i could even give you guys the instagram of the guy i was dating so you can see the girlfriend he had the whole time he was with me! then we

William Nylander #3.2


A/N: yay part two of this lovely imagine!!!! and yes i’m already like half way done part three so expect that soon too :)

Word Count: 3,793

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The reaction you were getting from the many Leafs players and staff, accompanied by their families or girlfriends, was one you were used to as people first saw your childhood house. Cause, well it couldn’t even really be considered a house. Even before your fathers NHL career, both he and your mother came from money, so much that it embarrassed you now to say what sort of numbers were sitting in your bank account. But your embarrassment wasn’t to be mistaken by ungrateful, cause boy were you ever grateful.

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Heartless (Yoongi ft.Namjoon) Part Three

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Word Count:1,060

Summary: “We’ve actually dated before”

A/n:I really hope you enjoy reading it! Sorry part three took so long.~Joy

Part One//Part Two//Part Three

“That’s sweet, are you guys class mates or something?” Namjoon smiled, as you two just stared blankly at each other.

“We’ve actually dated before” Yoongi replies, Namjoon’s smile falls, he remembers about your last ex, the one who cheated on you, who was also majoring in music. 

“So you’re the one who…” Namjoon starts before he takes a deep breath, smiling over to you as he held you closer. “Well y/n is my girlfriend now, and I plan to have her my girl for a long time.” You looked at Namjoon, smiling brightly, while Yoongi gritted his teeth.

‘Who does he think he is? To date my y/n like that’ Yoongi thought, the whole day you were hanging out with the boys, you successfully ignored talking to Yoongi the whole day, every time your mind wandered you noticed that Yoongi would be looking at you, with his cold eyes. You would immediately turn to another area to distract yourself from him. You decided to go to the washroom, excusing yourself from the group as you headed to the washroom, you washed your hands as you looked at yourself in the mirror, you kept thinking why did Yoongi have to be friends with Namjoon? There were so many music majors that could of been his friend but Yoongi. You took a deep breath, drying your hands on a towel as you headed out, only to be pushed into another room. 

“Why are you with him?” Yoongi asked, with anger dripping from every word.

“What do you mean? He’s my boyfriend, I love him and he loves me.” You explain to Yoongi, trying to push him away.

“What happened to us? Don’t you care? Why did you move onto my bestfriend?” Yoongi asks, as his grip on your wrist tightens.

“Excuse me, I never asked for you to cheat on me, don’t pull that card on me we all know that if you cheat on me you can’t used that, I took that as if you moved on.” You spat,as you kept pushing him away.

“Yoongi? What are you doing?” Namjoon asked, watching Yoongi pinning you against the wall as you struggled to get out of his grasps.

“I’m just talking with her.” Yoongi glares.

“You can talk to her downstairs, where everyone can see you.” Namjoon replies back with a glare, as he grabs you out of Yoongi’s grasps. “Hey are you alright? He didn’t do anything to you, did he?” Namjoon asks, now with a caring voice as you held your wrist to keep it from hurting. 

“It’s nothing, thanks for saving me.” You smiled to Namjoon as he smiled back, placing a tiny kiss on your nose. 

It was a cold morning, you had finally gotten enough strength to get out of bed and head to the university. Grabbing your coat you headed out, while walking on campus you noticed how lovely everyone looked with their boyfriends or girlfriends, you wish you had Namjoon with you, but he was probably in his literature class, you sighed as you went to the coffee shop near your next class.

 You ordered your regular, and sat at a table, taking out your phone you decided to just scroll on your instagram for a bit. Sipping on your coffee, you noticed someone sat right in front of you, you looked at the male as he smiled back.

“I couldn’t help but noticed such a pretty lady sitting down here all alone” The man spoke, as you gave him a fake small smile.

“I just wanted some coffee before I headed to my class” You smiled, as he smiled back, giving you a wink.

“I’m so happy you don’t have a boyfriend, because I would love to fill that spot” The man gave you another wink, as you rolled your eyes.

“Thanks, but I have a boyfriend, and we don’t plan on breaking up anytime soon.” You say, as you take your bag and get up from your chair.

“Just wait one second” The guy said, as you stopped for a bit to see what he had to say. “We don’t have to date” The guy slyly replies.

“You’re disgusting, I won’t cheat on my boyfriend” You spat,as he started to look more angry. You decided to leave, but he grabbed onto your arm, pulling you back.

“Leave her alone” You heard someone scream, as both you and the guy turned to see the noise, you saw Yoongi at the door.

“Awe is this your little boyfriend, he’s tiny so I don’t know why you chose him.” The guy scoffs, as you roll your eyes.

“I’m not her boyfriend, but I know you won’t want to mess with me or her boyfriend” Yoongi growls, as the guy let’s out a taunting laugh.

“As if, look at you short stack.” The guy laughs, as he pokes Yoongi.

“Don’t touch me” Yoongi growls.

“And what are you going to do about it?” The guy glares, as Yoongi grabs his hand twisting it “what the hell are you doing?” The guy starts to scream.

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave the coffee shop, we don’t want any violence here” A barista says calmly, as Yoongi finally released the guy’s hand. 

“I’m really sorry about what happened” You tell the barista, as she smiles softly, while the guy leave.

“Let’s go Y/n” Yoongi says, taking your hand to lead you out of the coffee shop, but you only pull back your hand.

“I have to go to class” You tell him as you start to walk away.

“Why are you so cold to me? Even after I saved your life.” Yoongi asks, as you take in a deep breath.

“Let’s remember all those stuff you did when we were in a relationship.” You tell him, as you head to class.

“I’m so sorry about what I did in the past, can’t you forgive me?” Yoongi asks.

“I don’t know if I can” You softly answer, as you start to exit the coffee shop, but Yoongi ran after you pulling you into a hug. 

“I know I’ve done stuff and I’m unworthy to even look at you, but I can’t stand feeling like I can’t breathe when I’m not with you.” Yoongi confesses softly, as you try to push him away.

“Yoongi? Y/n?…What are you doing?”

Proving a Point {S.M}

requested// imagine where there are girls at school who are bullying you for dating Shawn, and he does something to prove a point to them

author’s note// lol i have already done one like this and yah idk maybe i will improve or something turn up??


“It is fine, really.” You mumbled, buckling your seat belt. Shawn was absolutely fuming, it seemed. It seemed like he wanted to punch someone square in the face. He never ever looked like that. He was the calmest guy you had ever met. Like he never got mad. You had gotten into one fight in all three years you had been dating. Arguments, sure, but it never got heated. But you had never seen him this way. 

“No, no it is not okay.” His jaw clenched, as if he were about to scream or something. “It is not okay that those girls are saying those things to you. It isn’t right. You shouldn’t be… punished just for being in love.” He grumbled, his knuckles turning white against the steering wheel. The vein in his neck was about to burst out of his neck, it seemed. He was so mad that some stupid girls at school were making fun of you because you were sixteen and Shawn was eighteen and you were dating. Of course, there were some girls who thought you were the coolest person in the world and would do next to anything to be your friend, but you never bought in. You stuck to your small group of friends. You liked some of the attention, some underclassman looking at you like you were some sort of Goddess. Then there were the popular girls, who were probably just jealous that some girl who was no where near the top of the social ladder was dating an award winning pop star. They were jealous so they harassed you, basically. They made fun of the photos you posted on Instagram, and the comments you left on the posts, and they really couldn’t seem to let that time that Shawn had surprised you at lunch and you spit out your milk you were so excited. They always commented on how you were sixteen whilst he was eighteen, and how that was technically illegal that you guys were dating. 

“Shawn, they are just jealous that their boyfriends aren’t celebrities.” You leaned over and kissed his cheek, which Hannah, the leader, saw and looked at all of her other friends and gagged. You sighed, thinking the ones where the joked about you and Shawn being sickening were the worst of all the jokes. Shawn didn’t really seem to care about the fact that it didn’t bother you all that much. Because it bothered him all that much. 

“That doesn’t give them the right to say, ‘Look guys, Y/n’s boyfriend is here! Grab your ponchos!’ Is there something wrong with him or something?” He looks over at the group of girls who were sitting in the courtyard just a couple yards away from Shawn’s truck. He glared at them, putting his arms up in utter confusion. The entire group of girls lost it in a fit of laughter, thinking it was the funniest thing that Shawn was fighting back. The whole thing was dumb. Dumb high school girls being annoying and petty. Laughing at a relationship they want, simply because they don’t have it. It wasn’t that big of a deal. Well, to you. Shawn started to open his door, to get out.

“Shawn st-” He turned around for a second. He grabbed your hand for a moment, looking deep into your eyes. 

“I love you, and I do not at all want these dumb girls making fun of you and borderline harassing you. I need to stop it. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I could’ve stopped it.” He gave you a small side, smile and slipped out of the car, leaving the door open so you could hear. 

“Can I help you?” Shawn hollered to the courtyard, which was pretty close, so he didn’t need to. He probably did it to assert dominance or something. His arms crossed, and it was good he was wearing the grey sweater that still showed his forearms which has some incredible muscles and showed off his tattoo. He looked super hot. 

“Excuse me?” Hannah laughed, walking a little closer to Shawn, her entire posse following close behind her. Shawn took his sunglasses off, and narrowed his eyes at her. 

“Why are you bothering my girlfriend?” He spat, shooting absolute daggers at them. One girl with gorgeous chocolate skin and beautiful heels started to look panicked. She didn’t seem all that fond of a celebrity calling her out. 

“You mean your underage girlfriend?” Hannah shot back, the other two girls giggling a little. The girl with the beautiful skin started to get a little more nervous it seemed. 

“Hannah, come on le-” Hannah put her hand up to her face. 

“Shut up, Normani. I have been waiting for this chance.” Her face spread with a wide smirk as she flipped her golden hair and then crossed her arms. 

“She’s two years younger than me, it isn’t an issue.” Shawn almost growled. Hannah started laughing even harder, unable to contain herself almost. It seemed extremely staged and fake, but it sure was loud. 

“She’s a skinny, ugly little sixteen year old. She’s a joke! It’s even more of a joke that a celebrity is dating her! It’s absolutely hysterical! It could be a Disney Channel television show!” Hannah managed to get out in between cackles. You rolled your eyes, as if you hadn’t heard that one a billion and seven times before. They really needed to get some better jokes, ones that you hadn’t heard over four times in one day. 

“But I love her.” Your heart skipped a beat every single time he said stuff like that, especially to other people. You feel like you are going into cardiac arrest just when he says how much he loves you during interviews, much less defending you by saying how much he loves you. “I love her so much. She is the most beautiful girl in the world. None of the girls in all of Hollywood hold a candle to her. Don’t you dare call her anything less than that.” You thought he was about to jump on them, but he didn’t. He just stood there while they continued to laugh. 

“Okay, sure. Whatever you say!” One redheaded girl whose name you swore was Alisha. Alice? I don’t know. 

“Allison, come on! Don’t humor him that way!” Allison, that’s it. Her name was Allison. “It’s rude to lie. You wear contacts, Alli, right? Maybe you could recommend him to an eye doctor. He obviously isn’t seeing very well!” Hannah cackled again, sounding like an absolute witch. 

“I can see just fine. I can see well enough to know you’re a bitch.” Shawn quickly turned around and got back into the car, slamming the door behind him. 

“Oh my God, S-” He cut you off again and started the engine. 

“Don’t look back at them. It’ll show you care.” You did as he said and didn’t look back at the girls who constantly bothered you. “We don’t care.” Shawn muttered. He pulled out of your school’s parking lot and out on the road. 

“I love you for doing that.” You smiled, reaching over and grabbing his hand that wasn’t gripped onto the steering wheel. 

“Yeah, well I wouldn’t tell off some teenage girls in sparkly clothes if I didn’t love you.” He looked over for a second and smiled, taking your hand and lacing his long fingers with yours. 

“I don’t really care about them, yanno. I mean I have my friends and you like my friends. They don’t mind we are dating, they think it’s cool! They don’t treat me any differently. Plus, those awful girls weren’t exactly nice to me before.” You shrugged. 

“Well, I don’t like it when anyone is rude to you. I love you more than anyone and when you hurt I hurt. Hopefully, after that you never have to deal with them again.” He smiled again. 

You kinda had the best boyfriend in the world. 

author’s note// I made y/n get off track to show she didn’t care that much idk it was friggin dumb sorry. and yes theres a curse word no i don’t curse but it was the only word that made sense. idk this sucks sorry. 

Preference #40 :: Jealousy

anonymous asked you: can you do a preference about him getting jealous?


As soon as you put on that little black dress of yours, Michael knew every guy in the club was going to be all over you. You hoped just to have a good time. You’d just gotten over a pretty bad breakup, and you just wanted to go out and have fun with your best friends.  Once you were at the club, you were ready to have a few drinks. And by a few, you meant quite a few. A couple of your girl best friends had tagged along, and they stayed by your side all night. Michael and one of your best friends both offered to be designated driver. You thought Michael probably would cave and have a couple drinks, so you decided to have a second driver. You hadn’t been in the club but for ten minutes when a good looking guy with dark hair and green eyes made his way over to you. “Hi,” He grinned, showing off his perfect white teeth. You smiled back and nodded politely, not wanting to give him the wrong idea. You turned back to your friends, hoping he would get the hint. “I’m Ben.” He tried again, causing you to turn around. You tilted your head to look at him. Okay, so he was kind of cute. “(Y/n),” You responded, causing his face to light up. Okay, he was really cute. You talked for a really long while, and your friends eventually moved on. After a few drinks, you were both a little tipsy, and when you were drunk, you got a little needy. First you leaned into him, and he clearly didn’t protest. Then came the dancing. You were so greatful you didn’t actually remember the dancing, as you were a horrible dancer. Next, for you, would have been kissing, and then God knows what. You were just about to lean in to place a kiss on his cheek when someone grabbed your wrist and pulled you back. “What the hell?” Michael hissed. “Oh… Michael.” You said. “Let go. I want to go back with Ben!” You shook your wrist. “Oh, no. There is no way in hell that I’m letting my bet friend drunkenly make out with some guy.” “Why not?” You pouted. “Because making out will always lead to more.” Michael explained slowly. “Maybe I want more.” You said. “Trust me, you don’t. Especially not when you’re drunk.” He sighed. “What’s it to you, anyways, Michael?” “You’re my best friend, (y/n).” “Yeah, but I’ve kissed plenty of guys before.” You said. “What the hell, you’re not going to remember this anyways. I love you, (y/n).” He sighed. Your eyes widened as you giggled. “I love you too, Michael. I always have.” He laughed as you leaned in to kiss him. “When you’re sober, (y/n).”  


You were finally back at your hometown after touring with your boyfriend and his band, and you wanted nothing more than to spend some time with your best friends. Calum didn’t want to be the over-protective boyfriend that didn’t let his girlfriend hang out with any guys, especially because you had a number of guy friends. You were hanging out with your best guy friend in the 5SOS Tour Bus one day when things got a little worse than normal. Calum had been talking to some fans, and when they asked where you were, he repsonded with her friend. They giggled and said, “I hope it’s not a guy friend.” Calum’s attitude completely changed from slightly worried to extremely worried. “W-what do you mean?” He stuttered. “Well, remember when you were on the Celebrity Love Doctor?” One asked, and Calum nodded. “You said that boys and girls could never be friends without someone wanting more.” “That’s not really true. (Y/n) and I were best friends for a few years before we started dating.” Calum protested. The fans exchanged glances and giggled. “Okay, first of all, she could have been in love with you if you weren’t in love with her for that long, and second of all, you guys are dating.” A fan said, giving Calum a pointed look. “What does- oh!” Calum exclaimed. He got to the car as quickly as he could to drive back to the bus. When he opened the door, you were both laughing hysterically, you leaning on his shoulder, his arm around you. Calum cleared his throat, causing you both to turn around. “I hope I’m not interrupting.” He said. “Calum, I thought you had fans to meet?” You asked. “It’s a long story. I just needed to make sure…” You felt offended immediately. “You don’t trust me!” You accused. “No, I don’t trust him.” Calum pointed at your friend. “If he can look at me and tell me he isn’t in love with you, I’ll leave.” Calum said, crossing his arms. You both looked at your friend expectantly. “Well, actually, (y/n), there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. We’ve been friends for such a long time, and I think your friend’s right… I really do love-” Calum was fuming before he finished his sentance, and punched him square in the jaw. “Calum!” You yelled, standing up. Calum immediately responded by pushing you up against the wall and leaving a trail of kisses down your neck. “No one is allowed to love you like that except for me.” He murmured, kissing your lips hungrily. “Calum, you just punched my best friend.” You moaned, pushing him away. “You didn’t tell him we were dating?” He asked. “Well, we were best friends when I left for tour, remember?” You asked. “I’m glad that changed.” He sighed, pressing a kiss to your temple. “I love you, (y/n).” “I love you, too, Calum. Now please help my best friend off of the floor.”


Ashton, believe it or not, got jealous rather easily, and he always let you know when he was. He tried to make it known that you were taken, and whenever the two of you walked in public, he always made sure he was touching you somehow. He didn’t really get jealous because guys hit on you, but he grew more overprotective because of the way that they looked at you. Ashton was a good guy, and that was one of the many reasons you fell for him, so he hated it when guys eyed women like they were on display at a bakery. The fact that you were his girlfriend didn’t help at all. You and Ashton were out shopping one day when a salesman came over to you. Ashton was looking at something else, so you felt slightly awkward, not having anything to look at. “Can I help you?” He asked with a flirty smile, his eyes wandering over your body. “Um, no, I’m just waiting for my boyfriend.” You said, hoping he would take the hint. He didn’t. “Oh, well, if he’s not paying attention, we could, you know, sneak into the back room for a little while.” He smirked, shooting you a wink. You back up a few steps, running into the door. “T-thanks but no way.” You said, looking around for Ashton. “Oh, come on.” He said, walking towards you. You were sure that, from an outsiders perspective, you looked like a couple, maybe getting too flirty in a store. You took in a deep breath, ready to shove the guy back. You raised your hands, but the guy jerked back. You looked around in wonder, wondering what had happened. As an answer, you saw Ashton holding the guy, who seemed much scrawnier than your boyfriend in comparison, by his collar. “Who do you even think you are?” He growled. “You think you can just treat a woman like that?” He shouted, shaking the guy slightly. “That’s my girlfriend, you bastard!” He yelled, dropping him. You rushed over to Ashton, who was breathing short, rapid breaths, and grabbed his hand. His face was red with anger, and he looked about one word away from punching the guy. “Come on, Ashton.” You said, tugging his hand. He took one more look at the guy before following you out of the store. “(Y/n), are you okay?” He asked quietly. “I am now. I’m okay, and you’re okay. That’s all that matters.” You answered, pressing a light kiss to his cheek,


You were a little surprised by all the male attention you’d been getting since you started dating Luke. Sure, you weren’t bad looking at all, but you thought that surely, with all the actresses and singers in Hollywood, no actors or singres would pay attention to you. You were completely wrong. Almost as soon as pictures of you were up on his Twitter and Instagram, a lot of Luke’s friends started asking who you were and if you were single or not. Surprisingly, even Niall took a bit of a liking to you. Of course, you stayed completely faithful to Luke, because he did the same for you. One day, though, a little fight broke out on Twitter between 5 Seconds of Summer and The Wanted. Both groups never meant for it to happen, but it just kind of did, and, of course, all of the boys’ girlfriends got dragged into it. “Correct me if I’m wrong @Luke5SOS, but I’m pretty sure that (y/n) said she liked darker hair better than light ;)” Nathan tweeted. He continued tweeting like that all night, knowing it would get the better of Luke. You didn’t know that this fight was going on, as you tried to limit a little of your social media, so you were surprised when you got a DM from Nathan on Instagram giving you his number. You didn’t think anything of it and added it to your phone, and proceeded to text him for a little while. Luke just so happened to walk in, already angry from the earlier events, and sit next to you. “Who are you talking to?” He asked, his voice exhausted. “Nathan Sykes from The Wanted gave me his number today. Isn’t that weird?” You asked him, not looking up from your phone. You could feel his whole body tense beside you, causing you to look over in worry. “Luke… what’s wrong?” You asked him, seeing his face turn red. “Nothing,” He muttered. For the next few days you continued to text and FaceTime Nathan, not knowing how much it was bothering Luke until he finally blew up. You were FaceTiming Nathan when Luke decided to get in on the shot. He sat down on the bed next to you, but instead of talking, he pressed tender kisses on your collarbone, making his way up your throat. You stifled a moan and blushed as you realized you were still FaceTiming. “Luke…” You whispered, shrugging him off. He grinned deviously, attacking your lips with his. You protested at first, but immediately relaxed, placing your phone down to run your hands through his hair. “Mine.” He growled, kissing your neck. “Luke Hemmings, are you jealous?” You laughed out loud. “So what if I am?” He murmured against your neck. “I just love you.” “I love you, too, Hemmings.”

A fucking bet - Derek Luh

[Request:  Can you do one were You’re dating Derek but he’s only doing it because of a dare and then you catch him cheating on you and he gets mad and says he isn’t sorry. And you’re heartbroken and you leave and then he realizes he misses and loves you?]



I smiled at Derek while he was stepping closer to kiss my lips, I was so happy he decided to ask me out because I had been liking him for a while then. And it sure felt like we were meant for each other, you’d see him smiling non-stop and talking about everything he loved and the way he would wrap his arms around me made me feel so good, so completed.

“I’ve gotta go mami” he hissed, obviously not wanting to leave.

“You can stay the night” I offered, hoping he would say yes. We hadn’t been dating for that long, but I wanted everything about him. And I didn’t care if he stayed. I actually was so happy he would want to stay with me, and I saw how his smile faded. “I can’t tonight, I’m busy. I got shit to do at the studio.”

He kissed me deeply in my lips, not seeming wanting to let it go but I pulled away and smiled at him. “C’mon, you have things to do.”

Derek smiled and he stepped backwards before turning around and getting in his car, I watched him leaving until I couldn’t see his car anymore.

I put on Netflix and started to watch Orange Is The New Black, and I don’t know how much I stayed up but my phone started to ring. It was Derek, I smiled while I was picking it up.

“Hey bab-“ I was cut by a moan, a girl’s moan.

“Oh shit, Derek” the girl screamed.

“Derek?” I called, not wanting to believe that. “It’s not fu-“

“C’mon girl, yes” he moaned, and I hung the call crying, not believing that.

Was I so damn crazy I thought he loved me, that he actually felt something for me? I let the tears fall down my face while I could, until I couldn’t hold it anymore and I fell asleep hugging my pillow.

I woke up by someone knocking at my door, my face was red from crying all night and my eyes were so swollen it was scary.

I opened the door to see Derek, he was holding a bucket of roses and he handed them to me and leaned in to kiss me, but I pulled away, took the roses and throw them into his face. “What? Baby, have you been crying?”

“Of course I have, idiot. After your call-“

“What call? I haven’t called you babe”

“You did, or the hoe you were with last night called. She made you feel good, didn’t she? That’s why you couldn’t stay the night?” I asked, not letting the tears fall down my face. I was more than that. “Well, thanks. At least I get to know it now-“

“Y/N, hear me out” Derek begged.

“I don’t want to, Derek. I’m fucking tired, I thought you liked me back. It’s fine, I don’t even know what I saw in you in first place” and I slammed the door at his face, letting the tears fall down my face then.

I decided to call my best friend, and let all the shit I got inside myself out. I knew she was making  her way to my house so I had let the door open already. I hung waiting for her, when I received a text. It was from Derek, and I wanted to delete it. But I just could not.

“I’m sorry, you don’t deserve this. You didn’t. And I don’t deserve you either. You’re so good for me, and I’m not saying this because it’s something you need to read right now. It’s what I feel, it’s what I always felt. I never treated you how you truly deserve, you’re a gorgeous, beautiful girl inside out and I’m not lying when I say you made me feel so good and loved. But it just didn’t feel right knowing it all started for a fucking bet. My friends dared me to ask you out and be my girlfriend, and you didn’t deserve that. I thought you would say no, but it’s not an excuse anyways. I’m sorry I made this.”

“I can’t believe this, I was a fucking bet? FUCK YOU DEREK. Give those fucking roses to someone who really wants to be with you. I can’t believe I fell for you, you’re the most fucking idiot I have ever known. You and your fucking friends. I was so fucking good without you, you can go and fuck yourself. Don’t ever text me back, because next time I’m blocking you.”

And with that, I was done.

I let my best friend in, and I talked to her and I ate ice cream until I couldn’t take it anymore and I started to cry again. “I can’t believe it, I thought he really liked you. Like he would always do things for you, I wouldn’t have done all that shit only for a fucking bet.”

I shrugged. “Don’t you dare to defend him” I almost chocked.

“C’mon, you’re thinking that as well” he giggled. “But we’re done, let’s go out. What do you think?” I nodded, not because I wanted to go out but because I knew she wasn’t going to stop until I said yes so there was no point on arguing if I already knew she would win.

*Derek’s POV*

“Hey dude” Mike called me. I looked up but said nothing. “You ok?”

“No. YN left me.”

Mike lifted one of his eyebrows and looked deeply at me. “Does it matter? Because I thought it wouldn’t matter, you said you didn’t feel a thing for her.”

“And I don’t” I hissed, “but she looked so heartbroken when she found out I cheated. And I felt so bad. I didn’t want to hurt her.”

“Why would you care then?”

I sighed. 

“I don’t know.” 

“Admit you love her, I don’t get why you cheated though. She’s awesome. You really fucked up.”

“I wasn’t meant to fall for her” I said. 

“You don’t control what you feel. You owe me a fucking dinner. But after that, go and get the girl. Tell her the truth, tell her how much you love her. Believe me you won’t want to see her with another guy, she’s hot and if you don’t make a move you’ll have to see her with another guy man.”

And just the thought of her and another guy made me want to kill someone, but in the end I was the one who had fucked up everything. And I was the one who had fallen for her even when I shouldn’t have had to. 


We dressed up, and we went out. And we kept going out for days, because in a certain way that’s what made me feel alive. Guys would notice me, and I would notice them but I would never give anything to them. Not even my number.

And I kept thinking about it, and posting pictures on my Instagram to show off I was great. But even like that, I would think of Derek every morning when I woke up and every night right before fallen asleep. It was like a nightmare, but one thing has to be told: I would have never changed the time I spent dating with him, because he was wonderful and well, he was a jerk at the end, but he didn’t treat me bad.

It was getting late at the club, and I had to get home so I headed home. Not even drunk. I didn’t feel like drinking that night. And when I got to my doorstep, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. “What are you doing here?” I asked, my mouth was shaking and I felt like if I were dumb.

“Listen to me, baby. Just –“

“Don’t baby me” I cut him off, he smirked and I knew he was thinking ‘that’s my girl’ because he had said that to me so many times.

“I know it all started as a fucking bet, and I know this wasn’t meant to happen but… I fell for you while we were dating and when… when I cheated, it wasn’t me. I mean, yeah it was me but I didn’t even want her. I just wanted to prove myself that I hadn’t fell for you but when that girl left I felt incomplete, I wanted you. I love you, and I understand that you hate me but baby I need you, and I didn’t understand how much until I saw that look in your face, you were just so done and disappointed and it was at me… The one who has always supported me couldn’t even look at my face, and I’m sorry. I don’t deserve this second chance I’m asking you for, but I love you, and I want to show you how much I love you.”

I sighed and took a deep breath.

“Why would I have to take you back?”

“Because you know I’ve loved you since I asked you out, and I fucking lost the bet. Because I fell for you, and I could have proved them wrong but honestly I don’t care anymore. I want to be with you no matter what, I’m in love with you. And if you still feel the same for me, I want to love you every single day and show you off as my girlfriend. This time just you and me, no bets in this.”

“I’m scared, Derek. You really hurt me.”

He looked at me and made a step ahead, facing me closer. “Let me fix you, let me make it up to you. And I promise this time you won’t regret it.”

I sighed, my heart was beating so fast and my whole body was shaking. My feelings and emotions were confused, but I knew I wanted to try again because I hadn’t stopped loved him. And because I believed in him. “If you ever get another fucking girl again, we’re done. And we’re not dating yet, you’ll ask me properly when you think it’s time. One step wrong and we’re done.”

His smile grew and he stepped closer. “And no kisses.”

“I’m sorry, but I won’t stand not kissing at you” he said, and I smiled giggling before his lips attached to mine and his hands wrapped at my waist, he pulled away and smiled and somehow I knew he was being honest. “I’ll pick you up at ten so we can have breakfast together.”  

Secret Love Song


  1. Can I get an imagine with Robbie based on Secret Love Song by Little Mix? 😀
  2. “Secret Love Song” is kind of about forbidden love or star crossed lovers in a sense. Maybe an imagine based on Romeo & Juliet or something like that? ☺️
  3. For me, I think it portrays a forbidden love?? Wherein they have to hide their relationship but somehow the other wishes to be like the typical couples out there. Wishing to hold their hands in public, wishing to kiss them on the dance floor. ☺️
  4. If you are doing secret love with Robbie. Can you do it like where you and Robbie are dating, but he keeps it a secret because he’s afraid of all the paparazzi will be annoying. But then the reader is like “I want to hold you in the streets” / “I want to kiss you on the dance floor” / “I just want to shout that we are in love on a rooftop”. And then at the end the finally go public?

Warnings: none

Notes: I had difficulties with this one, so I hope it turns out okay! Also, thank you to the people who pitched in xx

Secret Love Song - Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

You giggled as Robbie nuzzled into the crook of your neck. He moved his way up, nibbling your ear as he held you on the couch.

“Robbie,” you shrieked. His hair and mouth getting all your sensitive spots, making you squirm. He hummed and chuckled, pulling away from you. He smiled kindly at you. He loved you so much.

“I love you,” he pecked your nose.

“I love you, too.” You smiled, but it soon fell apart. It was time for Robbie to leave. Time for him to leave your side and act as if you two don’t even associate. It tore you up every time.

“I’ll see you soon,I promise.” He said.

“Please don’t go,” you whined, holding onto his hand.

He sighed. “I know, honey. I don’t want to, but I have to.”

You nodded, understanding. He needed to go to work. He had an interview today about his newest movie, Cold Moon. He needed to start heading over there. Robbie got up, kissing you sweetly on the lips. He told you he’d see you soon, and he was gone.

You sat back down on your couch, sighing. You longed to be a normal couple with Robbie. Longed for it. But you weren’t famous. You weren’t in the entertainment industry. You were just some girl he had met. He met you by accident once day when your car had broken down, and he stopped to make sure you were okay. That’s where it all began.

But he kept it a secret. He kept you a secret from the media. You were the fist girlfriend he had when his career was growing. People knew who he was now. People wanted to know the personal stuff about his life. And if they knew he had a serious girlfriend, the media would pester them, and his fans… He loved them, but he knew how harsh fans could be towards a celebrity’s partner.

Robbie didn’t see himself as super famous. He barely saw himself as famous, but he knew people would give you a hard time if they knew. So you guys rarely ever went out on actual dates. And when both out in public, you never held hands with him. But still, he made you so happy.

“It’s obvious that there’s something between us. Something good,” you said to your friend who had come over.

“I know, Y/N, but still. You deserve better. He shouldn’t hid you from the world. He should flaunt you, be proud of you.”

“He is proud of me. He’s told all his friends and family about me. I’v met his sisters and parents. I’ve hung out with some of his friends,” you defended him. You friend gave you a look.

“That’s not what I mean, and you know it. He should hold your hand in public. Kiss you in the streets. Hell, he should take you out to dinner or the movies. Or even to a club where you two would dance the night away.”

You rolled your eyes, becoming aggravated. You hated talking about this sometimes with your friends. They didn’t understand the relationship. They didn’t understand what Robbie was doing. He was protecting you, scared of how people would react. He didn’t want you getting hurt.

“What if he’s dating someone else, Y/N? Maybe your that side chick.”

You shook your head. No, that wouldn’t be true. Robbie was no cheater, his parents raised him well. He was no cheater. But your friend pointed out more reasons. Like why he could only come over to your place, and why you rarely ever went to his. Why he stayed for short amounts of time. It got you thinking from a whole new perspective. Made you start wondering that maybe Robbie was cheating.


Robbie visited you the next day. He entered your home, having a key to it. He kissed the back of your head, wrapping his arms around your torso. You were making yourself pancakes.

“Morning, sweetums,” he cooed, chuckling lightly.

“Morning,” you murmured, focused on your food.

“What’s wrong?” He asked you, slowly turning you around. He looked at you, his green eyes boring into yours. You averted your eyes away from him, wriggling out of his grasp. You tended to your pancakes, flipping them onto the plate.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? Talk to me,” Robbie said, concerned. 

You turned back to face him. You looked up at him, arms crossed over. “Is there another girl?”

He scoffed, looking at you like you asked the strangest question. “No, never. I couldn’t cheat on you. What made you think that?”

You explained to him what your friend pointed out. All in all, it did sound like he was hiding something. But he wasn’t. He wasn’t hiding anything. Robbie loved you so much. And after you explained to him everything, he couldn’t believe it.

“No. I solemnly swear that there is no other girl. I promise on my family’s lives.”

You still looked at him, silent. “It’s just… Rob, we’ve been dating for a year. I’m getting tired of being hidden. I wan to kiss you in public. Why can’t I kiss you when we’re out and about? Why can’t I hold your hand? Why can’t we ever go anywhere unless we’re with other people? I’m sick of it. I want to scream at the top of my lungs that I am in love with you. Why don’t you?”

Robbie pulled you over to a dining chair, sitting you down in it. He knelt down so he was on his knees. 

“Love, trust me, I do. I want to tell the world how great you are. I’m scared though. I’m scared that people will give you shit. I’m scared you’ll get hurt. I’m scared that people will treat you poorly. You don’t deserve that.”

“I can handle myself. If people are going to give me a hard time, I’ll deal with it; I’ll handle it. And we don’t need to tell everyone everything we do. They don’t need to know what we do or say to each other. I’m just sick of not being like everyone else. It kills me every time I see a couple out and about, being in love with no cares in the world.”

“I know,” Robbie sighed. “I’m paranoid though. You’re my first girlfriend that I’ve had while in this weird stage in my life. You’re the longest one, too. I don’t want to lose you.”

You rolled your eyes, standing up. You reached for the few pancakes you made for yourself, and grabbed a fork. 

“Don’t be paranoid. Don’t think too much about it, Robbie. Just let it all go and have fun. I’m getting sick of this. I sick of pretending that we’re barely even friends to the public.” With that, you walked down the hall of your apartment. You went into your bedroom, closing the door. 

You munched on your pancakes as Robbie sat on the couch now. His head was in his hands. He was so worried that people would send you death threats and numerous amounts of hate. He was terrified of people harassing you. Scared that it would become too much, not only for you, but for him.

A groan escaped his lips. He pulled out his phone, looking for something.

You set your plate down, not even finishing half of the food. You pulled your knees up to your chest, wrapped your arms around them. A sigh left your mouth as you stared blankly at your wall. In the center of your wall across from you was a huge picture frame. Inside it was a collage of picture you and Robbie had taken. Some were with him and his family, others with your family. Some were with you, him, and friend, but most of them were just with you and him. He put it together a few weeks ago for your one year anniversary.

A ringtone went off, your phone telling you you had a notification. You looked at it, seeing it was Instagram. You unlocked your phone, it opening to a post from Robbie. It was a picture of two pictures side-by-side. The left one showed you and Robbie smiling, the right one of you and him kissing.

@robbiekay71: Okay everyone, huge caption time… This is Y/N. She’s my girlfriend. We’ve been dating a little over a year now, and she makes me the happiest guy alive. I love this girl so much. We’ve been dating more privately because I’ve been a big chicken, because I’m afraid of how the media will treat her. Well, if you treat her poorly… honestly, I won’t hesitate to report and block you. I won’t hesitate to call you out. I won’t hesitate at all to do something about it. She really makes me happy, guys. I love you all. And I hope you enjoy the adventures Y/N and I will now share with you, because many more are to come… She’s a true masterpiece in my eyes, and has taught me so much. I can’t even thank her enough for all she’s done for me and my family. So please, show her the love you show me. She deserves it a  lot more than I do. She’s the light of my life. I love you, @Y/I/N. -Robbie

As you finished reading it, Robbie poked his head into your room. He slowly walked inside, climbing into the bed with you.

“I hope that makes up for some of it.” He hushed. You turned to him, locking your phone.

“…Yeah. That makes up for it. You’re too kind to me, you know?” You leaned on him.

“Only because you deserve the absolute best.” He kissed the top of your head.

Exo reacting to you not knowing that they are famous- Exo M version

Aaaalright, so as I promised yesterday, here is the version for exo-m. Enjoy!

Kris: It takes him almost six months (MONTHS) to manage up the courage to tell you. By then you already know and when you just start laughing when he tells you his jaw just drops. You pat him on the shoulder, telling him you’re glad he had the balls to tell you, because just a few days later and Chanyeol would have won the bet going on between the two of you, (and if there was a way to murder somebody with a 50$ bill you would have found it). Kris becomes a little whiny because he actually felt terrible when he didn’t tell you. You tell him to man up a little bit…or he could just come cuddle. He decides on your second suggestion. 

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Xiumin: You’d be at his place and he’d sing along to some song when Chen and Baekhyun come by and you tell them: ‘wow, his voice is so amazing! I always tell him he should actually become a singer or something!’ and they stare at him like: ‘what the hell, dude?’ And Chen starts off: ‘well, actually-’ the next second he is silenced by a pillow that smacks him right into the face and you turn towards Xiumin to ask him what has suddenly gotten into him.

He awkwardly changes the topic and when you ask him about the whole situation at dinner he finally tells you, sheepishly admitting that he really liked to be treated like a normal human being for once. Your head is swimming with what you just learned, but still you tell him: ‘well, you are just an ordinary person and this doesn’t change anything…except that I won’t help you with the dishes. Also, I get to choose the movie we watch tonight.’

He has to admit that watching the notebook(again) isn’t too bad in exchange to finally having a good conscience again.

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Chen: He is kinda confused when he realizes that you have no idea that he is famous. But instead of panicking he is really casual about it and when you ask him what he actually makes his money with he just shrugs and tells you he is in a band. You give him a smirk over the edge of your wine glass as you ask if they are any good. He casually smiles as he replies: ‘I guess so since all our albums sold more than a million times.’ You kind of choke on your wine and he can’t help but laugh as you stare at him wide eyed and shocked. Then he asks you if he should get you concert tickets or something. Or maybe a pillow with his face on it? It takes him some more time to realize you are actually shocked and then the poor guy has some serious explaining to do.

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Lay: This poor guy is really busy, all the goddamn time. But whenever you manage to meet up you’re busy with other things than talking (cough cough, wink) and somehow within those very little moments in his busy life he kand spend with you he just kind of….forgets?  And to him it is not really that big of a deal, honestly, since you are very understanding of his situation anyways, not even asking him we he shows up so rarely. It’d be after a month of dating each other that you show a friend of yours a picture of the two of you and she is like: ‘noo fucking way’ after she explains things to you you call him up like: ‘Did you probably forget to mention something to me? Like that you are a huge deal in China? And in a band?’ He immediately starts to apologize and tries to explain things to you. You are like ‘yeah never mind. But holy shit, why did you never tell me you can dance like that?!’

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Luhan: He is trying to ease you into it. But somehow you get none of his hints so he gets a little bit more boldly. Like when he tells you ‘wow look my phone is blowing up with instagram notifications!’ you just laugh because ‘duh, I have almost 700 followers, nice try.’ He is just sitting there, staring at the ceiling and praying for strength because goddamnit he knows his girlfriend is smart so why doesn’t she realize what he is trying to tell her?!

He’d probably just blurt it out at the most random time and basically scare you to death. It’d probably be during cooking or relaxing on the sofa when he suddenly yells: ‘I am famous, okay?’ You just stare at him as he starts to grin because yes, he finally said it. You just tilt your head, asking if he’s having a seizure or something and he erupts into desperate laughter wondering why this is so goddamn hard?!

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Tao: He is at dance practice when he gets a text message from you that goes something like: ‘Lol. I swear to god, Koreans are so weird sometimes?’ he just chuckles and texts back sth like ‘no, it’s just you that’s weird. so what happened?’ your answer sends him into cardiac arrest for a few seconds as he reads: ‘what is an exotao and why is there a group of teenage girl screaming at me about it??’ For a second tao honestly considers handing the phone to suho because WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW??? and things don’t get better when you text him just a few moments later: ‘you better be home in ten minutes and I hope you are ready for violent bloody murder bc I am’

You decide not to murder him (yet) when you see how scared he actually is. But you aren’t amused. Not at all.

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Thank you, for reading! As usually, here is my masterlist, here is the exo k version and here you can ask for one shots or reactions (exo& bts). Or you just randomly hit me up. Honestly. You’re my fandom family and I love talking to y’all.

Edit: //Tomorrow I thought I’d post another reaction, sth like ‘exo reacting to you accidentally teasing them, so stay tuned for that.//


cigarette smoke, chocolate and home.

fandom: girl meets world
ship: riley matthews x lucas friar
word count: 5,259
summary: “Lucas could feel his heart beating in his chest and he had to take a deep breath to get himself under control. “Shit.” He muttered under his breath. He was so fucked.” // or two broken delinquents fall in love. 
series: part 2 in the delinquents au 
notes: hellllllo friends!!! so not only is this the longest one shot i’ve ever written, but it’s a piece that i’m super super proud of. if anyone read my last one shot (we are the crazy kids) which is a delinquents au centered around rucas and zac/maya (an oc maya ship), then this is the one shot focused on how riley and lucas ended up getting together in that universe. however, you don’t really need to read that one shot to understand this one (however pls do if you wish #selfpromo). this fic is part of an ongoing series of one shots set in this au, so you’ll definitely be seeing more of this story from me, because i love it. i’m super proud of this and definitely would appreciate any feedback y’all want to give me!! 

this is also highkey dedicated to korry for being the best hc partner around. 

The first time he saw her, she was leaning against the cold brick of their high school, her foot pressed against the wall and her fingers holding a cigarette to her pursed lips. He hates those death sticks, but he has never been more jealous of an inanimate object as she brings it between her lips, and he’s mesmerized as she blows the smoke away, her lipstick covered lips smiling as she watches the smoke float, up, up, away into the blue sky above.

It didn’t take her long to feel his eyes on her and once the smoke had cleared, she swiveled her head to look at him, her mouth falling from a smiling. He couldn’t even bring himself to be embarrassed about being caught staring, in fact he dared himself to meet her eyes, a smirk appearing on his face as they looked at each other.

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“Fake boyfriend”

Request from anon: Imagine where you ask Sammy to be your fake boyfriend to make your ex jealous but then you fall in love or something idk


“And why would I need a fake boyfriend?” I raised my eyebrows at the rest of the table at their suggestion. “Because 1. you can make him jealous 2 you’ll look better with an upgrade 3 you’ll get over him faster and 4 you just want to stunt on him.” Nate counts his finger. “But is it really necessary for me to do all this? Can’t I just never try to encounter him again? Boom problem solved.” “No, cause one way or another you are going to encounter this guy and he gone have his new boo with him and you’re going to be there, alone. So he’s going to win the battle.” Gilinsky said. “Battle?! THERE IS NO BATTLE!” “If you show him that YOU can get someone better than him, then YOU win.” Swazz said. “How do I know I win?” I rolled my eyes. “When he simps over you, starts talking smack about you, or begs for you back.” J said. “What if I don’t care?” “Here’s the thing, HE cares about winning. So he’s making it a game. Play it as a bet. I bet you can’t win the battle against Noah.” I squinted at J’s bet. 

“What’s up lady and fellas?” Sam says out of breath, sitting across from me. “The guys were telling me about finding a fake boyfriend to win the “battle” against Noah since we broke up.” I inform him. He grabs one of my fry and eats it, “Oh, that’s the problem? I’ll be your fake boyfriend.” He chews and winks at me. “The problem was I didn’t want to do it not because I didn’t know who should be my fake boyfriend.” I threw a fry at him as he tries to catch it in his mouth. “No no, this is perfect! Use Sam as your fake boyfriend!” Nate points at us. “No way! If I do decide to go along with this, I’m not going to choose Sam as my fake boyfriend. I’d probably choose Swazz or J. No offense Sam, but we’re just not really close like that. I mean we’re friends just not as good friends as I am with the rest of the boys.” “None taken.” He shrugs, taking a bite of my burger. “No you can’t use J or Swazz!” G yells. “Why not?!” “Because Noah has MET J and Swazz before. He’s met ALL of us, except one person.” He points at Sam and we all look at him. He freezes, turning his face, looking at all of us with a full mouth, “What?” “He’s perfect for the job.” Sam and I look at each other and he smiles wide at me, mouth still full. “I love you girlfriend.” He jokes as I rolled my eyes, smiling. 

“Wow baby girl, you look beautiful.” Sam says loud, walking up to the table I’m sitting at. “He’s not here.” I whisper, pointing for him to sit down. “Oh, sorry. What’s this guy even look like?” He whispers to me. I sighed, going on my instagram, going onto his profile and giving him my phone. “Oh, this nerd? You dated him? Wow, I like this picture.” He clicks on the picture, showing me it as I see a picture of Noah and I at the fair. “Actually I only like this half of the picture.” He puts his hand over Noah’s body, only showing me smiling, churro in hand, with the ferris wheel in the back. I softly smile at Sam as he gets up a little to kiss my forehead. “You don’t have to go that far being my fake boyfriend, you know. Besides, he’s not even here to see that.” I looked around the place. “I know but I knew you could use a little cheering up to do. I did it for you, not to make Noah jealous.” Sam looks outside the window and around the restaurant. “So, how do you know he’ll be here.” “He has a set weekly schedule. He always comes here to chill out for 1 or 2 hours before work.” I remembered. 

“You still like this guy?” I just shrug. “How bad did he hurt you?” I looked up into Sam’s eyes. “I never heard how you guys broke up.” “He broke up with me because he wanted to “expand his horizon.” is what he said when he broke it off. He could of said he wanted to be single. But y’know, whatever.” I shrugged again. “What a fucking douche. And you saw him with a new girl?” “Mhm.” “We’ll make sure you win this battle.” Sam winks at me. “While we wait, we might as well get to know each other now since we aren’t as close as you are with the other boys. Hurt my feelings the other day when you said that.” He says, holding his chest, heart broken. “Sorry! But you’re the one too busy hanging out with Kylie and Stass and them.” “But we are close enough for you to let me to eat your food without asking?” “We’ve shared food multiple times. I don’t mind sharing. We’ve never really had a heart to heart before.” “So, let’s have a heart to heart now.” He says, leaning back, waving for attention from a worker. He orders his food and I order mines, as we start getting to know each other, telling each other stories.

“Wait, so, you actually play sports?” Sam laughs at me as I gave him a confused face. “Yes! I’ve been playing volleyball and basketball for almost my whole life!” “I don’t believe it. When we play, you are never down to play!” “BECAUSE I’M NOT DOWN TO PLAY AT THE MOMENT. GOTTA CATCH ME IN THE MOOD!” “Fair enough.” He surrenders his arms, laughing. “So, how’s the music?” I tried to continue the conversation. As Sam gets deep into the conversation, talking to me about his music and everything, I didn’t even notice that 3 hours has passed. 

“We’ve been here for 3 hours?” Sam eyes goes wide as we both chuckle. “I didn’t even look around to see if Noah even came.” I looked around the restaurant. “He did.” Sam speaks up. “What?” “He did. He sat right behind you. I was looking right at him the whole time.” “And you didn’t tell me?!” “Why tell you so you can fake act when I can not tell you and act as real as possible. And let me tell you, he kept huffing and puffing and crunching behind you. Did you notice I started to flirt a little from time to time, making you do your little smirk, and giggle?” I just nod. “That was extra to make him jealous.” Sam winks at me, grabbing the check and paying for the meal. “You don’t-” “I want to.” He smiles, getting up and going to the front desk to pay. I sat back, thinking about all the things we talked about, all the thoughts I was thinking, all the emotions going through my body. I looked at Sam at the front desk as he was looking at me as we smile at each other and I look down at my phone, blushing. “Oh shit.” I said to myself. “FAKE BOYFRIEND Y/N! FAKE! BOYFRIEND!” I tried convincing myself. “Ready?.” Sam walks up to our table, grabbing my things for me, walking behind me, opening the door for me, and walking me to my car. “Well Ms. Y/N, that was a fun first date. I would love to do it again girlfriend.” Sam opens the drivers door for me. “See you on our next date.” He winks, kissing my cheek and walking away. I get in my car, closing the door and looking through the side mirror, staring at him walk away. “Fuck. i caught feelings.” 

Pretending To Be A Couple Pt. 2

Find Part One Here

Niall Pt2
After 3 weeks of texting and spending weeks with Niall you had finally convinced him to help you out. Behind Niall’s drunk exterior he was such a caring and honest person. You had found out that not only was he generous but so smart and little people gave him credit.
You decided that you would go home by yourself and let them know that he had broken your heart just like the other guys.
“I just feel like a really bad guy breaking up with you over a text” Niall said interrupting a movie you both had been watching. You laughed, “Niall don’t worry about it. It’s not like you are actually doing it. I would do it for you.” “I would never put you in this situation, you are…well were a complete stranger” he said. “Fine, you don’t have to do it. I’m sorry I drug you into this, I can just tell them we broke up. Like I shouldn’t have brought you into this you are right.” You said getting up and reaching for your shoes. “You don’t have to go, I didn’t mean to upset you” he said. “You didn’t. It’s late and I have to finish packing. I will let you know how it goes” you said walking out and heading home. Before you made it home, you had a text from him.
N: I feel horrible for saying this over a text message
Y: It’s okay Niall. Don’t.
You wanted him to know that he didn’t have to do it.
N: I just don’t think this is the best idea right now, I’m never home and you deserve to be with someone who can give you all their time y/n.
Y: But I love you.
N: Why do you love me?
The message caught you off guard, was he asking you for real or was this a part of his breakup plan.
Y: …Niall?
N: tell me.
Y: Because you make falling in love seem easy. I never expected to find someone like you. You are the sweetest, funniest person I know and every time I’m with you, you make everything okay. You give without taking and you help without expectations. I don’t think you know how amazing you are and I want to be the one to tell you every day.
While you were typing you couldn’t help but think that everything you wrote was so true. You didn’t exactly think it was love but you knew you could spend months with Niall and deal with all the crazy, all his weird habits you were slowly learning about. Being with him felt nice.
Y: I wish I could understand Niall I really do but the truth is can only try. Whether I spend 5 hours with you out of a month or every day for three weeks, being with you is the only thing that matters. I didn’t think I would go into this and come out with these feelings. But I can accept that what you give me I don’t give back to you and you deserve to have the girl of your dreams.  
He didn’t reply back to you and you could help but be sad. After packing and about 3 hours of sleep you were sitting in on the plane waiting to go home.
Your parents were waiting excitingly for you at the gate. Your mother looked all around for Niall and when she didn’t see him she looked at you. You shook your head slowly and walked towards the exit. After hours of her asking questions and reading the texts she was sad but she hid it well.  
“We were going to throw you a welcome home party but if you don’t want it we understand” your mom said softly. “No we can still do it” you smiled reassuringly at your mother.
Who’s here?” your father asked pulling in to the yard, both you and your mother shrugged and got out of the car. Blonde hair peeped over the car roof as they climbed out of the car and you knew immediately who it was. He started your way with his head down and you met him halfway. “wha…” you started. “I couldn’t let you do this alone” he said smiling meekly. 

Harry Pt2
“No…I mean…” she stumbled to find her words, she was taken aback by his forwardness but she didn’t want to tell him no quite yet. He sat across from her, his face was red from embarrassment but she could see the hope etched in his features. The idea was absolutely absurd but she wanted to see him again and if this was the only way, she had to agree. “Okay?/” she answered unsure of what to expect. ‘Really? Seriously? Are you pulling my leg?” he asked. “No, I want to see you again…I don’t see why I can’t pose for a few pictures” she agreed. “great!” he said. He pulled his phone out and text quickly, within seconds his phone was ringing. “I guess I should take this” he laughed. He talked quietly, but she could hear him telling whoever was on the line about her. “They won’t to meet you” he said looking over at you. “today?” you asked. “They said yes” “Okay” she agreed. She had no idea what she was getting herself in to. “I feel like I’m going to a job interview” she laughed. “well technically you are” he chuckled. “what?” “well if they like you, you will receive funds for your time and public appearances” he said. “Harry…I just agreed because I like spending time with you, not for the money. What will I have to do” she asked. Harry could tell she was already regretting her decision to do it. “You just have to spend time with me” he smiled. “I don’t know if I believe you” she smiled. “well they are going to mold you into someone they find as an appropriate match” he informed her. “Oh, I get it, I’m not good enough” “I didn’t say that, I like you just the way you are. But you will be in the public eye. They will want to help you” he assured you.
Walking into the offices y/n got several glances and she was starting to feel uncomfortable. After several hours they had ran a background check, cleared everything they didn’t want from your Facebook/twitter/Instagram and you had signed a 6 months contract agreement. “Now, it’s time to get you out of those clothes” one of the female mangers said. “What do you mean?” she asked raising an eyebrow. Without answering her y/n was carried into a room stripped from her clothes and being shoved in a shower. “I’ve already showered” she yelled over the water. She emerged from the steamy shower shortly after and covered herself with a robe. She was then waxed, plucked, dyed and she was now getting her makeup done. She sat in silence because she quickly learned that objecting and questioning would go unanswered. She walked out of the dressing room in new clothes and after a nice long motivational chat, a positive attitude. “wow!” Harry said as soon as you walked out, you hadn’t had the chance to see yourself and his reaction startled you. “You look great, Harry Styles new girlfriend huh? I can see it” one of them  said.

Liam Pt2
After several hours of trying to get you to stop crying the boys on the flight were now quiet so you could sleep. “So who is she again?” Niall asked. ‘Gah Niall do you not listen! She’s y/n, his old friends kid sister, but she isn’t that much younger than Liam just a few months” harry rolled his eyes at Niall. Liam chuckled “exactly.” “So what are you going to do, we have to do something” Harry sighed. “hahahaha like what, get Liam to pretend to be her girlfriend” Niall laughed. Harry’s face lite up, “Niall that is the best thing you’ve said all day” Harry was now bouncing in his seat at all the possibilities. “Guys. Calm down, she would never agree with that she hates me can’t you see that” Liam objected. “I don’t believe that one bit” Harry said. There loud voices, especially Harry’s who was filled with excitement had woken you up. You laid with your eyes clothes not wanting to face them after such an obnoxious break down. “She’s not a kid anymore and you started treating her like one the second you saw her cry, she’s an adult and she’s fit, treat her like that” Niall suggested. “I just think she will go for it. Plus her brother would kill me. He’d think I was shagging his sister. And plus this would get back to my mum and she would be devastated that I didn’t tell her about a new girlfriend” Liam countered. “It was just an idea” Niall shrugged. You listened quietly then pretended to wake with a yawn and a stretch. “Goodmorning beautiful” harry smiled brightly. You laughed, “I would like to apologize for that scene earlier, I just don’t have great luck with guys and I just thought this would be a little different” you frowned. “Don’t worry about it we deal with screaming crying girls everyday” Niall laughed. “I just feel really stupid, I have to go to this stupid dinner alone, and the whole dinner I’m sure all I will hear is you ‘poor dear” you mocked. “I think we have a solution to this problem actually, y/n” Harry said. ‘Just listen before you object please” he begged. After a nod Harry went into an elaborate speech and a very detailed plan on why and how both of you should agree. “…and Liam has agreed and this could actually work.”  “Let me get this straight, you want me to lie to my parents and the Payne’s?” you asked in a bemused. “Not lie. Just…well why don’t y’all date anyways…have y’all already tried?” Harry asked. “No!” you both said too quickly. “Well, I think this could work, I mean you pretty know much now so much about each other” Harry said. You and Liam looked back and forth between each other. Liam gave you a shrug. “If we do this, we have to make it really count like the whole relationship and the break up has to be believable” you said. “Trust me we know how to do fake relationships. Now come, lets get started” Harry said excitingly. 

Louis Pt2
Louis showed up on your doorstep quicker than you would have liked him to. The idea of being his fake girlfriend would have been easy 7 months ago now you couldn’t help but think about how much you wanted to be his real girlfriend. “Hey girlfriend” he said in his seductive voice. You let out a laugh with an eye roll, even when he didn’t try he could give you butterflies. “Come in, you are earlier than I thought” you said moving to the side for him to enter. “I was literally sitting in my car at the market down the road when I called” he laughed. “You look nice doll” he said giving you the look over. “Thanks, I actually decided to do my makeup, if I have to go to dinner with you too talk business you are taking me some where nice” you giggled. “I can handle that, so where to?” He asked. “I made reservations at r/n” you said giving him a look. “R/n Huh? You expect me to give it up on the first date and pay” he joked. You rolled your eyes and grabbed your purse.
“So let me get this straight, management wants me?” you asked playing with the food in your plate. “Yeah, they like that we have history and that you have a good girl image, meaning that you are strong-willed because if you can hang out with me for so long and me not corrupt me then it says a lot about you. I don’t know something like that” he took a long sip of his drink. “and I agree with them, no matter what I’ve done in the past you never joined me or gave up on me. You are an awesome girl and I really don’t think I could deal with another fake relationship with a girl I don’t know or find attractive” he said. “You find me attractive?” you asked. “Is that really all you got out of that” he laughed “But yeah you are gorgeous and I would love to be seen with you on my arm you are my best friend” he smiled. “Okay okay don’t twist my arm” you said putting up your hands in defeat. “I will do it” you laughed. Louis jumped up and pulled you into a hug. Everyone who hadn’t already been staring because they recognized Louis was now gawking at the scene in front of them.  
If it wasn’t the guest it was definitely your waiter who had tipped the paps off. As soon as you and Louis exited the restaurant you were swarmed by paps yelling all sorts of things. Louis pulled you extremely close and guarded you from the flashes and the shoves until you made it safely to the car. Not wanting to risk them finding your flat he went directly to his flat. You both stayed tucked away for a few days as the paparazzi stayed camped out at front. It wasn’t until management called with orders did either of you move from off the couch. “ready girlfriend?” Louis asked. “ready boyfriend” you smiled at him. 

Our Zayn Pt2
“Why are you here Zayn” Y/n finally asked once they were seated in the coffee shop. “I told you, I wanted to meet you for coffee” he said giving her his breath taking smile. She stared at him momentarily before looking down into her skinny nonfat soy latte. “What?” he asked. He could tell by the expression on her face that she was contemplating something. She sighed heavily, “I just want to know the real reason is all Zayn” y/n said. “Can you not believe that I wanted to see you y/n?” he asked. “I think that, it’s been two years you have a fiancé, I have a boyfriend and nothing is ever simple with you” she said. “Correction, I had a fiancé” he said. Y/n’s heart fell to her butt and she knew he could read the emotions all over her face. She couldn’t help but think that bastard literally knew exactly what he was doing. The second he wasn’t wanted he expected her to take him back. “Oh, well I think that it’s best we don’t do this again” y/n said shutting him down before he had a chance to suck her back in. “Why would you say that?” he asked. “because Zayn this is what we do, we are each other’s safety net but this time I’m not available” she said. She got up to walk away but before she could make it out the door fans were swarming the table. They knew exactly who you were and they knew the past you and Zayn had. Y/n dreaded the fact that millions of people all over the world would be assuming that you and Zayn had gotten back together. After several pictures you excused yourself and braced yourself for the conversation you and y/bf/n would be having when he made it home.
“You went on a date with another man” he yelled from across the room. “No? he asked me to get coffee with him I had no idea that he wasn’t engaged anymore or that so many of his fans would pop up” y/n defended herself. “that was a date y/n!” he yelled. “and with that bastard!” he said with disgust evident on his voice. She let out a gasp like he had just slapped her. “You don’t have to be so awful about it, it’s not like anything happened” you said walking out of the room. You got on tumblr and Instagram to pass the time before you went back down stairs to talk to y/bf/n. You had over 1000 notifications on Instagram and you knew it was fans tagging you in pictures and other were comments. You definitely didn’t miss the limelight there were over 100 pictures of the two of you. In this moment you realized how thankful you were that all of your profiles were private. You could only imagine the comments that would appear under the pictures of you and y/bf/n if it wasn’t.  Everyone who left a comment assumed you and Zayn had gotten back together and they were either for it or against. Y/n didn’t allow any of the photos to be added to her page and quickly cleared out her notifications. She was about to head down when her phone vibrated.
Zayn: I don’t understand why you left the way you did today. I honestly just wanted to see you. You always make me out to be the bad guy. I don’t always have to have some ulterior motive y/n.
Thanks for reading,
K, 2015!