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ot4 + food!!!

“Adrien, sit down.”

Adrien glanced between the three of them. “Is…something wrong?”

“It’s about the Camembert,” Nino explained as Alya gestured to the free seat they’d left for Adrien.

“We’re worried,” Marinette added, frowning up at him.

Adrien sank into the chair with a low groan. “Okay, it’s not-”

“You know there’s other food out there, right? Other cheeses, too.” Alya leaned in closer. “But every day, we all have to kiss you while you smell like Camembert.”

Nino made a face. “And every time you come over, our rooms always smell like the angry ghost of an abandoned cheese factory.”

Adrien raised a brow, but Alya and Marinette both nodded in agreement.

“There’s just so many other things you could eat.” Marinette grinned. “We have some other options for you if you’ll just-

“Wait. You don’t understand-” Adrien began again.

“Look,” Alya interrupted, holding out her hand, “Just give up the Camembert, and we can introduce you to food that tastes way better and doesn’t smell like it could kill you.”

“It’s not mine!” Adrien shouted.

The trio shared a look before Nino asked, “Okay, whose is it, then?”

“It’s um…” Adrien scrambled to figure out a plausible excuse for a moment. “It’s Nathalie’s.”

“Nathalie?” Marinette asked, brows furrowed.

“Yeah… We, um, go by a cheese shop on the way to school and we pick some up for her.” Adrien knew the excuse was flimsy at best, but maybe, just maybe, he’d be lucky and Alya wouldn’t question him.

“Why doesn’t she carry it herself?” Alya asked.

So much for luck. “She, uh…” Adrien considered for a second. “Well, my father can’t stand the smell, and she’s around him all the time, so I offered.”

“Really?” Alya watched him for a moment, no doubt looking for any kind of sign that he was trying to lie to her. “So, you don’t like Camembert? At all?”

Adrien nodded. “Trust me. I hate Camembert.” At least this was one question he could answer honestly.

“Fine.” Alya settled back in her seat. “I guess I believe you.” She jabbed a finger in Adrien’s direction. “But, you have to talk to Nathalie about something that helps with the smell, okay?”

“We’re still eating the snacks and everything, right?” Marinette asked, peeking back at the table they’d hidden just out of view. “I mean, we missed lunch for this.”

“Yeah, of course.” Nino grinned. “But now we can watch whatever we want instead of food documentaries.”

“I spent hours looking for those,” Alya grumbled.

“It was sweet of you to find them. But…” Marinette reached out to squeeze Alya’s hand. “They were a little dry, and my dad found a bunch of cheesy old horror movies last night.”

They spent the rest of the afternoon squeezed together on Marinette’s couch, exchanging snacks, laughing at movies together, and threatening to exile Adrien to the floor if he made one more cheese-related pun.

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People know Genji says grey fox as a reference to

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yess? or am i just really old *cries*


Katie Cassidy Filmography

When a Stranger Calls  (2006)


I was thinking about this today while I was jogging, but I never see any posts about physically handicapped/disabled demigods.

Like, when I work out or run, I have to take it slow, because I have a heart murmur that acts up when I’m too active for too long a period of time. As a demigod on a quest, that would be a massive liability to me. So like….

What about blind demigods? Deaf demigods? Demigods with heart problems or in wheelchairs? Like….idk how do they adapt to BEING a demigod, something that, as we’ve seen, is INCREDIBLY hands on and physical

I have no doubt in my mind they could all do it, but I’d be intrigued to have a character who, in our world, would be babied and treated as an invalid, but in the demigod world THRIVES.

Children of Hephaestus in wheelchairs that fucking trick them out with every known weapon in the world they can fly and shoot lasers and shit and if you DO get close enough for hand to hand the kid has a fucking knife and a killer right hook

Blind children of Demeter who pull a Toph and use their surroundings as an advantage, able to “see” so long as there’s ground under their feet.

Deaf children of Apollo that are boss at music because they can feel the vibrations of whatever they’re playing.

Children of Ares and Hermes who, because they have heart problems, can’t do as much that’s physical, but they’re the best strategists and thieves.

Idk. I’ve seen a lot about demigods with PTSD and depression and anxiety, but I’ve seen nothing about physical disabilities that are incredibly common in the real world. I don’t think Rick has had a demigod with a physical disability yet (unless you count Jason needing glasses, which is a whole other can of worms because glasses and sweat don’t mix) (I could have forgotten about someone tho esp with the KC books bc I haven’t read them in a while)

Just a thought *shrug*

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...I totally read your tags for bring it on and omg yaaaaassss a kc au and like I totally wish I could make actual puppy eyes at au to see if maybe possibly some day in the future this could be an actual thing??

It had been an appalingly long time since I looked through my saved prompts and I figured this one was perfect for klarolineauweek!

Like, Totally Freak Me Out

The halls are nearly empty when Caroline walks in the front doors. A quick glance at her phone has her picking up the pace. Thank god she’d worn flats today.

Caroline would have given just about anything to have slept in and blown off AP Chemistry. Her phone had kept her up all night, the cheer squad group chat a never ending fight. Old grudges were brought up (seriously old, like second grade playground accident old) and abundant petty digs were thrown, despite the fact that a decision had been made and the endless chat bubbles weren’t going to change Caroline’s mind.

She’d known the squad her entire life. You’d think they’d have figured out not to mess with her when she’d decided on something but, to be fair, none of them had been selected for their brains. As their newest member had pointed out yesterday, cheering wasn’t exactly taxing on the neurons.

That little remark might have been part of the reason Caroline had made the call. Rebekah Mikaelson was only a sophomore but she’d stared down a table full of juniors and seniors without a hint of nerves, her chin up and voice cool. Caroline couldn’t help but admire the poise. And then the girl had pulled out a flawless tumbling pass that was well beyond the gymnastics the squad’s routines required. She’d been one of the better dancers when they’d split the girls up into groups too. Her vocals were a little weak and they’d have to work on wiping the faintly embarrassed expression from her face while she performed but, all in all, Rebekah was a better candidate than Caroline had dared hope for considering the last minute scramble they were stuck doing all because Sophie was a moron who’d gotten sloppy drunk and broken her ankle.

Rebekah was in, she’d decreed, when they’d dismissed the last of the hopefuls. She’d gotten some pushback but there was no way the teeny freshman minion of Vicki Donovan’s was better. Yeah, they could toss the girl to the rafters but she had zero personality. Vicki was bitter about not being captain and Caroline had been trying not to rub her victory in her face. Apparently her attempts at civility had made Vicki think her opinion was important.

Which sucked for her because Caroline was 100% done being nice.

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Also because request are open could I get a reaction from Hanzo finding out someone hes hard core crushing on likes him back? He didnt think it was possible because their so perfect that he feels unworthy to even think of receiving their affections, so he doesn't even consider it a possibility? (He might even feel like its some kind of really rude prank when he finds out)

I HOPE YOU ENJOY! ❤️ I love hanzo so much :, ) -KC


You could never catch a break lately. Your aim was off, training was kicking your ass, and the icing on the cake? Hanzo, who you totally weren’t crushing on nope no way has been ignoring you for over a week now.

You cried in frustration in your bunk room when a soft knock was at the door. You quickly gained your composure back and went to answer the door.

Mei stood outside with her arms crossed.

“Y/N! Why didn’t you tell me you’ve been upset?” You moved aside to let her into the room and shut the door behind you.

“I just, I don’t even know anymore!” Everything was so frustrating.

“Hey hey, it’ll be okay.” Mei pulled you into a hug.

“Are you ready to talk about it?”

You nodded as Mei sat back down on your bed, waiting for you to explain.


“Hanzo, your arrows haven’t been as accurate lately.” Athena announced in the archery lane.

Hanzo broke an arrow in frustration.

“You don’t think I noticed?” Hanzo said with a sigh, turning off the target machine.

He had every right to be frustrated, at himself.

He couldn’t help that he liked you, no, it was purely out of his power. And why would you ever like him back? He’s a criminal for crying out loud.

Hanzo climbed up to the roof and looked out at the horizon. A familiar figure appeared behind him.

“Brother, your aura is quite gray today. Any reason why?” Genji placed a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s nothing Genji. I’ll be fine.” He moved away and started to walk back down into the building.

“I know it’s about Y/N.” Hanzo stopped dead in his tracks. How?

“How did you-” Genji chuckled.

“You make it quite obvious, brother. I think you’d feel a lot better if you just talked to them.” And with that, Genji was gone.

Hanzo didn’t know what to do.


“Alright, I’m doing it.” Mei clapped in joy as you got up from the bed.

“You’ll be fine and everything will work itself out, promise.” Mei held out her pinky and you wrapped yours around hers.



After asking almost everyone at base, you finally found Hanzo on the roof top.

He was sitting, his back facing you. Hanzo’s ribbon flowed in the air and the deep sunset colors illuminated his body.

“Hanzo, could I talk to you for a minute?” Hanzo quickly turned around and froze when he saw you.

He didn’t say anything, just nodded as you started walking over to him.

You both sat there, enjoying the peace.

It was time.

“Hanzo, I like you.” You said, turning away from him.

He didn’t say anything once again, but instead started getting up to leave.

“If Genji put you up to this, you can give him my thanks.” Hanzo’s words were harsh. What had you done wrong?

“Hanzo what do you mean?” Tears pricked at your eyes and he turned back around.

“You’re not,” Hanzo rubbed his eyes.

“You’re not kidding?” You merely smiled and shook your head.

“I like you, Hanzo Shimada.” The breeze made his ribbon fly again and it cooled the blush on your face.

He walked back to you and held out his hand.

“I like you too, Y/N.”

Hanzo’s eyes dripped with tears as you grabbed his hand.

The two of you sat there in the warm embrace of the sunset for a long time.

I’m sitting here, missing you. Listening to the songs we like. Scrolling through our photos. Wishing the days would go faster, so I could hold you in my arms.
—  kc

a series of unlikely crossovers:

what we know about the rq4 title

first of all, following the pattern it’s gotta be a adjective + noun

both are one syllable

the title has always been about mare in some way. it can have other applications (for ex evangeline was said to be in a “king’s bridal cage), but it always directly relates to mare

at the same time it doesn’t have to be an OBVIOUS connection (rq and kc were pretty obvious, but gs was a more subtle)

some possible nouns/adjectives I feel could be used: dawn, new, bone (kc was almost bone cage so?), skull, court, rise, blood, house, maybe a color, ???

so yeah basically we know nothing

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Lol I kinda like both DJ and Steve and DJ and Matt I'm like stuck in the middle lol. Heck i would probably ship Matt and Steve together like I seriously can't make decisions just ask about my tvd days and the main triangle like I could decide exempt for KC lol.

Well, first off Anon if you couldn’t decide between Stelena and Delena…message me, we need to have a chat. I’m worried about you in your future relationships 😹.

As far as Team Steve and Team Matt, it’s not that I don’t like Matt. I mean he’s a good guy, he’s funny, he’s attractive, he gets along with her family, he cares about her, and they definitely have chemistry. He’s close to perfect. But he’s not perfect for HER.

I mean first off the show has made it clear that she’s settling if she ends up with Matt. And even though he may know she likes lavender scented things, or gets plane sick, that isn’t knowing her on the level DJ needs someone to know her. She’s wholesome and dorky and needs someone whose gonna sing Summer Lovin and recreate the scene from Ghost and Google her dreams for her without her even asking. After losing her husband she needs a best friend in her partner, someone who makes her feel safe and loved and gets along perfectly with her kids. And I’m not saying Matt wouldn’t, or couldn’t, but we haven’t seen him do that at all, even once really, the entire series. Steve on the other hand, has been written to specifically interact and hang out and enjoy everything regarding her little ones. I mean, I don’t know if you were a Full House watcher but… those two are made for each other. Goobers to the very end. Kind of like a grown of Riley and Farkle from Girl Meets World, to be honest.

Honestly it would be kind of cute if Matt ended up with CJ, haha.

Either way, no matter who ships Matt and Deej (the .000001% of people out there) it’s going to be DJ and Steve. The creator himself said that when he left after S5 and they broke DJ and Steve up he thought it was one of the worst mistakes they made and it didn’t work at all and he was happy he got a chance to fix that wrong doing. So I’m pretty sure we’re inevitably in for a reconciliation and most likely, a wedding!