i could be your salvation

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Are any other races or creatures that are on the salvation's side?

I’m assuming you mean different formes?

well, you can make your SALVATION any animal/humanoid

combinations are endless!

I could show you some examples of deliverance’s which are the SALVATIONs minions 


Some of these were made by the amazing @poryqons

please check her out if you already havent!

OF COURSE there will always be rules of these creatures [since this is my first species i’m very protective of them]

you can make them any colour BUT green, heck you could do rainbow and I wouldn’t give a shit, as long as green is not the MAIN colour of your SALVATION i’m perfectly fine with that

They MUST have a job/backstory explaining how they became sick, where they came from, what their job was, and what their job is now

They can rebel against the SALVATION cult! And fight what they believe in


The SALVATION leader is already deeply in love with someone from a long time ago, and he does not want anyone else besides that person

There are still so many pieces of you in me that sometimes I pass a mirror and have to stop to check who’s staring back. And it’s not just that we look sort of similar on the outside, it’s that I still can remember the first and last words you said to me. They play on a loop in my mind sometimes; the soundtrack of us. In a few simple words. But that’s sad.
Sometimes I begin to write a sentence and I mistakenly write your name. I stand in line at the grocery store and pick up your favourite drink without realising there will be no one to give it to when I get home. I see someone wearing the jumper you wanted so desperately, and I’m so close to asking them where they got it from.
And I can still picture the light of the laptop screen illuminating your face long after the neighbours lights are turned off for the night. The shrug of your shoulder when you said ‘I love you’. The beer bottle pressed to your lips as if it’s your only salvation. I wish I could shake that last image, but sometimes it glues itself to the back of my eyelids and I have to stop myself from blinking. If I do, I think I’d suffocate.
I’ve gotten slightly better at looking away when I pass mirrors, or holding back from buying your favourite drink, or imagining what you might be doing on a night like tonight, with all the stars shining brightly like that.
But I still forget sometimes, that you’re not here and you won’t ever be, and the realisation that I’ve carried your jumper all the way home with no one waiting for it has me stopping right on the doorstep, key in hands and tears in my eyes. The realisation that I’ve been carrying you with me all this time. I’m not sure yet how to let go.
—  The You In Me // r.e.s