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Friendly reminder that fanfiction is amazing and if you read that instead of regular books, it isn’t really a bad thing.

Let me break it down for you. Fanfiction writers with pro writing and editing skills and amazingly imaginative minds are popping up everywhere now. I’ve seen fanfics so good I could hardly believe it was just a fanfic. For big fandoms like supernatural, voltron, Sherlock, Dan and Phil (the phandom), etc, I’ve seen tons of good fanfic. For smaller fandoms, very little but for most, there’s at the very least one good fanfic/a good writer who plans to write fanfic for it.

If people shame you for reading fanfic, don’t get discouraged. Fanfic is often times a great source of writing knowledge or education. I’ve learned more from reading fanfic than I have published books (also a lot of published books started out as fanfic anyways)

Also, for some people, reading published books isn’t their thing. Like me for instance; I’ve enjoyed a book before, but I don’t normally pick up a book and start reading it. It’s actually pretty difficult to get me to read books. But, you give me a well written fanfic and I’ll be all over that quicker than you can blink.

My writing skills have improved from reading fanfic. In fact, not only have I seen different writing styles, I’ve seen different writing formats, learned new words, learned about character development, learned more realism in how someone would react to something than I could from any published book, and so much more. Not only that, but it’s hard, if not almost impossible, to find a good book that satisfies all my needs as far as plot/genre, lgbt representation, characters, etc.

So guyyyssss. Just because you read fanfic doesn’t mean you aren’t reading “real stories” or aren’t reading “the correct stories”. If you are a middle school or high school student who has to read books for a grade, yeah. Maybe you won’t get a grade for it, but reading it on the side is okay. If you are an adult or kid who gets made fun of for reading fanfic instead of real books, to hell with the haters. Fanfic is awesome. And the cool part is, it’s easy to find. It’s loaded with good writers. And the best part; it’s uncensored by mainstream media. You don’t work for a company that has you write stuff for the mass when you write fanfic. You write it for fun because you can. Which means you can make it whatever you want (which is honestly probably why I like it better).

So go out there and read your fanfiction. It’s freaking amazing.

Harry Styles Album Review

You guys, I have waited way to long for this album to come out. I’M SHOOK (I might say that a lot), But here is my (honest) opinion on each song and at the end I’ll give my overall opinion on the album.

(These are all just my opinions! We all are all allowed our own)

Here we go…


Meet Me in the Hallway


Such an amazing song and I honestly was shocked he made a song that sounds like that (well actually that goes for all the songs on this album). But I honestly really liked the song. I like the way his voice sounded in the song too. It’s pretty emotional too.

Sign of the times

I mean I’ve heard this song a hundred times and each time it’s a great experience. I love the vocals, and I love the lyrics! Every time I hear it on radio I bump up the volume and just freaking soak in his voice. I think he made a great move choosing it as his first single.

When I hear the song I just feel proud.


I loved it literally right away! IT’S A BOP! Lyrics and vocals 10/10!!!! I was so happy he made a song that sounded like this.

It kinda makes me want to go to the beach and run around in a small faded orange bikini ( I actually am a west coaster ;P)

Two Ghosts

This song got me caught up in my feelings. Lots of emotion in there and it kinda made my heart hurt just a little. Lyrics are great and vocals on point. It kinda sounds like it could’ve been on One Direction’s Made in the AM album, honestly.

“Trying to remember how it feels to have a heart beat” 

Sweet Creature 

It’s so soft and calm and it weirdly feels safe? Like I feel if I’m scared and I listen to the song it’ll make me feel better! Yeah…don’t have much else to say about this one. Obviously his vocals were amazing!

But it’s the song I’ve listened to the least. In my opinion compared to the other songs on this album it’s not as interesting (that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, I do, I really do, but not as much as the rest)

Only Angel 

I thought it was going to be another slow emotional song but then he hit it with the “HEY, HEY” and I was like OH MY GOD YES HARRY. This song helped me start to see the more rock n’ roll side of Mr. Styles. LYRICS KILLED ME!!!! VOCALS KILLED ME!!!! THE GUITAR KILLED ME!!!! THE WHOLE SOND KILLED ME!!! Defiantly one of my favorites!

This is the song I dance around my house to in only underwear.


Fucking definition of rock star!!! Another song that shocked me. 

The weird thing about this song is that it actually made me cry real tears because I didn’t know how much of a true rockstar harry could be. The lyrics make no fucking sense but I loved it!! 

I’m not joking I started crying, then I started rocking out.

Ever Since New York

Its been stuck in my head since SNL…It’s kinda simple are really repetitive and I usually wouldn’t like songs like that but I genuinely am obsessed! I honestly don’t know why, I really love Ever Since New York


HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE SONG! This song is so full of spunk and sensuality and thats the shit i’ve wanted from Harry since he’s been solo! I’ve been listening to this song non-stop. It has the right amount of vulnerability and sexuality without being raunchy at all! The lyrics are engraved in my head and that FREAKING GUITAR! I could say so much for this song, because I absolutely love it.

It kinda brings out this inner vixen in me (plus it’s a good song to have sex to)

From the Table 

Honest (that word sums it up)

I feel like this song is painfully honest and it makes me actually feel something. You can tell this was written from some sort of experience of his and you have to respect that bravery. I LOVED his voice in this. I want to give him a hug after listening to this! 


Over all the album was a solid for me and really made me see Harry in a different and more mature way, and thats what we needed form him!! 

The lyrics weren’t turn over or made “appropriate”, It was all raw and true and I’m very satisfied. I didn’t want a PG album. I’m proud of Harry and he deserves all success he’s receiving.

I recommend this album to EVERYONE, because I think it has a song in it that everyone, young and old, will love!

Even though I don’t have tickets, seeing how he performs these songs live (through video) will be amazing and I can’t wait to see the kind of energy he has when he performs these songs!

It actually shocked me and It impressed me, and I really can’t wait for his future work. 

Now tell me your opinion!

6 Japanese Actresses who should play "Ghost in the Shell"

(My edit from article on Yahoo Style)

Rinko Kikuchi  -  (picture above)

The 35 year-old actress from Kanagawa famously became the first Japanese actress to be nominated for an Oscar in half a century ten years ago for Babel. More recently, she’s been in Norwegian Wood, Pacific Rim, and Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter.

Chiaki Kuriyama  -  (picture above)

The singer, actress, and model hasn’t worked much in America since breaking through as Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill: Volume 1, but that’s because the 31 year-old been busy starring on Japanese TV shows, appearing in films, and even releasing a music album.

Karen Fukuhara  -  (picture above)

You may not recognize her, but the 23 year-old Japanese-American actress (and UCLA grad) will be appearing as Katana in the summer’s upcoming David Ayer film Suicide Squad alongside Scott Eastwood, Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Ben Affleck.

Tao Okamoto  -  (picture above)

Fashion obsessives already know the 30 year-old model for her countless runway and editorial appearances for the likes of Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, and Ralph Lauren (not to mention the fact that she’s dating The Last Magazine co-founder Tenzin Wild), but the accomplished actress has also appeared in episodes of Hannibal and The Man in the High Castle.

Kiki Sukezane  -  (picture above)

Born and raised in Kyoto, 26 year-old Sukezane is actually the descendant of a long line of samurai, which explains the martial arts and swordsmanship skills she brings to her role as the video game fighter come to life on NBC’s Heroes Reborn.

Kimiko Glenn  -  (picture above)

With Japanese ancestry on her mother’s side, Glenn is of course most famous for her role as Brook Soso on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, but she’s also done appearances on Married, Law and Order: SVU (because who hasn’t?), and Broad City as the annoying cashier at Beacon’s Closet.




Just like others have said, me neither have any problem with Scarlett Johanson as an actress, also I was excited when they announced a film adaptation of this iconic anime character, but this kind of whitewashing is starting to become plain out silly, especially when they actually have a range of Japanese actresses  to chose from.

Special Thanks to Jason Chen from whom I stole this list from Yahoo.com, please visit his article in link above this text!


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Hi! I'm wanting to try making an animatic but I lost my tablet pen so I need to try using traditional. Do you happen to have any tips on making tradi-animatics? (Or maybe explain the proccess as well since I'm such a noob :'))

Well there’s like two ways I could go about this. What I usually do, since my animatics are usually in a chibi style is that I draw all the art necessary on as many pages of paper as possible. As you see below I have extra arms/hands and that’s so when I edit this digitally I can just edit that arm on an already existing picture to make a new gesture w/o me having to draw it. Once I have all the art done I then scan it all and edit it on the computer. On my Youtube (Niansue) I have art streams where I go about working on animatics and comics and then I also have a video where I put it all together so if you wanna see that it’s there~ 

As for another other way to do the animatics you could make it so 1 piece of paper = 1 frame. I would do this in my regular art style since it’s hard to put all the art needed on 1 page but I haven’t actually done any animatics this way as the amount of paper needed to be scanned is quite a lot and I’m already lazy as it is ;;=3=) Here’s a frame from a scraped project and while I’ll never finish it was still a nice experience to learn from~ 

Anyways hoped this helped you~ I know starting something you’re fairly new at can be super intimidating but this is all for fun so just do whatever and as long as you like it then you’re good lol 

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You may have answered this before and if so I do apologize in advance lol but I know you're a hardcore Larry shipper and new Ziam shipper (yay!) and I was just wondering what gif or video you watched that made you step back and think "hold on.."? :)

No word of a lie, I actually started going through my YouTube history to see if I could find the exact video. But there is a limit to my OCD and after about a minute I hit it.

I think the Larry thing really started with this Buzzfeed article by @mattbellassai​ 46 Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Proved They Belong Together. I GENUINELY assumed that they were a couple after reading that.

When I found out they weren’t and then started hearing about the closeting I was like…

And I don’t say ‘rumoured closeting’ because any couple who has this many goddamn tattoos are clearly in a romantic long-term relationship:


I die…

Anyway, Ziam wasn’t even really on my radar because I had my Larry goggles on and that’s all I really had time to focus my energy on. I mean, there were some things that were like, ‘Hi, I’m a red flag…’

Like why sit so close? Zayn’s knee is literally on Liam’s thigh. And Liam loves it.

Oh and why stare at Zayn’s crotch like that, Liam? Why?

Again, so close

No chill on stage

Then I finally watched this video and I was like, ‘Goddamn, it.’


What do I even do with that information?

People say they’ve kissed onstage but it’s about as conclusive as the Wellington video

Zayn admitted kissing Liam though

And Liam confirmed this

Zayn goes for the crotch first when Liam falls

And Liam’s just chillin like, yeah keep your hand there it’s fine.

Anyway…I totally forgot what your question is. I’m too mad that these hot dudes are gay for each other and that I’m not one of them. 







I gotta go

O.D.D. - Michael Clifford

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Word Count: 2,2k

Rating/Warnings: Teen and Up Audiences, mentions of bullying.

Request: “An imagine where one of the boys is the new kid and he takes interest in the “weird girl” (if you could base it on the song O.D.D By Hey Violet)”

Summary: You were never the popular girl, always ignored and tossed aside, until one specific red haired boy walked into your life.

A/N: Please like/reblog this post if you liked it. Also don’t forget to send me your thoughts and comments on my work. It helps me improve my writing. You can request new stuff here!

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Journaling is personal: it’s one of few things that you can really be yourself for and express your thoughts as well, which is fantastic and relaxing but I can’t help but notice how many people struggle with making journal entries, finding that perfect journal, or knowing when they should write. If you are interested, read on!! 

 How To Journal

 As always, I am not a professional, in fact I’m not sure if there’s a personal journaling professional in the first place. I hope this article can help you in anyway towards your goal of kick ass journaling. 

 Part 1- Finding a Journal 

1. Surprisingly, most people give up on journaling before they even begin, and they’re main reason is they couldn’t find a journal. In my early begins, of course then I was 11 years old, I began journaling on loose leaf paper, but I understand the want for something more private and sturdy. There are two main methods: - an actual journal - an digital journal such as an app or a writing computer program like evernote. 

 2. An actual journal This is the kind of journaling I prefer most. When purchasing a journal, it doesn’t even need to be a journal! Fancy journals are nice, but pricey, cheaper journals are much more of a project, you can decorate and personalize them to what you want. Decoration can also go inside the journal, you can paste tickets from the movie you saw last week and that Polaroid from the top of that cliff you hiked, the possibilities are endless. Not matter what journal you end up buying, it’s the writing itself that is the important part, the real beauty of journaling. 

 3. Digital journaling. If you are a busy bee and would like to cut down the time consuming process of writing, without cutting journaling out as a whole, then digital journaling might be for you! Typing can be faster than writing, and less of a bother to hide your journal from prying eyes. You can decorate and personalize an electronic document just as you could with an actual journal, but whereas a written journal can go anywhere without the need for wifi, digital journals have their limits, but that all depends on whatever you choose to use. Suggestions: - Evernote (a favorite of mine, can be used on the computer or as an app on your phone. Download is on their website. ) - Jotterpad (paid app on the Google play store, but a top choice for writing and journaling) - use the Notes app built into your phone! (It’s a free and organized choice) 

 4. If you decide on a actual journal, you should choose a pen that feels good but don’t spend all of your money on a fancy pen, it’s the words written that are the most important. 

 Part 2- Journaling 

1. There are many types of journals to keep • fitness journals - maybe tour a gym queen or maybe you’re looking to start running again, fitness journaling is a great way to keep track if all the obstacles you hit and the progress you’ve made • travel journals - maybe it’s a one time vacation or writing of your dreams to go to Paris. Record your feelings and emotions changed by the world. • idea journal - write your ideas and inspirations. This could be for any reason. • bullet journal - a great favorite of mine, and the studyblr community, bullet journaling is a great personalized agenda for motivation and everyday tasks. Find out more with the hashtag #bullet journal to find inspiration. Or I could possibly make a how to for the future? Ask if you want! • daily journal, etc! Your journal could be one of these journals, a combination of journals, or a new journal type on its own, there’s no rule against it! 

 2. What to write. This is tricky, and depends on your personal writing style. You could write your days events and emotions as a narrative, or you could write it as if you were talking to the journal (this is the way I perfer), but everyone wants to know exactly where they should start. - many people tend to list what the day was like without actually adding what they thought about it, yet writing little facts and details from your perspective really opens up your conscious. Maybe you feel upset with a friend but aren’t exactly sure as of why, maybe you got angry during the day and you need to rant what it was about. Writing all of these things can seem dumb at first, and you can feel embarrassed about writing it all down. But sometimes during the writing process you can find answers you needed or just feel more relaxed about what is happening. 

 3. When you’re writing. You should find a place that is quiet and you feeling comfortable in, even if it is a mind space you create for yourself. Some people enjoy soft music, some need dead silence, others feel relaxed with a candle, some even journal while soaking in the tub. The time to journal is whenever it is right for you. Maybe your a morning bird with thoughts banging to be let out, maybe you’ve just bought an afternoon coffee and found some free time at your local park, maybe you’ve just gotten home from work and your bosses voice nagging you on needs to be let out. You can journal everyday, or maybe you only feel the need to journal every other week. Keeping your journal as an option to relax and let your feelings out is better than making a commitment to journaling. 

 4. Where to keep your journal. If you still live with your family it is understandable that you want to keep your journal secret. I recommend buying a plain, unnoticeable colored journal in the first place, maybe earth tones like brown leathers or black. You could put your journal under your mattress, you could stuff it inside an old book from the 1st grade, or you could take your chances in hiding it amidst the family bookshelf. Any spot should be accessible for you to reach at any time. Digital journals can be hidden files or attachments too, but your best bet is putting a password on your computer, and make it a complicated one if you’re really that nervous. 

 5. Decoration. Journaling isn’t simple writing, for most of us journal junkies we paste in little memos, we make ridiculous doodles, we write in exerpts of songs or put in that pun you found on a sticky note in class. The journal is personal and you should make it yours. Journals can get you out of your hardest times, journals can be that best friend you gossip to and reflection back onto journals from 1, 2, 3 and even 10 years ago is one of the most incredible things you can experience. 

 "Paper has more patience than people.“ ~ Anne Frank, one of the most noted journal keepers in history.

 I hope this helped you out, or even inspiring you to begin journaling, any way… - study-guppy.

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Anon with the stash I suppose? Haha I wasn't expecting anyone to want the fics so imma just name blogs off the top of my head and check out their masterlists. You'll prob know the ones im gonna name but there's more I can't remember~ ellieljade, btssmutgalore, tayegi, sugajpg, gukvory, floralseokjin, jungkxook, taeverie, hayjeon, emboyz, hijoonie, imaginethisbts, jiminsa, failaise, remembeo, pjxmin, jungkookienoona, jungblue, dailydoseofdia, baeseoul, wonhopes, kimtrain, minsvga, cyphertrip+

+zephyoongist, taesthetes, dreamscript, nchu, and many more I just need to find em again lol. Also there was this new writing blog that wrote a really really good jk fic that was 20k+ words i think bc that’s how they wanted to start of their blog and I remember telling them how much I liked their writing style and characterization. I’m terrible for not remembering the actual plot but if someone could help me find it that would be great! Enjoy the rest of these blogs as well!!

Same anon with the fics~ I found the one i was looking for through tons of scrolling. It’s called the Millionaire and His Lover by proloquemix. It’s ceo!bestfriend!jk and it’s rly cute with just enough angst! Also a lot of the blogs i listed are in communities and rec other fics as well so look for those as well. And I forgot to mention kimvtae on my prev list!

Well, there we go! Anon came in clutch.

Flying (Request)

hey.  can you please write something based on “if I could fly” Harry and reader were friends /together in the past but something happened and separated them… and they didn’t met in a really long time but when they accidentally do he is really inspired to write this song and talk to her and tell her how he feel after all this time… or something like that?!  whit really fluffy ending but I just like some drama here and there.  I like how you write.  All the love, R.

My first request! Thank you, love! (needtobefind) I hope this is what you were looking for!


You hadn’t been expecting to see him again after all this time. You had moved away from your hometown over a year ago; partially to get away from the influence and memories of Harry. 

It had been a fairy tale romance between the two of you. Harry had been your everything. You had fallen in love with him faster than you had even thought possible and the two of you were inseparable.

Having him leave for a tour was hard on you, but you always managed to make it work. Harry would always say that he missed you so much and that if he could fly, he would come home to you right there and then.

Things were great until the rumors started. You weren’t one to believe in tabloids, but you got hounded with them every single day. Harry out and about with a different girl every night. Sometimes pictures don’t lie. Seeing Harry kissing another girl was the end of it. 

The breakup had been bad. There was crying, there was yelling and there were words thrown around that you normally didn’t even use. You had been the one to end it, despite Harry’s pleas that he loved you and the whole thing was just a misunderstanding. But you couldn’t do it anymore. You loved him, but you were done. 

That had been 15 months ago. After you moved away, you had done everything in your power to forget about Harry entirely; which was a difficult task considering he and the rest of the boys were everywhere. When a 1D song came on the radio, you changed it. If the boys were on TV doing an interview, you flipped to a different channel. Slowly, but eventually, Harry drifted from your mind.

Which was why seeing him that day was the last thing you were expecting. In that moment, every single memory came flooding back to you. You saw your entire relationship flash before your eyes and it made you ache. You tried to hide before he saw you, but couldn’t move fast enough. You made eye contact and all of the other people around you seemed to disappear. Before you knew it, he was walking toward you and then he was standing in front of you. This boy that you both loved and hated so much. The one who had made you feel so alive, and then so hurt.

“Hi.” He said, his voice low.

“Hi, Harry.”

Your conversation was not a long one, nor was it substantial. He awkwardly asked how you were and you awkwardly replied that you were fine. It was all small talk, but you knew that there was so much more that you wanted to say that was just buried. The five minutes that you stood there talking to him, all you could think about was how much you missed him. You knew in your heart that he hadn’t cheated on you - that the tabloids had just been an excuse for you to leave him because having him away all the time was just too hard for you. You would take it all back in a minute just to be with him now. 

But you couldn’t say it. You knew you couldn’t say it. And so you watched him walk away once again, knowing that you may have just blown your last chance to get him back.

Three months passed. You hadn’t seen or heard from him since. You had managed to go about your daily life and typically forget about Harry once again. You vaguely knew that 1D was putting out a new album, but you didn’t pay attention enough to know when or what was on it. 

You were sitting in your favorite cafe when you heard something on the radio that would change everything.

“And now, coming up we have a brand new song from One Direction. This one was co-written by Harry Styles, and while we don’t know the story behind the song, we can tell you that this one is a tear-jerker. This is ‘If I Could Fly’.”

Your head shot up when you heard the title. Instead of rushing out of the cafe to avoid hearing the song, you actually got up and moved closer to the speaker where the song was coming from. When the first line of the song started, you heard Harry’s low, smooth voice singing,

If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you.
I think I might give up everything, just ask me to.
Pay attention, I hope that you listen cause I let my guard down.
Right now I’m completely defenseless. 

For your eyes only, I show you my heart.
For when you’re lonely and forget who you are.
I’m missing half of me when we’re apart.
And now you know me, for your eyes only. 

By the time the song finished, you hadn’t even noticed you were crying. In your mind, you heard Harry saying to you, “I miss you so much, (Y/N). I wish I could fly. Because if I could fly, I’d come home to you right now.”

You knew that Harry wrote this song, and you knew that Harry had written it for you. You also knew that you had to find Harry. 

You managed to look up where the next closest show to you was going to be. The tour was over, so you would have to look for other options. Talk show appearances were your best bet, and you finally found one that you could actually get to.

You didn’t want to sit in the audience. You just wanted to wait for Harry to finish and then find him outside or something. You had no idea if your plan would actually work, but you had to try. Luckily for you, while you were standing outside with dozens of other fans, you saw a familiar face. When you had been dating Harry, you had spent some time with them while they were on tour and got to know Paul - their security guy - fairly well. You saw him walking toward the door and called for him. Since all the other girls waiting with you didn’t care about Paul, he heard you yelling for him and turned around. When he saw you, his eyes widened and his mouth had a hint of a smile as if to say, “What are you doing here?”

You made your way through the crowd of girls to get as close to Paul as you could.

“I need to see him.” Was all you said. 

Paul nodded slowly and then looked around before leaning in closer to you. “Come around the side. Door 16. I’ll meet you there in five minutes.”

The next thing you knew, you were inside the studio and everything was quiet. Paul led you through the halls to an empty room.

“Wait here.” He said, “I’ll bring him back when they’re done.”

You sat and waited in the room for what felt like an eternity. You honestly had no idea what you were going to say to Harry once you saw him, but you just knew that you had to see him. You had to let him know somehow that you still loved him.  

Finally, you saw those eyes again. Those dark, piercing green eyes that could tell entire stories with just one glance. Those eyes saw you as well and the rest of him stopped dead. 


You got up from where you had been sitting and started walking to him.

“I heard the song.” You said. “I really like it.”

Harry nodded slowly. “Good. I spent a lot of time on that one.” He replied, knowing exactly which song you were talking about.

You could feel a lump forming in your throat as you stood looking at him. There were still so many things you wanted to say, but in the moment, it was as if none of them mattered.

“I’m so sorry, Harry.” You said, tears starting to pool in the corner of your eyes.

Harry didn’t say a word, but walked over to you and softly reached up to wipe a stray tear off your cheek.  

“There was never anybody else.” He said, quietly.

“I know.”

“There’s still nobody else.”

You finally were able to smile at him, which caused him to smile back revealing that adorable dimple that you loved and missed so much.

“Harry -”

Harry stopped you by putting a finger over your lips.

“Shhh. We’ll talk later.” He said.

Then he gently pulled your face to his and kissed you. It had been almost two years since you had last kissed Harry, but it felt like mere seconds. You could remember every single moment you had spent with him and it was as if you had never been apart. You felt yourself melting into his arms as he wrapped them around you and pulled you even closer, ending the kiss and holding on to you for dear life, burying his face in your shoulder.

“I’ve missed you.” He mumbled. “So much.”

“I missed you too, Harry.”

Time stood still, and you never wanted the moment to end. But at least you had hope now that it wouldn’t have to. 

I’ve got scars, even though they can’t always be seen.
And pain gets hard, but now you’re here and I don’t feel a thing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about tattoo artist!R and it eventually got me thinking about tattoo enthusiast!Jehan and how their friendship probably blossomed over a mutual love of body art. 

Jehan started going to the parlor R worked at basically the day after they met at a meeting at the Musain. They saw how talented R was, even just when doodling on a paper napkin, and fell in love with him in a Completely Aesthetic Way. Over the course of several months, R helped Jehan design different flower and vine patterns that eventually wrapped around the entirety of their rib cage. Eccentric and highly detailed lilies likely dotted their sternum. Patterns of wisteria hugging their shoulder blade. 

R was ecstatic to use water color, versus the usually monotone, ‘edgy’ styles most people asked for. Jehan essentially gave him the steering wheel and he started to feel like an actual artist again, instead of someone who tattooed (and eventually removed) partner’s names on drunk people’s asses. 

Jehan, in return, helped teach R calligraphy, so he could write various quotes upon the poet’s skin; including, but not limited to, at least three Walt Whitman quotes and two Sylvia Path. 

Ah I love the idea of these two idiots bonding over tattoos. And R blushing profusely whenever Jehan shows off a new tat to the amis.

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why should people watch boku no hero academia







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It hasn’t even reached 100 chapters yet (the manga) and so many things have happened already!! It’s a really dynamic story, that falls outside the mold of stereotypes you could expect from a Weekly Shonen Jump series (the drawing style, the girls, the actual presence of parents!!)! Seriously, I didn’t think I was gonna like it as much as I do now, but every chapter gave me new and more reasons to grow to love it THIS MUCH!!! It’s a series that deserves more attention, it makes you laugh, worry and cry (a lot) and the characters grow on you (even those you wouldn’t even care at the start!!)!

So please, watch/read Boku no Hero Academia and give it the love it deserves!! ♥


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omg i just found your blog and?? i'm in love with your art??? dude you're amazing and i hope you know it!!!!! i just started learning art (like,,, i've never learned to draw and i bought a graphics pad literally two days ago)but i was wondering if you had any tips for brand new artists? is there anything you wished you knew when you were starting out?? any tips or advice would be super appreciated!! btw my star trek sideblog is @jimothyandspocko and you could message me if that's easier!! xoxoxo

(aw thank u thank u babe ‘o’!!) oooh im happy you’re decided to learn how to draw// and ofc a lot of this advice is gonna be from my experience;

  • never ever stop drawing, practice actually does make perfect
  • try to be inspired by other artists rather than jealous!
  • explore different art styles (esp since you’re just beginning) if you spend too much time trying to develop an art style it eventually just stunts your growth (this is something i wish i knew)
  • give yourself time! drawing is a learning process
  • if you’re having trouble drawing something take a break and come back to it; this can really help
  • from time to time look back at your old drawings to see what progress you’ve made (you’d be surprised at how different your art can look; even from week to week)
  • let your art be bad! and don’t feel rushed to be “good” at art! everyone has different styles and methods (o:

hope this actually helps! xx much love

So I have a story idea...

These are just some notes of what I was thinking so far. If anyone has any constructive criticism or ideas I could add to it, my askbox is always open!!! And if any artists or writers want to draw or write about it I would actually die and go to heaven (just please give credit if you do!!!)

- studio ghibli style
- Magical creature is Mothman
- Family moves in
- Dad works a lot, mom doesn’t pay attention too well (still a healthy and happy family)
- Two sisters, fairly close, older always makes time for younger/includes her in games
- Older sister (2nd grade?) starts at new school, makes new friends, starts to stop playing with younger (4 years old?? Not old enough for school)
- Younger sister bored/upset, starts exploring woods outside
- Finds/befriends Mothman
- Has adventures with him, sneaks off to see him, good and wholesome
- Tension builds until she and older sister get into a fight
- She runs into woods, Mothman not there
- She goes back, makes up with older sister
- Few days pass, things are as they were, still no word of Mothman
- That night, lunar moth flies into her room (sign from Mothman that he’s back and okay and sorry?)
- Next day, she takes her sister to meet him
- They play and all become friends
- Happy ending

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I have a little… Announcement to do.
When I started this blog, I wanted to create a bond with my followers. I used to have a fanart blog with a pretty decent amount of followers, but I didn’t know any of them and I thought that with my own art and with my personal style I could create something more… personal. This is why I started a new tumblr blog. When I did it, I made a poll asking to my followers if they would be intrested in:

A. donations/stores and…
B. streaming sessions

a few people (actually a lot for my standars) answered me that they would have been relatively intrested in a store (which I created) and very intrested in following streams. So I did it. I started to stream and opened a store. You have to understand that I don’t get anything from streams and I earn very little money from stores like redbubble. The reason why I started them was because of those people who replied to my poll.

And here we are now. My friend (which is very kind) and I spent a certain amount of time posting picture on the store, adapting them to various goods so you could purchase your own commissions. 
Every sunday we do our stream session, since you people claimed that you would have been pretty intrested in them. I spent every sunday contacting people, telling them (despite I’ve been very clear about my schedule) that I was gonna start in minutes a stream. I made posts, and every time people keep telling that they would be there.

NOW. it’s not like I have the right to complain, and I’m not gonna do it. You can partecipate to the streams if you want, or don’t even consider them if you don’t. You don’t even have to buy things from the store, since I can very much understand that those kind of merchandise are pretty expensive and relatively unnecessary, but I still would like to tell you this (if you’re still reading, that’s it).

Streams take time to organize. They’re a very serious appointments for me, and I put a lot of effords in them. I’m not really that type of person who can concentrate while doing other tasks - multitasking isn’t my thing. But, still, I’m trying to make it work out because of those people who claimed they would be intrested. But lately people seems to find find various reasons to not attend the streams, which is totally fine with me - you’re free to do what you prefer. I can’t really say nothing.

The reason of this long ass post is basically this: please be honest. I’m not gonna judge or say or do anything, obviously. But don’t tell me “when you’re gonna stream, I’ll be there” and then don’t come, because I’ll take it badly. Like I said, I’m doing it because of you, but if I do streams (or other things) and then you don’t partecipate, everything I do is useless, and it honestly makes me want to stop doing stream sessions altogether.

I’m not talking of anyone in particular, I’m just generalizing. This is happening, actually, since a month or so. I haven’t been taking it too seriously, but it still… hurt, if you understand what I mean. 
A lot of people are saying that they don’t get notifications, and I started a telegram channel because of that to meet people in the middle, but still people are doing the same thing. So this brought me to the point that I’m thinking of stopping my stream sessions.

I’d like to end this post telling you this: if you don’t get notifications, or even if you’re intrested in having a serious conversation with me about art and stuff, I’ve opened a telegram channel. Telegram is pretty much like whatsapp, but channels aren’t group chat. I can write on it, and you’ll just get my notifications. This way I can warn you beforehand when a stream start. Telegram is an app, but you can use the web version too. Write me in private if you’re intrested in joining the channel.

Thank you for reading


CinemaVariety's Top 6 Horror Films of 2014

Compared to last year, 2014 was a pretty disappointing year for horror films. I liked a lot that were released this year, but I didn’t fall in love with many as I did in 2013 (The Lords of Salem / Maniac). However, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t some quality horror films released this year. None of the films on this list are perfect. But as far as horror films go, they all work well.
** This list is in order. **

#6 - As Above, So Below
Directed by John Erick Dowdle

I was not looking forward to seeing this film at all. I thought the trailers looked pretty cheesy and I am usually pretty good at spotting a shitty horror film just by watching a preview for it. But I like the director who also made some of my favorite horror flicks such as The Poughkeepsie Tapes and Quarantine. After reading bad things about it, I read almost just as many good things. I have to agree with the supporters for the film - critics were too harsh on this. It was an equivalent to a bad trip on hallucinogens. The whole idea of being trapped in the underground catacombs and having to continue deeper into the earth is my idea of a personal hell. I developed a definite dread as the film went on. That being said, As Above, So Below  suffers from a weak last act that had me rolling my eyes a little.

#5 - Oculus
Directed by Mike Flanagan

Oculus was another horror film that I wasn’t too eager to see. I thought it looked a little cliche. Going into the film with low expectations definitely resulted in a pleasant surprise. The movie isn’t your average horror film - in fact, it could easily be classified as a dramatic thriller instead. The mirror in the film is portrayed as a blood-thirsty object and the affect that it has on the characters is an affirmation of that. Great performances by the two parents, especially the mother, are what made this film unsettling - not to mention the really awesome way the director blended the past and present.

#4 - Willow Creek
Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait

Willow Creek caught my interest after reading a positive review about in on IndieWire (one of my favorite websites for film news). I had never seen a horror film centered around big foot before and I wasn’t too sure if it could be done without coming across as ridiculous or comical. I had reservations while watching the beginning of the film, but as it went on I let my guard down a little and I’m glad I did. This film played on the same fears of mine as The Blair Witch Project did, and for that I appreciate its execution. My biggest fear is of the unknown and not knowing what is out there. The last portion of this film, which is in the photo above, started out making me nervous and ended up instilling actual fear in me. That rarely happens for me anymore. A much better big foot film than the mediocre Exists.

#3 - Afflicted
Directed by Clif Prowse & Derek Lee

Not only is Afflicted one of the best horror films released this year, it is also one of the best found-footage movies ever made. I applaud both the directors who also starred as the two main characters. The mockumentary style is overdone in the horror genre, but Afflicted breaths new life into it. It starts out with some really genuine and believable interactions between the characters. It felt so believable that I could have been watching an actual documentary. As it progresses, Afflicted works as an action film as well. GoPro cameras are utilized to create a really immersive experience in certain sequences. If Chronicle was more of a horror film - it would be this.

#2 - The Sacrament
Directed by Ti West

Ti West is obviously a director of great quality. But his films are always a hit or miss for me. His directorial debut, The House of the Devil, was a truly creepy slow-burn 80s throwback with a dash of satanic ritual which always satisfies me. However, his short in V/H/S was the weakest in my opinion and The Innkeepers felt like a horror film made for children. Thankfully, The Sacrament was a definite hit and is easily West’s best film yet. I have studied a lot about the Jonestown massacre and watched documentaries on Jim Jones so when I found out a movie was being made based on the massacre, I was very intrigued. The hand-held aspect of the film can actually be overlooked for once because it is a notable news crew (Vice Media who I follow and enjoy) making a documentary about the commune. The film builds up an atmosphere of true dread which caused me to feel very uncomfortable. Cults always get under my skin and the fact that this film is based on true events made it break my heart in a way. I drew tears out of terror and disgust as the “sacrament” takes place in the end. The Sacrament created a knot in my stomach and I can easily classify it as one of the most disturbing films ever made.

#1 - Starry Eyes
Directed by Dennis Widmyer & Kevin Kolsch

I was set on seeing this film after seeing both the teaser trailer and the official trailer. It looked as if David Lynch and David Cronenberg had a baby together and the outcome was Starry Eyes. The concept is of a young actress struggling to make it in Hollywood and the eventual sacrifice of her body in order to transform into a “star”. The whole film is symbolic about Hollywood turning you into something you’re not and it has many allusions to the Illuminati. If you loved Mulholland Drive, then this film is for you. The majority of this film plays as a psychological drama. However, the last thirty minutes takes a bloody turn and it shifts into overdrive as a brutal and unflinching horror. Body mutilation and transformation hits a strong chord in me. I watched in horror at the disgusting, yet beautiful, ending. Starry Eyes deserves its place as a future cult classic.

tarniyo  asked:

hey I saw that you cosplayed a young Greg Universe and I'm actually in the middle of making one myself and I found myself at a block with the hair. What did you do to get that big rocker hair? did it require multiple wigs or a shitton of hairspray or what? thanks in advance for the advice

Okay, So I started with a nice long brown wig and proceeded to ruin it with attempt to style it because I should not be allowed to touch wigs.

Then bought a new wig and asked my friend strayt-shot‘s mother if she thought she could style it for me, knowing that she was hairdresser in the 80s and 90s. She told me its been a while since she done a “blow out” but she could do it. I’d recommend asking a parent or relative that was around during the late 80s for some tips because chances are they had some big hair. I know my mother did! I also found this tutorial that should help too.

Anyway, we started with this wig here 

Then spent a good 45 minutes teasing the hell out of it and hitting it with hairspray. A lottttt of hairspray. Like, this wig is the reason my grand kids are going to need to take a boat to school. The hardest part was getting bangs in the right shape and making sure my ears are completely visible when I’m wearing it (ended up having to pin any excess back once I put the wig on so you can see the earings.) And make sure you use hair SPRAY. Gel or mousse is gonna clump the hair together and make it lose volume, which is the opposite of what you want. Also make sure you don’t drench it in hairspray in one shot or you’ll have the same problem. At no point during this do you want the wig to be ‘wet.’ Thats where I went wrong with my first wig. You just want to give it light dustings as you tease it so that it gets a little bigger each time.

One issue we had was that my wig head was modeled after a female head (as most are) which means it was smaller than my actual head, so once it was “done” I put it on and the bangs were sticking up way to high, but I put a bandana or two on my wig head to match the size of my massive noggin and managed to tame everything so that I ended up with this killer rockstar hair!

I should also point out that the sideburns are my actual hair that I left outside the wig cap and trimmed once I had the wig in place (my hair is almost shoulder length atm)

It helps a lotttt if you have a stand of some kind for your wig head. Especially for something like this that has so much hairspray that leaving it in a bag or whatever after styling will probably end up with it solidifying in that shape.  I actually have my wig head attached to an old  guitar stand(via a pole through the heads base and some duct tape) like this

So that 1, I can sit comfortable while I style it without worrying about it falling over and 2, transport it easily without worrying about having to re-style when I get to the con or when I want to wear it in general.

I hope this helps!!!! Be sure to send me some pictures of the finished product and remember. Nobody can ignore the universe!

EDIT: strayt-shot‘s mother is willing to style wigs on commission for people like me who are incapable of working with wigs (she can do a lot more than just 80s hair btw). She’s located in northern PA and I’m not sure how she feels about shipping so you’ll have to message strayt-shot for details and pricing.

ashleigh-hase  asked:

I didn't even realize how deep I got into your blog, I've already been reading your works for about two hours and I plan to read more. You're amazing, really. I love your style and every one of them was so well put together. You have a new fan now. :) By the way, how have things been dear? Hope you're having a good summer thus far. xx

Thank you so much darling! I’m glad I captivated you so well (; 

Summer for me here in Britain just started today actually, so, I’m hoping it’ll go well lmao. Life is good, but also could be better. Like most things.

Thank you again sweetheart xx

karashi-kun-deactivated20170127  asked:

I was wondering if maybe you could post a comparison picture between an old picture and a new picture (art)? I really love your style and even your doodles are freaking amazing- Ah sorry...I just love your stuff so muchhh

aaa;; i have lots of old art so i’m going to start from the year I first started posting on tumblr!

Sorry if this was disappointing but thank you so much! ;o;

I actually have a progress tag on my blog with art from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 so if you’d like, you can take a look there! Again, thank you so much!! //


Ok so this is a fun but short story
So I’m moving into the new place right? Everything is clean and has a fresh coat of paint, nice right? So I’m putting a cat carrier away on a shelf in the closet and this paint covered dvd falls off she shelf. And I’m just like what on earth could this dvd be??? What could it be that someone has left it here??? Porn?? Country music??? Some weird home burned disk that isn’t marked???
So this is exciting now, some sort of lottery style scratch off dvd!! So I start scratching with my nail and it’s pretty exciting because first bit actually had letters!!! Jack pot, I have won the lottery that is this piece of garbage mystery dvd

So I keep scratching to reveal what it is, and it’s fucking Shrek. Even better, it’s Shrek 3fuckingD

Out of all the DVDs in the world and cd shaped objects to be forgotten or perhaps magically left on the shelf for me to find and its Shrek 3D.