i cosplay like 3 different characters from it

Okay, I know that this photo has been floating around for months now, but I need to get a few things off my chest:

1.) I’m obsessed with these character designs. I love seeing how now-iconic characters like Junkrat and Widowmaker looked during the development stage. Like, if I had to pick an Overwatch character to cosplay as, it would be one of these beautiful freaks.

2.) Yes, yes, I see the giant spider lady. That’s not what I’m here to talk about.

3.) I think I have a majority of this cast figured out. Obviously some characters - like Genji, Winston, and Tracer - always looked the way they currently do. Others in this group shot, however, have changed drastically. I’m trying to see if I can nail down the heroes who evolved into different heroes, and the ones who haven’t yet been revealed.

So let’s start from the left and move our way down, because it’s midnight and why the fuck not:

Orange Cyborg Crossbow Man: I remember reading somewhere that Genji was supposed to have his katana and Hanzo’s bow. Instead, developers apparently passed his bow along to another cyborg ninja. I’ve gotta assume that this is Hanzo 1.0.

Muscley-Ass Metal Mohawk Man: At first, I assumed that this guy would eventually end up being Doomfist, but *spoilers* he appears later on down the line. Who this guy is is anyone’s guess, but the huge muscles and oh-so stylish mohawk makes me wonder…is this an early version of Zarya?

Mr. Freeze w/ Sniper Rifle: I kinda dig this guy’s look actually. Actually, he also looks a bit like Cad Bane from Star Wars, too. Bummer…hope they bring this design back in some capacity, because he definitely evolved into Widowmaker, and Amélie wouldn’t be caught dead in that get-up.

Bastion: Beep-boop, son.

Mercy: Her new ultimate is better than her old ultimate. Yes, I’m using this as a platform to say it!

Roadhog: His mask is missing the “gas mask” part. Poor piggy…

Big Gun McMacho Man: At first glance, it seems almost painfully obvious that this is a precursor to Soldier 76. Still, his casual demeanor and bullet belt could mean that elements of this unknown hero were used to create McCree?

Tracer: The Face of Overwatch and of Ridiculous and Unnecessary Controversy

Giant Laser-Spewing Spider Woman: If you’ve seen this image, then you already know all about the giant spider woman. In fact, this isn’t the only piece of pre-production art that she’s in. A lot of fans insist that she’s the next playable character coming our way, but I somehow doubt that a lot. I think she’s a precursor to Orisa, honestly.

EVE and Genji’s Lovechild: Remember EVE from WALL-E? The robot that was like a Mac Book with a jetpack? That’s what this thing reminds me of. Almost like it’s above the violence, almost spiritual…Zenyatta 1.0?


Genji: Now with 20% more random kanji tattoos?

Hulkbuster Armor: In the updated group shot, this is where D.Va typically sits. This is very clearly not D.Va. It almost looks like an enormous Omnic, but I’m pretty sure it’s just the early version of Reinhardt (though noticeably lacking an enormous death hammer…).

Haz-Matt: I should fucking pursue a career in naming video game characters based on terrible puns. Anyway, I know it doesn’t look like it, but this tiny little hazmat suit-wearing bugger was an early version of Junkrat. He was apparently supposed to be a member of a bomb diffusing squad at first, but they quickly changed him into a crazed anarchist with an explosive fetish. Good choice, fellas.

Reaper: He’s been the edge-lord since day one, apparently.

Winston: The character you all pretend to love, but you know you skip past that opening cinematic as soon as he shows his face. Admit it.

Metal Dragon Butterfly Mech Lady: Okay, so this is an early version of Pharah. You know it, I know it, now can we please talk about how awesome her wings are?? The one on the left is smooth, rounded, almost gentle, while the one of the right is a literal dragon’s face.

Symmetra: She used to rock orange. Huh. All right. You do you, Satya.

Green Chin Man: Okay, I’m pretty sure that this is an early version of Doomfist. Mostly because I’m 99.9% positive that he’s actually wearing the Doomfist, but it’s hidden behind Winston’s armor and Symmetra’s flowing locks (damn girl, work). Some of Modern Doomfist’s Legendary skins kind of have a similar vibe to ol’ Green Chin, and I think that’s enough damning evidence for me.

Okay, holy hell, these last two…

I can’t even begin to describe this. There’s the little red man who looks like Blizzard pulling the “you can copy, just change it enough” meme with TF2′s Pyro. Someone theorized that this was an early version of Ana, but…what? How? That’s some “My friend has a dad who works at Nintendo”-level bullshit right there. 

And then there’s the giant pile of metal behind him. Like, that’s not even a character. It’s literally just metal parts stacked on top of each other. What is happening? How much do I need to pay Blizzard to play as a semi-sentient pile of scrap metal? 

Anyway, is any of this right? More importantly to you guys, is any of it wrong? I’m sure the online Overwatch fandom will be super polite when they point out where I went wrong here.

It’s 1:30 am, I’m going to bed. Speculate, True Believers! 



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so here’s what we’ve seen of team RWBY’s between volumes 1 and 2 character designs (these chapters of the manga seem to be slotted in the break between semesters), just putting them in a photoset so it’s a bit neater than the other post;

- Ruby’s is the one we get most of here, it’s got a few elements from her outfits the series has already shown as well as some new things. her cape is worn as it has been in her old main outfit, though it’s tied across instead of clipped straight to her outfit (kinda putting it halfway between her regular design and how she appeared in the Red trailer). her blouse is similar in style to the one she’s wearing in volume 4, though there are a few differences. she’s wearing an entirely different corset which seems to have some fur lining along the bottom

- Weiss we have the least of, but she seems to be wearing a different jacket to her regular Schnee logo one (at the very least it doesn’t look like how Miwa depicts her regular jacket)

- Blake’s is the most obviously different, she’s still going sleeveless with this one but she’s not got her scarf and really it looks like she’s combining elements from her vol 4 top (with the collar) and Yang’s Slayer jacket (with the window)

- Yang’s wearing a different jacket that almost looks… sporty, i guess, with the stripes on the sleeve and the more prominent collar (it also seems to be more open than her previous jackets). she also seems to be wearing her scarf and shorts from her vol 1-3 design too

but yeah, we’ll probably see more of these in this months chapter and get more details on them. having new designs is great, i think, because it gives more variety to the character designs for stuff like fanworks and cosplay and such, as well as fleshing out the universe a bit more because it means they weren’t wearing the same outfits all the time. also fleshes out each character’s personal style, i guess.


Soooo~ Super Comic City 25 (Tokyo) will be held this coming Tuesday and Wednesday (03 and 04 May 2016), and guess who illustrates the pamphlet?? XD It looks as if the characters cosplayed as different people - HAHAHAHAHA! Though it’s quite obvious who is the “template” of which. :-P

Furthermore, to the surprise of the participants of the SERVAMP petit event (to be held on 04 May 2016), apparently Tanaka-sensei themselves are attending the event on the same day! *^* As always, they sneakily only got added into the circle list less than a week before the event. :‘3

There is no new book for this event, but they will sell this “craft paper book cover” using their past chibi illustration~ It’s nothing grand, but it’s pretty affordable and good for collection~

EDIT:I feel the need to address this because I see a lot of misunderstandings on my post. :‘3 I’ll just copy-paste my similar reply to someone else here:

“I’m sorry if my post is confusing, but they are not cosplaying anyone at all! :’D I was just making a joke that the characters "LOOKED LIKE they cosplayed as different people” because they all look similar to the SERVAMP characters. But honestly, they are not from SERVAMP because I don’t think they allow mangaka to self-promote their own story/manga on the pamphlet cover anyway, that would be unfair to other fandoms. ^^;“

In short, they are original characters from Tanaka-sensei. But personally, they look so much like SERVAMP characters that it’s as if they are SERVAMP characters (even when they are not).

What I meant by the "template” was that we can match each OC with a SERVAMP characters: the long silver-haired guy on the left from Snow Lily, the light purple-haired guy in the middle from Kuro, the blonde, bespectacled guy on center left from Lawless, the navy-haired guy on center right from Licht, the brown-haired guy on center bottom from Mahiru, and short silver-haired guy on the right from World End (SERVAMP of Gluttony).