i cosplay like 3 different characters from it


so here’s what we’ve seen of team RWBY’s between volumes 1 and 2 character designs (these chapters of the manga seem to be slotted in the break between semesters), just putting them in a photoset so it’s a bit neater than the other post;

- Ruby’s is the one we get most of here, it’s got a few elements from her outfits the series has already shown as well as some new things. her cape is worn as it has been in her old main outfit, though it’s tied across instead of clipped straight to her outfit (kinda putting it halfway between her regular design and how she appeared in the Red trailer). her blouse is similar in style to the one she’s wearing in volume 4, though there are a few differences. she’s wearing an entirely different corset which seems to have some fur lining along the bottom

- Weiss we have the least of, but she seems to be wearing a different jacket to her regular Schnee logo one (at the very least it doesn’t look like how Miwa depicts her regular jacket)

- Blake’s is the most obviously different, she’s still going sleeveless with this one but she’s not got her scarf and really it looks like she’s combining elements from her vol 4 top (with the collar) and Yang’s Slayer jacket (with the window)

- Yang’s wearing a different jacket that almost looks… sporty, i guess, with the stripes on the sleeve and the more prominent collar (it also seems to be more open than her previous jackets). she also seems to be wearing her scarf and shorts from her vol 1-3 design too

but yeah, we’ll probably see more of these in this months chapter and get more details on them. having new designs is great, i think, because it gives more variety to the character designs for stuff like fanworks and cosplay and such, as well as fleshing out the universe a bit more because it means they weren’t wearing the same outfits all the time. also fleshes out each character’s personal style, i guess.

Cosplay Ideas Anyone? :3

So, I’ve got quite a few opportunities this year for cosplays that I can do, though I want to choose my next ones carefully. There are so many characters from different shows that I know of, but deciding on which one matches my body type and face is so hard! DX (I’d quickly like to clarify that body types shouldn’t determine who you want to cosplay. You do you! I’m just very picky and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to myself x3) I’ll mention all of the fandoms I’m a part of below:


-Boko no Hero Academia


- Blue Excorsist

-Star vs The Forces of Evil

-Steven Universe

-Gravity Falls


- DC


-Danny Phantom

Quite a lot of western cartoons to be fair, so I don’t mind anyone mentioning characters from shows I haven’t mentioned above. I’ve probably missed some anyways. My body type is rather athletic/thin(ish). I can’t exactly judge for myself XD I’m standing at 5′2 with blue/grey, wide eyes accompanied with a shit tone of freckles. I’m able to pull off crossplays and genderbends rather well to an extent, so if you wanna mention any male characters please do! NO HOLDING BACK, no matter how crazy your idea is! :D Thanks so much. Anyone is free to give their opinion! ^_^


Soooo~ Super Comic City 25 (Tokyo) will be held this coming Tuesday and Wednesday (03 and 04 May 2016), and guess who illustrates the pamphlet?? XD It looks as if the characters cosplayed as different people - HAHAHAHAHA! Though it’s quite obvious who is the “template” of which. :-P

Furthermore, to the surprise of the participants of the SERVAMP petit event (to be held on 04 May 2016), apparently Tanaka-sensei themselves are attending the event on the same day! *^* As always, they sneakily only got added into the circle list less than a week before the event. :‘3

There is no new book for this event, but they will sell this “craft paper book cover” using their past chibi illustration~ It’s nothing grand, but it’s pretty affordable and good for collection~

EDIT:I feel the need to address this because I see a lot of misunderstandings on my post. :‘3 I’ll just copy-paste my similar reply to someone else here:

“I’m sorry if my post is confusing, but they are not cosplaying anyone at all! :’D I was just making a joke that the characters "LOOKED LIKE they cosplayed as different people” because they all look similar to the SERVAMP characters. But honestly, they are not from SERVAMP because I don’t think they allow mangaka to self-promote their own story/manga on the pamphlet cover anyway, that would be unfair to other fandoms. ^^;“

In short, they are original characters from Tanaka-sensei. But personally, they look so much like SERVAMP characters that it’s as if they are SERVAMP characters (even when they are not).

What I meant by the "template” was that we can match each OC with a SERVAMP characters: the long silver-haired guy on the left from Snow Lily, the light purple-haired guy in the middle from Kuro, the blonde, bespectacled guy on center left from Lawless, the navy-haired guy on center right from Licht, the brown-haired guy on center bottom from Mahiru, and short silver-haired guy on the right from World End (SERVAMP of Gluttony).

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Excuse me, I've been curious for a while, but I was thinking of starting to cosplay. I just don't know anything. It would be amazing if I could get some tips from a senpai like you... *blushie*


I will give you every single tip I would have loved to know as I started out as a cosplayer. :) I hope that I can give you some helpful advice.^^

Cosplay tips!

I will go through four different stages.

1. The cosplay tiself

2. The make up

3. Wigs

4. Some last advice

1. The cosplay.

The most important thing you have to learn when you start to cosplay it how fabric, thread and sowing machine work together. Start with something simple, like a character who has clothes you can buy in stores and alter them at home. After you have done that, and managed to make a shirt slimmer or to do add details to a skirt or so, move on to sew pants and a shirt from scratch.

With each and every cosplay will you learn more and more and be able to create more advanced outfits. :)

  • The Fabric

Cosplay is an expensive hobby, especially when you want to find the perfect fabric for your outfit. Think of what kind of material would be most logic for the characters outfit.

If the character is fighter will he or she most likely not run around in satin clothes, they will probably have to dress in something that can take a beating.

If your character does run around in silk, please, do not use the cheap satin fabrics since they very often makes your cosplay look cheap. Find something that looks expensive, something thicker and that doesn’t shine as much, but be prepared to pay a high sum for it. Of course you can be lucky and find something on sale, but I just want to prepare you.^^

2. The make up.

Makeup is a powerful tool that can make you look younger,older, more masculine or more feminine and there are cosplayers who underestimate it. Believe it or not but the make up is really imporant and can be the thing that can make or break you cosplay. Even if a costume isn’t that great,will the perfect make up make it look at least 5 times better. Just look at all the japanese cosplay-models everyone looks up to, some of their costumes aren’t the best, but because they have contured and highlighted their face in the right way, used lenses and fake lashes. BOOM! They look like great cosplayers.
Some people are like “but you don’t even look like yourself anymore” Well, that’s the whole idea with cosplay. You should not look like yourself wearing a costume, you should look like an animated character that has come to life.

Btw: Keep in mind that photos will remove like 25-50% of your make-up, so it’s totally fine to use more than what you would in your everyday life. :)

  •  The Foundation.

To have the perfect base is the first step for an awesome transformation. Make sure to get a really good concealer to cover blemishes and parts of your face that easily get red. I would recomemnd to get some green concealer because green emlimintes red-tones. So, use the green concealer at first, then cover it up with skincoloer concealer and at last use your foundation to cover it all up.

  • Contouring.

Smaller nose, fuller lips and smaller chin is something you can archive with highlighting and darkening certain parts of your face. You can use a concealer that is a few shades darker than your own skin, or a bronzer (I use darkbrown eyeshadow because I’m poor XD ) and darken the sides of the part want to appear slimmer or smaller.

I.e:Want a slimmer nose? Just darken the sides of your nose and lightighten the bridge.

If you are going to cosplay as a male character is it important to contour your jawline and throat, to make you appear more masculine. Most people might think that you don’t have to use make up when cosplaying male characters, but no sir! You will need make up. XD

(( I link you a YT tutorial that explains and shows basic contuouring))


  • The Eyes

The eyes of a manga character is really important and give you a hint of what type of personality that character has, it gives them their indiviluality and that is exactly what different kind of eye-make up will give you when you cosplay different characters.

Will you cosplay a character like Levi from SnK or Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji will eyeliner and eyeshadow give the the slimmer and more masculine eyes that just screams “SEX!”.

While cosplaying characters like Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, Roxas from KH or Shino from Hakkenden (ukeish characters), also will crave fake lashes, to archive that younger, innocent and cute look.

  • Fake lashes

Many cosplayers, especially when they are cosplaying as men or boys, are afraid of using fake lashes. As I wrote before are the eyes of the anime character is really important and should also be the main focus of the cosplayers face, and fake lashes might make a bigger difference than what you may think.

Not only will they make your eyes appear more intense, they will at times also help you to achieve eyeshape you desire.

My fake-lash characters are Ciel (duh), Roxas and also Norway from Hetalia.

Many people who cosplay as those character go all natural, but for me is cosplay a bit of imitating their art style.

For characters like Ciel, younger boys with doll-like features, will I use lashes who clearly look like fake lashes. They are long, think and gives the cosplay a dramatic look that is hard to archive without them. To top it of will I also use bottomlashes.

If you cosplay a characters like Roxas,who don’t have so long lashes, but who still are drawn/animated with think/full lashes will a pair pretty natural looking fake lashes give you the look you most likely are after. No bottom lashes are needed, just to an outlining with a dark brown eyeshadow and some mascara and it will be perfect.

Well, my version of Norway from Hetalia and the canon- norway may differ quite a bit, but I have always pictured him to be a very beatiful, but arrogant looking male. I think that adding a very natural- looking fake lashes while cosplaying as a character like him gives the cosplay more personality. But that’s my opinion.^^

So, get yourself different kinds of fake lashes, do different make up tests, add some lashes, you will be surprised on the difference it makes.

  •  Circle lenses.
    BIG ONE!

I really, really recommend you use circle lenses to every cosplay. Even if you may have brown eyes and the character your will cosplay also have brown eyes would I still strongly recommend circlelenses.

The circle lenses will not only make your eyecolor more intense, they will also finish the whole look.

Will you cosplay a character with huge eyes? Go get yourselg some 17+ mm circle lenses and you will not only look younger, but also much more doll like.

Will you cosplay a character who is grown up and who has more normal sized eyes? Get yourself some 14mm circle lenses, preferable a pair who has a dark circle around them, and your eyes will be really intense. 
It will make such a big difference I swear!

Also, it will look great on photography. The eyes will look clear, intense and will add more character.

Try it once and you will never ever want to cosplay without lenses every again!

Links to online stores.




  •  Eyebrows.

Yes, the eyebrows must match the color or your wig. But what to do if you have natural dark eyebrows or just want the perfect color?

The best tips ever: Get yourself a white eyeliner and color on your eyebrows. Once they are nice and white, take an eyeshadow with the color you desire and fill in your white eyebrows. The white eyeliner will not only make your eyebrows light enough to make the color look “natural”, they will also make sure that the eyeshadow sticks to them.


Yes, you will always need a wig, doesn’t matter if you havethe correct hair color or not. A wig is a must.

There are some simple rules to follow when it’s time for you to buy a wig.

Ebay is the place to go when you buy a wig, make sure that it’s store with high rating and for God’s sak, do not buy a prestyled wig.

A presstyled wig may not fit your head.

It’s better you buy a heat resistant wig that isn’t styled and style it after your own head. Make sure to get some cheap hairdressers scissors.

  •  a regular hairdresser scissor to cut the length of the wig.
  •  A teeth scissor ( I don’t know the correct word for it in English, but I added a picture),To help you to make a wig thinner. Use it to make the tips of the wig thinner, it will just look better.

External image

  • Ask a friend to style it for you and do no style it on a wighead since your probably don’t have the same size or shape as a dummyhead.
  • Coulors

Some anime characters might have very bright colors, but I personally do not fancy it too much since wigs with very bright colors often look cheep. If you are going to cosplay a character that has bright pink hair, try to find something in a more pastellic color or just toned down pink. That’s at least when I think.^^

You MUST wear a wigcap, you just have too!

Final Tips.

  •  Make sure that your nails look great. Remove old nail polish and give yourself a small manicure the day before the convention/photoshoot. It will bother the hell out of you if you have a great picture of you holding your hand over your eye or mouth and you notice that your nails have some damage.
  •  Remove your pircing. There are plastic, translucent, piercing you can replace them with. I myself am a little bad with replaceing my normal tongue piercing with a translucent one and it bothers the hell out of me everytime I see it on film or on pictures. Photoshop will help you on pictures but you won’t be able to erase it in videos.
  • Wear the right shoes. It doesn’t matter if the character has heels up to the sky, you are going to wear them and rock them until you are back in your hotel room even if it feels like your feet are on fire. The wrong shoes can ruin the whole costume. 
    Comfort is a rare luxurey for a cosplayer.
  • .Be humble and have fun. Sure, cosplay is fun, but it’s impossible to not notice the high amount of competition and jealousy that goes around. Some people can be mean and it’s important that you keep a mature attitude about it. If someone has made a costume that it better than yours than I can promise you that the person probably worked their ass off for that cosplay. I’m not writing it to scare you or scold you, but I’m just preparing you. :)

Cosplay is a lot of fun, but keep in mind that it’s only a hobby and that if people are going to get bitchy about them, then it’s their own problem. :)

  • I have never really been into it, but some people think that being in-character is the most important thing in cosplay. I have to disagree with them for several reasons. (( I’m sorry, but if I want to talk about wired gross videos, then cosplaying Ciel won’t stop me XD))
    Many times have I meet people at cons, cosplayers, who act like real jerks only to tell l me later that they only were in character. I have friends who havehad  pasta thrown into their faces by some stranger cosplaying as Italy because that would be in-character and I myself have been jumped and stalked becaus that would be in character of character that strangers have chosen to cosplay.
    Keep in mind that your first impression is really important so don’t mess it up. People are talking and the last thing you want is to get a bad reputation. Be nice, be friendly, and if you feel like you have to be in-character, then be it around people who know you and who you know won’t take offense. :)

Phew, I think that was all. I’m sorry if you think that it’s too much. I know that my tips may differ from tips that someone else would have given, but I am writing this from my own experiences and hope that you can use some of this.:)

Good luck and again: Welcome to the wonderful world  of Cosplay.<3

Love// Steph