i could be getting a ps4

Whew.*Wipes brow* This is the pic I was talking about. IT’S NOT MY PHOTO!! D8 I saw it/it showed up on the ps4 thing where people show/share their photos from ffxv. I screamed so hard when I saw it. I was shaking because I didn’t know what to do. I had to get it on my cell so I could stare at him close up too. *Fans self* Boy can get it.


lmao, in case you wanna hear Ashley Johnson aka Patterson swearing A LOT, here, click the link, because we all know that we don’t get to hear her swear at all in Blindspot

In case some of you have been wondering: Ashley Johnson is the voice of Ellie Williams, the most badass 14 y/o girl out there in the vide games universe. Ellie was born into a destroyed world after a deadly virus outbreak infected and killed tons of people. So basically she has to cross the country from Boston to Utah ON FOOT and on her way she encounters a lot of heavy shit and she swears a lot because zombies are serious stuff. 

The Last Of Us is my favorite game and I’ve played it at least 10 times in both ps3 and ps4 and this game is the main reason I started watching Blindspot. 

So every time Patterson said something, all I could think of was Ellie and her sassy mouth. If you ever get the chance to play this game, and you’re also from the Blindspot fandom, you’ll never stop thinking about Patterson. 

So yeah, enjoy these 3 minutes of Ashley Johnson the Patterson swearing.


Vanilla ~ Shawn Mendes Smut

This one is my favourite by far.  Enjoy.

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You and Shawn had been together for a few years, having met in high school and becoming close friends everyone that you knew wanted you both to date which inevitably happened. As you both had been together for so long you had tried pretty much everything there was to try with anything, and this included in the bedroom.  You were both sexually active very soon in the relationship.  At the very beginning of the relationship you two could not get enough of one another, but now?  It seemed like a chore and you were really put off it all together. But, this worried you.  Mainly because Shawn was not just yours, he was also thousands of other girl’s sexual fantasies and knowing this anyone would be worried. You were worried that he might find someone else on tour that intrudes him more than you do and because of the sexless relationship you two have been having for a few months, he might get tempted to leave you – or worse cheat.  You were not shocked to walk in from work and hear Shawn with Geoff playing PS4 and talking about the activities you two were not having.  

“It’s not that I don’t love her dude, it’s just there’s only a small amount of break a guy can have from this.  And I mean at the beginning it was so good like honestly mind blowing.  Like I could barely wait on tour without needing her. Now?”  He lightly laughed, “Now I can’t wait to go on tour hoping that the break from seeing her will excite the bedroom a bit more”

“It just seems to me you two need to try something spontaneous.  Maybe take her away to some beach at midnight and fuck in the caves. I don’t know man, but you can’t continue like this.  I remember before you used to literally be too tired to come out with us lot because of how much you two were at it.  But, like you said now you two seem bored of all that.  Which is obviously going to happen having been together for as long as you two had.  Just spice it up a bit” Shawn nodded and began to become concentrated on the video game again.  You waited a few minutes before walking in with the weeks shopping you had just purchased before coming home.  

Shawn looked over and smiled at you like he usually did, and then turned back to finish off his match with Geoff.  You knew you two needed to try something but you were unsure on what that something would be.  This racking your brain as you unloaded the food and began making your dinner.  You turned on the radio to try and get your mind off this whole ordeal, but even that would not help you.  You continued with making your chicken casserole while Shawn said goodbye to Geoff and you both were now left alone with the increasing sexual tension.  It really had been too long, but you did not want it to just be a let’s fuck on the sofa because you two had already completed it.  You wanted to take Geoff’s advice and do it spontaneously and you knew exactly when to do it.  

“What are cooking love?” Shawn came over, kissing your lips for the first time that evening.  You both did not like PDA as much as the next person so you both always waited until you were both alone to do anything like this.  

“Chicken casserole I really craved it at work, and after the day I have had I really need a pick me up” you sighed remember the day’s events and glad that it was finally over.  

“What happened I’m sure I can make it better” Shawn pushed while making his way over to the counter top to sit on the stool.  

“Well I have just been informed that I have like a pile of work to complete over this weekend which means our weekend away is ruined by work once again.  I am just so stressed and flustered with all of this honestly.” You sighed while putting everything in the oven for the recommended time and began to lean on the counter opposite Shawn.  

“It won’t be ruined love, we can make a time schedule so we can do what we want and also fit in your work. I am determined to make this weekend the best of your life, and we are not having work ruin it for you again. Plus, I have an idea which can make you less stressed and flustered” He smirked at you which he usually did when he was indicating only one certain thing.  But, keeping up with as though you did not hear their conversation an also wanting to build up the sexual tension for your plan you politely declined.

“Oh Shawn, I am really not in the mood for all of that now.  I have just made dinner.  Maybe another time?”  Your acting was on point and this just earned a groan from Shawn.

“You never are in the mood anymore Y/N” He finally said before making his way back into the living room.  If you were not planning on wanting the reaction he just gave you, you would have argued back.  But, considering you needed that reaction you did not mind.  You continued with preparing the meal and enjoying your night in with Shawn.

The weekend had finally arrived and you were way to excited for your own good.  This whole week you had been planning what would be the best way to be spontaneous and shock Shawn for the best sex you two have had in a long time.  You had so many ideas but finally landed on the one that you were going to do today. You were nervous that he would reject you, but knowing how long it’s been you knew that was out of the cards. You had both packed the car and you were both pretty much ready to leave.  Ever since the night where you rejected Shawn he had been giving you the cold shoulder which you were shocked about.  You knew he was bothered about you not wanting to have sex with him, but barely speaking to you was a bit extreme.  

“Have you got everything, I think we should leave in the next ten minutes or well hit the work traffic” you announced while placing the food bag in the back.  Shawn did not respond to you at first only earning a nod in response. You just shook your head, not really wanting an argument just before a long drive.  You decided it was best for you to wait in the car while Shawn got the last few things.  You were waiting for 10 minutes before Shawn decided to make his way into the car.  You knew he did this just to get a reaction out of you, so you decided not to snap and continued looking down at your phone.  

Shawn had been driving for almost 2 hours so you thought this was the best time for your plan to begin. “Shawn can you stop over for a second I need the toilet”  

“Y/N we have just passed a service station couldn’t you have told me then?  Shockingly you cant to a u turn on a motor way”

“Can you just stop on the side then for a break at least, I’m sure I’ll be fine then”  

“Fine” Shawn groaned out before turning into a pit stop.  “Happy?” he said while rolling his eyes at you.

“What is your problem Shawn, seriously?!”  You knew deep down what it was but you did not want to say anything to give your plan up.

“Nothing Y/N, absolutely nothing.” He began to reach for his phone in his pocked before you stopped him. You pushed his hands up over the hand rests before pulling your legs over him leading you to straddle him.  “Y/N?”  Shawn asked looking confused and slightly horny.

“You see Shawn, I overheard you and Geoff and well I was really not pleased” You pushed down onto his crotch with your behind before slowly grinding onto him.

“Y/N, were on a motor way anyone…”  you cut him short.

“Does that not make it more thrilling” you closed the gap between you both, his hands quickly made their way down to your hips and yours began tangling into his hair.  Your lounge slowly making its way into his mouth as you both started to move your hand around each other’s bodies, exploring everything that your hands landed on.  It had been so long since you and Shawn needed each other this badly and you were thrilled he wanted you as much as you needed him.  You pulled down the leaver which allowed you to lower the chair so you and Shawn were laying down.  This giving Shawn a prime opportunity to kiss down your neck and leaving light bites and licks as he went.

Moans filled the car as you both continued to rock on each other.  The sexual tension almost choking you at this point.  You quickly pulled down your pants and shorts with Shawn doing the same.  You considered taking your shirts off but knowing everyone would be able to see you and it would be even more obvious to the outside world you thought against it.

His penis flighting up to his chest as you two continued to grind against each other.  You looked down as your hand rapped round his cock before giving it a few pumps.  It had been so long you forgot how big he was.  “Fuck Y/N no more, please” Shawn begged you as you slid his cock inside of your folds before lowering yourself down on him.  

“Oh god” you breathed into his mouth as his hands fell to your hips to start your movements.  You both needed this more than anything.  Shawn’s hips smashed against yours as the foreign feeling came back to you indicating that you were approaching your orgasm.  It was normally Shawn who came first, but with what had been going before and the wait you both had to endure you knew it was going to be you instead.  You both moaned into each other necks as your euphoria approached you both.  

It only took a few more thrusts for you to be coming completely undone, with Shawn not far behind you.  Your whole body shook we you could not control yourself.  You screamed out as you held onto Shawn.

“Y/N, that was amazing”

“Tell me about it” You laughed before making you way over to the passenger’s side again to allow yourself more room to get changed.  

Let’s just say, that weekend you made up for the sex you had both missed.

The best Overwatch experience I’ve ever had.

OK so, I’m answering this on its own post because this is one hell of a story. SO.

I am a console main, all of my best friends play PS4 OVW with me, and we all know there are some few people who will do mouse and keyboard on the console cause it is EASY to tell.

So we’re attacking on Numbani. There is a Widowmaker on the enemy team that NO ONE of us could take out - even as her counters, like even /I/ was switching off of Pharah to try and get her, but no. Its to no avail. ONCE WE HAD A JUNKRAT RIP TIRE HER WE GOT TO TAKE THE PAYLOAD AND START MOVING, IT WAS INSANE.

Hope was looking grim the instant she came back. It’s literally insane because this Widow should NOT be as good as she is. She had to have also put on an Aim-Bot it was rediculous. We get to the second checkpoint and we’re held there.

I go McCree to yippe ki yay the mf, but it fails. A lot. We even had a Reinhardt to hide behind, but the enemy Bastion made our lives miserable with the Widow at the second choke point.

After I High Noon the Bastion, someone who went Genji reflected her shot ONE HIT K-Oing her, AND WE FINALLY BEGIN PUSHING AGAIN. ON OVERTIME.

We are ALL freaking out because holy shit holy shit holy shit WE’RE MOVING AGAIN. We’re just MOWING it by, all 6 of us behind Reinhardt’s Shield. I went back to Pharah, and as we approached the end checkpoint, I bumped the Widow away from Head-Shotting our Zenyatta and got them to Transcend the Bastions damage away.





W O N.


BTS when they come home to a moaning girlfriend


Seokjin came home really late that day, already expecting you to be in bed when he started getting ready for it. What he didn’t expect to hear means from the bedroom.
He got to the bedroom really confused, he knew you weren’t cheating on you cause a) you didn’t have it in you and yoiu guys had an honesty police in place, plus you knew he would be home around this time, and you weren’t stupid enough to cheat on him when you kne whe were almost there!
When he opened the door, what he was meet with was a lot less sexy than expected, instead it was you lying in foster position hold you stomach in pain.

Originally posted by yoongiski

“oh god are you okay?”
“No my menstrual pains are trying to kill me.”


Let’s be real here. This boy does not know how to stop working we all know this. So when he does come home he basically zombie Yoongi and if he hears anything it really doesn’t register until like 5 mins after he heard it. So as he is walking through the door he absently notes that a loud moan echos through house and recognizes it as your voice. But it wasn’t until he almost reaches the bedroom door it actually processes in his brain. He stops where he is standing and listens through the door and sure enough he hears you moaning again. With his trademark smirk on his face he opens the door to find you… doing squats? What the hell? The confusion was clear on his face as he watched you moving up and down and giving a pitiful sound resembling a moan but was more pitiful than sexy. This was clearly not what he was expecting.

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

“Uh babe. Why the hell are you doing squats… and why does it sound like it hurts?!”


He had been out grocery shopping when he came home arms full of bags. He was humming out Mamma Mia by K.A.R.A and totally did not hear you. He was mid dance/putting up the food in cabinet and the refrigerator when he finally heard it.  A moan. We all know our Hobi as the happy sunshine mood maker of the group but there are times when he is not his confident self. Normally this when he feels like he didn’t do his best on a dance rehearsal or if he feels like he has let the group down somehow. Or when it comes to you. He loves you so much and you are so perfect and amazing that he genuinely worries that someone who actually deserves you will come and sweep you off your feet. So with a heavy heart he walks down the hall to your shared bedroom. He can hear more moans coming quicker and louder. With any warning he opened the door prepared for the worst… Which is not what he saw. In stead you were cross legged on the bed fully dressed typing away at your computer while your phone was playing a porno. What the fuck? Turns out you were writing a sex scene in your book and you needed to see some visuals to get the scene write. 

Originally posted by notjhope

“Well this is not what was I was expecting…”


So we all know that Namjoon is a slight pervert, when he came over to visit you much earlier than planned and heard your moans from your bedroom his mind would instantly go to ‘time to get frisky!’ thinking that you were having some fun without him, he had it all planned out in his head!
He would be really sauve about it, with a cheeky smile and witty and sexy comment blow you away, but instead when he opened the door witty comment on his lips what he saw was very different, you half behind your bed trying to push it out, which was a lost battle cause you had needed 3 friends to even get it on the right spot!

Originally posted by nnochu

“What are you doing?!”
“My hair tie fell behind the bed and it is the only one I have left!”


Like Hoseok, Jimin has his low days. He has struggled with his self image for most of the time you knew him. He has been working on keeping the toxic thoughts pushed down and with your help he has been successful. Yet there are days when he just is not having a good day. Today was one of those day. So as he walked home from the gym he knew that all he needed was to be in your arms so you can tell him how amazing he is. Unlike Hoseok however he has complete and utter faith in your relationship just by the sheer amount of things you two had gone through. So when he walks in through the door and dropping his gym bag in the entry and he hears the moan? Well his mind goes straight to in appropriate thoughts. He toes off his shoes and nearly runs to the bedroom when he suddenly realizes that… you were not home. He listens again and recognizes the moaning. With a angry jerk he throws the door open so hard it bounces a little. There is Taehyung and his girlfriend having sex. On his and yours bed. 

Originally posted by saintminyoongi


Ignore the smile in the gif if you can it was more of the wide “I am going to kill you” eyes that I was going for…


Visions of you in lacy undergarments filled his mind when he walked through the door after voice practice. He had been thinking about you all day and it didn’t help that you told you had a surprise for him when he got home. He was especially worked up and at the very moment you walked into the hallway and heard you moan he hand to physically restrain himself from running into the bedroom and pouncing on you. But you deserved to be wined and dined and wined and dined you will get. He was already planning out the rest of the evening in his head (after a couple of rounds of sex of course) but as entered in the bedroom the predatory smile on his face fell instantly. Why you ask? Because when he walked in he saw you on the floor gripping your ankle and let out another moan that sounded painful. Now that he thinks about it the moans he heard before were  not your normal “happy” sounds. He sigh and kneels beside you carefully feeling along your ankle. He should of known you were going to hurt yourself somehow. You are a walking accident especially in the 3 inch stiletto heels you were wearing with the lacy teddy nightgown. At least you two were on the same brain path before you nearly broke an ankle.

Originally posted by toughchim

“How many times are going to nearly snap your neck before you realize that these damn heels are not worth it, Jagi.” 


Jungkook wanted to surprise you since you didn’t even know he was back in Korea! He was so looking forward to it, but when he got into your apartment he heard your moans he couldn’t stop himself from grinning!
He would never think that you were cheating on him, masturbation was a normal and healthy thing to do even if you were in a relationship, he stood outside of your day just listening for a second, feeling how his pants were getting tighter with the thought of what was going on behind the door.
He was thinking over all the things you could be doing, were you using a toy? Would you moan out his name, but then your moans turned a lot more painful and he got worried at his more or less broke open the door, to see you on your toes trying to reaching your spare ps4 controller you were keeping in a box above your bed. Awww… Here he was getting ready for smexxy time.

Originally posted by grape-joon

“I feel cock blocked.”
“What? Jungkook what are you doing home!? Why do you look so sad?”

Authors note:

This was a combined effort from both of us! Hope you enjoyed!

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Kingdom Hearts: Why are the Remixes Good?

I see people bashing the Kingdom Hearts development team for “buying time” and “making a quick buck” with re-releasing the Kingdom Hearts games on the PlayStation 3 (and later the PlayStation 4). “They only did it because they needed to sate your hunger with mildly new stuff in each collection, only trying to buy time for Nomura’s ignorance to the final installment.”


The ORIGINAL Kingdom Hearts, made for the PlayStation 2 way back in 2002 (I was literally a babe when that game came out, can you believe that) is probably the most cherished game in the series, but… also the most annoying to play. Platforming was a little jumpy then and the way the combat rolled out was sorta messy. Nevertheless, the game proved to be fun and full of good story. 

The original developers lost the assets to the game and took the collective decision to remake it from the ground-up. This let them fix a LOT of issues the game had with it’s camera work and select cutscenes, including the installation of new bosses, weapons, abilities, and an easier-to-use reaction command system, or as people call it in KH2, “PRESS TRIANGLE TO WIN.”

In addition to fixing the mechanical issues, the in-game models were updated to their HD versions, Yoko Shimomura re-composed the soundtrack for the game, and many cutscenes and textures were upgraded to match the stunning HD of the PS3. 

This was only the beginning. Since 358/2 Days came out originally on the Nintendo DS, cutscenes were limited in this game. The story was told through, dare I say, poor quality in-game dialogue with hardly any voice acting to back it. This did make the characters in the game feel a little less like themselves. The HD Remaster of 358 really helps to bring back that tie. It completely scrapped the combat system used in Days, but did well to keep up it’s heart-wrenching story. While there is no gameplay, it was a touching movie that I still shed a few tears over. 

Albeit, nothing much changed in Chain of Memories aside from the final boss having a remastered soundtrack, it was nice to see the cutscenes in HD. And if you’re like me, that sweet 60 fps on the PS4.

“Storm, this isn’t selling me. It still sounds like a cash-grab. ”

UNDERSTANDABLE! I honestly thought the same thing a long time ago! Allow me to inform you more on the next addition: Kingdom Hearts 2.5!

Kingdom Hearts II is, arguably, the best game in the franchise via gameplay. The combat system is much less punishing if you get hammered, and very cinematic. You thought Ars Arcanum was a cool way to finish off an enemy? Try having the scripted event be throwing the enemy INTO THE AIR and SMACKING IT IN THE CHEST SEVERAL TIMES, then having it LAND ON THE FLOOR BEHIND YOU AS YOU STRIKE A POSE.

Vertigo Toss is the coolest shit ever and I don’t know how to top it.

How do you make it better in the Remix? Anyone knows, compared to Kingdom Hearts I, this “much better” installment was very lacking in secret bosses and bonus content to do after completing the game. So that’s exactly what the developers added: extra areas to explore, more bosses to fight, new abilities to abuse, cool content to have fun with, AND A HELLISH SECRET BOSS THAT TIES INTO THE LORE.

The game also added in new cutscenes to help explain what’s going on within the Organization, as well as Roxas’ motivation behind fighting Sora, and Sora’s resolve to thank Naminé for what she’d done for him. On top of very beautiful HD graphics and a new soundtrack, the game was enjoyable for the viewer and a challenge for the player.

Birth by Sleep didn’t receive much change aside from the new graphics and a few remastered soundtracks. However, the Mirage Arena was modified for single-player use, new bosses were added, and a new Secret Episode was included in the game after finishing the Final Episode. This Secret Episode would tie into the later release of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 on the PS4. 

It’s well-known to hardly affect the plot, but some of my theories say otherwise. Coded was a fun, side-game that delved into the data world of Jiminy’s Journal. While not a whole lot happened there, it was a fun game that did hint towards new releases for the future. The Remastered movie pulled a 358 and completely scrapped the gameplay part of the game. It became a 3-hour movie, mostly for viewing pleasure and not exactly designed to move the plot of the franchise. But there were a few-tear jerking cutscenes in there. It was well-worth the remake.

“Okay, but I’m not seeing the point. This still feels like a time-staller for KH3.”

Patience, my reader. We’re on our latest Remix: Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

yeah, i know, it’s a ridiculous name, but this is Kingdom Hearts, we all thought Goofy was dead for 2 minutes

Dream Drop Distance is infamous for being a mind-fuck to the viewer. While it has it’s flashy gameplay and interesting mechanics, the game is best known for it’s sudden exceleration in the plot with the introduction of time travel.

Yes, because things weren’t confusing enough. Plot aside, the gameplay didn’t change all that much. A few new Dream Eaters were added into the game, but aside from revamping the touch-screen commands, nothing really changed. 

Here’s the real reason everyone bought 2.8: Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage


Kingdom Hearts 0.2 was a completely new experience in the franchise. It had only been touched on in the Secret Episode of Birth by Sleep and this short game was only a fraction of what was initially planned. I look at this game to be a demo for Kingdom Hearts III, as it uses the finalized graphics, mechanics, and game engine that is to be used in the final installment, as well as having a final cutscene that connects to the beginning of KH3, as confirmed by developers. 

The game should only take the average player about 2 to 3 hours to finish this game. It is VERY short, but very amusing. Featuring absolutely stunning graphics, beautifully orchestrated music, fun gameplay, and an immersive world, I find people replaying this small demo all the time. Not only for it’s fun gameplay, but also the character development and story.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Back Cover is an HD recreation of the cutscenes in the mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. It’s best understood by watching and/or playing the mobile platform, as the story may not make sense without its guiding game. The remaster touches on the 5 Union Leaders and how they intend to fight the impending darkness, as well as introducing the 6th Apprentice and what his role just might be.

“I can see why that LAST one wasn’t a cash-grab, but it definitely felt like a stall… Storm, where are you going with this?”

I admit, I do believe somewhere in my heart that the Remixes were a way to keep us busy while Kingdom Hearts III was being developed. But in no way or form do I think they were meant to just earn money. Granted, they certainly did, but I doubt that was the goal that the team was going for.

Kingdom Hearts has received MANY new fans since the initial release of Kingdom Hearts on the PS2. And what with how spread out every game is onto different consoles, it’s hard to actually play them all. Tetsuya Nomura, game director and developer, stated in an interview himself that the main reason the Remixes were made was to allow Kingdom Hearts fans new and old to visit and revisit the series without having to dig up old consoles. 

Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 released onto the PS4, along with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and the soon-coming Kingdom Hearts III places each and every game onto the PlayStation 4. Albeit pricey even now, every single game is accessible on a single console. Unchained X, or Union Cross, is still a phone game, but I do think they intend to recreate the story cutscenes and release them onto the PS4 in a potential DLC package. 

“So… they made it easier for the fans?”

Not just easier, but they made this series mean even MORE to the fans. The recreation of 358/2 Days and Coded as movies, and the addition of new story content and gameplay material would not have been added if it wasn’t for the fans to enjoy. I don’t think I could love Roxas as much as I do if I didn’t get to see that HD Remaster of Days. 

And with the release of Back Cover, it’s proof that they intend to bring Union Cross to the console players in some form or another. I can’t play Union Cross simply because I have a phone that doesn’t allow it to work properly. So being able to watch the “important” cutscenes in stunning HD feels like a privilege that I’m entirely thankful for.

And most important to me was the release of Kingdom Hearts 0.2, a practical demo for Kingdom Hearts III. It was a proof-check for the developers, so they could make sure that we knew their development was coming along just fine, so they could make sure that we LIKED what they were making and to see how they could perfect it for the grand title they’ve been working on for over 7 years. It was a reassurance that Kingdom Hearts III was on it’s way and that we would ENJOY it.

The Remixes were meant to tide us over, yes, but they were meant to make us fall in love with this game even MORE. So it would be beloved by our hearts and enjoyed by new ones. The Remixes, in all honesty, just made the Kingdom Hearts series better. I can say that as a fact.


***Left this one completely platonic 🎮👾 Just two good friends hanging out***

“You cheated.”

“I did not!”

“You totally cheated. No way you beat me in this.”

You laughed and rolled your eyes, even though he couldn’t see it. Leave it to Juan to denote your better skill to cheating.

“I didn’t cheat. You’re just not as good as you think you are. You spend to much time showing off while I’m blowing through all the objectives.”

“No, you just keep stealing my kills.”

“I don’t steal your kills, you just can’t aim worth a fuck.”

“Alright that’s enough. We’re not friends anymore.”

The both of you laughed together, the sounds traveling through the mic on your headsets. Glancing towards the clock, you saw it was already nearing 3 am.

“Shit Juan, it’s late. I gotta go.”

“Aw come one, one more game.”

You laughed and shook your head.

“You said one more game 4 games ago. I have to get some sleep, I have a lot of shot I have to do tomorrow, plus I gotta pack.”

“Pack for what? Where you going?”

“Over to Bakersfield, I’m going with my friend for some business meeting she has.”

Juices eyes widened as he heard you, knowing that Bakersfield was kinda close to Charming, at least closer than a whole separate state. He thought he’d heard Hap say something about going down to Bakersfield sometime this week to visit his mom. Maybe he could ask to tag along and finally see you after almost a whole year of playing PS4 live together.

“Well listen, uh, I actually have a friend of mine that goes down to bakers field every now and then to visit family. Maybe if your still there, we can like, meet up or something. Just get some coffee or something ya know, finally meet each other in real life.”

You smiled on your end, the idea not sounding too bad. Truth was, you really didn’t know Juan apart from what he’d told you. Meeting strangers never really sounded like a good idea but he seems nice enough and even offered to meet in a public place which eased your worries. You’d be in town anyways and if things went south, you didn’t live there so you’d likely never seen him again anyways. After a couple of seconds of close consideration, you nodded and agreed.

“Yeah that sounds fine. I should be down by this Wednesday.”

Juice grinned himself and started closing out if the game, signing off as you did the same.

“I’ll let you know when I get there. Should be around the weekend. We’ll make plans.”

“Ok Juan. I’ll hold you too it. Goodnight.”

With a soft smile, the Son pictured meeting you in his mind.

“Goodnight Y/N”


You sipped at your water, your hands shaking softly as you looked out of the glass windows of the shop. People walked around outside, walking passed the cafe and into the various stores surrounding it in the complex. The amount of people soothed the worry of possibly getting hurt should Juan turn out to be a psycho, but now you found yourself still nervous, now at the thought of finally meeting him. You’d been used to just seeing him in that little square on the screen. It would be weird to meet him and see him in person for the first time but they were good nerves, happy to finally meet your friend.

Everyone and then, someone would walk into the cafe and you’d tense up, before realizing it wasn’t him. The hand on your shoulder caused you to jump and you spun your head around, finding Juan to be standing there. His face busted into a grin as you turned around and he made eye contact. You smiled as well and the bin of you went in for a hug at the same time, accidentally bumping your heads together as you leaned towards the same side. Laughing awkwardly, you both went in for the hug again, this time pulling it off. It was quick, but you couldn’t help but notice how familiar it felt somehow. Even with this being the first time meeting, you felt as though you’d known him. Pulling away, you both smiled at each other before you slipped at his shoulder playfully.

“You scared the shit out of me. I was over here watching the main entrance to see when you came in. Leave it to you to come in through the side.”

“Well to be fair, I was watching your for like a minute to make sure it was you. Last thing I wasn’t end to do was touch someone and get punched because it wasn’t you.”

Juice laughed and gestured towards the counter so you could start ordering.

“Well who’s to say I wouldn’t have punched you too?”

With a shrug and a smirk, he poked fun like usual.

“Well if you fight in real life the way you fight in Mortal Combat, I doubt it would’ve caused much damage.”

As you made your orders at the counter, you realized how effortless everything felt between the two of you. You hadn’t realized just how comfortable with him you’d become over the last year of late nights playing every video game under the sun and having him with you in person made you feel just like it did online. You envisioned having days where the two of you would just stay up having competitions to see who could get the highest kill streak in Call of Duty and ordering pizza. You could tell that it was going to be the beginning of an even greater friendship and you weren’t opposed to making some more trips out to Bakersfield to hang out with your new best friend.


More Final Fantasy VII. I wish I had a hoard of cash so I could actually buy a PS4. This is mostly me de-stressing by avoiding my responsibilities. I did apply for a bunch of jobs, all of which pay better than the one I have now, but I’m going to be hanging on a wire until I get some semblance of stability.

In the mean time, I’m going to continue taking out my stress/anxiety on Cloud.

a dumb idea i had a while back, that i came back to thanks to this post

pls forgive me it’s very silly it’s basically just jaal getting really emotional about ryder sending nudes

Rafael Octavius Ryder would surely be the death of him.

When Jaal’s omnitool chimes quietly the first time, he’s too busy to check, entirely engrossed in reassembling a Kett rifle he’d taken apart the previous evening. It was good mental exercise, to try and remember where all the parts went after a day or so of absence. To try and figure out what he couldn’t remember based on the shape and size and orientation of the pieces. Like a puzzle that had the potential to explode if put together wrong. Jaal supposes puzzle might be a bit more exciting were that the case.

His omnitool chimes again, goes silent for a moment, then chimes a third time.

He puts down the soldering tool he was using and taps absently on the message. It’s an image file from Ryder, and he opens it without looking up.

When he does look up, he almost drops the laser tool he’s been using, and a humming beam just barely misses severing the tip of his index finger

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bts otp(s) dating ideal
  • vkook: probably playing ps4 all day
  • yoonmin: cuddling because yoongi is a lazy ass
  • namjin: home date, cooking jin, supporting namjoon and burn the kitchen 0,01 secs later
  • sope: little picnic in the spring (bbbbbbOGOSHIPDA ok sry)
  • vmin: amusement park, or disney land 🌸
  • yoonkook: game arcade. daddy suga is just watching while kookie getting all the prize from the game
Widowmaker's Chateau Map

Okay, so I’m one of the poor fellas that has Overwatch xBox and not PC/PS4. But I get to see everyone get hyped about coming-soon updates. Especially Widowmaker’s map.

I follow a lot of Overwatch memes, and I like that everyone sees Widowmaker is canonly rich. So just a thought:

Hanzo. You’re silly. When Widowmaker says “Talon could restore your family’s empire.” and he says “But at what cost??”

Bitch, Widow working for Talon is apparently making bank, my friend. Look at that Chateau!!

Unless in lore, she had it when or before she was married to Gerard… Then, ‘k cool. I guess.

I just like to think Talon pays well. Just look at the Masquerade comic. They all lookin’ fly like a G6.

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Last night I came across my first misogynistic OW player. I play on PS4, and usually without mic, but I was on qp after getting some comp in.

I was Mercy on Dorado, and we’d just done an attack together, so on defense he joined our group chat. He sounded like a young teenager, but I don’t judge usually. During setup, he asked if he could friend me, and I said I generally accept friend requests from teammates. Then he asked, “Oh, are you a girl?” I answered in the affirmative, and he said, “oh, go fuck yourself then.”

I shrugged it off, but my teammates in group with me, who I’d just met that match, backed me up saying, “That’s not cool, dude. You’re being a jerk.” I was just trying to teach him that you’re not gonna get anything, even attention, by disrespecting people.

The guy WENT OFF. The game started and I was healing our tank who was taking most of our damage (I got ult in like, 30 seconds by never taking my beam off D.Va) and he was literally screaming for healing. I told him, “I’ll heal you when you need it, dude. Maybe you’ll be nice to Mercy players in the future.”

Our group leader kicked him from voice chat (and apologized to me, to boot), and shockingly he didn’t bother me again the whole time, but I also didn’t heal him if I could help it.

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your parents are the best!

They really are. Yesterday my mum, who is an avid Xbox and PS4 gamer, said that she wanted to become a games journalist and write under the pseudonym ‘GFG’, standing for ‘Grey-haired Feminist Gamer’, and told me that she always chooses to play male characters in video games because she ‘enjoys controlling men’ and getting to name them ‘Plonker and Dickhead’. My dad came to visit today and brought me some really horrible bedding, which he’d bought for himself and then never used, and said I could use it for my new bed, and was incredibly excited to be doing something helpful, despite the fact that I already bought my own bedding and one of the duvet covers he gave me is pale blue patchwork. His face lit up when he told me they were for me. I couldn’t tell him the truth.

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I'm glad that you still like the game, and that you are ok with still liking it. I was told a couple of times I shouldn't like it anymore, and I was getting worried a lot of people will stop beeing fans cause they get told this things to. Also I'm excited for more new friends when the PS4 and vita version get's released \0/

If I had a PS4 I would totally buy it I want that locket XD I still have Sans and Papyrus sitting on my desk right now (I gave Sans a bowtie) if people are allowed to look back fondly on things like older Disney movies or book series’ I don’t see why we can’t do that with older games we like. I’m not a gamer, I’m not in love with Undertale because it was a popular game, I fell in love with the story and characters, and the story potential I could do with said characters, and the ideas haven’t stopped yet :D  


So I picked up Destiny 2 after utterly failing to get into the first game. I’m having a lot of fun with it, especially cause the knife you’re equipped with can one hit kill so many enemies. Even though it’s FPS, I can play it for several hours and enjoy it!

Also my D1 character was available to import so I get my mean little blue haired Hunter back. The bottom pic is from the chargen, and I was very pleased to see a black woman as the first option I got rather than the usual hulking pasty white dude for humans. 

Maybe that’s the trick with some of these games, get in on the ground floor and keep going? I tried Destiny when the Taken King expansion was released which was likely too late into the game to really get into it. I also found that running with people who had been playing since day 0 with maxed out characters wasn’t a big help. Using that token to bump my character to 25 was a mistake since it didn’t give me a primer on what I was doing, I was just flailing around like an over powered child in the Void.

So short version, I’m really enjoying Destiny 2, glad I picked it up and the chargen made me happy. Wish they could get away from the gender binary though. Baby steps but hey Bungie, maybe think about that going forward?

If you want to add me on PS4, I’m the same everywhere cypheroftyr. If you can’t add me for some reason, message and I’ll add you.

A Hard Love Part 2/10

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Warnings: Swearing, SMUT

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name. Y/L/N - Your last name. Y/E/C - Your eye color.

A/N: Reader has telepathy and telekenisis which she uses to help Bucky through his nightmares.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10

After the incident in the training room Steve decided to take Bucky on a small drive to their old neighborhood to clear his head. Bucky wasn’t sure why Steve insisted on doing this, he barely remembered the places Steve was pointing out, and even if he had they had all changed beyond recognition. Bucky was tired and frustrated. He had stupidly lost control of his emotions.
“So you want to talk about it?” Steve looked over at Bucky who shook his head. “Well then I am going to.” Steve huffed “I know what happened today. I’m not stupid. Why don’t you just accept the fact that you have feelings for her, and let yourself be happy for the first time in a long time?” Bucky continued looking out the window, not responding to Steve. Steve continued despite “I feel like if you don’t, you are going to drive yourself crazy with jealousy and do something stupid.”
“I won’t” Bucky responded gruffly. 

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My dad got me a gaming laptop to literally just play games and draw, that’s it, he bought this expensive thing so I can enjoy myself and honestly ??? 👍👍👍