i could be kc

I’m a bit concerned with the last thing I reblogged.

People know Genji says grey fox as a reference to

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yess? or am i just really old *cries*

what we know about the rq4 title

first of all, following the pattern it’s gotta be a adjective + noun

both are one syllable

the title has always been about mare in some way. it can have other applications (for ex evangeline was said to be in a “king’s bridal cage), but it always directly relates to mare

at the same time it doesn’t have to be an OBVIOUS connection (rq and kc were pretty obvious, but gs was a more subtle)

some possible nouns/adjectives I feel could be used: dawn, new, bone (kc was almost bone cage so?), skull, court, rise, blood, house, maybe a color, ???

so yeah basically we know nothing

I’m sitting here, missing you. Listening to the songs we like. Scrolling through our photos. Wishing the days would go faster, so I could hold you in my arms.
—  kc


Ok so Goku isn’t a Kirby character. Goku is actually from the same game as Chao from Kirby’s Dream Land 2, Yuyuki. Chao and Goku both appear in Kirby’s Dream Land 3. I drew Goku as he looks in his KDL3 sprite, but he does not look like that all in Yuyuki’s official artwork. Here he just looks like a doofy monkey. Also i could make a Dragon Ball joke but nahhhhhhh.


a series of unlikely crossovers:

gemleilou  asked:

"I actually thought Klaroline was more like Spuffy than Delena." Hmmm, antagonistic Spuffy reminds me of KC (especially when Spike got the chip in his head) their banter is funny & also that Buffy feels bad bout sleeping with Spike reminded me of Caroline frantically cleaning to hide from everyone. What similarities do you see?

Well it’s more like between DE and KC I could see KC going down the Spuffy route because of the chemistries. Like I keep saying with DE, Elena shrinks into herself when Damon is aggressive or when they were together she was like well ehh, like there wasn’t that spark or that fire that could fuel either an argument or sex or both. While I had my issues with KC, they had that. I could see Klaus and Caroline getting into a fight that destroys a building that turns to sex, their argument in 4x18 shows that volatility.


a series of unlikely crossovers:


farewell degrassi tng meme:

↳ Favorite Friendships

↳Drew Torres & KC Guthrie 

↳ “I’ve made some pretty good friends here too”

Hope that everybody’s Monday wasn’t completely terrible….tbh, mine was just terrible enough. Could be worse, though - I could be broke, unemployed and alone. I will be at KC Planet Comicon this weekend, proudly wearing my YOI t-shirts and looking for kindred spirits. Thanks again to @phaytesworld, @kanekkis and all of the other writers who have both saved and ruined me; love all of you to pieces💜