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Puppy steps

This is to fill a prompt from @tibean2992. I have one more prompt I’m working on, but if anyone has any other zimbits prompts, please send them along!

Also, it got pretty long, so most of it is under a cut.

It hit Bitty’s nose first.

He unlocked the door to the condo, picked up the reusable grocery bags from his feet and shouldered the door open and was assaulted by the smell.

He groaned and put the bags in the kitchen, barely pausing to note the empty dog crate that stood there, and followed the odor to the guest bedroom. Whose rug was now decorated with a literal steaming pile of crap.


“Belinda!” he called.

No response.

He went looking and found the dog sitting in the master bedroom, facing the door, just waiting for him. Her brown eyes were warm and her forehead was furrowed slightly, as though she was worried or confused.

Bitty forced himself to take a deep breath. Through his mouth.

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Author’s Note: Hello! Here is my late fanfic for the prompt my partner @olivetreeorphan gave me for the RivaMika Jam :). It was an awesome prompt I had fun writing. I hope you like!

Prompt:  Levi is a famous pro tennis player.  He’s famous for playing tennis well. Mikasa is a young talented tennis player and Levi is assigned to become her new coach. Their relationship start on bad terms.

“Morning” Armin greeted her. He was sitting near the table typing in his laptop. His smile normally was enough to change her mood, not today.

Eren popped out of the kitchen carrying two plates.

“Woah! You look horrible” he said noticing Mikasa’s unwelcoming demeanor. He handed one of the plates to Armin who took it happily and sat across him.

“That’s an understatement” Mikasa scowled lying face down on their couch burying her face to the softness for comfort.

“Want breakfast?”

Armin offered but she refused not in the mood to eat.  Eren sighed knowing exactly what had her ticked off that early.

“You are not dressed in proper practice attire.  The coach isn’t going to be thrilled.”

“Tch. I could care less.” She muttered irritated.

“Is that why you’re this upset” Armin asked.

“Ha!  I’m not upset. I’m beyond upset.” Mikasa sat up.

Armin opened his mouth to ask further on the subject but Eren gave him a disapproval look changing his mind. 

“Out of all coaches in this huge world I had to be stuck with him. Seriously what are the odds!”

“Him! Do you understand me Armin? I’m good. No, really good. I should have the option to choose someone of my liking right? But no! I get to train with that disrespectful, awful short jerk.”

Armin stared unsure how to respond to her venting.

“You don’t even know him” Eren added who was enjoying his breakfast knowing nothing they said was going to calm her.

“Don’t defend him.  He had no right to humiliate you in public.”

“Mikasa it’s not his fault I was over my head.”

“No Eren.  If he didn’t want to be your coach all he had to do was reject you. But that would have been too classy for him wouldn’t it? He had to make you play with him just to tell you how not good enough you are and list all of your faults in public. I call that humiliation not coaching skills.”

“Mikasa-” Eren said but was interrupted by Armin.

“Wait don’t you have to meet your coach in half an hour?”

Mikasa confirmed the time. There was no way she was going to arrive by their schedule training time. Oh well. It’s not like it bothered her.

Mikasa reached the tennis court 20 minutes late. She expected to find an unhappy coach instead there was no one. She did spot a note on one of the posts.

You’re late

She grabbed the note from the posts and ripped it into pieces creating a rain of paper when she was done.  This man was frustrating till no end.

The following day she was only 4 minutes late. Again she found a note with the same words. She growled leaving more displeased than the day before.

In the third attempt, she made it right on the hour. To her surprise there was once more no sign of her new coach.  She cursed loudly ready to knock someone out.  She went to his office but the door was closed and the lights were off. Still determined to ask what his problem was she decided to send him an email. He simply replied being early is good practice just like wearing proper training attire was and explained running shoes aren’t tennis shoes.

The next day she arrived an hour early.

“You’re not wearing tennis shoes” he said attentive of her shoes.

“Nice to meet you too” she replied.

“Introductions are unnecessary given.”

Mikasa frowned. She added arrogance to the list of things that annoyed her of him.

“I can practice fine with these running shoes.”

“You disobeyed an order” he remarked.

“Yea well I forgot them. Can we start training already?”

She turned away to pick up her tennis racket confident she won.

“There will be no training until you obey a simple order” Levi said crossing his arms.

Mikasa tensed, narrowing her eyes containing the dark feeling piling within her. She glared attempting to intimidate the man but he didn’t budge. He wasn’t afraid as others were.

“How do you expect me to coach if you don’t listen?”

Mikasa tried biting her lip to restrained herself. She had a lot riding in the scholarship but she failed to keep her sanity.

“Except I don’t expect you to coach me.  I never would have chosen you if it wasn’t for the stupid scholarship. How can I accept your coaching if I can’t even respect you?”

The tone Mikasa used on the last words struck an accord on Levi. He recognized her furrowed eyes and remembered exactly when he had seen them.

“You’re that boy’s friend aren’t you?”

“The one you humiliated?”

“He wasn’t good enough…. Doesn’t matter. Regardless of the circumstance you are stuck with me unless you decide to get your scholarship revoked. You’re choice.”

Mikasa struggled suppressing her emotions. She had already lost too much to give up on the sport that made her feel alive. A sport where she felt invincible every time she came out victorious. But this man had hurt Eren and family was everything to her.  

“Then I quit. I rather give up then spend another minute near you.”

She walked away heading home but Levi wasn’t done yet.

“If you walk away you’re not only disappointing yourself but those most supportive.  I bet your parents have given up plenty to grant you a future. Do you honestly want to crap on the sacrifices your parents have made for a childish tantrum? I know you’re great - ” 

Levi quickly moved to the side barely dodging a flying racket.  The sound of the loud thump made on impact startled him. However it was nothing compared to the hell coming out of the girl’s body. It was almost a frightening aura.

“You don’t know anything about me or my parents.”

Mikasa hissed and walked away leaving her racket behind.  There was no turning back.

He has been involved in many arguments including those involving violence. Never has anyone thrown a tennis racket at him. He had to give it to her, she chose an interesting weapon.

“If you keep yourself locked up in this office you’ll never find a woman” his old pal said as he entered the room uninvited. He welcomed himself to the chair across Levi’s desk.

“I had a tennis racket thrown at me” Levi said.  There was no need for formal greetings between him and Erwin. He was the person he trusted the most and knew very well how impolite he can be.

Erwin chuckled. He was familiar to Levi’s social skills and how often it got him in trouble.

“What bastard did you piss of now? What you do to him?”

“A she and the girl I’m coaching or at least was supposed to.”

Erwin looked at him with disbelief and laughed. Levi wasn’t amused.

“Too funny” Erwin said.

Levi sighed. He wasn’t in a favorable position debating what actions to take with the girl.  He banged his head backwards and shifted his chin up to look at the ceiling. He was drowning in deep thought. Even if he found the little tantrum interesting; protocol is to report her. If he hadn’t moved, the racket could have killed him at the rate it was going. This was no ordinary girl.

Yet he couldn’t.

“Are you going to report this?” Erwin asked. He wasn’t laughing anymore.

“I don’t know” Levi mumbled.

“She left quite an impression.  You’ve killed careers for less.”

“The thing is it wasn’t just a tantrum. There was something else.”

“An explosion full of contained rage?”

Levi straightened up. Erwin’s words held a double meaning. When he nodded looking at Erwin.


“Then you know what has to be done.” Erwin patted Levi’s shoulder and left.

“I’ll get it” Armin yelled from the couch.  When he opened the door he couldn’t believe his eyes.  The famous professional tennis player, Levi Ackerman, was standing inches away. Eren and him idolized him since there childhood days.  When he found out Eren was going to try to get Levi as his coach when the news broke out that he was recruiting a pupil he almost fainted. The idea of his best friend being in close proximity with his idol was unreal.  He was bummed out when Levi rejected him but his excitement resurfaced when Levi recruited Mikasa.

“Good afternoon” Levi replied.

“Who was it - ” Eren dropped books he was carrying when he spotted Levi.

“W-what are you doing here?” he managed to ask.

“I wish to speak to Mikasa. Is she home?”

Armin shook his head. He was unable to release any words.  

“I guess I’ll come another time.”

“Wait!” Eren yelled. Levi curious looked at him.

“Please don’t give up on Mikasa” he begged.

“She threw a tennis racket at me" Levi defended.

Armin nervous started to scratch his head already aware of what transpired between the two.

“She mentioned it…. Sorry Mikasa is just too overprotective” Armin added.

“I can prepare some tea. If you stay we can tell you more about her and why she reacted so aggressively.”

Levi sighed and accepted.

“I see” Levi said drinking the last portion of the tea he had left.

“So you can imagine why she is very attached to us. As if witnessing her parent’s death wasn’t bad enough she relived it with my mother.”

Eren explained struggling on his last words.

“Mikasa never returned to her cheerful childhood self. She became our unconditional protector instead. When I was bullied, she’d retaliate and it was never a pretty sight. It got to the point people feared her name.” Armin chimed in giving Eren a moment to recover from the disturbing memories of his mother’s death.

“She isn’t fond of anyone who would hurt her friends” Armin added.

Levi wanted to learn more but ended up not prying. He could see Eren restless after bringing his mother’s death.

“Thank you. I should get going.”

Armin and Eren nodded.


Levi felt there was something he needed to make right before he walked through their home’s door. Listening to their past hit a nerve.


“I didn’t reject you because you were horrible. In fact you are better than most professional players. However, you still haven’t reached your full potential. If I had accepted you I would have done more harm than good. I’ve seen it many times. Train harder and you’ll get there.”

“T-Thank you sir.”

Levi nodded and left pleased.

Hanji was frustrated grading papers. She couldn’t believe how poor her students were doing in her class. She knew most struggled as she is pushing their limits but that semester was worse. She warned them the first day her class was intense with no room to slack off.

“Professor Zoe?”


Hanji was thankful for her student’s visit. She needed a break from her disappointment.

“I came to return these” Mikasa said putting a new pair of tennis shoes on her desk.

“Something wrong with them?”

Hanji was confused. She had bought them as a present when she heard of Mikasa’s scholarship award. She was a friend of Mikasa’s mom. When she heard of her friend’s death she felt compelled to always keep an eye on Mikasa. Though she wasn’t always success; she tried her best.

“I‘m quitting tennis and my scholarship.”

“Wait what?! What the hell did that damn prick do to you?!”

Hanji slammed her desk loud.

“I threw a tennis bracket at him” Mikasa responded.

“You did what? Why?!”

“We had an argument and something he said triggered me. Before I could stop myself I reacted.”

“Oh Mikasa” Hanji said gently.

“It’s ok. I told him I was quitting tennis anyways. Besides right now he must have reported me already.”

Mikasa rarely showed any emotion except when she was upset. But Hanji could see right through it.

“Sit down” she invited. Mikasa complied taking the empty chair.

“Have I ever mentioned I’ve known that jerk face for years?”

Mikasa shook her head.

“Well I have and we’re good friends.  Believe me when I say he isn’t the villain the world puts him as. Sure he acts like it often. But for those who have known him as long as I have know he has a gentle side. Talk to him because the Levi I know hasn’t reported you. You need to apologize too.”

“I can’t” Mikasa muttered staring at the floor.

“You can’t or you don’t want to?“

Mikasa stayed quite. Hanji was glad she was at least thinking about it.

”How about this. Hold on to these shoes until next week okay?”

“You’re tough to find.”

Levi took the empty swing next to Mikasa who was swinging lightly.

“What are you doing here” she asked in a neutral manner. He was content she wasn’t out to pick a fight like in their first practice.

“I talked to your friends.”

Mikasa quickly stopped and looked at him.  

“They told me everything” he said.

“You had no right-”

“Let me be your coach” he interrupted her. He expected her get insulted with his intrusion but it was important to be honest. This time he was going to get control of the conversion to avoid any negative confrontation.

From Mikasa’s body language he was aware his request caught of her guard.

“Did you forget what happened?”

“No. That’s exactly why I want to be your coach.” He replied with no signs of hesitation. He wanted Mikasa to know he was serious. She shifted her eyes to the ground. He stayed in silence to give her room.

“I was wrong turning to violence but that doesn’t mean I was dishonest. What you did to Eren wasn’t cool.”

“You’re right. It wasn’t the best way to handle it.”

Mikasa briefly jumped. She looked at him in disbelief he just confessed to being wrong.

“I don’t want to be your coach because I want to fix you. You’ve had a fucked life and nothing I do will change that. I can’t magically wash away your rage. What I can do is help you channel it to the sport I know you care.”

“I-I don’t know” she said. He could hear doubt and that was his queue to keep going.

“My mother was my everything. Whenever someone dared mention her name I’d go berserk. I am aware she wasn’t a saint but I understood why she made questionable decisions. She did them so I can have a chance.”

“Was?” She took interest even if she wasn’t sure why he suddenly started sharing part of his personal life.

He nodded.

“Mmhm. She was murdered by my abusive step father. I was so devastated that I decided to act on my own accord.  I bought a gun and threatened him. I was going to shoot him until someone got in the way.  This person tried to talk me out of it but I refused to listen.  The last straw was when this person said my mother wouldn’t approve my actions. I lost it and I pulled the trigger.  Luckily I missed and this person bargained with me. I essentially was asked to give up my soul to not get in trouble with the law and here I am. That bastard Erwin made me into the tennis player I am today. He didn’t change me, instead he helped me find a better use to my darkness.”

During his story Levi didn’t notice when Mikasa started to shed tears. He was touched.

“My last coach said I was a lost cause” she said hiding her pain behind her hair.

“If you are ¼ as stubborn as me then I don’t doubt it. Good thing I don’t want to change you. See you at 7:00 AM sharp in tennis shoes?”

Mikasa nodded.


Levi left smiling knowing he made the right decision.

Sunflower Petals (2)

Word Count: 3,426

The next day there was an abrupt knock at the door and I didn’t hesitate before flinging it open. “Good morning Savannah,” Shawn smiled.
“Morning” I replied as I stood back so he could walk through. He stopped at the sunflower and held a few petals between his fingers and smiled, before dropping his hand and walking through to the living room. 
I closed the door behind me and followed. “So, the plan for today” He began to say as he sat down on the sofa. “As you’ve stated several times we are practically strangers and it’s about time that changed.” He stood up and walked over to me. “Today, I’m going to show you my world.”

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What’s the Opposite of Fake Dating?

So, I got this idea stuck in my head because I love fake dating stories. I’m always so invested like omgggg are these idiots going to get together or whaaaat (spoiler alert: they always do). But I wanted to try it backwards. So I challenged myself to write a story where they are actually together but have to fake that they’re not (I’d seen a few prompts like that floating around, but came up with my own scenario).

Summary: Drunk and married in Vegas is another plot I love, so I added that one in here, too! Basically, Emma & Killian get married but then worry their families won’t approve, so they pretend to their families that they just met. Hope you like it?

Rating: T (swearing, sexual references)

Word Count: 4.8K

Emma Swan did not like clichés.

So imagine her disgust when she woke up Sunday morning to realize she’d become one. She’d gone to Vegas for a perfectly respectable purpose – a work conference – and yet she’d ended up getting fantastically drunk, meeting a gorgeous wonderful amazing man, having gloriously satisfying sex with him through more than half the night, and then – idiot she was – marrying the bastard at 3 am at a drive-through chapel on the Las Vegas strip. Yeah, she went to Nevada to hone her managerial skills and she ended up becoming a fucking trope.

This was crazy, crazy, crazy. She did not let people in. She was not a romantic – she’d find a guy at a bar, head to a bathroom or a bedroom or a fucking broom closet, take what she needed, give an orgasm or two in return, and then bolt. She never, ever spent the night. No, the last man she spent the night with had been hired to do so to keep track of her (psychotic family members were the worst). And the only other man she’d spent the night with had been in the back of a VW Bug and he’d left her to take the fall for his crime the next morning, soooo.

Emma was a runner, and with good reason.

Yet here she lay, still in bed with the man she’d “gone home with” (married) the night before, the sun rising through the thousand windows of one of many honeymoon suites in the tropical-themed resort in the middle of the goddamn desert. She lay here, cuddled up to the man like a needy teenager – with absolutely zero desire to run far away. No, she wanted to stay. She craved this man’s presence like oxygen – which really is more of a need than a craving, but that’s not the point, OK? The point is she’s lying in a honeymoon suite, a silver band firmly wrapped around her left hand ring finger signifying her recent wedding to a fucking stranger and instead of being disappointed in herself or horrified or mentally calculating how much money and time it would take to get this shit annulled, like now, she was thinking how she should probably order them some breakfast and start the coffee before he wakes up.

Emma Swan has found herself married to a stranger in Vegas, has fallen into the plot of a goddamn sitcom, and even worse: she’s OK with it.

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Awkward Plane Rides ~Baekhyun~

So I was about to post it like five minutes ago, but Tumblr wanted to be annoying and delete the request, which is why I’m not posting it directly from the request. Luckily though, I still had the actual scenario written and I just posted it out like this. Enjoy ~Admin S

You stared out the window and watched as people ran all around the airplane, making sure everything was in its place. You saw a large vehicle drive over to the place, carrying all the luggage. Then you watched as a couple men started unloading the bags from the vehicle and onto the plane.

You then turned your attention away from the window and just leaned back, listening to the music flowing from your earbuds, Don’t Go by your favorite group, EXO.

But then, you felt someone shake your shoulders, causing you to look up.

“Is this seat taken?” asked the person.

You had to blink a few times for the fact to register that the person talking to you right now was none other than EXO’s Baekhyun.

You cleared your throat and shook your head. “Go ahead,” you said.

He smiled a little and threw his bag on the floor before sitting down in the seat beside you. He looked down and swiftly clicked his seat belt into place then sat back, looking relaxed.

You on the other hand, were beginning to slowly lose your ability to function like a proper human being.

This was Baekhyun from EXO for crying out loud. You were a huge EXO fan in general, but it just so happened that Baekhyun was your bias as well.

“Hey, what are you listening to?” Baekhyun asked you, pointing down at your iPod.

You didn’t want to admit that you were listening to EXO, only because you felt like if you did that, he would be a little creeped out. The last thing you wanted was for him to think you were a crazed fan.

“Just a favorite group of mine,” you answered.


“No one you probably know.”

Baekhyun chuckled. “I might know them. What’s their name?”

You opened your mouth to answer him, but nothing came out as the pilot began speaking, announcing that they were about to take off.

You let out a sigh of relief as Baekhyun turned his attention to the safety demonstrations. That was a close one.


Throughout the entire ride, you tried your best to not stare at Baekhyun. Because, if you stared at Baekhyun, you wouldn’t stop. And if you didn’t stop, he’d think you’re a freak,

But Baekhyun didn’t help at all, because he seemed to enjoy leaning over you every once in a while to point at the window. A part of you was happy to have the window seat, just so you’d have something to look at to waver your attention away from Baekhyun. But it seemed that Baekhyun quite enjoyed the window as well, so he was always trying to look at it.

“Hey.” Baekhyun tapped your shoulder. “Have you ever heard of EXO?”

You raised your eyebrows as if you had never heard of such a thing. “No,” you replied. “What is that?”

Baekhyun frowned. “Nevermind.” He pulled out his phone and earbuds, plugging them in so that he could listen to some of EXO’s songs.

You turned your attention away from him and stared out the window. It was night time, so you really couldn’t see anything interesting out there, but you still stared.

“Hey.” Baekhyun tapped your shoulder again.

When you turned to face him, you saw that he was holding out one of his earbuds. “Listen to this,” he instructed.

You already knew what he was doing, but you still didn’t refuse. Instead, you took the earbud from him and put it into your ear.

Suddenly, you heard My Lady by EXO playing in your ear. Your favorite song by them.

You tried to hide the grin forming on your lips, since it always found its way out whenever you listened to this particular song. Something about the beat, the words, the vocals about this song just put it above every other EXO song. And every time you heard it, you couldn’t help but sing along.

As you struggled to keep your mouth shut while listening, Baekhyun felt a little victorious on the inside. “If you know the words,,” he whispered. “Sing along.”

“I don’t,” you assured him.

“Really? Doesn’t seem like it.”

This kid. He always seemed to find a way to have things happen his way.

“I may have heard one of their songs before,” you lied. “A friend of mine must’ve played it for me before or something. Multiple times. That’s the only reason why I know it.”

“Are you sure?”



“You think I’m lying?”

“Well, I don’t think you’re telling the truth.” Baekhyun smirked and pulled the earbud away. “But if you really have never listened to EXO before, I suggest you do. They’re pretty decent if you ask me.”

You only bit your lip to keep the smile from forming on your lips.


Once the plane ended, you were both relieved and sad. You didn’t have to deal with Baekhyun’s teasing on one end, but then again, you secretly loved it and didn’t want it to end.

Baekhyun was the first to get up. He threw his bag over his shoulder and stared down at you once more, grinning slightly. “Can you do me a favor?” he asked.

You shrugged. “Depends. What is it?”

“Go home today and listen to five EXO songs. Then,” He paused and reached into his pocket for a small piece of paper. Then, he held it out to you and continued, “Text this number and tell me exactly what you think of them.”

You were surprised. Baekhyun had just given you his number. His real, personal number, and he told you to text him.

“Oh and by the way,” He stepped out into the aisle. Then, he pointed at your hand and said, “Nice EXO bracelet you have there.”

Your eyes widened as you looked down at the bracelet on your wrist. Indeed, it was an EXO bracelet. It had Baekhyun’s name on it, as well as his superpower symbol on the side. “Crap,” you muttered.

Baekhyun only laughed and waved as he began to walk away. “I’ll be waiting for your text!”

anonymous asked:

Scenario of Law, Zoro, Smoker, and Doflamingo's s/o teasing them please (◍•ڡ•◍)❤ ah your writing is amazing by the way!

{ thanks you so much! hope you’ll like this one! }


(Name) giggled upon expression on the surgeon’s face. He wasn’t blushing…yet, but (Name) was on good way to achieve their goal and bring some color to his cheeks. For now they had to settle for deep scowl on handsome face of their boyfriend. 

“Oh, come on!” They smiled mischievously. “I know what I saw. That was definitely nice display of jealousy, Mr. Trafalgar.” (Name)’s hands intertwined behind their back while their body moved closer to Law. 

The pirate sent them deadly glare. It wasn’t even caused by the fact he was obviously being teased, but what made them act they way he did. There was a man on the island their submarine docked in who decided to flirt with his s/o. At first he just watched them, (Name) laughed at his jokes, but soon they started to feel uncomfortable, they still tried to smile and act as if nothing were wrong, but Law could tell that they’ve been  starting to feel scared. When the stranger reached hand to cup (Name)’s face his arm moved on its own and in matter of seconds bared blade of nodachi stopped inches from the man’s neck. 

Fortunately the Casanova got a hint.

And what is he getting in return? 

Yeah, teasing.

“I learnt some tricks from you.” He decided to play along. After all he was much better at this.

“I didn’t point nodachi at anyone hitting on you.”

“You don’t have nodachi.”

“I could have used yours.”

“I think it’s a bit too heavy for you.” Law flashed them a victorious and unbelievably sexy smirk referring to the time when (Name) tried to lift his sword, but failed miserably. 

(Name) pursed lips and felt their face heat up. 

“Are you bullying me?” Their back straightened and they looked at him proudly in attempt of regaining their composure. 

Another smug smile.

“You shouldn’t tease anyone, it can come back to you.” He wasn’t even trying playfulness in his scolding. 

They didn’t want to hear that from the biggest tease they’ve ever met

“You’re not the one to talk!” (Name) exclaimed only to hear another wit remark. , 

They would spend another day on meaningless bickering if (Name) didn’t press their lips against Law’s ones successfully shutting him up. For once they wanted to have the last word. 


“Are you late because you got lost again?” (Name) asked, their eyes sparkling with mischief.

“I didn’t get lost. They gave me wrong directions.” Zoro growled taking off his shirt before heading to the bathroom.

“I guess you’re right. There are only four rooms in here. Only a person with no sense of direction would get lost.” (Name) had no mercy and just rolled on the bed they shared enjoying themselves.

There was no answer from the swordsman. His partner couldn’t see it, but his face was decorated with faint blush. It wasn’t his fault. People never were detailed with their directions and then they blamed him for having trouble with finding the right spot. 

“Zoro? Are you here?” (Name) got off the bed and leaned on the bathroom door frame watching their boyfriend performing his routine. “I thought you got lost again.”

“I didn’t give you directions after all.” They added almost choking on suppressed laughter.

“Oi, what’s you problem (Name)?” Zoro looked at them annoyed. “I always come back to you anyway.”

(Name) gaped at them before smiling brightly again. They came to Zoro and hugged him from behind still smiling like idiot. For a dork with no sense of direction he could say the sweetest things. 

Smoker (omg sorry idk how Smoker works I need to rewatch his scenes or smh is it even teasing btw):

The marine sent them deadly glare. “I have work to do.”

“I have work to do.” (Name) tried to mimic his grumpy voice.

This time he didn’t even grace them with stern glare. Only kept on scribbling on the paper. (Name) took the blank page, a pen and copied his actions. 

They understood that Smoker was a busy man, but it was the whole week since they had a proper conversation. As much as they respected his work and were prepared for being sometimes left behind because of his duties the predicament they were in was ridiculous. They still slept in the same bed, saw each other every day, but there was no contact between them neither verbal nor physical. It was cruel, much more than if Smoker was away. (Name) was bearing with it, it was this time of year when paperwork was engulfing for their partner. But they couldn’t tolerate this anymore, screw lack of attention, Smoker was just overworking himself.

The air in the room grew thick, even if they didn’t say a word atmosphere was filled with negative thoughts. (Name) almost snapped again, but Smoker was first to speak.

“You’re acting childish, (Name).” He leaned back in the chair and folded arms staring intensely at his s/o. 

“You’re acting childish, (Name).” They repeated and leaned back as well crossing arms on their chest. While Smoker’s eyes were stern but calm, (Name)’s remained cold and furious. 

He knew that he wasn’t playing fair, (Name) didn’t deserve such treatment and he…he was missing them too. He was leaving early in the morning and coming back at night to cuddle with their sleeping form. That wasn’t enough for both of them. 

“It won’t take you anywhere.” Smoker didn’t blame his boy/girl for acting they way they did, but he was determined to finish the paperwork crap he hated with all his might as fast as he could to be able to be here for his s/o. 

“I think it works. Look, you’re talking to me.” Their voice was venomous making Smoker feel even ore guilty. He really wasn’t the best with showing his soft side, but (Name) usually was able to see through his intimidating facade. He had to fuck up if they were angry with him now. 

His eyes shifted to the clock hanging on the wall. It was past midnight. He looked back at pile of documents. Huge pile of documents which brought scowl on his face. He just wanted to be done with this crap. Then, his eyes met angry face of his s/o and it became clear that he needed to change tactic. 

“Go back to bed. If I won’t come in ten minutes you can be as childish as you want.” 

They both needed to get rid of tension growing between them in last days. 

Fashion victim with emotional baggage Doffu:

”(Name)” Doflamingo said in low voice, almost a growl. His partner disappeared behind another turn of corridor so fast that he could spot only glimpse of his pink feather coat. His s/o decided to be mean today and decided to entertain him a bit with hide and seek game. They didn’t bother with asking Doflamingo about this though. (Name) just appeared in front of them, put the most adorable and innocent smile on their lovely face and asked if they can try on his coat. 

The pirate wrapped the cloth around their smaller frame watching with satisfaction how the piece of material covers his partner body. They looked so fragile and defenseless in way too huge coat. He wanted to see them like that more often. 

But before he could do anything (Name) turned around and started to run nearly tripping over too large coat. Doflamingo was too surprised to react properly. He found himself letting his guard down around (Name) very often, but it didn’t bother him. His lips curved in a wicked smirk at their antics, after all they were giving him room for punishing them so he couldn’t really complain.

He was even more surprised when (Name) had proven themselves to be quite demanding opponent. They spent nearly half of day teasing him with showing within reach of his sight to disappear quickly. Amusement slowly turned into impatience and he didn’t hide it. 

He was done. Time to take things seriously. 

He passed through the corridor (Name) ran in focusing on every sound. He could hear silent footsteps and soft shuffling of material. Weird, the sound was getting louder instead of getting away. He looked around and couldn’t hold a sneer . Seems like (Name) reached a dead end. Well, well…this part of palace was rarely attended and he was going to take advantage of this.

Suddenly something bumped into him, his eyes traveled down only to see their partner’s troubled face. Damn, they looked so fuckable adorable in his coat. Before (Name) could fix their mistake and at least back down huge hands lifted them and pinned against the wall. 

“It took you long enough to catch me and take your coat.” They tried to sound confident and teasingly, but their voice shook because they didn’t feel confident at all. Instead they could feel that wonderful feeling of excitement on the verge of fear. The look on Doflamingo’s face would make everyone shudder and forget tongue in mouth. 

The pirate’s grin grew wider as he leaned and let wet tongue slid against shell of (Name)’s ear before whispering in his s/o ear.

“I’d be more motivated…” He pulled back so his eyes could meet (Names)’s ones from behind his shades. “…if you didn’t wear this crap underneath it.” He pulled on their shirt. 

Time to make amends.

Bad Date: A Spencer Reid Imagine

A/N: This is a request for a bad first date, and calling Reid to bail Y/N out. - Fuckeree 

Rating: 14A

Warnings: None that I can think of


First dates were like a global snowball. They started off something little, exciting and mysterious, and soon started to grow. They became blind dates, make or breaks, hook ups and throw aways, but to you, they were still something to take pride in. 

As you stand in front of the mirror, tugging at your dress and desperately trying to convince yourself to breath slower, not to panic, you nervously glance at your phone. 

The last time that thing had went off, it had been Spencer, and you’d shut him down on his offer to watch movies together. Now that sat deep in your stomach, almost as deep as the want to throttle the owner of the car that was honking incessantly out front of your apartment. 

It was irritating, there was no way you could find your first date mantra with whoever thought it was kind to slam on their car’s wheel over and over. 

You tuck a loose strand of hair back into place, slip your phone into your bag, and head for the front door. May as well wait for your date outside, there was just as much peace there as there was in your home. 

Your legs shake as you take the stairs, tempted to throw yourself down them to avoid the anxiety that the thought this get together was causing you. 

The streets are already dark, the lights casting shadows against the walls and the cars that litter all around you. You duck out onto the sidewalk and cast a look around, you knew who he was, and you knew what he looked like, but to see him in the flesh once again gave you goosebumps. 

It wasn’t just the fact that you could see his disheveled hair and angst ridden green eyes, it was the fact that he was the one banging on the horn. 

“Kyle? Hi” you paste on a smile as he jumps, startled, and finally lets the honk die out. “Hey! I didn’t know if you’d heard me, so I just kinda kept.. Annoying, I know. It’s really great to see you again, and you look beautiful. Climb in”. 

He brushes a plastic bag off of the seat and it falls heavily to the floor. The car groans as you open the door and slide down onto the cold, cracked leather. 

“Do you want me to grab that bag for you?” you tuck your feet in between a lunch box and a bag of garbage, and he smiles gratefully. “That would be awesome, sorry about the mess, my sister borrowed the car last night”. 

You lean over to grab the bag, and can’t help but notice the box straining against the plastic as you pick it up. 

“Your sister must be a better safe than sorry type” you joke, handing him the bag, and his grin turns to one with more hints of mischief and less of embarrassment. 

“Oh sweetheart, my sister’s pregnant” you drop the not-so-well hidden box of condoms onto his lap before he can get a grip on them, and stammer for the right words to say. 

“Congratulations to her” you finally spit out, and he winks as he checks over his shoulder, and screams out of the parking spot, cutting off a truck and speeding down your road, weaving in and out of traffic. 

His driving was almost enough to make you feel like the date had been one on America’s Worst Driver, and your knuckles are white with the death grip you have on the door handle. 

“Don’t do car rides well?” he laughs as you gnaw at your lip and shake your head. 

“Not really” you say against gritted teeth, and he cranks the wheel to the left and slides into a parking lot with the grace of a stampede. “Here we are, you said that you liked Mexican food, right?”. 

You stare up at the Taco Bell sign, and nod, eyes wide at the fact that you’re wearing a semi-formal dress. 

“Well that’s good, cause I couldn’t date a girl who doesn’t like Taco Bell, but we’re actually going over there” he points across the parking lot to a nice, quiet, hole-in-the-wall restaurant. 

“Either would have been great” you say, not wanting to cause a rift in the night this early in. You pick up your heeled feet and duck your head as he opens the door for you and offers you a hand. 

He pulls you up, and into his chest, where he looks down at you and smiles. He smells incredible, and you have to stem yourself from putting your head on his chest as he snakes his hand down your side and grabs a handful of your ass.

The elderly couple coming out of the shop next door to the restaurant stare, the woman shakes her head and the man pulls her farther aside. 

Ass grabs weren’t usually bad things, but you were worried that you may have offended them in some way. It was in your nature to worry about things like that, put other people before yourself. 

He smirks at the look of shock on your face, before pressing a sloppy kiss to your lips. “God you’re a hot piece of ass” he growls, turning towards the diner, and you push a smile. 

“But I’m starving, let’s go hot legs” he gives your butt a slight smack as you walk ahead of him, stemming your embarrassment. 

You hold the door for him, and he strides in and across the dining area, leaving you behind to hold the door for another group of patrons as he disappears into the crowd of heads. 

When you finally get a break in the flow of people and can slip inside, the waitress outright laughs at you, and points to your outfit. “What, did your guy promise caviar and only have the wallet for crap?”. 

Fighting back the urge to tell her exactly what was on the tip of your tongue, you shake your head. 

“Oh no, he didn’t promise me anything good” you throw your head up and stomp across the room with confidence in your step, and frustration beginning to boil in your veins as you finally find him, talking with another girl, at a booth. 

“Hey, look who finally stopped pushing wheelchairs and actually came to eat. I hope you’re not that slow later” he winks as the other young lady shakes her head and turns back to the group of friends she has with her. 

“Oh believe me, finishing fast is not  hobby of mine” with shaking hands, you pick up the menu and start to scan over it, ignoring the way he stares at you. 

“You know, it’s not very polite to talk to a guy that way, not when he’s taking you out to spend a night with him, and offering a good fu-”. 

“Excuse me! Hi, sorry to bother you, but can I please get water? Thank you” you couldn’t sit there and listen to him finish that sentence, so instead you flag down a waitress and make the best of her being so close by. 

“Of course darlin’, are you ready to order too?” you’re desperate to keep her here so that you don’t have to listen to him go on about sex and proper behaviour. 

“I am if he is” you say, grinning brilliantly up at her, and he just nods. “Burger with extra bacon and a Coke” he picks at his teeth with one of the many toothpicks he apparently has stashed in his pants pocket, and you falter at his lack of manners, and his tone. 

“I would like the chicken Parmesan sandwich, please and thank you”  he snorts as you order, and you stare at him. 

“What’s so funny?” it’s not enough that he’s staring at you with amusement, but now he’s genuinely laughing. 

“I just thought you’d want something like salad.. Or less messy, you know, dress and figure and all”. You don’t think it’s possible to be driven any crazier, and you shake your head, clutching the purse that sits beside you on your seat. 

“Nope, guess I maintained some appetite, I’ll be right back” knowing where the bathroom was was a necessity, and you’re glad that you made a mental note of it before you’d sat down with him. 

“Hurry back, I don’t wanna sit here and eat alone, the happy hour at the bar is going to be over soon and I don’t want to pay full price for drinks either”. 

You could understand not wanting to go broke paying for alcohol, but actually telling your date to hurry so you didn’t have to spend extra money on them wasn’t the smartest thing he’d said, but it wasn’t the dumbest either. 

Practically jogging into the toilet, you dig around in your bag and almost cry out with happiness when you remember that your phone is in there, and not back on the table with him. 

Scrambling to unlock it and scroll through your contacts, Spencer’s name was like a beacon in the dark, and you press it eagerly. 

It takes a few rings before he actually answers, and you talk quickly.

“Spence, it’s me, it’s Y/N, and I need your help right now before I shoot him”

“Shoot who? Calm down, slow down, what’s going on?” his voice is tired and you struggle to spit everything out in a proper sentence. 

“Kyle, I’m on my first date with him, and it’s awful. He’s so rude and cocky and I may just be being too emotional or touchy but I can’t stand this, I need you. I’m at the diner down in the plaza by Taco Bell”. 

He chuckles as you press your hand to your forehead, and you breathe a sigh of relief when he finally answers. 

“I’m actually at that Taco Bell, hold on, I’m coming. Wait outside the bathroom and I’ll meet you there” you know you don’t have that much time, so you stage a plan and you make it quick. 

“I can’t wait in here, but how about I go back to the table, and you just pretend to bump into me. Okay?” you can almost hear the wheels turning in his brain as he disagrees. 

“No no, he’ll get too much time that way. Listen, I’m actually coming in right now, I told them to hold my order and made my way across the parking lot. Start walking out of the bathroom, go to the counter”. 

The click on the other end of the line signals hope and freedom, and you stuff your phone back into your purse, plaster on a smile and head out of the bathroom. Spencer’s walking toward the counter now, and you go the long way round, pretending to just run into him. 

“Oh my god, Spencer! Hi! It’s funny seeing you” you play the excitement and genuine surprise really well, and he picks up on it. 

“Wow, Y/N, you look amazing. What are you doing here in such a beautiful outfit? I was just gunna grab a milkshake and head out, are you with someone?”. He gestures with his head over your shoulder, and you turn around just in time for Kyle to place a heavy hand on your shoulder. 

“She is actually, I’m Kyle, Kyle Bordon, and you are?” his voice drips with fake kindness, and you cringe. 

“I’m Spencer Reid, I work with Y/N, we’ve been friends for a long time. Are you on a date or just dinner?”. You throw yourself out there so that you can answer first, and avoid listening to Kyle. 

“Dinner, date, I really am not one hundred percent at this point. I could die for a milkshake though, do you mind if I stay up here and get one Kyle?”. 

His grip tightens, and you try to pull out from under it, but you can’t. “We’re actually on our first date, and I do mind, you can order one back at the booth, but dinner’s coming and you’ll see Spencer tomorrow”. 

He tries to pull you back, but Spencer makes a fake move and grabs for your hand, admiring your ring, and pulling you away from Kyle’s hand. 

“This is absolutely gorgeous, is this the one you said your grandma was gifting to you? It’s incredibly well crafted. I don’t mind if you stay, but I can’t seem to remember your favourite flavour.. Uh, Kyle, Kyle can you help me out with this?”. 

Kyle glares down at him, and puts his fist down on the counter, nodding. “Vanilla’s her favourite, but like I said, she can get it at our booth”. 

You shake your head and laugh, “I’m allergic to the extract they put in their vanilla shakes here silly, my favourite is actually Nutella and peanut butter”. 

“I didn’t know that, but still, that can be ordered from the table” you put your order in alongside Spence’s, and smile up at Kyle. 

“You must have just forgotten, but that’s cool. It’s not like you’d forget my favourite colour, or favourite dinner, or favourite movie, not after spending so much time together. This is our first date after all, an allergy is nothing”. 

He bites the bait that you swing in front of his nose, and you fight down a smile as he tries to answer, full of confidence. 

“Of course, an allergy is nothing compared to blue, spaghetti or The Vow, is it?”. 

Spencer breaks the awkward silence that fills the air after Kyle finishes spitting out all the wrong answers. “Wow Kyle boy, you’re really shooting for the moon on this date, eh? I’m sure an allergy is nothing compared to purple, or chicken parm, or.. Now this is the kicker, an allergy that could kill her would have nothing against The Breakfast Club”. 

Your milkshake comes, and you absentmindedly sip from it, while you stare up at Kyle. 

“I.. I didn’t know.. I must have forgotten when I got all flustered that this guy showed up”. 

“Well then you don’t really know what you’re talking about, do ya? You know what, don’t even answer that, I’m going to take this milkshake, take her dinner, and take her and we’re going to go far away from you, your trashy comments and your cheap condoms, that she’s also allergic to, because I bet you bought latex. Goodbye Kyle, study up next time”. 

He grips your hand, and takes the box that he had quietly asked the waitress to put your dinner in, and smiles as he pulls you out the front door and into the parking lot. 

“You remembered all of those things about me.. And you made it look badass!” he smiles down at you as you grip his hand tightly. 

“I wouldn’t pretend to be a knight if I couldn’t save the princess”. 

Anonymous asked: So what if Cas asked Dean to explain what a soulmate was because for whatever reason he had heard about them and “that’s not something they told us about in heaven, Dean” and then cuteness and realization ensues and idk. P.S. I love you

Author’s note: I had some time to squeeze in something simple and fluffy today, and your prompt was perfect for that. ;)

Dean lightly knocked on the door of Cas’ room, patiently waiting for an answer. The oldest Winchester was mildly worried, seeing as this kind of behavior was very unlike Castiel. Usually, the former angel would hang out with either Dean or Sam throughout the day, or at least entertain himself with one of the many secrets well-hidden in the Men of Letters bunker.

Today however, Cas had disappeared into his bedroom directly after breakfast, and Dean hadn’t seen him since. Strange. Castiel had never been subtle about the fact that he enjoyed being around Dean, which is why Dean felt like something was off today.

When there was no answer, Dean knocked again.

This time, a startled “Oh, come in” sounded from the other side of the door.

Dean frowned, but cautiously entered.

He found his friend sitting in the middle of the comfortable bed, leaning back against the pillow propped up against the headboard, a book resting in his lap.

“Hello, Dean.” Cas greeted, smiling warmly at him.

Dean loved this particular smile, because he’d come to notice something about it; it was the genuine smile that made Cas’ nose scrunch and his eyes crinkle, and the best part was that he only ever used that magical smile on Dean.

“Are you alright there, buddy?” Dean asked to make sure as he leaned against the doorframe, even though it looked like Cas was doing just fine. “Haven’t seen you around all day.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Dean. I found this book in our library last night, and I got caught up in it and lost track of time.” He answered, now closing the book and placing it on the bed beside him so that he could give Dean his undivided attention. “It’s a story about love, and heartbreak… and love. It’s very complex though, and I’m having some trouble understanding some of the emotions that these humans are showing, as well as their beliefs.”

The clueless look in Cas’ eyes could only be described as endearing, and it made Dean feel something warm and unfamiliar in his gut.

“It’s interesting, but complicated.” Cas murmured as an afterthought.

“Yeah well, even I think that humans are complicated sometimes, and I’ve been one of them all my life.” Dean joked to lighten the mood, winking at Cas as he shrugged away from the door and casually took a few steps closer to the bed.

Castiel gave Dean a thoughtful look. “I have a question, Dean.”

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It wasn’t Gavin’s fault, really. He couldn’t have known the switch would malfunction, or that the slight disruption would cause a much too large spark in his opinion. He also couldn’t have had any idea that the spark would have been big enough hit the bomb and start the detonator’s countdown. So it really wasn’t Gavin that was going to blow up the building ten minutes early with both he and Michael still inside interrogating members of another crew. He repeated this to himself as he sprinted down the hallway, leaving the boss tied to the chair next to a very, very large explosive.

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The Last Gold (Taehyung) Part Two

Summary: In this world everyone has a soulmate. The day you are born you receive a bracelet. When it turns black you’ve come into contact with your soulmate–only thing is, one of you will eventually have to die by the other’s hand.

HEYA! So this is a spinoff of the bracelets series. You can really read them in any order if you want to–but the entire first series is here:  One /Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven

Also, both series will still have the female lead being called Y/N in their own featured piece. They are not the same person. This is just purely to make this kind to whichever the reader is attached to.

WARNINGS: Blood, cursing, gang wars and crap like that, sadness

Parts: One / Three

She was slow to realize the consequences of her touch, only when he refused to look away from his bracelet did she finally take the hint. Any words she had died in her throat, lips parted as if she actually could speak as her eyes slid from his face to the bracelet on his wrist. As if to confirm what she already knew, her hands came up slowly, cupping his forearm gently though her gaze was suddenly locked on her own blackened bracelet. He removed his hand from her chin with little resistance to her touch, though he remained standing close to her. She looked lost in the headlights, rooted into place by the mere fact that they were now, in their world, the definition of soulmates.

“Why are you here?” He tried to soften his voice, but it came out raspy, quick, and agitated despite himself. She couldn’t figure out where she was–she was simply a human being frozen in the shock of time; he’d never seen someone more confused about their place in the world.

But her lips moved nonetheless, absently answering his demands. “I wanted to find my brother. I heard–I heard he might be here.” Her eyes lifted from her bracelet to him, as if stating her reason for standing in front of him had brought her out of her head somehow.

“He’s in Bulletproof. We haven’t joined with them yet.” He deadpanned.

Her eyes seemed to widen and lose all their color while her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. She became three sizes smaller within the span of 10 seconds. She had an exaggerated way of reacting to things; it almost reminded him of an anime Jungkook had made him watch a while back. “My sister sent me; she said I could find him here.” She refused to look at him, pouting at his shoes instead. He would have found the gesture cute, if he wasn’t already travelling back into his recent memories of this girl’s sister.

“I know someone like you–except for she doesn’t have fear towards finding her soulmate, in fact, she wants to love him. Sisters you know, we can be alike but so different.”

Crow set him up. Crow set both of them up.

How the hell did she even know?

He grabbed her wrist, yanking her in front of him. When she didn’t immediately get the hint he wanted her to walk, he kicked his heel lightly against the back of her ankles, clicking his tongue. “Come on now, move.” He ordered, nodding to the expanse of sidewalk ahead of them.

“You’re not going to kill me?” She whispered, stumbling forward with confusion in her footsteps. She kept craning her head over her shoulder to look at him, to get a better glance at his features–at the way he avoided her gaze by looking through her, the beading of sweat that had gathered at the nape of his neck, the way he bit his lip when she refused to look in front of her in favor of staring at him.

“Face forward–I’m not going to kill you. I came out here to do something; Namjoon’ll kill me if I don’t do as I was told.”

“Rapmonster?” She chuckled, noting his slipup and the way his step faltered for a second as she spoke. Namjoon’ll kill him for sure once he figured out he revealed his actual name to a stranger.

Not a stranger now, my soulmate.

“Not like you don’t know his real name.” He muttered under his breath, pushing her forward to disguise his mistake. He wanted to keep her in front of him, like hell he was going to let her walk behind him; he didn’t trust her enough to show her his back. In the world of gangs and soulmates, giving the enemy your back meant absolute death–and they were now playing both games.

“Where are we going?” She was a lot louder than Jungkook’s soulmate had been, but even Jungkook’s was louder than Namjoon’s–their leader’s was just a lot more active. He’d never met Hoseok’s to do a proper comparison, but it turned out that as far as Taehyung knew, his was the most vocal; meaning she apparently didn’t know how to shut up. “Why aren’t you going to kill me? I would kill me if I were you–I mean come on, I know you met with Crow; you won’t stop staring at my tattoo with apprehension.  People only get like that when they know about us–or they’ve met her.”

“Quiet.” He used his free hand to rub at his temple–was this what it was like to live with him back before there was more black than gold? “I have to talk to Jin, and I’m not going to kill you because I don’t have a reason to; but, if you don’t shut up and I’ll have found a good enough one.” He muttered, determined to keep his eyes on the street ahead of her rather than on her body. He knew if he looked at her he would be screwed–he knew if he actually gave her the time of day he would lose all of his willpower.

If he looked at her he knew she would weasel her way into his heart as easy as it was for her to smile.

“Can I ask what your name is? All I know is that you’re not Namjoon.” Her voice was low, quiet probably out of fear that he actually would kill her if she opened her mouth. She seemed like a literal enough person. “My name is Y/N by the way–I don’t get a fancy nickname because I’m just property.”

He didn’t know if it was out of pity, or if it was because someone who called themselves property has probably experienced enough pain, but he felt his hand become lighter on her back. Instead of trailing behind her like a guard he slowly made his way up to her side. “V.” He said softly. “But, just call me Taehyung, I guess. You probably already knew my real name to begin with.”

He could feel her stare on the side of his face at his change in position, at the way that he kept his shoulder brushed behind hers to keep her ahead of him–still not trusting enough. He’d learned something at least from all of the black bracelets that littered the wrists of his gang members.

“Taehyung.” She said softly.

“Hm?” He didn’t look at her, only raised an eyebrow at the sidewalk.

“It’s a nice name.” He realized then that he liked the sound of her voice when she said his name, it was something that restarted a forgotten cavity in his heart–even though the echoes  of Jungkook’s screams as his soulmate dropped dead to the concrete reverberated through his brain.


He led her to the edge of the chain-link fence, pulling aside the clipped metal (thank Jungkook) first for himself, then tearing it back for her so she could slink up to his side. When they were both safely within the complex he pulled her along next to him, albeit gentler than before. When they approached the building, Taehyung wasn’t surprised to see Jimin guarding the steps to the side door; that specific entrance had been Jungkook’s favorite the past year–when he really decided to be a pain in the ass for Jin.

Or when he wanted to see remnants of her.

Jimin looked up from his splayed out position on the concrete stairs to the door, his elbows digging into his thighs as he haphazardly held his gun between lazy fingers. “What’re you doing here?” He muttered, not shifting from his relatively relaxed posture. His eyes flickered between her and Taehyung before finally zeroing in on the male’s bracelet, a low whistle escaping past his lips. “Well shit, not you too.” Jimin scrutinized the pair, noting the way the Taehyung leaned in slightly so his shoulder barely overlapped hers. As if that was enough protection if Jimin suddenly decided he was in a killing mood. “I’m the last one of us, huh?” He chuckled, waving his own golden bracelet in front of the pair. “Is that good news or bad news–wait,” He held out his palm to the pair, finding his own exhausted humor hilarious. “don’t answer that. I don’t know, and I don’t really care. Why are you here?”

“I want to see Jin. I have some new information he’s definitely going to want to hear.”

Jimin shrugged, scooting himself to the side just enough to allow them room to reach the door. He would have asked what happened to their old informant–but even he knew well enough that he was the cause of it. Jungkook would still be able to sneak in, give and steal information, and do as he’d always done if it wasn’t for Jimin knocking his gun to the side during their scuffle a year or so ago. Now Jungkook didn’t care about much of anything–so Taehyung was filling in the gaps until they could make the kid feel something for his team again.

Taehyung sidestepped around Jimin first, turning over his shoulder to watch her pass by the other male until they were both safely inside the door. Just because they were going to merge groups did not mean that he could trust Jimin, especially not with someone that was supposed to be his soulmate. Hell it didn’t mean he could even trust Jin–it would take time until the bond was deep enough that the groups would become inseparable, after all that had happened.

But they didn’t have time, Birdies and Butterflies was going to make sure of that.

Taehyung rounded the corner to the first stretch of hallway, briefly having flashbacks to when he was being dragged down the very same corridor bruised and bloody after being taken from his own dorm. He was quite the idiot back then, thinking that he could stop the inevitable power of the bracelets.

He passed the metal double doors of the last room she had ever entered, sparing it a quick glance before jerking his head away. It was best not to reminisce about things that couldn’t be fixed, hopes that had long since been lost to whatever horrid god ruled their Earth. But, the look didn’t go unnoticed by the girl he was pulling along by his side.

“Did it happen in there? For the younger–I’d heard only a little about her so…I heard it was in here. You were there right?” She looked back at the door that was quickly fading from view (if his brisk walk had anything to say about it), biting her lip. “It must have been horrible.”

He nodded to both of her questions, picking up his already rapid pace so she would be too out of breath to ask any more questions. But she wasn’t like any of the other boys’ soulmates; she was well fed and had excellent stamina. Great. Lucky him.

“Was that the first time you saw someone you care about die?” She really wasn’t good about keeping her mouth shut at all.

He stared straight ahead, only focusing on keeping her moving forward and towards Jin’s office. If she was quiet that would have been even better. “No.” She turned her gaze to the floor, for the rest of the way she was silent, allowing him a hallelujah moment of peace before he spotted Jin’s office door. He knocked roughly, faster than she could part her lips.

“Come in.” He heard the older male speak loud enough to hear through the wood.

Taehyung opened the door, making sure he was the first one inside. He held her directly behind him, his arm twisted at his back to keep a hold of her wrist so he could be positive that she was mostly out of view from the two men in the room.

It wasn’t surprising to find out that Yoongi was also in the room, sitting on the corner of Jin’s desk as he threw a small tennis ball at the wall–catching it before it could hit his leader. Apparently the man liked to live on the edge, well–he was also Jin’s right hand man so that helped lessen the chances of his death if he actually nailed his leader with the ball. Yoongi turned his head to see who entered, while Jin kept his nose buried in his paperwork and his pen moving quickly along the page.

“What’s going on?” Jin asked as if he had known who was at the other side of the door all along, only when he’d finished with a signature did he lift his head up to greet Taehyung with his gaze. He held no surprise, no interest, nothing but apathy as his eyes trailed and locked on Taehyung’s bracelet. His lips curled in amusement and he tilted his head to peer around Taehyung, immediately causing the other male to step further in front of her, pulling her closer behind his back. “Not going to let me see her?” Jin chuckled, folding his hands on top of his paper work so he could lean in towards the new people in the room. “I highly doubt with our history you would come here for such a silly thing as soulmates.”

Taehyung swallowed, for some reason he wanted her to stay behind him–maybe it was that he wanted to keep her secret, or maybe it was he wanted to protect her. Either seemed like a good excuse/denial at the moment. He felt her hand come up to cup his, absently running her fingers along his knuckles.  The tension dropped from his shoulders, but only slightly. “There’s a group that is after us–both of us.” His gaze locked on Jin. “And I don’t think you or your entire miniature army you have is going to stop them.”

“Speak.” He commanded, sitting back in his chair. “And, let her breathe–I won’t hurt her.” He inclined his head towards the girl behind him, a single eyebrow raised. “How long?”


Yoongi snorted as laughter bubbled past Jin’s lips. Their faces said it all. “You don’t know what you’re getting into.”

Taehyung’s eyes slid to Yoongi, his grip tightening on her (as if that would keep her safe from Yoongi) as he gently tugged her from behind him, having her stand directly in front of him. And then, for a reason that Taehyung didn’t want to admit–he put his arms around her and held her close against his chest as he told Jin everything that he knew about Birdies and Butterflies. But his gaze never broke from Yoongi’s, noting the way the other male’s eyes widened and his pale hands turned completely white around the tennis ball.


Jin knew very well who the girl standing in front of him was, and frankly, he did not give a single flying shit–about any of the drama that was going down under his roof. All he cared about was this new threat, and the looming fact that both of their empires were going to fall if they didn’t do something soon.

Birdie wasn’t stupid, and neither was her sister–he couldn’t expect the other females to be any different. They would tear his place apart limb from limb until they felt that justice had been exacted, until they felt their sister’s souls could be relieved of whatever burden they think their soulmate’s might have caused. He knew full well that they would be able to do it, too. They weren’t weakened, they had plenty of time to build up their defenses, strengthen their people, and learn the ways of the world. They had plenty of motive and determination as well, that he knew for sure.

After all, he’d taken both of their sisters from them.

“We have to combine our groups as soon as possible.” Jin’s gaze turned to Yoongi, smacking the other male’s arm hard enough to demand his attention. “If you’re going to say something then say it–brooding in a corner is not going to help anyone in this situation. We have better things to worry about, like the lives of everyone here.” He was frustrated and in a slight panic, his fingers digging into each other in his attempt to process the new information. He hadn’t considered the consequences of his past actions; he’d thought that he’d planned things out well enough–but under the fog of the bracelets even the smartest man could be distorted unintelligent. Jin didn’t need this now. With the strange limbo state that both groups were in before their merger–and the wonderful hole that Namjoon’s soulmate had blasted into the backside of his bade–he had enough problems to deal with.  .

Yoongi had fixated his glare on Taehyung, and it hadn’t left the moment he’d pulled her out in front of him.  The girl in his arms didn’t say a word either; she just gripped his forearms and backed into him as much as possible. She was the one that had wanted to see her brother, but now that she finally gets to she seemed to want to be anywhere but in the same room as him. The elephant in the room was distracting everyone except for Jin himself–whatever the problem was it needed to be out and dealt with, now.

“I want to kill him.” Yoongi murmured under his breath. “But I know I can’t and that irritates the hell out of me.” He hurled the tennis ball past Taehyung’s head, letting it slam into the door with a loud crack before bouncing across the floor.  The man’s gaze went from Taehyung to the girl in his arms, the anger dissipating as soon as he set eyes on her. “Where is she?”

“She goes by Crow now.” She spoke softly, her hands flinching on Taehyung’s arms just by the mere mention of her name. He squeezed her gently against him without thinking.  

What the hell did Crow do?

Yoongi nodded to her neck, frowning at the way she relaxed when Taehyung tightened his grip on her. “Did she mark you?”

Taehyung felt her stiffen against him, freezing in a way that reminded him of Jungkook–just before he would have a panic attack after remembering her death. Maybe it was because he had momentarily confused her for his gang member–or maybe he was just denying the slow crawl of his heart towards hers–but either way he rubbed his thumbs along her arms, bending himself over slightly so she could be partially cocooned by him. He had a tendency to want to shield people he cared about, people that were innocent, people that didn’t deserve to hurt. He didn’t know if she was any or all of them, but he felt the desire to protect her nonetheless–and that terrified him.

She nodded to her brother.

Taehyung had no idea what was going on, what marked meant, what the hell had happened between the three siblings or even what the heck was occurring within his own head when he held the girl in front of him. He wanted to be like Jungkook, he wanted to resist her and swear up and down that he was never ever going to fall in love with her. But, despite his outward appearance and behavior, Kim Taehyung was definitely not stupid; and he was definitely not Jungkook.

“What was the price?” Yoongi whispered, then, thinking better of himself he shook his head and clenched his empty fists on the table. “I was trying to get to you, you know. I told you I wasn’t going to leave you with her.” He ducked his head down, letting the fringe of his hair hang in front of his face. “She couldn’t hurt me.”

“I know.”


Jin apparently had tired quickly of the conversation, ushering her and Taehyung out of his office with a message to bring back to Namjoon. Jin would be over tomorrow for a meeting–both parties needed to agree that a merger was going to happen now, that was if they wanted to stay alive long enough to grow old.

Now the two of them were on the way back to Taehyung’s dorm, back along the same walk they had travelled before–except for this time Taehyung was going to take a couple risky shortcuts. They didn’t have time to doddle anymore, he was supposed have been at Jin’s an hour ago. To anyone else looking in on the couple, they might have appeared like lovers on a stroll–but if someone looked close enough they would see he was holding her wrist instead of her hand, even though she made no effort to escape or pull away.

“You’re usually talkative.” He was back to keeping his gaze on the road instead of her, pretending like he’d done nothing back in that room, pretending like the memory of him holding and comforting her (or maybe himself) had never existed. It was easier that way. “What was that all about?”

“I could say the same to you.” She muttered under her breath, looking away from him and to the ground. She seemed determined to keep her gaze there, but if he knew anything about her in these short hours it was that she was terrible at staying quiet, and terrible at holding any sort of grudge. He waited patiently, leading her with his shoulder until; finally, she let out a large sigh. “I did something stupid because I thought I was protecting him. But, my sister is smarter than me.”

He felt that unmistakable urge to bring her in close to him, to hold onto her until she relaxed against his chest and uttered a breath of safety. It took nearly every fiber of his bones just to keep himself in his lane. He was absolutely hopeless, even if his mind had given up on wanting to know the feeling of love, even if his body obviously hadn’t.

“Is your sister that horrible?”  He nudged her to turn down a shortcut side street, one that fed out into a road that was travelled by very few people. It was a risky road for that fact–the police didn’t patrol that road often, which meant it was a no-man’s-land for gang activity.

“We all are–well, we’re all supposed to be; our whole family or something.” She lifted her gaze from the ground, staring at the same spot in the distance that Taehyung had been eyeing their entire walk. “My sister thinks the gene skipped me. I would rather protect than injure, and that’s something that makes me weak–that makes me stupid.”

“My group says I’m too kind, that I talk and care too much.” He said before he could fully gain control over his own mouth again. “I want to help more than I want to kill–and in our world, that’s a bad thing.” He thought he would regret saying such things, he thought he would regret holding her, but he didn’t. He regretted the fact that he wasn’t strong enough to stop himself before he got more involved. He regretted the fact that he got involved in the first place.

He could feel her gaze on the side of his face, the smile that drilled into his cheek. “We’re similar then, aren’t we?” His eyes slid to the corners so he could actually see what she looked like when her stare was solely fixated on him. He wished he hadn’t decided to meet her gaze, he wished he hadn’t decided he wanted to see what her smile looked like when it was directed at him. He wished his heart would learn to follow his brain rather than the other way around.

But he couldn’t help it–he loved her smile; he didn’t want to love it, he knew it would be the beginning of the end, but he couldn’t stop the skip in his heartbeat. He couldn’t stop the inevitable, only resist for as long as possible.

She truly was beautiful. How hadn’t he noticed that when he first met her?

“Taehyung, do you think we can beat the curse of these bracelets?”

“I want to meet her; I want to fall in love. I think…I want to have hope, I want to believe that everything we’re supposed to love is destined to die in this shitty world.” His own past stupidity mingled with her words, until there was a list of blackened bracelets and dead faces that cycled through his head on an endless repeat. He had to shake his head clear to make them stop. “No.”

She bobbed her head to herself, her eyes flashing to the ground for a moment. “I want to believe. I want us to beat it.” She said. “But, if it comes down to a bad ending, I want it to be me.”

He froze, digging his heels into the ground and stopping both of them in the middle of the abandoned street. “What? What do you mean?”

When she looked up at him he saw the face of Jungkook’s soulmate, a bloody hole in her head, empty, dead eyes haunting him.

“I want you to live.” Her hand came up to rest on his own still holding her wrist. “But we won’t worry about that. We’re going to live–both of us.”

He wanted to believe that smile of hers, in the soft pads of her fingertips on his skin. He wanted to believe in it all. But, he was still not as dumb as he looked.

Before he could say anything that grin of hers quickly dropped into a panicked frown, her eyes widening until her irises were surrounded by a ring of white. Her hands grabbed fistfuls of his shirt, snapping his hold on her wrist as she nearly yanked him forward. She was taking off at a jog, her grip tight and unbreakable around his wrist until his feet finally got the hint and started moving. “Please run!” She nearly shouted in his ear, her pace turning quicker, rushed–desperate. She was the one now dragging him, nearly pulling him forward so fast that he nearly tripped face first into the asphalt. “RUN!”

Finally, she broke through to him; finally his brain connected to his feet and he was taking off now faster than she could go. He didn’t know why they were running, that was, until he spared a quick glance over his shoulder.

Crow was there, walking barefoot and deliberately slow at the mouth of the empty street behind them. She had a predator’s walk, one that was reminiscent of large cats he’d seen on animal documentaries–right before they caught their prey. She wore a twisted grin that would have filled any great villain with envy, and when he noticed the small army of women behind her, he understood why. Each person there was loaded with an assortment of guns–all of them pointed at the running pair.

“I was wondering if she would be your soulmate!” Crow shouted, the echoes chasing them down the street. “Looks like I was right!” Her head cocked to the side, laughter slithering through the asphalt as a final warning before her raised hand swiped down in a beautiful arc to her thigh. “Fire.” She commanded.

The Heartless Soldier

Chapter 4: Tension Twister

Y/N’s POV:

6:30 AM

I wasn’t surprised when I woke up in a panic due to another wet dream about him. I took in my surroundings and realized that I’m not in my room. I’m in an actual bed with dark blue covers and clean white pillows. Strange how I see this bed in…my….dreams. No this can’t be.

Calum comes walking in through the door with a paper bag in one hand and a coffee in the other. His shirtless torso on full display is now mentally printed into my brain. “Morning. I brought you some breakfast. Alex and I got some while on our run” he says placing the items on the counter.

 I want to ask him why I’m in his bed or why I’m not even in my own clothes because I’m physically stuck to say anything. “Morning” I shyly reply tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. “I woke up around 3 and realized we both were still in the laundry room so I carried you here so you wouldn’t freeze to death” he says sipping some orange juice.

Strange because my room is down the hall from the laundry room. Why didn’t he just take me there? Why carry me all the way to his place? “How are you feeling?” I ask since I knew he wasn’t himself last night. “Better much better thanks to you” Calum answers sending me a wink that makes me blush. “I should get going” I blurt out throwing his covers off of me and suddenly got back in realizing I have no freaking pants on. “Where are my clothes, Calum?” I glare at him. He chuckles and comes walking over to me.

“You didn’t need pants or any clothes last night, Love” he whispers next to me. “What are you saying!?” I ask moving away from him. “You don’t remember? Shit! I don’t remember anything! “I kinda threw up on you when you were still asleep” he says looking embarrassed. “So I thought bringing you here to sleep in a warm bed and having good quality food to wake up to would make up for uh everything” Calum answers facing his head down.

Now this is a side of Calum I’ve never thought I’d witness. Now I know why he brought me here and I’m thankful he did what he did. But there are still questions that need answers. “Well I appreciate it a lot. Thank you” I smile laying back down. “Here. You should eat something” he stands back up and tosses me the paper bag. A buttered chocolate chip bagel with a cup of fruit. “This is my favorite” I chuckle looking at him. “Really?” he asks me and I nod. “Yeah! Thanks again” I smile and bite into the bagel.

Being here with him isn’t so bad but there is still awkward tension between us. “Shouldn’t you be with your unit training or something?” I mumble. A drizzle of butter drips onto my bottom lip and as I was about to wipe it off, Calum’s thumb beats me to it as he swipes it and licks it off. He doesn’t think it was awkward since he just kept talking to me. “Today we’re going on a hike with them” he says to me. “We? As in me and you?” I ask. “Yup. You’re assigned to me” he replies.

Everything is happening too fast. I’m still angry about how he treated me and now he’s acting all gentle and sweet but who knows when the ungenerous side of him comes back? “I should go” I say getting up. I don’t care if he see me half naked. I feel like I’m about to cry since I’m so fucking confused! “Wait! Where are you going?” he asks worried. “Back to my room to get my clothes and to shower and..stuff” I say. “All your stuff for the day is here, Y/N. I had Michael grab some clothes for you along with your own hiking bag. You can shower here too!”

“Why are you doing this? Why are you being so nice to me?” I ask about to lose it. “Literally yesterday you threatened you would break me and now you’re offering your home for me to use like I’m your girlfriend or something. You acted so cruel to me and now you’re apologizing for words that can’t be taken back. I’m not your savior, Calum! I can’t save you from what you’re running from” I pant out almost in tears.

Calum suddenly rises from the bed and walks towards me. I gulp as he places his arms on each side of my head. “I never apologize. Never. But I did towards you because I felt it was the right thing to do. I carried you here so you could have a warm bed to sleep in instead of that stupid cot. I thought about you and brought you breakfast so you wouldn’t have to eat crap from that shit hole cafeteria. I made Michael bring all the stuff you need for today so you wouldn’t have to walk back half naked. I was being generous. Something I don’t normally do. So, if you don’t think that isn’t enough then you can leave right now and not show up for the hike today” he growls.

I smack his left arm to the side so I could get away from his tiny trap he had me in and make my way towards the bathroom. I had no idea where it was but I didn’t care to ask. I finally found it and realized his tiny apartment is really nice. Marble sink counter tops with a huge mirror. A big jacuzzi tub and a glass mirror shower. Us nurses have nothing compared to what he has. Probably since he is Commander in Chief he has all the goods.

About an hour later..

“Y/N hurry up! We have to go or else we will be late and I don’t do late!” Calum yells from the kitchen. “Coming jeez!” I reply swinging my backpack over my shoulder. He already has the door open and gosh does he looks good today. You have the casual camouflage pants that makes his ass pop out along with a snug white t-shirt that shows off his muscles. Aren’t I a lucky woman who gets to spend the afternoon with him. Oh wait he’s still an asshole!

As we make it outside, Calum’s unit is standing in a proper line with their hands behind their backs. “G’day, boys!” Calum shouts and gives them an arm salute. “G’day, Sir!” they all reply. “This here is Y/N who will be coming along with us for the hike. She is here for medical help only. You may not touch her in any way shape or form or even look at her in any way. Got it?” he asks. “You’re joking right?” I scoff. “Hi, Boys! I’m Y/N Y/L/N and you may talk to me all you want. I’m here for your medical assistance if it is needed so let’s have fun yeah!?” I smile and shake all their hands.

I received kind and gentle smiles from all of them and I bet they’re glad they have someone they can talk to or just unwind with. Today is suppose to be fun and I hope I can show them it’s okay to be themselves around me even when Calum is in the picture. “You guys ready?” I ask them happily. “Yes, Ma'am!” they respond. “Good. Now let’s go!” I say and begin to walk towards the trail.

Calum’s POV:

Look at them. Practically undressing her with their eyes. Idiots. I’m the only one who can do that. I dreaded this tiny trip since I knew they would all be drooling over her. I mean she is gorgeous who wouldn’t? This morning didn’t go as well as I thought it would. I apologized for my behavior, had her sleep in an actual bed, and brought her breakfast. I guess that wasn’t enough. Any other woman would have loved it but not her.

I try to cope with her attitude towards me but sometimes I just want to punish her for fighting back. At the same time, Y/N is the only one who stands up to me and I definitely give her credit for that. I love giving her a hard time though. It’s funny watching her face get all red. When I found out she was assigned to me today, I was both pissed off and relieved. She knows how to do her job but I knew that my men would be all over her.

The woods here in Georgia are pretty deep but the hiking trails are awesome. Mike, Alex, and I run through them almost every morning around 3 AM. I know these woods like the back of my hand. Y/N walks really fast but I’m not complaining about the view. Her ass pops out as she avoids the roots in the ground. I give a mean glare to Logger and Smith since they see what I see. So, I stop them all. “Respect the lady or I’ll throw you down that cliff” I growl looking at all of them. “Yes, Sir” they shake. “If your eyes travel anywhere on her body, I swear you will regret it” I sneer then turn away from them.

Y/N’s POV:

“Everything okay?” I ask as it looks like Calum is saying something to the boys. “Yup. Let’s keep going” Calum says walking past me. “Ooookkaaayy” I mumble to myself and follow him. “Where are we going exactly?” I ask him. “Well the boys will be going with Alex to begin their “hide and seek” method and I will be taking you somewhere else” he smirks. Oh god he is probably going to kill me and bury me deep in the woods. “Where are you taking me?” I stutter. “Somewhere away from them” Calum says nodding his head towards his unit.

“Bye boys. Have fun!” Calum smiles and wave them goodbye. “Ready?” he asks me and offers his hand. I slowly place my fingers in his calloused palms and have him lead the way. “Are you going to kill me?” I ask as we have been walking for a few minutes. “You must think that low of me to think I would bring you out here to just kill you” he chuckles. “Well I mean-” I start to say but I was pushed gently against a huge tree. One of his hands was placed on the tree next to my head while the gripped my hip.

His minty breath was heavy as it hits my face and his body moves closer to mine. What happened next I didn’t see coming at all. Calum pushes his lips against mine as my head hits the back of the tree. I instantly moan as his kiss was just what I expected it to be. Soft, warm, and hungry. I didn’t push away because something about this way too exciting. Calum’s hand slides up my back and touches my bare skin. “God you drive me crazy” he whispers on my lips. He pulls away as I’m wet lipped and breathless.

“That was-” I breathe but I couldn’t finish it since he captured my lips once more. I wrap my arms around neck as he does the same to my waist. “Jump” he whispers and he carries me to sit on a fallen log. Holy shit I’m now straddling him. We continue our little session and groans kept on slipping from both of our mouths. “I shouldn’t be doing this” I moan against his mouth. “But you keep on doing it” he responds grabbing my bottom. “This is so bad” I reply running my hands through his hair. “Then you’re a bad girl” he growls only resulting in me wanting him more.

“Fuck. We have to stop” I say pushing against his chest. “Why?” he asks. “Because I’ve never had sex in the woods before and I don’t feel like doing it on a log” I reply looking around. “Oh so you wanted to have sex?” he smirks. “If you kept on touching me like that then yes I would” I honestly say. “Fuck that’s hot” he heaves. “We should probably head back” I say checking my watch. “Yeah let’s go” he replies helping me up.

We walk side by side as we exit the deep green woods. The sun was shining brightly over the whole base. It was beautiful from this view. “Stay with me tonight. We can have dinner then..dessert” Calum grins looking me up and down. My face is probably all red right now. “Yeah sure” I reply biting my lip. “And Y/N?” he asks starting to walk away. “Yeah?” I blush.

“Hope you like whip cream” he smirks pulling his shades on while pop a piece of gum in his mouth. Oh god.

Fic: Origin

A prequel to Dynamic Duo, telling how Blaine got and decided to use his powers. More Blaine-centric than properly Klaine, but Kurt does figure in the story.

1830 words, PG-13, mostly fluff.

Blaine had noticed the weird smell emanating from the vent hood as they listened to the tour guide explain the science labs and how the general ed credits worked at NYU, but honestly, he’d just thought that’s what science labs were supposed to smell to like - it wasn’t like he knew any better with his arts background.

That assumption was quickly dispelled by the frantic lab assistant who interrupted their tour, though.

“What are you doing in here?” she screeched, freezing in the doorway as she took in the group of twenty-five or so freshmen and their polo-shirted guide, Jeremy. “Didn’t you see the sign on the door?”

“What?” Jeremy said, looking stunned.

“We’re using toxic chemicals in here today!” the lab assistant said, lifting her mask before hurrying toward them and motioning for them to all get out. “No one without proper lab equipment is supposed to be in the lab!”

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Disclaimer: This story involves the use of cigarettes. 

Playlist: X

His eyes are red rimmed and locked with the bold cutout black dress you’d told your friend you’d brave wearing. His arms are completely covered in intricate tattoos that you’d love to know the meanings behind. He’s got a cigarette adorning his left ear and his hair has been tousled, probably from running his fingers through it for the past five minutes you’ve been staring at him and his leather clad friends. If trouble had a pictorial definition, he would take the cake.

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Thing About Dragons

tarantasina answered your post: To get into the proper mind set, let’s…

Virtual reality

miss-tricks answered your post: To get into the proper mind set, let’s…

Off the Line AU where Yugi tries out Kaiba-Corp’s new virtual MMO, Duel Monsters.

The avatars in the Duel Monsters VR all started out random.

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Jet Pack Blues Finale

Description: Dean x reader. Sam x reader. The third and final part bringing the two jet pack blues requests Part One (Sam) and Part Two (Dean) together! Fluff attack for this last one as Dean takes the reader to meet Sam.
Words: 2,124
Warnings: none
Author’s Note: Sorry this was such a long time coming, but hey ho, I think we’re just about back in business now!!

There was something about getting into the car of an attractive man that you barely knew and driving off into the metaphorical sunset that was exhilarating. Truthfully, there wasn’t much that wasn’t exciting about the experience, not only was he the brother of one of the best friends you’d had in college, but he’d opened your eyes to the supernatural. You’d heard people say there was no such thing as coincidence, but you’d also heard fate worked in weird ways so you decided to go with the later adage.

Yes, a part of you thought it was odd that one of the first cases you deal with in your new job happened to put you here but worse things could have happened, surely? You’d be lying if you said it didn’t all make you feel a little sick but that was life, it had a habit of that. Besides, that could also be the rubbish food you’d been having lately so maybe it wasn’t all the Winchester’s fault.

You gazed out of the window, mindlessly watching the miles slip by in a blur of trees and fields, Sam was only a few towns over but it was still a fair few miles.

“Hey, are you cold, do you want me to put the windows up?” Dean said, nodding to how you’d wrapped your coat tightly around yourself. The thick, black wool acted as a portable blanket that, to be fair, was more pulled around you for comfort than warmth.

“Nah, I’m good,” you smiled, adding a small shrug for effect. You looked over to him, watching as his eyes scanned the road then quickly read a sign as you whizzed past it, a tad over the speed limit, you might add. For someone you’d recently learned was a killer his eyes looked far too soft, not that you’d met many hunters but you assumed there would be a colder edge there. Of course, Sam must have seen a fair amount before he’d met you, yet you still remembered him as one of the sweetest guys you’d known. Maybe that was it? Maybe it was a Winchester family trait, they loved to trick you into thinking they were gentle giants at least. You felt another small grin tug at your lips as you thought of your old room mate, soon to be reunited, “so, how much further off are we?”

“Not long, only about 10 more miles,” Dean said, indicating off the main highway and onto yet another long, straight road. “You can still opt out of this, y'know, a catch up is great but after that, you’ve gotta go and not look back.”

“Why does it matter?” You replied, furrowing a brow, “I’m young and just discovered a whole new world, call it scientific curiousity!”

“That’s the point, curiosity wasn’t too kind to the cat,” Dean grimaced, “I can see you’re into all this, but it’s not like college in the big worl-”

“I’m a big girl, Dean, you’ve barely known me 5 minutes… Besides, Sam made it alright?”

Dean’s face stayed stern as he kept his eyes fixed on the road ahead, he seemed to take a moment to further steel himself before replying again. “Yeah, well Sammy had a different childhood and a whole lot more in between - he might not be cut from the same cloth as you.”

“I get that, but I never said I’d stick around you guys, I just said I can’t just forget this and wanted to say hi to Sam before you left.”

“Right, yeah, of course,” Dean said, clearing his throat, “just don’t-, well, keep your head low, alright? You only get one life and we can’t lose too many more.”

“Yeah… sure.”

You knew when to speak up and now wasn’t it. A heavy silence sat between you for the last few minutes, the sort that only lingers because both sides are too stubborn to break it. Dean flicked the radio on for a few songs and the time passed relatively quickly and pain free. Soon the tires crunched onto a gravel car park of a motel, you might have been able to tell the name of it if more than 3 letters of the neon sign were still working, but sadly there was no such luck.

You pushed the car’s door open and hoisting your overnight bag over your shoulder, then closed the door with a resounding metal thud. Dean offered you a smile and lead the way to room ‘14’, rapping quickly on the door with his knuckles. Footsteps made their way to the door and you felt a stab of nervousness in your stomach as you saw the handle begin to move, it seemed silly to be nervous, yet it made sense. You’d not parted on perfect terms but you didn’t have long to dwell on it before the thin, wooden door was thrown open to reveal a 6"4 wall of muscle.

“Y/N?” He grinned, he looked as if he wanted to go for a hug so you fumbled through the door and met him halfway.

“Long time no see,” you smiled, giving his arm a playful pat as you squeezed him tight.

Sam released you and shook his head quickly in disbelief, his shaggy hair becoming more dishevelled than it’d been already, “No kidding! I… I don’t know what to say! How are you? You look, well, great!”

“Wow, nice to hear you’re sounding sure of that,” you laughed, “I’m good, brilliant actually, just started a new job and yeah, it’s keeping me on my toes! How about you? This is, well, it’s mad! What are you - a ghostbuster now?!”

“Something like that,” he said sheepishly, the familiar dimples on his cheeks still obvious as he grinned wide. “God, you haven’t changed one bit, I can’t believe the chances-”

“Sorry to break this up, but can we come in? It’s friggin’ cold,” Dean grumbled at the side of you.

The younger Winchester almost took a double take to remember his brother was still there and he hurriedly stepped back and swung out an arm in an opening gesture, “right! Come on in… Sorry it’s not exactly the Ritz,” he added, looking at you apologetically.

Dean dumped his bag down heavily in the corner and flopped straight down onto the bed closest to you, which looked about as hard as the floor beneath your feetbut he didn’t seem to care. Sam closed the door behind you and your eyes scanned the room, settling briefly on a glint of metal sticking out of what must have been Sam’s bag before you type you eyes away and looked at the crummy furniture.

“Two beds? I, um, I thought, I was, er…” you started before Sam’s wide eyed look caused you to trail off.

“Habit. Crap, Y/N, I’ll take the floor, I’m sorry.”

Dean’s shoulders moved up and down a little in muffled laughter and he lazily rolled onto one side to face you, “he’s not used to having-”

“Shut up, Dean,” Sam snapped throwing him the signature annoyed look you’d not seen in far too long. “I can go get another room, or something?” He grimaced, looking back to you.

“It’s all good,” you smiled, placing your bag down next to Dean’s, “I’ll take the chair or just bunk with one of you guys.”

“I don’t bite,” Dean winked before mouthing a 'what’ at Sam. You couldn’t see Sam’s face but you thought you could probably guess.

“Well, don’t worry about that for now,” you said before looking to Sam, “Now come on, fill me in - what have you been up to?!”

4 hours later

The constant talking lost Dean pretty much by the one hour mark, he’d been a good sport, chipping in with comments now and then or making jokes to purposefully make his brother blush, but after a while the only sounds he was making were light snores. You’d ended up sat cross legged on the other bed with Sam, comparing notes on the past few years for both of you and you had to admit, even though you knew he was glossing over some parts, the stories he did tell you sounded vastly more exciting than yours had been. It seemed strange but still he wanted to hear all about you too, claiming it was nice to hear something normal. He’d changed, that was clear for anyone with half a brain cell to see, but the more you spoke the more he became the guy you’d shared an apartment with at college.

Eventually, you’d gotten onto the topic of the things that went bump in the night again and you watched in amusement as he got as animated about the lore as he used to over his subject. He grabbed his laptop and flicked over some saved pages thay had you seen them before the latest week, you’d have scrolled past with a skeptical scoff. He told you about how he and his brother had even met angels, he wouldn’t tell you all the names but he assured you one called 'Castiel’ was particularly friendly.

It was surreal, sat as the two of you used to years ago, with research spread out between you and bouncing off of each other, yet now instead of chemistry and law it was witchcraft and ghosts. The thought rattled around in yout head a lot as you sat there but finally you decided to comment after he’d recounted a quirky story about a town where wishes literally began to come true.

“You know, I see why you left,” you said softly when he finished.


“Why you left Stanford, I mean, you love helping these people don’t you?”

Sam nodded thoughtfully and leaned back against the headboard, “Yeah, of course I do, it’s my job.”

“It’s more than that though, isn’t it?” You replied, watching as he smirked a little before making eye contact with you again.

“I guess,” he smiled, “Dean and I have seen a lot but he’s my only family and it’s our job… well, it’s our life I guess, but I don’t picture it any other way now.”

You recognised the look in his eyes instantly and there was no hint of a lie in his features. It seemed impossible to picture yourself in his world but seeing how he spoke, it seemed impossible to picture him out of it.

“I can see that,” you said, picking aimlessly at a loose piece of cotton on the duvet, “For a while I took it personally that you left without a proper goodbye but I don’t know, it makes sense now and I’m glad that you guys are alright.” You looked over to Dean who was slopped over the other bed, rolling your eyes, “he’s relaxed at least.”

You turned back to Sam to see him looking at you, sat up straighter and his brow furrowed, “wait, you took it personally?”

“A little,” you admitted before holding a hand up, “no sympathy votes though - I was fine, just it was a bit quick, that’s all. College is like that though, I-”

“I never realised.”

You bit your lip, he did truly look taken aback at your comment but you reacted quickly and brushed it off as jokingly as you could think of, “Well duh, you left before I even got out of bed!”

“Not helping?” He said with a disapproving look, “I’m sorry, I won’t just cut you out again, Y/N, I promise,” he spoke quietly and let the silence sit just a little too long to be comfortable. He cleared his throat and his eyebrows shot up as he tried to lighten the mood, “besides I don’t think Dean would let me this time.”

You let out a short laugh and sat back against the headboard next to him, “yeah, right, he gave me a talk on the drive here telling me to basically get out while I can, you know.”

“Really?” Sam raised an eyebrow, before smirking and putting on a mock serious face, “well, to be fair, you’ve always been kind of a nerd, maybe he’s right-”

“Excuse me!? Look who’s talking!” You scoffed, “who just spent hours talking about stories?”

“Lore,” he grinned, “it was lore and folklore.” You gave him a playful nudge and settled into his side, just like you did the night before he’d left all that time ago.

This time it was different though, and as conversation dwindled, your eyes got heavy and your breathing evened out, you didn’t worry that you were going back to a normal life. Even if you didn’t fully realise it then, you had a good friend back and gained another one in the process.