i could consider this a chibi

smol commission rambling?!

i would like to open my commission again but..i keep reducing my prices to a point it become miserable. i kinda need your help . (`・/д\・)

I’m the first one to tell to not under price your commission but i still do it mahself. BruH.

(((╹д╹;))) i know i can’t ask too much for mah cartoon art style but i’ve been to a point where i was fixing mah prices like on deviantart ¾ years ago.(which is very bad considering the low esteem artists have on Da)

i’m not sure any of u would be interested into commissioning me but if u could help with my issue and maybe give your opinion.that would be very kind …


゛(●ノ´・Д・`)ノ For the moment,before reducing my prices like crazy, i was thinking :

  • Simple cartoon-ish chibi  /  10 € + add. characters 5 € : 

//// exemple above //// 

  • Colored sketch fullbody human / 15/20 €  (+ free for smol object /smol animal ) :
  • Picture redrawn 70 € / + add.characters 30-40€ (background included ?* i dunno’) :

  • Cheap option : “Surprise du chef”  / Square page of rough doodles (1 or two characters?!* )  10 € :

(a bunch of doodles,it can be headshot,chibi,human,colored or not..who knows. surprise?)

So ?! is that too expensive? too cheap? I DUNNO. Sometimes it depends of the time too but i draw quite fast so eEeh…i should even ask less but that would be very tiring for meh ‘cause that’s always intensive hours of work.. 

Waht do you think? ヾ( ๑´д`๑)ツ


Hi there! 

My 10 year old dog, Chocolate, is diagnosed with diabetes the other day, and she needs to be hospitalised for some time, then she needs routine vet visits and treatments. While my parents are willing to help me for her vet fees and treatments, I want to try to take care of it by myself as best as I could. The fees for her hospitalisation already took quite of a dent on my saving, and I’d like to add a bit to my fund for her. So, for the first time ever, I’m opening a commission! Please help me take care of her!

So here’s what I’m offering:

• Chibi vector $10 (+$3 for any extra characters)

•More complicated, painting-esque vector $15 (+$5 for extra characters,)

•Monochrome Digital Painting $25 (+$10 per extra characters)

•Full Color Digital Painting $50-$100 (Depends on complexity/BG you want)

You can check out my art blog @arunayagondhowiardjo​ or my ig @runayaart if you’d like to see the rest of my works! 

I’m willing to draw yaoi, yuri, het, chibi, OC, and pairings of any series (I will inform you if I need some references)

I apologize, but I’m not willing to draw nfsw materials, including, but not limited to hentai, gore, fetish, e.t.c. (nudity is fine if requested tastefully, though)

I only accept payment through paypal, email me at arunaya27@gmail.com for more information! Or visit my redbubble for various products with my art!

If you could, please consider contacting me, if not a reblog of this post would be appreciated :)

Thank you very much!

Open Chibi Commissions!

Hello everyone! I could really use some extra cash so for a limited time, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to open 3 chibi commission slots since I have some free time! 

The price is $15 for one full-colored chibi

I require payment upfront but I will try to have it finished within a week and a half.

Please email me at chararen@outlook.com with the subject ‘Commission’ along with your refs and a description of what you’d like. I’d also appreciate if you could include a flat color ref!

I only use Paypal and I will exchange info through email once we confirm the commission. 


Will Do list:

Fanart with Ref

OCs/Fan characters with Ref

Minor armor/weapons

Minor Gore

Will NOT Do List:


Heavy Gore



Detailed armor/weapons

Here are some recent samples of my chibi artwork in the style these will be done in!

Thanks so much for considering and even if you can’t commission, I’d really appreciate any reblog! ;v; 

the-riceball-nono  asked:

You know what would be awesome? T shirts saying "Team (favorite Lovechild), with a little chibi of them below it. And just like that anon with the hat idea said, we could find other people that read the AU too. I would wear that everywhere XD

Ahahah well those also would be funny XDD I’ll consider after I finish this update!

anonymous asked:

Chibi: Hi I wanted to say can't wait to see what you do next with your blog.Could I request a scenario with 64 and 65 with either Katsuki or Kirishima(your choice i don't mind) where their s/o who got involved in something that had to do their quirk going unstable.It something they could talk about with them being concerned that it could hurt them. I can rewrite this of needed

Hi Chibi!!! Sorry this took so long, I decided to do Kirishima! If you want Bakugou too, feel free to let me know! Thanks for sending it in!!! <3 

“Yo, Kirishima, what’s wrong with you?” Kaminari asked, leaning a bit in his desk. 
Kirishima had been staring at his paper, eyebrows furrowed, biting the inside of his cheek; he couldn’t calm the storm in his stomach. 
You hadn’t shown up to class today, or yesterday. Considering what happened during a improvement-evaluation yesterday, he slightly understood but not fully. 
While having your quirk strength evaluated, he heard you scream, and by the time he ran over to where Mr.Aizawa was testing you, his hair was standing on end, scarf floating, and you were rubbing your eyes squeezed shut. 
He was so confused. Your quirk wasn’t that strong… Why would Mr.Aizawa have to cancel it out? And why did he look so… scared? 
Your quirk was interesting, and you were surprised you were accepted into the UA school. You could change your eye colour to red, and shoot a red lazer about the strength of a lazer-pen. It was completely harmless, it’s use coming in distracting your opponent. 
“Just… occupied.”
Kirishima reached into his pocket and fished out his phone as soon as the bell rang. You still hand’t answered him… 
He started typing another message before his phone displayed your caller I.D, 
My ______<3
He answered immediately, already running into the hall. 
“Where are you?!” He shouted, looking left and right.
“I-I’m my room. I need your help, Eiji… I didn’t mean to avoid yo-”
“I’m coming!!” He yelled before jetting off to your room.
Upon getting there, he didn’t even bother knocking. Running straight into the room to find you sitting on your bed, once again rubbing your squeezed-close eyes. 
“_____… What’s going on…?”
The walls were lined with stripe-like burns. Some more devastating than others. Kirishima knelt infront of you and gr’ abbed your wrists.
“Don’t!” You immediately shouted, almost like his hands were electric shocks to you.
Talk to me…” He pleaded, voice soft, hands never leaving you. “What happened during your evaluation? Nothing you say can scare me. What happened to your room? Why can’t I see your beautiful eyes, ____?”
You didn’t reply, but you started to tear up. Whimpering as he pulled you into his arms, hands rubbing your back as he cooed you. 
“Eijirou…” You choked, wrapping your arms around him. He tried to pull back to look at you, but you kept your hold tight, keeping his head beside yours. 
“I need…”
“You need what? Let me see you!” He had grown impatient, pushing with enough force to keep holding you but finally look at you.
You had your eyes closed again.
“___, Why ar-”
“My quirk grew.”
“…It grew?!”
“It’s not just a laser pointer anymore, Eiji… It’s a full blown laser, that’s the marks on the wall. Anytime I open my eyes this stupid beam shoots out and destroys almost anything I look at. I couldn’t go to class! I couldn’t risk it going bezerk and killing everyone!” 
You were sobbing now, tears rolling down your cheeks. As Kirishima wiped them away, he noticed a red/orange tint to them. He frowned, your quirk was different now… and it seemed like you couldn’t control it yet.
Look at me - Just breathe, okay?” he urged.
“I can’t!! I’ll hurt you… I’ve been stuck in here for the last 2 days, Mr.Aizawa told me to get a good handle on it b-before I could get back into the class room pr even leave mine.”
“I’ll go to recovery girl, I don’t care. Look at me. Focus! You can do this, ____! If anyone can master this quirk, it’s you! Try to… Um.. try to think of the pen, like you said! The laser pointer! They only work if you push a button, right?! So, try to think of a button as your quirk, if you take pressure off the button, the laser doesn’t shine.”
“Eijirou, what if it doesn’t work?! I can’t shoot you!”
“Okay, I’m gonna move okay? I’m not gonna stand right infront of you, so if you open your eyes and that happens, it wont hit me, okay?”
“O-okay…” You whimpered as his arms left you. “Ready?”
“Go for it, _____. I believe in you! You got this!” 
Your eyes fluttered, not squeezed anymore but not open. You calmed your breathing, and imagined your thumb unclicking the laser pen. Your eyes slowly opened, and you saw red… Red? Spiky red? 
Opening your eyes fully, standing right infront of you, was your boyfriend Kirishima. 
“Told you you could do it, beautiful.” He spoke calmly, hands on his hips.
“You… you stood right infront of me.. You didn’t move! What if I would have hit you, dumby?!” You half laughed, half shouted.
He strode over and hugged you, kissing your forehead before looking into your eyes. 
“I’ve got one hell of a partner now,” he chuckled. “In love and war.”
“You are SO cheesy, Eiji!!!” You giggled as he lifted you into his hug, letting the fear of the uncontrollable quirk start to diminish as you took a big step into controlling it, with Eijirou Kirishima. 


I never thought that I would ever do this. 

Hello. My name is Yasmin and I have been running this blog for about 2-4 years. I turned 19 not too long ago and I will attend college in the fall of 2017. But due to the financial struggle my family is currently facing, it is possible that I will not be able to go this year. I am not working because I want to focus more on my education. Also, the fact that I do not own a car and the bus here in my village does not go everywhere. 

So I want to ask you all if you could be kind to donate and help me attend college and continue with my studies. The goal is to reach at least $300 before Wednesday. I am aware that it is not a lot of time. I know and seen people do these type of posts and there are people who are willing to help. I hope that there are willing to help me as well. I will leave my PayPal email down below. 

If there are people that are willing to help me, I want to give them someone in return. I draw so maybe I might consider a digital chibi drawing to the ones that donate only so I will need some kind of proof as well. I will leave a link to my Instagram in case you want to see what I have done. Again, I want to thank all of you who do donate and/or reblog. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aoi_cho17/?hl=en

Paypal: yasmin.morales@sbcglobal.net

If you have any questions or concern, please ask me in my askbox or can message me privately.

By the way, if you see some grammatical errors while reading this I would like to apologize in advanced.


Prompt: Everyone makes fun of Ryan and Jon and say that they like each other but little does everyone know that they’ve been dating for a couple of months.


It was just another normal day at the office, the Achievement Hunter Crew are recording their Let’s Plays, Chris and Gus are talking about a possible RT Short, everyone else is just being weird. Just an extremely normal day for everyone. And what’s a normal day without a bit of teasing? Unfortunately for Ryan and Jon, they seemed to be on the receiving end of this teasing. It was harmless thankfully, just a few jokes here and there about them being in love with each other. They always just laugh it off even though the jokes are so god damn true. However, the teasing seemed to be more intense today.


“Ryan, you’re a creepy mother fucker!” Geoff said into his mic, watching as his character is shot dead by Ryan’s, the latter gent of course laughing like a mad man.

“Geoff please, he’s not a mother fucker, he’s a Risinger fucker!” Michael comments, everyone in the office laughing. Ryan blushed, hoping that no one saw it. He looked around, thankfully everyone had their eyes glued to their TV’s. He sighed in relief, this teasing was going to be the death of him.


Jon was hard at work with designing a new shirt. It was another Free Edgar shirt that everyone has been asking for, and really who is Jon to say no. He couldn’t held the grin that grew on his face as he stared at the design. Unfortunately for him, someone had to walk in at that exact moment.

Jon peeled his eyes away from his screen when Burnie walked in, he greeted him with a smile but Burnie narrowed his eyes.

“Why were you grinning before, what were you looking at? Jon were you watching porn?” Jon scrunched his face up at the accusation.

“What? No, I was not!” He defended. Burnie pursed his lips and then stepped closer to Jon’s desk.

“Yea I guess you’re right. The only porn you would watch is Ryan porn but I don’t think that exists” Jon used all his strength to hold down the blush that wanted to bloom. “Then what were you grinning at?”

“Uhhhhhh the new shirt design?” He said, unsure if he should have told the truth or not, considering what the new design was.

“Oh really! Can I see?” Before Jon could answer, Burnie was beside him and looking at his screen. “Is that a Ryan chibi surrounded by cows in cages?” Jon stayed still for a bit before nodding. Burnie sighed, dropping his head. “You’re obsessed” is all the man said before leaving the room. Jon dropped his head to his desk, sighing loudly.


A few hours after the encounter with Burnie, Jon decided to pay the Achievement Hunters a visit. He stood up and shrugged on his jacket, grabbing his laptop and walking out. He surprisingly got to the kitchen before the “Where are you going question?” was asked, by Miles in fact.

“Uh, to the achievement hunter office” a smirk immediately plastered itself on Miles’ face.

“Going to see your boyfriend Ryan?” Miles winked at him.

"He’s not my boyfriend” Jon said, walking past Miles to the door, vaguely hearing Miles start to sing ‘Jon and Ryan sitting in a tree, F.U.C.K.I.N.G.’ Jon only rolled his eyes and walked into the office. Ryan was sitting at his desk with his headphones on, Jack was doing the same. Geoff, Michael and Gavin were sat together having some sort of argument but they all turned around at the sound of the door opening.

“Ryan! Your boyfriends here!” Geoff yelled, Michael and Gavin laughing. Ryan shot him the middle finger without turning to face him, instead continuing on with his editing. Jon plopped down onto the couch, opening the laptop and continuing with his own work.

“No but honestly Jon, you’re only here because of Ryan” Michael said and Jon stared at him, his face one of boredom. Honestly, he didn’t mind the office thinking he was in love with Ryan but the teasing is just extremely annoying.

"Nooooo I’m here for a change of atmosphere.” He could hear the silent mumble of ‘sure you are’ come from Gavin. Jon rolled his eyes for the thousandth time today.

It was 5:00p.m when people started packing up to leave, Jon not really having to move as he brought his stuff with him to the office. He watched Ryan save his work and shut his computer down, however, Geoff seemed to notice his staring.

“Ooooooo Jon’s being a perv. He’s watching Ryan.” Jon couldn’t help the blush that formed on his face.

“Just kiss already, like seriously.” Jack said, shoving some stuff in his bag.

There was a long moment of silence before Ryan said “alright”. Everyone stared in shock as Ryan walked over to Jon, framing the mans face with his hands and kissing him. Jon smirked into the kiss, kissing back happily. When Ryan pulled back, he walked over to grab his bag and shrug on his jacket. Everyone was staring at him like he had just killed someone.

“What? You guys really didn’t know that me and Jon have been dating for a few months now? Gosh, you talk about it every day.” Jon snickered at Geoff’s annoyed look, obviously towards Ryan’s sarcasm. Ryan smiled at all of them before walking over to Jon, grabbing his hand to link their fingers together. “Laters!” Ryan shouted as he walked out of the office, Jon laughing beside him.


cheaper ones, that is! I’ve been really needing some extra money hahahahaha help me

anyways! Im offering small little chibi things for like, 10 bucks. Adding another character to the drawing is an additional $5. they look like this:

But if you want a bit more pop for 30 dollars, I could make you something like this! Adding a character in this style would be an additional $10:

Please consider buying from me! I really need money right now as my work hours got cut so I can take the classes I need in college! Thank you!

Logic vs The Ultimate Genwunner

Genwunners are fucking idiots. None of them actually provide arguments and most of them are just “90’s kids” hipsters who haven’t actually played the games they’re shitting on. All they do is bring up Vanillite and Garbodor over and over and say they’re “unoriginal”.


Well I finally found one who actually attempted to make POINTS for his case, and he did his homework:

Jesus. You bet I was pissed. Let’s break it down, shall we?

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You know how people sometimes headcanon that Dave and Dirk have the Texan accent, but in contrast, people usually only headcanon a New York twang Roxy and not Rose

Thing is though, Dirk and Roxy grew up alone with no other humans to pick their accents up from, so neither of them should have what we know to be the Texas and New York accent, realistically speaking

And I understand Dave is probably more popular in general than Rose so it kinda makes sense that more people give him an accent, and i also understand that considering most people think Rose is 100% class and poise, giving her an accent could take away from that

Buuuuut I’m a fan of the idea that Rose has a really strong New York twang when she wants to, and maybe even involuntarily when she’s really mad, like she slips into it on accident and has to stop herself, or perhaps purposely like when she’s being snarky or whatever


Hurray!!!!  I’m all done with my commissions!!!!  I’m super happy ^____^ thankfully baby’s decided to behave and not come too early!!!  x)

Munchy is a commission for Samantha :) She is a custom design of Munchy from G1 MLP.  Her concept art is drawn by Samantha.

Munchy was such a cute and fun pony to plush - don’t you just love all those cute little hotdogs and burgers?!  And that cute little yummy tongue!   Super adorable!!!!  >w<

If you look closely at her concept art, you’ll notice that her hairlines vary in thickness, so I tried my best to reflect that with my satin stitching :)  Minky colours are limited and it was quite tricky attempting to find the best match for her pretty locks.  My photos also tend to warp the colours a little >.< (time to update my smartphone!!!  ^^“) but the minky for her hair actually look more "peachy” in person.

Her bow is magnetized and fully removable!  :P

I hope you guys like her!!

*Materials: cuddle 3 minky by Shannon Fabrics, Minky Baby Fabric
*Minky colours: yellow, coral, coral, lemon, bubblegum pink
*Stuffing: premium polyester fiberfill, craft foam, poly pellets in hooves, quilt batting
*Thread: gutermann polyester sew-all thread, gutermann rayon embroidery thread
*Eyes/Cutie marks: machine embroidered
*Size: Approx 16" tall, 12" long
*She has my signature embroidered into the bottom of her front left hoof
*Others: fully removable bow via magnets

Just another quick reminder that my Pinkie Pie is still looking for a loving home!!!!  >.<  Oh gosh, I feel so bad for this poor little girl - Pinkie seems to always be the hardest to sell >.> http://www.ebay.com/itm/321812899359?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

And since baby #2 may be due anytime now, I’m going to take it easy and just work on my Rainbow Dash.  Perhaps work on some new patterns (tsums/beanies/chibis).  

Now for some shameless advertising ^^“, I’ve recently started a Patreon and I’m doing a points rewards system where you could redeem pony prizes if you accumulate enough points.  I also offer discounts for my commissions.  If I have enough support, I might also release some sewing & airbrushing tutorials & tips as well as share my older pony patterns/mane & tail patterns etc.  I still consider myself pretty "green” when it comes to sewing/plushing, so I reckon they’ll be very appropriate for someone just starting out (if I can plush, so can you!).  

Basically, I’m just giving this Patreon thing a go, so I’m open to any suggestions for rewards/prizes etc so please let me know if you have any!!!


Anyway, that’s about it for now, it’s 1am in New Zealand and I have work tomorrow, so I better get to bed!!!  :)  Thank you all for reading!!!   ^_____^

Aladdin: Judal?

(knock, knock, knock-knock-knock)

Aladdin: Do you wanna build a snowman~?
Come on lets go and play
I gave you all the peaches
there over there just out of reach~

I’ve claimed you as my husband
so now we get
to spoon and eat all day~
Do you wanna build a snowman?
We could give it boobies

Judal: What the hell chibi!

Aladdin: Let’s go try~

Aladdin: Do you wanna build a snowman~?
Or maybe go see boobs~
I think this deal is overdue
just considering
you punched me in the face~
I’ve so long now
sitting here,
waiting for you to come~

Aladdin: Judal~?
I know you hear me
Uncle Sin has been told me so
He said to stay away, but I just can’t
I’m standing right here for you, just open the door
You’re the only magi
I like around
Come on and let’s go play~

Do you wanna build a snowman?

THE HOLY FANART LINE: A Guide to Survival as a Fanartist

* DISCLAIMER: I am not an experienced artist - heck, I don’t even want to call myself one until I have found a style uniquely my own and established a good following and many connections. BUT I’M GETTING THERE. And that’s all that matters. This is just to share my thoughts and experiences so far in the world I chose to be in and you can take my advice or respect it and move on. Otherwise, enjoy and thanks for reading!



By: iamnotyoursenpaii (get it? No? Okay ._. )

1) Stalk With Feeling It means the world to get wonderful comments, but ending them with “F4F?” is rude and I tend to ignore and delete those comments. We all want followers. But going to everyone’s accounts and literally asking for them isn’t going to help. Tell them what you feel about their art, and if they’re willing to start a conversation then they will. If you’re an active and respectful follower, senpai really does notice you (believe me man - I know from experience)!! If you want your comment to stand out among the hundreds already there, bring up something specific about the piece. “I really like the texture on the hair! How did you do that?” will probably be answered faster, if not at all, than “WOW 👍👍👍👍”

2) Let Senpai Notice You There are three ways I find out about new fanartists:

  1. Their icon is an amazing piece of theirs
  2. Their username either pops up a lot on different fanart accounts or there’s literally the word “ART” in their username
  3. They pop up in my Suggested feed

Also, post art often with enough BUT NOT AN OVERLOAD of tags because senpais check those and look for new people to stalk too 😉 You need to art to have other artists notice you, duh. Make it obvious that you are a fanartist too, which leads us to the next point:

3) Balance the Content of Your Posts If you post more selfies/personal stuff than art, YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOT AN ART ACCOUNT. Sorry man. If, like me, you decide to mix both personal and art-related posts because your account is not only open to senpais but IRL friends and family, then all I can say is be careful. My life is not interesting enough to post a selfie every day so I art. But I cater to my non-art friends and don’t mind sharing with my art friends the occasional life update post. Same with private accounts - if we can’t even see your work without following you, then why even bother? (Some fanartists with large followings have had to go private due to rude comments/art theft, but that’s a different story) Generally the rule is, for me, 75% art, 25% personal. Senpai won’t mind seeing your face; just dont spam them with it.

4) Art is Stealing, Theft is Not It’s okay to make appreciation posts. It’s okay to be inspired and make art similar to senpai’s style or use the same medium as senpai. Literally reposting senpai’s stuff and claming it as your own is NOT. COOL. P E R I O D. Think of it like this. You draw a poop and scan it and post it and it gets a lot of notes/likes/etc. You’re proud of it, your friends are proud of you and so is your family. You even inspire lil fetuses and maybe even senpai to draw poop too and make the world all pretty. Then the next day you wake up and find that someone took a picture of your poop, reposted it, claimed it as theirs and they too got attention and pats on the back from family and friends. But not senpai, because you and I both know senpais follow each other and have holy friendships and can either be a network of support or an angry mob with thousands of followers in tow. They noticed you enough that you were the one who made that poop, not some kid trying to be you. The likes and reblogs don’t even matter anymore, you got copyright issues on your hands. If you wouldn’t want ppl stealing your poo, don’t steal senpai’s poo. 💕💩💕

5) Credit When Possible Remember that you are creating FANart. This means you most likely used images of idols/characters that aren’t yours. I know a lot of fanartists do not credit the images used (me included 👉👈) but SOMEONE had to work hard to get that perfect angle and take the picture. Generally fanart of photoshoots, SNS posts, and screencaps don’t tend to get yelled at but that’s just what I’ve seen (if anyone is willing to add to this/correct something I’m totally up for it). It’s the HQ fantaken photos/edits that one needs to either ask the owner or credit thoroughly or they will find you and send an angry mob after you. Not kidding. Now, there are some companies that are strict about their content and may take down process/speedart videos using their music and more. As with animations/comics/video games/ocs, most of the time people draw the characters in their own style and state where it’s from. I’m not sure how else would characters be referenced(???) Just do your research and be careful.

6) Know Your Art Trades/Commissions/Requests You know that I know that you know the difference, but there are people who do not. Or they do know and they misuse the term. So let me explain it one more time for those confused:

    Art Trade:

    when senpai likes you enough to draw for you IF you draw for them. Usually you will be contacted first but if you’re feeling risky, ask for one! Senpai (maybe) won’t bite but remember steps 1 & 2.


      when you love senpai enough you’d be willing to support them financially by purchasing their work (ง°▼°)ง For a monetary fee, senpai can create anything your heart desires (within reason) 💕💕. Holy prints and holy originals of past artwork by senpai may also be available. Remember that the price senpai asks for is what they feel their hard work is worth, so respect that. If you’re thinking of taking on commissions yourself, consider the time you spend on your pieces, your skill level and intended audience, and cost of supplies.


        This is a good way to start off an art account. Requests are what they are: free art. When taking requests, be sure to SPECIFY your specialty. Do you draw male Kpop idols? 3D modeling? Anime? Furries? Celebrities? One thing I learned was to set limits on what exactly and the amount I could draw, because just being like I’M TAKING REQUESTS will have the requests go from chibi oc’s one day to realistic dragons the next. Yes, it’s happened. #deviantart The same goes for senpai. If they magically one day announce they’re taking requests, don’t ask them for a million things and don’t ask them for things out of their comfort zone. Senpai is holy, but senpai isn’t God. And please don’t spam senpai with DMs/stalk their personal accounts wondering when your request will be done. Be patient. Senpai will be busy and they have the right to turn down requests. BUT things will get done.

        7) READ THE DESCRIPTION It’s painful to see how many times captions/descriptions are ignored despite the all caps/flaggers/flashing signs and arrows. If senpai’s hurt, don’t ask them for art. What the heckie. Good followers are good listeners. Good listeners make good senpais. It’s crazy how people I once admired from afar now are my IRL friends or super close friends from different parts of the world. And that’s because I read their posts and cared about them when life punched their holy faces. So read them and care about them. There might even be a secret giveaway buried within long posts like this one. I will leave a lovely doodle and note in the ask box of everyone who reblogs this with a chicken emoji in the tags. Not kidding. So read the descriptions foo.

        8) Good Heart = Good Art If you’re respectful, you will be respected too. Duh. Senpai loves you and sees you supporting them. So be confident and take pride in your own skill, and you will be a senpai. No, you already are one. I’ve never seen an account that has 0 followers. That one person that likes your art fo sho probably looks up to you. Be thankful for them and continue doing what you do. Senpai may seem out of reach but you never know when they will reach out to you (っ´▽`)っ ♥

        Have a wonderful day senpai 🙋

        3800+ followers. I have 3800+ bamfs following me. Every time I hit a new milestone, it just flabbergasts me so much. Because in my eyes, I could never comprehend why would follow me, and continue to follow me. Each and everyone of you is precious to me. 90% of you guys don’t talk to me (yet) but that doesn’t mean I love you any less. The urls here though are the ones that brighten up my days all the time. Whether it’s through interactions with me, or interactions with others, it truly makes me happy to consider these people friends. 

        Super Special Losers

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