i could be curing cancer

I could write poems about your eyes,
Your laugh,
And your lips
But nothing could compare
To the way you fill the room like sunshine
To the way you’re my shelter from the rain

But sometimes,
I feel like the skies opened up and God poured all his thunder inside of you
And when thunder hits,
It rattles you up

I could write stories about your aura,
Your radiance,
And your soul
But nothing could compare
To how you emit everything good in this world
To how you’re an enigma that I could only hope to piece together someday

Loving you was like being found in the midst of sempiternal darkness,
Like being heard after perennial silence
Leaving you would feel like every goodbye being said at once

I wish I could find the words to tell you
That the most beautiful thing about you is that you always see the beauty in others
Darling, your eyes are filled with constellations
Your fingertips are spilling with stardust
And oh God,
Your laugh could cure terminal cancer

I will eternally be in debt to you
But I promise
As long as you’re by my side,
I shall heave and strive to be what you deserve.

  • Geralt: *smiles*
  • Yennefer: *internally* Oh my fucking god, you're hot??? I think I love you??? That smile could cure cancer??? You're fucking perfect???
  • Geralt: Hello, Yennefer
  • Yennefer: *internally *Oh my god you're talking to me I love you I love your face I love your voice I don't deserve this gift to humanity you are so cute it hurts my soul ah,,,
  • Yennefer: *externally *Hey fuckface.

Fuck this “don’t say sorry.”

Listen. I am bad-ass at apologies. Motherfucker, I can apologize for anything. I could save ten babies from a burning building while curing cancer and I’d find a way to sincerely apologize for that.

You don’t have to appreciate my results, but you’ve gotta at least respect my talent.

No matter what I do, I am going to apologize for it. And that apology is going to be amazing. If you can’t help that, then.


I’m sorry.

KSI killed me
  • I have ASCENDED it was PERFECT
  • Oh boy where do I even begin
  • THE CINEMATOGRAPHY??? The absolute BEAUTY and genius behind every shot? Holy crap I have no words
  • In addition, the music! The soundtrack! THIS is how you use music to enhance and add to a story. Wow
  • I can’t decide if Tom had a better entrance as Conrad, or singing Cold Cold Heart because good lord, I really cannot decide like both left me breathless
  • The story was practically seamless and just worked in so many ways. It was different, it was new, it was a super fresh take on Kong, but it was exciting and intense and flowed so well.
  • The character development of EVERYONE. There was not a weak character of the bunch and honestly everyone was amazing.
  • Conrad’s GUNS
  • Conrad’s OTHER GUNS
  • Also Conrad is Freddie Page’s son FIGHT ME ON THIS
  • Please, for the love of god, give an Oscar to whoever came up with the idea for the samurai scene
  • It was funny, but not overly so, in every way a movie should be. One liners, moments of laughter to break the tension, things you don’t expect.
  • No unnecessary romance between two heterosexual white leads can I get an AMEN
  • Brie Larson, marry me? Your smile could cure cancer?
  • Honestly, one of the best movies that I’ve seen in a very, very long time. Will 200% put Tom on the mainstream map, and will be talked about for a long time.
  • K guys I feel like I’ve come down from a high holy moly
  • Keith: *smiles*
  • Lance: *internally* Oh my god, you're hot??? I think I love you??? That smile could cure cancer??? You're perfect???
  • Keith: Hello, Lance.
  • Lance: *internally* Oh my god you're talking to me I love you I love your face I love your voice I don't deserve this gift to humanity you are so cute it hurts my soul ah,,,
  • Lance: *externally* Hey Keith.
Huge text is coming, I’m sorry...

I always make an huge text on Benedict’s birthday, talking about how being his fan is important to me and how it has helped me over the years. I will do it this year, but differently. I won’t talk about Benedict, I will talk about his fandom.

Benedict’s fandom is group of people that is always getting made fun of. Nobody takes it seriously because, well, “it’s just a bunch of women thirsting on a male celebrity they think is hot!!!!! And he isn’t even hot!!!”

To me, though, Benedict’s fandom is the group of people that made my mother’s last months the happiest she had ever been in 13 years.

It’s not a secret that ealier this year I asked for money to help me take her out of an abusive relationship. Actually, they weren’t together, but we (me, her and my sister) were living at the bastard’s place because she was too ill to work, I was unemployed and he made it sure that we always knew how he “would always be there for us”.

At the time I described all the abuse (mostly psychological) he was doing to us. Those were only the tip of the iceberg of what my mother had to endure for 13 years. Of all the things she had to hear, she had to live, because she thought that he’d help her to raise her daughters and give us everything we needed to live. She’d always tried to get away from him, but everytime one single thing got wrong, she’d get desperate and he’d use it on his favour, to manipulate her on how things would get better by his side.

Anyways, yes, I got sick of seeing her going through all that – especially when she was ill – and came online and asked for help. To Benedict’s fandom

And help me, they did.

Benedict’s fandom raised money enough for me to find a place to live and to establish ourselves on our new life while I was giving my first steps on the job I have thankfully gotten. And she was happy. She was so happy, there was glee on her eyes and she was smiling more often and making more jokes and oh my god she was SO happy. She was herself again, she had control of her own life, she could now make her own plans because he wouldn’t show up to ruin everything. Because this time it was different, I was the one to make a move, to give her the help she needed. She knew she could count on me. We became even more closer than we were (and we’ve always been VERY CLOSE) and our lives had a very promising future.

Then she died.

But she died after almost four months of happiness, four months of making plans and being herself and not living with his ghost on her shoulders. On mother’s day, she told me that she didn’t want any gift (it’s a tradition here) because I had given her the biggest gift of her life, I had taken her alway from that hell she was in.

I don’t know why she had to go when things were right for us for once. When we had so many plans and we were so happy. But I am grateful that she had this chance, that she could be happy one last time. It will forever be the best thing I will ever do in my life. I could find the cure for cancer tomorrow or in twenty years, and it still wouldn’t be the best thing I could ever do.

And I did it. Because of Benedict Cumberbatch’s fandom. Without their help, I wouldn’t be able to do any of it.

So, wherever you are, Benedict, happy birthday! And thank you. You have changed my life. You, through all the lovely people who admire you and who help others inspired by that heart of yours that is always ready to help the ones who need te most, have made my mother happy one last time.

This is something that I will never forget.

  • Camila: *smiles*
  • Lauren: *internally* Oh my fucking god, you're hot??? I think I love you??? That smile could cure cancer??? You're fucking perfect???
  • Camila: Hello, Lauren
  • Lauren: *internally *Oh my god you're talking to me I love you I love your face I love your voice I don't deserve this gift to humanity you are so cute it hurts my soul ah,,,
  • Lauren: *externally* Hey Camz


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Have you seen J.K Rowling's twitter? She now smeared Trump as a horrible monster for supposedly not shaking a disabled boy's hand despite evidence that he gave attention to the boy first. Using a disabled kid as tool for her agenda and then insinuating that disabled, minorities, women, etc are less worthy simply because 'traits'. So who is the one being condescending?


Well damn, that was awful reactionary of her.  Though nearly everyone is just looking for an excuse to hate Trump even if they have to invent it or manipulate circumstances so he looks bad.

I’ve said it before, Trump could cure cancer and people would complain that he hadn’t cured aids.

Fall Back Down, Pt. 2 [Finn Balor]

So this is a continuation of this prompt request I wrote. Many of you asked for a continuation so here it is. I’m planning another part, and possibly a fourth. Undetermined at this time.

I’ve decided to call the story Fall Back Down, from the Rancid song.

Let me know if you want to continue to be tagged, taken off, or added. :)

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WARNINGS: Mention of death from cancer. Just a heads up.

26 days.

26 days since you held your dad’s hand and he took his last breath.

It all seemed so blurry still. One minute he was calling you and telling you to come home to see him. And then two days later he was barely conscious. On the third day, he passed away, with you, your stepmom, and little sister surrounding him at home.

None of it made sense to you. He’d only been diagnosed a little over four months ago. You knew cancer was a terrible disease, but did it have to be so terrible and kill so quickly? You’d barely come to terms with his illness, and he was already gone. All your worst thoughts had come true. And it just sucked, for the lack of a better way to explain it.

You’d spent two weeks in Texas with your family after his passing. He ended up asking to be cremated and having his ashes put in three separate containers for this “three favorite women”.

That beige little box sat on a shelf on your TV stand in your bedroom now; inconspicuous on sight, but daunting in feeling.

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Hey honey, how do you think a photo op would go with Rich and Rob if they saw you in the line and thought you were cute? Loving your work btw. x


  • This guy would spot you from a mile away during a R2 photo op (and by mile, I mean maybe 20 people away)
  • He gets distracted for the next 5 minutes after initial glance because oh god, you’re friggin’ g o r g e o u s
  • Literally…so distracted that Rob has to poke him in the ribs incessantly to keep him from holding up the queue with his public drooling
  • When it’s your turn he gives you the w i d e s t Speight-smile that could probably cure cancer and turns on his Extra Charming mode, saying that he had to pick Rob’s jaw off the floor except that he’s the one who’s practically frozen in place because you’re so damn beautiful
  • Hearing you laugh at his jokes made him feel like he was floating in a cloud
  • And when you leave with a satisfied smile on your face, he wishes so damn hard that he’ll get to see you again 

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  • He tripped over his own feet (of course Rich laughed at him what a good friend)
  • God what an embarrassment, you were second in line and he didn’t even have time to compose his shattered self-esteem because now you’re next and he’s just made a fool of himself in front of you but that’s okay, you giggled and had a bright smile that sent him into shock when Matt greets you
  • He gets a moment of ‘oh she’s not here for me, she’s here for Matt’ when you turned to him with the biggest fucking grin and said “Don’t tell the other two, but between you, Matt and Rich, you’re my favourite” 
  • This made him blush so damn hard and he kept stumbling over his words because ohmygod did you just
  • “Don’t worry, I translate Rob Benedict language very well. He’s saying that he thinks you’re super cute and he’s now having a breakdown in his brain, just give him a moment” 
  • Rob reeeeeeeaallly wanted to kick Rich in the nuts for that but then you blushed and he blushed and you blushed some more and that made him blush even more and-
  • Finally he got the courage to say that Rich was right, you were so cute he couldn’t function 
  • God there was so much blushing and shyness that Chris Schmelke fake-irritatedly told you two to tone down on the cute and pose for the pic already

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Today my 5 year old nephew defaced a photo of Trump that was hanging in his kindergarten classroom.

I could cure cancer, climb Everest, and swim the English Channel and my whole family would still be more proud of him.