i could be curing cancer

Fuck this “don’t say sorry.”

Listen. I am bad-ass at apologies. Motherfucker, I can apologize for anything. I could save ten babies from a burning building while curing cancer and I’d find a way to sincerely apologize for that.

You don’t have to appreciate my results, but you’ve gotta at least respect my talent.

No matter what I do, I am going to apologize for it. And that apology is going to be amazing. If you can’t help that, then.


I’m sorry.

  • Geralt: *smiles*
  • Yennefer: *internally* Oh my fucking god, you're hot??? I think I love you??? That smile could cure cancer??? You're fucking perfect???
  • Geralt: Hello, Yennefer
  • Yennefer: *internally *Oh my god you're talking to me I love you I love your face I love your voice I don't deserve this gift to humanity you are so cute it hurts my soul ah,,,
  • Yennefer: *externally *Hey fuckface.

I could write poems about your eyes,
Your laugh,
And your lips
But nothing could compare
To the way you fill the room like sunshine
To the way you’re my shelter from the rain

But sometimes,
I feel like the skies opened up and God poured all his thunder inside of you
And when thunder hits,
It rattles you up

I could write stories about your aura,
Your radiance,
And your soul
But nothing could compare
To how you emit everything good in this world
To how you’re an enigma that I could only hope to piece together someday

Loving you was like being found in the midst of sempiternal darkness,
Like being heard after perennial silence
Leaving you would feel like every goodbye being said at once

I wish I could find the words to tell you
That the most beautiful thing about you is that you always see the beauty in others
Darling, your eyes are filled with constellations
Your fingertips are spilling with stardust
And oh God,
Your laugh could cure terminal cancer

I will eternally be in debt to you
But I promise
As long as you’re by my side,
I shall heave and strive to be what you deserve.

  • Keith: *smiles*
  • Lance: *internally* Oh my god, you're hot??? I think I love you??? That smile could cure cancer??? You're perfect???
  • Keith: Hello, Lance.
  • Lance: *internally* Oh my god you're talking to me I love you I love your face I love your voice I don't deserve this gift to humanity you are so cute it hurts my soul ah,,,
  • Lance: *externally* Hey Keith.
KSI killed me
  • I have ASCENDED it was PERFECT
  • Oh boy where do I even begin
  • THE CINEMATOGRAPHY??? The absolute BEAUTY and genius behind every shot? Holy crap I have no words
  • In addition, the music! The soundtrack! THIS is how you use music to enhance and add to a story. Wow
  • I can’t decide if Tom had a better entrance as Conrad, or singing Cold Cold Heart because good lord, I really cannot decide like both left me breathless
  • The story was practically seamless and just worked in so many ways. It was different, it was new, it was a super fresh take on Kong, but it was exciting and intense and flowed so well.
  • The character development of EVERYONE. There was not a weak character of the bunch and honestly everyone was amazing.
  • Conrad’s GUNS
  • Conrad’s OTHER GUNS
  • Also Conrad is Freddie Page’s son FIGHT ME ON THIS
  • Please, for the love of god, give an Oscar to whoever came up with the idea for the samurai scene
  • It was funny, but not overly so, in every way a movie should be. One liners, moments of laughter to break the tension, things you don’t expect.
  • No unnecessary romance between two heterosexual white leads can I get an AMEN
  • Brie Larson, marry me? Your smile could cure cancer?
  • Honestly, one of the best movies that I’ve seen in a very, very long time. Will 200% put Tom on the mainstream map, and will be talked about for a long time.
  • K guys I feel like I’ve come down from a high holy moly
  • Camila: *smiles*
  • Lauren: *internally* Oh my fucking god, you're hot??? I think I love you??? That smile could cure cancer??? You're fucking perfect???
  • Camila: Hello, Lauren
  • Lauren: *internally *Oh my god you're talking to me I love you I love your face I love your voice I don't deserve this gift to humanity you are so cute it hurts my soul ah,,,
  • Lauren: *externally* Hey Camz
Fall Back Down, Pt. 2 [Finn Balor]

So this is a continuation of this prompt request I wrote. Many of you asked for a continuation so here it is. I’m planning another part, and possibly a fourth. Undetermined at this time.

I’ve decided to call the story Fall Back Down, from the Rancid song.

Let me know if you want to continue to be tagged, taken off, or added. :)

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WARNINGS: Mention of death from cancer. Just a heads up.

26 days.

26 days since you held your dad’s hand and he took his last breath.

It all seemed so blurry still. One minute he was calling you and telling you to come home to see him. And then two days later he was barely conscious. On the third day, he passed away, with you, your stepmom, and little sister surrounding him at home.

None of it made sense to you. He’d only been diagnosed a little over four months ago. You knew cancer was a terrible disease, but did it have to be so terrible and kill so quickly? You’d barely come to terms with his illness, and he was already gone. All your worst thoughts had come true. And it just sucked, for the lack of a better way to explain it.

You’d spent two weeks in Texas with your family after his passing. He ended up asking to be cremated and having his ashes put in three separate containers for this “three favorite women”.

That beige little box sat on a shelf on your TV stand in your bedroom now; inconspicuous on sight, but daunting in feeling.

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Today my 5 year old nephew defaced a photo of Trump that was hanging in his kindergarten classroom.

I could cure cancer, climb Everest, and swim the English Channel and my whole family would still be more proud of him.

i wish we could turn on our tvs to see scientific breakthroughs
cancer cured
space travel improved
better, cheaper prosthetics

and yet, when the screen lights up we’re reminded of how incapable we are as a species
children killed for their race
laws against using public washrooms
and a lying hypocrite in the position of highest power

why cant we-for once-quit fighting each other and make a change in the universe


So this is something I wanted to write for the better part of the last year but never really found the right words. Now, with the anniversary just a couple days ago, I finally feel like I can post it. It’s short, but somewhat personal. It’s not really a tribute because I don’t think I could ever do this brilliant man justice, but it’s… something.

Beware, sad Magnus ahead.



Alec didn’t think much of the music he heard as soon as he entered Magnus’ apartment.

It wasn’t unusual for the warlock to listen to something while he worked. Sometimes it was classical music, or operas, or even traditional songs from cultures long forgotten. Sometimes it was rock or metal, blasting from the magically enhanced speakers so loudly that the windows shook in their frames. Sometimes it was modern pop, things that Alec had heard playing from mundane phones or performed on the streets or in subway stations. There didn’t seem to be any distinguishable pattern to it, as far as Alec could tell. Magnus just listened to whatever music fit his mood at the time.

Alec hung his bow and quiver up in the closet along with his leather jacket, and the song ended and another began. He stopped for a moment, listening to the lyrics about a man waiting in the stars, which didn’t make much sense to Alec. Even so, he was pretty sure he had heard this song somewhere before.

He moved to the living room, where he expected to find his boyfriend. He did not, however, expect to see Magnus sitting on the floor, staring vacantly into space and clutching a handful of wet tissues.

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Title: Empty Spaces

Author: Mod Kamala

Characters: Matt Murdock x Reader, Foggy, Karen

Word Count: 2K

Age Suggestion/Rating: T (Suicidal thoughts mention, domestic abuse mention)

Summary: You get a little introspective and literally everyone takes it the wrong way.


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Reasons to love Ross Macdonald:

- History nerd

- Fed up with his band’s shit lmao

- Super kind to fans

- Glasses, the fuckin glasses

- Actual ray of sunshine 


- A solid friend to have bc he lets you gO OFF 

Helping (Hank McCoy x Reader)

Title: Helping
Rating: T
Word count: 1208
Warning: There is mention of Cancer in this (Hank), but there is no character death
Summary: Hank decides to find the cure for Cancer to help society, but you end up finding out it was really for him.

You always loved helping Hank in the lab whenever you could. If you weren’t busy with work and had some time free, you’d always find yourself in the brunette’s lab watching him, as he worked. Whenever he was working, he looked so serious and focused, which made him ten times more beautiful. Of course, you loved his shy, awkward self, but whenever he was serious while doing something he loved, you couldn’t help, but love him more.

Often while sleeping, he’d wake you up, a big wide smile spread across his face, as he told you about how he found the answer to such and such. He was so adorably beautiful while getting over excited; he looked like a puppy who was getting excited over dog treats. That was the reason you never yelled at him when he woke you up; you loved seeing him happy to much to snap at him.

Of course, today was no different. You just finished writing up the assignments your students would be doing in class this week, dreadfully tired and wanting nothing more then a nap. So, stating that, you did just that. Crawling into your bed, you pulled the comfortable, soft blanket over your shoulders, closing your eyes slowly. You were able to get at least a half hour nap before your bedroom door was slammed open causing you to wake up in a startle only to see Hank. He had the biggest smile spread across his face, his eyes were big and lit up like the moon. His lab coat had a green stain on it as well, but you decided it’d be best not to ask.

“Y/n guess what!” he exclaimed, joyfully, standing in front of you, “I just figured out the serum that could cure cancer!” Lately these past few month, Hank has finally stopped trying to find serum’s that would stop mutations, accepting himself, and looked upon making ones that could help everyone in society. Being probably one of the smartest man, he decided to figure out the cure to cancer. It was hard and often, you would find him in his lab at two in the morning, saying he’s almost got the answer. Maybe now he can finally get some sleep.

“That’s great news Hank,” you yawned, rubbing your eyes. He kneeled down beside the bed, wondering if you wanted to come see in which you nodded your head yes. Even if you said no, he probably would’ve pleaded for you too until you said yes. Getting out of the bed, you followed him to his messy lab that you could of sworn something died in there. Broken things on the counters, dirty dishes, anything. He really didn’t leave his lab these past few months either meaning you didn’t get many snuggles.

“Come here, come here,” he repeated, shuffling you over to the area where one, single green lab tube sat. Now, you understood why he had a green stain on his coat. He pointed both hands at the tubes while looking at you, as if showing off a surprise for you. Raising your eyebrows to him, you looked at him confusingly.

“I’m so happy that you found the cure, but did you test it out yet?” you didn’t mean to break the mood, you just wanted to make sure he actually tested it this time. Last time, he said he finally found the cure without testing it and when he did, it ended up not working in the end. Although, you never did see him test it, only having to believe him.

“Yeah, Yeah, I did and it works,” he said shyly, scratching the back of his head, looking at the serum. You started to notice how nervous he was acting and how he was acting weird, making you suspicious of him hiding something. Walking over a few steps to stand exactly right be side him, you looked up to his face and into his eyes. In his eyes, you could see he was hiding something. Now being fully awake and looking at him closely, you could see his face was healthier then it has been. While looking for the cure, he looked so drained and dead, like he was a zombie. His eyes were dull, he was losing weight, and he never wanted to be around you. You always thought it was because of his passion to finding the cure, but now you started to get second thoughts.

“H-Hank,” you shuddered, gulping, as he turned to look at you, “was perhaps this cure f-for you?” You placed your hand on his shoulder, his skin starting to sweat. You heart broke when he turned from you, his head looking the other way, as you could hear him whisper a very low, yes. He grasped your hand tighter than usual. You looked at him in shock, your teeth chattering together, your body starting to shake, as tears started to race down your face. All this time he’s hidden this from you just to protect you from knowing he was ill. It hurt you to know the man you loved was suffering and you didn’t know, not letting you help him.

“Please don’t cry, Y/N,” he whispered, grabbing your head in his big hands, tears now in his eyes too, “like I said, it worked. I’m okay now!” he tried assuring you, but all you could do is look at him with nothing, but fear. Just the thought of how he could of died without you even knowing made you want to crawl into a ball. Sniffling, you whipped your tears and boogers on the sleeve of your hand. He was okay now, so there was no need to cry.

“You’ll be okay now, right?” You whispered, grabbing his hands and moving them down between the two of you. Your fingers intertwined and grasped the others tightly, not wanting to let go of the other. You knew he was, but you just needed reassurance. You didn’t want him to leave you; you knew for sure if he did, it’d be hard to continue living.

“I am,” he kissed you lightly on your forehead before leaning his against it, “I promise I won’t leave you no matter what. Beast’s don’t go down easily anyways.” That made you giggle. He was the biggest sweetheart; always making you happy, always making sure you smiled, always being there for you. The two of you kissed, whispering adorable little flirts to the other. It started out as a slow one, but turned into a passionate one which ended up making you smack the cure on to the floor by accident.

“I am so sorry!” you cried out, looking at the mess on the floor and him. He only shook his head, face palming, as he laughed. You puffed your cheeks at him, mad at him for laughing at you.

“You’re too adorable,” he ruffled your hair, giving you the biggest smile ever. “Its okay I already have a bigger mess to clean up anyways.”

“Let me clean it up for you. You need to rest.”

“Says the one who just broke my test tube with the cure in it.”

“Yeah…I’m going to go sit down.”

“Good decision.”