i corrupt all cops

I’m watching a British police procedural on Netflix and an early plot point is the crooked cop trying to hide a key piece of evidence and the anti corruption cop being all “I will find it” and the evidence is a crystal drinking glass… hey crooked cop I have good news for you vis a vis a key component of glass

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If white people are less than 38% of the population how are blacks a minority? I agree with the anon in saying I had 0 problems with black people until BLM arrived. I'm a police wife & I know there is corruption but not all cops are out to kill us.

So I just pulled this from the US census website:

I mean, maybe I can’t read, but anything that starts with “white alone” is well over 50%.

So, uh. I have no clue where the hell you pulled 38% from. Unless you couldn’t read last night when you saw this chart:

But, whatever, I guess?

Also, nothing wrong with pointing out issues within the police force. If your husbando or waifu is as amaze as you say they are, they should want the police force to improve, too. They should be out there with BLM wanting improvements, not working against BLM. (and don’t say it’s not possible. Houston PD [or was it Dallas, one of them] have been working with BLM to improve things). 

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Silence always supports the abuser.

the first time Spencer sees Toby after the kisses. Canon up to 5x22. Happens in 5x23.

She’s on her way out of the brew, Emily by her side. They’re talking about Hanna and how terrible the whole situation is. She can’t believe she’s buying over priced coffee while her friend is in jail. It seems so trivial and selfish. She should be spending all her time trying to help Hanna.

“My mom’s been at the DA office since 4, and she still hasn’t gotten back to me. What is going on?!” Spencer growls.

“I can’t stop thinking about how miserable Hanna must be. It’s been almost two days now,” Emily shakes her head. “When will we be able to see her?” she asks, a pained expression marking her beautiful face.

“I don’t-” her eyes connect with a pair of blue eyes she hasn’t seen in, it almost feels like a whole life time ago. He’s coming out of his truck, his uniform on. He must be getting off of a shift. His truck door remains open beside him, his shock from seeing her almost paralyzing him. They stand there staring at each other for one, two, three, long dreadful moments before he slams his truck door, and she finally feels free to disconnect.

And just like that, all the guilt she had been spared of, spears her, breaking her heart in half. She wasn’t completely sure where their relationship stood, she knew it was at a standstill, but she wasn’t sure if it was over. She still doesn’t know. She didn’t know when Jonny kissed her and she kissed Collin. She didn’t feel guilty for the kisses, so they had to have been morally correct, right? Her relationship with Toby had ended awhile ago, right? It’s as though the details of everything have blurred. She isn’t sure of what he sees her as anymore.

Had she been disloyal? Did she cheat on him?

She hates that seeing him now brings her feelings of dismay when his presence used to bring her absolute joy.

“I’ll let you two talk,” Emily looks between the two, Toby getting closer to them.

“Wait, Emily, don’t,” Spencer pleas, turning towards her friend in desperation, but Emily is already gone. Toby replaces her presence beside her.

“Hey,” he greets, not looking her in the eye. His greeting is neutral. She wonders if he is just talking to her because he has to. It’s the polite thing to do, you see, and Toby Cavanaugh must follow his moral compass, no matter what the circumstance may be.


She realizes that for once she isn’t the desperate one. She’s not the one who left the country without even saying good bye. She’s not the one who deserves the apology. She’s in the wrong, but he pushed her to that side, right? Was she even in the wrong. She had been so sure that they had ended things, that he had broken up with her, but now she feels as if she had imagined that scene. She had made that scenario in her head so she could avoid the real break up that evidently would fall upon them.

“So, you’re back,” Toby says.

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