it
  • Eyes, Nose, and Lips by Taeyang starts blasting throughout his home
  • He was upstairs when it started, and you expected him to rush down to turn it off
  • Instead, he casually comes down and is humming it
  • He’s fixing a wire and smiles up at you, “I didn’t know you enjoyed this song as well.”
  • “Actually…I just played it off of one of your playlists…”
  • His eyes grow wide and he gets really flustered
  • You think it’s because his playlist actually has a lot more mainstream and trot songs than you would’ve expected him to listen to
  • But no…he’s mortified that you found out what he named his playlist
  • What a dork


  • You guys wanted some snacks, so he says to hop on his car
  • Only, he forgot the bluetooth on his phone was still connected to that particular car
  • Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet starts blasting
  • After you get over your initial heart attack and lower the volume, you just stare at him
  • He doesn’t say anything
  • He’s just looking out the window in utter shame and embarrassment
  • There’s just a long awkward silence before you start giggling
  • “Do you know the dance moves too?”
  • “Maybe…”
  • “Well, turn it up, fam!” you say as you jump out of the car and start doing the dance in the garage
  • Cue him blasting it and dancing with you
  • You both are horrible, but who cares
  • Saeran walks in to check what’s up with the noise
  • He sees you both and slowly backs away before he ends up being dragged into something stupid


  • You stop by his house unexpectedly one day
  • He was still in the shower, and unbeknownst to him, you can hear his speakers blasting
  • The faint echoes of Not Today by BTS comes from the bathroom
  • You almost want to scream when you hear him yell, “Chong! Jojun! Balsa!” in a high pitched voice
  • You’re nice enough not to record him
  • But you do sit close to the door and listen as he finishes the song
  • He trips over you on his way out
  • Thankfully he’s already dressed not seeing any of that…not today
  • You grin, “I didn’t know you had a hidden talent of rapping….NOT.”
  • He jumps up and starts running after you
  • You run from him so long, you two end up being wiped on the couch
  • He finally grabs your phone, thinking you had recorded him
  • When he finds no video, he just screams in a pillow
  • So much for that shower


  • He’s editing his photos in the dining room one day
  • He usually listened to Mozart or classical jazz most of the time
  • So you were quite surprised when you heard a familiar tune coming through the speakers
  • You turn it up so you could hear it better, and you recognized it as Prism by Shinee
  • V said he started listening to them when you mentioned of their music
  • You remember only vaguely talking about them, and you didn’t think he would get so into them
  • You start scrolling through his playlist and see songs from EXO, f(x), Super Junior, amongst others
  • You realize you accidentally turned him into a kpop stan

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Did you learn to edit by yourself?

Pretty much, I mean via YT tutorials, trial and error. Mostly just from simply doing it, much like I’ve learned most things I do! Just doing simple cuts, in any editing software isn’t usually THAT complicated. And then you learn little things here and there as you go! I’ve been editing little home movies, and my own gameplay, and just things here and there for fun since I was young, just because it’s a satisfying process to me, to see the result! I still wouldn’t consider myself that good though, there are still a lot of things I wish I could to better.. As with most things, your standards always keep rising, just slightly above your skill level :P

And, to me, it makes it even more enjoyable to watch movies, or videos in general, the more you learn because you can appreciate smaller details that maybe - a year ago - you wouldn’t even have noticed! That’s why I like learning things in general, while there is beauty in “movie magic” - to me, I find the more you know, the more you can appreciate :)

Eyeshadow Part 1

A/N: So now I’m writing a thing for this too apparently. I hope people like it. I didn’t plan for angst and it’s not too intense but there are some feels later, not really in this part though.

Pairings: Prinxiety, background Logicality.

In a desperate attempt to get attention so this doesn’t totally flop: @prinxietys (sorry you’re great please Validate Me™)

“Hey Anxiety, if you HAD to have a new years resolution, what would it be?”

“Probably to find darker eyeshadow to better match my soul.”

“You, are an emo nightmare.”

“Thank you.”

It had been months and Roman couldn’t figure out why the exchange was still going around and around in his head.

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“The Wrong Derek” - Derek Hale

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) kinda skypes Derek by accident and she is working on a project or Something and then they just start talking and over the course of a few weeks they meet up.

(Y/N) had spent most of her childhood in Beacon Hills before she had to move out at the age of thirteen to go live in New York with her family when her father got promoted. The young girl hadn’t been too delighted to leave her friends Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski behind but she had promised them that they will see each other again one day. And (Y/N) had kept her promise.

After building a new life in New York, she still spent hours on the phone with Scott and Stiles over the years and when she came back to Beacon Hills, it felt like Nothing had changed between the three of them, except for the fact that they were now grown-ups.

(Y/N) had arrived in Beacon Hills less than a week ago, and Scott and Stiles had welcomed her home with open arms. She was staying in her old house – which her parents desired to keep in order to move back in Beacon Hills at an older age.

(Y/N) placed her laptop on a shelf and went on Skype to have a little catch up with her brother. She clicked on his name and waited for him to accept the video-call. While waiting, she started working on a painting which she had started the previous day. (Y/N) was an art student in New York and they had been given a project to work on over the holiday break.
(Y/N) started humming a song while cleaning her paintbrushes.
“Uh, hello?” A voice said and (Y/N) jumped. She turned around and saw an unfamiliar face on her computer screen which was definitely not her brother’s.
“Who is this?” The man on the video-call asked, confused. “Scott?”
“Who the hell are you?” (Y/N) asked as she took a closer look to the man.
“What do you mean? You’re the one who called me!” The man said defensively.
“No, I didn’t! I don’t even know who you are!” (Y/N) said, also very confused about the whole situation. “Did you hack into my computer?”
“Wha- No! I’m Derek Hale.” The man said as if it justified everything.
“You’re- Oh, damn it!” (Y/N) said. “That’s not my computer!” She added.
“Could you tell me what’s going on here?” Derek asked, still confused and also a little annoyed at this waste of his time.
“I meant to call my brother, his name is also Derek. But Scott and I must have switched computers by accident this morning.” (Y/N) explained and swearing under her breath.
“You know Scott McCall?” Derek asked, surprised to find out that Scott had a friend Derek knew nothing about.
“No, I just stole his computer and thought it would be fun to skype all of his contacts at random.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.
“How do you guys know each other?” Derek asked, ignoring the girl’s sarcastic comment.
“We grew up together.” (Y/N) replied as she picked up her phone to let Scott know she had his computer.” You know you can hang up the video-call, right?” She told Derek who seemed to feel like he had to make the conversation.
“Yeah, well, I got nothing better to do so I don’t mind the compagny.” Derek shrugged.
(Y/N) tried to suppress a smile.
“What’s your name, by the way?” Derek asked.
“(Y/N).” She said. “Wait, are you the Derek Hale?” She added as she looked at her screen more closely.
“Uh, yeah? I’m pretty sure there is only one Derek Hale around here.” He said, raising his eyebrows.
“I’ve heard a lot of things about you.” (Y/N) declared.
“Don’t believe everything you hear in this town.” Derek said.

There was a short and awkward silence for a minute or two while the two of them stared at each other on their computer screens.
“What’s that you’re working on?” Derek broke the silence and changed the subject. He knew (Y/N) must have heard about the fire which killed most of his family as well as the false accusation against him for the murder of his sister, Laura Hale. These ere the rumours and gossip going around about Derek Hale and he didn’t want (Y/N) to judge him upon those things.
“Oh. It’s just a painting I’m working on for school. I’m an art student.” (Y/N) stated.
“It looks nice.”
“Thanks. But it’s no way near done.” (Y/N) said with a shy smile. “Listen, I gotta go. My brother is waiting for me to call.” (Y/N) added.
“No problem. Make sure to call the right Derek though.” Derek said with a laugh.
“I’ll try.” (Y/N) smiled. “Have a good day, then.” She said before she hung up the call, still smiling.

The next day, (Y/N) asked Scott if she could borrow his computer and when she got home, she walked into her garage – where she was working on her art project,  and settled the computer on a shelf and called Derek Hale on Skype.
“You got the wrong Derek again.” Derek said once he had accepted the video-call.
“Nope. not this time.” (Y/N) said, smiling. “I thought you could use the compagny.”
“I’m not that lonely, you know.” Derek laughed.
“Oh, so you don’t appreciate my compagny anymore?” (Y/N) asked with a smug.
“I didn’t say that.” Derek said.

The video-call lasted hours that day. They talked about all sorts of things, trying to get to know each other a little better and even when they weren’t talking at all, none of them wanted to end the call. Derek would quietly Watch (Y/N) work on her painting while she hummed a song every now and then and he was surprised to find himself smiling like an idiot at his computer screen.

Over the following days, it had became an habit for (Y/N) to call Derek on Skype everytime she was working on her art project and it quickly and surprisingly became the moment of the day she was the most looking forward to.
“Hi.” Derek said after he accepted the video-call once more.
“Oh, sorry.” (Y/N) said. “Wrong Derek.”
“I’m kidding, relax!” (Y/N) laughed.
“Ha-ha. Very funny.” Derek rolled his eyes.
“Anyway, what about we grab a coffee sometime?” (Y/N) asked.
“Yeah, I’d like that.” Derek smiled. “When?”
“What about now?”
“Uh, y-yeah.” Derek said, taken aback.
“It’s fine if you don’t want to.” (Y/N) added quickly.
“No! I want to. Of course I want to.” Derek declared. “I’ll meet you at the coffee house in ten minutes, then?”
“I’ll be there.” (Y/N) said with a smile and hung up the video-call.

Derek and (Y/N) met for the first time that day. They were both a little nervous at first, but they were so comfortable around each other that it felt like they had known each other for ages. The night was falling upon Beacon Hills and Derek and (Y/N) felt like they were the only ones in the world right now, and it was more than enough. And as they were laughing in a corner of the coffee house, (Y/N) was glad to have skyped the “wrong Derek”.


Peter Scanavino 2014 audition video for a role right before he came to SVU.

Let me point out that Sonny Carisi could have looked like this. Even for just one episode. This is what could have been ^^^^ *weeps*

still love mustachioed peter, but damn

Awesome find by my friend @echelonislovefamilyandpower 

video at source link


Stephanie tries to teach Robbie the bing bang dance!

It’s Sportacus suggestion that they spend a day in together. Initially, Robbie checks for a fever, wondering if it’s a sickness that makes Sportacus of all people to stay inside and be lazy all day.

With his hand pressed against his forehead, Sportacus laughs, bright and sweet before he grabs it, turns it over so he can place a soft kiss on the inside of his wrist.

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Shklance - The most fun when it’s all three of us

I saw the post @fonbella made a few days ago about how most of the voltron poly fics are nsfw, and that it sucks major ass, (I tried finding the post but couldn’t,,,,,) and I agreed 100% and immediately came up with like 100 ideas for nice innocent stuff. This is the one I liked the best. Read more because it got a little long, or read on ao3

“He-llo YouTube!” Lance smiled brightly at the camera, giving his signature wink and finger guns. The lights were all set, his room properly organized, everything was exactly like it always was when he sat down to film another video… Except for one little fact. He had unusual guests today. Emphasis on unusual, because he often had guests over. Other YouTubers, friends, his little sisters, even his mother at one point.

But today… He glanced to the side, where his two boyfriends, Keith and Shiro stood out of camera shot and waited for his signal. Today was special.

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TITLE OF STORY: Exceptions to the Rules
AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics & cheers-mrhiddleston
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Twin AU - Jag!Tom & Exec!Tom
GENRE: Angst/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: A year after the events of What’s Yours is Mine, identical twins Thomas and William Hiddleston have fully acclimated to each other’s lives, including sharing a bit of happiness in the shape of a woman: their employee, Amanda Tremaine. But when Amanda begins to run out of hope that Thomas could ever be fully invested in a relationship with her, she turns elsewhere, leaving Thomas with feelings that he cannot fully describe. Her new relationship brings out unforeseen circumstances that the twins can’t ignore, leading all three of them down a path that will test each of them in their own way.
WARNINGS: Explicit language, violence, drugs, discussions of torture.
AUTHOR NOTE: This is a collaboration between myself and @teacuphiddlesfics and the sequel to What’s Yours is Mine. We’ll be alternating writing the chapters again, so make sure you’re following Christine if you aren’t already and stay up to date with the entire twins universe here.

The more days Amanda spent locked away in the room, the more she understood the reasons the Russians were keeping her.

It wasn’t so much in things she picked up; they were careful to only use Russian when around her, and the only times she heard English was visits from Jacob. The only person she ever saw was her supposed husband, but she heard more than a few voices outside her locked door. But they had a vested interest in keeping her alive, just not too comfortable.

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Hey, soft boy. I've been developing games using game maker for the past couple of years and have been wanting to switch to unity for sometime now. However, while I was able to quickly learn the ins and outs of gml, I can't for the life of me adapt to unity. How did you as a game developer learn to use unity? How much programming experience did you have beforehand? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hey, anon boy. I jumped into Unity when I was 13, knowing almost nothing about game development. I had some advanced computer literacy skills tho, I had messed with HyperStudio (i bet NO ONE knows what that is) in elementary school, and in 7th grade I knew the basics of how to use Command Prompt, and like I knew how to use image editors (Fireworks and a lil Photoshop, with a splash of Flash), so I had literacy of how computers and programs worked. The only “coding” I knew was just copying and pasting code that other people wrote (and sometimes changing the numbers). 

So after I found Unity, I literally just jumped into it. I began by messing around in it (clicking random buttons to see what they do), and I found the terrain editor (keep in mind this was like Unity 2.6, that old shit lmaooo) and that was a super formative moment for me. I then started following tutorials; I think the first thing I used was a shitty PDF FPS tutorial (holy shit I found it), once again copying and pasting code, and looking at fully built example projects to decipher them. 

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How does the whole residency thing work? Like how do you pick where you go?

Since Match day just happened yesterday, I think it’s a good time to talk about this again!

So here’s how residency spots work for the MD match.

All the med students in the country apply to MD residency programs through a program called “the match”. They go on and apply to programs they are interested in and then those programs review all the applications and decide who they want to interview. 

Med students then go out to the programs they are interested in and complete an interview. After they’ve completed all their interviews, they “rank” the programs they are interested in in a computer system. At the same time, residency programs “rank” the students they want at their program.

A very high powered computer algorithm basically matches med students to their programs based on their ranking and a program’s ranking of them. It’s a very complex mathematical algorithm based on something called “The Stable Marriage Problem” that this video explains way better than I could since I am a medical doctor and not a doctor of mathematics. 

Med students find out where they have matched all across the country on one day by opening an envelope. 

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Hi, so I want to improve my drawing (HB pencil and paper, no fancy stuff) and I am not a complete novice, but pretty close to that. Do you have any recommendations for tutorials/courses that could help? Something like The Joy of Painting where I could draw along would be really useful, but I'm not overly fussy.

Hmmm must of the tutorials I find are in youtube so I´ll just link four youtube channels I find useful:

SchaeferArt: This guy is great. He has a lot of painting time lapses and if you want to watch tips on how to become better at arting he´s got some videos on how to draw basically. He also talks about color theory and stuff like that which can be very useful.

DGPaints: God, this guy´s paintings are masterpieces. Most of his videos are speedpaints, but by looking at them you can get an idea of what he does and how he does that. 

Art of Wei: Okay this one is kind of a step-by-step guy. In every video he draws with pencil and you can clearly see what he is doing while he explains. His drawings range from portraits from bananas so you can find a lot of variety in his channel.

PaintBasket: I love this guy. He has also several videos where he draws while explaining what he is doing, kinda Bob Ross-ish. He paints with charcoal, oil, watercolor, pastels, and pretty much everything. I really recommend this channel.

I hope you find them useful!

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Hello dear! I've been having some body issues as of late, but I'm working on them, and I was wondering if you could do a HC or a small one shot of Ethan finding out that the reader is struggling with liking her own body because she's plus sized, and she's even gotten some negative comments on Marks and Ethan's videos? The loving fluff would make me feel better. 💙 Thank you in advance!

Ah hi sweetie!! Absolutely!!

•you saw a few disheartening comments on one of teamipliers streams

•"when is (y/n) gonna lose weight?“
“Is ethan sure he wants to date her??”

•you didnt tell ethan but they were hitting deep

•after the stream you were laying in ethans bed just staring at your body

•running your own hands over hills and valleys, wondering if you were enough for eth

•eth coming in the room and giving you his famous cheeky smile

•"hiii baby!“
"Hi ethan”
“Are you okay?”

•literally just not being able to respond

•eth just /knowing/ something was wrong by your body language

•eth sitting next to you and wrapping his arms around you

•"tell me whats wrong my love”

•just listing off your feelings

•ethans face slowly dropping as he listens

•ethan pausing after you finish talking, trying to take in the information


•ethan putting his hand on your hands

•"every single centimeter, inch, millimeter, every single part of you is what i fell in love with”

•eths voice crackin a lil

•"you are the most perfect human i have ever met in my life and i would not trade you for anything, your friends and family and me love you"

•youre legit at a loss of words bc eth is just so /loving/

•"you are smart and funny and beautiful and talented and attractive and every positive word in the book. You are enough. You will always be enough"

Eth is so loving

You are wonderful my love💖

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Hey I was wondering if you can explain more in depth why you dislike TND? Or if you have posted about it could you link me to that post? (I strongly dislike her as well and am trying to find better explanations of why she's bad for other people)

1. Betta Sorority
As you all know by now, probably, sororities are irresponsible, risky, and provide no benefit to the fish. I’m automatically mistrustful of anyone who has one. My #sorority tag should have info on that if you don’t know why they’re bad

2. BHB Reptiles
She hangs with BHB (also known as Brian Barcyzk, or Snakebytes tv) who is, as we know, awful. x x x x x x

3. Prehistoric Pets
She’s done videos with / interacted positively with Prehistoric Pets in the past, which is a pretty awful company. x 

& those are my main points, I haven’t watched her videos in a while so if there’s anything else please chime in, followers!