i could care less if you leave

The other day I was at work and I had a customer start loudly complaining that the girl in line in front of him was paying for her food with an EBT card (food stamps). He starts loudly proclaiming right in earshot of her “look at this girl! She’s clearly able to work, why is she using food stamps? That’s bullshit! I work hard, I should get food stamps too!” I gritted my teeth and waited for the now-angry and tearful girl to leave, embarrassed, and then promptly refused to serve him. “I’m a customer, you have to serve me!”

“No, I refuse to serve a man who just made a girl cry and be embarrassed. You don’t know her. There could be a thousand mitigating circumstances in her life that you don’t know about.”

“Where is your manager???”

“Taking care of a customer less of an asshole than you. Get out of my store.”

My managers weren’t happy with my language, but they understood that a guy like that won’t be served at our store ever again.

why do video games think I want to play underground levels? no. i don’t want to fight your dank claw monsters in the dark. ever. bye

waves and electrical signals

we all exist as nothing more than electrical signals
encoded by our temporal lobe; touch the screen
of reality maybe you’ll be dispel the illusion cast
upon your soul.  

the morning star guides my way toward the twilight
till i’m safe in the shade; and don’t sign your name.

i could care less if you attended this meeting –
it was just a waste of time anyway. and don’t
text me asking me why i’m gone for the day.  

i’ve learned to spare my words, not that i care
about your hurts, it’s just what’s fair is not what

just delete my name from your vocabulary and
i’ll be happy.  crumble up my note and throw it
away as i cease to be known

i’m sorry, but i don’t have all the answers –
i’m just a good pretender, all i want is for you
to leave me alone.

The book is finally HERE!


peyton in every episode:

all that you can’t leave behind
“You think this is about Nathan? You’re not even close. You’re not even in the neighborhood of close! What’s wrong is how pointless all of this is! What difference does it make if you sleep with the popular guy, or you go to the right party, or you know the moves to some moronic cheer to do with some lame ass game I could care less about?!“


Do you know what the beauty of this scene at the beginning of The Muppet Movie is?  It’s that Kermit has just been approached for the first time by a Hollywood talent agent who tells him he’d be a shoe-in, and that he could be rich and famous.  Kermit actually couldn’t care less about that, and he’s pretty happy right where he is.  But then the agent tells Kermit he could make millions of people happy.  That’s when Kermit first feels something stirring inside him.  Kermit is the least egotistical character I’ve ever seen try to pursue fame and entertainment.  He also shows that he’s scared to leave where he’s comfortable, as many very normal people are.  Why leave a place that you’ve known your whole life for the chance at something that seems so far fetched that it can’t ever be real?  And yet, despite that, he feels called to do something bigger.  He hints at it only a minute or two before that in the opening song Rainbow Connection, saying he hears some voice calling to him that he can’t ignore, and that there’s something he’s supposed to be.  Kermit is the ultimate embodiment of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and giving something a chance against all odds, and not even for himself, but because he thinks it would bring happiness to the whole world.

We should all strive to be like the Kermit portrayed in The Muppet Movie.

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Hello! Could you make a romantic scenario of how you took care of your girlfriend if you are sick of Yuri p, Minami and ji GuangHong? plz

((Sorry, but the limit for scenarios is one character. I can do headcanons, though ^^))


-Panicking on the inside

-What is he supposed to do??

-Are you supposed to have more blankets or less blankets??

-That cough sounded horrible, are you dying???

-Mila has to calm him down

-When he does calm down, he’ll give s/o some medicine and let them sleep trough the rest of the day


-Never ever leaves your side

-Unless it’s to get medicine

-Cuddles you a lot even though you’re sick

-Ends up getting sick himself

-Is a bit overly careful

-’No, Kenjiro, I do not need another pillow, I have ten already’

Guang Hong:

-Is the calmest of the three

-Knows how to deal with colds pretty well 

-Cooks you some nice food and tells you to rest

-But he’s making you drink that medicine whether you want it or now

-Mama Guang Hong is on the move

Stop pity b.a.p 2kforever and START TO SUPPORTING THEM.

i mean..yes..the had a big fanbase…the lost a lot of fans…it happened…time to let the past in the past and focus in the present.. it stress me how people is like: “if it wasnt bc the whole lawsuit the coul be big as bts and exo”..who cares, they WERE FKICNG SUFFERING…look at yongguk how terrible he was living even afer the lawsuit, can you imagine if they didnt do the lawsuit?? i just cant imagine, he had suicidal thoughts, the rest of the boys were suffering a lot…!! you can take “they could be as popular as___” and leave…i prefer see them less popular than sick!! now just lets try to make them big again..or at least give them a chance…..a try to give them recognition!!

ok just bear with me here we know that neil could literally not care less about keeping his phone on or even charged and i imagine this wouldn’t change when nicky finally convinces him to upgrade to an iphone so just picture our boy leaving his phone all over the damn place and the foxes casually picking it up and taking a couple pictures before returning it to him

  • btw nicky sets a passcode for neil before handing it over (it’s totally 0310 let’s not kid ourselves) but you don’t need to know that to get to the camera so
  • nicky and matt take such goofy pictures like even when they’re trying to look good they exaggerate it so much that it’s funny
  • matt also takes a lot of group pics bc his arm is long enough to include himself in them amazing
  • nicky is the one responsible for most of the pictures of andrew’s group because
  • kevin literally could not care less for this. does it contribute to their exy skills? then get that phone out of his face nicky god damn it
  • he only takes a picture of himself once and its at some historical exhibit
  • aaron also never takes pictures bc he would never do neil the favor(?) of picking up his phone for him but you can bet that katelyn’s snuck in a couple of them when she runs into neil at parties with the vixens
  • in one picture she’s actually caught aaron laughing at some lame science joke the nerd and neil will never admit it but he thinks it’s the perfect example of why they’re right for each other
  • but his favorite is the one of aaron being used as an armrest by katelyn (probs taken by another vixen)
  • allison somehow manages to document anyone’s embarrassment on both her phone and neil’s
  • matt and dan take the most obnoxiously adorable couple pictures and at least a third of them originated on neil’s phone
  • renee pops up in group pics with all the girls but usually she ends up taking a lot of candid shots of the team
  • like she’s just really good at catching that one moment where everyone’s engaged and happy
  • allison and dan eventually talk her into taking a couple pictures of herself too, usually right after she’s redone her hair
  • and basically they all do their best to fill neil’s phone with pictures of themselves so that even when they’re not around in person he’ll remember that they’re family and they’ll always be there for him
  • and they just want to record every happy moment like a tangible wish for these memories to slowly outweigh every one of neil’s bad ones
  • and then there’s andrew

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If You Care - Part 6

Originally posted by wooyoung

Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Epilogue

Genre: Angsty, (coming soon) smut

Pairing: Reader x Park Chanyeol / Oh Sehun.

Word Count: 2,055 words

Summary: When Chanyeol’s old friend comes back from studying abroad, you find yourself seeing him less and less. Your boyfriend hasn’t been paying attention to you, so Sehun steps in to comfort you instead.

Interestingly enough, the restaurant Chanyeol is at was in walking distance. It was like he already knew you were somewhere nearby. You thought, So Chanyeol won’t leave unless I come? Ha. What could he want? Was he going to finally apologize? Was he going to make it up to you somehow? Did he want to wish you a happy birthday or something?

You sighed as you waited at the crosswalk. The sidewalks were filled with young people like yourself. They were probably going out drinking and partying with their friends like you were. Except you’d got sidetracked, thanks to Chanyeol.

Chanyeol didn’t even drink that often. Not really. But he could drink pretty well. And every time he drank, he’d over do it. If the boys went out to drink, Chanyeol would feel the need to prove to everyone else that he could drink the most. Chanyeol had been drunk around you once, a few months ago when everything was okay. You missed that Chanyeol. You missed the Chanyeol that would eat ice cream with you. The Chanyeol that would watch movies with you. The Chanyeol that would make sure you had backstage passes to their performances. The Chanyeol that called you at seven in the morning to make sure you got up for class even though he just got in from dance practice. You missed that Chanyeol so much. What happened?

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bearnabus replied to your post “Know what I want from an episode? I want a scene where like Lucy is in…”

A similar thought- what if Flynn saved Wyatt & Rufus at some point for Lucy’s benefit. Like in this scenario Lucy is totally fine, maybe the time team got separated and the boys are in trouble. Of course Flynn couldn’t care less if they get hurt/die, but Lucy is freaking out, so Flynn’s finally just like *eye roll* “Calm down, woman!” *goes and saves them* “Are you happy now? Can we get back to destroying Rittenhouse??” I want to see him save Lucy way more, but I think this could be cute too.

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Good. The exact opposite of the events in 1.11. Hahaha.

That would be great. Because where Wyatt and Rufus are concerned, Flynn can take ‘em or leave ‘em. He has threatened to or attempted to kill them. Even scenes with the four of them, Flynn will speak mostly to Lucy, ignoring the other two until they speak directly at him (sometimes not even then). Wyatt and Rufus are… accessories. So Flynn saving Lucy is great. Fantastic. But saving the boys FOR Lucy would mean he cares about her beyond her physical wellbeing. Or that he would rather appease her and win her cooperation than leverage it. Opposite of 1.11. Very good.

Also, yeah, I’d like it if Flynn would care about the guys a little more. Just give me everybody working together and protecting each other. As Rittenhouse becomes a bigger and more serious threat, these two teams can’t keep spurning each other just because their views are too radical or too minimalistic. Enemy of my enemy and all that. It’s been proven effective. We’ve done it before. Successfully. Until it didn’t work anymore.

Let’s strive towards a future with more teamwork and nods.

Granted, Flynn would still see Lucy as the most beneficial member of their team. Wyatt and Rufus are just part of the package deal.

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Am I the only one who could care less if Daryl and Carol reunite?

I would say no, you are not the only one. I’m not against the idea, but I think if she keeps saying to leave her alone, everyone should just leave her alone. I’ll keep the rest of my opinions to myself.


My former coworker is now a cast member on Terrace House, a Japanese version of the reality shows where everyone just lives together and the cameras follow everyone around. There’s a lot less drama than the Western versions, but basically it’s all about who likes who, and if you end up getting dumped or rejected, you choose to leave the show and a new hot guy or girl moves in.

Taishi is adorable and handsome so I’m rooting for him, but personally I think he could care less about the romance aspect of the show. In his audition he said he wants to find the love of his life on the show, but what he REALLY wants is for his career to take off, and the show is a big stepping stone. I’m not criticizing him for that, but rather, I’m admiring his determination to make his dreams come true. 

Somebody please put that cute boy in a movie.

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All of you're missing the point. The only reason you sit her and guess is because none of you respect the very real thing here, which is, Gillian could care less to let people into her private life unless they are her friend, family member, or lover. Last I checked none of the people on tumblr were any of those things to her. You guys look so dumb when you argue about a stranger's life like this, a stranger who doesn't even wish for you to know what she does in her private time. Leave her alone.

Yeah and than you want me to believe she told ppl at a book signing/meeting about her boyfriend?
So could you guys make up your minds already because on one side you claim she is to private and wouldn’t tell and than it’s said/reported that she talked about her boyfriend doing this and that…

And if you don’t like what I talk about on my blog you know where you can find the block button 🙃 bye bye 👋🏼

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Parallel Gifset request please - all of the "Im not leaving" bits / moments between them :). For 2 people who have constantly been abandoned and forgotten about (don't get me started on how Damon could care less that Enzo is dead and he only called Bonnie cause of Kai) them not giving up on each other and promising to always be there and fight for what they have is prob the most important part of their relationship. I mean their love is literally stronger than fate/death. I cant handle it. 😭😭

I love this, you got it! Let me put it on the list :D I really want this and a giant BE kiss gifset… and time, lots and lots of time lol.

Language Barrier

So I’ve had this idea for awhile now… I guess we’ll see how it turns out.


Rated: M

“So theres nothing I can do?”

“Unfortunately, no there is not,” the woman behind the desk told you. “The next plane leaves early in the morning.”

“But I’ve been here almost all day,” you argued. “What am I supposed to do for the next,” you looked down at your phone. “Six hours.”

The older woman looked like she could care less. “Have something to eat, relax and take a nap?”

You mumbled under your breath and stalked away from the customer service desk, towards the chairs you were sitting at all day. You were at LAX, wanting to just get on your plane and go home. But just an hour before your flight you were told that there was a problem and your flight wouldn’t be leaving until the next day. What were you supposed to do now? You were stuck at the airport alone, it was going to be a long six hours.

Two hours had passed. You walked around the airport almost ten times, visited the shops and had something to eat. You were pretty sure the store clerks were thinking you were some crazy person by the looks they gave you. You looked at every single item in the store over a dozen of times. You felt crazy.

You sighed and flopped down into a chair, “Now what?”

You heard laughter from in front of you. Curious, you looked up and spotted a group of boys messing around and laughing. You pouted, wishing you had someone to talk to. Being as bored as you were you decided to study the guys across from you.

A tall one, a short one, three loud ones, and one telling them to settle down. He sounded like the mother of the group. 

Then you noticed another one. He was sitting next to them, but quiet. He stood out to you with his light pink hair. You watched him scroll through music on his phone and occasionally nod at something one of the others would say to him. He seemed bored.

Suddenly he looked up, catching your eye. You quickly looked down at your phone, your cheeks turning red from being caught gawking at the attractive guy across the room.

About an hour later you decided to get some coffee and take a walk. Sitting in the same position for so long was killing your back. You had just got your drink and turned, bumping into someone.

“Shit,” you cursed. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” you looked up and nearly dropped your drink when you saw it was the same guy you had been drooling over just an hour before. The one who caught you staring. 

He grabbed a handful of napkins and handed them to you. You took them and smiled shyly, “Thanks.”

He nods and stuffs his hands into his pockets.

You start to walk back to your chair and he follows. “Min Yoongi,” he says and you stop. 

“What? Oh, that’s your name. I’m ______.”

Again he nods. You eye him and realize he doesn’t speak much english. Well damn, how are you going to talk to him now?

You gasp when you’re suddenly yanked into a small room, Yoongi quickly shutting it and locking it. You stare at him with confused eyes and he points to the door, and holds up a finger to his mouth telling you to be quiet. You bite your lip and press your ear to the door. You could hear commotion and someone saying, “I saw Yoongi oppa, he went this way!”

Who was this guy? Was he famous or something?

What a weird day this was turning out to be. You looked around the room, taking a notice that it was a supply closet. Awesome. 

You looked back at Yoongi and he was staring at you, leaning against the wall. You were about to say something but he was suddenly in front of you after taking to big steps. You backed up, back hitting the wall. You accidentally hit the bucket of water and it hit the floor with a crash. The boy in front of you chuckled and you glared at him.

“It’s not funny,” then you sighed. “Forget it.”

You stepped to the side to get around him and slipped on the wet tiled floor. A startled cry left your mouth and you braced yourself for the fall. But it never came, Yoongi had caught you. 

And now your face was just inches from his.

Then he kissed you. 

You automatically kissed him back, fingers going to his pink hair. He backed you up against the wall, pressing his body against yours. He cupped your face in his hands and kissed you deeply, hungrily sucking on your tongue and nibbled on your bottom lip. You had never been kissed so passionately before and it was making you light headed.

With a little more courage you took his bottom lip between your teeth and pulled away.

You were both panting, lips red a swollen. 

Yoongi’s hair was a mess from you tugging at it but if anything it only made you want him more. 

Then you two were attacking each other, clothes being ripped off and tossed to the side. Your shirt landed in the water but right now you could only focus on his mouth moving down your next to your bare chest. He took a nipple between his teeth while his hand played with the other. You were a moaning mess and he had just started touching you. 

“Yoongi,” you whimpered. You felt like you were going to explode.

He groaned hearing you say his name, “Beautiful,” he breathed against your mouth. He kissed you and picked you up, your legs wrapping around his waist. He placed his forehead against yours and bit his lip as he pushed himself inside of you. You threw your head back, a choked moan escaping your lips. He wasted no time and began a hard and fast rhythm, body shaking from the most intense feeling he had ever felt. He watched where your body’s were joining, his hard member sliding in and out of your wetness easily. He groaned at the sight, and slid his hand between the two of you, finger lazily circling your clit. You moaned, nails digging into his naked shoulders.

“Fuck,” you gasped. “Fuck. You feel so good.”

Yoongi groaned and mumbled something in Korean against your lips. You shivered at his deep voice. He continued to pound into you, whispering against your cheek and in your ear.

You were so close. You grabbed Yoongi’s face between your hands and let him watch you come undone. Yoongi followed shortly after, whispering your name against your lips. 

When he set you down you were still shaking from the after math as you got dressed. Your wet shirt clung to your skin. You would definitely be stared at for that.

Yoongi grabbed your hand before you could leave the room. He kissed you gently, deeply and you wished you had more time with him. He slipped something into your hand and pressed one last kiss to your head. You smiled and slipped out of the room.

As Yoongi walked back to his friends, ignoring their questioning eyes and comments he could only think about you. He was determined to learn enough English to at least tell you how much he liked you.

The rest of the day he smiled.

The Types as My Chemical Romance Lyrics
  • ISTJ: "Well, when you go, don't ever think I'll make you try to stay. And maybe when you get back, I'll be off to find another way."
  • ESTJ: "Teenagers scare the living shit out of me. They could care less as long as someone'll bleed. So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose. Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me."
  • INFP: "I won't explain or say I'm sorry. I'm unashamed, I'm gonna show my scar. Give a cheer for all the broken. Listen here, because it's who we are."
  • ENFP: "Do or die, you'll never make me, because the world will never take my heart. Go and try, you'll never break me. We want it all, we wanna play this part."
  • ISFJ: "And after seeing what we saw, can we still reclaim our innocence? And if the world needs something better, let's give them one more reason now."
  • ESFJ: "For every failing sun, there’s a morning after. Though I’m empty when you go, I just wanted you to know that the world is ugly, but you’re beautiful to me."
  • INTP: "Well it rains and it pours when you're out on your own. If I crash on the couch, can I sleep in my clothes? ... If it looks like I'm laughing, I'm really just asking to leave."
  • ENTP: "We're damned after all. Through fortune and flame we fall. And if you can stay then I'll show you the way to return from the ashes you call."
  • ISTP: "I stopped bleeding three years ago while you keep screaming for revolution. Because rebellion's not a t-shirt you sell. You keep your money and I’ll see you in hell."
  • ESTP: "'Cause even heroes get the blues, or any misery you choose. You like to watch, we like to use, and we were born to lose."
  • INFJ: "And if the world stops believing, I'll keep believing that the world could make a change."
  • ENFJ: "If I could be with you tonight, I would sing you to sleep, never let them take the light behind your eyes."
  • INTJ: "You're in time for the show. You're the one that I need, I'm the one that you loathe."
  • ENTJ: "You've got to make a choice if the music drowns you out and raise your voice every single time they try and shut your mouth."
  • ISFP: "You don't know a thing about this life, and we are up for everything it takes to prove we're not the same as them."
  • ESFP: "I can't slow down, I won't be waiting for you. I can't stop now, because I'm dancing."

George Harrison’s Mini and John Lennon’s Rolls Royce, 1967; screen capped from Living in the Material World

Excerpt 2 from Thank U Very Much: Mike McCartney’s Family Album:

“In the carefree, couldn’t care less, psychedelic LSD, day tripper London period, I would leave our kid’s St. John’s Wood home in my khaki coloured Scimitar sports car (the first one bought from Reliant at the 1967 Motor Show and not at all ‘flower power’… more ‘tank power’) to drive down to ‘Kinfauns”, George and Patti’s [sic] Esher home.

With explicit ‘secret’ instructions from George how to get lost, I soon arrived outside the high walled superhome and gave the ‘secret’ horn beeps. Before you could say ‘open says me’ the door had swung open and I was overt the moat and inside the low slung castle.

After pleasant reunions I was shown around the ‘bungalow George’ home by Patti [sic] [Note: Elsewhere in the book, Mike recalls: ‘I once had a crush on her.’], through the Dali inspired extension, complete with huge round window, and out to the heated swimming pool.

We enjoyed a peaceful day lounging round the pool and a quiet Ravi-Byrds evening in, with large whisky and Cokes (Jim Macmeasures [As Mike notes earlier in the book: ‘Pour quadruple, four-finger measures of neat alcohol for each and every guest.’] poured into the early hours. By this time I was quite drunk (for the second time since August 1961, or was it the third?) and staggered to my bed.

In the morning (sorry mid-day) I shakily presented myself to the company, and after breakfast cum dinner brunch, George asked if I’d ever been to John’s house. As I hadn’t, he offered to drive me over to Weybridge after my Alka Seltzer.

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