i could fandom this

this is just a tiny sampling of what my inbox looked like this morning. i didn’t even bother screenshotting the messages from antis (and there were A LOT) because those at least i’m fairly immune to at this point.

‘it’s 2017. be nice. be good’

i guess the people who claim to love harry so much missed the memo.

anyway i’m turning anon off and i’m not leaving but i am seriously limiting how much time i spend here. i’ve been scapegoated and attacked twice in the past month for something i didn’t even say and quite frankly i’m tired of it.

i have another main blog i’m permanently switching over to. if you want the url message me or im me and i’ll let you know what it is.

i will still check in here but honestly i don’t really want to be part of a fandom that thinks it’s okay to treat people the way i was treated last night. that was unacceptable and if anyone thinks harry would have been okay with all that nastiness being done in his name and on his behalf than i think they need a gigantic fucking wake up call.

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I don't know if you've seen the discussion around Nanaba's final moments, but I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I’ve seen enough. 

I feel like I’m not even in my own body when I’m reading some people’s posts and comments. My stomach drops out and a wave of nausea crashes over me. My hands start shaking. I have to look at something else; I have to get up and walk away. I blocked a user for their comment on someone else’s post. One person’s addition to the discussion, a screenshot of something they saw somewhere else, made me gag.

It’s hard to focus on this because every time I think about what other people have said about Nanaba’s death, about what they feel it’s done for her character, I feel… I don’t know. My heart hurts. It aches. Not for the character: she’s not real. But for other reasons, I think–for what Nanaba as a character stands for and the messages the addition sends to those of us watching: none of them as positive and well-intentioned as I think people want to believe.

This is a character I have loved for a long time, and a character I have invested myself in. More than that, and without giving away my personal life, due to my upbringing I honestly and truly feel that I need to add to this discussion. But it’s hard to find the words. There’s so much to be said, and so many claims by others in this fandom I wish to address. And thinking about explaining why these claims are wrong just makes me feel clammy and cold and sick.

I cannot deny that when I saw that scene, when I watched it happen, when I heard Nanaba begging her father to stop hitting her and realization dawned on me, my stomach fell so fast and hard I got lightheaded. I’ve never in my life had such a reaction to a piece of media. I had to rewatch it three times to make sure I hadn’t imagined it because I didn’t quite feel like all of me was there. But the full scope of what I feel now was not brought about solely by that addition: the only thing I can blame for that is fandom’s thoughtless, ignorant reaction(s) to it.


I’m considering opening up for some stimboard requests in celebration when I reach 1,000 followers, which will be quite soon, but to be honest I really wouldn’t like to do ones based on characters.

Would people still be interested if I only accepted requests for other themes or colour schemes?

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Would you rather read ACOWAR 6 months before the rest of the fandom but not be able to tell anyone anything, or have to wait until 3 months after and try to avoid spoilers?

OMG this is tough. Can I choose like one person to talk to? Could I talk to my cat or Fandom Wife? Because I’m leaning towards reading it ahead of time. I feel like it would drive me more nuts to try to avoid spoilers (as evidenced by the shitshow of this last week). I guess even if I couldn’t talk to anyone I would want to read it ahead of time, because then maybe I could stockpile fics and meta and just blow everyone away at my productivity when it came out.

fill my inbox

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🙌⭐ Jehan Prouvaire ⭐🙌

send character, get opinions

First impression: first impression was like ?? cause i had NO idea who jean prouvaire or jehan was, i thought they were two different people and got em mixed up with jean valjean constantly
Favorite moment: every moment
Idea for a story: well rn im writing a fic that involves our beloved prouvaire and their “”penpal”” montparnasse so
Unpopular opinion: i dont think there is an unpopular opinion of jehan that i agree with tbh
Favorite relationship: ROMANTICAL im always a slut for jehanparnasse but in the brotp way im HERE for jehan/grantaire and jehan/enjolras
Favorite headcanon: they/them pronouns is a hc im very attached to cause i didn’t even know that was a thing people could do until i joined this fandom and like now look at me

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JESUS, how do you deal with the mass amount of fandom events?? I could barely remember when the second comic series would be release.

Bahaha I’ve learned to really appreciate the “get notifications” function on tumblr and twitter

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Sorry, I want to follow you but I'm a bit worried. You're not an anti, right? I'm a shaladin shipper so I wouldn't like to mistakenly follow an anti, even if they draw really pretty art (antis are scary, and mean)

I’m not quite sure what characters are all involved in the shaladin ship, but you are completely safe here. (And I’m a bit shocked that you think I’m maybe an anti, since I can’t remember that I said something against any ship.) I just stick to one ship per character and would call myself a “single”-shipper (not sure if I made it up or it is actually a term xD) but I would say it’s the counterpart to a multi-shipper!! 

I’ve made a little guide with my lovely voltron babies ~ ♥ 

Well since I’m not a multi-shipper I could be wrong but I think it is somehow like that ^^. It doesn’t mean they love all ships, they see more ships than just one or two.

  • What she say: I'm fine
  • What she means: Agent Carter could have been renewed for a third season, we could have seen Angie and Peggy living together, we could have known more about Angie backstory, hell Cartinelli could have been canon and it would be soft and amazing and everybody would be talking about it but no no mainstream heterosexual marvel had to fuck up all of this possibilities and I will be forever bitter about it.

as a white™ to other whites™ in the omgcp fandom i feel like a lot of y'all are afraid to write poc because you dont want to get shit wrong but like fr. its not hard. just dont talk about being black or asian or latino if you dont know what its like. thats it. you can still write them, and have them be your main character, and allow them to be complex. you can be white and write a black character!!! all you have to do is not write about the black experience because you dont personally know about it. that means that you can still have them be black, like things that are typically associated with black culture (if thats what the character is like), and still have human emotions!! it can be done well, like if you take a gander at @geniusorinsanity who writes an amazing nursey!! and if you REALLY don’t feel comfortable making content like that, you can always reblog it!! support those creators, like @hoenursey and @omgcphee and @duanlarissa and @oluranurse and like a billion others!! follow accounts like @omgpocplease !! dont be afraid to show interest in those characters because even if you get called out, its a learning opportunity man. if someone calls you out then you just learn about what you did wrong like nobody is perfect but if you recognize your mistakes, own up to them, and strive to be better itll be okay!!! like the characters you want to, but dont be deterred from the ones you do because you dont want to make people angry!! its just a process of life my friends, we are all on a learning curve. (make content for non-white characters broski. it will enrich your life.)


gif request meme ⇝ emmerdale hs yearbook award themes

biggest flirt: robert sugden