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Connor McDavid - Ice Time (Requested)

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A/N: Here ya go ladies and gents! Hope you enjoy this one, I know it’s not exactly what was requested but I had a little bit of a hard time with it. 

Warnings: None

Word Count: 807

Request: Can you do a Connor mcdavid imagine where you take your 3 kids go under ice rink and he teaches your kids how to skate and when you guys get home your kids are fast asleep and you bring them to bed and you end up cuddling on the couch

“Can you tie Juliette’s skates please; she says I don’t know how to do it like Daddy does” you asked Connor as you were trying to pull your youngest son’s Oiler’s jersey over his squirming head. 

“Daddy does it better mommy,” you little girl said as she came strutting into the locker room with her skates in her hands. She climbed into her dad’s stall and waited for him to come over to help her with her skates.  You laughed at your daughter’s sassiness but you knew she was right. 

“Where’s Charlie?” you said looking around the locker-room for your eldest. 

“He’s already on the ice with Leon” Connor answered just as he finished lacing up Juliette’s skates which were pink replicas of her father’s. “Do you want me to tie your skates up too?” Connor said with a smile as he came to lean in front of you. Even after all these years together Connor still managed to make you feel like you had a million butterflies in your stomach, his smile still managed to make your heart skip a beat.  

“Yes please” you answered shyly as you sat down with your infant son finally in his jersey and fast asleep in your arms. Connor was careful as he removed your shoes and slipped your skates on. It was quiet besides the occasion look from him asking you if they felt okay or if they needed to be tighter, Juliette had already gone through the tunnel to meet up with her brother. Once you were all set up Connor sat next to you and got himself ready. You headed to the ice together to join some of the guys who had stayed after practice. Juliette was skating around with Leon which was her current crush at the moment and Charlie was taking a couple shots on Cam. 

“Watch yourself McDavid cause your sons getting better than you”, Cam said from the ice. 

Connor laughed and offered to take Sam from your hands before climbing onto the ice. You were still a little wobbly on skates so you were happy to hand him over to the safety of his dad’s arms and as always Connor the gentlemen extended his hand to you from the ice to help you on. 

“Thank you babe,” you said with a smile. Connor didn’t answer but instead gave you a small kiss on the cheek before he pulled you along with him, skating at an easy pace. That didn’t last long and soon he was skating in circles with your son giggling in his arms. You joined Juliette and Leon who were now just passing the puck back and forth. 

“Mini-McDavid do you want to play hockey when you’re older?” you overheard Leon ask and you got closer. 

“No I want to be a ballerina” Juliette answered and demonstrated a little twirl. She overthrew herself a little fell down to the ice, she wasn’t hurt but you saw her cheeks turn red in embarrassment. You were about to say something when you saw Leon fall down to the ice on purpose.

“Don’t worry ballerina, hockey players fall down sometimes too” he said with a big grin. You decided not to interrupt on their little moment and continued skating around, occasionally going to see one child and then the others. 

You guys spent and good two hours on the ice with the kids and it’s only after a lot of arguing and the promise of ice cream on the way home that you guys managed to get the kids off the ice and into the car. 

“I had fun today daddy, thank you for bringing us” Charlie yawned from the backseat. 

“Anytime pal, ” Connor said and smiled at him through the rear-view mirror before backing out and driving towards home.

The kids were exhausted when you guys got home and so were you. It didn’t take long to get them tucked away in bed and soon you joined Connor who was watching some highlights on the couch. He lifted the blanket so you could cuddle into his side and draped it over your shoulders once you were comfortable. 

“Did I tell you today how much I love you” you said with a yawn. 

“No but there’s still time in the day” he answered as he placed his hand on your head and started to twirl a piece of your hair between his fingers. 

“I love you so much Mr. McDavid, thank you for today it was really fun and nice to spend time together.”

“Anytime Mrs. McDavid I had a lot of fun and the kids gave some of the guys a run for their money” he answered with a laugh “and for the record, I love you very much”

You guys laid there in silence for a while, Connor playing with your hair and you tracing small circles on his arms until you guys fell asleep.

Internet friends

Hi! My name is Carla. I’m 16 years old and I live in France. I speak French (obviously) and English. 

I’m looking for internet friends that can talk all day long about anything, can FaceTime or Skype anytime, even exchange letters, that are open-minded, joke a lot, are sarcastic, like memes and the list could go on! Oh and I don’t want people to talk like one day or two and then disappear, I want long-term relationship.

My age range preference would be 14-18, and I prefer girls.

Now, what I like.

  • Movies/Tv Shows : 13 Reasons Why, Gotham, Girlboss, AHS, New Girl, Archer, basically everything on Netflix , Marvel, Tarantino’s movies, and a lot of other movies.
  • Music : Melanie Martinez, Halsey, TØP, The Neighborhood, Marina and the diamonds, The Weeknd, J Balvin, Zayn, Ariana Grande, Blackbear, Ruelle,…
  • Other things: makeup, YouTube, fashion, books, travel,…

I’m waiting for you! Contact me :
Tumblr - crldjrg.tumblr.com/
Snapchat - carlaa_longo

Are we missing something?

So we all saw the video of Ali, Jason, and Charles at Charles’ birthday.

Charles ‘tried’ to drown Ali.
A few years later he’s having a birthday party with Ali and Jason. And we’re not sure if this was the only time the three of them have played together.

I also wonder if Spencer somehow played with Charles when she was little. Ali in the video looked old enough to have already be in Rosewood. Did Spencer hang out with Ali and her family one day and that day just happened to have been the day Jason and Ali were allowed to play with 'Freddie’. And Spencer doesn’t remember bc it only happened once?

Spencer said Charles felt familiar like a cousin or a pen pal. Of course, if she did spend anytime in Radley when she was little, that could be where she remembers Charles.

But the bigger question is, what the hell is wrong with Charles? Why was he forced to stay in Radley? He doesn’t seem hostile to Ali at his party? So why couldn’t he have came home?

I know Mr. D has to be the reason, Charles seemed pretty threatening towards his dad. Mr.D was scared enough that he left town with his daughter. But he’s hiding something. There is a reason why he doesn’t want the police involved.

Was Charles really mentally ill? Did Mr.D make a mistake and instead of correcting the mistake, he tried to cover it up? Which left Charles in Radley, naive and young enough to be manipulated by someone else?

If Charles is really mentally ill, what was wrong with him that some medication and therapy couldn’t have helped him enough to come home? I know some mentally ill people are unable to go home bc they’re a threat to themselves and to others, but Charles wasn’t acting crazy or hostile in the video.

Why did Mr. D want Charles gone so bad? And why did mrs. D go along with it? Something just doesn’t add up.