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All Mine *Requested*

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Drama

Words: 1,000

Hi, could you write an imagine where reader is jealous instead of daryl? :)

You watched Daryl, who was talking to another girl across the room. She ran her hand up and down his arm and giggled at something he said. “Un-fucking-believable.” you thought to yourself. Was Daryl actually interested in her? What the fuck did he see in this bitch? Well, you didn’t exactly ‘know’ her because you just moved to Alexandria, but you didn’t give a shit. Daryl was off limits to anyone except you, in your mind at least.

“Hey Daryl, can I talk to you for a second?” you asked, interrupting their conversation. He was about to answer but he was cut off when the girl said “Um, excuse me? We were in the middle of something.” you honestly didn’t want to start anything, so you turned around. “What do ya need to talk about?” Daryl asked, putting his hand on your shoulder to stop you from walking away. “Don’t even worry about it.” you said, shaking your head slowly. You glanced back at the girl and she had a confident smirk on her face.

“Can ya give me a second?” Daryl asked the girl as he watched you walk over and sit next to Maggie and Glenn. “Stay.” she pleaded and Daryl just shrugged his shoulders and stayed put. Whatever you had to say could wait.

(2 Weeks Later)

“What did ya wanna talk about?” Daryl asked you. “Really? It’s been two weeks and you’re asking me this now?” you answered, slightly annoyed. “M’sorry, just been busy.” he said. “Busy?” you asked with raised eyebrows and he nodded. You knew he was full of shit, but decided not to bring it up. “Alright then, it was nice catching up.” you told him sarcastically. “Hold on”- Daryl began.

“There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” the girl told Daryl in a cheerful voice. She noticed that you were standing next to him and the smile on her face faded. An idea popped into her head and she decided to give it a go. She wrapped her arms around Daryl’s neck and kissed him. You literally felt your heart drop and tears welled in your eyes. You needed to get out of here so that’s exactly what you did.


You got on your motorcycle and drove over to the entrance of Alexandria. “Open the gate.” you told Sasha who noticed your tear stained face. “I’m not going to.” she told you firmly. “Open the fucking gate!” you yelled at her and she still didn’t move. You got off your bike and opened the gate yourself and Sasha just watched you. “Thanks for all the help.” you told her as you remounted your bike and took off.

Wind tousled your hair, sending it it in different directions as you sped up as fast as you could. After a while you pulled over on the side of the road and hid the bike underneath branches. You walked for a little bit, eventually you came across a pond and decided to take a break. You took out your water bottle and took a swig as images of Daryl kissing someone else filled your head.


“The fuck are ya doin’?” Daryl asked pushing away and wiping his mouth. “Letting that chick know who you belong too and it clearly worked.” she said grinning and he looked around trying to find you. “I gotta find her.” he said. “Come on, is she really worth all that trouble. You can’t compare her to me. Just forget her and come back home with me.” she purred into his ear and tugged on his shirt.

“Yer right, I can’t compare her to you.” he answered and she smiled widely. “She’s better in every single way and she’s got something that you’ll never have.” he said. “Oh yea? And what’s that?” she replied furiously.



“Have you seen (Y/N)?” Daryl asked Sasha. “Yep, she took off about an hour ago.” she answered. “And ya didn’t stop ‘er?!” Daryl asked, swinging his arm in front of him. “She’s a big girl Daryl. She can make her own decisions. Who am I to stop her? If (Y/N) wants to leave, she can.” Sasha stated.

Daryl rolled his eyes in disgust and got on his own bike, to go and find you. “I would let her cool down. She was obviously upset about something.” Sasha told him and Daryl ignored her, pulling through the gate.


Daryl was driving for a while when he saw a bushel of branches where they didn’t belong. He lifted a branch up and saw that it was your motorcycle that was covered. He hurriedly hid his own bike and started to follow your tracks through the woods.

“The hell do ya think yer doin’? Runnin off like that.” You heard a familiar voice say making you jump.

“What are you doing here?” you asked, not bothering to answer his question. “Someone needed to make sure ya didn’t do anythin’ stupid.” he said. “I don’t need a babysitter Daryl!” you yelled, scrambling to stand up. “I’m pretty sure ya do. Comin’ out here alone, do ya even think?!” he yelled back. “Why do you care? It’s not like I mean anything to you anyway! I could die tomorrow and you wouldn’t give a shit.” you answered. “That’s really what ya think?” Daryl asked, lowering his voice. “That’s what I know.” you replied sharply.

“Fine.” he growled. Daryl stormed over to you, pushing you against the nearest tree. “Get off me you asshole!” you shouted, but didn’t try to get out of his grasp. “Nope.” he said licking up the side of your neck and instantly you fell into a puddle of mush. “I saw the way ya looked at me ya know.” he continued and placed open mouthed kisses on your neck. “I know ya were jealous.” he said, digging his fingertips into your hips. “Was.. Not..” you barely got out. “Mhmm, sure ya weren’t.” he answered. “Screw you Dixon.” you said, smashing your lips against his.

“Now you’re all mine.”

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A Little Christmas Love

Requested by @jennytomlinson99 : “write a fluffy little one- shot about moreid where Spencer is heavily pregnant and they’re decorating their Christmas tree.”  

Pairings: Morgan x Reid

A/N: This was a fun little piece for me to write, hope you like it. Thanks for the request! :)

Warnings: None, just loads of fluff

Originally posted by promiscuouspikachu

“Hmpf!” Reid lets out a groan as he bends down to get another ornament from the box. He rubs his 8- months pregnant belly and feels his baby kicking for what seems like the one- hundredth time in twenty minutes. “Derek, when you said that you would help, I thought you meant you would actually help!” He yelled out in frustration at his husband, who was playing around in the kitchen doing something that Spencer could not make out.

“I’ll be right there Pretty Boy!” his husband called out from the kitchen.

“Hey, you promised not to call me that babe!” Spencer cries out and without warning tears start to spill out from his eyes. Morgan realizing Spencer’s dismay came running to the living room and gently wraps an arm around his pregnant partner. He holds Spencer’s hand, leading him to the couch, he makes him sit down.

Kneeling in front of Spence, Derek wiped his tears away, smiles and says, “Is the little one giving daddy trouble?”

“A little,” Spencer answers sniffling and wiping his nose with the sleeve of his sweater.

“Can you wait one second while I go grab something from the kitchen sweetheart?” Derek asks quietly trying his best not to upset his hormonal husband. Spencer nodded and Morgan ran out of the living room and within a couple of seconds returned with two cups. “Here, I know it might not be as good as your mother’s but it’s the same recipe and I tried my best to make it how she did,” he says while handing a mug to Spencer. Spence takes a deep whiff of the hot liquid and once again starts to tear up. “Babe, I’m so sorry. Was it that bad?” Morgan asks, trying to comfort Spencer.

“You had the patience to talk to my mother, get the recipe for her hot chocolate and you made it for me?” Spencer croaks through the tears and stares into his husband’s deep brown eyes. “Derek Morgan I love you so much.”

Derek chuckles and replies, “Honey, you’re carrying my child the least I can do is make some hot chocolate for you. I know I promised not to call you pretty boy, but that is exactly what you are. You get more gorgeous as the day passes by, and you have given me the best present of all. I love you. I love you both.” Derek places a chaste kiss on Spencer’s swollen belly, and then to his forehead. “Okay, how about you drink that up while I put some more ornaments on this tree!”

And that’s how they enjoy the rest of the evening, Derek decorates the Christmas tree occasionally sharing a silly story of Christmas past, and Spencer sat on the couch laughing and sharing his own stories. Both men deeply in love and expecting to welcome the symbol of their love into the world very soon.

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BTS Reaction to Pregnant girlfriend trying to break up with them and take their twins


Anonymous requested:  Can you do a bts reaction where their pregnant girlfriend has broken up with him and is taking their 2 year old twins with her who they love with all their heart.

This is the first of literally only two requests I got done over vacation. I am so sorry about the hold up but yeah….



Love ya, Admin Exodia :) <3


Originally posted by jhopies

This boy is going to be broken hearted already that you want to break up for whatever reason, but now that you’re taking his children with you he is going to break into tears. He is also going to be majorly pissed about this and would try to get you to sit down so he could try to work everything out as he loves his kids and doesn’t want to lose them or you.


Originally posted by ygnj

He is not going to believe what you said. He is going to be heartbroken and would probably remain furious. He would argue with you over this and would try to keep you and your kids as he doesn’t want to lose his family and his life.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

This boy is immediatly going to freeze. He is not going to know what to do. He would probably stare at you as tears began to roll down his face. This would break your heart. He is probably end up asking you over and over not leave him as he doesn’t want to lose you all.


Originally posted by hoseokayo

This boy will fall to the floor and immediatly break down into tears at your feet and begin to beg for you not to leave as he cares for you all. He would be non-stop crying and would apologize for anything, even if it is not his fault for you wanting to break up. He would do anything to make you stay.


Originally posted by suga-com

He would automatically take ahold of you wrist and engulf you into a hug. He would keep you there until you promise not to leave as he definitley would not want to lose you and his children. You would all be way to important to him just for him to allow you to leave easily and without a fight.


Originally posted by myeong-su

Taehyung would freeze up like Suga and would stand there. Tears would began falling down his face, this would probably be one of the few times you had ever seen him like this properly. As you went to leave the room he would pull you close to him and would begin listing every single reason as to why he loves you and your children and why you shouldn’t leave.


Originally posted by jengkook

He would definitly stare at you, shock evident in his eyes as to what you just said. He would then continue to stare at you as tears began to stream down his face. Disbelief would be etched into his face. After he registered what you said he would still not be able to believe what you said and would probably just follow you and try to keep you close to him in order to make sure you don’t leave him.

He [Jurgen Vollmer] had his hair Mod-style. We said, ‘Would you do our hair like yours?’ We’re on holiday - what the hell! We’re buying capes and pantaloons, throwing caution to the wind. He said, 'No, boys, no. I like you as Rocker; you look great.’ But we begged him enough so he said 'all right’. He didn’t do it quite the same as his.
His was actually more coming over to one side. A kind of long-haired Hitler thing, and we’d wanted that, so it was really a bit of an accident. We sat down in his hotel and he just got it - the 'Beatle’ cut!
For the rest of that week we were like Paris Existentialists. Jean Paul Sartre had nothing on us. This was it. 'Sod them all - I could write a novel from what I learnt this week.’ It was all inside me. I could do anything now.
When we got back to Liverpool it was all, 'Eh, your hair’s gone funny.’ – 'No, this is the new style.’
We nearly tried to change it back but it wouldn’t go, it kept flapping forward. And that just caught on. We weren’t really into the coiffure. It was like Mo’s out of the Three Stooges. It fell forward in a fringe. But it was great for us because we never had to style it or anything – wash it, towel it, turn upside down and give it a shake, and that was it. Everyone thought we had started it, so it became 'the Beatle hairdo’.
—  Paul McCartney about the trip to Paris with John in 1961 (Anthology)


I remember tears streaming down your face when I said “I’d never let you go”. When all those shadows almost killed your light…

Whelp, this is what happens when you’re a fangirl and your period is nearing and you lack sleep. I crave for angst. GRAVITY FEELS!!! Especially STAN FEELS!!! I got sidetracked from writing my fanfiction (I hit a writer’s block! Dammit!!) and plotting my AIHB project storyboard because this has been bugging me all day!

Man, I love looking at my sketches. (I can be absorbed staring at them for minutes). This thing could actually become another GIF comic project…. 

…. Oh no. Seriously brain…..