i coudl help it

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I want to touch other girls so badly that my whole body aches. I feel like there's something wrong with me... like I'm predatory and perverted. Is it normal to crave sex like this? With other girls? I wish I was asexual, I feel so disgusting. In theory, I know that what i'm feeling isn't "wrong" but i'm still wracked with guilt and shame. Because I'll never let myself act on it, I have to learn how to stop these urges. But I don't know how. please help

I’m so sorry you feel like this. Your desires are not pervy nor predatory, lesbianism doesn’t have to be chaste and soft to be valid, and your sexuality isn’t shameful, really.

Some lesbians are very sexual, some aren’t, and both relations to sex are good. You being sexual and having urges is really not disgusting, nor wrong, and maybe the reason why you feel so disgusted with these sexual urges is because you won’t let yourself act on it.

You come to me asking for help to stop your urges, but I think that finding a girl who would reciprocate your feelings and desires could help you. Because I don’t think you can repress these urges more without making yourself miserable, and I think that being a sexual being with another girl coudl really help you realize it’s really not bad or disgusting but actually quite wonderful.

All the support,

- S