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Flood my Mornings: Wee hours
  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.

August, 1951

Over a year of fatherhood had gifted Jamie with many new skills, those wee tricks of the trade proudly gleaned from the never-ending, ever-shifting experience that was Brianna. 

Soothing a child that didn’t yet understand human speech, though, he reflected above the shrieking issuing from his cradled arms, was apparently not one of them.  “Hush, laddie….” he begged softly nonetheless as he swayed and rocked. “It’s alright, Ian….hushh…” 

Claire hadn’t awoken when Ian had cried, this time, and oddly enough, he was thankful for it. Thrice already she’d been up to tend him, beating Jamie upright in a twinkling with the ‘I’m already up. Don’t worry, go back to sleep’ already on her lips. She was a fiercely-attentive mother, and never would he fault her for it, but the lass needed her sleep, all the more after nearly three weeks of this punishing newborn routine. Besides, he felt it was his duty to do his part and more, this time around, given his absence during Brianna’s infancy.  God, to have held wee Bree, then, so small like this… 

Thankfully, this most recent of Ian’s cries came only an hour after the last feeding, and so Claire would have her sleep. He’d brought the wean out into the sitting room to be changed, but a cursory sniff had revealed that there was, in fact, no need. Still, even minutes later, the boy was howling at the top of his lungs in Jamie’s arms, red-faced and windmilling his arms around like mad within his blanket. 

Wame twisting, Jamie had been running through the list of fears—horrific scenarios from the damned pamphlets running through his mind like sirens—but truly, nothing seemed immediately amiss with the lad, in terms of sickness or things that would be causing pain. Ought he to wake Claire? Raising Ian up to eye level, Jamie pressed lips against the babe’s forehead. Not feverish, he thought, but warm; warmer than usual, certainly. 

“Is it too hot in your wee pajamas, mo chridhe?” he crooned as he began unsnapping the buttons down the front. “Is that what ye’ve been trying to tell me?” He slipped his hand under the loosening folds of fabric and found that the skin of Ian’s belly was clammy. “Dinna fash, wee love. Da will have it all sorted in just a moment, aye?”

The rush of cool air seemed to soothe the lad, for though he continued to cry as Jamie finished undressing him, his jerking and flailing of limbs began to slow. By the time Jamie dropped both cotton suit and blanket onto the rug, Ian’s cries had quieted to little more than a soft gruntling of displeasure, the flush beginning to recede. 

“Aye, that’s much better, a bhailaich.“ Jamie kissed the tender forehead. “Poor wee thing,” he murmured, swaying back and forth. “It must be verra frustrating, I’d wager, when your parents are so daft to comprehend your requests.” 

Ian scrunched up his face as though in rueful agreement (or perhaps as though biting a lemon) then sighed, stretching his now-bare legs luxuriously. 

Settling with his own legs stretched out along the sofa, Jamie managed to prop himself up against the pillows one-handed and drape a blanket over his lower half. The bairn, he lowered belly-down against his chest, the wee brown head resting just below his chin. 

Ian, unsettled by all the shifting and stirring, was grunting fiercely, struggling and snuffling until, to Jamie’s shock, the wee lad suddenly lifted his head all the way up and looked him straight in the eye. 

Jamie stared back, dumbstruck. He experienced the startling sensation of sighting a deer in the forest, that rare flash of a moment before the beast takes flight, golden eyes staring back in the haze….a moment of exquisite stillness and beauty.  

He inclined his head, his heart squeezing. “Hello to you, too…. my wee one…” 

Ian blinked, then the spell vanished, and the boy flopped his head back down, exhausted by the effort of accomplishment. 

“Sweet laddie,” Jamie said, one finger tracing the whorls atop the fur-soft head. 

On sudden impulse, a visceral need to recapture that closeness, Jamie wriggled both arms out of the sleeves of his nightshirt, and carefully pulled it over his head, laying Ian back down onto his now-bared chest so that they were skin-to skin. He shuddered in relief, feeling the overwhelming peace and intimacy of it settling over them at once, Ian’s small, solid weight touching something within Jamie’s soul. 

Already, he realized, he knew the one held within this sweet little boy. True, Ian couldn’t speak, nor smile, nor truly show signs of any understanding whatsoever, but there were still moments—moments like these, he thought, both arms cradling and keeping his tiny son—in which Jamie could simply feel, truly know the precious spirit that lay within; waiting only to find its own voice with time and age. It was a wordless knowing, this bond, but strong and as clear to Jamie as any other love he had ever held in his heart. 

I love everything that you are, Ian,” he whispered in his own tongue. “All your life, I will. I promise.”  

Ian lifted his head up again—clever lad—and came back down facing the other direction, the bitty whiffling of his breaths tickling Jamie’s neck. In the resultant stillness, Jamie could feel Ian’s heartbeat, quick and true against the heavier thud of his own. The two rhythms joined together in a warm, soothing thrum that had them both drifting away into the same warm, darkness, held safely together. 

He thought he felt Claire, sometime, smoothing his hair off his forehead, murmuring something soft and sweet; kissing him, kissing Ian, her hands blessing them both. Perhaps it was a dream….but he hoped not. 


Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Nalu

Rated: T

Summary: Natsu finally came back after a year, and he knew he screwed up royally. And Lucy made sure to tell him. “You’re sorry?” She questioned, voice raising at the word sorry. “You’re sorry.” It was a statement, one filled with anger.

Word count:1133

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @x-benihime !!! You’re so old now omg ;) I hope this surprises you but I fucked up and told you I was writing but anyways, I hope you have a superb day my lovely <3 

I’m thinking of turning this into a series of one-shots, all sort of relating to a poem in my new book milk and honey by Rupi Kaur, but I’m not sure yet!

how do you turn
a forest fire like me
so soft i turn into
running water

{rupi kaur}

He fucked up.

The minute he saw that look in her eyes, one that he didn’t recognize, he knew it. He screwed up.

He missed out on a whole year with her. He missed her growing her hair out, her new stories, her new job.

But all of that didn’t matter when it got down to the main point.

He left her alone for a whole year.

He didn’t think the guild would dissolve. He thought she’d be surrounded by their family. But he was wrong and he knew it was a mistake he could never make right.

So when he saw her wall filled with their friends locations, Natsu felt his heart shatter. His gazed fell to her sleeping form, knowing that the smile she wore was only for when she dreamed of a better life.

His quickly came to a decision and quietly left her room, putting his clothes on and packing a few small items.

“Natsu?” He heard Happy say from behind him. Natsu turned to his partner, giving him a small, pained smile. Happy looked worried and not sure what to say to him and Natsu didn’t blame him. There wasn’t much to say.

“How could I have done that Happy?” His voice cracked at the end, on the verge of losing control of his emotions. “How could I have hurt her like that?” Natsu collapsed onto the couch, hands coming up to rest on his face as he beat himself up over it.

Happy jumped up onto the couch beside him, not saying anything for a few minutes. Natsu knew Happy was probably blaming himself for this a little bit as well, which wasn’t true and Natsu made a mental note to remind him of that later when he’s calmed down a bit.

“We couldn’t have known this would happen.” Happy broke the silence, voice shaking and tears threatening to spill.

“That doesn’t make it okay.”

They set up camp for the night on their way to find Wendy, pretending that everything was okay and that they could easily go back to how things were. Happy was sound asleep, muttering something about fish and Charle every now and then, causing Lucy to smile fondly at the exceed. Natsu was happy to see her smile; he really had missed it. The way it lit up her eyes and made the skin around her eyes crinkle the slightest bit.

She was beautiful.

“Lucy,” he started, but trailed off, not knowing how to say what he wanted to.

The smile faded from her face as she took in his expression, and she folded her hands on her lap in front of her. “What is it, Natsu?” She voiced softly. Kindly. He didn’t deserve her kindness.

“I just- I’m sorry.” He cursed to himself; he should have phrased that better.

He avoided her eyes- he didn’t want to see what she was thinking. He was selfish, he didn’t want to see her hurt or mad because of him, not anymore. He didn’t want the guilt.

But he deserved it.

“You’re sorry?” She questioned a few moments later, voice raising at the word sorry. “You’re sorry.” It was a statement, one filled with anger.

“Look at me.” He heard her stand up, and knowing that Lucy was scarier than Erza when she was angry, Natsu raised his head. She towered above him, hands formed into fists and resting on her hips. “I was completely alone for a year. You left me.” Shaking her head, she moved her arms to cross them over her chest, and it was only then that he noticed her eyes were shining from the tears she was holding back. “And all you have to say is that you’re sorry?” She started to yell, and a single tear fell down her cheek, shoulders shaking.

And he realized that she wasn’t crying because she was sad; she was crying because she was angry.

He winced, slowly getting to his feet while maintaining eye contact. “I know,” he moved closer to her as she jerked back a step, hands falling flat at her sides. “And I can’t think of the words to say how sorry I am Lucy, you know I was never good with them.” He reached out, grabbing her right hand with his left, gently entangling his fingers through hers. When she didn’t pull away he grabbed her left, doing the same thing. “All I can say right now is how sorry I am, and how much I missed you. I still miss you.”

Her lip quivered, tears falling more freely now as she ripped her hands out of his, causing him to stumble back in slight shock. She balled her hands into fists, and without warning she started to pound them against his chest, a sob ripping through her throat.

“A letter!” She screamed, hitting him over and over with anger, pain, defeat, and a million other emotions reflected in her eyes. “A letter.” She whispered, collapsing against him as she let the sobs take over. He quickly wrapped his arms around her, guiding them to the ground as he brought one hand up to stroke her hair, letting her cry without saying a word.

“I hated you.”

Lucy didn’t move from him as she started to speak, her sobs gone and replaced with silent tears falling down her cheek.

“At least, I thought I did for the longest time. I didn’t understand how you could just leave like that without saying goodbye. I still don’t get it.” She took a deep breath, hands curling up against him. “But then I realized I didn’t hate you, even though you’re a major ass,” she let out a breathy laugh before continuing, “I just can’t help it. I love you too much.”

Natsu felt his heart stop. He didn’t know what kind of love she meant, but it didn’t matter. God, how he wanted to hear her say it again. He smiled, tilting his head to kiss the top of her head.

“You deserve better than me.”

“I don’t want better.” She said it so softly he almost didn’t hear it.

His eyes went wide, heart beating faster as he rested his chin on top of her head, mind going blank. She was too good for him, she made him feel things he never thought he would. He loved her, down to the deepest parts of his heart, and he wasn’t never going to leave her again. He didn’t think he could bare it.

“I don’t deserve you.”

“But I need you.”

And without another word he listened to her breath deepen and her heartbeat steady as she fell asleep in his arms, and he couldn’t help but feel like everything would finally be okay.

That they would be okay.

The Trophy Wife (7)

Summary:  Bucky is going through a rough time in his life after his Winter Soldier days when a stranger shows up at his doorstep asking for his help. What’s he gonna do?

Warning: violence, angst, bad-ass reader

Word Count: 3,329

A/N: I fucking love the reader okay? She’s developing so nicely as well as her relationship with Bucky and the trauma of being abused. Also i apologize for taking so long to update but i’m glad i did. It wouldn’t have been this long or written well if i rushed it. Two more things, i’ll be making a master list very soon of my work now and my future work. Last, one more part of Trophy Wife and its over :(

  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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Kiss Me on My Eyes (Jonghyun x Reader)

(gif credit to blossom66)

Kiss Me on My Eyes

(내 두 눈에 입 맞춰)

Jonghyun x Reader     (Kim Jonghyun of SHINee)

One-shot scenario

a/n: some strong angst. Jong is rumored to be insecure about himself so here’s a scenario based off of that. Inspired by the line from ‘View’ where it says “Nae du nune ip majchwo” (Kiss me on my eyes). slight AU- SHINee is living in the dorm.

description: When you comfort Jonghyun’s insecurities.


“Kibum, get out,” Jonghyun casually stated upon entering their shared room in the SHINee dorm. Key, who was sprawled on his bed, rolled onto his side to glare at Jonghyun. You entered the room right behind Jonghyun, watching anxiously to see if a fight would erupt. It was basically a reflex for Jonghyun to shout those 3 words at his dark haired roommate every time that the two of you would enter the room. Key went back to his original position laying on his back. He exhaled slowly and spoke at a low volume in an attempt to keep his cool.

“Hyung, it’s my room too, I have every right to be in here,” Key stared at the ceiling as he spoke.

“Yeah, well you’d understand the need for privacy if you had a girlfriend,” Jonghyun grabbed your hand and pulled you onto his bed with him. You groaned, knowing that if Key wouldn’t leave out of his own will, Jonghyun would try to annoy him into leaving. He abruptly pushed your head down into his broad chest, leaving you blushing. Jonghyun began placing big, sloppy, noisy kisses all over your forehead. Key sighed and threw his legs over his bed.

“Success…” Jonghyun whispered into your ear.

“You guys are gross, I’m leaving,” Kibum mumbled as he walked across the room. He stopped in the open doorway and turned around to face you, “Behave, no funny business…” Kibum pointed at you, “I don’t need a mini-Jonghyun running around here to bother me in addition to the one we already have…“ he closed the door behind him. 

Your eyes widened and you looked up at Jonghyun to see that he had a matching expression. You both burst out laughing, Jonghyun’s smile reaching practically from ear to ear. Just as you calmed down, you made the mistake of making eye contact with him again and then burst out laughing all over. You were caught in a vicious cycle of calming down, then looking at each other and being unable to hold in the laughter again. You decided that the only way to calm down was to look away and rest your head on Jonghyun’s chest, which was still raising up and down with a slight chuckle. Jonghyun’s right hand reached down to meet your left hand, your fingers entwining. You felt his lips press against the top of your head before he laid his head on top of yours. 

You felt at peace, snuggling with your boyfriend like this. In the silence that followed the laugh attacks, your mind drifted back to what Key said about having a mini-Jonghyun around. Your lips tugged into a smile as you tried to imagine what Jonghyun’s children would look like. More specifically, you wondered what Jonghyun’s children with you would look like. You wondered if they would have their daddy’s hair, or maybe your (e/c) eyes. You wondered if they’d have a cute button nose and Jonghyun’s smile. You wondered if you and Jonghyun would even be together long enough to have children together. Only time would tell.

”(y/n),“ Jonghyun said, breaking the silence. You could feel the vibrations of Jonghyun’s low voice rumble through his chest when he spoke. You hummed your acknowledgement as you rubbed your thumb across his hand. "I..” Jonghyun stumbled over his words. The arm that was draped around your waist tensed up.

“What’s on your mind, jagiya?” you asked softly. You listened to what was once his slow and steady heartbeat pick up in pace. Concern growing for him, you laid a soft kiss onto his chest. The next time Jonghyun spoke, his voice was barely a whisper. 


Your thumb immediately froze its motion on his hand. Everything? you thought to yourself. Does he mean everything involving our relationship? Your nerves started getting the best of you. You had been noticing lately that Jonghyun was growing distant from you. The dark circles under his eyes were more noticeable as well. He thought you hadn’t noticed anything different but he was wrong. You were worried.

“What do you mean? What’s wrong?” you spoke hesitantly, expecting the worst. Jonghyun hesitated, taking a moment before getting the courage to say what was on his mind.

“I don’t know how else to say it. I’m worthless,” Jonghyun took a deep breath, “People expect so much from me, (y/n)…I feel the weight of that every single minute of every single day. They don’t know me. They know some perfect version of me. Someone that I will never be. I know that when they actually see me for who I am, it will always let them down… it’s only a matter of time before everyone sees me for who I really am. I’m not good enough. All I do is let everyone down…” his voice trailed off. You lifted your head up to see him. What on earth would make him think he wasn’t good enough? The look in Jonghyun’s tear-filled eyes made your heart stop. He was in so much sincere pain. He started speaking again before he gave you a chance to respond. 

“Why are you with me, (y/n)?” his voice began shaking, “I’m not special. I’m not talented. There are so many people who can perform better than me,” your left hand slid up his chest to cup his face as he continued speaking.

 "How can you even look at me. I’m disgusting. Everything about me. My nose, my mouth, my eyes, even my skin… I’m hideous,“ Tears began rolling down his face as he inhaled and exhaled uncontrollably. You tried your best to wipe away the tears with your thumb, but they kept streaming down. He closed his eyes tightly.

"Jonghyun…” you spoke softly, trying to comfort him, “what brought this on? Listen to me, Jonghyun, look at me,” he opened his eyes and looked at you. “You are one of the most incredible men that I know. You put your heart and soul into everything you do and the world can see that. Don’t be scared of disappointing others, jagiya, what matters is that you enjoy what you do and that you are happy. Just know that I am so proud of you,” you smiled sweetly at him, “and you’re special to me. You’re beautiful both inside and out… I know how much you love and care for others. I’ve seen and felt that love first hand. But what you shouldn’t do is care about their opinions of you.”

Tears continued to fall from his brown eyes as you spoke. “And what do you mean you’re hideous? I love your skin,” you slowly leaned forward and pecked his cheek, “and your nose,” you tilted your head and kissed the tip of his nose, “and your mouth,” you moved down to place a chaste kiss onto his mouth, “and your eyes, the eyes that I could get lost in,” you leaned back up and Jonghyun’s eyes fluttered shut, allowing you to place a sweet kiss on his left eye. You placed an idetical kiss on his right eye. You kissed away the tears down his cheek before making your way back to his soft lips.

“I don’t deserve you,” Jonghyun mumbled into the kiss. You smiled against his lips. 

“Stop that. You have me now and that’s all that matters,” you could feel Jonghyun return the smile against your lips.

“I love you, (y/n),” he said softly as he looked up into your eyes.

“I love you too, Jonghyun,” you closed the distance between the both of you. Jonghyun kissed you slowly, showing you all of his love and devotion.

In that moment, Jonghyun didn’t feel the pressure of the world for once. All he felt was your lips on his and peace of mind. 



Key opened the door of his and Jonghyun’s darkened bedroom. He looked over at Jonghyun’s side of the room only to see that you were still there, fast asleep in his arms.

He had to admit, even though his hyung could be pretty annoying, the two of you made a great pair. With a sigh, Key took a step out of the room and gently closed the door. He came to terms with the fact that he would be sleeping on the couch yet again.



Hello my dears!!! I have the next installment for you! I hope you like it!

I hope to have Ravi’s story out soon. He’s giving me problems right now 😂😂

Thank you all for reading!!


You had expected to wake up in pain, but not this much. As soon as you were conscious, all you could feel was a sharp pain in the back of your head. Your hands went to your head to try to keep it from moving, hoping that would help. You felt the bed move causing you to wince and let out a strangled gasp of pain.

“Hey, hey, easy, love. Just breathe.” Cool hands wrapped around yours. The pain subsided a bit and you could breathe normally. But as soon as he moved his hands the pain returned. Desperately, you reached for his hands again and placed them on your head. Breathing a sigh of relief, you tried opening your eyes.

Bad idea.

The bright light streaming into the room brought a new level of pain to your head. You closed your eyes immediately and he pulled your head into his chest.

“I’m so sorry, my love.” He placed a kiss to your temple in apology. Then he started drawing soothing circles on the back of your head and it was doing wonders for the pain.

“Can you just…keep doing that? It helps.” You nuzzled your head into his shoulder and closed your eyes.

“Its because I’m touching you. The tattoo does quite a number on your body. But if you stay close to the matching one, the pain subsides. It wont last long, though. It’ll probably go away in about an hour.”


“Honestly, its just like a really bad hangover.” He kept rubbing the back of your head and you tried to relax.

“I’ve never had a hang over.”

“Aw man, you really were a good girl, huh?” You felt his lips near your ear. “But I think we took care of that last night.”

You whined in embarrassment as he wrapped his arm around your waist. It was then that you realized that you were still completely naked, as was he. The searing pain had taken away all of your other senses but now they came flooding back. His fingers leisurely caressed your spine, sending tingles throughout your body.

Memories slowly creeped into your mind of everything that occured last night. You didn’t regret a thing but, good God, you were sore. Your cheeks were also as red as a tomato now.

“What are you thinking about, hmm? I can feel your emotions going crazy.” He tried to lean back to see your face but you hid it even further into his shoulder. With every second that the pain subsided you were hit with more memories of last night. Your mind relived every beautiful second of it.

The point in which he had initiated the tattoo marking was forever seared into your mind. As soon as both of you had reached your highs, he mumbled a few words that you didn’t understand and sealed them with a kiss. Every emotion imaginable had coursed through at that second. You had seen stars behind your closed eyes and you could have sworn that your skin was on fire. When you had come back down to earth, he was placing kisses on every patch of skin he could find, murmuring comforting words. Exhaustion had taken over you after that and you had fallen into a blissful sleep curled into his side.

You came back to reality when you heard him chuckling.

“You’re going back and forth from embarrassed to turned on. Now, I wonder what that could mean.” He trailed a finger down your side until his hand reached your hip. You tried to wiggle out of his grip but it just resulted in pain.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t make you move. You must be sore.” His hand returned to your face where he tucked a few stray hairs behind your ear. You cracked one eye open and attempted a glare.

“That’s not my fault.”

“I suppose it isn’t. But you’re just so damn irresistible when you’re moaning my name.” His voice dropped an octave and you let out a barely audible gasp. Face heating, you recalled how you had reacted to his touches. He was an attentive lover and incredibly patient.

“Are you okay, though? I didn’t hurt you?” He threaded his fingers through your hair and you looked up at him.

“Other than the headache, I’m fine. It’s almost gone and that isn’t really your fault. I’m a bit sore, but that’s to be expected, right?” You smiled up at him, hoping to reassure him that he were fact more than fine.

“Good. I was hoping that you wouldn’t kick me out of the bed this morning.” You laughed and he joined in. He looked into to your eyes as if he was checking for something. “Almost there.”

You had no idea what he was talking about so you just waited for him to explain.

“Do you want to see something?”

“Sure.” You said it slowly, not sure how you should respond.

He leaned over your body to the nightstand that was behind you. For a moment, you were squished into the mattress and you giggled. When he returned, he had his phone in his hand. Fiddling with the screen, you noticed he brought up the camera app and switched it to self-mode.

“Now, don’t panic.”

You flicked your eyes over to him, worried. Panic about what? He turned the phone towards you and you saw yourself looking back at you. What made your heart stop and start again was what you saw on the screen. Around the edge of your irises was a green rim. It faded into the natural brown of your eyes but the green was definitely dominant. It was the exact color green you always saw in his eyes. You slowly smiled and looked up at Taekwoon. He carried a concerned expression and you realized he was worried about your reaction.

“I love it. Is it permanent?”

“Yes, it will stay. It will get slightly brighter before its complete. But only you and other hybrids can see it. Its part of what makes you mine, just like I am yours. Other hybrids can’t take you away from me now. I…I didn’t tell you about it before because I was afraid it would scare you.” He gave you a guilty look while he played with your hair.

“Something like that wouldn’t scare me. Do you know how much I love your eyes? You have no idea how many times I watched those performances of Hyde and On and On. Now I have a part of that. I couldn’t be happier.” You thought for a moment and then asked. “Is there anything else?”

“Well, yeah, there’s a couple more. Other than the eyes and the tattoo, you will be able to sense when I’m close. Its like a pull you’ll feel inside. The last one will need some practice. But after a while, you’ll be able to hear my heartbeat.”

“Really?! You tease! I was just complaining yesterday that I can’t hear your heartbeat. You could’ve told me!”

“Well, I had a few other things on my mind, love.”

“Typical guy.” You rolled your eyes at him but smiled. With the pain in your head gone, other priorities were taking its place. Like food.

“Hungry?” Taekwoon chuckled at your surprised expression.


“My senses are enhanced. All thanks to you, by the way. Everything I could do before has been doubled, if not tripled. I’m pretty sure I could hear you from anywhere in the world.” He winked at you and rose to a sitting position.

The action pulled the blanket away from your body and you desperately pulled it back. Taekwoon noticed your panicked state and chuckled.

“Honey, I’ve already seen everything. You don’t have to hide under that.”

“I-I know. But, I just….its daylight now.” You bowed your head and picked at the fabric of the blanket, too shy to look at him.

“What? So I can only see you naked when its dark? I don’t think I like that.” He tried pulling the blanket from you but you kept a death grip on it.

“No! I mean, its just…I’m just not used to it yet.”

“Hmm, I’ll have to help you with that then. But, I think I should feed you first. You want me to grab you something to put on?”

“No, it okay. I’ll, uh, just go take a shower first.” You leaned over the bed and spotted Taekwoon’s tshirt he had shed the night before. Carefully, you balanced yourself on the bed as you reached for it. You slid it over your head and finally let the blanket drop from your torso.

“Do you want any company?” Your breath caught in your throat as your cheeks lit on fire.

“No! I mean, um, I think I can handle it.” You rose from the bed, your legs still a bit wobbly. You had to stand still for a few seconds before you felt semi-normal. Thankfully, Taekwoon’s shirt was long enough and it covered to mid-thigh. Looking down, you noticed faint marks and reddened skin where Taekwoon had lingered last night.

“Shit, sweetie, I’m sorry. I-I didn’t think I had been that rough.” He scooted forward on the bed and run his thumb over one of the many marks.

“You weren’t. My skin bruises very easily. Its not your fault. You were as gentle as could be. They don’t even hurt.” You cupped his cheek in your hand and leaned over to kiss his forehead. You pointed to a couple of hickies you had left on his neck and chuckled. “I left some of my own. “Besides,” you leaned close to his ear and whispered, “I like it when you do that.”

He groaned at your words and flopped backwards onto the bed. He rubbed his hands over his face, exasperated.

“Go shower.” He sighed. “And lock the door.”

You shuffled past him and gathered your clothes. Looking back at Taekwoon, you snagged one of his tshirts from his open suitcase and hurried into the bathroom.

You spent longer in the shower than you should have. But, you needed to gather your thoughts. Everything seemed to happen so fast last night but you remembered every second. You had been so nervous but Taekwoon made everything perfect. Your body was consumed with love bites and your blood heated when you thought of how they got there. Taekwoon may not be a vampire but he certainly loves to bite. And that was fine with you.

But, at the same time, you were still doubtful. Thoughts ran through your head at warp speed. Was he satisfied? Did you do anything wrong and he was just too nice to tell you? He had marked you with the tattoo but did he regret it at all? Were you being too insecure? What would happen when you got back to your apartment? Would the guys tease you?

That last part would definitely happen, you thought.

You wanted to talk to Taekwoon about it, but you were too embarrassed. You couldn’t just flat out ask him if he enjoyed himself. He seemed happy. Maybe you were just being too paranoid.

You shook your head to clear your thoughts and stepped out of the shower to dry off. Getting dressed and drying your hair served as a slight distraction from your paranoia. You tried to see your tattoo in the mirror but could only see the very edge of it. Taekwoon had said it would be a paw print but you couldn’t see it.

Stepping out of the bathroom, you noticed that Taekwoon was gone–as well as the sheets on the bed.

Oh God.

A new wave of dispair hit you when you realized that it was probably because of you. You tried to tell yourself that it was natural but it still embarrassed you.

Trying to ignore it you grabbed your phone from the nightstand and angled your head to take a picture where the tattoo was at. Bringing up the picture, you smiled. It was a perfect little black paw print. Something about being able to finally see it made you feel warm and happy inside. Taekwoon was right. You could feel your body pulling you in a certain direction. It almost felt like it was a magnet.

You made your way towards the kitchen and sighed at the smell of food. Without a word, you walked towards Taekwoon, dressed in only his sweatpants. He had finished preparing the leftovers his mother had given you and placed them on the table. As you got closer, you could see faint scratch marks marring the skin of his back.

You gasped as your hand came up to your mouth in shock. You didn’t remember doing that. Taekwoon looked at you and cocked his head to the side, reading your emotions. You could see the exact moment he figured it out. His eyes producing a slight glow as he stalked towards you. You had to grip the countertop to keep ftom buckling under his gaze.

“Concerned about something?” He asked, voice low.

“I-I…um…well…” He came around the counter to stand in front of you. His breath was causing the stray hairs around your face to fly around.

“Well…what?” He was going to make you say it. He looked so proud of himself for teasing you effectively.

“D-do they hurt?” Geniune concern showed on your face, as well as embarrassment.

“You really are the cutest little thing. No, honey, they don’t hurt.” He laughed and placed a kiss on the top of your head. “Believe me, I have no problem with you doing that. In all honesty, I never though I would. But, because its you, I love it. I like that I can effect you enough to make you react like that. I’m interested in seeing what else I can make you do.”

Anticipation took over your thoughts and body. You were interested, too, to be honest. You had a feeling that you weren’t going to leave the house anytime soon. Not that you wanted to.

“Eat something while I take a shower. You’re going to need your energy.” His finger traced the shell of your ear and trailed down your neck. He placed another kiss in your hair and walked off. You snuck a glance at his retreated form. You couldn’t resist another peak at his shoulders.

By the time he returned, you were on your second round of food. He walked in the kitchen, hair still damp and covering his eyes a bit. He looked like walking sin. And all yours. His eyes found yours and he grinned. He knew, but didn’t say anything.

Just then your phone pinged. Picking it up, you noticed YoonJung’s number pop up. Opening the message, you had to laugh when you read it.

Unni: So, are you pregnant yet?
Unni: I’m just asking because I haven’t heard from you and you’re there freaking out because you’re going to have kittens.
You: No, I’m not pregnant. I’ve just been….occupied.
Unni: I’m sure you have been. Are you able to walk?
You: Yes, you crazy person, I can walk.
Unni: Oh, good. I expect details when you return. And good ones. Not the kind where you just say ‘it was great’. I know you. When you come back, we can compare notes ; )

“Compare notes on what?” You jumped about three feet at Taekwoon’s voice in your ear. You quickly switched off your screen and held it in your hand in a death grip.

“Nothing. She’s just being silly.”

“Hmm, I don’t think so. What is it?”

Sighing, you knew you wouldn’t be able to keep it from him. Perhaps he already knew.

“YoonJung Unni…and Jaehwan.”

“Ah, they’ve been together? I recall Jaehwan mentioning that he liked her.” He reached past you and shoved an egg roll-up in his mouth.

“Yeah, she told me when we had gone out a couple days ago. I think they would be cute together.” You finished the food on your plate as Taekwoon kept devouring various things on the table.

His hand came up to move your hair away from your neck on the left side.

“Did you see it?” He was talking about the tattoo.

“Yeah, I had to take a picture with my phone because I couldn’t see it in the mirror.”

“What did you think about it?” He grazed his thumb right under where the mark was but you could feel the electricity in your body from him just being that close.

“I love it. Its actually smaller than I thought it would be. I’m not complaing though. I love that its a paw print.” You looked up at him at tilted your head to try to see his. He obliged and turned his head. There, right behind his ear, was an exact copy of your tattoo.

“Will the company mind that you have that? I hadn’t thought about that before.” As soon as you asked, you watched as the mark faded from his skin. You gasped and looked to him for an explanation.

“I can hide it. Hybrids can still see it though. So, the company wont even know its there.” His thumb returned to your neck and this time it grazed over the mark. A satisfied sigh escaped your lips and you leaned into his touch.

“Have you finished eating?”

It took you a second or two to respond.

“Y-yeah, I’m finished.” You barely had your response out when he lifted you into his arms. A surprised squeak came from your throat and you wrapped your arms around his shoulders. He strode out of the kitchen quickly and headed back towards the bedroom.

“But the food….it’ll spoil.”

“It’ll be fine for a couple of hours. I haven’t had my fill of you yet.” He gently laid you on the bed and followed you immediately. He took your phone out of your hand and placed it on the nightstand. Your tshirt didn’t last long and was over your head and on the floor in a matter of seconds. His lips descended on your shoulder as his hands found yours, placing them on either side of your head. His tongue leisurely slid over the old scar on your shoulder and you squirmed underneath him. He didn’t spend much time there as he blazed a trail with his tongue and teeth until his lips placed themselves right under the tattoo. Suddenly, his tongue flicked over the mark and your body arched into him.

“Oh my God.” You wanted to grab onto his but his hands still has yours pinned to the bed. You could do nothing but squeeze his hands. You wrapped one of your legs around his and winced slightly when you were reminded how sore you were in this position. He must have noticed and he shifted so that he didn’t have so much of his weight on you. His lips found yours and he wasted no time in sliding his tongue past them. You tried to pull your hands out of his grasp to touch him but he growled at you, sending your heart into overdrive. He chuckled as he pulled back to look at you.

“See? I told you that you had a kink.” He winked at you and you protested.

“I do not! Its just that the sound is nice. It doesn’t mean–oh..” Your words died in your throat as you watch his eyes very slowly turn red. He looked like a devil with his hair falling over his eyes and the red peeking through. He smiled sinfully as he knew he’d caught you. You watched as the red started to glow and you were a goner.

“You were saying?”

“Smart-ass.” You glared at him and his smile widened. His eyes held yours for what seemed like hours until he leaned down a kissed you. He leaned back and looked at you again.

“I still can’t get over your eyes. The fact that they hold my color wants me to dominate and submit to you all at once. I can’t remember how I functioned before you cane to me. When your friend mentioned that I was your favorite in the group, my heart pounded in my chest. The guys gave me hell about it for a good week. You can’t imagine how happy I was when you agreed to go out with me. I never dared to hope that you would agree to let me mark you. I still don’t think I believed it until I saw it on you today. At the risk of sounding possessive, you’re mine.”

Tears threatened your eyes. Taekwoon was not the type to pour out his heart like this. You could say nothing for fear of losing it. All you could do was lean up and kiss him. You said everything you could in that kiss. He seemed to understand when you felt him smile. He released your hands to wipe the small tears away that had formed at the edge of your eyes. With your hands free you let your fingers roam. They found the hem of his shirt and you tugged at it, wanting it off. He obliged and leaned away from you to remove it. With that barrier gone, you roamed further until your fingers reached the band of his sweatpants and tugged. He hesitated and looked at you.

“You’re too sore for that. We can do other things.”

“I don’t care. Just do something.”

“As you wish.” Was all he said as his lips took yours.

Svt. at Halloween! Performance Unit Reaction: “Finding out S/O is a Vampire”

Anon: Can I request perf unit +21 pls <3 thank you

Hey lovely!! Here you go hope you like it! If you guys want to request a Halloween post I’ll link the LIST HERE! <3 

WARNING : Blood ;) it is vampires after all! 

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious since it is purely my own opinion!!! gifs are mine!!*


*gif by me*

You had managed to hide what you were so well. Too well in fact. But, someone like you knew things like this couldn’t be hidden forever. The hunger, ugh the hunger was just too much.

“You need to feed Y/N,” your best friend grumbled as they licked the blood off their index finger, cocking an eyebrow at you as they did. Their victim laid at your feet, alive, beating…a feed inches away. “If you don’t, you’ll die. Or you’ll feed on that pretty boyfriend of yours…”

You shook your head. “I’ve managed to survive this long. I won’t hurt Soonyoung.” 

It’s just, you couldn’t survive without a feed. The hunger was so intense you thought your body was about to start feeding on itself. You hid yourself away. Behind a door. Hoshi was at practice. Perfect

The blood bag wasn’t enough. It was never enough. “Y/N?” Hoshi’s breathing caught you off guard. It was short, panicked. The snarl left your throat before you could stop it. Dark, deep, menacing, so violent it trembled through your body dropping the bag to the ground.

“What are you doing here?” you breathed wiping the blood on the back of your arm watching as it smeared. Deep. Red. Thumping. Food. 

You couldn’t turn to look at him. “We shouldn’t have done this…it was a mistake…” you were rambling. You were a monster. “You were never supposed to see me like this…”

His hands were on you, turning you ever so slowly. His heart beat was so loud in your ears but it wasn’t scared. “You don’t scare me Y/N.” He smiled. He actually smiled. “I’ve known ever since I sliced my hand open…you’re not good at hiding things Y/N.” 

“I’m a vampire Soonyoung and you say you’re not afraid. You’re really an idiot…I could kill you! I drink blood to survive! Human blood…” 

“You’re the one whose afraid Y/N,” Soonyoung whispered his face inches from yours. His hands trailed a curve down your spine, his kiss marking your lips. 

Your breath caught as your fought the hunger. His heartbeat visible in his neck. “Why would I be afraid?” you purred, your teeth gritted - don’t hurt him. 

“Because you’re afraid of how much you’ve fallen for me…” Soonyoung whispered drawing you back to him. 


*gif by me*

The night you had told Jun you were a vampire the whole world had spun on its axis. Everything stopped. Like him - as the words left your mouth you could feel him stop loving you. Fear does that to people. At least that was just what you thought.

“Why didn’t you just stay at home Junhui?” you said as he opened the door to your apartment. You had heard him pull up. Heard his breath as he stood in the elevator. Heard him convince himself to keep climbing up.  

Jun didn’t say anything, he just stood in the doorway staring at you. “Why did you come here Jun? You’ve already made it clear you could never love a vampire like me. Just be glad I actually told you…”

He smirked suddenly stepping into the room. You jumped from your seat, appearing in front of him in a flash. He blinked repeatedly, questioning how quick you had moved but the determination was still in his eyes. 

“Why did you tell me?” he asked quietly, his voice taking you aback as he stared at your lips. 

“Because whether or not you like it Jun,” you managed, his scent overwhelming your senses as you stared into his eyes. “I love you.”

Jun smiled widely. “I thought so.” Then he stepped closer pressing his lips on yours. His kiss was deep. Demanding as he pushed you back against the wall. The growl was deep in your throat as you pulled away quickly.

“What is it with you humans?” you stammered slipping out from his grip. “You want what you can’t have, fear what you cannot see, and yet long for dreams! Ironically Jun your desires are both…” 

Jun laughed, shaking his head at you. “Is this because I ran?”

That’s when his words hit you. Yes, you were annoyed he ran. You were annoyed he hadn’t reacted the way you wanted, but the way you expected. In terror. “Why did you come back?” 

Jun appeared in front of you. A smirk on his face as he brushed your hair from your face and whispered, “I made a mistake, a stupid mistake. What you are Y/N doesn’t mean I love you any less…” 


*gif by me*

“How did it happen?” Minghao had asked, not moving but a look of concern in his eyes. You had hardly been able to tell him. It was as though the words were broken leaving your mouth but you had to tell him. 

“It was Halloween, a few years ago…” 

“So you’re older than me?” Minghao was more concerned with how old you were than the fact you were the living dead.

You rolled your eyes at him, as he took your hands and smiled. “Just because I was turned doesn’t change the fact that I was born the same year as you jackass…” 

He was running his fingers across your palm as you told him your story. One of pain. Regret. Of blood. A tear formed in his eyes as you became vulnerable, unable to cry but feeling everything. “They attacked me, and told me that if I wanted to survive then this was my only option…I had no choice…I didn’t want to die…”

Minghao leaned forward resting his forehead against yours comfortingly. His breath was slow. His heartbeat small as he whispered, “You wouldn’t have met me if you had…”

You caught the laugh as you looked up at him, that smirk on his lips. “Always thinking about yourself Minghao,” you teased.

“Of course! So, can you do anything cool? Like in the movies?”

“I drink blood Minghao, that’s as extravagant as it gets.” 

He rolled his eyes pulling his hands away from you dramatically. “God, you’re a let down. I mean what’s the use of having a vampire if they can’t do cool shit…” 

“Fight me,” you laughed, cocking an eyebrow. 

“Nah, you’re a monster!” Minghao smirked at you before tackling you to the ground. 


*gif be me*

It was hard to talk. The words were choked in your throat but Chan was too busy starting at you expectantly. “Why are you looking at me like that?” you managed feeling incredibly vulnerably by his intense look.

“You’re a vampire, right?” he started, a smirk spreading across his face. “But you go out in the sun?”

You rolled your eyes at him a smile on your face. “Yes. Your question?”

“How?” He leaned on the counter. 

“The same as you Dino,” you laughed, surprised by how well he was taking this information. “One foot in front of the other.”

Chan shook his head at you, all seriousness finally returning. “Look Y/N, you just told me some vital life changing information. The least you can do is tell me what I’m in for, because I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Your breath caught as you finally saw him. Your boyfriend. Your love. “I’m like a hybrid. True vampires don’t come in human form. So, ones like me can go into sunlight because our human bodies protect us.” 

“But what about in like…”

“If you’re really going to compare me to a…” Dino quickly pecked your cheek, a slight blush forming on his cheeks as he heard himself. 

“So what about garlic?” Chan asked, a grin on his face as he continued to try and wind you up. You threw a sweet packet at him as soon as the words left his mouth. “Shit, I forgot I was talking to the garlic bread thief here!” 

anonymous asked:

For vday, could u maybs do an au where gon and killua r in wrestling class? Thankyouuuu ❤️❤️❤️

Ok this was written super quick, also I don’t know anything about wrestling ^^; so this was based on my very limited knowledge. And this isn’t…very romantic? I’m sorry I just go where the fic takes me~

modern au!

It’s when Gon finally slams his fourth opponent down onto the ground that he hears it:

Snickering. The kind ear-grating that could only belong to one person.

Looking up, Gon’s gold-brown eyes clash with midnight blue. 

He isn’t surprised. Not really. If anything, he was expecting this. Killua grins at him, a smirk hidden in the sharp edges of his lips, a challenge shinning in the glitter of his gaze, and Gon knows what the other wants before he even opens his mouth.

“What?” Gon asks and fails to keep himself from glowering.

He can’t help it- seeing Killua standing there, so confident and cocky drives Gon crazy. Killua might be the best wrestler in their class, but one day Gon will beat Killua and wipe that smug look off the arrogant teen’s face.

Killua might be good. But Gon’s a quick study.

“Its nothing,” Killua says nonchalantly in answer to his question.

“It has to be something if you feel the need to make fun of me.”

Killua throws his head back, exposing his long neck, and laughs. Its too pretty of a sound to belong to someone as frustrating as Killua, but. Well. That was the problem, wasn’t it?

Everything Killua did was pretty, even when he had Gon’s face shoved into the cold floor, pale hands pinning Gon’s tanner ones above his head. Just picturing it made Gon’s already rapid heartbeat pick up its pace.

Gon refocuses on Killua as he shifts his weight to one leg. Killua says, “Its just…its funny that you feel so proud of yourself for knocking those guys on their asses. They’re basically beginners, y’know. They’re not even a challenge.”

Killua turns over his hand and inspects his nails. “I could have taken those guys down in half the time you did.  Actually, I’m shocked you haven’t tripped over your own two feet yet like the last time we had class.”

Hot, boiling anger swells up inside Gon’s chest and he growls. Pretty or not, Killua is too annoying for his own good. And Gon isn’t the kind of person to take insults lightly.

“If you really think that, why don’t you try to take me down?” he suggests. “I bet you can’t beat me in five minutes- that’s how long it took me to trap the last guy. If you win, I’ll buy you however many chocolate robot candy things that you like for the rest of the month.”

Bright interest flashes across Killua’s face. “And what if you win?”

Gon allows himself a tight smile.

“If I win,” he says, shifting into a defensive position. “I get to take you out to dinner.”

Killua’s answering grin is enough to send a rush of adrenaline racing through Gon’s veins.

“You’re on, Freecss!”

anonymous asked:

I was listening to two ghosts again and was wondering why I could never get the "breakup" vibe from it - from the media making it about beards or houis about Louis. It's cause it's not about breaking apart from someone and trying to feel his heartbeat and being a ghost of who he was. The entire song is about "we". He never talks about himself. "We're not who we used to be", "were just two ghosts". It's about two people suffering through something together and it makes it so much more painful.

Two Ghosts is a angst masterpiece and I respect Harry and Louis immensely for going through everything they did and working everything out (as we know they do in Sweet Creature)   

anonymous asked:

With Whamilton.. "Don't leave me. Ever."

Alexander woke up with a start - chest heaving, and hand reaching out to the bed beside him. Something calmed in him when his hand melt the warm body he had been searching for. He took in a deep breath, closing his eyes and focusing on calming himself down.

George’s hand covered his own, intertwining their fingers and squeezing tight. “Alex,” George said, voice rough with sleep, “is everything okay?”

He opened his eyes and nodded, no difference made and motion not seen for how dark it was in the room. “Just a bad dream,” Alex said. “It’s fine.”

“Are you sure?” 

Alex swallowed. He pressed down on George’s chest, feeling the man’s heartbeat under his hand. “As sure as I can be.”

“How can I help?” George asked. “I want to help, I want you to feel better. Safe. Sleep.” 

He bit on his lip, the sensation soothing in its own way. He squeezed George’s hand as tight as he could. “I need you to promise me something.” Alex bit down on the side of his tongue. “I don’t even care if it’s a lie, I just need to hear it.”

George rolled over, pressing his cheek to Alex’s thigh. “What do you need?”

“Don’t leave me,” Alex said. “Ever.” 

Fear filled his chest. It was so revealing, wasn’t it, to say something like that. Everyone had left him, and his mind still burned with the sound of his mother’s last words in his ear. Years had passed, and yet the ache had never gone away. He couldn’t lose George, for Alex was sure that might be the final straw that breaks him.

Silence. George pressed a kiss to the back of his hand. “I promise.” Another kiss. “I love you with all of my heart, Alexander. I will never leave you if I have any say.”

Alexander swallowed around the sudden lump in his throat. “I love you too.”

“Now,” George said. “Back to sleep.”

// possessive and lusty starters // ko-fi

It was two almost three in the morning when she texted me to come over to her place. Her and her douchebag boyfriend had another fight and she broke up with him again. She wanted to talk to me. So twenty minutes later, I was sitting across from her on the kitchen table, taking shots of whiskey and vodka. ‘Its over. I broke up with him. I’m sick of his shit’ I tossed back a shot of whiskey then as I poured another one said, ‘You should be. He’s a dick head’ I looked up at her and she scoffed at me. ‘Well, you like me. Thats the problem, you automatically don’t like him’ I laughed then tossed back another shot of whiskey as she did with a shot of vodka. ‘Yeah but I’m not the only one who thinks he’s a dick head. And just because I like you doesn’t mean my common sense disappeared. He treats you bad, its good you left’ She stood up and walked away. ‘You don’t know him, he wasn’t always like this’ I got up and my voice made her stop and face me. ‘But he’s like this now. And I know you. You’re better than him and I just want…’ she cut me off. ‘Want me to be happy? I swear if you were gonna say thay, I’m gonna smack the shit out of you’ I exhaled sharply and I didn’t even realize I had closed the space between the two of us until I felt her hand graze against mine. My eyes met hers. 'No. I just want you to be with me. Whether you’re happy or mad or sad - I just want you…’ I leaned closer and our lips were inches away from touching. 'To be with me’ I backed away then looked at her. 'Its that easy? Just like that, I’m with you?’ I nodded. 'Yeah, just like that. I’m not like him and I’m not going to be like him’ I took her hand. 'But how do you know that?’ I sighed and just pressed my lips against her. At first it was just a peck, not much lip movement and then I pulled her closer to me and everything escalated and I could feel that her heartbeat matched mine and I knew I didn’t like her - I loved her and as if she heard my thoughts. She pulled away from me then said, 'yeah, I love you too’
Ditzy Surprise

   Guest were talking and laughing about in the decorated living room. Some reunited with old friends whom they hadn’t talked in years. Some met new people who were able to click instantly the moment the conversation started. All were dressed for elegance. All were suited for the night. Stars twinkled brightly in the clear, night sky. The moon shined gloriously upon the special birthday.

Tap, tap, her high heels tapped delicately on the hard floor. The simmering silver dress she wore for the night caught the eyes of many people, either drawing a shy smirk or a gleeful giggle from the brunette herself. Truly, maybe splurging herself on something new wasn’t always that bad. She caught the attention of many; she hoped it caught the attention of the one person who mattered.

 Hazel eyes glinted at the sight of the smart assistant. “Jaehee-ssi!” Tap, tap, tap! She walked faster; God forbid, even in high heels, nothing could stop the petite brunette from running towards the people she loved.

 Looking up, a calm smile beamed the older woman’s lips at her approach. “There you are!” Giving her a quick hug, Jaehee then placed both hands on her shoulders. “I just received a call from the Driver Kim that Mr. Han will arrive in less than 5 minutes.” Her smile always present whenever she was around, Jaehee tucked one strand of her brown hair behind her right ear. “I have to say, you did a wonderful job with the party!”

 Blush tinted each of the shorter brunette’s tanned cheeks. “Thank you!” Palms pressed together, she looked around the living room. Truly, the party looked stunning from every angle. Golden curtains dangled on each end of the glass wall. Small, round tables were placed neatly inside the room, the table itself draped by a white cloth and finished with a beautiful rose on its center. A few waiters and waitresses walked around with trays of delicious delicacies. And finally, the chandelier in the ceiling’s center gleamed gloriously for the night, casting spotlight on anyone and everyone present.

 She stifled a giggle to see Seven casually holding a tray filled with cheese tarts that were in the shape of a cat’s head.

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Silent Night - Original Scott McCall One Shot.

Original One Shot - You and Scott end up being alone in his house after everyone else cancels and you find a way to keep yourselves occupied.

Author : Me

Warnings : Smut, oral, some roughness.

Reader gender: Female

Notes: This is my first smut soooooo, but it takes practice. Hopefully I’ll get better writing more who knows? :)


You plucked your phone from your back pocket and read the message.

Stiles -

Nothing is happening tonight. Nothing at all! I mean Beacon Hills is free of weird supernatural goings on tonight, make the most of it! I am sat reading call of the wild… how often do I even read books? Anyway bye.

You let out a little giggle putting your phone away leaning against the lamp post outside the movie rental shop, as you looked up Scott was returning with a bag full of stuff.

“Did you buy the whole shop or what?” You smiled looking in the bag as he passed it to you.

“Just a few movies and some nibbles, Stiles and Malia are popping over with Lydia and Liam.” He placed his helmet over his head whilst putting his legs over the bike.

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This is No Accident

Title: This Is No Accident
Chapter/One Shot: Chapter 11
Original Imagine:
Imagine Loki meeting a single pregnant Midgardian woman during his exile and falling in love with her and her unborn child.
Author: starrynight35
Rating: M
Notes/Warnings: Another cliffhanger…
sorry ;)

Chapter 11

The doctor asked Loki and Emma to follow her into the next room.
“Doctor, please. Is my baby okay?”
Emma was starting to break down from the physical and emotional trauma of the past few days.
“I’m just going to do an ultrasound to confirm my suspicions, but yes, your baby is fine. Please stay calm.”
Loki was quickly losing patience with this doctor. She had no idea the torment Emma had been through, and he was opening his mouth to eviscerate her when Emma looked up at him, her eyes filled with tears. All of the malice in his heart was gone in an instant.
“Everything is okay, love. Lie back and relax so we can see that precious baby. We’ll get to go home soon,” he crooned, in the most soothing tone he could muster.

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I Trusted You Part Two

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1,009

Request: You should write a part 2 to I trusted you .. You know one where he faces the consequences of killing the reader and stuff

Request:  Oh my castiel, I seriously need a part 2 of I trusted you, so goooood xx


Warnings: None,

A/N: Read I Trusted You. Should I make this is series? Yes I think I should. You guys I really really need some requests right now so if you wouldn’t mind I’d really appreciate it.

Originally posted by moonlovesthedarkness

6 months later…
Wet, that’s all you felt around you. You couldn’t move any of your limbs, but your senses could tell that you were in water. Not above it, but just floating, like fish. A different feeling came in contact with your skin. It was a warm hard grip, and it pulled you out of the water by your armpits. You couldn’t open your eyes, you couldn’t move anything. “Hey are you okay?!” A voice screamed at you. Your soft skin touched the hard surface of wood, it was a boat. Soft skin came in contact with your left breast, the man searched for a heartbeat. “My god she’s alive!” he exclaimed. Slowly the muscles in your eyelids came back to you. “Can you hear me?!” he screamed again. You squinted them open and bright shining sun blinded you instantly. “Am I dead?” You whispered. “No, but you might be if we don’t get you to the hospital.”

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anonymous asked:

hi! i saw that your request box was open, so i wanted to stop by and try requesting! can you write an awkward fluff with yoongi please, where he asks out this really cute and shy intern girl at the Big Hit office? i really enjoy reading your stories because your writing style is super cool, so it'd be nice if you can make time for making this? thanks!

i swear, you guy are the sweetest ;-;
i hope you enjoy this, anon!

yoongi + the intern

Min Yoongi does not do “distracted”.

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the honeymoon phase of fandom where you just got into a new show is both the best and worst part of The Fandom Experience i think

like ok its LIT bc you just got into this new show. all new characters, a new ship, new fics to read. you joined midseason after seeing a gifset so now you’ve got new content every week!! you have new music to listen to cause you downloaded the theme song, the score, and the song that was playing when your new ship met. everything is a shiny new toy. you just followed the cast on twitter and that one actress is SUCH A DORK you’re already in love. you’ve saved like 11 urls and cant stop thinking about your new favorite character. its so much fun. ive been through this honeymoon phase like a dozen times and its always SO MUCH FUN

but its also THE WORST. Stress Town™ party of one!! mutuals are ditchin you left and right, you keep seeing posts about how people who find new interests were never Real Fans™, and you cant go a day without getting an anonymous ask that says “oh so youre leaving [insert fandom that has no new content]? you dont care about [character you would die for in a heartbeat]? do you even still like [ship that revolutionized what love means]?”

ITS JUST ROUGH. but also a lot of fun. but also when 👏🏼 will 👏🏼 it 👏🏼 end 👏🏼 this constant cycling through fandoms and falling in love with new female characters that could kick my ass is shaving years off my life save me-


Baler, Dreaming.

I listened to the lullaby
pulling back and forth,
questions crash against 
my heartbeat and the sand.

Something still holds me 
in place - as I am tasked
to leave the hour, golden
in its wake. 

This morning, my thoughts
are the sea, as the feel of salt
stings when I let it wash over me
whole - without a fight.

I did drown there for a while
in the sound 

and each breath named a rock
like  a wayward memory
finding its way back to me.

If only I could shout 
until my lungs are emptied 
of bottles;

 though my messages stay
 and everything else left
 in resolve of daybreak.