i could draw most of the characters from memory as a teenager

Care To Share? (Logan X Fem!Reader)*Platonic

Characters: Logan X Fem!Reader *Platonic

Universe: Marvel, Xmen

Warnings: Smoking, drinking, swearing

Hey :-) can you please do a LoganxReader where she teaches at Xavier’s but sneaks cigarettes. He promises not to tell if she gives him a draw x

Originally posted by xmensource

“Class dismissed.” You announced. You start to wash the board as you heard chairs squeak and feet walking out the room. You worked at Xavier’s school, and you loved it there. You had been a student yourself years ago, but now you do the teaching. You used to be quite the trouble maker. You’d sneak out with other mutants and go to the movies, the mall, go drinking and even smoking.

However you haven’t changed very much. You had not changed some bad habits as a teenager, it’s just that you don’t get caught anymore. You still smoke, go to the bar sometimes, you sneak out as well for short periods as well.

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Long awaited S/C fic

It’s 1:00 am. I can barely keep my eyes open, but I finished it. I feel like I’ve just gone through all the ups and down of a 3 year relationship in about two weeks. Special thanks to @pentwhistle for the moral support when I was losing my mind.

27 Word pages, that I could have posted as chapters, but I opted not to, preferring to keep it all under wraps until I felt it was ready. I literally cannot read it over any more, so any errors that I missed, I don’t want to know.

As always, I include helpful bits to aide in the imagination. The photos show the garment Cait is wearing in the final full chapter as well as their hotel room at the Connaught in London.

All chapter titles are taken from lyrics to songs that I felt fit the stories.

Synopsis: All relationships have their firsts. Not all firsts are good. First times, first insecurities, first embarrassment, first fight, first ass sex. This is a series of Sam and Cait’s first times.

All my fic can be found here:  http://archiveofourown.org/users/WanderingSummerBreeze

So, it’s the weekend. Draw a bath, start the fireplace, pour a cup of hot tea, or sip a glass of wine, and enjoy.


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Remembering The Decline

Here is the full text of my interview with noiseymusic about the Decline of Western Civilization film:

Q1: When did you remember first hearing about someone wanting to make a film about the LA Punk scene? Was it already known it was going to be made by Slash/Penelope? Did anyone know who exactly was going to produce/direct it right off the bat? Do you remember the time frame this was all being spoken about?

Q2: How did The Bags end up in the film? Do you have any inkling of what the decision making process was as to which bands made it into the film? Were there any bands who felt jilted over not being in the film? Are there any bands you personally think should have been in the film?

Alice: I don’t remember hearing anything about the film in advance. One day, I showed up at rehearsal and my guitarist, Craig Lee told me that there was a director who was going to stop by the studio to talk to us about being in a punk documentary. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I trusted Craig…to a point.

When I met Penelope, I didn’t immediately trust her. I had seen her at a few shows but I didn’t know her story or her reasons for making the film. In my eyes, she was an outsider to the scene. My first impression of her was that she was very assertive, no nonsense, almost abrasive. She told us right away that she would have the final say over what would be going into the film. The whole idea of handing over control of what our band would look and sound like to a total stranger made me uncomfortable. I wasn’t used to having a director, I was used to making up my own rules.

Penelope also shared with us the fact that she had originally approached the Go Gos about being in the film but talks with the Go Gos’ management had stalled due to negotiations about points and other financial details. Penelope said she felt she didn’t have enough women in the film and I believe that was the reason she was interested in the Bags. I got the impression that she wasn’t necessarily a Bags fan but maybe we just fit the concept she had in mind for her film.

After the meeting with Penelope, the band met to discuss our impressions. I didn’t want to do it. I figured the Go Gos had a good management team looking out for them and they must have a good reason for not being in the film. Patricia and Craig were always much wiser about business than I was and Terry and Rob were usually really easy going. The band felt that being in the film would give us greater exposure. I was the only dissenting voice so we signed up to do the taping.

Over the years, I’ve come to accept the film for what it is. It is called The Decline of Western Civilization, not The Golden Age of the Hollywood Punk Scene. The film was shaped by the director’s vision, that’s usually how it works. I didn’t really like the film when I first saw it, in fact I walked out of the premiere screening because I couldn’t bear to watch it. Now, I recognize the film’s value, it has introduced a lot of people to punk and for many, it led to further exploration and research about the music and the ideology behind punk.

My impression of Penelope has changed too. I applaud her for being strong, taking control and making the film she wanted to make.

There were many great bands in the early L.A. Punk scene who deserve recognition and I still hope that someday, someone will make a documentary and include all those very early, quirky, eclectic bands that got the scene started.

 Q3: Do you have any memories from the Bags sets that were filmed for the documentary? Did they film more than one Bags set? Were you at the other shows in the film besides the ones The Bags were filmed at?

 Alice: They only filmed one set and yes, I remember the night we were filmed. It was crazy because we had to get there early and there was all kinds of technical stuff that had to happen. People were checking cameras, lighting, sound. In all the preoccupation with the filming, Penelope neglected to tell the bands when they were expected to play. I believe there were at least five bands on the bill that night, two or three was the norm in those days except for all day events. Tensions started to build backstage as band members grew restless. At one point, an argument started because two bands wanted to go on at the same time. Basically, nobody wanted to go on first because they wanted to wait for a full house and nobody wanted to go on last when the audience might be tired or spent.

Being the only woman backstage, I took control of the situation and proposed that we draw straws. I was rewarded for my diplomacy with the shortest straw. My band went on last.

Q4: What was your personal feelings at the time in regards to a film being made about the LA Punk scene? Were you afraid they wouldn’t ‘get’ the real story of it or were you confident Penelope would know what she’s doing?

Alice: I wasn’t hoping for the “real story” because Penelope never said it was her goal to tell the real story of L.A. Punk.

Q5: Nowadays, the movie seems to be a perfect time capsule as to the time when the LA Punk scene morphed into the more physical, male dominated Hardcore Punk scene. Do you agree? Do you think this was a conscious effort on the film makers’

Alice: No, I don’t agree. Although the Decline includes bands from the early scene as well as the developing hardcore scene, I don’t think the essence of the early scene is captured in the film. Hardcore dominates the movie. It’s true that the director was shooting during a transitional time when the Masque bands were fading and the beach bands were on the rise but there were still plenty of shows that could have been filmed where the original L.A. punk bands would kick sonic ass and whip a crowd into a frenzy.

The Weirdos at the Stardust Ballroom, photo by Mike Murphy.

I can’t speak to Penelope’s goals or motives because I don’t know what she wanted to achieve. It’s her film and as an artist I know that you can’t worry about pleasing others, you have to be true to your own vision.

Q6: Do you feel Darby Crash was portrayed as the ‘centerpiece’ of the documentary? Do you feel there were certain bands that got more screen time than others? If so, why do you think that happened?

 Alice: Yes, I think Darby was the centerpiece. He was an interesting subject. The Darby I knew was also very warm and friendly and easily confided in people. I imagine Penelope was drawn by his warmth and charm.

Yes, I do think some bands got more screen time, some bands were filmed more than once and as a result they may have better clips in the film, simply because there was more to choose from. I don’t know why certain bands got more time but speaking as someone who really didn’t want to be in the film in the first place, I was not all that concerned by it.

My band was filmed once, we were the last band playing the end of a long night. We were on the verge of breaking up. Our former bassist was threatening to sue us if we used the name The Bags. I had tried to perm my hair the night before and it had burned and started to fall off just in time to be captured for posterity. I could see all of it on screen when I went to the premier and I couldn’t stand to watch but I can’t blame Penelope for any of those things. You can’t blame the mirror for your pimples.

Q7: Do you feel the film is an accurate portrayal of the LA Punk scene of the time? If not, what are your issues/qualms with it?

Alice: Anyone who is interested in getting an accurate portrayal of anything should seek out multiple sources of information. The Decline is one part of a much larger story.

Q8: Do you recall any instances with some of the ‘characters’ who are interviewed for the film? (ie: Eugene, X-Head, etc.)

Alice: Not much. They were not the people I usually hung out with. I remember seeing Eugene on Facebook a few years ago.

Q9: What was the reaction to the film from the LA punk scene once it was released?

 Alice: It was well received by most of the audience, my reaction was to walk out of the screening.

The LAPD turnout for the premiere of the Decline, photo by Ed Colver.

Q10: Why do you think people still reference and watch ‘The Decline’ to this day? Is there something special to it for you personally?

Alice: The specialness of The Decline is that it introduced a lot of people to punk. If you lived in a big city you might have already had a punk scene, but for many The Decline was the first taste of a radical new music that would either terrify or piss off your parents - what more could a teenager ask for?

As for me, after bitching and complaining about how we looked and sounded in the film, I finally decided to get over it. The Decline has given me just enough name recognition to help me launch other projects more easily. It is an important film to so many people and I feel fortunate to have been a part of it.

anonymous asked:

I've noticed that Wanda has had so many different body types over the years; and even vastly different ones in simultaneous books. Recently she's been portrayed as willowy model-like or curvy mom-like, but I've even seen her as short or sinewy or plump in other places. Which do you think is most fitting, or does it not matter at all?

Wanda has, more or less, a Standard Marvel Woman body. According to Word of Handbook, she is 5′7′’ (or about 173 cm), the Baby Bear of heights. Other 5′7′’ Marvel women include: Polaris, Black Widow, Rachel Grey, Jessica Jones, etc. Sue Storm and Jean Grey are both 5′6′’.

Functionally, what being a handbook 5′7′’ means is that her height is unremarkable. She is neither tall enough nor short enough for it to be noteworthy. There are plenty of taller Marvel women (whether or not they would be drawn as taller is another issue), but that doesn’t mean she’s short. If I were to wager a guess, I’d say 5′6′’ or 5′7′’ are considered the ideal height for women in America.

That’s how her body is in general. While women in the background in comics sometimes have a variety of body shapes, speaking, named, reoccurring, important-to-the-plot women are afforded less options. That main one being skinny with big boobs.

There are women who are usually drawn with distinct bodies, like Power Girl or She-Hulk, but those are exceptions. More often than not, women are drawn with no or very little variation between them, and whatever body diversity (or the illusion thereof) that we have comes from different artists with different styles rendering characters differently, not from a concerted effort to differentiate between them.

 If there is anything that’s been unique about Wanda’s body over the past few years, it’s… well… take it away, Coipel.

from Uncanny Avengers Vol. 1 #5

In this issue, the women don’t look the same. Wasp is not just noticeably shorter; she’s also petite. You would not confuse her tiny, little body with Wanda’s even if they were wearing the same outfit and somehow lost their heads. But the difference in their bodies doesn’t mean Wanda has been freed from skinny with big boobs. Here is the side view of her body:

Still definitely skinny. This is just a more extreme version of skinny with big boobs.

This somehow got really long. There’s more under the cut, including: some very frank Cho-ish Frank Cho art, my Thoughts On Power Girl™, and that time Doctor Doom called Carol Danvers a “fat piece of furniture.”

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Long Post | Harry Potter rant.

Let me start off, I might be a tad bias. Severus is my second favorite character in terms of who I enjoy writing about and drawing. Canonically, he’s my absolute favorite. So I am coming as a Snape fan; however, I will 

With that said, let’s start. 

My biggest issues with Snape Haters is not because they hate Snape. Far from it, I could careless who they hate. Its their reasons and the constant cross tagging that annoys me. The cross tagging is self exploratory as to why that would get on a Snape fan’s nerves; I wouldn’t even bother with this if it weren’t for the cross tagging.  Because cross tagging, I know the three points that a Snape Hater will bring up. 

  • Snape is a terrible teacher who abuses kids.
  • Snape is terrible human who just wanted Harry and James to die so he can fuck Lily.
  • Snape wasn’t innocent in his confrontations with James and Sirius  

The first point, isn’t a lie. Let’s be honest with ourselves. 

However, it ignores quite a bit of Snape’s character. Let’s start off that he was abused and neglected as child, he was bullied relentlessly as a teenager nd there seemed to be no adult intervention, he then as a young adult is forced to work at the same place where his worse memories accrued, and he still had to act as a spy though all of this. It doesn’t excuse his behavior. It doesn’t justify his behavior. 

It does explain his behavior.  

Out of all of these, I feel Snape’s role as a double agent needs to be considered the most when discussing why he acts the way he does towards Slytherins verses students in the other houses. As much as Rowling wants to claim in the books that not all bad guys are Slytherins, let’s face it, she showed us that is the case or at least one must have Slytherin qualities to be evil. And who are the bad guys? Death Eaters. And what house did the children of Death Eaters’ were sorted in to? Slytherin.

We know from the Goblet of Fire that it was public knowledge that Snape made deal to keep out of prison, but he didn’t make a deal with the ministry like other death eaters. No, he made a deal with Albus Dumbledore. He didn’t just make a deal, Snape is working for the enemy. We never get scene of Lord Voldemort asking Snape to be spy or that it was Voldemort’s idea, as far as I can remember. So it is safe to assume that the other the other freed Death Eaters viewed Severus’s deal more treacherous than them bribing a ministry official or those who just fled. Severus is going to show that he’s not a traitor on the surface to them. And on the surface showing favoritism to not only their house, but the Dark Lord’s house, where their children are now sorted into, is going to curve that automatic assumption that Snape is a traitor. His jerkass behavior towards other students and especially Gryffindors, also makes it seem as though he is still on their side.

And I’m saying that its on the surface even in private moments with Harry and other students he still needs to keep up this behavior up. One slip up in Hogwarts, everyone knows. Not saying that Snape wouldn’t have bias at all, because nearly all the teachers do even if they are like Slughorne, who’s bias is not house related. Snape’s personal experience at Hogwarts had most likely made him bitter to Gryffindors. And by most likely, as it did. But I don’t think his childhood nor his school yeas played a major factor in the way he treated children. Because if we take that route as to explain more of his jerkish attitude, then he wouldn’t grade fairly. In the second book, we know that Hermione has higher marks than Draco. We know that Harry and Ron had received an E’s on their OWLS, one mark below O, which was Snape’s requirement for NEWTs. What does that say for his behavior then if he graded fairly? That clearly, his actions and words were deliberate. One could argue that he only graded fairly because he was forced to, but that means Dumbledore and every staff member let him acted this way towards students with no explanation. That would make several characters look disgusting in retrospect. 

Next point, I am not bothering to debunk this, because its idiotic. It is a far fetched fan base assumption that Severus only loved Lily sexually. There is no canon to support this notion. And the first part of this common argument is completely against canon. Snape goes to Voldemort to ask him to spare Lily. He’s not going to bother in asking for Jame’s safety, and Voldemort has already wanted Harry to die because of the prophecy. It would be useless to ask. And when goes to Dumbledore, he uses this memory to show that he wants to switch sides. After begging Dumbledore to protect Lily, and Dumbledore’s stupid rant, Snape asks for him to save and protect them all, including James. Does that sound like he wanted Lily’s child and husband to die so he can just fuck her? Does it really sound like that at all? 

The final common point against Snape is that he wasn’t an innocent victim is also ridiculous and can be debunked quickly by stating three words: four on one. It doesn’t matter if Snape fought back, Sirius and James tagged team him consistently and Peter either stood back and cheered and tossed some insults, and Remus just let it happened. It got to the point where James is casually sexually assaults him in public because Sirius is bored and Snape existed and Sirius tries to murder Snape the following year. One could try to spin the bullying as justified because Snape was running Death Eater wannabes, and he hates muggleborns.  But, that is not even close to the explanation we get in SWM. It also means that if Snape’s ‘bullying’ isn’t going to be justified, then so isn’t Sirius and Jame’s. 

A bit of side note, if we are going to bring up Snape’s use of the word mudblood, then one has to acknowledge that it was implied Lily Potter was aware that Snape used that word more that once and didn’t have an issue with it until he called her one. So if this is going to be brought up in any discussion about Snape as character, and conveniently ignoring how he later hates that word being used around him, then we got to question why Lily doesn’t care when it isn’t her who’s being called a mudblood. 

Sorry for how long it is and the fact I’m slightly murky on specific details on the Prince’s Tale. Its been awhile since I read the final book and I refuse to read it again. 

Thank you.

This is what Reylo shippers have to say to the shit being thrown at us about how our ship is ‘disgusting’ or ‘abusive’ :

“On the subject of Reylo abusiveness (are we calling it Reylo? Because we should), well… yeah. Given what we were shown, it’s definitely sketchy, problematic, and Not Good. She’s held captive in a torture device. They mindrape each other. They try to stab each other with flaming swords. He’s also spent a large portion of the movie slaughtering innocent civilians. All of this still falls within the bounds of “redeemable” by the cartoonish morality framework of franchise action movies, but no shipper can really claim with a straight face that this is a good and pure pairing. And if the series decides to actually swing the direction of this pairing (which strikes me as very unlikely), if they hold it up what has happened as Romantic, I’ll be in the crowd wielding a pitchfork with the best of them. But – BUT! – there’s a difference between a ship you want to *actually* have play out to endgame in canon, and a ship you want to wallow in via fan creation and general feels. Reylo is the latter. Frankly, as far as I’m concerned, anyone can ship whatever they want as long as they don’t claim it’s something it’s not. What we saw in TFA ain’t the foundation of a healthy relationship. But it’s an excellent foundation for the sort of pulp angst/pain/love that is the basis of tons of fiction. And I’ll be wallowing in it for all I’m worth.“

“He could hurt her, but he didn’t. He could interrogate her violently, but he didn’t. He could kill her, but instead he insisted he would get the map from her, it was to save her life. She wasn’t hurt, then she defeated him in the fight. Kylo has a weak spot for her and it’s visible. That’s not how an abusive person acts. He has his issues, but it doesn’t mean he would hurt her.”

“It’s a villain x heroine ship, of course it’s gonna have issues especially after THAT scene, but hey, it’s part of the dynamic. It’s what makes it interesting and even though it has issues, I don’t care, I ship it and I’m glad there’s people out there who defends this ship.”

“Well, I didn’t really find it abusive since he really controlled (?) Himself with her, he could have beaten her until she blacked out but instead he made her faint and carefully picked her up and carried her, if I remember correctly he didn’t even let her touch the ground ffs. Then draw a comparison between the way Poe was treated when he was captured: he even had blood on his face maybe Kylo or some troopers hit him in addition to the mind searching thingy, but Rey was clean, no bruises, no blood, and Kylo actually took some time to talk to her and wanted to make her feel more comfortable even to the point of taking his mask off, which I actually found weird I didn’t think they did that kind of stuff (like Revan, imagine Revan taking their helmet off every now and then, the story wouldn’t have been the same xD), he clearly had some kind of interest in her and didn’t want to make himself look too bad, this is the man who some time after offered to mentor her so even if his interest at the time isn’t romantic there’s clearly something, plus we can ship whatever we want, yes even if it turns out to be incest we are aware, don’t worry about us, just mind your own ship and we will mind ours, we ARE in our tag after all, you don’t have to see any of it if you don’t want to. Thanks for being understanding, love ya.”

“SPOILERS: 1. We DON’T know if they are blood related or not (NOTHING is confirmed). So saying it’s disgusting (incest) to ship them is NOT a valid reason at all. Rey could very much be Yoda’s great great granddaughter for all we know.*Sarcastic* 2. Not every bad guy in a movie is entirely evil. There is no black and white, and with that I´m trying to say that Kylo is not entirely bad. Yes, he forced his way into Rey’s memory because he wanted information about Luke, but he never tortured or forced himself on her physically (in a inappropriate/sexual way). 3. Kylo’s intention is never to kill Rey, but rather get information and offer her a place on his team because he sees her great potential that can’t be wasted”

“An abusive relationship is typically characterised by one party seeking to manipulate or control the other through fear, violence or intimidation. Kylo Ren spends much of his time interacting with Rey actively seeking to avoid doing any permanent harm to her (takes off his mask to mitigate her fear, does not use anywhere close to the level of power/pain he uses on Poe going for the emotional method instead ect).
But primarily because I find it incredibly insulting to Rey. Characterising her as abused and a victim robs her of all agency. She’s being viewed as a passive participant in their relationship and that is infuriating. Especially considering she is one of the strongest, most well developed and independent minded female characters committed to film in a long long time.”

"Saying it’s abusive is like you never saw the movie. From the moment Kylo Ren heard there’s a girl involved with the droid/map case, he started to make his way to her, obviously aroused by the idea. But! As the two actually meet in the forest, he really sees Rey and her thoughts and obviously senses the Force in her.
At that moment he could do anything, beat her, intimidate her, the works. Instead, he chooses to gently mind-knock her out and carry her in his arms to a more private place. When Rey wakes up in the interrogation room, Kylo Ren is watching her, studying her. But it’s not just her pretty face he’s gazing like a perv, it’s the Force. And while obeying Snoke’s orders to squeeze information out of her, he does his best not to hurt her. Not even talking about the removing-my-helmet-to-reveal-myself-to-you-and-letting-myself-be-vulnerable-and-naked-infront-of-you-part. Albeit it might be in half to impress her – cuz she’s a gurlll and a cutie and he’s a teenage prince of darkness – Kylo Ren offers her his _empathy_ (”This is only going to hurt a little” part). He actively wants to share and carry part of her pain. Does that sound like a psycho? The fact that their third meeting is a duel doesn’t mean their relationship is abusive.
It means they’re equals, mutually challenging each other, mutually engaged with each other.”

If you took the time to read this and try to understand our ship; thank you. And if you really couldn’t care less; that’s okay, because we couldn’t care less either and we will ship what we want.

May the force be with you :)

14 Comics to Be Excited for in 2014

It’s a new year and that means new comics to read and, hopefully, love. I did this last year and I actually did end up loving the majority of the comics that appeared. So once again here’s a guide of what to look forward to this coming year. Or at least what I’m looking forward to. 

These are in order of their debut dates.

1. Ms. Marvel from Marvel by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona (Marvel)

Carol Danvers has a new title so that frees up her old title Ms. Marvel for a new character. And what a character - a young teenage Muslim girl from New Jersey.  Wilson’s written younger women before - I enjoyed her Mystic from CrossGen/Marvel from a few years ago. And the preview of Alphona’s art looks fantastic. This is out February 5.

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gooddame  asked:

I’m a celebrity and I may or may not be following your blog which is dedicated to me. reading your comments and tags are hilarious and very flattering and I’m somewhat smitten Klaroline au pleaseeeeeee

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PROMPT YOU LOVELY HUMAN!! I got really into this universe, such a goodun. To other people who are waiting on my drabbles… I am writing them, but I was struck with the inspiration stick with this one! Hope you enjoy!

What most people didn’t know about the infamous bad-boy, Hollywood heartthrob Klaus Mikaelson was that as a teenager he was the opposite of a bad-boy, and the opposite of a heartthrob.

Unlike the rest of his siblings – who had come out of the womb perfect and beautiful – he had been not attractive at all, and his awkward phase had lasted from the age of 12 - when he shot up and became scrawny, weedy and lanky - through all his teenage years - when he had been scrawny, weedy, lanky, had glasses, braces, pimples and a social anxiety born into him from years of psychological and physical abuse from both his parents - all the way through to the age of 23.

By this time, however, Niklaus had mastered coding, every version, variation and rerelease of GTA and WOW amongst other games, had got a diploma in cooking – because he had been bored one summer – become best friends with a stranger on the internet, completed an undergraduate degree in both art history and the dramatic arts, and had starring role in a BBC mini series called ‘When We Overlook the Nerdy Hackers’ - a role which he was definitely type cast for.

But on his 23rd birthday, he looked determinately in his mirror. He knew he was incredibly intelligent, and a talented actor - many years of pretending he was fine when his insides were screaming in pain had trained him well. But to make it big in Hollywood, unfortunately, you couldn’t rely on talent alone.

So, Klaus packed up his life in London, logged off from the internet for good – abandoning all the friends he’s made – and flew to the states, where he found he the best personal trainer he could afford and the most reputable one on one acting tutor he could find, so he could chase his dream.  

He trained, and practiced, and sweated and cried, until his 24th birthday, when he looked in the mirror again and smiled.

He had done it.

Gone was the scrawny, weedy, lanky boy he’d been a year ago. If he was honest he was almost unrecognisable from who he’d been 12 months ago. He felt the tiniest bit of guilt eat at his insides, thinking about all he’d left behind, but he had to do this. He couldn’t be that person anymore.

To cap it all, he’d been offered a leading role in one of the most anticipated films of the year.  

And so awkward, nerdy, social outcast Nik died forever, and Hollywood heartthrob, bad-boy Klaus was born.

He honestly blamed his bad-boy tendencies on the fact he had never socialised properly as a teenager, and so the attention and partying went straight to his head.

But he didn’t mind, he was living the high life, and throwing it back in the faces of all those who had ridiculed him for having big dreams.

Ten years passed before awkward Niklaus surfaced again, and in that time he won two Oscars, been nominated for five, starred in countless blockbusters, had been with more girls than he could remember, and had become even more attractive to the point where he had one People’s Magazine’s sexiest man alive six years running.

The day he reintroduced himself to his nerd side, was the day he had been on a talk show and they had read some very raunchy fan fiction written about him and Bulgarian supermodel Tatia Petrova, who he’d had a very short lived fling with – models were way too highly stung for him.

While he had laughed through the interview, and kept his cool while the host trash talked the person who had written it, but Klaus couldn’t help but feel upset by what had happened.

Despite his determined transformation, he still vividly remembered what it was like to feel completely alone and have only the Internet and your own dark imagination to keep you company. He remembered the hours he spent writing stories similar to the one that had been read out, or drawing fanart, or participating in fandom events, and even though that wasn’t him anymore, he would never forget those times. Could never forget them.

When he got back to his home after the interview, a niggling feeling. He ate, and showered, but the feeling which had been born inside him during the interview engulfed him,

He flopped his bed, and as the clock ticked past midnight, Klaus pulled his computer toward him, not to FaceTime his family, nor to fetch a booty call – like he usually would. Nope, instead he opened a site he’d not touched since he was 23.


The site read.



Log in

Forgotten your password?

The layout and set up of the home screen was still the same, but it looked so different to what his teenage memories recalled. Excitement was thrumming through him as he tapped in his email address – lonelyhybrid@gmial.com - and then his password.

As he hit log in, Klaus was stunned by the difference him before him. And was slightly guilty to see the large number of unread asks, but other than that he remembered exactly why he’d loved this site. The people were hilarious, the gifsets were so much more creative than he remembered, and there were people who seemed to get everything he was feeling.

Klaus spent hours on the site. Initially, he trawled through his blog – the-lonely-hybrid.tumblr.com – then through his dashboard.

He was excited, and a little self-conscious, to see his face staring back at him from many different posts. It seemed someone he used to follow back in the day, had become a Klaus Mikaelson dedication blog. It intrigued him, because it seemed that all-about-klaus followed him back.

He was intrigued to work out which of his mutuals had become so infatuated with him, but he was also feeling guilty again. All those people who had helped him through all his emotional problems, and just up and left them, with no explanation.

As he followed the link to the blog’s main page he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face.  

The title of the blog read The Other Side of Klaus Mikaelson.

The bio read –

Just a small town girl, desperately hoping to find her Klaus.

As he began combing through the blog, he honestly thought he could feel himself falling for the person who ran it a little bit. The bright, shining personality of the blogger was evident in every single post.

Each post was written with such care, and every gifset was crafted to only show the best parts of him. There was nothing about his tendency to break girls’ hearts, or his drunken tantrums at paparazzi. There was no mention of pregnancy scares, or his famous feud with Damon Salvatore.

No, everything on the blog was designed to show people his softer side. There were pictures of his trips to Africa – where he spent three months every year teaching the children – something the press rarely reported on as it wasn’t glamorous enough. There were gifs of him appearing on his younger sister’s YouTube channel – something he loved doing, because no one could make him feel good like Rebekah could. And there were long metas about how his bad-boy persona was really just an act to cover his insecurities.  As he read those, he wondered how she managed to pinpoint his inner most feelings when he could hardly reconcile why he acted the way he did.

He read every single tag and it was all he could do to not hug his computer.

#oh my gosh, #klaus mikaelson, #precious snowflake, #sinnamon roll, #he’s far too cute to be allowed on this earth, #klaus cuddly teddy bear mikaelson, #cute, #queue

While he kind of resented being called cute, he kind of loved it too.

He stayed on the blog, entranced by her words and encapsulated by her voice, until the morning sun began to stream through his still open curtains. In amongst the parts about him, he was able to make out her other interests. There were a number of posts about her thoughts on climate change and feminism, and he was stunned by how convincing her arguments were. While her writing style was familiar, he still for the life of him couldn’t remember why he followed her all those years ago.

As the day drew on, and dawn became mid-morning, he kept scrolling through post after post, becoming as enamoured with her as she was with him. His eyes and body was tired, screaming out for sleep – or at least food – but Klaus couldn’t tear his eyes away.

When the posts began to change, from her fascination with him to TV shows, characters, ships, world politics, amongst other things, he had to stop himself from swooning with feels. Being affected by feels was another thing that hadn’t happened in ten years. Apparently he and the mystery blogger had extremely similar tastes in pop culture, and similar opinions on worldviews.

Klaus felt his stomach do backflips and he squirmed a little on the bed when he saw a gifset, much earlier than when her vigorous blogging of him began, from him in the BBC series and the caption read – gosh, isn’t he the absolute cutest! #klaus mikaelson, #why have i not seen this show before, #when we overlook the nerdy hacker, #he’s the cutest nerdy hacker I’ve ever seen #klaus mikaelson hack my heart please! #or my body #either one #kthanksbye

Klaus couldn’t believe that anyone would have thought that him then was cute, and it made him so incredibly happy. He rolled onto his back and grinned, unconditionally, at the ceiling for a few moments. He needed this girl him his life.  

Hey people! There is actually another 5000+ words to this… I got really into this idea. Let me know if you think it’s worth posting more…. 

anonymous asked:

So there's an analysis of Shirt Club going around that's basically saying Mayor Dewey only cared about Buck's drawing because it promoted his campaign, and doesn't care much about his son outside of said campaign. Thoughts?

er, yea, I saw that floating around and it bugged me quite a bit ‘cause its…pretty off, imo. I mean, I don’t want to hate on folks analysis but its pretty skewed, ignores a lot of stuff we learn in canon in favor of an interpretation that presents Buck in a wholly sympathetic light.

But I think the OP and most of the folks agreeing with it are teenagers, the mentality is very ‘teen’ and I can kinda see the interpretation used as a way of venting personal frustrations. So I don’t want to judge too harshly, even though I feel the interpretation is way off the mark. I get how cathartic interpretations like that can be. But I think it would be more helpful to analyze the relationship in a more neutral way, rather than demonizing one party to such an extreme (not that relationships like that don’t exist, its just extremely unlikely that’s what this show is doing)

I think the relationship between Buck and his dad is pretty common between parents and teenagers, especially single parents which the mayor is (I’m assuming because otherwise its a little weird that he’s kind of hitting on Pearl). Most teens have strained relationships with their parents and most parents are woefully out of touch with their teenage children (often thinking of them the same as they did when they were little, which is exactly what the mayor is doing). I’m sure Buck wasn’t lying when he said he had a ‘lack of daddy kisses’, I’ll bet Mayor Dewey was always very busy and probably didn’t hang out with his son as much as he should have (like, getting major “Cat’s in the Cradle” vibes here) but that does not mean he doesn’t care about him. Buck likely got into helping him campaign so he could be close to him and I bet his dad loved that and probably thought it was quality bonding time, like since he always had to be working it was nice to have his son working with him (and maybe he’d follow in his footsteps and go into politics too) which is why he’s so happy remembering it. Buck probably remembers it differently, probably wished his dad spent more time at home in a dad capacity, so the memory isn’t quite as happy to him and he’s a little bitter about it. Neither are wrong, imo, they’re both how they feel and remember it. 

A BIG theme in this show (and, in fact, this specific episode) is communication. How important it is to communicate how you’re feeling to the people you care about, “Let your problem be known, then you can work toward an understanding” as Garnet said. The problem between Buck and his dad isn’t that his dad never actually loved him and just loved what he could do from him (a hideously cynical interpretation imo) but rather that neither properly communicate to the other what they’re thinking and feeling, they just assume the other knows (Buck feels like his dad should understand why he’s upset and his dad thinks that his love for his son is apparent so he doesn’t have to say it or express it in a way other than through work).

also - we’ve established that the show tries to stay away from being cynical as much as possible. The show is about humans (and aliens) making mistakes and learning and growing, everyone (aside from a select few, currently) is generally well-meaning and they screw up a lot but they don’t mean to. This show especially has a theme about children’s relationships with their parents and untraditional families that’s generally very positive. So an interpretation of a character not caring at all about their kid does not seem like something the show would ever be trying to get across.

Get to know Ezekiel

I thought perhaps some of you would like to know a little more about Eze, so there it goes…


  • Name: Ezekiel Manzano Williams
  • Age: 29
  • Sexuality:  Bisexual
  • Employment: NYPD
  • Birthday: May 28
  • Sign: Gemini
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Style/Color: Dark Brown
  • Height: 6′
  • Clothing Style: Preferably no clothes at all


  • Colour: Black, White, Aqua
  • Animal: All of them
  • Movie: Too many of them but he’s a huge fan of Marvel & DC.
  • Game: Cards Against Humanity
  • Music: Any genre, but usually not Heavy Metal & Country
  • Drink: Champagne & SKYY Vodka
  • Food: Anything that tastes awesome in his mouth.

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Lost in Transition: Astro City Vol. 3 #16

Hi, I’m Charlotte. I’m a lifelong comics fan and last year, I admitted to myself that I was transgender.

Like everyone else, I have been influenced by the content of things I read, see and play, and have unknowingly internalized their intentional (and not so intentional) messages. In this occasional series, I’m going to be going over comics that feature people like me, or close to being like me, and look them over with a fresh set of eyes.

Obviously, I’m no expert, as new to this as I am, but I feel I might have something worth saying. Join me, as I find my way out of being lost in transition.

Astro City #16

Kurt Busiek: Writer

Brent Eric Anderson: Artist

Alex Ross: Cover

John G. Roshell & Jimmy Betancourt of Comicraft: Lettering & Design

Wendy Broom & Alex Sinclain: Color art

Kristy Quinn: Editor

Jessica Chen: Assistant Editor

Shelly Bond: Executive Editor

Overall Verdict: Just About Perfect

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Summary: A strange incident reveals that April possess a new power–the ability to read minds. Taking place about just before the Tiger Claw arc in season two, April’s new power comes with pros and cons. But maybe, just maybe, she can use it to see who Karai really is–and who knows; she might like what she finds.

Rating: PG-13 (for language).
Universe: TMNT 2012.
Tags/Warnings: spoilers for ‘Wrath of Tiger Claw’ but it stops being canon-compliant after that, April/Karai and hints of Leo/Karai.

Author: hheroes

Artist: jinja-neko

Read the full story below; read on ff.net!


April kind of likes meditating, but she also kind of hates it.

On one hand, being in tune with oneself is a gift. She treasures the precious moments where she can look into herself and see something; it makes her feel like she’s staring into the universe and seeing eternity itself. It makes her feel like there are entire galaxies within her, waiting to be explored.

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FIC: Be Positive, Part Twelve

Title: Be Positive

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine past relationship, Kurt/OCs, Kurt/Adam (main)

Warning: HIV plot. Hints of depression. 

Summary: As Kurt slowly tries to piece himself back together after the break-up, he and Adam circle around one another in New York without truly meeting. When Kurt comes home for Christmas, a prank and poor bookkeeping result in Kurt getting the shock of his life. Reeling from the news and still trying to be strong for those around him, Kurt returns to New York with baggage of a diagnosis he never expected weighing heavily on his shoulders that will complicate his life more than he thought possible. Then, he runs into Adam at NYADA.

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight - Part Nine - Part Ten - Part Eleven

AN: Defying Gravity if you somehow haven’t heard it.

And here we go. Truth Time for Kurt and Adam!

Part Twelve

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