i could draw forever


Looks like I’m playing the very popular game “let’s see in how many different ways I can have these two end up together”



complete! i’ve wanted to do a jojo print FOREVER and of course it’d be my favorite boys. after 5000 years in the void i finally emerge with this. thanks to everyone who joined me in streaming this for the past two days! this’ll be available at j1 and my store at the next update. HAPPYー UREPPIー YOROPIKUNEー!!

MMMM tastie improvement fresh out the oven

How could i say no to this one?! XD it’s just so cute and hilarious! i feel like Lance could wear anything and look great, and that Keith could wear anything and just not give a crap - which is a skill in itself! hehehe! X333 i’m gonna do two more from this set of requests~ so look forward to them! (^   v ^) <3


@atrociouscreations asked for something like, if Percy accepted being a God at the end of the PJO series. And Idk why, but this was the first thing that popped into my head and I had to draw yet. I read awhile ago some headcannons for a dark Percy god, and oh was it so good, that I think some of that was what inspired this… 

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i drew this little thing the other day with my mouse as i wait for my tablet, i wasn’t going to post it since it’s not finished yet.. but after a few slight touches with photoshop i managed to make it look kinda decent :o
—so here’s a soft(&abitgloomy?) toukachan ✨🐰

i am seriously… in shock still. i love all 3 of these guys so much, and i got the opportunity to meet them yesterday. i feel really bad because i didn’t get anything for Brian or G, since i figured i’d only be meeting Ethan. i’m also sorry that i was rushing. i was so nervous and shaking really bad and i was freaking out. i’m so happy though. Brian told me my shirt was amazing, Ethan thought my drawing was cool, and G thanked me for supporting him. this weekend has been absolutely wild, but i’m so happy about this. my dad drove me 5 hours away just so i could meet them, and i’m forever grateful. ❤️❤️❤️

(i’m gonna be drawing something for Brian and G here soon, even though i can’t personally give it to them yet!)