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I’m sitting here, missing you. Listening to the songs we like. Scrolling through our photos. Wishing the days would go faster, so I could hold you in my arms.
—  kc

a series of unlikely crossovers:

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LEG WORSHIP!!! Starscream just lays back while you get to work. *__*

i’ve had this sitting in a word document for a literal week, and it turns out it’s been finished for like at least four days and i just didn’t realize it. whoops.

“Star…have I ever told you how beautiful you are?”

“Hm?” He turned onto his side to face you, next to him in your shared berth. “I believe so. Why is this coming up now?”

Your optics rolled so far back into your head you could have seen your brain module had you concentrated hard enough.

“So humble,” you teased, elbowing him in the upper arm. “It’s coming up now because…well…you’re beautiful, and I don’t think anyone appreciates it like they should.” You propped yourself up on one elbow, running your free hand over his chestplate and down his torso.

His optical ridges went up; he looked pleasantly surprised. “Oh? Are you planning on changing that?”

“Why yes I am,” you replied, sitting up. “Especially…your legs…

“What about them?” He asked as you moved to sit in front of him. He spread his legs so you could sit between them, and as soon as you settled, your hands were on his thighs.

“They’re perfect, that’s what.” You started gently stroking the metal, slowly running your hands up and down the smooth surface, from the pointed tips to the knee joint. “They’re so perfect, despite doing so much work. I can’t find a single scratch…”

He actually looked…embarrassed, if only a little bit. “W-Well, Knockout does keep us looking good…”

“I’ll have to thank him…it would be an absolute travesty if you had to walk around with any sort of imperfection marring this beautiful surface.” Before he could reply, you turned to one side and carefully picked up his leg, bending it and placing his pede on your chestplate as you started to rub his calf. “Has anyone ever done this to you before?”

“N-Not to my recollection,” he said, letting go of the fistfuls of sheets he’d grabbed onto in order to fold his arms behind his head. Whether or not he was trying to look cool and collected, you didn’t know – but whatever he was doing, he definitely looked like he was trying.

You smiled serenely, returning your focus to your self-appointed task. “That’s such a shame, honestly. You deserve this, and much more…” The thin tips of your fingers traced the seams where his knee spike and fins attach, and you leaned down and placed a kiss on his calf. “You’re a walking miracle, you know.” Your hands slowly slid down, all the way to his ankle, stroking the metal spines on either side. “You’re lovely. Every single part of you.”

You looked up and noticed that he was now biting one of his fingers.

“Does it feel good, my love?” Your hands finally moved the rest of the way down, your fingers sliding along the smooth, polished surfaces of his pede. “Wow, even the bottoms are flawless…” You added, in a whisper.

He nodded hastily in response and removed the finger from between his dentae. “Y-Yes. Yes it does.” As soon as he finished speaking, it went back in.

You held in the giggle you felt bubbling up – you desperately did not need him getting embarrassed and upset.

“Do you feel good?”

He looked confused, but you just placed his leg back down on the bed and picked up the other, repeating the process over again.

“Do I…feel good? Well, yes, I feel good…”

“Inside as well as out?”


You leaned down and pressed kiss after kiss to his leg, everywhere you could reach. “I want you to feel good about yourself, in more than a physical sense. I want you to love yourself as much as I love you.”


farewell degrassi tng meme:

↳ Favorite Friendships

↳Drew Torres & KC Guthrie 

↳ “I’ve made some pretty good friends here too”


a series of unlikely crossovers:



Klaroline AU | Crossover, Modern!AU, Frankenstein!AU [with Dr. Frankenstein!Caroline and Creature!Klaus]

New Orleans. After her fiancé Tyler’s sudden death, the young Dr. Caroline Forbes falls in a deep depression. That is, until she discovers some old diaries belonged to one of her ancestors – some study about bringing life into dead subject – and that is why she has spent the last months digging graves and stealing equipment from her hospital.

But before starting to work directly on her fiancé’s body, she decides to test her new discoveries on some corpse she has stolen from the nearby prison – where she has managed to enter as the doctor who supervises the executions. The body has belonged in life to a certain Niklaus Mikaelson – a quite dangerous person, with no relatives, or friends who would have recognize or looking for him in the case her experiment went fine.

Unfortunately, her plans change dramatically when the convict comes back alive. The man has no memories of his past life, he has actually several difficulties trying to communicate or behave like a person again: he’s like a child, a child of which Caroline feels responsible, and honestly she doesn’t think she would be capable of doing such a thing to Tyler. The man, or should she say ‘the Creature’?, is more inhuman than human, and Caroline is both awed and terrified by what she has accomplished. In the end, though, the fear wins – and she grudgingly decides to get rid of him. But she finds killing him impossible – the way he looks at her, the complete and utter trust in his eyes too honest and heartbreaking – so she ends up abandoning him somewhere in the country, confiding that he won’t be able to find his way to her again.

A year passes uneventful – Caroline hasn’t revived Tyler, instead she has slowly started to live again. She has even started dating her colleague Stefan, and the memories of her macabre experiments have been prudently concealed deep inside her mind. But one day, one day suddenly the Creature is at her door, and the nightmare she thought she had escaped is again in her life: he goes by Klaus, now – he insists that she calls him that – and he has no intention of letting her go.


AN. Even though it’s a Modern!AU, I’ve tried to maintain the charm of the original character [credits to Mary Shelley], so perhaps our Creature!Klaus may talk in a bit of a redundant way. Perhaps he has learned to speak in that fashion thanks to all the old literature books he has read? Anyway, hope you enjoy. Feel free to point out any typos or mistakes – no beta, unfortunately – aaaand… maybe I can be persuaded in writing a part 2. Let’s see if this is good first, though. :D

This is when they met again after the year apart.

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kc au: the Camelot era of supernatural New Orleans

k: At last the guest of honour!  And how do you find my city?
c: It has a certain charm.  But I haven’t decided if that’s the city or the company.


Oh how could I face the faceless days
If I should lose you now?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So Close (24 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Caroline Forbes/Klaus Mikaelson
Characters: Caroline Forbes, Klaus Mikaelson

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I just wanna know how Z’s and KCU’s name came up with that adorable little girl.  She ain’t old enough to remember them dancing together and recognize Val.  Did her mama say something?

Or - did Mr Obvious just have to ask her if she’s seen KCU? 

“Cause hey - I could just FaceTime KC for you like right now? Would that be cool for you?”

I see you Val - using innocent little children as an excuse to call your girl.

 - the usual valdaya suspect af moves.