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But like Zen's happy trail though??? I've been thinking about it all day and I can't stop?? Like?? Help????

I should be working on something else but you evil anon creatures are literally dragging my hand across the graphic tablet. Happy things like happy trails need to be drawn and painted and celebrated more often and I haven’t done enough (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Look, I get that personal life promo is par for the pop course, but for a club/EDM song about persevering through tough times, wouldn’t the personal angle be clubbing or hard times? I could buy party boy promo and the wild times he’s had touring the world. I could buy promo about his hard times (even Jay’s passing if handled respectfully). I could buy a reference to how having a child gave him a new reason to just hold on. There are a number of personal angles here that aren’t being taken, while the one that is – the sheer existence of a baby and his first year of life – seems out of step with what’s being sold. As just promo, it seems an illogical approach. I have no PR experience, and yet I just offered several personal options that could work. Why is this the approach if not to feed another story? The tail is wagging the dog.

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Roxas and Ven with 12? :)

I HAVE DONE THE THING and I’m sorry this is so stupidly late! this was a super cute prompt tho ahhhh ty for suggesting it!

#12: Enjoying the first snow together

SummaryVen was definitely the outgoing type, but Roxas couldn’t really compare him to anybody else, not directly. Ven was straightforward, but lacked Hayner’s brashness; he was considerate, but bolder than Xion; he was similar to Sora in a lot of ways, but there was something… calmer about Ven, or maybe gentler. [Ventus + Roxas, post-KH3.]

Ao3 version here

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This celestite is still one of my favourites ever, from mineralmindz.ca of course 💗 there’s so many rainbows and crystals which are so clear they’re literally invisible from some angles ~ I could stare at it all day 😍🙌🏼💎✨